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Pervy student X shy new student.
Pervy Student is open.

Shy new student not open

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  Skylar / Kitten / 10y 65d 18h 1s
Sky smiled and laughed a bit, running his fingers through his dark hair. His eyes stayed lock on Aaron as he examined the boy's features. Strange to say the very least... but that's what interested him most. The bright blue hair, and bright colors made Sky smirk as he came up with a few nicknames: highlighter, neon, ect.
  Skylar / Kitten / 10y 68d 19h 9m 8s
Aaron's lips parted slightly, a brighter blush coming to his cheeks when his thumb slid across his cheek, "I..I.." He mumbled, turning his head away from him. Trying to hide his blush
  Aaron / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 69d 9h 54m 27s
g2g. Be back tomorrow ^_^
  Skylar / Kitten / 10y 69d 9h 55m 39s
"No problem..." Skylar replied, Aaron's blush making him smile. He set his hand on Aaron's cheek, running his thumb over the reddness. "You're cute... especially when you blush..." he said with a wink, then pulled back to watch Aaron's reaction. Sky's attention was on this boy all day, and he took advantage of the time he had with him, using his charm well.
  Skylar / Kitten / 10y 69d 10h 1m 55s
Aaron smiled at him a bit, "A..Thank you...I'm...Aaron.." He mumbled, his blush growing a bit. He puthis stuff in the locker, then closed it, "Thak you...again.."
  Aaron / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 69d 10h 9m 40s
Skylar nodded and banged around the lock itself, then tried to open it, with success. "There you go..." he said with a smile, turning to Aaron. "Im Skylar by the way... Sky is fine though." He said in a charming way.
  Skylar / Kitten / 10y 69d 10h 17m 12s
"A..Ano.." Aaron mumbled, a blush coming to his cheeks. He nodded slowly, "Ye..Yes..Please.." He mumbled, moving slowly outta the others way.
  Aaron / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 69d 10h 19m 52s
Skylar walked by, seeing as the boy needed help. He gave a charming smile and leaned against the lockers next to Aaron. "Need help, cutey?" he asked, flipping his dark hair out of his blue eyes.
  Skylar / Kitten / 10y 69d 10h 26m 18s
Aaron tugged lightly on the end of his pink and blue jacket sleeves. He looked around, chewing lightly on his lower lip as he walked around. Soon he found his locker and tried to open it, but failed. He sighed softly, looking around again. Most of the time boy's thought he was a girl. Because of his long-ish blue hair, and well his bright colors. He tried to open his locker yet again, but failed. He looked around, wondering who'd he ask to help..
  Aaron / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 69d 10h 29m 54s
Alright :)
  Skylar / Kitten / 10y 69d 10h 34m 41s
:D Sure
xD Uhh..I'll post first.
  Aaron / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 69d 10h 36m 12s
  Skylar / Kitten / 10y 69d 10h 36m 53s
  Aaron / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 69d 10h 45m 16s

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