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He smiled lightly at her and sighed as he walked her to class. He arm was really cold and she was shivering and he gently walked along. "Thank you... my Name is Aaron Bishop...."
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 9y 163d 13h 40m 35s

she looked at his arm and then back too him, hesitating before taking it

  Kai / ShirraGirl / 9y 163d 13h 43m 38s
He offered her his large arm, she looked like she was cold and he was really hot right now
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 9y 163d 13h 52m 33s

she smiled, warmer now. her hair dripped down her back and she gritted her teeth "ah, yeah i think soo.." she said, smiling

  Kai / ShirraGirl / 9y 163d 14h 57s
He nodded lightly and smile lightly at her "no problem at all, we have the same classes together if I am not mistaken"
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 9y 163d 14h 3m 10s

she slowed down as well, scowling at the ground, as if she could magically make it dry. she looked up at him and gasped "uhm, thanks" she siad, suprised

  Kai / ShirraGirl / 9y 163d 14h 7m 51s
Tashiro ran with her and smiled brightly as he slowed to a power walk as the neared the school. He quickly stopped her and wrapped his fur jacket around her so she would not be cold. "there you go....."
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 9y 163d 14h 12m 34s

she kept her eyes trained on the wet ground below her, barely noticing the boy start running beside her. she looked up for a fraction of a secound, smiling and uttering a 'hi' before looking down again. she sighed, she honestly did hate rain

  Kai / ShirraGirl / 9y 163d 14h 15m 21s
Aaron Bishop sighed brightly as he ran to school. The school was in sight and he was rather happy to see that it was raining. It felt great to him and it mad him happy to run along. He looked at a rather soaked girl that was running behind him, the reason she was running must have been the same as his. He smiled lightly and waited for her to catch-up so he could run with her.
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 9y 163d 16h 21m 42s
OOC: sorry I poofed honey, I was very busy yesterday but I will be online all day today after school so we can RP alright?
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 164d 17h 3m 30s
osh kay..

kai ran to school quickly, realizing she was going to be didnt help that it was raining..she was already soaked. she arrived at the school, a drowned rat.

  Kai / ShirraGirl / 9y 165d 10h 37m 13s
Alright honey! I have to go in about 15 mins to go to my next class, but after school we can continue this alright? And yes please start so we can have something to work with when we are online ^^
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 165d 11h 16m 44s
^w^ okay! hmm...want me to start?
  Kai / ShirraGirl / 9y 165d 11h 22m 46s
We can start now honey ^^
  Saynot / 9y 165d 16h 25m 14s
okay! wen to start >>
  Kai / ShirraGirl / 9y 166d 1h 57m 56s

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