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Carry on, Sweet Lover.

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  Storm / AngelicWar / 10y 144d 11h 31m 36s
Evie could still see her father
  Evie / Burned / 10y 148d 2h 24m 30s
Storm watched from a short distance with disdain in his heart.
It was like his first time all over again, except he had been all alone.
But as Evie
  Storm / AngelicWar / 10y 148d 3h 52m 54s
Evie sat there and held her breath for as long as she could. Her mind was flooding with so many thoughts that it made her feel sick in her gut. She could see the man
  Evie / Burned / 10y 148d 22h 51m 4s
Heartache here was different from the misery one feels when they are alive.
When you are alive, to feel agony take hold of your soul, is a blessing in disguise.
Because, pain only reminds you that you can still feel with such intensity, it is only a reminder that you are alive.
But, in limbo, after spending day after day, after endless days in the same heartache, the same terrible tear at your heartstrings.
Pain is expected, for now, you know nothing else. It is the dull soundtrack of your existence.
For when the ache is something you
  Storm / AngelicWar / 10y 149d 29m 35s
The air gets knocked out of Evie
  Evie / Burned / 10y 149d 1h 38m 12s
Heaving breaths, pounding pulse, aching muscles
Her fragile figure crumpling to the ground
Straining footsteps as he closes in the painstaking distance
The stretch of eternity keeping him from her, disappearing, along with her movement
Crashing his knees into the damp grass as her lurches for her. Pulling her into his trembling arms, he holds her close to him and breathes in her presence.
Here she was, secure in his arms, so very real. It had been too long.

  Storm / AngelicWar / 10y 149d 2h 27m 20s
The memory of Evie
  Evie / Burned / 10y 149d 3h 51m 27s

The sensation of falling.

It felt like eternity.

Arms stretched wide open, like a bird on free fall, he balls and un balls his fists, letting the coursing wind tickle against his fingertips.
With his head tilted back he watches the passing clouds with dull curiosity as gliding birds whiz passed his descending body.
This fragile moment of flying, he knew it wouldn
  Storm / AngelicWar / 10y 149d 4h 37m 50s
Leaves the color of gold fluttered through the air, drifting with the wind and trying to find a new home. The soft chirping of birds could be heard from far off. A low vibrating sensation coursed through out Evie
  Evie / Burned / 10y 149d 6h 15m 9s

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