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Best friends ^^
  Saynot / 9y 166d 9h 35m 4s
Boy and girl and best friends and realize they have feelings
The new girl in town
Shy girl meets bad boy

thts all I got XD
  Kai / ShirraGirl / 9y 166d 10h 26m 16s
thank you honey...
  Saynot / 9y 166d 11h 15m 4s
okay :o
  Kai / ShirraGirl / 9y 166d 11h 15m 38s
Yes please....
  Saynot / 9y 166d 11h 16m 41s
ahh i cee...want me to think of ideas?
  Kai / ShirraGirl / 9y 166d 11h 56m 46s
I might be around her for a bit, about to go to lunch
  Saynot / 9y 166d 12h 1m 24s
alright :o baibai
  Kai / ShirraGirl / 9y 166d 12h 1m 49s
I am so sorry T_T I will be back soon enough
  Saynot / 9y 166d 12h 2m 20s
aww, okay D:
  Kai / ShirraGirl / 9y 166d 12h 2m 52s
I need a girl but I may have to goo soon T_T
  Saynot / 9y 166d 12h 5m 12s
:o what do you need, boy or girl? cuz i can join as a girl!
  Kai / ShirraGirl / 9y 166d 12h 7m 4s
hey ^^
  Saynot / 9y 166d 12h 16m 46s

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