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With her parents dead and no where to go. A young girl comes across a school where she could finally fit in. Fitting in isn't her problem right now, a group of guys, about three, have their eyes on her. Trying to get her to notice them. Having about one friend to help her out, and a mystery guy on the search for her and possibly in love with her, will she chose one of the three guys or the mystery guy? Join and we'll find out ;)


Anything else you want me to know:

Username: Ally_Kat94
Name: Mizuki
Age: 17
Grade: junior
Personality: She's happy most of the time and is very positive. She see's the good in people and wdoesn't care what people think about her. She doesn't show if she's sad/upset/mad. She doesn't really talk that much.
Weight: 105
Height: 5'3"
Hobbies: She loves drawing and singing. She likes taking care of her kittens. She likes making new friends but has trouble doing that.
Anything else: She doesnt have a family :( The anniversary on Yamina and her know, but a few others know as well

Best friend: taken
Guy: taken
Guy: taken
Guy: taken
Guy: taken

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She looked up at the board. We were going to go over Much Ado About Nothing. It wasnt really bad but she thought the movie was amazing.Mizuki smiled and wrote down her note book. 'I'm glad.' Tomorrow was the first year of her parents death. She never really showed about if she wwas sad about it but she knew being sad about it wasnt going to change anything. She just wanted to be happy and she's sure her parents want her to be happy too. Her mother always told her to be her self. So thats what she does....sometimes
  Mizuki / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 207d 2h 3m 29s
Yamina giggled lightly as she felt the arms of Mizuki wrap around her smaller figure. Her smiled brighten as her best friend gave her a job well done. Yamina had followed the lead of her friend and sat into her chair as the bell rang through out the school. Yamina's ears perked up when she heard that they would learn about Shakespeare. she knew that Mizuki never liked the topic but she herself liked it. To her, Shakespeare's writing were wonderful and had many twists to them. She looked over at Mizuki and saw that she wrote in a notebook and pushed it over to herself. Reading the note, she smiled sadly, and wrote down, "Yes." She thought to herself how could she. It was so important to her that day.
  Yamina / YumiChan / 8y 208d 12h 38m 2s
Mizuki smiled. She knew how Yamina felt and have her huge huge from behind. She laughed a little and whispered in Yamina's ear. "Good job!" She let go and walked to her seat to sit down. The teacher soon walked in and talked about how were going to learn about stuff that goes all around the district.....Shakespear. a very sarcastic way She grabbed her english journal and a light blue pen. Shhe had rainbow pens and each class had a specific color. History black, english light blue, math dark blue and a pencil, science red, and whatever color for the rest of her classes. She just wanted to day to end for some reason. Maybe it was just for tomorrow. Tomorrow was a speciald day but also a sad day. 'I hope Yamina didnt forget about tomorrow.' She thought. She wrote in the corner of her notebook, 'you remember what tomorrow is right?
  Mizuki / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 209d 5m 25s
Nathan smiled from under his bucket and said hello to Dakota and when Yamina came up to him he nodded but instantly regretteed it because of the bucket. He smiled and lifted it up off of his head and his ears twiched abit. "Yes i woudl like to be friends with all of you." He said and shook Yamina's hand and kissed it and winked at her and started to write in his journal about makeing new friends and hummed a tune from the band Skillet.
  Nathan / AxelWolf / 8y 209d 2h 32m 13s
Yamina stood up from her seat and smiled at Nathan. Walking over to Mizuki, she agreed. Holding her hand shyly out to the boy, "Would you like to be friends...?" she felt confident to ask the boy finally. she had wanted to be friends with him before but she didn't have the courage to talk with him. She felt happy but she realize she might have been to straight forward. Her face then became red. Maybe she should think before acting more often.
  Yamina / YumiChan / 8y 209d 2h 38m 22s
Dakota laughed at the guy who just walked in. He obviously knew Mizuki, and Dakota didn't want to be left out. "Hey, I'm Dakota, I don't think we've met." He said with a casual tone.
  Dakota Jermalen / Gitta / 8y 212d 2h 18m 17s
Mizuki gave a smile and rubbed the back of her head when she forgot or when she wasnt paying attention. Before she sat down. she told him and smiled, "You should start hanging with us." and walked to her seat.
  Mizuki / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 212d 2h 33m 40s
Nathan looked up and the bucket fell down over his face again. "Damnit." He muttered and it echoed alittle. Oppsie." He laughed and lifted the bucket so it was over his eyes but kept it on. "You should know by now Mizuki i'm always ok. Even if i do run into a desk with a bucket on my head." He said and looked at the teacher and even though she was a great teacher she could only handel so much. She was glaring at him. "I think i will take my seat now...Wait where should i take it this time. Last time i took it outside the room, out the window?" He asked ducking from a ruler but it clanged on the bucket. "That was just rude...GOING!" he yelled and ran to his desk. Bucket still there.
  Nathan / AxelWolf / 8y 212d 3h 23m 15s
Mizuki grabbed both of Yamina's hands. "Sure." She gave a smile and laughed a little. "I wonder if he's okay though. I'll go ask." She got and smiled at Yamina and Dakota. "I'll be back." As she walked over to the boy named Nathan. "Are you okay?" She asked.
  Mizuki / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 212d 6h 2m 16s
Yamina turned towards the boy that ran into the desk next to her own and just stared down him as he rolled over to the teacher's desk. She smiled lightly at the boy. He had talked like what he did was natural. Looking at the two she smiled. She thought that maybe Dakota doesn't want to be the only boy in the group. "Can we invite Nathan to join us?" Hey and you never know, Maybe she will warm up to others by having a few more friends.
  Yamina / YumiChan / 8y 212d 6h 59m 23s
Nathan was running late. Extremly late. It was almost third period and he needed to get to English before the bell rang. At least it wasn't first period. He wasn't extremly new but he had only been at this school for a month. He was almost there. He walked ointo the school and saw the history teacher and ducked into a closet. He waited a few minutes until he was sure that he had passed he walked out and had a buacket on his head and didn't pay attention. He snuck into the english troom through the back but tripped over his shoe laces. He crashed into a desk and rolled down all the way to the teachers desk and lifted the bucket off of his head and smiled. "Hey sorry about that, forgot to set my alarm this morning." He said as if it were the most natural thing in the world.
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~Yes we are~
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