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Welcome, welcome!

Greetings and salutations, I welcome you all to the Tyasuke Stalker Association group, also known as the Tyasuke Fan Club! Here at the Tyasuke fan club, we pride ourselves on our way of life. Not only do we go about our various jobs and life outside of the web, but we also properly stalk our figurehead, Tyasuke. Why stalk Tyasuke? Well, because it's fun, and more to the point, because he brought us all together; A unified writing family. Interesting on so many levels, don't you think? Of course we all had our little ties, but it was Tyasuke's strange and creative role-plays that basically brought us all under one cybernetic roof.
So, in the spirit of our writers' family, I, we, welcome any and all newcomers interested in not only joining the Tyasuke fan club, but also joining our little writing family. If interested, simply smile, and apply for a membership ID. As I said, we welcome all who wish to be a part of our little literate writing family.

Tyasuke Role-play Stalking:

Role-plays created by Tyasuke:

Warning: All role-plays made by Tyasuke belong to him. Do not duplicate them in any way, shape, or form.

Soul Gate: War of the Corrupted

Battle of the Fallen Deities

An Angel's Last Resort

Nano Zombie Armageddon

Arcaniss Darastrix 1x1

Ace and Ashe: Mission Viral Chase

http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=45877 Chase after the Muramasa)

Role-plays one can find Tyasuke within:

Eternal Dying Flame [Naruto RP]

Mysterious Disappearence

Akuma to Dansu [Bleach RP]

So The Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb 1x1


Hearts of Destiny

World Gone Under

http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=45694 Path of Ascension

Out of Character chat-rooms Tyasuke haunts:

Soul Gate: War of the Corrupted OOC

Battle of the Fallen Deities OOC

Eternal Dying Flame OOC

Mysterious Disappearance OOC

Saturn's Shadow [OOC]

Blacky Mcdarkskins room. Nigguh. e3e OOC

Zombie Whatchamacallit OOC

MAKIOyx's Role-play OOC

Tyasuke Stalker Association

The Castle of Blue Roses

http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=45023 Bleach Mini chat with a lil role-playing

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Address: This is something silly, not your true address.
Phone #: This is something like "line 1, extension 9T", Not your real number.

Background Picture link:
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Send all your information in a private message to MakiOnyx. Membership ID’s will be "delivered" to you upon completion. By "delivered", Tyasuke Stalker Association means that a link will be provided for the image of said ID card.


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Roleplay Responses

I still will stalk you Tya!!! And the rest of the fellow Stalker Association._.

As soon as I ever figure getting back into being around and writing again... -_-,
  Tyasuke Fan Club / SirrusLeeSayne / 8y 21d 16m 52s
I think I've had my eyes pressed against a TV screen for an age, I thought I saw a Nathanial Howe.
  Uol Heby / Knife / 8y 56d 11h 53m 0s
  Nathaniel Ash / MakiOnyx / 8y 59d 7h 26m 24s
  Nathaniel Ash / MakiOnyx / 8y 59d 7h 27m 9s
pic test
  Nathaniel Ash / MakiOnyx / 8y 59d 7h 27m 57s
Tyasuke come talk in the chat window XD
Stares at this thread.

Wow I need to post more in here. XD
Sorry Tya. Either it seems your stalker club has become really busy or has vanished. At least from posting here...
Don't worry though. Even if we aren't so pronouncedly stalking you, you are still a cool RPer and RP creator.

  Tyasuke Fan Club / SirrusLeeSayne / 9y 89d 10h 7m 33s
Anyone on o.o
  Prince Evon / Tyasuke / 9y 89d 22h 7m 10s
Rolls around the Thread, ending up in the Hamper

The 'Latest' Pokemon Game I played would be, "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Skies" or something close to that...

I have played "Pokemon: Diamond Version" and "Leaf Green Version."

My cousins have played the new Pokemon Black and White ;]
  Hanyou / HanyouMoKushi / 9y 105d 9h 44m 53s
Knife: It cool. Better than the short boring posts that say barely anything and simply are a waste of space on the site...

Well, Scouts has two somewhat different groups, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Each has about the same concept though of course, each is made to fit better to its gender...

Glad to hear you are better. ^_^

Have they had any game yet that has a different style started besides the original yellow version where your pikachu follows you?

I had figured I may as well catch them since I knew how to unlock the doors to get to them. Looked at an online strategy guide. They were just like any other legendary catch... I haven't caught Latios or Latias yet though.
I'm not really sure who my favorite legendary pokemon is...

Yea, when they moved on from the original cast, I gave up what little bit that I did watch of Yu-gi-oh. I'd say Joey might have been the character I liked best of them...

Oh, I see now. I did find it a bit annoying that you could only double battle wild pokemon when you had a NPC trainer with you. And most often they would end up killing a pokemon I was trying to catch which made it a hassle for after to go through the place again looking all over for the pokemon...
To the triple battle part though, that is kind of lame... Probably would screw up a lot of battles one way or another.
  Tyasuke Fan Club / SirrusLeeSayne / 9y 111d 11h 50m 3s
@Nomi I couldn't help but think to myself that I knew the people in the video, until I realized I did- it was quiet funny otherwise Nomi XD

@Hanyou And I think I know of the animes you referenced Hanyou >_< Either way, it is a quirky picture, to say the least...
... And I didn't know you liked Pokémon Hanyou oWo
Did you see the new game out?

@Sirrus I have to apologize for my late reply and long reply to our discussions- sorry I rant too much >_<;;

And the Scouts sounds cool- my sister was once in them but I never bothered to ask what exactly she did XD Though I never heard them do all of those things owo

Well, all is grand now- I'm off the antibiotics now because I got that well, so no problems XD

Meganium was basically the stereo-typical grass start pokémon- high stamina, but hella' annoying battling with it. I think Sceptile and Servepor are the only grass starter pokémon that are fast XD
Though true, you could get farther with Feraligatr ^^;

You're big into your legendary pokémon owo I'm too afraid to catch the Regis, so all I did was visit the caves and then run XD Though you have my respect for not catching any of them with a master-ball...
But Rayquaza is an exception, since it is pretty well cool for a legendary.

Now they have motor-bikes in Yu-Gi-Oh, in which they ride around a track and go through long difficulties just for a duel, and they are also in this future of sorts where heroines always jump on the hero of the story, but he passes them, because he is too cool... then again, that happens all the time, so it doesn't really changed.
Every hero in Yu-Gi-Oh end up angsty. Even Yugi XD
I think Yugi is the character that is the mysterious super star person in the new Yu-Gi-Ohs, but seriously, I'm surprised they didn't have the new cast meet up with some of the older cast... because the original, as they often say, was the best... and the most easiest to understand out of 'em all XD

Yeah, when you are in that situation of resetting your game you're not really bothered, since you've already done it ;_;
... ... I know because I do this with all my pokémon games DX

But the tall grass in this game, now two pokémon can jump out at you at once, and then in the shorter grass, you can get rarer pokémon in patches where the grass rustles.
The triple battles are a pain though- if you have a pokémon on the left, it can't attack the one on the furtherest right... which is annoying when you have the element weakness to your advantage, if that makes sense ;_;
No, you seem to know about Pokémon XD
  Tyasuke Fan Club Membership ID / Knife / 9y 112d 4h 6m 40s
A very interesting video Nomi. XD

Hanyou: Haha. Yea, you did miss a bit of the pokemon discussion. Sorry. Feel free to jump in now though.

Ok. Cool. Thank you for clearing that all up. :j
I like it. XD

That is interesting and I guess it works.
  Tyasuke Fan Club / SirrusLeeSayne / 9y 111d 11h 49m 32s
And I miss an epic Pokemon discussion~

I don't mind in the least in clarifying some things xD

Why thank you Knife :]
And yes, yes it is an Octopus girl in the background. xD
I believe it’s a Touhou character, but I don't know which one~ Although the swordsman is Kisuke from Muramasa the Demon Blade :]

Membership Title: Purveyor of Blue Lemonade
Membership Assignment Area: Psychedelic Research and Development

Yes, yes :]
My place of residence is with the dirty clothes :]
Figured it be my private place in the expanse of Ty's room, and where I can scheme and the like :P
  Hanyou / HanyouMokushi / 9y 114d 4h 51m 2s
Hanyou: May I ask what some of your card says? I can't really read the first words of the Membership Title and Membership Assignment Area...
I see though that you are in his Hamper? So you are in with all of Tya's dirty clothes? O.o

Your pics look pretty cool though, as per usual. :j

Knife: Haha. Ok. It cool. Basically Scouting is just learning a bunch of different skills from life skills to hobbies and all, like First Aid, Electronics, Knot Tying and Communications. Also Hiking, Climbing, Biking, Camping, and Swimming with LifeSaving...
Lots of different interesting things.

Perhaps so. Or just that the antibiotics are just really good at curing you...

Yes, I don't know what I had been thinking at the time but I do sincerely regret it. :/
Fraligatr is a beast of a pokemon. I do like the appearance of Cyndaquil though but Fraligatr is a much better combative pokemon. Meganium was just a strange pokemon, interesting for the show but really only good for grass fans in the game...

I checked my Platinum game and found that I already have Giratina and am starting Victory Road. Xd I have two of the three Lake pokemon and don't think I can get Palkia or Dialga yet...
I catch all the Legandary pokemon with Ultra Balls. Haven't gotten to Palkia or Dialga yet though but I will do it with them.
Though in Emerald, I used the master ball simply because I wanted to catch Rayqueza really early so I could have a level 70 while all my other pokemon were like in 40s or so. Certainly helped with the last gym or two and the Elite Four along with catching all the other Legendary. I even had the 3 Regis.

I'd have to say Yu-gi-oh is starting to get on the same boat as pokemon. Going way too far... Yugi isn't even in the series anymore last I saw.
Yea, the beginning of the game is a real pain because of the weakness of the pokemon. It is even more a pain when you were just recently working with amazing pokemon, like when you restart your game or something..

Didn't they already have extra tall grass in the Emerald season of the game? It was on the way to the one town in the jungle... And I kind of expected they wouldn't leave it with just single and double battles... =shrug= I may be misinterpreting it all and so probably really have no idea what it is...
  SirrusLeeSayne / 9y 114d 10h 35m 42s

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