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Uh. That picture is random. xD



Anime world is getting into trouble, the characters are all having major destruction everywhere. Bringing them into a twisted fate that will let them live in the real world. What will happen if they get into the real modern world? Where everyone knows anime and everyone is doing cosplay? Will the people believe in them? Are there going to be love? fight? friendship?



The story will start on your own anime, then a sudden nature destruction will happen. For example, Kagome being captured by a giant hurricane before she gets into the real world.


-At least 300+ characters per post.
-Use only cosplay (real) pictures.
-Two character per anime, for example if I am already Kagome and Inu-yasha you can't be Kikyou anymore.
-Request access on this thread and post your skeleton.
-If you read the rules put " I love Kyo and Life."
-No ditching.


Achluophobia: Kagome& Miwako
Anime: Inu-yasha/Paradise Kiss

KyoyaPleasant: Yamamoto
Anime: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

LettuceWedge: Dante
Anime: Devil may cry

Funstuff: Misty
Anime: Pokemon: First generation

Anime: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

Anime:Soul Eater


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Dante noticed all of the people beginning to question their places, and looked around for himself to see of he knew the place.

I'm not ready to call this a demon's trick, but it is pretty crazy to just drop somewhere with a bunch of random kids. he thought to himself.

Like everyone else, Dante walked over, throwing his sword over his shoulder, and looked from boy to girl as he made his way there.

"Yo! Any of you kids know where the heck we are?" He yelled as he came closer. "Or are you all as useless in knowledge as I am?"

Dante didn't prefer to be clueless, especially when there were all different types of people in the same place as he was. Maybe they were demons of some sort. He then finally made it to the more fit looking kid with white hair as well and chuckled.

"Well don't you all look baffled?" He said with a bit of humor.
  Dante / LettuceWedge / 9y 117d 12h 30m 43s

Kagome looked up into the sky and had her eyes wide open as she saw another person..with the same situation as them. As she saw the first person with white hair she smiled " Inu-..Ah no..wrong person.", she said quietly and sighed.

She looked at the girl with blue hair and smiled " Do you know why you're here?", she asked and tilted her head while laying a hand on her shoulder.

As she tripped the girl with pink hair accidentally, she stood up and apologized, asking her the same question. She was really confused but she stayed calm.

Another person appeared and dropped unto the other person's back she tilted her head and backed off a bit, she was trying to approach him but she gave them their time first, looks like they know each other to her.

After realizing that they're done talking and the black haired guy went near her, she smiled at his question " It's okay.. looks like you know each other. That's good then..but honestly..I dunno where we are...all I can say is this is a different one..too different from my place.", she answered looking at him and at the guy with another white hair.

"Why does this guys have white hairs?..I am starting to think about Inu yasha..for goodness sake." , she thought horribly, shaking her head.


  || K a g o m e || / Achluophobia / 9y 117d 13h 20m 10s
Yamamoto had to admit this might not have been one of his best days. Quite frankly he didn't know where he was and the other people that happened to be scattered around seemed just as clueless as he was but that could have been just him. He had been wrong before.

The baseball player was about to introduce himself to the girl in the green outfit until a large mass of weight was dropped onto his back. With a light groan, he realized it was his senpai Ryohei. He coughed lightly before trying to answer. "No, no senpai... I do not think this one of Tsuna's problems."

When Yamamoto finally got the older male off his back, he regained his composure and dusted off his clothes. His eyes landed back on the girl in green and he smiled. "I'm sorry if me and senpai intruded on something but can you tell us where we are?"

For some odd reason, while he was talking, he had a feeling that he was asking the wrong person. Maybe she was from another school by the looks of the uniform but he couldn’t recall one with those colors.
  Yamamoto Takeshi / KyoyaPleasant / 9y 117d 19h 28m 26s
His right fist came forward and then the same with the left. This routine repeated as he continued to use most of his strength on the punching bag swinging wildly back and forth from the force. The sweat broke lightly on the back of his neck and cursed the fact that he had to hold back. Besides, if he used all his power, then the bag would have been through the wall by now.

The white haired teen looked up at the clock on the wall of the boxing training room. At fifteen till five, he decided to take his leave and head home to the wonderful food that was sure to be waiting for him made by his lovely sister. The captain of the boxing club simply put on a white shirt, keeping the buttons open to air his warm body.

Ryohei Sasagawa, Sun Guardian of the Vongola mafia, exited the school grounds practicing more punches as he walked down the sidewalk. Ever since he had returned from the future, he had been working a hundred times harder to be better then his future self who was already so badass.

He grid his teeth as he punched at the air. "Must train harder to the EXTEME!" he vowed. Before long his concentration was interrupted by the weird sensation he felt around him. He stopped and turned around to see the world loosing color and sinking in to a hole in the sky.

"What is going on?! I am extremely confused!" He saw his feet rise and found himself floating up. His eyebrows met as pushed himself towards the new obstacle. With a loud yell, he challenged the black vortex.


When he crashed down onto a body, Ryohei immediately got to his feet standing on the being below him. "Aaaahhh! Where am I?!" He looked down to see Yamamoto with a pained look. "Yamamoto! Is this one of Sawada's tricks?!"
  Ryohei / KyoyaPleasant / 9y 120d 18h 7m 59s

Miwako sighed as she stared at her window, thinking about their new designs on their couture. " far I can't think of any designs to add..", she said as she leaned on the desk, puffing her cheeks.

" NO! I SHOULDN'T GIVE UP!!!" , she exclaimed and suddenly stood up. She pumped her fists and walked towards where the colorful cloths are.

She felt the wind, it was strange. Shaking her head she ignored what she felt and continued looking for the best cloth that she'll use for the coming fashion show.

After hours of looking, she fell dramatically on the floor. Sitting and looking up the colorful cloths, she started to sob " Boho~ I can't find anything good.", she mumbled with teary eyes.

The strange wind started again and as she looked up the colorful cloths, it started to form into beautiful gowns already. Her eyes sparkled and she pounced on the beautiful dresses, realizing that it was an illusion and it became a door to the other world.

" Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaah~! Not this!" , she exclaimed as she was sucked onto the other world. She saw nothing but white smoke around, rubbing her eyes, she stood up and looked around.

" The's..weird.", She said softly as she turned her head around, she sighted people in the situation same as her.


  - { M i w a k o } - / Achluophobia / 9y 121d 2h 24m 18s
Stocking ran her blade past another ghost. Apparently, the person who died by this was a woman who choked on a condom and became the ghost of the women of those who were allergic to spermcide. The girl huffed glaring at her sister, Panty, who was flirting with another boy. It wouldn't be long until the angel brought him back to the church. "Good grief." the anarchy sister said smacking her forehead and rolling her eyes. Stocking collected the two heavens that fell from defeating the ghost and flipped them under her thumb, returning back to normal as the church's bell sounded. "THE GHOST HAS DEPARTED FROM THIS EARTH. THANK YOU GOD!" Stockers snickered thinking of what the priest would say.

The girl went towards a new cake shop not too far from the where she was, Chinatown. She licked her lips in anticipation as she took the box from the clerks hand and handed him his money.

"Grandma Sue's sugar rolls were said to be the bomb. Packed with cream and sprinkled with chocolate imported from Belgum." she bragged, holding the box tighter to her body as she walked out the store. She took a look at herself in the display glass and froze. Why was she still in her transformation outfit? She turned around and looked around. Things were getting trippy, what the hell was happening?!

The angel felt the sensation of gravity pulling harshly on her body, she dropped to her knees cradling the box as it if was a baby and fell down on the pavement.


The girl woke up later and cursed loudly rising shakily from the ground. Her eyes went first to her dessert which was crushed underneath her weight. Her eyes began to water as she sat on her bottom and hold the crushed box in the air, white filling leaking from it. She threw her head up to the sky and screamed out of frustration. Her fist balled and pounding at the Earth.
  ℱℓƴ Åẘαy ℕøω / Wyona / 9y 121d 12h 34m 56s
Dante grabbed the magazine as he entered his home from another mission accomplished. As always, Patty was nagging in his ear about something being broken. What was it this time? The shower, great. Sighing in disatisfaction, he waved her away and threw the magazine over his face.

It was apparent that he couldn't even get a break at home, much less out in the real world. His debt was skyrocketing, and the missions were giving him less pay, not something good for a guy that eats pizza all the time. He then grabbed his guns, just in case he ran into any trouble, and jacket.

"I'm gonna go and take a walk around town, don't call anyone to fix the shower. It's gonna cost money that we don't have." he said to Patty, then closed the door.

Uggh, life is getting even lamer to live each day. He thought to himself and sighed.

All of a sudden, the ground below him began to crumble, and buildings began to dissolve into thin air.

"Uhh no..." Dante then turned around and saw his home doing the same. "Noo! Are you freakin' kidding me? That's gonna cost so much more to my debt!" he whined, then he began to float.

"What the..!?" Dante finally said before he went into a blackout.

The next thing he knew it, he found himself lying on the ground, along with two other figures in the same general area as himself. Once the view became more clear, they looked as confused to be here as he himself was.
  Dante / LettuceWedge / 9y 121d 13h 8m 54s

Kagome woke up feeling all tired of her homework, " if I can submit this one..Inu Yasha might come and pick me up again. Geez.", she said as she slowly lifted her back up the bed, walking towards the bathroom.

After fixing herself up, wearing her green and white uniform, she decided to go to Inu Yasha instead of going to school, jumping inside the magical well she was shocked to see many gooey monsters trying to pull her down, " What the heck?!", she exclaimed with wide eyes.

Kagome gripped on the well tightly, trying to get out, strangling the hell out of that monsters, " Get off me! you..YOU..gross looking monsters!", she commanded but failed.

Slowly, Kagome's starting to lose her grip on the well and fell down with the monsters, a pitch black space..where she can't see anything..and everything.

After hours, Kagome was there laying on an unfamiliar surface. As she opened her eyes, she saw the bright sky and smiled " So..beau-", She stopped as she realized something. The sky isn't the same..something's different.

She immediately stood up and looked around, " W..Where is this place?..", she said nervously to herself while observing the things around her. She saw an unfamiliar guy doing the same as her, standing and looking around, she tilted her head and decided to walk over him. " Uhh..", she mumbled as she tried to approach the guy with black hair.


  || K a g o m e || / Achluophobia / 9y 121d 13h 42m 32s
The sun was barely setting as the black haired boy walked out of the changing room. His skin was immediately warmed, a good sign that this summer was going to be perfect for future baseball games. A smile was easily spread as the teenager pulled out the mechanical device from his pocket and unraveled the wire around it.

Takeshi Yamamoto, Rain Guardian of the Vongola mafia, had gotten a new set of head phones yesterday since his last one's were damaged when he was testing out his new motorcycle that he still hadn't told his Father that he wanted yet. It didn’t bother him too much. He will soon be able to drive in less then a week. He always wanted to own one ever since he returned from the future where they learned how to drive hover bikes.

The teen moved his arms in rhythmic movements as he danced down the sidewalk, oblivious to the world around him. He didn't need to be anywhere, so just decided to take his time skipping over to Tsuna's house.

Behind him, he didn't notice that the trees were losing their color and that the sky seemed to be sinking into itself. Slowly the sidewalk behind his moving feet ripped up like paper and twisted into the now black vortex in the sky.

Only when Yamamoto saw a cat lifting off it's feet randomly did he suspect something was wrong. He looked over his shoulder as his eyes widened in shock. "What the..." He barely heard his own voice over the music still in his ears.

Glancing around himself, he found that escape was nearly impossible at this point in time. So without a tinge of fear, he made sure that his baseball bag and back pack were attached to him securely as he was lifted off his feet and thrust in the direction of this crazy tear in the fabric of realities between their world and ours.


Yamamoto didn't like the concrete that met his face the next second. He had run into his fair share of hard surfaces and personally was pretty tired of the occurrence. He rubbed his head as he raised his eyes to see a series of buildings but these were odd looking ones. These looked... difficult was the best word he could come up with.

Where was he?
  Yamamoto Takeshi / KyoyaPleasant / 9y 119d 14h 45m 28s
Alrightie <3
  || K a g o m e || / Achluophobia / 9y 122d 13h 43m 17s
Yeah sure ^^ Just give me a few minutes love :3
  Yamamoto Takeshi / KyoyaPleasant / 9y 122d 14h 6m 36s
I ish not good with intros though, can chu do it Love? o3o
  || K a g o m e || / Achluophobia / 9y 122d 14h 9m 43s
For now one though ^^ You going to start it off?
  Yamamoto Takeshi / KyoyaPleasant / 9y 122d 14h 11m 24s
Alright Love. <3
  || K a g o m e || / Achluophobia / 9y 122d 14h 17m 56s
I say so ^^ I might want to be two people now xD
  Yamamoto Takeshi / KyoyaPleasant / 9y 122d 14h 26m 55s

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