Anyone for a semi lit 1x1? (need guy please)

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I have several plot idea's and possibilities i'd just really like someone to rp with!

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okay thanks i'll see you!
  Lilith Ratcliff / HeadlessRiderVI / 9y 332d 6m 33s
No it's fine. Sure if you need an Rp partner just message me.
  Yama(moto) Muraoka / rukia4723079 / 9y 332d 5h 43m 50s
I'm back sorry just moved into my dorm. idk how to jump back into this rp. but i might keep you on call for others in the future if thats ok. unless you have some ideas or actually want this one to keep up.
  Lilith Ratcliff / HeadlessRiderVI / 9y 332d 8h 29m 53s
  Yama(moto) Muraoka / rukia4723079 / 9y 363d 21h 11m 21s
gahhhhh. fucking writers block i'm sorry i'm really haveing trouble<
  Lilith Ratcliff / HeadlessRiderVI / 9y 363d 21h 18m 16s
Yamamoto looked at her in shock and disbelief. He listened to her but continued to move. Cursing under his breath, he looked around. "I don't know anywhere safe around him. This shopping district is the largest but I don't know if we can be safe but maybe we can lose them here." He took her arm and led her into the shopping district.
  Yama(moto) Muraoka / rukia4723079 / 10y 1d 23h 45m 36s
Lilith breathed heavily looking over her shoulder as they stopped on a corner she shook her head. "I'm kinda...a little bit maybe of a public figure in america" she mummbled and looked around. "My parents were very rich and influencial people. Recently they passed away but there have been attempted kidnappings on me. all the time" she said and looked at him. "i thought they'd stop after my parents dies i didnt think youd be in any danger i swear" she said and looked over her shoulder "We need to keep moving. get back to the hotel or some place safe." she mummbled calmly
  Lilith Ratcliff / HeadlessRiderVI / 10y 3d 2h 53m 49s
Yamamoto could only stare at her when he kicked that guy's ass. He knew a little bit about martial arts but nothing close to that. Quickly he picked up the pace and actually lead her through the stands, trying to escape them. After a few minutes later when they were a few blocks away, breathing heavy, he looked at her and asked, "What the hell was that?"
  Yama(moto) Muraoka / rukia4723079 / 10y 5d 21h 49m 2s
<its cool i'll try and give you more to work with>

Lilith growled in frustration and punched one man in the gut before useing a side kick to the neck to bring him down. she had learned martial arts at a young age for help protection she looked at yamamoto and dragged him with her as they bolted across the busy street. "What's wrong with you! MOVE" she shouted and tried to keep him close as she ducked and weaved through stands of god know's what on the other side of the street.
  Lilith Ratcliff / HeadlessRiderVI / 10y 6d 7h 22m 53s
Yamamoto seemed to noticed her uneasiness but didn't know what was wrong. When they turned the corner, he did feel uneasy but when she tugged on his arm, he was too slow and they couldn't run.

  Yama(moto) Muraoka / rukia4723079 / 10y 6d 10h 12m 15s
Lilith noticed his lack of noticability, it annoyed her briefly but perhaps she was being paranoid. As a child there were many attempts at kidnapping for her parents money. But her parents were...She shook her head banishing the thoughts slightly and forceing herself to dcontinue to smile though she simply wanted to go back to the hotel and curl up in a ball. She looked over her shoulder once more. They were closer. She swallowed the lump in her throat and banished the paranoid thoughts, theres no way someone would be after her here.
As they turned a sharp corner towards the shopping district they were looking for they were cut off by two more scary looking men. Well. She'd been wrong before. Obviously there was trouble. The smaller of the two men reached for her first and she ducked away from him quickly tugging Yamamoto's arm to run but he didnt seem to understand.
  Lilith Ratcliff / HeadlessRiderVI / 10y 6d 19h 59m 44s

Yamamoto jumped slightly when she had grabbed his arm and walked close to him but he smiled at her when he saw hers. He shook his head. "Just a little bit further. It's only about a block more." He continued to walk with her, completely oblivious to the creepy looking people behind them.

  Yama(moto) Muraoka / rukia4723079 / 10y 7d 7h 31m 1s
<Okay how should we go about this i hate when it's just freakishly quick like. "Ninja's fly outta the sky and grab them" thats BS but maybe somthing i think i hav somthing>

Lilith smiled at him calmly though her thoughts were elsewere. She wondered when the news of her parents death would reach this continent. It shouldnt take long but it wasnt as if they were huge influencial politician simply very wealthy higher class society. Fallowing him slowly she turned and looked over her shulder. Unsteady for somereason haveing the feeling they were being watched. Nothing important but a couple of guys did stand out. Despite their normal clothing they looked scarier than anyone else behind them. Picking up her pace a bit she grabbed Yamamoto's arm out of nervousness and forced a fake smile. "How close are we?"
  Lilith Ratcliff / HeadlessRiderVI / 10y 8d 5h 37m 48s
  Yama(moto) Muraoka / rukia4723079 / 10y 8d 7h 40m 51s
<Yeah but you can to much with the rich influencial parents plot. What if she got targeted for ransom or somthing? and they grabbed him with her on accident?>
  Lilith Ratcliff / HeadlessRiderVI / 10y 9d 1h 45m 2s

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