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White Mansion;

This story is about:

Kpop stars inside a one big mansion. They'll live there for one year and develop stuffs. The purpose of this is to create and show the unity of the different Kpop idols. Will they fight? fall in love? become friends? Experience love, friendship and drama. Know the character of your fellow star and shine.

This is a show and it'll air not only in Korea but also in different countries. They'll see every movement and action you make because in every corner there's a camera.

The stars can only go out of the house once they needed to buy something.The story will start on their travel towards the mansion, they are all separated until they reach the mansion.

The mansion;


Request access on this thread if you want to join and post your skelly.

No ditching. If you're planning to leave the RP then PM me.

No one-liners. I am not good at posting very long lines but I try. 300 is the minimum.

Must be semi-literate or literate doesn't matter as long as the story gets interesting.

One member per group, meaning If I am already Sandara Park you can't be Park Bom anymore.

Only KOREAN IDOLS. Don't make your own non-existing Korean Idols.

Romance is alright. Cyber is a no no.

Don't use * for actions. Be descriptive. Don't say *Walks in* Hello or I'll punch you to death. >.>

Have fun.

If you want to join be sure to read the rules and say " Life and Kyo are awesome." lol.


Achluophobia/Life: Sandara "Dara" Park.

From: 2ne1

Company: YG

KyoyaPleasant/Kyo: Dong Ho.

From: U-kiss

Company: YG

Souture/Sou: Soo Young.

From: Girls Generation

Company: SM Entertainment


From: Super Juniors

Company: SM Entertainment

Key: Kwon Ji-Yong [G-Dragon] and Taemin.


Company: YG and SM Entertainment

XxHainexX / Haine: Hyewon.

From: Co-ed School and 5Dolls[SubGroup]

Company: Core Contents Media


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GDragon scrunched his nose slightly after Dara had poked it, shaking his head at her words. She definitely didn't seem like she was her age, and even if she was older than him, it felt like she was the same age as him more times than not. "Thank you, noona," he said with a bright smile when she added about being serious that she'd be his family for a while.

When she smiled at his reaction, he nodded a little at her words. She was always the kind of person to make sure her dongsaengs were well looked after. "Bunnies aren't too much trouble," he explained with a small nod of his head. "Maybe we can find someone and see if you're allowed," he added thoughtfully, more to himself than to Dara.

Hearing her say he didn't need to thank her, he pouted slightly and nodded his head. "I do need to thank you," he told her in a matter-of-fact tone, knowing that it was only respectful to show gratitude to someone who has done something nice for you. If Dara giving him a photo to help ease his homesickness wasn't nice, he honestly didn't know what was.

Noticing Dara's blush when the girl asked about them being a couple, he rose an eyebrow slightly, but said nothing on the subject. It had probably just caught her off guard like it had done to himself. He knew about the fans that wanted them to be a couple, but Dara was too much like his older sister to be his girlfriend.
  Kwon Ji-Yong [GD] / Key / 9y 196d 21h 17m 30s
Lee waved back at Dong Ho from U kiss, happy to see so many people he had recognized also staying here with him.

Lee looked to see the man bowing before him. He smiled and waved Taemin to rise.

"I did have a nice trip thank you for asking." he replied and placed one of his bags on the ground considering it was a but heavy.

"How about you Taemin? I hope you had an easy and fun trip here." he asked kindly to the man with a grin that he himself couldn't resist but to smile back to.
  Lee Teuk / LettuceWedge / 9y 199d 13h 52m 57s

Dara poked the tip of GD's nose when he said that she wasn't old " I am old. My age couldn't lie." she said with a small chuckle. " And I am serious about being your family for a while." she added staring at him.

As she saw all of GD's reaction she smiled and nodded her head "I am glad I made you happy ..somehow." she said and tilted her head hearing his suggestion " I don't think we're allowed though..it's not good at all." she answered him with a small frown, after all her bunny means a lot to her.

As she was hugged she nodded " You don't need to thank me..Ji yong." she said with a little chuckle hugging him back while looking at the door , wondering if a new idol will enter.

Her lips formed a small smile as she saw two new idols came, she even wondered why they're only two girls, her and Hyewon. She shook her head as GD let go of her and waved her hand on the newly came idols.

Upon hearing the girl's question she immediately blushed, shaking her head she laughed nervously " Y-Yeah..Ji yong..is..a close friend." she added on GD's statement and sighed a bit. They're friends though some fans wants them together.

She then leaned her back on the couch, her eyes gazed into no where. She thought how difficult some things will be and hoped that it'll be better.
  { D a r a } / Achluophobia / 9y 199d 14h 10m 44s
GD watched as the lights on the cameras turned red, knowing the show was beginning. He hoped they were interesting enough to get good ratings, but he knew that most of their fans would watch anyway, whether they were good enough entertainment or not. When Dara said that she was worried she'd be alone, but it was nice to make new friends, he nodded a little in agreement, a small smile on his lips.

When the older girl said he'd be her family for the moment, and that over the time they'd be spending together at the mansion, they'd all become like one large family. "Yeah, I guess so," Ji Yong laughed, in response to both of the things that Dara had said.

He couldn't help but smile innocently when she said she looked old when he acted the way he was currently. "You're not old, noona," he said, his voice teasing as she rested her head on his own. When she answered his question, he nodded ever-so-slightly. "I hope Seunghyun and Youngbae take care of Daesung and Seungri. They're all like children though," he said, even though he knew he was the same way.

When Dara exclaimed that she'd remembered something, Ji Yong looked at her in a confused way as she got up and rushed to her bag, pulling out a picture from her wallet when she found it. As she walked back to him and handed him the photo, a bright smile broke across his face.

"Thank you so much, Dara noona," Ji Yong said as he stared at the photo. "Maybe someone can get your bunny and bring it here. I'd ask to bring Gaho, but I don't think I'd be allowed," he said with a small smile, tucking the photo into his pocket, he hugged Dara when she sat on the couch beside him again. "Thank you, again," he repeated.

Hearing her say that another idol had arrived, GD craned his neck slightly around the people inside the mansion to get a clear view of the door. When he noticed it was almost impossible to see around the people and equipment, he sighed and settled back into the couch, nodding his head to what Dara had said.

The voice of the young girl opposite them made Ji Yong look over at her with a light blush on his cheeks, shaking his head at her question. "N-no. Dara noona and I are both from YG. We've worked together a lot, and she's one of my closest friends," he explained with a small smile.
  Kwon Ji-Yong [GD] / Key / 9y 200d 12h 50m 2s
"Minnie, you have to go now," Onew said as he frowned. As the leader of the group, it was weird to lose one of their members and knowing that he would be gone for a whole year. The youngest member was reluctant to go, not having signed up for it, but knowing that he was the only one capable of going. Well, Key could have, too, but their manager thought it would bring the show more ratings if cute, innocent Taemin went.

"I know, I know," Taemin said with a quiet sigh. With his bags already packed into the car that would be taking him to the mansion, he quickly moved around the dorm and gave each of his hyungs a quick hug. Looking at Key, his expression hardened slightly as he looked at the older male with a serious expression. "I expect you to make sure they know the dances for any of our performances, since you're almost as good as me," he told the elder teen, trying to keep a straight face, though ultimately failing and letting his expression dissolve into a smile.

"Don't worry, Babymin, I will," Key said with a chuckle, pulling the younger into a tight hug. "I'll miss you, umma," the younger boy mumbled, laughing as Key let go of him and swatted him away, grumbling something about the nickname. After quickly saying goodbye to Jonghyun and Onew, Taemin lingered at Minho, smiling a little as he looked at the taller male. "You're going to be the maknae now," Taemin said with a laugh. Minho just smiled, wordlessly pulling him into a tight hug. "" Minho said as he let him go. Nodding, Taemin took a deep breath before walking towards the door. "Bye," he said before leaving, heading out of the building and towards the car that was waiting for him.

With his iPod in his ears, he stared out the window as they drove along. Watching the scenery pass by, the youngest member of SHINee bit his lower lip as they approached. He wasn't nervous, not really. He was more excited than anything else, and the thought of being on a sort of vacation for an entire year was definitely looking good to him.

Arriving at the mansion, he took his bags inside with him and looked around at the others who'd gathered inside. "Leeteuk hyung!" Taemin said happily when he saw the older male. "Did you have a good trip?" he asked, bowing respectfully towards the man as he approached.
  Lee Taemin / Key / 9y 203d 16h 54m 38s
Hyewon felt so out of place, she was a rookie and everyone around seemed to know each other. The girl that was here before her seemed nice. She took a seat on the sofa but made sure not to disturb the female and male. They seemed very close and hopefully by the end of the year, she would be able to make more friends. However, everyone's face was familiar since she had watched them on television before she had debuted with Co-ed School. She aready started to miss the Soomi worrying about the other maknaes and the guys messing around while the girl tried to control it. Shaking her head, she got rid of thise thoughts, the more she thought about it, the more she felt a it scared Come on Hyewon, you can do it, it's just going to be a year and not everyone has arrived yet so just calm down She reassured herself.

Tilting her head slightly to the side, she couldn't help but notice the female and male sitting opposite of her. To Hyewon, the looked like a couple.
"May I ask if you two are a couple?" She asked referring to G-Dragon and Dara. It was an assumption, not being accustomed to other Korean Idols made her feel a bit weird. Plus, Hyewon was the more curious type of girl and sometimes she would just jump to conclusions. Hopefully, she wouldn't get in trouble for asking a simple question but knew not to ask again if they didn't want to answer.
  ::Hyewon[Co-ed School]:: / XxHainexX / 9y 203d 22h 38m 21s
Dong Ho could saw he was surprised to see the turn out for the Mansion affair so quickly. He sat up from his position and smiled at everyone who came in, giving them a content hello. He mostly listened to all the talk that began to stir but looked up sharply when he heard another idol walk in. He immediately recognized him from another rival band.

He waved at the Super Juniors Lee Teuk. He reached down to take hold of his bags and asked everyone if they were ready to head up to their rooms.
  Dong Ho / KyoyaPleasant / 9y 203d 23h 12m 56s

As the idols started to come one by one, the video cameras all turn red which means they are airing live already. Dara stared at it for a moment before giving her full attention to GD. " I was worried to be alone also though it's nice to meet new friends.", she said and stared at him.

Noticing that GD's a bit down she sighed and nodded her head "Don't worry..I'll be your family at the moment..and after days I know we will all become one also as a family.", she told him trying to cheer him up. " Seungri almost cried? well..that's cute. Means that they really do love you Ji yong.", She added with a little laugh.

As GD rested his head on her shoulder she gulped and patted his head lightly " When you're like this..I always look old", she said jokingly and rested her head back at him " I know they will be fine..Bommie is there to assist CL and Minzy.", she added with a big smile. She was confident enough that they will be alright without her.

Dara looked around and she finally realized the scene that they made. " Ah! I remembered something..", she exclaimed trying to break the silence. Rushing to find something on her bag, she opened her wallet and pulled a small picture on it.

She then walked back to GD " Here Ji yong..I have this one on my wallet. Even though I am scared on Gaho I tried to have a picture with him and kept it. I know it would help you somehow..just keep it. I forgot my bunny though good thing I have that on my wallet. Don't mind my face on that picture..Gaho is there.", she said as she handed him the wallet sized picture of Gaho and her.

She then sat again on the couch beside GD and looked around again. Happily sighting the sight around her she stopped moving and tilted her head. Hearing a sound of footsteps she shook her head and smiled. " I guess another idol arrived then.", she said.
  { D a r a } / Achluophobia / 9y 204d 1h 2m 42s
Ji Yong was happy, to say the very least, that Dara was there with him. Though he was sure he'd have known at least one other person there, possibly from a television appearance or running into them behind the scenes for recording something, it was still nice to see someone from his own record label - someone that he'd worked with before, and saw on a regular basis - there at the mansion with him. Hearing her say that her manager had signed her up, he nodded is head a little in understanding. While he'd signed himself up for the television show, it was with a lot of convincing from his own manager, and the help of his group members, that he'd actually decided upon going.

"I'm glad you're here. I was worried I'd be alone," he admitted with a laugh, though he knew it was common knowledge that he made friends quickly. While he sometimes gave off the image that he was sort of stuck up, he was actually a rather friendly guy in his opinion. Watching as Dara moved to sit on the couch, patting the seat next to her and telling him to sit, he smiled a little and walked over, sitting next to her with a soft sigh.

"I'm homesick already," he said with a quiet laugh, looking around and waiting for the others to arrive. "I think Seungri was about to cry before I left. I just hope they don't get into too much trouble while I'm gone," he continued, resting his head against the older girl's shoulder. "How do you think the girls are going to get along without you?" he asked curiously.

He knew what he'd been signing up for before he'd actually done it, and he tried to keep his composure about being there, but he already missed everything about living with the other members of BIGBANG. T.O.P had promised to take care of Gaho for him, but he already missed the Shar Pei more than he could imagine.
  Kwon Ji-Yong [GD] / Key / 9y 204d 21h 10m 30s
Lee was so excited to finally get to go to the mansion for the first time, he had never been invited to something this fancy by himself. It made him happy that he was finally moving up on the popularity status.

" Well, I'm on my way to the mansion guys, wish me luck!" He said and waved as he left the previous place he called home. He was to stay at this mansion for a year, and he had never been more excited than now.

As Lee sat in the limo, smiling the whole way, he thought about who else would be invited to stay at this mansion along with himself. This was also another opportunity to have his fans see him in a new light that he was never offered before.

A whole new kind of entertainment, I'm liking the idea... Lee thought to himself.

Once Lee had reached the mansion, he had a hard time just getting out of the car, amazed by the size and class of where he'd be staying for so long, it almost seemed intimidating. He took a deep breath and grabbed his bags, making his way up the marble steps.
  Lee Teuk / LettuceWedge / 9y 204d 21h 16m 14s

What a beautiful place.. Dara thought as she was looking around the living room sighting the pool outside and the other beautiful corners, she sighed happily and shook her head looking back at where she is.

Dara gazed at the young man and smiled as she greeted him. Placing her bags properly on the side she tilted her head and checked if her items are complete. " Oh! I forgot to bring my stuff toy..ah.." she said as her lips formed into a slight frown. Upon hearing the door open she stood up and fixed herself, she knew it was another idol so she has to be presentable.

She saw a pretty girl entered and as the girl greeted her, she bowed and smiled at her " Annyeong.", she greeted and held one of her bags. You need help with these?" she asked with a polite kind of a voice.

Helping her to place her bags on the side she was shocked to hear a very familiar voice. She suddenly turned her head and as she saw the person her lips curved into a smile " Ji yong! You joined here? That's great!", she said happily and nodded on his question. " Manager signed me up for this. I didn't know why he picked me.", She answered and stared at him with a joyful eyes.

She was very happy to see GD on this show, at least she does know a certain person and it wouldn't be that hard. " I guess more idols will come, I am excited.", she said as she slowly sat on the couch and stretched her feet making her look like a child sitting on a couch.

Leaning her head on the couch she smiled at the girl " Come and sit..you too Ji yong.", she said as she gazed at GD and patted the sit beside her.
  { D a r a } / Achluophobia / 9y 205d 15h 8m 2s
Kwon Ji-Yong frowned slightly as the other members of BIGBANG gathered around the car that would be taking him to the mansion he'd be living in for a year. To be honest, he was excited, nervous, and kind of sad to be leaving his friends. "Hyung, you can't leave. You're our leader," Seungri said softly. The maknae always seemed to get emotional when one of them was leaving, even if it was only for a weekend holiday with their families.

T.O.P looked at the youngest member of the group and laughed, shaking his head. "Hey now. You have four other hyungs who can take his spot for a year," he said, his deep voice sounding confident, though he knew he'd miss his dongsaeng as much as the others. Taeyang and Daesung nodded their heads with small smiles on their lips. It was going to be odd not having their friend around for a whole year, after living together for so long, but they could deal with it. It was for a good cause, anyway, and by the time it was finished, they'd probably have even more fans from around the world who saw the show being broadcasted.

Hearing the horn of the car, encouraging him to speed up his goodbyes, Ji-Yong gave the others separate hugs, lingering with his hug from Seunghyun. The two had been best friends since he could remember, this would be the longest they were away from eachother - even after he'd moved away when they were in middle school. "I'm going to miss you, hyung," G-Dragon whispered. The two were close as it was, almost to the point of being eachother 'significant other', though they denied it to the fullest. Besides, what kind of rep would YG get if they said they were together? A bad one, and they couldn't have that.

"I'll miss you, too, Ji," T.O.P said, pressing his face against the younger's newly dyed red hair, reluctantly letting him go when the horn sounded again. "I'll see you guys in a year," Ji-Yong said sadly as he hoisted one of his bags over his shoulder, the others already having been packed into the car. Climbing in, it wasn't long before he was off, watching out the back window as his band members disappeared into the distance.

It didn't take too long to reach the mansion, but it was still long enough. Tired, Ji-Yong climbed out of the car when it pulled up to the house, looking at it in awe. He'd expected it to be nice, but this was something else entirely. Grabbing the bag he'd had with him in the car, he was told to leave his others - they would be taken to his room for him - and led to the front door. Upon entering, his eyes widened a little at the inside, roaming around only to stop on three figures that were in the room.

"Annyeonghaseyo," he greeted, bowing slightly in order to be polite. He hadn't noticed at first, but taking a closer look, one of the two girls seemed rather familiar. "Dara noona?" he asked, surprised. "I didn't know you signed up to come here, too," he continued, though he was glad that she had. At least he knew one person so far. Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad after all.
  Kwon Ji-Yong [GD] / Key / 9y 205d 20h 35m 21s
"Did you eat? Are your clothes packed?" Soomi asked the maknae. She was the leader of the rookie group, Co-ed School. Hyewon nodded her head pointing to her bags neatly packed right in front of the door.
"Soomi, she'll be fine, even though we'll be missing one of our cute maknaes" Chanmi said before looking to the young girl then to the other two maknaes. All ten members were present in saying goodbye to Hyewon as she got ready to leave their dorms. She was chosen by their manager to participate in a new reality show called WMtv.
"Plus, if anything happens to her, especially with any males, you know our guys are going to have something to do" She added chuckling.
"Yea leave it to us guys to deal with it Hyewon, just enjoy yourself on that show" Sungmin said hugging the girl.
"Right, what the maknae said, however, don't get into too much trouble" Noori added smiling at Hyewon.
"Hwaiting Hyewon" Co-ed exclaimed as she left.

Now she was in the car heading to the WMtv Mansion. Hyewon kept glancing outside too see if she can spot the mansion. She saw the basic outline as the car drove closer and closer. Even though she was excited, she started to miss her unnies, oppas and the other two maknaes. She kept fiddling around with the bag she held feeling nervous. The maknae wore a simple shirt with a pair of jeans with sneakers. Co-ed School had just debuted in 2010 and their sub-group, 5Dolls, debuted early in January of 2011. She didn't think that any of the members would be joining any variety shows for a while since they were new but she was proved wrong.

The car came to a stop and her eyes landed on the mansion where she will be living with other Korean Idols for a one year period. Grabbing her belongings, she stepped out and walked to then entrance. She entered and found a male situated on the sofa and she caught a glimpse of another female who had just entered.
"Annyeonghaseyo" She said greeting the two.
  ::Hyewon[Co-ed School]:: / XxHainexX / 9y 205d 21h 8m 48s

" I am excited..no. Very excited!", Dara exclaimed as she was grabbing her bags with the other members of their group called 2ne1. " But unnie..it'll be for a long time..are you sure you're going to be alright?", the youngest of the group asked which is Minzy. " Of course I am! You'll see me on WMtv anyway.", Dara answered with a determined face.

As she was walking towards the door Bom, Minzy, and CL gave her a tight hug. They'll miss her. The bubbliest person on their group..will be away for one year. They do understand that it's for a cause. Their manager picked Dara to enter this show because he knows that Dara is well determined and he knows that Dara will improve herself.

Dara hugged them back and smiled saying 'Fighting!' The word they always mention when they're on a show or a commercial, anything connected to them.

Wearing her simple shirt and jeans she exited the door and waves to the other members.

Entering the car she nodded her head " This is it", she quietly said to herself as she fist pumped. Looking at the mirror of the car as it started to move, she smiled as she saw the media and fans. She thought that she will be always supported no matter what.

Reaching the mansion she was taken into the front door. As she opened it she saw a guy already sitting on the couch. She was kinda shaking that time but the guy looked familiar into her eyes so she started to walk inside while holding her bags.
  { D a r a } / Achluophobia / 9y 205d 22h 17m 55s
"I am excited to be arriving at the WMtv Mansion," Dong Ho said, speaking into the microphone as he looked out the window longingly. He was an idol after all and even then they must put on an act though he was quite interested in the form of life he had before him. Yes he was kind of down about not being able to be with U-Kiss until at rehearsal's but alas, this is what he signed up for and he wasn't backing down.

When the car came to a hault, he looked at the camera and smiled. "Well this is Dong Ho signing out. I'll see you guys on TV and an interview in a year." He waved and stepped out of the car to go up to where he knew he would watched like a hawk. He hoped the show would get good ratings.

Upon entering with the key, he was introduced to the living room first and he had to admit, for a TV show, they had some money for a comfortable living space. Yeah he could see himself living here for a year. Well the company he was due to have couldn't be too bad now could they?

With one last happy sigh, Dong Ho stretched himself out on the couch to await the others.
  Dong Ho / KyoyaPleasant / 9y 205d 22h 33m 52s

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