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This is a place for us to escape. To be with each other and not have to fake. Screw the rest of the world, we can be holed up here. As long as I'm with you I have nothing to fear.


The Family

This is a home, a mansion as such.
For my family and selected friends.

The master bedroom;
Is occupied by myself and my wife, Sunrise. The only one who may enter without permission is our beloved pet Blitz, who sleeps where he wishes.

For now, other bedrooms are unoccupied.


A place for experimenting and romance. Or even a place for the scents to escape.

Living room;
A homey place with a fire so grand. Chairs surround and as many books as one can imagine. This is where the passion usually flares.

A comfortable place for me and Sunrise to bask in our aloneness. :D

A wondrous place where plants and insects live in harmony. Blitz loves to laze around on hot days, during winter when it snows you'll often find him trying to figure out where the paw prints behind him came from.

The hall;
This is the place where one first sees the ravishing beauty of out home. It's large and the stairs covered with red felt that match the rest of the house.


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Roleplay Responses

*walks in* Anyone here?
  cj44 / 9y 174d 10h 50m 23s
Its okay Sunrise, she made a new account ^^

It'll be okay.

  Chat&&OOC: || / xxundauntedxx / 9y 174d 17h 40m 40s
Miki was banned again!...v.v
  Sunrise / Morninghowl / 9y 174d 17h 47m 41s
  Rika Hayaine / MiyuKoikogoro / 9y 174d 17h 56m 41s
* Stares and drools *

  Chat&&OOC: || / xxundauntedxx / 9y 174d 19h 42m 12s
chicken tendors!!!!!
  FUCKING CHICKEN NUGGETS / desmend / 9y 174d 21h 1m 56s
Whats wrong with Eruka?

  Chat&&OOC: || / xxundauntedxx / 9y 174d 21h 19m 38s
  Hayaine Mikeru / Mikeru / 9y 174d 21h 40m 6s
Thank you Miki..
  ~| B r o k e n |~ / BrokenHeartedGirl / 9y 174d 21h 46m 7s
I'm okay..
But Eruka isn't..
  Hayaine Mikeru / Mikeru / 9y 174d 22h 43m 42s
how is you?
  everlongknight666 / 9y 174d 22h 45m 1s
  Hayaine Mikeru / Mikeru / 9y 174d 22h 45m 36s
why not i invited? *pouts*
  everlongknight666 / 9y 174d 22h 46m 20s
  Sunrise / Morninghowl / 9y 174d 22h 47m 53s
  Hayaine Mikeru / Mikeru / 9y 174d 22h 48m 19s

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