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Jake nuzzled his face into his chest, then looked up at him. Giving him a small smile, "I...Dono really.. I just...get really lonely here.." He mumbled. When the other slid his hands down his back then to his butt and grabbed his ass, he blushed lightly, letting out a small squeak. He moved closer to him, as if trying to get away fro his hands. Before he knew it he was pressed against the boy, glancing bck at his hands.
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 90d 20h 20m 45s
*Deklin felt the boy hug him, He bit his lower lip and nodded, He flinched as he felt the soft kiss on his cheek, He wrapped his arms slowly around the male and looked down at him* "I can take the pain..." He said biting his lower lip lightly as he looked up and around the house, He sighed softly and then looked back down at the male* "What do I have to do first... Master.?" He said with a little smirk as he ran his hands own of the boys back, Grabbing his ass, Seeing what he would do*
  Deklin Reddik / CowXCheese / 10y 90d 20h 27m 24s
Jake looked up at him, frowning a bit when he backed away. He looked down, trying not to let the bloody tears well in his eyes, "....I'm...sorry.." He mumbled, moving forward a bit, wrapping his arms around him tightly. As if hugging him. He looked up at him slightly, gazing back into his eyes, "Please...don't talk back..I can be nice as well mean.." He mumbled, pressing his lips to his cheek again.
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 90d 20h 34m 7s
*Deklin felt the man yank him back and he listened to what the male had to say, He felt his eyes fill up with anger as the boy slapped him, His head was flicked to the right, He looked back at the male and bit his lower lip, Looking into the males eyes, He pushed himself back against the wall so his body was not touching the others, He looked around, Not wanting to answer the male, He looked down at his feat, He breathing picked up a little as he wanted to say yes, But no at the same time, He looked back up at the male, Gazing into his eyes*
  Deklin Reddik / CowXCheese / 10y 90d 20h 38m 2s
Jake frowned when he was pushed away, "don't push me!" He snapped, "You are in MY house!You will do what I want, when I want it, got it?" He sneered, much like a snobby boy would. He grapped the boy's arm and turned him around, slapping his face a bit hard, but not enough to really hurt him, "Don't you talk back.." He muttered, looking up at him, his eyes daring him to back talk, "..I don't..want to hurt you..Please.. Do as I want...or I will have to hurt your pretty face.." He mumbld, trailing his index finger down the cheek that he slapped.
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 90d 20h 43m 47s
*Deklin looked down at the male and blushed hard at what he said, He flinched as he felt the mans cold, Soft hand on his cheek. He bit his lower lip as he felt the man kiss him, He blushed hard and pushed the male away* "Don't... Touch me!" He said looking at the male, His eyes filled with fear, Yet not very much though, The vampire did not see him as a scary creature* "I'm not going to be your damn pet.." He said starting to walk to the door and open it, Though seeing it was lock but their was no lock to be seen, He groaned and wiggled the handle*
  Deklin Reddik / CowXCheese / 10y 90d 20h 48m 16s
Jake shook his head, "Tsk..." He mumbled, putting his hand on his cheek, gazing up at him, "Pretty...so..pretty.." He mumbled to himself, sliding his hand down his cheek to his neck, "...Hum...I won't feed from you, but you will stay here, my pet.." He mumbled, looking up at the human. The other boy was slightly taller and looked older than him in human years, "..Sh.." he mumbled, one hand playing with his hair. He leaned up and pressed his lips to his cheek lightly, "Mine.."
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 90d 20h 54m 47s
*Deklin heard as a male laughed, He flinched and started walking backwards to the door, Wanting to get out, He watched as the man walked down the stairs, Hearing the noise of the steps screeching at every step of the male took. Deklin yelped as he felt the man pin him to the wall, He felt the male breath down his neck, Though he could not see what the guy looked like, It sent a tingle down his spine as he looked to the side of the door, Wanting to get out, His eyes went wide at what the male said about being hungry, He shook his head and looked at the face that was hidden by the dark* "N-No... I did not mean.. To come here... Please let.. Me.. Go!" He said trying to wiggle out of the grip*
  Deklin Reddik / CowXCheese / 10y 90d 21h 8m 32s
Jake hummed softly, watching as a boy came into his mansion. What a stupid little human. He let out a small laugh. Then slowly walked from his room and down the hall, his pale fingers trailing along the wall. He soon walked down the stairs, which made loud sounds each time. He looked around, "A vampire lives here.." He mumbled, snapping infront of the boy, then pinned him to the wall, "And he's hungry."
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 90d 21h 16m 38s
[XD OK.]

*Deklin slowly put his shaky hand on the door knob that led into the haunted house on the mountain, He swallowed as he opened the door, He walked in slowly, Seeing the door shut by itself from the breeze hitting it, HE jumped and looked back at the door. He was shaking as he looked around the house carefully, He saw a flight of stairs that led to a hall way with a lot of doors that led to rooms with furniture in them with sheets covering them. He was breathing heavily and slowly started to walk around*
  Deklin Reddik / CowXCheese / 10y 90d 21h 22m 42s
[[xD Okay. Yeah..start when he comes into the house or whatever.]]
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 90d 21h 27m 40s
[Ahh... OK. X3 Shall are start when he first walks in, Or.. Something. XDD]
  Deklin Reddik / CowXCheese / 10y 90d 21h 29m 54s
[[xD Uhh I don't mind..But you'll have to post first if your the human..]]
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 90d 21h 31m 14s
[Well I wouldn't mind being the Human, Because I have never been a vampire before, But... You may pick since it is your RP. X3]
  Deklin Reddik / CowXCheese / 10y 90d 21h 34m 24s
[[xD Kay..Which do you wanna be? The vampire or human?]]
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 90d 21h 37m 19s

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