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Madeline (Maddy) is in her senior with her boyfriend _______. Their whole relationship is falling apart because ________ cheated on Maddy. She is madder than you will ever know. But she still loves ______. He is still trying to win her heart back. But will she take him back after he broke her heart???


-This is a 1x1 .
-Don't ask to join. Just join.
-This is a romance. Be romantic.
-Be semi-lit.
-Must have a pic. Preferably anime.
-Have fun!

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kinda agree. none taken.

She cursed under her breath, knowing exactly who was at the door. What did he want now? That was a stupid question to ask herself. Her parents had let him in and told him that she was upstairs in her room and that he could go right up. Of course they did. She hadn't told them that her and Zack were officially over. Well, at least in her mind they were. Zack just couldn't get it through his head. She quickly looked at herself in the mirror and ran a brush through her hair a few times, preparing for battle. He wasn't getting away with this without a fight.
  ady4ever / 10y 241d 19h 48m 36s
[[ hey umm, is that the picture your ganna use O.o no offence but it's kinda creepy XD ]]

Zack Ran to Maddies house, he had been running for ten straight minutes before reaching her house. He honestly didn't mean to cheat. He was srunk and being stupid, but even he knew that, that was no excuse. he huffed and puffed for a moment before knocking on the door.
  Zack / zeek2356 / 10y 242d 3h 11m 24s
Maddy was alone in her room tearing up anything that reminded her of ________. He was such a jerk and how could he cheat?! She looked at herself in the mirror. Was there something wrong with her?
  ady4ever / 10y 242d 18h 47m 42s

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