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[Holy shit... 7 sounds beast. XDD]
  Deklin Reddik / CowXCheese / 10y 90d 22h 36m 36s
1.) Two boys meet each other and become extremely close. One is dedicated and in love with the other, as the other feels the same but tends to have commitment issues. It's not until after [X] loses his virginity that a short while after he learns his significant other cheated on him and had slept with other people during their relationship. Is love strong? And can both boys stay together? Or will fate tear the bond that had been formed to be so strong for good.

2.) [X] walks into his Geometry Class to find that there is a hot, new substitute filling in for the regular teacher. Will something happen between the two? Or is the sub as Straight as all of the other guys?

3.) Jerk X Nerd thing..e,o I don't have a plot for that..

4.) Abusive boyfriend...I don't have a plot for that...>,>

5.) Stalker/kidnapper thing....Not plot..>,>

6.) Slave x Master thing...No plot...

7.) "Go in..." They chanted over and over again. This day....This every day at that very moment, [X] wished he was dead. There him and his friends stood in front of the biggest mansion they had ever seen. The only bad thing...It was haunted. You see, about three years ago a little girl about...four went into the house and she was never ever seen again. Everybody whom stepped foot into that house was never seen again. So...now you know why [X] was so scared...
Little did [X] know...Something very bad was about to happen...A vampire was about to make him his slave....forever
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 90d 22h 40m 58s
[Thank you. :D Hm... Well I'm pretty drained from the Boredom. XD Did you have any ideas?]
  Deklin Reddik / CowXCheese / 10y 90d 22h 42m 56s
[[xD Sure. What do you anna RP?]]
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 90d 22h 45m 15s
[Join? :D]
  Deklin Reddik / CowXCheese / 10y 90d 22h 46m 43s
[[Anybody? ^-^]]
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 90d 22h 51m 6s

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