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The Unova reigon is known for its wild life, its new pokemon, its unique shape and form... Trainers always meeting new pokemon. Meeting them with curiousity and respect. Though Somehow, battling is one of the only ways to get in scync with them. Trainers battle to allow they're hearts to run free, to allow the pokemon have there fun.

And in a town, specificly Nuvema; two young trainers... sisters are about to set out on their journey into the wonderful life of pokemon.


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White huffed a bit and shook her head. "Sure there isn't~ but nevermind about that." White made sure MIffy didn't fall off of the Zebstrika, in other words Pachi in this case, while the two rode. Miffy raised her head and looked up at White. She whined a bit and nudged her belly with her duo colored head. White blinked a few times and pulled on Pachi's white mane a bit, making the tranformed Zorua rear up on it's hind legs then stop completely. Pachi neighed/huffed as if she was either somewhat angered or stubborn. White huffed as well and looked down at her other black and blue Zorua. She rose a brow and watched as Miffy's eyes got bigger and looked like she was on the verge of crying or bawling. White blinked a few times and sighed. "Motion sickness.." she said and took out her pokemon's pokeball. Miffy wagged her tail as White tapped hergently on the head with the ball. Miffy was then sucked back into her ball to rest for the meantime. White put the ball back and yawned.

She rubbed/patted her pokemon's head and sighed. "Giddyup~!" she yelled and Pachi started running again towards their destination. White held tight onto her pokemon's white and spiky mane, being mindful not to get shocked. She pressed her legs against the Zebstrika so it would help her stay on and not risk either being trampled or break a bone by falling off a speeding horse. White huffed. "Can't you go any faster Pachi?" she asked a bit anxious. Pachi neighed and skid to a stop. When she did her upper body rammed into the Zebstrika.

White shook her head making herbrown hair flop around. "Whaaat?!" she said sounding a bit impatient and hurried at the same time. Pachi snorted and stomped her foot into the ground. White blinked and slumped her shoulders. "I'm sorry Pachi." she said patting the pokemon's long head. "I'm..just in a hurry so I kinda need you to speed up." she said in a pleading voice and bent over to look into the pokemon's eyes. White whined a bit and the Zebstrika rolled her eyes and neighed once again. She nodded and White smiled. "Thanks!" she said before the two startd daashing off again at a speed twice as fast as they were going before. White held onto the Zebstrika, otherwise known as Pachi's fur once again. Her fingers grew entangled within the Zebstrika's mane and gripped tight, but not tight enough to rip the hairs out.

After a while of continuous trotting the pokemon skid to a stop, once again making White ram into the back of the pokemon's head. She grunted and her eyes narrowed a bit. "What now?!" she growled but shut up when she saw part of the battle/encounter happen between a pink ball of fur a Houndoom and on she knew all to well. She blinked and hopped off of Pachi and started to run up to the three. She then skid to a halt and facepalmed herself. She ran away and behind some trees and bushes. Her eyes flashed a brightish darkish green and her hair changed to and orange red color. After a few quick seconds of morphing she was now in her mew3 form. An orange version of her sister but with blue markings and a green jewel on her forehead.

She the flew back to the others that were being attacked. She floated in front of Cheren and growled at the Houndoom with her eyes glowing. She tried hard not to make eye contact with Cheren because most likely she would blow her cover and then the whole you're a freak of nature thing would kick in and that would be on hell of a mess. Her tail twitched and she began charging a hyper beam. Her ears twitched and she let it loose, making the Houndoom go back and hit several trees. She used phsycic to lift the Mightyena up and floated over to Cheren. She then used teleport to move the three out of the way and to somewhere far from the Houndoom.

Once they were far away she set the Mightyena on the soft grass and shook her head. She looked at Cheren for a quick second before flying away for a moment. She then sniffed the air and darted to a tree with several yellowish berries on it. She flew up and into the tree and gathered several berries into her orange colored arms. She flew back and put one in the Mightyena's mouth. She then floated over to Cheren and put the rest in his arms. She then flew away before anything ca expose herself.

N yawned and shook his head. He's been walking a while and who knows where his legs have taken him? Not him for sure because he was most likely lost. He rubbed his eyes and fiddled with the rubiks cube thing he had hanging from a chain on his pants. He then blinked. "..Why do I have this?" he asked himself then shrugged. He let go of it, making it dangle by the chain once again.

He then stopped suddenly when he heard yelling. He then shrugged it off and started to walk again. It didn't take long before he saw a glimpse of a fireball headed towards who knows where. He flinched naturally and hid within the bushes. what the hell? he thought and saw the lizard like pokemon appear out of nowhere. He blinked and tilted his head. The hell is that? He then noticed the vulpix. He blinked a few times. He's only seen that about once or twice in this region but they weren't that color. He raised a brow and continued to watch.

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Cheren gave a big ass grin as he continued on running. " THERE WERE NO RULES IN THIS GAME~" He said in a sing song voice as he skidded to a stop. He blinked a few times as he looked down at the ground. Something... was rising up from the ground he took it? Cheren blinked a few times as he looked over to his Emboar. He then looked back down at the pink pokemon just to see somewhat of pink cat like ears twitching. The Pokemon rose up just to look somewhat like a cat. Big adorable blue eyes... Somewhat it's confusing... because it has the manly figure as well though. The figure glanced around a bit as it finally landed on the ground softly... Obviously, It then walked along somewhat normally then floated up a bit.. just to wince and fall back down.

He was... Injured by the looks of it. Cheren tilted his head slightly as he watched the figure rise and fall... though then. A black pokemon launched out of the ground as well. Snarling visoucly as it seemed to look around for something... though it's eyes stopped once seeing a figure... Cheren. The pokemon growled a bit as it crouched down. Obviously, it's tail rose up just to have an arrow on it.... It was a houndoom. The Pink fur ball turned back around a bit... then it's fur bristled as it transformed into a somewhat dog as it charged after with sudden grace as it launched into the air and landed on the Houndoom.

Snarling and dark growls errupted from there as Cheren slowly backed away. The 'mightyena' Gave a loud yelp as it was thrown off and flung into a tree. The Houndoom then panted a bit as it finally turned to look over to Cheren once more... A small smirk forming as it started to stalk it's next victim.

Blaze yawned a bit as she continued on darting back and forth through trees and trees. Her eyes fixed upon the Pachirisu infront of her. Though she then launched her self into the air and did a flip then landed on all fours again, she was close enough now to notice it. her eyes narrowed a bit as she growled and charged and bolted way ahead of the Pachirisu infront of her. Blue Blinked a few times as he was basically left behind. No matter how much if he tried... he couldn't ever catch up with his master. No need to start now... So he just kept his even running pace and continued on going. Blaze on the other hand, was running as if she were on crack.

Blaze's tails swished as she finally skidded to a stop and her eyes narrowed slightly as she gave a threatening growl. "... Wait...." She said as she glanced around a bit. "Are you serious?" She said as she looked around even more. Obviously... She went into a circle. She then glanced back behind near the trees and shot a glare towards nowhere. She then glanced back forward as she gave a death growl as randomly charged at nothing. Then she blew a huge azz fire ball out of nowhere for what seemed to reason. Though as soon as this happened, what seemed like a lizard pokemon turned red.

Blaze gave a smirk as she quickly ran towards the now red pokemon with her crack head speed again. "YOUR SO MINE!" She yelled as Her tails started to shine a bit.
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White blinked a few times once she saw that there was a big and larger than normal patch of melted snow. She blinked a few times then pouted. "Cheater!" she yelled with yet another pout. She shook her head and ran after the two, what seemed like, two convicts on the run. And it didn't take her long before she tripped on a tree branch, earning her a mouthfull of snow. She had a disgusted face and spit out the frozen water that was crystalized in unvisible patterns. Well..not anymore at least. She pushed herself up off the cold ground and stod up. She shook her head and smirked.

She brought two fingers up two her mouth and whistled loudly. Some of the bird type pokemon who haven't migrated flew quickly out of the trees and to wherever they felt like going. Shen placed her hands at her hips and esited a moment. Just then she noticed the Cheren and Emboar look-alike run on over. She was about to make another snowball to hurl at them but then she saw the fluffly black tail behind the one that looked like Cheren. She smiled and squeezed the tail that was attatched to the rear end of 'Cheren'. Pachi did a small flip and turned back into the ball of fluff she usually was. White smiled and picked Pachi up. "Do me another favor?" she asked and Pachi tilted her head.

White smiled and set Pachi down. She looked around to make sure nobody, more specifically Cheren, was around before her eyes started to glow green. Then a random small flash eminated from her and there was a oddly marked Zebstrika took her place. Pachi blinked. "Turn into this pokemon for me?" she asked with the tilt of her now horse like head. Pachi wagged her tail and nodded. She then did a little flip and transformed into a regular Zebstrika. White smiled and turned back into her human form once again. Her eyes however stayed a tint of green. She hopped on Pachi and signaled for Miffy to revert back to her usual self. Miffy hopped onto Pachi as well and Pachi dashed off.

"Come out, come out wherever you are~!" she called out and found him heading in the direcction of a portal like thing. She blinked. Aww damn.. She made Pachi go in that same direction as well.

N kept on walking with his Carracosta at his side. The two walked in silence for a while. Both dragged their feet in the snow. Well flipper/foot in the Carracosta's case. Carraconsta looked down at N who winced occasionally winced. The big blue turtle pokemon had a worried look and stopped walking. N stopped walking as well. HE looked up at his loyal pokemon and slightly rose a rose. "Hmn?") he said and the Carracosta focused on solely him. "Are you sure you're okay? I can carry you.." the pokemon said in pokemon language. Obviously N was able to interpret whatthe pokemon said.

N smiled a bit. "I'm fine..don't worry about me." he said and lightly pet the blue pokemon's head. The Carracosta closed his eyes a bit as if to enjoy the petting and N yawned. "This is taking forever..." he sighed and took out a pokeball. "I'll take it from here." he said and the Carracosta nodded before N allowed the pokemon to be sucked back into it's ball. He placd the ball back where he usually holds it and kpet walking, feeling better than he was a good hour ago. He was unaware that he was also headed in the direction of a vortex like portal.
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Blaze yawned a bit as she seemed to just kick pebbles. Her eyes finally going up to the side from time to time. She then paused with her walking. She then turned around as she seemed to be thinking as of to what were to happen. Though as she kept on walking she froze... She heard a somewhat there sound of a pachirisu. She turned... "Oh Damn!" She yelled as she basically fell down. A pachirisu ontop of her, nuzzling her a whole bunch. Blaze shook her head a bit. Her eyes widened slightly. She then bit down on her bottom lip, her fangs now showing and biting down into it.

If Her pachirisu was here... then... That means... Blaze's eyes widened a bit. She Never took the pachirisu around with her. She looked down at the Pachirisu. "Blue, How did you get here?" She asked. The pachirisu blinked a few times. (blue "Oh, There was a portal, I got suspicious of it. And I looked in it... though, it seems that a shadow pokemon hopped in. So... I hopped in after it." Blaze flinched a bit. She then face palmed. So she was right. When they left back here... they left a somewhat opening to here! Just her luck. Blaze then growled a bit as she looked a blue. "Which way?" She asked.

Blue smiled brightly His claws comming out as her pointed. "That way!" He said with a bright smile. Blaze nodded her head a bit. She then went on her fours. "Lead the way." She said as she chased after, she transformed into a pachirisu herself. She then picked up her pace along with Blue, Seeming to look like white, yellow, and blue Fuzz balls as they went.

Kitty yawned a bit as she kept on running. Kitty then sniffed the ground a bit... She then picked up her head. Seeming to now have the scent, Kitty bolted after the scent. She then soon paused near by the green hair. "N~" She said as she turned around and away. Seeming about to yelp, She saw small blue and yellow fur balls. "Kitty~" Blaze said in a sing song voice. She then hopped up on Kittys back, Then to top it all off she Went on the head of the lovely leopard and hopped on a tree branch. She almost fell of though using her hind legs, She got on the branch perfectly. Blaze then went on her hind legs.

She then pointed at Kitty. "Didn't I say for you to find N...." She said though her voice trailed off. "As in M&M's?" She said. Kitty flinched a bit. She then nodded her head. A seeming look of mistakeness "Whoopse~ Sorry!" She said with a small of nerveousness. Kitty then rose a brow as she looked at the blue fur ball, known as Blue. "And who is that?" She asked. Blue seemed to have it's claws put away. Blue then did a small bow. "My name is Blue, Bl- Blaze hopped down and landed perfectly on Blue. She then stompped on him. "SHUSH!" She said. Blue then twitched a bit. "Yes Mistress..." He said as he got up with Blaze on his back.

Blaze sighed a bit as she hopped off. She then bolted off again, Blue going ahead. Kitty gave a nerveous laugh. "Heh heh" She said with the '^^;;' Face on. Kitty then looked down at her paws. "Well look at the time, I should get her those M&M's she wanted huh?" Kitty said as she turned and started to walk off happily.

Cheren Yawned a bit as he was just about to throw another snow ball. Though froze once seeing the now mix up. He then shrugged it. Off Though when he were about to throw another snowball, he ran off. Emboar watched somewhat amused he Then ran off, following behind in there. Cheren then turned while pointing. "Emboar, Use Flame thrower." Emboar smiled as he kept on running. Once getting enough space, The emboar launched a big ole flame, Making the snow melt away and grass being there. Emboar then saw a snowball and used a simple Ember on it.

Emboar then turned and went back to running. Somewhat laughing. Cheren then stopped with running as he saw Emboar run by. He then chased after, He then hopped up on Emboard back. "Run Dood Run!" He said. Emboar put away the flames from his back and kept on running.
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N sat there, staring off into the direction that the pokemon flew off to. It sure did look like it was in a hurry… He breathed in but flinched and gripped his shirt. Shit! Hurts like hell.. he mentally growled and there was a look of pain in his eyes. He pulled a pokeball off his belt and clicked the button. When he did, a red and overly familiar beam shot out of the ball and formed a turtle like figure. The Carracosta stretched it’s flippers. The pokemon then looked down at N and blinked. He flailed his flippers and N merely smiled faintly. “Help a brotha out?” he tried to say playfully but ended up wincing in pain once again. The Carracosta’s expression saddened and helped its trainer up, being very mindful of his pain.

The two walked in silence most of the way until N stirred. “Do you know what a Mew is?” he asked and the pokemon shook it’s head. “Didn’t think so…” he said with a sigh. But the image still stuck in his head. I owe that pokemon…I don’t even know it’s name though.. he sighed and the Carracosta did as well.

White put on the ‘-.-‘ face as if not satisfied by his answer. “Thanks? I guess..” she said and smiled sheepishly. She blinked twice when she heard a familiar noise and turned to see the Emboar that was familiar but then again not so familiar. If you thought about it, it really did make sense. White let go of Cheren’s arm and ran over to her two cute and fluffy pokemon’s side. She waited for the two to hurry and finish getting acquainted to the thing the group was doing.

White blinked and tilted her head at the fact that was stated. “….We do?” she said and picked up some snow. She didn’t feel cold at all… But then again it was probably because she wasn’t human and that her body temperature kept itself warm no matter where she was. She shrugged and looked back up at Cheren. “If you want~” she said with a slight smile. She smiled down at her two zorua’s who were already making snowballs, that mostly were oddly shaped. She flinched and shook her head once she got hit in the shoulder and pouted. “I wasn’t ready!” she whined and looked down at her two fluffy pokemon. And The three snickered and grinned. Apparently all three had the same idea. Miffy and Pachi made mischievous little giggles and flipped into the air. Making them change appearance. Miffy turned into Cheren’s Emboar and Pachi turned into Cheren. Confusion always works.

The three Took hold of a couple of snowballs and darted after Cheren and his bid red pokemon. The three of them were like rapid fire cannons together.
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Blaze yawned as she kept on flying. She had to ignore, She just had to. If she didnt, then she might've been figured out. She then yawned as she teleported again. She then shrugged a bit. It would've looked weird if she popped up as SOON as she dissapeared. SO she decided to lay low for a bit. She then turned back to normal. Her eyes darting around as she took out a poke ball. As soon as she did this, she lightly tapped the center of it. Out came her liepard. Kitty glanced around a bit. "Hey why aren't we at the carnival!?" She said with a huff.

Blaze looked down at Kitty. She then easily picked the Liepard up. "Listen to me and listen closely." She said. Kitty blinked a few times and nodded. "Go off and find N. And once you do yelp loudly okay?" She asked with a tilted head. Kitty nodded her head as she was put down. Blaze then shook her head. "And if he says anything about a gray and pink pokemon. Play innocent." She said as she watched Kitty nod enthusiasticly then running off. Blaze smiled a bit and waved. "Thanks." She said as she started to walk off.

Cheren rose a brow when he walked down and sighed. "By you being awesome?" He asked as he kept on walking. He then folded his arms as he walked down the stairs. He blinked a few times as he was basically dragged down. He huffed and sighed. He then flinched. He wasn't prepared for the cold air. he then used his free arm to allow out his Emboar. he looked at it as it glanced around then follow with a risen brow. he then thought about being ass for a moment, though decided against it. He then looked over at his Emboar and smiled a bit. "A snow ball fight?" He asked then kept on walking. He then sighed and yawned.

He then glanced around. "Don't we need mittens for that?" He asked as he kept on walking. Though pausing. He then randomly made a snow ball and flunged it at White. He hit her right in the shoulder with it. He then basically bolted as he took cover. He glanced around as he started making more. Forgetting the numbness that which was being caused by him putting his hands in the cold snow.
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N held on tight to his Zekrom as they flew over the path that the two were taking. Flying over really…that’s if you want to be all technical about it. Oh well..He reached out and tapped his black legendary’s head. “You can get down now. I can’t find her down there.” he said with a small sigh. The Zekrom rose a brow and huffed. ‘Fine’ he said obviously talking in pokemon and drifted down to the forest floor. He landed without knocking over any trees, thankfully. He bent down to allow N to get off his back. N slid off the midnight shaded Pokémon and landed on his feet. He took a berry from a tree nearby and walked over and up to his large head. “Thanks anyways.” he said holding up the round blue berry.

he said with a very faint smile. Zekky looked down at the berry and sniffed it. He then blinked and ate it out of N’s hand, nearly chomping one of his fingers in the process. N blinked. “You have hands for that..” he said and Zekky shrugged. N rollwed his eyes and returned the black legendary to his pokeball.
N rubbed an eye and then stuck his hands in his pockets. He walked within the forest looking to and fro for a black haired lady. He sighed. Poofing like a ghost he thought and yawned. He swished his green hair so that it would get out of his sight of vision once again. Once he did he looked up to see a crowd of pokemon. He blinked at their expressions. They seemed pretty pissed off for some reason. He then rose his brow at the words they kept muttering and growling. “Team Plasma?” he said, “they’ve disassembled, broke and shattered.” he said with a nod. But obviously they didn’t care to listen and or they couldn’t hear through their misguided rage. One Heatmore picked N up by his shirt and with brutal force, through him against one of the many trees there. N Winced and yelled loudly so that Pidoves scattered out from the trees. Another Excadrill shot some large rocks at him, hitting him right under the shoulder. Once again an even louder yell echoed through the forest.

Before he knew it an oddly colored pokemon came over, threatened him, then got him out of there in a blink of an eye. He kept wincing as he called after the pokemon. “Hey wait!” he said ignoring his pain. But alas the pokemon was gone.

White sweatdropped. “Same difference.” she said and fixed her cap. She then pet her two Zorua’s and smiled. “Kawaii~” she said with a smile. The twins leaned into the hand that was petting them and wagged their blue tipped tails. She then turned to Cheren and made a pouty face. “Well how was I supposed to know that?” she asked, (blue “And they aren’t bad, They’re just young and need to learn. She said and smiled softly to the twins.
She entered the kitchen and saw both her Leo and Remmy sleeping and making a ton of noise. She sighed and walked over to them. She took off the items that were tied to their tails and took out their pokeballs. “Now you two can rest without noise.” she said and tapped them both lightly on the head, sucking them in with the red beam of light.

White walked back to the door and fist pumped when Cheren came down. She won.. mentally. The twins jumped off White’s shoulders and ran out of the door and into white snow. White smiled and tugged Cheren with them, locking the door behind them as they followed the twins. The twins ran off far until they reached a large mound. They sat in front of it patiently and wagged their tails. White pointed to the mound. “The two wanted a snowball fight.” she said with a smile.
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Blaze yawned as she reached the exit. She smiled happily at this. She then shook the snow that which gathered up on her head. She never took the cap... She huffed at this. "Durn." She mumbled and walked on. She yawned as she made a turn and into the carnival. Oh how she loved this place. She soon paused once reaching the ferris wheel. Her eyes widened slightly as they flashed green.

A girl with a cap walked around. Her eyes looking around with an excited look upon her face. She then looked down at the servine beside her. "Razor wanna go on the ferris wheel?" She asked with a small smile. Razor nodded his head and smiled a bit. Blaze then yawned as she kept on walking towards it. Then She saw green hai-

Blaze flinched a bit as she heard a yell. Her eyes quickly turning back to red. She glanced around and huffed. She then flinched again. She forgot N. Whoopse. Blaze then scratched her head and snickered a bit. Though flinched as she heard another yell. This time it seeming more familiar. Blaze's eyes windened. "N?" She said then walked over to the yelling though soon it turning off into a sprint.

Once she did though she froze as she basically heard 'enough with Team Plasma' Blaze flinched a bit then finally turned fully Mewthree. She then floated over and in and nodded her head in agreement. "Yes!" She said and watched as she was stared at. One said. Blaze rolled her eyes and floated in, her voice being it's normal voice. "Now.. I say we break his bones." She said as she floated closer and twirled around him and landed on his head. "And yet ontop of that we should.
See ya bye." She said as she used teleport, teleporting herself and N out of there.

Blaze hopped off of the head that which she was on and streatched happily. She then started to fly off and out.

Cheren rolled his eyes. "Sure you are..." He said and yawned he then rose a brow. "You weren't abandoned... you were just... left behind." He said with the '^^' Face on. Cheren watched as White walked around him. He was about to, but sadly his timing sucked. He then followed her outside and rose a brow as he saw her basically scold. "... There not the only bad people around here." He mumbled then yawned. He then turned back and walked back in. He then lies down on the bed and got comfortable.

He then streatched out and yawned as he seemed to be relaxing and in peace. Though as soon as he got comfortable he flinched a bit. Damn it all. He got up and streatched again and yawned. He then shrugged and got up. He nodded his head and went back over to White. He then nodded his head "Lead the way." he said as he got ready to go.
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N sighed a bit. He was kind of used to the noises but it didn’t make it any less annoying. He lifted his hand up to his forehead and rubbed his temples with his middle finger and his thumb. He looked up at Blaze and nodded a bit. “It does get annoyi…” he started to say and trailed off when Blaze acted all road runner like. HE huffed an stood up. Running out on me..” He muttered and shook his head. He waked out of the door and looked around to see her already darting out of the door. He sighed and made his way down the stairs, when he reached the middle the two pokemon already out the door after their trainer. He sighed and followed. Kit happened to be going down the stairs and blinked. “Hey wait for me!” he yelled and ran after.
N ran out of the town and huffed. Man can she run! He looked down and at his Liepard. “Sniff her out?” he asked with a risen brow. Kit growled a bit. “I’m not a Lillipup.” he growled and N rolled his eyes. He pulled out two pokeballs. “Fine then. “ he said and returned the purple pokemon and let out a Large black one. N looked up at the Zekrom and the pokemon nodded, already knew what he was going to say. N smiled a bit, hopped onto the Zekrom’s back and the two shot up into the air.
White looked up at Cheren and put on a pouty face. “I’m serious…” she mumbled. White watched Cheren walk out and huffed silently. “I..feel.. abandoned..” she said to herself The Zorua twins played around the hallways like Kitty had said to do. It went from a game that Miffy started to hate, to a competition to see who made the loudest noises. The two even got the sound of banging by attaching a wooden spoon to Leo’s tail as he swung it in his sleep, hitting the pans at were placed behind him.
White was looking around her room being extremely tempted to do something. At least until he came back. When he did she blinked and rose a brow. (blue “Miffy and Pachi? She asked. She said and then sighed and nodded. “Gotcha. “ she said and walked around Cheren and out the door. She placed her hands on her hips and flinched when she heard the loud laughter coming from her room. She huffed and smiled a bit before spotting her two trouble makers. The two stopped in their tracks and White sighed. “Put them down…” she said and the two obliged with lowered ears. White bent down to them and rubbed their heads. The twins whined and White picked them up. “It’s okay… Just don’t do it again.” she said and called out to Cheren. I wanna play in the snow..

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Blaze rolled her eyes. She then rose a brow and shrugged it off. She then snickered a bit oh how wrong he was. She then turned away and held her ears again. She relised that the noises got even LOUDER. Yet even werid noises as well. "Oh my gosh." She said and gave a low growl then finally bolted out of her door. She then basically lept down from the top stair and landed perfectly like Kitty did. She was sadly going with her insticnts... which meant get the hell out of there. Kitty watched this and smirked. "Run mo fo run!" Kitty said and her smirk got wider once she saw Blaze run out the door.

Kitty had an amused face on and started to put up an act. "Blaze where you going!?" She yelled then bolted out of the small pokemon door. Serperior was sadly too tall so... he used his tail to open the door knob and leave it with a soft Click. Cheren rose a brow. "Mhm... yea.." He said and rolled his eyes. He then watched her flinch from time to time and couldn't help but laugh. Cheren then finally walked out to see the two sneaky Zorua's basically honking a blow horn. But he sadly doesn't know how they got those other noises in.

He then watched and turned his head back. "It's only your little Zorua's." He said simply then looked out the window to see Blaze basically running for her life. He was basically laughing his ass off. Blaze simply stopped near route one and flinched a bit. "What... the hell..." She said and shook her head. Kitty rose a brow as she gave a fake worried look. "Oh I don't know... But do you wanna go to the ferris wheel? It normaly does calm your mind." She stated then Blaze blinked a few times. "I planned on going there anyways." She said then streatched out her legs.

She huffed the bolted again. Watching the snow basically go down. Her somewhat getting there most fastest man on earth speed was getting faster. She blinked a few times as she stopped, almost sliding and flipping off of her footing because of ice. She then looked around breifly. She then shrugged it off. She was in a forest at the moment. The specific one that which Team plasma attempted to take that pokemon head. She then shrugged. She then walked in the long way, Going through past memories. She looked at some trees and looked at a small bear.

Looking like it had a booger. Though in a weird way it was cute. Blaze blinked a few times. "Your so cute!" She said and hopped up and down happily. She then stopped and smiled brightly. She then turned her head away and flinched slightly once she felt something cold on her. She then turnedback to see the Cubchoo has basically thrown snow at her, yet in a playful manner. Blaze laughed a bit at this though shook her head. "Where's your mother anyways?" She asked simply then huffed to get no answer it and walking off. "Well then love ya too." She said with sarcasm and went back to walking around.

Her eyes glancing around from side to side occasionoly. She noticed Kitty and Serperior shivering a bit. Blaze frowned a bit. "My poor babies." She teased then took out there pokeballs. She then made that red beam and smiled as she saw them get sucked into it. She then shrugged and went back to walking.

Cheren blinked a few times he then rose a brow as he saw Blaze's door basically saw the door flung right open. ".. I wonder how far she'll run anyways." He said and laughed a bit. He basically imagined her running all the way off and over to another place. He then tilted his head slightly and yawned as he walked back in. "Your not scared as easily, are you?" He asked though to see her flinching a bit. "... I stand corrected." He said and sighed a bit.
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N smirked. "Knew it." he said and felt somewhat accomplished. He fixed his cap, getting its bill out of vision. He looked at Blaze and and rose a brow. "Good question.. he said partially to himself. He held his chin and furrowed his eyebrows as he sat there in silence. It took him a while but he looked up with an answer. "They all have some kind of flaw? Like when Zorua transforms it usually has its tail... and I'm guessing that Mew can't speak so we would know when we talk to it?" he shrugged. "It depends on what pokemoln it is really.." he said with a slight sigh.

He noticed the blush and snickered a bit. Mission accomplished. He chuckled a bit to her reaction to the honk. "Wow.." he said still chuckling a bit and noticed a bit of grey in a sea of black hair. /he blinked and shrugged it off. I think my eyes are messed up.. he thought then saw some pink. "Wha?" he muttered to himself and rubbed his eyes. Wen he opened them again he blinked and sighed in relief. So it WAS his eyes… oh well.
White’s eyes were tightly shut as she clung to Cheren and waited for the loud and obnoxious noises to go away. When asked the question she blinked and loosened her grip. “Because…I got scared.. and I wanted to?” she said with her head slightly cocked to the side. White blinked when she heard the supposedly quiet comment and huffed. She murmured something inaudible before she was pat. “…I knew that…” she said lamely and stood straight up and acted as if nothing happened. De ja vu…
Pachi and Miffy skid to a halt when they heard yelling. Obviously directed towards them. They crashed into each other and whined before scrambling to get up and sit straight. They looked up at Kitty and tilted their heads. “Scare?” Miffy said and Pachi shrugged and nodded. Once again the frantic chase continued but this time a lot louder. Somehow the two got other noises in as well..

White’s head was throbbing like mad. All the bangs and honks were like loud claps of thunder that were a few feet away. On and on until it stops… White held her ears but somehow made it look like she was just putting her hands behind her head. “See? I’m used to it.” she said followed by a nervous laugh. The common flinches gave the whole thing away.
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Blaze snickered a bit. "Yeah I guess..." She mumbled then nodded her head. She then rose a brow. "But heres my question. How can you tell the difference?" She asked as her brow rose higher. She then shrugged it off inspecting though finally relising how close... She got up and turned away and coughed a bit. She had a small little blush then flinched as she made a random ninja stance once hearing a blaring noise. She then quickly got out of that pose and was trying oh so hard to not make her hair turn grey... Though sadly a strand of it turned that lovely grey color.

Blaze shook her head slihtly then. Finally heard more and more honks. She then got a strand of pink as well. She knows that the noises are like blaring alarm clocks in an enhanced ones ears. She shivered a bit after hearing the noises. "Oh... my... gosh..." She said with a huff. That noise is going to make her turn mewthree. She then shook her head as her two strands turned back to normal like a phantom.

Cheren blinked a few times. "Nothing is..." He said as he shrugged. He then tried not to laugh as he heard the noises go from louder to quieter. He then felt himself being clunged onto. He rose a brow at this reaction. He then shook his head as he tried not to comment on her clinging. "... why are you clinging?" He asked finally as he attempted to squirm out of the grasp though couldn't. "Man handling me..." He mumbled even lower then chuckled a bit at that. He then lightly patted Whites head. "Honey, there just honks." He said with a small smirk.

Kitty flinched again. That noise came... again. She then got up from her plotting and went over to where she heard the noise. She then flinched as she saw the two Zoruas run aorund honking a horn. Kitty then gave a grin. "You two!" She said with a smirk. "Run up and down the halls upstairs honking that. You might scare some people." She said as she gave a grin. Razor yawned as he slithered out of the room he was basically dragged in. Though a small liepard, it's very strong. He would know that.

He then tilted his head slightly and listened to Kitty. "Your evil." He said simply and almost tried not to laugh. "No... Just.... mischiveous." She said and nodded her head in agreeing with herself.
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N smirked. "Creeping? So you WERE doing something!" he said and snapped his fingers as if he figured something out. He smiled faintly and huffed a bit. He settled down and listened to Blaze talk once again. "A of Mew.. Sorta like Zorua... Gotcha." He repeated with a nod as if to keep all the new info inside his head. He blinked. "I talk to pokemon.. all the time.." he said with the '-_-' face on. But then again who would believe him? "But it would be different..depending on who I'm talking to.." he said with furrowed brows as he thought a bit.

N blinked a bit as his breathing space had gotten shorter. A lightbulb popped into his head and he tried not to smirk. "I don't know do I?" he asked and leaned a bit close.

"Tehe~" White said quietly. She blinked as her hands were removed from her face and tilted her head a bit. Had she really forgotten that they were there? She really needs to get a grip on thigs...She scratched her cheek and flashed a grateful yet sheepish smile towards him.

White blinked a bit andhad the floting question mark over her head when she spotted Cheren's frown. "Something wrong?" she asked. Thanks to the extremely loud noise she yelped and ducked down low with her hands covering her head. She stayed in that position for a while before standing back up. She coughed it away as if nothing happened but glanced around to be ready for the next thing that might surprise her.

Miffy stared at Pachi who was grinning and had the horn in her mouth. She got out from under the couch and started backing away from her shiny twin with suspecting eyes. Pachi made the small 'Heehee' laugh and quickened her pace towards the other shiny twin. Eventually the two ended up in a chase throughout the house that had loud cries and even louder honks.

White looked outside her room door to see what had caused that sound. She blinked twice and rose a brow. "I think it sto-" she started to say but was interrupted by the said sounds. She yelped and clung tightly to Cheren tightly. So much for being alert...
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Blaze yawned as she kept on gluing pieces together. She was in the middle of gluing things though paused as she was asked the questions. "Nothing much really... creeping and making my pokemon happeh." She said then smiled a bit as she glued a tail. She though paused once asked the other question. She turned her head and rose a brow. "Its... a mew head." She said as she lightly took it and smiled a bit as she glued it on. "A mew my dear, is a legendary. They are from the Kento reigon. These pokemon are known to transform into anything. They are like a Zorua really. Though they don't transform back to normal until they are fainted. They can transofrm as much as they like. You may never know if your talking to a pokemon or not." She said calmly as she finished gluing somewhat.

She blinked a few times. She gave away a bit too much information. Meh oh well. She glanced up to see N rubbing his eye. She rose a brow. "Did you get a shard in your eye?" She asked as she leaned in a bit with a risen brow.

Cheren blinked a few times as he got up to hear a moan of pain. He rose up to see White holding her face. He sighed a bit though got up as he walked over. "Yey... and It's good to be here?" He said with a risen brow. He then took her hands away and looked at her face as if lookiing for any injuries or any signs of swelling. He then rose a brow and turned to look at Remmy Then shrugged it off. he looked back at White with a small frown as he looked at the book.

He then tilted his head and flinched as he heard a blaring noise. "What... the hell?" He mumbled as he started to walk off and over to the door. He seemed to be curious as of to what that noise was. Though yawning and stopping then walking back. It was probably nothing anyways.

Kitty smirked a bit as he was talking to Razor. "So... we'll put them on that farris wheel?" She asked. Razor gave a small smirk then nodded his head as if agreeing. "And then... BAM we make sure that it is broken and thus, there going to have to stay up there for a long time?" She continued. Razor nodded his head in agreement again.

Kitty gave a chesire cat grin then gave a loud yelp once hearing the noise. Kitty's ears perked forward and seemed to be listening if the noise would come back.
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N smiles a bit. "What exactly haveyou been doing?" he asked as if confused. He shook a few strands out of his face and walked over to Blaze's side. He bentdown to examine the shards of the glass and rose a brow. "This.. is.. confusing.." he said and carefully picked up one of the biggest of the shards. He stared at it for a while then blinked.

"This pink thing.. what is it?" he asked with a slightly tilted head. Most of one of the pink 'thing' was atached and shown. He stared at if for a while before rubbing his eyes with the hand that wasn't being used. Didn't want glass in an eye right?

Miffy and Pachi glared at the item in front of them fiercly. Every time they got a few rings on the sticks, the small jet of water would blow them off. It grew really annoyig, and the twins didn't have a large amount of patience. Most young ones didn't either... Miffy picked up the toy and hopped out of the bed. Pachi blinked as she watched her twin go upstairs and come back with something else within her teeth. Pachi wagged her tail and the two stared at the horn for a moment. One of them pressed the ball at the end.The two yelped thanks to the loud sound it made and ran under the couch. The two whimpered for a while before Pachi came out and a grin spread on her face. She picked it up and snickered.

White was laying on her bed with a book hovering above her face. She had her hands behind her hands behind her head and every now and then she would laugh like there's no tomorrow. It was when the door opened that she lost her concentration and the book landed hard on her face. She moaned and sat up with her hands holding her pained face. She peeked through her fingers and smiled at the sight. She jumped off her high bed and landed on her feet. "Welcome to my humble abode~" she said with a smile. HAving nothing else to say she scratched her cheek and Remmy stirred. "Awkard.. Silence.." he said as if on cue.
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