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Japan 1736, Kaname Kiyomura and his Best Friend Sasuke Nakinichi (male) , Were trained in the way of the sword by there master, they were each part of a Sacred Bloodline, They were kyuuketsuki, Better known as Vampires, And they are each part of original kyuuketsuki Clans, But they did not know until their master told the the day before they awoke with there master dead on the floor, He was Killed by a very powerful Impure Monster, The bloodline Was damaged By the Impure Beasts, now whenever a young vampire feeds they must either turn or kill whom they feed on, now it is 400 years later, And the boys are the only pure kyuutketsuki alive, and only few impure vampires remain, Including Shanyu, The beast who killed there master, and they are located near a Highschool in Kanto Japan, The Friends must blend into the highschool setting hide there true age play nice and keep there swords on them at all times, at the higschool they encounter Evlen, and Jenna, Two human teenage Highschool girls Who see the boys brutally destroy a student who turned into a horrible monster, once they find out what happened they are targeted by the impure kyuuketsuki, The boys must defend Evlen and Jenna, And complete their mission so they may Be granted there mortality and have eternal Peace.

Okay this should be alot of fun if u guys actually try rofl ^_^, ANIME PICS, okay here is the skelly,
short bio:
Name:Kaname Kiyomura
Age: 412
Short bio: Has been Tracking the remaining impure kyuutketsuki to avenge his master and purify the True Bloodline
Personality:Quiet, Impatient, Serious,

Name: Evlen
Role: One of the teenage girls
Age: 18
short bio: Parents were divorced and she's been a bit of a loner ever since, but she still enjoys having fun with her friends, etc.
Personality: Quiet and smart, but has quite the attitude at times.
Name: Jenna Lynn
Role: Teenaged girl
Age: 17
short bio: Jenna has been best friends with Evlen for a while. She lives with her 23 year old brother, and has a weird interest in school. She likes excitment, butonly really likes to hang wtb her close friends. She's living with her brother, because her parents were killed in a car wreck.
Personality: Smart, funny, slightly flirty, sarcastic, most of the time acts before thinking it through.
Name: Sasuke Nakinichi
Role: Kyuutketsuki
Age: 411
short bio: Wanting to help Kaname in his goal, but likes to think things through first. If is somewhat lazy, and will not do things unless they benefit him and sometimes Kaname. Even if he's lazy, he also thinks of plans far ahead and hopes to get what he wants.
Personality: Sarcastic, lazy, calculating, flirt

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{{Sweet, thanks :D hopefully it will work out this time haha}}
  Evlen Velaro / forevrenchanted / 8y 107d 12h 23m 8s
<Cool, just posted something onto it already>
  Sasuke Nakinchi / JamesYoung / 8y 107d 12h 26m 41s
  Evlen Velaro / forevrenchanted / 8y 107d 12h 32m 54s
{{Alrighty, I did! And I made it a little different where really, only a few people are needed. :P I'd like to have the bad guy and just two Shadows Royals really, less hassle}}
  Evlen Velaro / forevrenchanted / 8y 107d 12h 34m 4s
<Cool you do that then>
  Sasuke Nakinchi / JamesYoung / 8y 107d 12h 46m 48s
{{Ack, now I gotta go an remember everything heh I mostly remember was that there was this small group of people called the Shadows Royal...oh! It's coming back lol I'm gonna make it :D}}
  Evlen Velaro / forevrenchanted / 8y 107d 12h 53m 59s
<Sure, you can try that, it's not like anything else will happen at the moment>
  Sasuke Nakinchi / JamesYoung / 8y 107d 12h 59m 27s
{{Hmm...I was thinking about reviving this really old roleplay that I tried to do a few months ago. But this time shortening the amount of characters needed haha. It's a whole medieval era thing with...well, it's kinda complicated haha}}
  Evlen Velaro / forevrenchanted / 8y 107d 13h 4m 13s
<Not really, anything that you wanna do I guess>
  Sasuke Nakinchi / JamesYoung / 8y 107d 13h 7m 44s
{{I am tempted to do that :P I just don't know what kind or anything...have any preferrences?}}
  Evlen Velaro / forevrenchanted / 8y 107d 13h 9m 42s
<You've only got one roleplay going that has any roleplay in it, that's almost embarrassing. You want to make another roleplay or something?>
  Sasuke Nakinchi / JamesYoung / 8y 107d 13h 13m 16s
{{Nah, don't start worrying until we hit 100 replies, then it really is too late :P}}
  Evlen Velaro / forevrenchanted / 8y 107d 13h 15m 11s
<Lol, as impressive as that is, we should start worrying>
  Sasuke Nakinchi / JamesYoung / 8y 107d 13h 16m 48s
{{Isn't this great? 66 replies and not a single one of them is an actual roleplay post XD}}
  Evlen Velaro / forevrenchanted / 8y 107d 13h 19m 15s
Lol, well he should be here real soon, unless he's busy or something, cause its been 15 hours since he last posted something>
  Sasuke Nakinchi / JamesYoung / 8y 107d 13h 20m 16s

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