Death Knights - They will Become The Gods

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The world was at ease and all was nice. but in peace lie's Evil and Justice. There was an Unknown war going on between the Death Knight Kingdom of Decropik and the Paladin Kingdom of Gloratia. The War has gone on for 2 years neither side has lost or given up. The Over Lord of the Death Knight Kingdom has now planned to destroy the Gloratia in one Blow, but as things go on the Paladin's had perfected more Light Magic to use against the Death Knights. Now the Death Knight over lord Dreadnod must enter the battle with his Right Hand Snowslaughter and his left hand Drestal. The tides of war will now change as The Original Death Knight Dreadnod now Decide's to kill and destroy the paladins.

Main Characters

Death Knights:
Dreadnod-taken by me
Snowslaughter- taken by saynot
Drestal - open
Snowslaughter's royal protecter- open
Dreadnod's Royal protecter - taken by ZEEK2356
1st General - open
2nd General - open

Death Knight army:
Death Knights-

King of Paladins - taken by worldsend
Glortok's royal protecter -taken by sondiame
1st General-
2nd General-

Paladin army:
Light Magic Mage's-
Paladins -
Light Archers-



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Roleplay Responses

Cool, Post ASAP I am soo bored D:
  Sin, The Silver Darkness / zeek2356 / 10y 8d 12h 24m 22s
Name: Sin
Age: Unknown to him
Side: Death knight
Race: Help me out here xD
Weapon: His body
Bio: He doesn't know exactly how it came to be, but he fights by the side of Dreadnod, doing anything he asks, and killing all who apose him.

  Sin, The Silver Darkness / zeek2356 / 10y 13d 5h 48m 44s
Yeah, I am working on it now
  Sin, The Silver Darkness / zeek2356 / 10y 13d 5h 50m 33s
post ur skelly kevan
Alright alright, lets get somne ass kicking going on!! xD
  Sin, The Silver Darkness / Zeek2356 / 10y 13d 15h 29m 9s
ooc: Well I hope this is okay.


Name: Brynn
Age: 19
Side: Paladin
Race: Human
Weapon: Battle axe, small amount of magic.
Bio: A young man that pushed himself over the limit to get into the ranks of a General. Being a bastard child it was difficult for him to get anywhere, and even now, he still isn't sure how he has gotten where he is now; seeing as he is still considered nearly a boy. But being stubborn as he is, he shows his worth over his age as much as he can, especially in times like now.
  Brynn / Nuked / 10y 13d 15h 39m 50s
we won't start till we get more ppl though
-no problem-
  Jack / Gimpy / 10y 13d 15h 44m 46s
Name: Jack
Age: 28
Side: Death Knight
Race: demon
Weapon: sword and small pistol
Bio: Jack enlisted and rose through the Dreadnod's army quickly. He eventually became the Drestal, and decided not to pursue any further.
  Jack / Gimpy / 10y 13d 15h 53m 30s
yea make one plz
an i join as the Drestal? and would i need a skeleton for that?-
  Jack / Gimpy / 10y 13d 16h 35m 47s
ooc: I was wondering if I could join as 1st general for paladins? I don't think I needed a skelly for that right? If I do I'll make one!
  Brynn / Nuked / 10y 13d 16h 43m 57s

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