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Hey honey, we can make the RP once you get here ^^

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Sweet Heart, you didn't forget about our RP did you?
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 313d 19h 32m 31s
Tashiro smiled warmly at her as he nuzzled into her side, shivering slightly, but loving how she rubbed his skin. He wrapped his large, cold arms around her and blushed even more as his face warmed up and he relaxed his arm that was on her thigh, seeing as she was fine with it. She was slightly warmer then him and he wanted to snuggle deeper, but was afraid to do so. Thank you for letting me get so close... and your very special. He said with a slight hint of caringness in his voice.
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 319d 16h 10m 57s
She watched him, about to get on him for moving so much. She would rather him stay in bed and not move around so much. The young girl wasn't surprised by his burst of compassion and intimacy. He was a soft and she didn't mind it. Her hand would gently rub his bare arm, running over goose bumps that were slowly rising onto the surface of his rough skin. Her skin was already cold, so she didn't jump to his hand touching her semi bare thigh. Her eyes slanted down to meet his. "I can't see why. I'm just here, nothing out of the ordinary." she chimed with a tad of her sarcastic attitude in there.
  Aylar / UnknownLove / 9y 319d 16h 17m 17s
He gave her a loving smile as he stood up weakly and walked over to her, looking deeply at her. He sat down and gently snuggled into her side, shaking lightly from the cold air around them. He gently set his cold hand on her thigh as he looked up at her. If you say so... I like having you so near...

  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 319d 16h 29m 37s
She sat on the bed, leaning back slightly while her hair fell down her back. The ceiling above them looked like it was cracking. Aylar always found interest in the most unusual things. She was relaxed and composed, when he moved her eyes cocked towards him. Her thin brow rose slightly. Was she making him uncomfortable? It was about time she left, studying and work was to be done. Just as she breathed to say something, he spoke. She held it, while he talked because she wouldn't stop him. She was not rude. As soon as she was done, she silently breathed out and in again. "Your not making me feel uncomfortable, I am happy I just have a really bad way in showing it." she explained to him, smiling softly to reassure him.
  Aylar / UnknownLove / 9y 320d 19h 23m 36s
Tashiro smiled lightly as he looked over at the slightly nervous woman and sighed, wanting to make her feel better. Sitting up, he looked over at her, wanting to know what was wrong. He was a bit upset that she was not happy being around him and slowly, scooted away, making about a foot of room between them. He sighed sadly and layed back on the bed, trying to make her happy by become physically distant from her. I am sorry if I seem a little touchy... I wanna see you happy, you have helped me out in the past and I really would love to see you happy... He looked away as he stopped talking and closed his eyes.
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 322d 12h 58m 24s
Her dull brown eyes followed his movements, she wasn't fearful but just unsure. Once he hugged her, but she did not mind hugging him back, the warmth from his body eased her iced skin. After he pecked her pale cheek, she glanced away as he began to talk to her. "Well, I do believe you are the one in the hospital bed." she said using her charm and cocky humor. She continued to stand here, her arms hanging dead at her sides while she heard him sigh again, she debated on leaving but she didn't want too. As she noticed him signaling her to sit with him, she wouldn't turn him down so she walked around to the side of the bed with a bit more sitting room, she wasn't to short that she had to hop to get her butt up over the edge but she used her tippy toes.
  Aylar / UnknownLove / 9y 322d 18h 47m 3s
Tashiro sighed lightly and walked over to the young woman and hugged her lightly, wrapping his cut up arms around her and smiled as he walked around her and made sure there was no cuts or bruises on her perfect body. He grinned lightly and pecked her cheek and nodded as he sat back down on the soft hospital bed. No need to be nervous honey, please feel better being around me. You are safe as long as you are near me.... Tashiro said with a slight hint of caringness in his voice. He spoke in a soft, yet stern voice so to get his point made that she would be safe as long as he could be near her. She looked okay, but he could see the nervousness in her eyes and he sighed lightly as he signaled her to come and sit down next to him. He wanted her close so that he could let her know that she was safe near him.
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 10y 60d 14h 49m 48s
OOC: I have to go for now honey, I will reply when I can, but are you okay honey?
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 10y 64d 14h 36m 54s
She stood there rather than sitting since she was still uncomfortable from the police station. Her arms lingered at her sides, almost dead like. She had nothing but a calm expression on her face, her eyes set on him. The girl nibbled on her rose pink colored lips, before she even though about answering his question. She blushed a little seeing him wink at her, she didn't know what to think about that. Her head turned away and she cleared her throat, since she had a lump in her throat. " I'm fine. Don't worry about me." she grinned softly looking at him, her hair swayed at the sides. "No cuts or bruises.." she gestured to her body and then looked at him. "Plus, I'm not the one in a hospital bed." she laughed dully.
  Aylar / UnknownLove / 10y 64d 14h 37m 25s
Tashiro sighed lightly and laid back as his head still felt rather light headed from what had happened and he slowly looked at her as the adrenaline wore off again. His body shot with a good dose of pain. He smiled winked at her like he did when he was carried away by the doctors from the school. He had looked her down and seen that she had a new dress on and he rather liked it. "Are you okay? did that fucked up brute get you hun?" Tashiro was a bit worried that she had gotten hurt from what had happened and he sat up so he could hear her clearly. He really wanted to know this information so he could calm down or get upset about what had happened.
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 10y 64d 14h 57m 27s
She stood there, hearing the door unlock but when the door opened, she blinked once and then what happened next was so fast. The boy, Tashiro hugged her and cried thank you into her ear. She wasn't prepared for the sudden event. Her eyes his, following him into the room. Keeping quiet, Aylar waited to tell him welcome or something like that but the words wouldn't come out. He told her thank you once again, she had only did what was right? It wasn't that big of a thing. She pushed some hair behind her ear again, even though it was slightly damp. "Your welcome. I'm glad to see your okay." she told him, her eyes looked him over and from the way he hugged her, he seemed to be okay. This made her feel a lot better. Flashes of him covered in blood and on the floor at school, flashed across her mind. She was more relieved seeing him clean and safe.
  Aylar / UnknownLove / 10y 64d 15h 7m 54s
Tashiro jumped at the sudden knock at the door. He sat up in his bed and slowly got out of bed and walked over to the large door and unlatched it and opened it to see the woman that had saved her at his door. He got a sudden burst of energy and hugged her tightly and smiled. thank you so much! he exclaimed as he let go of her and sighed lightly as her tried to keep his composure. He walked back over to the bed and got in and curled up lightly as he looked at her. thank you so much for saving me back there.....
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 10y 64d 15h 41m 10s
Aylar parked her car in a spot far from the hospital entrance. She grabbed her bag and make a run for it, the water easily soaked her thin hair. She didn't want to look bad when she met the boy, she didn't want to go through another outfit in one day. As she made it, the hospital had a semi full waiting room, babies crying and people chatting. She walked to the receptionist. "Excuse me," her gentle voice squeaked she told the woman, her bright red hair slightly distracted her, the nurse asked if she were family or friend. Aylar didn't bother lying and explained to her the situation, the kind nurse smiled and handed her a visitors pass, then explained where his room had been. The young girl followed her way through the labyrinth of halls until she was on the right floor and in the right hall. Her eyes follow towards the ceiling, reading room numbers that were in bold white lettering. "Here it is.." she murmured to herself. She knocked on the door lightly, wanting to see if anyone was in there. She waited patiently for a response.
  Aylar / UnknownLove / 10y 64d 15h 48m 46s
Tashiro slowly laid back in his bed as he hung up the phone and sighed lightly as he saw it was sprinkling outside. He loved the rain and wanted to know where the girl that had saved him was. She was rather cute, but he put that to the side and wanted to see her so he could think her personally for keeping him alive and not ten feet under at this point. Tashiro grabbed the remote and turned the T.V. on and saw that the man that had attacked him was in jail at this point for assault and battery.

OOC: hey honey, are you okay?
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 10y 64d 15h 54m 53s

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