The Good Doctor

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"I'm sure you're plenty scared, my lambs, but don't panic. Once you start panicking, you're dead. You don't have any reason to trust me and I probably could give you one, but frankly, I don't care enough. If you value you're life, you'll put it in my hands. Now, just so you know, there is a cure. I was there when Patient Zero hit. I was one of the doctors that treated him. They all thought I was mad when I told them that he was a zombie. Now they're all dead, so who's the mad one now! *Clears throat* Sorry about that. As I was saying, I knew what was going on and I kept my distance. I'm still held up in the laboratories where Patient Zero was kept. It's locked up tight, but I have faith that you'll come save me, my little lambs. That is, unless you're content with being lunch." -Radio message repeated every 10 min.


They say that urban areas are the worst places to be in during a zombie infestation. I suppose that's going to make this news rather hard to hear. This story takes place in a large city; the largest in the area. It has everything you'd expect a major city to have: several hospitals, a number of schools and police stations, a few shopping malls, all that. There's a subway station that runs beneath the whole city as well as a single airport. Welcome to London.


It's been two months since Patient Zero first turned up in a local hospital. They didn't know what to do with him, so he was moved to larger and larger hospitals until the government eventually stepped in when it seemed like they were dealing with a new, terrible virus. Patient Zero was moved to an unnamed facility. There, all hell broke loose. Nearly everyone in the facility was wiped out in only a matter of days. Those who unfortunately lived near the facility never even knew what hit them. Just about everything within a ten mile radius was dead within the week. Hope dwindled fast.

  • Don't ask to join. I'm serious.
  • No profile skeletons.
  • As a rule of thumb, your character should never really have more than three weapons. Of course, there are exceptions to this.
  • Similarly, you should only start with weapons you'd reasonably have. ie. a soldier could have an automatic, a pistol, and a knife whereas a regular citizen wouldn't really have more than a pistol and a melee weapon.
  • Be smart. These are zombies. Running around yelling for survivors will get you killed. I'll see to that.
  • If you can justify it, I'll allow it. If you aren't sure if you can justify it, just ask me.
  • Don't fuck up. I'll be watching.

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