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Oliver Jacobs is the lead singer of Perfectly Imperfect, an up and coming screamo/ alternative rock band. He doesn

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  Hallow Christopher / RainCloud / 10y 39d 1h 58m 33s
[ Sounds complicated, aha. I like it. xD Um, I'm not really good with group roleplays, seeing as I tend to disappear for a while and can never catch up with them. D: I'll consider it though, okay? It looks interesting. ^_^ ]
  Oliver Jacobs / serahfarron / 10y 39d 2h 5s
  Hallow Christopher / RainCloud / 10y 39d 2h 14m 9s
Oliver smiled brightly in thanks to Hallow as Alex smiled and grabbed his hand, dragging him into the massive throng of dancing people before the two of them began to grind up against eachother along with the beat of the music.
Josh turned to look at Hallow and offered the boy a small smile before turning back to his drink, shooting it quickly. He was already almost drunk out of his mind, and he knew he would have a killer hangover the following morning, but at the moment, all he cared about was getting some alcohol into his bloodstream.

[ If you think they should, then that's a good idea. It's up to you. ^_^ Um, I might. What's the link? I'll take a look at it. :) ]
  Oliver Jacobs / serahfarron / 10y 39d 2h 18m 1s
"Uh... Sure."He said, biting his lip and grinning at him encouragingly. He didn't really want to be alone with the boy he barely knew, but he supposed he could make new friends. He watched Hallow leave and turned to his drink, downing the rest. He sighed, biting his lip. His thoughts were lined with a definent buzz now. He pushed the glass away and turned to Josh. "Er... Hello, Josh."He said, grinning meekly. He wanted Josh to not hate him. He didn't like people hating him, and it would be awkward if they were there together every week or so and one hated the other. He would hate to be the cause of something so catastraphic.

Oh, will you join my sisters roleplay? It's about werewolves.
  Hallow Christopher / RainCloud / 10y 39d 2h 40m 32s
Oliver smiled as he sat next to Hallow, grinning even wider as Alex pushed a drink to him. Taking it and downing it quickly, he shivered slightly when he felt the familiar burning sensation running down his throat. "It's not that bad. Just drink it fast," Oliver teased as he watched Hallow get the glass of water from the barman. Nodding to the man behind the counter, he got his glass refilled quickly, drinking it a bit slower this time. "Nobody can really hold liquor that well during their first time drinking," Oliver told him honestly with a soft chuckle. "Oli, come dance with me?" Alex asked as he pushed himself up from his seat and started swaying slightly with the music. Glancing at Hallow, he grinned slightly, raising an eyebrow. "Mind if I leave you here with Josh? He won't do anything, or leave you, trust me," he said with a smile, waiting for the other boy's response to whether or not he felt comfortable enough being alone while he went to dance with Alex.
  Oliver Jacobs / serahfarron / 10y 39d 2h 54m 53s
Hallow sighed, sitting down. Alex shoved a glass of some bright red drink to both him an Oliver, grinning. "Go for it, man. You need it."Alex said. Hallow blinked. "O-Okay."He said. He drank a sip, and blink, gagging a little. "God that is horrific."He said, blinking. His eyes were watering from the burn down his throat. The barman laughed. "He's a newbie, ain't he?"He asked. Hallow nodded, and the barman gave him a glass of watter, letting him drink away the slight burn. He frowned. "You did not mention that it tasted so poorly."He complained.
Josh grinned at Alex. "After a few drinks, you barely notice the taste."He said. Hallow nodded, taking another sip. Even though it was only two sips, his thoughts had a buzzing edge to them now. He frowned. "Well. I can not hold liquor very well, now can I?"He said.
  Hallow Christopher / RainCloud / 10y 39d 3h 16m 55s
Oliver smiled a little as he watched Hallow, shaking his head with a soft chuckle. "Most of the people here are a bit older than us. If not, they all have fake ID's, or parents who just don't care. It's not defiant, if that's what you're thinking. It's kind of normal," he told him. Watching Hallow's reaction, he smiled a bit at his words and shrugged his shoulders. "It doesn't matter what you do here. Drink, dance.. whatever. Just party it up," he joked. Nodding his head, he walked towards Alex and Josh, almost jumping in excitement at the thought of drinking some alcohol after he hadn't had any in over a week.

[ I'm sorry. D: I had writers block with this, and I had alot of other things to do since the school year is coming to an end, and I'm super behind in projects and such. D: ]
  Oliver Jacobs / serahfarron / 10y 39d 6h 58m 2s
"I... Uh... Hold on."He said, his eyes still wide. He couldn't beleive how... defiant most of them were, probably sixteen and drinking. Was this how teens were supposed to be? He bit his lip, extremely selfconcious. He wasn't really this type of boy, break the rules, laws, or anything like it. He took a step towards Oliver, slightly frightened by the scene. He forced a grin to appear on his lips and turned to Oliver. "Uh... I... I do not know what to do here."He said a bit awkwardly. He jumped, feeling someone brushed by his other side and looked to Oliver. "Okay... we can go this way."He said.
  Hallow Christopher / RainCloud / 10y 44d 9h 40m 36s
Oliver walked into the club, a bright smile on his face as the flashing lights poured through the building, the music pounding in his ears and the heat from the dancing bodies almost radiating to him. Hearing Hallow's question of it being normal, he laughed loudly over the music and nodded his head, looking at the other boy as he'd tugged on his sleeve. "Actually, it's not even busy here tonight," he told him with smile. "Want to come get something to drink?" he asked curiously, nodding his head over towards the bar where Alex and Josh already were, drinking something colorful and alcohol-filled.
  Oliver Jacobs / serahfarron / 10y 46d 1h 12m 24s
Hallow walked after him, hoping to god he wouldn't trip and slam his face into the ground. He walked slowly, his eyes trained to the ground then walked over to Oliver. "I am okay. I will not fall."He murmured reassuringly to himeself. He smiled then walked in with the four after the security guard smiled and said hi to them all. Hallow stopped dead at the door when he walked in and stared wide eyed. "Good God!"He said, appalled. There were so many alcholics and people, and the music made his brain throb. He stare. "I-Is this normal!?"He asked over the music. He took a step towards Oliver, tugging on his sleeve, his eyes wide.
  Hallow Christopher / RainCloud / 10y 46d 1h 26m 16s
Climbing out of the car, Oliver glanced back at the car just as Hallow started climbing out. Without a second's hesitation, he jumped forward slightly to catch him when he saw him stumble slightly. A soft laugh escaped through his lips at Hallow's words. Hearing his question, he looked around and glanced at the line, another laugh emitting through his lips and he shrugged his shoulders. "Well, we're not really in them, I suppose. Being up-and-coming rockstars has its perks," he grinned, beginning to walk towards the front of the line, seeing the regular security guard there. Hearing a scream from the line, he glanced back and sighed softly when he realized that someone must've recognized them. "Great. Now we're going to have to deal with that all night," he whined softly, waiting by the security guard for Hallow, Josh and Alex to catch up to him.
  Oliver Jacobs / serahfarron / 10y 46d 15h 20m 39s
Hallow nodded softly. He bit his lip, seeing them arrive at a lit up building. He assumed this was the club. The car stopped in front of the building. Hallow went wide eyed then crawled out after them, nearly falling out of the car because his foot caught the floor of the car weird. He hopped on one foot for a few seconds then sighed. "Irritating clumsyness."He muttered then shut the door. He blinked, seeing the longest line outside. "Uhh... Is this how long lines you usually are in?"He asked. He saw one scream and point over in their direction. He got a little panicky before he realized that they were in a band... He rolled his eyes and looked to Oliver.

  Hallow Christopher / RainCloud / 10y 49d 5h 9m 54s
[ Sorry. D: I had uber family issues going on the past few days, and I had.. and still have major writers block for this RP. D; ]

Catching Hallow's words, Oliver sighed softly. "They're just afraid. If they start dating eachother, they wouldn't be able to handle it if they lost eachother. Trust me, I've known them both for years," he whispered softly so that the other two couldn't hear him, though it'd be impossible for them to, anyway, seeing as they were both caught up in their own, rather loud, conversation.
  Oliver Jacobs / serahfarron / 10y 49d 8h 19m 14s
Hallow bit his lip gently and looked off out the window. He sighed. "True."He said quietly. "But if they like each other it might be worth it."He said in a near-silent undertone. He blushed a bit and yawned, leaning his head against the window. He yawned quietly and and looked outside, wondering what he'd be like if he hadn't had Felix, or if he had had his mom. He came to one conclusion. Too much thinking was not helping. He shook his head quickly and closed his eyes, trying to shut his thoughts up.
  Hallow Christopher / RainCloud / 10y 53d 23h 50m 1s

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