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she blushed again, seeing him take his shirt off. she snuggled closer

  Kai / ShirraGirl / 9y 295d 21h 14m 54s
He took his shirt off and wrapped it around the two of them so the cold breeze would not effect her and he sighed as he relaxed so she would be comfortable on him.
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 9y 295d 21h 48m 4s

she blushed again, smiling. she nodded "mhmmm" she said, closing her eyes

  Kai / ShirraGirl / 9y 295d 21h 52m 28s
He smirked lightly when he saw her blush and he rubbed her back lightly as he felt her warm up "you like being close don't you..."
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 9y 295d 21h 53m 20s

she snuggled in closely, her heart rate speeding up. she blushed, smiling at him.

  Kai / ShirraGirl / 9y 295d 21h 54m 44s
He smiled lightly and held he so close to his body, that she could hear his heart beat. "I bet you do honey...."
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 9y 295d 21h 57m 39s

she grinned, looking up at him "good, i hate PE" she exclaimed, realizing they were all alone

  Kai / ShirraGirl / 9y 295d 22h 5m 45s
He sighed and laid back and wrapped his arms around her and smiled "We are skipping PE right now...."
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 9y 295d 22h 16m 52s

she nodded lightly, sitting down between his legs "what class are we skipping, anyways?" she asked

  Kai / ShirraGirl / 9y 295d 22h 18m 9s
He smiled warmly and nodded as he went in and sat down and spread his legs lightly "you want to sit between my legs so I can warm you up Kai?"
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 9y 295d 22h 21m 4s

she stopped shivering, paying attention to her surroundings. she snuggled close to his chest "the showers?" she said, laughing quietly

  Kai / ShirraGirl / 9y 295d 22h 26m 30s
He smiled brightly and hugged her lightly so she could warm up more. He slung his jacket over her shoulders and the fur seem to bleed in to her shirt and she looked great this way "alright honey, follow me!" he wrapped a arm around her waist and started for the locker rooms so they could hide in the showers that were no longer used
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 9y 295d 22h 32m 52s

she blushed, warming up a little. she smiled at him "yeah, though you coat does help" she said "sure!"

  Kai / ShirraGirl / 9y 295d 22h 37m 28s
Aaron Bishop smiled brightly at her as he nuzzled her cold cheek "alright kai, I can see your getting really cold, class will not be good for one that does not feel good, want to skip with me?"
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 9y 295d 22h 44m 9s

she clung to his arm, shivering but not as much as before. she smiled at him "my names Mitsukai itazuki" she hesitated "but you can call me kai!"

  Kai / ShirraGirl / 9y 295d 22h 49m 35s

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