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Paige and _______ where eight when they met in grade school. Paige was Miss ambition and he was mister skate boarder, they hung out every day with each other he even taught her how to skateboard. Things change, people change and people grow up. Paige and _____ are still friends now best friends but things have become more difficult with Paige being now pregnant and ______ a emo kid things will never remain the same but can they change for better? Will ______ become more responsible will he want to be the father of her child or will he take off and never look back?

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"Yeah I have to agree with you on the part that cant be determined" he said letting out a long sigh. Then there was a bite on the end of the line so he quickly reeled it in, and unhooked it, thus throwing it into the bucket.
  Billy Forr (alt) / sinner / 8y 270d 23h 9s
She nodded "I know besides I can't see them being to upset they like you and all that, I don't know what anyone will say I'm really nervous about it all" she said biting her lip and looking at him shyly. "I guess what ever happens can't be determined" she added.
  Paige / pinkbabygirl / 8y 271d 17h 29m 43s
"Yeah I think I could handle the two, I have been in more bar brawls sober than drunk. I would only fight if it came down to it though I hate fighting." He said looking at her "I just wonder what our parents are going to say."
  Billy Forr (alt) / sinner / 8y 272d 2h 58m 13s
She nodded "ya of course" she said bringing it and yawned large feeling exhausted she was pregnant and done a lot for being pregnant she casted out her rod away from him "So you will come with me when I tell my brothers?" she asked teasingly knowing how impulsive and protective West could be her brother who was also a professional boxer.

"You think you can handle a little jibing from West and Tanner?" she asked with a playful grin.
  Paige / pinkbabygirl / 8y 273d 14h 56m 38s
Billy felt relaxed, the best news he had gotten, perhaps he would propose after they had gotten home. He sighed and reeled in a few fish after about ten fifteen minutes of casting "do we have a bucket?" he asked.
  Billy Forr (alt) / sinner / 8y 276d 4h 42m 7s
"Well alright then, but we can get some next time I guess" she answered as he took her rod and went over to a spot she deemed as 'her fishing spot' she had been a tom boy she never liked to use that word either, she always thought when she was called a tom-boy it was an insult to her looks and she was still a girl.

She still liked to dress up fancy, blackmail Billy although it didn't take much, but to go to dances and parties sometimes the spa she was not like the really prissy girls she had seven brothers that just meant she was always more comfortable around guys.
  Paige / pinkbabygirl / 8y 276d 18h 31m 24s
"It's good fish bait, me and my uncle, every summer we would swear by it, getting like at least two dozen fish in like eight hours. Oh well we still have the worms" he said laughing getting his pole ready to cast out.
  Billy Forr (alt) / sinner / 8y 276d 19h 36m 45s
"Uh I don't see any" she answered back shifting through the stuff "Nope no corn, why would you even need corn anyway?" she asked him slightly confused as she took out a worm and attached it to her own rod.
  Paige / pinkbabygirl / 8y 276d 19h 45m 38s
"Yeah I can put up with you going through withdrawal, besides, you will be better off without it." He said smiling "plus, there could be a few surprises along the way." When the question came about of which kind of bait they should use "what about corn? Do we have any of that?"
  Billy Forr (alt) / sinner / 8y 276d 21h 18m 49s
"Aww your so mean, I guess I will, are you prepared to deal with me, without nicotine in my system?" she asked teasing him lightly and rolled her eyes "I could fish too, actually that's what will do fishing sounds like a great idea right now" she said then got up and hugged him.

"I can't believe your really on board for this, I mean its a lot of responsibility and to be honest I am really scared but if you are by my side then maybe it won't be that hard" she said and then released him and got out the fishing rods and hooks and bait "Eww you want to use worms, minnows or frogs?" she asked wrinkling her nose at the frogs.
  Paige / pinkbabygirl / 8y 277d 19h 17m 50s
"well, firstly, put that out, I know its a habit, but you got to break it. Secondly whatever you wanna do is fine by me" he said rummaging through the cooler trying to sort through the ice. "Well at least if we wanted anything else I could go fishing." he said laughing.
  Billy Forr (alt) / sinner / 8y 277d 20h 5m 33s
"So what do you want to do now?" she asked with a grin as she looked at him as she pulled out a cigarette and lit it taking a long drag the whole even had been stressful but over all ended okay.

"So what should we make to eat, I guess just chips is good, I think we have hot dogs too" she said opening up the cooler and finding a few.
  Paige / pinkbabygirl / 8y 277d 21h 56m 31s
He knelt down and started to put the sticks together, then grabbing a paper wrapper from somewhere that was lying around, took the lighter and started to burn the paper. It wasnt long before it was started.
  Billy Forr (alt) / sinner / 8y 277d 22h 7m 57s
"Uh okay then, I'll get the wood" she said and went out to the woods to look for some she finally got a bunch and came back "Here found some wasn't hard this area is covered" she said letting them drop by the spot.
  Paige / pinkbabygirl / 8y 277d 22h 17m 53s
"I would never turn my back on you" he said then he kissed her head, but as he noticed that it was turning dark out he agreed to get the fire going, so he started searching his pocket for a lighter, and now all they had to do was find the wood for the fire.
  Billy Forr (alt) / sinner / 8y 277d 22h 25m 49s

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