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{BOY} is a rich mafia lord. He is only in high school but he already has inherited his family heritage. With the passing of his father, he was immediately given his new title. He's had a feel for violence since he was just a boy and always admired the bonds between mafia bosses and his subordinates. He's a tough guy outside of school but during it he's just one of the athletic popular kids everyone admires. One day he comes across a girl he vaugely recongizes from school. She's being attacked by his all-time rivals of the Shimon family and ends up saving the girl as he beat them. Now totally concerned with why this girl is so important to Shimon and mafia's alike The leader of the cavalonne family doesn't allow her to leave his side.

{GIRL} is very poor. Her father gave her up to the foster care system, and for the longest time she didn’t understand at all. Not until after high school when he told her to meet him once a week. He started giving her a flash drive, and told her to guard them with her life. She finally got curious about it and looked through the flash drive to learn a lot about the family that he had been working for, for many years until he could no longer take it anymore. Now she lives with a new family and her new foster father is abusive towards her and the others, when he is mad, he takes his anger out on whoever is closest to him. She is very key sensitive about getting home early so that nothing will happen to the others, since she is the eldest.

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She crossed her arms, as the pain medication that she had been given started to sink in. He yawned before answering any of her questions as he leaned against the wall. He told her that he wasn't going to leave the kids there with their foster father because he was a drunk and an abuser. He then told her that they have been there since she was shot and that they were going to remain there. "So now you are kidnapping three kids...that's quite a record you have going there. You have threatened to kill me, you are planning on killing me, and you are kidnapping, not to mention the people you already have killed. What else shall you do?" She asked sarcastically, she knew that she wasn't in the right, but he was really hitting a nerve with her.

"I am going to tell you now, those kids aren't stupid, if you kill me, you will lose them, you should know what it feels like to lose a loved one at a young age, I know how it is and it can make you want to do things you would never have thought. Taking everything out on me, will not solve your problems, I don't think your sister would really want you to reduce yourself to this, threatening people that mean you no harm." She said as she stared at him and watched him push off the wall. She wanted to make it clear to him that she wasn't afraid to die, she was only afraid of the kids and what would happen to them.

When he told her that he had saved her because she saved him she shook her head. "I saved you twice, do you really believe that I would kill you after saving your life twice? I have no intentions on doing anything to you, I told you from the beginning you couldn't help me, I wasn't lying about that, after finding out who you were I knew exactly what you would do if you found out who I insisted and I took your help, you have become pretty much my only friend, as you know I didn't have anyone back at school, I was no more then a loner, more by choice but still, everyone avoided me." She said as she looked down as she played with her fingers, it was almost painful to actually sit there and think about how alone she actually was.

She looked back up when he said that he would rather she die by his hand then anothers, he also mentioned that it was like she killed his sister. "Then kill me! You keep saying you are going to kill me, so do it already! I know I lied, but get over it, if you hate me that much you should have just left, forget me saving your life, if it means that much to you then you should have killed me already without going through all of this!" She said as she indicated the room and the IV that was in her arm. She was so frustrated by now that she had hot tears at her eyes as they started to fall down her cheeks. "And I am well aware how much trust means, but you need to understand that I did it for those kids!" She yelled at him once again.

He then threatened her once again, and she threw her arms up in the air. (#5d16ac "Once again, only threats, no action! It is clear to me you don't want me dead, but you need to really move on and stop this hateful revenge for whoever is in your sights with the right name! I didn't kill your sister, she was nice to me, I was upset when I heard she died, does that matter at all? No? Explain to me why you can get mad but I cannot. Cavlonne killed my mother! That's right they killed her, she was undergoing treatments at the hospital when a man, that posed himself as a doctor went into her room and poisoned her! She was the only thing that mattered to me, I loved my mom, my dad didn't want a girl, he wanted a boy! He never grew too close to me unless he wanted something done or I was training to take his place! I.Ran.Away. Do you understand? I don't want this and yet I am still a target. I know you didn't kill my mom, but I do not hold it against you either, if you are going to kill me, then kill me now so I do not have to sit here and listen to you any longer." She said as she stared him in the eye. "Well? What are you waiting for?" She asked more annoyed now.
  Rima / AzraelSkylu / 8y 20d 15h 4m 32s
Jake's eyes were dull. He let out a yawn after she had asked all of her questions. He started off with the kids.

"First off, i'm not leaving 3 kids with a drunk and abusive father. They've been staying here since that day and will remain here." he said standing up straight from his previous position which was leaning against the wall.

"Continuing on with why I saved you. Simple. You saved me." he said plainly. "It's true I do want you dead. But, it'll be by my hand." he said in a more deathly tone. "And I didn't say you killed her. I said it might aswell have been you. You obviously don't understand how seriously I take in trust" he said walking back to the door.

Stopping in the door frame he didn't turn around he just stood there for a few minutes untill he stated "And If You So As Mention Bel Again, I'll End your life then and there. Understood?" and with that he was off back to his room to get some sleep.
  Jake / CloudsCryRainbows / 8y 20d 15h 56m 19s
Rima watched the nurse leave before telling Myka to make sure he kept an eye on the girls, she didn't want rhem harmed in any way but they also didn't know about her other life, Myka had figured something was up when he saw her one day running away from men that had been looking for her. She wasn't about to tell that to Jake, he may decide to kill myka right along with her if that waa his real plan. She brushed her hair out of her face abd realized how geoss she really felt and made a mental note to try and get a showee later, that is if his highness allowed that, she was his enemy afterall and she knew exactly what it meant to be in the mafia. She told Myka that if anything happened to her, he was to tale care of the twins and not to intervene.

She heard the door open and saw the twins run in and frowned, she had thought she had told them to leave and just as she was about to say something, Myka grabbed a blanket and threw it over the blood spot and looked at the twins. Rima soothed them and gave them hugs before Jake came in and ruined the mood. Sophie looked over confused by the sudden switch in Jakes voice. Rima looked at him, there was something off about him, like he was pretending or hiding something. She put Sophie down and looked at Myka and instructed him to take them out of the room and promised the girls that they would talk later. They agreed and left, leaving Jake and her alone, which she wasn't too happy about since the odds were not in her favor.

"Why did you save me? You clearly don't want me around and it is clear to me that you think I killed your sister. If you think that and want me dead then you should have let both of ghose bullets kill me, you could have even finished me off if you really wanted to....I don't understand and I think I have a right to know." She said as she crossed her arms and looked at him, if he wanted to be this way then she would do the same."I told you from the start you couldn't help me, and i didnt tell uou because I needed to be there for here for those kids...I knew tjat if i would have told yoi that then one of us would be dead. I'm truly sorry but everything I did was for them, and you cannot tell me you wouldn't do the same for your sister if she was still here." She said as she looked at him and sjddenly she had a new question."Why are they here?"
  Rima / AzraelSkylu / 8y 22d 8h 33m 40s
Jake stood outside of the room. He looked confused as the twins were being pushed out of the room. He looked down to the two girls confused. He crouched down to the girls height. He was practiclly sitting. He looked to the girls one to the other. "What happened?" he asked in a sort-of pouting tone. "And where's Myka?"

As the girls explained to him what happened he could hear the the onset of the nurses trying to calm Rima down. He let out a sigh. This wasn't going to be easy... he thought to himself. As he made his way back up to his 6'2 stature groaning on his way up he thought about what action he would take.

As the nurse came out and summoned him he cursed under his breath not loud enough for the children to hear. "I'll be in a minute..." he said before letting out a groan. By that time Sophie and Stephanie had already ran into the room to see how Rima was.

Putting on a cold face and tone he grogily made his way into the room. He glared at Rima for an imense amount of time before spitting out the single word "What?" in a rather venemous tone.
  Jake / CloudsCryRainbows / 8y 22d 9h 45m 52s
Rima kicked at the nurses as they tried to keep her under control. She noticed the one as she kicked and realized at that moment that she was at the house again...his house. She groaned as the realization hit that he had saved her, he had saved her when she had told him to just let her die, if he hated her that much, but he didn't, he let her live. She gave another good kick and then felt a very bad pain. She looked down to see blood seeping through the blanket and she realized that she had ripped some stitches that had been put in her leg, which meant that she had been shot in the leg, that bastard....she thought to herself.

She heard the door open and she looked over to see Myka walking in and the twins walking right behind him. "Myka no! Don't let them in!" She shouted at him, she didn't want the twins in there, at least Myka was old enough to understand, the twins were not however and she didn't need them to be scarred due to the blood. She watched as Myka push the twins back out after seeing the blood and catching on of what she meant and didn't want. After he pushed them out, he shut the door. She leaned back as she calmed, how had this happened? She wondered to herself, and why the hell were the kids there? There was no way in hell that their foster dad would let them go with Jake.

Myka walked over to Rima and took her hand as the nurse demanded that she stay still as she moved her over so that she could examine her leg and restitch it up. She held onto Myka's hand before he asked if she was okay, but she didn't answer him, instead she asked him another question. "What the hell are the three of you doing here?" She asked him and he explained that Jake had brought them, but didn't really know much after that, only that they had been there for the past week and a half. "What?!" She asked as the nurse glared at her and she looked back to Myka, "Why? John is going to have a cow, how the hell did you all get out? Especially without Sophie making any noise?" She asked baffled as to how he pulled off that one.

After the nurse finished, she was about to leave when Rima asked if she would get Jake, she told her that she needed to talk to him. She sat back as Myka explained what the three of them had been doing for the last week and a half as they waited. She didn't expect him to come but whether he did or didn't, she would eventually run into him and she would continue to ask him until he gave her answers, she needed answers, which she was determined to get from him, she was willing to put her life on the line for this just as she had for him. Those bullets had been meant for him and she had taken them for him.
  Rima / AzraelSkylu / 8y 22d 16h 9m 0s

Jake layed in his bed. His eyes were closed and he was almost asleep. He heard the faint off-sets of a scream but he was too lost in his thoughts to react. Suddenly Stephanie came rushing into his room.

As the young girl practiclly tackeled him he opened his eyes groggily. He looked down to see Stephanie buried in his chest. He let a small sigh escape his lips before he sat up comforting the girl. He cupped the back of her head with his hand and stroked the girls hair. "Hey now, it's okay. Just calm down." he said comfortingly.

As Sophie came in and asked him the question he replied in a soft voice. "It seems Rima is awake. Lets go get the others and see how she's doing."

After gathering the others he walked them to the hospital room. Before opening the door he warned the kids. "Rima's going to be alittle over-whelmed so go easy on her okay guys? If you need me i'll be right here."

He opened the door and watched as the kids shuffled in to see Rima. Jake stayed outside and out of sight of the room. He still couldn't face her.
  Jake / CloudsCryRainbows / 8y 23d 4h 47m 15s
The girls were happy to comply with him but Myka was a bit cautious, he didnt wajt to leave snd get in trouble later. Finally Myka did follow as Jake lead them out, finally Myka looked at Jake and finally couldn't stay quiet anymore as Sophie rattled off her school day to him."What's going on? Where is Rima really?" He said skeptically as he looked at Jake, he had never been really opened to people since he was taken from his brother. He did however stop Sophie, who now glared at him with a passion because he interrupted her, she was not one to forgive for that. He looked back to Jake as he awaited his answer, he knew sokethinf wassup, he wasnt stupid.

Rima felt as if she had fallen through a dark hole that never ended and then a shock hit her which confused her since she had no idea what was going on anymore until she saw pictures, people dying everywhere until there was just Jake and he disappeared. She screamed and her eyes shot open as she shot up screaming. She saw wires and started pulling them off as she was now crying, not feeling her wounds at all. She didn't notice stephanie run out of the room just the nurses pushing her down as she tried to get away from them, she had no idea what was going on but she intended on finding out and that meant getting away from these women when she noticed the one.

Stephanie rand out of the room and down the hallway as she ran to where has was and she climbed right up on his bed as she buried her face in his chest. She was scared, she had never seen her sister like that. Stephanie told jake what she had seen and that she was scared. She Hung onto him as she once again buried her face into his shirt. Sophie poked her head into the room, "What's wrong?" She asked as she came into the room.

I'm going to say she has been out for a week and a half.
  Rima / AzraelSkylu / 8y 23d 5h 14m 55s
Jake listened to her speech. Coldly but surely. He had no intention in letting her die. No matter how much he hated her at the moment he couldn't let her die.

As the cars pulled up to the house Jake applied more pressure. "Thanks Luke." he muttered before racing up to a room that looked just like an O.R.

A male surgeon came in. "She has a wound in her side and her leg. The bullet might still be loged in her i'm not sure. She lost concousness not to long ago. I need you to save her." he said laying her down and watching them put her under anisteasia. The doctor nodded to him and Jake left.

He went to a hidden room and layed down on the bed. It was red & black with blood splatters on the floor. It was Bel's

After laying in his sisters room awhile he then decided his next move. Jake took a quick shower got redressed and set off to gather Rima's siblings. He had to be quiet. After reaching the house he snuck in quietly.

It seemed her father was passed out and her mother wasn't home he went up to each kids room and told them each "We're going to see Rima" choking on her name.

After returning to his house with the kids Rima layed in the hospital room. He let the kids sit and wait for her to wake up but he himself stayed outside of the room.
  Jake / CloudsCryRainbows / 8y 23d 6h 9m 12s
Rima took the shirt but she could only hang onto one wound, and the other was to bleed, she chose her side since that was bleeding the most, but her leg was just as bad. She felt the shirt being pulled off as she shook her head until she felt the pressure again and she let out another scream from the pain. The pain was unbearable, and it didn't help that he continued to apply pressure. She begged him to stop but she knew he wouldn't, but she didn't understand why, he already hated her and refused to listen to a word she said, why would he be nice now? She heard from a distance, he was talking to somwine, it took her.a minute to realize that he was talking on a phone and then lifted her up.

He was telling her that she was going to be healed and that afterwards she was to make bo contact with him or his family. She shook her head, she was shocked that she heard all of that itself."Then you had better kill me now, leave me here to die, I don't get it, why the hell are you helping me....?" She said as she felt the pain, "I'm sorry what happened to your sister...get rid of me...and you get rod of any new boss of shimon, I understand, I am nothing but the bad guy, but know I didn't choose this, it was chosen for me...i decide not to embrace it..." she said as she felt like she was losing herself.

She felt hee vody going numb and she could feel herself losing concioisness."Do more favor...those kids...Stephens...Sophie...and Myka, they don't deserve to be trapped in that house...please take care of them...." she said as she looked at him and saw a slight change in his face."They like you, you know..." she said and then her eyes closed in defeat.
  Rima / AzraelSkylu / 8y 24d 3h 52m 29s
Jake had been filled with anger "SHUT U-" he was cut off by a push a bang and a scream. He looked around trying to asess the situation at hand. Rima had fired a shot before he could wrap his mind around things.

Quickly acting he took off his shirt and threw it to Rima. "Use that to stop the blood" he said bitterly as she tossed him the gun.

Catching it he quickly shot the remaining two men. Blood spattered all over his body. He then turned to Rima. He knelt down to see how bad her wound was. Removing his shirt from her hand he could see the blood gushing from her side. He reapplied the pressure before taking out his cell phone and dialing a number. "Luke? It's The Lancer I need you to come pick myself and another up" as he rattled off the location he looked down to Rima he was still filled with hatred. "Alright, thanks"

Jake hung up the phone and scooped up Rima into his arms. "I'm having someone come get us. You'll be taken back to my house, treated, and as soon as you're better you will leave. After that you will refrain from all contact with myself and Cavalonne. You have no say in this and if I hear one word out of your mouth from this moment on I will kill you on the spot. Understood?" he explained to her as he waited for the car.
  Jake / CloudsCryRainbows / 8y 24d 4h 25m 13s
Before Rima could talk him out of this, the thugs were already there. She felt her head still spinning, but she started pushing off the tree to stand up. She shook her head as Jake was throwing a for in front of them."Leave him alone, you idiots. He has nothing to do with this." She said as she looked at Jake and then to the men."I know exactly who sent you, you can leave now and tell Shannon she is a dumb ass or I will kill you." She said as she pushed of the tree as she walked forward. She looked at Jake and gave him a look."Stay the hell out of this, i am not looking for a death wish for you because of me, if you want me dead that bad then fine but not now." She saod as she gave him a look.

The one guy glared and Rima double take noticing all three of them had guns."Shit....Jake...." She whispered looking at him, "I know you hate me rifht now, but for one minute, please trust thirty seconds I want you to run or it is going to get really messy...then if you wi-" she was suddenly cut off as the one pulled his gun, obviously irritated and it was pointed at Jake. She pushed Jake out of the way as she felt the pain as the bullet went through her side and tjen her leg. she let out a scream of pain but turned and grabbed the gun she had been hiding and shot the one guy, knocking his gun out of his hand.

She then fell on the ground as she felt tje pain get worse and her head hurt more then before she looked uo and shot at another one and then threw her gun at Jake, "That's the only way!" She yelled at him knowijf that the guys wouldn't stop now until the two of them were dead. She felt the blood flowing out of her gas as she curled and tried ro stop it as she screamed in pain.
  Rima / AzraelSkylu / 8y 24d 4h 53m 15s
Jake watched as Rima awoke. He listened to her explination. He grew angrier and angrier with each word she spoke. Jake was past his limit. He was so engulfed in rage he was past the point of return. He then heard the other Shimon coming.

He neglected her warning to leave. "This isn't about you any more." he almost growled at her. "I stopped caring about you the instant I found out you were with them" disgust and hatred arose in his voice. Jake was done. He had enough anger to kill anyone. "This is about me and my revenge. This is about what you and your horrid family did to her. This is about Bel." he explained.

Although Jake was still injured he was still set on fighting. He walked up too the two goons that were after Rima. "Now look," he said in a deathly voice. "I'll give you about 30 seconds to evacuate the perimiter because in a minute that girl who's name is to fowl to speak.." he said pointing to Rima "...Is going to end up in a very dark situation lead by yours truly. Now unless you want to be a victim of that I suggest you leave."

Jake wasn't sure what he was going to do to Rima yet but he knew it would be absolutely horrid. As the two guys just stood there he grew angrier & angrier. "You heard me. LEAVE. NOW."
  Jake / CloudsCryRainbows / 8y 24d 5h 54m 39s
Rima woke up, her head was pounding and the ground beneath her felt like it was spinning. She only briefly remembered falling from the tree house and she realized that she was propped up against the tree. She frowned when she no longer had the file in her hand that she was going to give to Jake, even if that meant chasing him down and giving him a reason to kill her, she had to give it to him, it would be wrong not to. She at that point realized she was no longer alone, she looked up to see him and he was holding the file on his sister and as far as she could tell, he was a bit shocked. She bit her lip before she cleared her throat.

"I found that in my dads special draw....he had her stalked for months and had her purposely lured into that step sister was a good friend of hers and her job was to learn as much as she could about her. I found the file when I was fourteen and after reading it, I couldn't look at my father the same after that...he had planned it and my step sister had gone right along with it...she killed her, you'll see that if you keep reading, I had looked to my father who was a powerful man and that file shattered my vision of him...I swear, I thought that everything he did was for a good reason, that the people he killed were evil, she clearly was not." She said as she looked down.

She took a deep breath and just as she was about to continue she heard her name being called from the woods. "Shit..." She said as she looked at him. "Get up into the tree house, we have been followed by Shimon, and these guys are here to take me back, my step sister and mother hate me, so knowing them they have paid these idiots off to kill me and whoever is around." She said as she looked around and then to him. "Go-I'll be fine, but I would rather not be responsible for your death, you have a mafia to run. Just stay up there and stay low, please." She said as she looked at him and then looked to the woods.

After she saw three figures emerge and she shook her head with a smile, they were nothing more then pawns to her father, so her guess was confirmed, they had been sent by her fathers wife and daughter, those guys would do anything to get up higher or better jobs for her father. "Hello, Rima, we have been looking for you, just as your father has." One said and she just stared at them. "Not that he will see her anymore." Another one said with a laugh and the other two joined in.

  Rima / AzraelSkylu / 8y 24d 16h 11m 9s
Jake heard Rima fall. The thud rang through his ears. He wanted so badly to just leave her there. He could easily kill her, leave her to Shimon, anything but help her.


But Jake couldn't allow that. His being wouldn't let him. He sighed heavily and turned around looking at Rima's unconcious body. "......Damnit." he muttered under his breath.

He slowly walked over to Rima. He propped her up against the tree. He then noticed the file she had in her hand. He picked it up and opened it. It was on Bel. He stood where he was, petrified, just staring at the picture of her.
  Jake / CloudsCryRainbows / 8y 27d 8h 29m 39s
Rima shilling her head as he accused her of lying once again. She informed him that she didn't exactly lie, she just didn't tell him of her real heritage, technically she was still being hunted down, but not to be killed, although they had every right to do so now that she had told him the truth. Regardless that she was the next boss, she was now considered a traitor and she couldn't have stopped herself from becoming a traitor, she wanted his trust more then anything and she found that it was hard to do so because of the families they both came from. She knew he was going to blame her for his sisters death, but she wanted to make him understand she had no part in that, she had been eight at the time.

After he finished yelling at her, she had more guilt then she had from before. She had found Bel's file and had read it over rhe years as everyrhibg becamw much clearer to her and what her family was about. The guilt of her family targeting Bel had sent her over the edge when she finally decided to runaway. She had wanted nothing to do with her murderus family. Jake had been the first one to actually talk to her, to help her, to know her deepest secret, he hadnt killed her yet and somwhow shw trusted him and gel safe aeoubd him. He treated, or had anyways, her like an equal, when others had talked down to her or held rheor tongue afraid of punishment.

She could no longer keep it from him, she grabbed the files that were about Bel and she started climbing down, but slipped as she tried to hurry down to stop him. She fell, dropping the file and hitting her head on a rock which knocked her unconcious.
  Rima / AzraelSkylu / 8y 30d 3h 31m 45s

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