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We can make the RP once you get here. I am great at keeping things going and keeping romance and drama up. I can not be on very much on some days. I can write around 6-13 sentences in a single post if things are still good.

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ssee ya honey...
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 10y 65d 13h 17m 37s
im on the bus. g2g :o
  Kai / ShirraGirl / 10y 65d 13h 19m 4s
He smiled lightly and kissed her back and moaned lightly when she bit his lip
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 10y 65d 13h 21m 2s

she kissed him again, biting his lip quickly, sucking the blood lol

  Kai / ShirraGirl / 10y 65d 13h 22m 1s
He smiled lightly and nipped her ear lightly and whispered softly back into her ear "I love you too...."
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 10y 65d 13h 23m 7s

she kissed him back slowly, whispering 'i love you' in his ear

  Kai / ShirraGirl / 10y 65d 13h 26m 41s
He smiled brightly and slowly wrapped his arms around her and kissed her gently on the lips "Your so cute...."
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 10y 65d 17h 22m 58s

she smiled, kssing his cheek softly "okay" she said quietly

  Kai / ShirraGirl / 10y 65d 18h 44m 54s

  Carry Miyers / SakuraTheInvincible / 10y 65d 19h 22m 15s
He shook his head lightly and kissed her forehead "No baby, I want to be near you for now, we can keep kissing if you want to...."
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 10y 65d 19h 32m 30s

she looked a little sad, but pulled away also "uhm, should we..go back?" she asked

  Kai / ShirraGirl / 10y 65d 19h 38m 52s
Tashiro sat up and looked around the abandoned shower room and he looked back at her and held her close. "Thank you honey...." He said while pulling away from her
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 10y 65d 20h 32m 20s

she grinned, kissing him back

  Kai / ShirraGirl / 10y 66d 11h 30m 55s
He kissed her back just as hard and smiled brightly
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 10y 66d 11h 37m 0s

she grinned, kissing him; her way of saying yes

  Kai / ShirraGirl / 10y 66d 11h 40m 23s

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