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What would you do if the world around you began to change? Not change as in you lose your career, or lose a loved one. Not change as in shifting plates, bad weather, and outlandish behavior from animal life. No, what would you do it the very fabric of reality was unwinding, mingling with that of a dream. Where things from nightmares crawled out of the shadows and random white knights whisked away pretty girls?

Do you know what you would do? What you could do? Many could do nothing, nothing but run, hide. They could fight back, but with what? Weapons that might not work, armor that probably wouldn't protect. But what if you were given the power? The power to fight, to survive.

Across the world, time is becoming irrelevant. Small events are taking place, people seeing things, things from their wildest fantasies, from their dreams, and from their nightmares. From little green men, to dragons, to devils; reports of the unimaginable are coming in across the globe.

Reality is becoming less of something stable and more of something like Wonderland. Slowly, but surely, the world is changing, the fabric of reality is unwinding, bringing forth the world of make-believe. The dream realm is slowly taking over the waking.

People are beginning to vanish, their end unknown. Castles, buildings, villages that were never there before are appearing at random times. Fear and wonder are sparking up in those left behind to witness all. Just a few, though, just a few are finding themselves changing.

The Dream Keeper has begun the conversion of his world and that of the waking. His wish that they be one and the same, that those from his world and those from the one beyond finally meet on even ground. Does it matter to him that his have abilities unmatched by the normal everyday awake people of the other? No, not really. Long enough he has sat back and watched his people love, laugh, cry, and fight with the 'others'. Always in the end, his people were left behind, memories for the 'others' to think about during a moment of boredom.

Yet, little did he know, the worlds had already mingled before, had already given life that was both, one might say. Life had been created from the mix of the Dream Realm and the Realm of reality. Love that had blossomed within a dream, the ideals they had given, the attributes they had shined with. The few waking people who had seen it, who had felt it deep within them, had brought those back with them. Magic unknown to the Dream Keeper. A magic unthought-of by the waking people. With the magic, Dream Weavers were born.

Those who found themselves changing as the realms collided were the outcome of the magic brought back from the dream realm and given life. They were a part of both places, part of reality and the unbelievable. Born with unknown abilities, they could either be saviors or conquers of the realm of reality. After all, there were dreams, and there were nightmares.

Which side will you fall on?

Weaver Skeleton:


Character Name:

Character Age:

Character Gender:

Character History and Personality:

Weaver Style:

Weaver Pet:

Special Abilities: May create two.

Weapons: May have up to three.

Weaver Styles:


Dream weaving. One would think this more the knight in shining armor style. That is true for the most part, this is the heroic style, fighting to stop the conversion of the worlds. Their hope is to return the human world to it’s own reality. Knowing that they walk the line of both, it is up to each Dream Weaver to choose which realm they will spend their time in if they can restore the worlds to balance.


Nightmare weavers fight for the Dream Keeper, believing that the Realm of the awake, and the Realm of dreams should be merged. They don’t consider themselves villains for the most part, simply forlorn heroes trying to find a place where they fit just right. They see the combining of realms as the best way to do this, getting both worlds for the price of one. They don’t want to choose between the realms of existence.

Weaver Pet:


Your character can have a mount if they so choose. This mount will be a traveling companion, capable of carrying your character long distances. Your mount is a creature you choose or create, meaning it comes from the Dream Realm. A mount may take you places and rescue you from certain death if possible, but your mount may not fight along side you.


Your character can have a mythical creature companion. These beings may or may not speak. They will help guide your character at times, as well as do small acts of help such as stealing keys, causing distraction, extra. Companions must be small to medium-small. They can not help you in a fight as far as physical or magical attacks.


Your character can choose to have a beast aid them during battle. This will be a creature they will forever be bonded with. You will share a link with your beast, allowing you both to understand one another on a deeper level then just Master-pet. Your beast can be from small to large, and can do either physical or magical damage.

Regular Human Skeleton:


Character Name:

Character Age:

Character Gender:

Character History and Personality:

Weapons: May carry two weapons, either modern or antique.

Dream Keeper Skeleton:


Character Title

Character Name:

Character Personality:

Special abilities: May have up to three unique abilities.

Weapons: May have up to two.

1. Basic ES rules will be followed. If your joining this role-play, you should already be aware of the rules and any changes that have been made to them.
2. My personal rules will also be followed if one wished to take part of this role-play. A major role is that this is a literate role-play, meaning correct grammar, spelling - to the best of your ability, and punctuation. Type 'LIT' in your skeleton.
3. Above I stated that this is a literate role-play. Over time I have noticed that some people are not for sure on what that means. For me, it means I take quality posts that are 400 words or better. I prefer better, but at some points, one might have writers block.
4. As far as violence goes, this is a war-like role-play, there will be fighting and death. Note that it does not mean you can kill another role-played character with out first coming to an agreement with the role-player behind the character and contacting me about it as well as with a copy of the agreement from both parties involved. This is a fantasy war-like role-play. Type 'BATTLE' in your skeleton.
5. As far as romance goes, I am welcome to it, though I will forbid any 'love at first sight' kind of love. It isn't realistic, and it bores me. I do like drama and love triangles, feel free to have them.
6. God-moding. This subject I would like to give it's own number to. I do not allow god-moding in my role-plays. This will never be acceptable. if you give your character powerful fighting skills, you best make it realistic and reasonable. No taking down five enemies with a single swing of a sword. Type 'NPC' in your skeleton.
7. This is a fantasy role-play, therefore use your imagination.
8. All ooc will be placed in the ooc thread. Once accepted, you may ask for permission to post in the thread. Posting wont start until spots are filled. Please place your pre-accepted skeletons in the OOC.OOC link Type 'OOC' in your skeleton.
9. I Have the right to accept and decline anyone interested in joining this role-play. If you are interested in joining please pm me your skeletons and a writting sample from another role-play.
10. Do not copy this role-play! It is my original idea.
11. Be creative and have fun! Don't think inside the box.

Username: MakiOnyx

Character Name: Ji Remus

Character Age: 21

Character Gender: Female

Character History and Personality: Ji is quiet and often times thought of as mute. She has a wild streak however, and if she wanted could open her mouth all the time. Logic rules her over emotion for the most part and some might see that as odd and unnerving, thinking that she just might be a threat with their basic predator instinct.

Weaver Style: She is a dream weaver though she will not fight if she agrees with the enemy.

Weaver Pet: Companion. The moment the world shifted and strange things started happening, Ji was dreaming. When she awoke the creature that followed her in her dreams had come to light in the real world, vowing his service to her. He is a little pearl white scaled dragon with a bitter attitude and sharp tongue. He instantly dislikes any male who talks to Ji, let alone make physical contact.

Special Abilities: Ji’s special abilities are elemental in nature, dealing with the earth. From stone to crystal [including gems] to metals the earth is hers to mold no matter where she is and if it is dream or reality. She can call it to defend her and mold it into a weapon. She only has the earth elemental power however.

Weapons: As far as mundane weapons go… Ji has an interesting one. Using her power over earth, Ji created a weapon made from diamond just to see if she could. With her mother’s jewelry destroyed, she created a short staff of sorts. Along with the staff, she carries two obsidian stone daggers.


Character Name:
Character Age:
Character Gender:
Character History and Personality:
Weaver Style:
Weaver Pet:
Special Abilities:


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