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Hearts of Destiny Role-play

New: Changes have been made in characters on role-play page.

Copy of Character Skeletons:

MakiOnyx's Characters:

Username: MakiOnyx
Character Name: Ricin Cirau Trekis
Age: Nineteen
Gender: Female
Species: Avian/Hawk
Kingdom: The Withered Tree Kingdom ||Avian Kingdom||
Kingdom placement: Royal Heir ||Avian Princess||
1. ||Feathered Darts|| Darts in which look as though they are hawk feathers. The tips are dipped in a neurotoxin, which causes her enemies to become paralyzed, giving off the signs that they are dead even though they are simply laying there. If the enemy isn't found soon enough by it's allies, they can slowly die a terrible death, as the toxin lasts 24 hours within the system.
2. ||Fan of Feathers.|| Using a small hand fan, one that normally would be more an outfit accessory, she fends off attacks, both blocking and attacking herself. She carries two fans on her person, the fan, once spread wide, showing that it is made out of beautifully decorated blades. You will often see her defending herself with only one, using her free hand for something else. The fans do have a switch which allows her to release the blades, causing them to slam into an enemy.
Personality: She is a quiet princess, found often gazing at far away places or reading a book. Secretly she hates to kill, which is why her weapons are more defensive in nature. She is a kind soul, hoping only for the best and a brighter future.
Bio: 'Posting'

Username: MakiOnyx
Character Name: Charis Rasvim Vynnetia
Age: Eighteen
Gender: Female
Species: Wolf
Kingdom: ||The Canine Kingdom||
Kingdom placement: Younger Sister ||Princess||
1. ||Biting Blade|| Charis uses a razor-edged short sword that she sheaves on her right thigh. The blade has a ragged edge life teeth of a wolf, The design was created so that when she attacks, the blade causes her opponent pain, making them stumble in the fight. The blade is more a tool of distraction then a tool of death.
2. ||Bitter End|| Charis wears an extension blade on her left wrist. She has trained to use bother her weapons as a duel attack, the biting blade to draw her enemy into a distracted state, then the Bitter End to finish the fight, placing her palm on a fatal part of the body and pressing the spring device that releases the blade in her wrist.
Personality: Though her people are at war, Charis is among the very few who can still smile. Being the young princess of her people, she is often kept with in their lands under guard, so her personality has formed to one of curiosity and outlandish hyper acts. She is very playful, always with a smile on her face.
Bio: 'Posting'

Ravendale's Characters:

Username: Ravendale
Character Name: Nalten Cuinkur
Age: Twenty-Six
Gender: Male
Species: Lion
Kingdom: The Flickering Fangs Kingdom
Kingdom placement: General in Arms
1. ||Fang and Claw|| Fang and Claw are a single set of curved long-bladed daggers made of wolf bones the General uses in battle. Occasionally he has to replace them when they break, choosing only the finest enemies’ body to strip the materials from.
Personality: His personality is orientated around the need for Pride. He wants, more then anything, a family of his own to help teach and grow in peace. His dream is that one day there will be no more battles, no more fights. He simply wants to have a family, and he is willing to do anything to have it, even if it means burning some bridges and breaking some skulls. He’ll do whatever it takes to gain enough power and find a way to make his dream come true. Deep down he holds conflict with the ruling house of the Flickering Fangs Kingdom. Feeling them…less then what they should be.
Bio: Posting

Username: Ravendale This character is on hold.
Character Name: Loerchik Sventar
Age: Twenty-Five
Gender: Male
Species: Bamboo Viper
Kingdom: The Vaerir Adulese Kingdom
Kingdom placement: Second in Command
1. ||Aryte|| Aryte, also known as War, is Loerchik’s Scimitar sword. The blade is curved, looking much like that of a Viper fang. Loerchik rubs his very own venom on his sword’s blade when cleaning it, allowing the pain-inflicting venom more chance to catch his opponent. Loerchik fights in his in-between form as most serpents do, so his very own fangs are also a weapon. The Bamboo Viper’s venom attacks the heart, causing a slow painful death.
Personality: Loerchik Sventar is extremely loyal. He will never disobey his royal house, willing to fight to the death for them. He believes in his people, finding them higher then any other Kingdom. If he were to have a flaw, it would be that Loerchik lives for the thrill and rush of killing. Delivering pain to his enemies on and off the battlefield gives him a rush like no other. Instead of wanting peace like his leader, Loerchik wants continuous war. The carnage and curiosity of battle is the only thing he really knows and enjoys.
Bio: Posting

Tyasuke's Characters:

Username: Tyasuke
Character Name: Evon Basilisks
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: King Cobra
Kingdom: The Vaerir Adulese
Kingdom placement: Male Heir/Son/Prince
Slithering Whip: This whip is the main weapon to which Evon uses. He has long mastered this whip and when attacking with this whip, it is as if an actual snake is attacking. The strange way Evon uses it makes it seem more like he is whipping a snake around instead of an actual whip. The whip is laced with a special poison that if it manages to touch someone, the poison will stun the victim for only a few seconds. Then they can easily move again unless they get hit again. Yet the poison is in no way lethal.
Basilisk's Fang: This is a blade past down through the royal line for generations. The blade is a chain sword that can extend to the length of thirty tree feet. This blade has a straight river path carved into both sides of the blade and vein like branches reaching out from the river path to the edges of the blade. This river path can be filled with poison allowing one to lace the blade in their own poison. The draw back is that the poison drains out quickly so the wielder would have to continuously replace the poison. Evon hardly uses this sword, and much less ever lace the blade in poison when in use.
Personality: Evon is the calm collective, passionate type. He has a strong desire to end the war. He cherishes all who live in his Kingdom and would like the war to end so no more had to die needlessly. He holds the festive and eventful life style of his kingdom close to his heart and would not trade it for anything. He is one of ideals and wisdom and he usually only draws his venomous fangs when someone threatens the welfare of his Kingdom. He is a strong willed person that no one can break and stands by his beliefs of peace regardless of what anyone says which has caused tension to form between him and his Father's Consort. He cherishes his little brother Kafei because he knows Kafei always has his back no matter what even when he doesn't need Kafei to do so. He looks past the fact of Kafei's impure blood and calls willing calls Kafei is full fledged brother instead of 'half' brother.
Bio: Posting

Username: Tyasuke
Character Name: Nikko
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Feline
Kingdom: The Flickering Fangs Kingdom
Kingdom placement: Younger Brother
Weapons: His very epic claws and feet as well as his bells. Yes, his bloody bells.
Personality: Nikko seems to be one who is very impassive. His intelligence exceeds that of normal bounds and if he were to be rated he would be at least 215 IQ. He hardly shows any emotion and he mostly keeps to himself except when something peeks his interest. Though, his silent and mysterious act seems to be a hit with the ladies. He finds half of the things a game and the other half a waste of his valuable time. He loves to read, play music and he also loves to play mind games. He is also referred to as a ninja cat. This is because of his uncanny ability to pop up out of nowhere without being detected at all or his sudden appearance of hanging upside down from the roof, though no one knows how he manages to pull that one off without being detected as well. His true personality is hidden behind the impassive face he always wears.

HanyouMokushi's Characters:

Username: HanyouMokushi
Character Name: Kafei
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Cobra/Rattlesnake Hybrid
Kingdom: The Serpent Kingdom
Kingdom placement: Younger Half Brother ||Little Prince||
Weapons: Hemotoxin Fangs and Jo Staff
Personality: Compared to his brother, he is very passive and meek. He worries a lot for his brother and tries to get him out of trouble he finds himself in. Granted he always seems to get out of trouble just fine without his help. Rather the inferiority complex because of only being a half-breed in the house of pureblooded royals. He enjoys the artistic end of the Serpent clan.
Bio: 'Posting'

Username: HanyouMokushi
Character Name: Serenes Lehran
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Heron
Kingdom: The Withered Tree Kingdom ||Avian Kingdom||
Kingdom Placement: Advisor
Weapons: Chain and Chakrams
Personality: Laid back, care free, for most aspects of her life. Despite this rather lazy behavior, as her family coined it, she has a strong insight on what is going on, an eye for strategy and tactics. She isn't the fondest with fighting, seeing it as an utter failure on her end, believing strongly that words, mediation, and compromise works best to solve conflict. Passive in the idea of fighting, she isn't a rookie in it or battle planning.
Bio: 'Posting'

Username: HanyouMokushi Moved up to Commander.
Character Name: Stefan Giffca
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Hyena/Aardwolf
Kingdom: The Archaic Crown Kingdom ||Canine Kingdom||
Kingdom placement: Commander
Weapons: Broadsword and Kusarigama
Personality: At most times depicted as a loner, keeping his head down and following what is expected of him. Underneath the rather rough exterior, Stefan considers himself a bit of a scholar, offering advice to those that seek to ask. He is most of the time levelheaded, observant, he doesn't necessarily abhor violence but he isn't the keenest with it either. In battle, he fights with honor.
Bio: Posting

Username: HanyouMokushi
Character Name: Minato Rouen
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Species: Common Krait
Kingdom: The Vaerir Adulese ||Serpent Kingdom||
Kingdom Placement: Commander of the Guard
Weapons: Gloves and Boots Martial Artist
Personality: Free spirited, headstrong, and determined. In most cases she tends to take awhile to warm up to people, more so out of choice then lack of social skills. She has spent the majority of her life fighting; as such she has been known to view it as a sport then a major affair. She desires an end to the warring, however her idea being one of near eradication. Living for the fight. Such qualities had been noted to make her an excellent commander, however in exchange for a very small social network. People can die at any moment; as such developing a relationship beyond acquaintances seemed to be a waste of her time.
Bio: 'Posting'

iiDarcy's Characters: Retired

Username: iiMrDarcy
Character Name: Trayton Kiler
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species: Tiger
Kingdom: The Feline Kingdom
Kingdom placement: Second in Command
||Triple Staff|| Flail weapon that consists of three wooden or metal staffs connected by metal rings or rope; Normally worn on his back, though it can be hidden as a belt around his waist during social events.
|| Urumi || A long sword made of flexible steel, sharp enough to cut into flesh, but flexible enough to be rolled into a tight coil.
Personality: Trayton is easily described as the greedy type. He's never got enough of anything to keep him satisfied for long. Money and people are all fair game for his obsessions. His superficial piles of cash make for terrible friends, causing him to seek out the company of those that can be payed off with cash or petty little gifts of fake affection. Given the nature of society that task lends itself as to be an easy one. At the end of the day he finds no real loyalties to those he calls his 'friends', not that he finds any reason to be truly loyal to those around him. He would sooner gut them like fish than give them any real benefit of the doubt or trust. Given that natural habit of being disloyal he'd do most anything to get ahead in life. When the day is done Trayton looks out for himself and no one else. You've got to watch out for number one, or so they say.
Towards those that he deems socially acceptable enough to be worthy of his large network of so called friends he takes on a pleasant facade. His small smiles hold something of a jovial hint to them. In their presence he takes on something of a core joking nature, eager to spread a few smiles in the hopes of boosting his popularity, not that he doesn't already have enough friends as it is. Sadly it's nothing more than an act for the most part. Beneath that he plays himself to be something of the brooding type, devious and a bit sadistic.
bio: 'Posting'

Knife's Characters:

Username: Knife.
Character Name: Narne Vynnetia.
Age: Twenty Five.
Gender: Male.
Species: Wolf.
Kingdom: The Archaic Crown Kingdom, ||Canine Kingdom||.
Kingdom placement: Last Male Heir/Son.
"Father Fangs":
"Father Fangs" consist of two throwing axes that resemble tomahawks, the haft and the head both made out of something along the lines of crude iron. It is a bit dim from age, however no rust seems to reside between the ancient carving within the weapons' body. A loop of leather is connected to the knob of both axes, making it accessible to link the loop to the wrist so the axes can hang from the wielder's wrists.
"Ran Kiere":
"Ran Kiere" is, to simply put, a plain broad-sword with not much decoration and age as "Father Fangs". It's design is quiet plain, the name based on a character in a piece of literature Narne read at the time of making such weapon.
Even though it is only around three years old the weapon has had much use out of it, and the wooden hilt had to be replace around five times until it was finally replaced with an unknown blackened metal, drawings of swirling wolves can be vaguely seen on such metal.
Personality: His character quite mysterious, since he isn't seen as much as one would want to, at first appearance Narne can be pleasant and polite, though always seems to be in a rush, and even though, overall, he has good patience, when it comes to getting something done, Narne is determined to get it done as quickly as he can that can be up to standard. To be put, it seems as though everything he does is aimed to be perfect, and even though most things he does is near enough perfect does not excuse the fact that Narne's determination is a bit over-the-top. When it comes to people, however, Narne is a completely different person. Not to say he is a bad person in any way, no, it is simply the fact that since he has little to none experience with social skills he comes across as shy, withdrawn, and to his disliking sometimes rude, yet he cannot help but feel uncomfortable in such situations.
In short, Narne is not a mysterious character because he chooses to, rather he prefers to keep himself busy with practical matters before letting others find out his more subdued, passive side.
Bio: "Posting"

Username: Knife. This Character is on hold.
Character Name: Ephrath Tachy.
Age: Twenty-four.
Gender: Female.
Species: Black-throated Loon.
Kingdom: The Withered Tree Kingdom.
Kingdom placement: Second in Command.
Beta Lana:
A leaf-shaped short-sword resembling a Xiphos, "Beta Dalgas" is attached to the wielder via a leather belt design, connected to a long pocket in which the short-sword sits within. Made out of elderly iron, the hilt is made out of rusty steel, flaking at an increasing rate.
Alpha Dagas:
A sword resembling a katana, however not quiet as thin, "Alpha Dagas" still bears the same tip shape of the sword, with swift movements being able to slice the opponent apart.
Usually hangs off a belt to the waist, it is made out of aluminum, making it sturdy and light.
Delta Uena:
Another short-sword, however the blade the shape of a spear-head. Other then that, there isn't much difference between "Beta Lana" and "Delta Uena" except for the fact that "Delta Uena" is made out of aluminum, making it much lighter and swifter to use.
Personality: Growing up in a viciously conservative family and lifestyle does not make Ephrath as so- on contrary, in such bringing-up the woman has gained a fetish of disobeying and causing trouble, though most of it is harmless fun. Ephrath is a good person, yet sometimes people lump her behaviour in with her own personality, which make people believe she is a boldly spoken woman who carries no shame and is extremely stubborn.
But she is also a gregarious person who can start a conversation with anyone on any subject, and not only gets the job done well but much more better, which could be the only reason why she still has it.
In work environments Ephrath pushes away her personality and gets serious, and many are surprised when they come across her during her working days.
Bossy when she feels the need to, Ephrath, even though she has the gift of gab, prefers to listen to others, since she believes she could help in some way. She can also be quiet angry or sad at other times, since her personality seems to stand out too much, negatively, in such a conservative kingdom, and even though the Ephrath people know would not be bothered by such matters, Ephrath from her own perspective feels strangely alone, and wonders if she is the only one who feels the need to go crazy every now and again.
Bio: "Posting"

Paranormal's Characters:

Username: Paranormal
Character Name: Vivi
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Tiger
Kingdom: Flickering Fangs Kingdom
Kingdom placement: Princess/Royal Heir
Weapons: Gattus Daggers; Thin well balanced daggers that are two inches long. Thin enough to be stacked upon each other so as to seem the size of one dagger. They have been passed down from queen to queen and where said to be made before the war as a gift from one of the boarderling kingdoms, the reason for the gift and from whom it was received from has been lost.
Micturīre Acus; These long needles range in width and use, orginally they where made to be aplied to the pressure points of a sore soldier to help him feel better but as time went on it was learned that if they hit the right points that they could paralyze.
Personality: Vivi will speak her mind when ever the mood hits her, and if she is not pleased with something she would have no trouble telling the person right then and there what is wrong. Though she should be polite it was not bread into her and rather something she learned and she is not good at remembering it. If given the choice between sitting and walking, Vivi would choose sitting because sitting would lead to laying and laying would lead to napping. Vivi hates to admit two things, one she likes to cuddle and two that she is afraid of heights, she will act all high and mighty claiming she is not afraid to go to the highest branch but once she makes it up there she will be crying to get down.
Bio: "Posting"

Codeine's Characters:

Username: Codeine
Character Name: Dove Crowell
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Species: Peregrine Falcon
Kingdom: The Withered Tree kingdom
Kingdom placement: Captain of the Royal flight
Weapons: Archus Ventus. The bow for this bow and arrow was made from one of the more scared tress of The Whither Tree Kingdom, said to be over a hundred years old it is strong and lean, the string is made out of the guts of the enemy is the rumor the truth is a secret. The arrows themselves are laced with a type of tonic, if it where to enter the persons system it will not kill or paralyze rather confuse and give them a sensation close to being drunk.
Personality: Rising from a solider recruited early he has come long ways to get to where he is now and this has taught him patients and humor, to take joy in what he does so as to overcome the guilt of how much blood has stained his hand. Dove is kind, he understands the hardships of life and so when others are troubled he makes it his duty to bring them peace and joy, however he also strict. He does not agree with laziness and believes each must put force and effort for the greater good and rules are not meant to be broken . He has a belief that the royal family is lazy in a way and do to this he will go out of his way to pick on them in such a way that would allow him to avoid trouble of course.
Bio: 'Posting'

Waking Hour Role-play

Copy of Weaver Skeletons:

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

Custom Pic URL: Text formatting is now all ESV3.

Roleplay Responses

Post was fine Knife. Don't worry about it :]
  Kafei / HanyouMokushi / 9y 94d 6h 13m 54s
I bet its fine Lulu >.>
  Prince Evon / Tyasuke / 9y 97d 13h 36m 33s
I posted but I wrote the post in Google Documents, and when I pasted it on ES it came out weird, so if anyone sees missing spaces or weird stuff, just tell me @_@ I think I got all the errors though >_< Hope it is alright :/
  Ephrath Tachy / Knife / 9y 97d 13h 38m 38s
MakiOnyx is having computer difficulties so it may be awhile before she can post again.

Just a heads up to those in her RPs.
  HanyouMokushi / 9y 98d 3h 57m 19s
Username: HanyouMokushi
Character Name: Sparrow Lynx
Character Age: 16
Character Gender: Female
Character History and Personality: Well don't we all have a history? Sparrow's being a little fuzzy to her own mind. Mostly since it was rather hard to decipher from the imagination she spouted to the facts that were apparent. Her life has been one of magic, creativity, and love. Her parents were rather supportive of her flighty nature. Growing up in lamest terms as gypsies, little to no material belongings, everything being based on the family, traditions of the old lore. Not the best viewpoint to have on the modern society, but it was certainly the lifestyle she'd never give up. However, there always seemed to be...some sort of stagnancy with her life, satisfaction being hard to hold onto, as her mind and soul hungered for more. A desire for the world to mirror the magic she saw in her dreams. Personality wise, extremely flighty, flamboyant, nothing quite dragging her down, or stopping her from reaching a goal.
Weaver Style: Nightmare
Weaver Pet: Mount
Special Abilities:
Flickering Shadows: A more scouting like ability. Sparrow has the power to send out bursts of what falls under as a soul signature around the area. This move using her body more of a beacon to alert others of her location, not the smartest move no. Although with this skill she has used herself as bait to lure out others, setting up ambushes. However it could be used in reverse to pick up trails of others. There is some limit to this range.
Night's Embrace: Another more defensive, hindering ability. This one is a little trickier needing direct skin contact with an opposing foe, however there is room for this ability to improve. As it is, Sparrow's pores secrete a toxin that makes others sleepy at her touch. If the opponent has fallen asleep, the next step of the move can be acted out. This next part stirring about dark memories or dreams that can immobilize the target anywhere from ten minutes to a day. Depending on the strength of Sparrow and the endurance of the given target.
Dalen: Dalen is a beautiful oak bow with silver etching in the wood, in the language of her family, telling the tale of the great Archer Dalen. Rumor has his spirit has resigned in the bow, allowing the user to fire arrows of wind, if physical arrows are not available. These wind enchanted arrows can occasionally invoke sleep on the opponents if it’s not a killing blow.
Relu: Relu is a small short sword equal to the length of Sparrow's arm. It is made of a folded mythril, a material giving the blade a soft green appearance, making it far sturdier than any other blade.
Shyn Kal: Shyn is a finely crafted spear of made from the same oak as Dalen, with similar etchings. This is expected as they are brother weapons. Brothers in the fact that Dalen and Shyn Kal were blood brothers in the old tales. However Shyn Kal lacks any special properties, serving mostly as a midrange weapon to complete her arsenal.


Very tentative skeleton for Waking Hour. I will change things as needed~
  HanyouMoKushi / 9y 100d 2h 47m 37s
Hey Maki,
I looked over your Waking Hour RP, and it looks like fun. I'd be interested in joining, but would you mind if I waited for a skeleton? I've read the storyline and such, but I was wondering if you may have had a skeleton for your own character in it that could help me with visualizing a better idea for a skeleton of my own~

Well in any case.
Good luck on Wednesday! xD

Take care and with some luck, I may yet catch you on later ^^
  Nikulai Envy / HanyouMoKushi / 9y 100d 5h 7m 54s
Changes look good Maki :]

For Knife's Avian character, you can place them as the Adviser if you want, that way Knife can still use them in the RP. Since I already have three other characters, I don't mind at all :]

Its really whatever works for you and her :]
  Kafei / HanyouMokushi / 9y 103d 5h 39m 9s
  MakiOnyx / 9y 108d 5h 41m 10s

Character Name: Nikko

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Feline

Kingdom: Feline Kingdom

Kingdom placement: Younger Brother

Weapons: His very epic claws and feet as well as his bells. Yes, his bloody bells.

Personality: Nikko seems to be one who is very impassive. His intelligence exceeds that of normal bounds and if he were to be rated he would be at least 215 IQ. He hardly shows any emotion and he mostly keeps to himself except when something peeks his interest. Though, his silent and mysterious act seems to be a hit with the ladies. He finds half of the things a game and the other half a waste of his valuable time. He loves to read, play music and he also loves to play mind games. He is also referred to as a ninja cat. This is because of his uncanny ability to pop up out of nowhere without being detected at all or his sudden appearance of hanging upside down from the roof, though no one knows how he manages to pull that one off without being detected as well. His true personality is hidden behind the impassive face he always wears.

Bio: Peanut

you never added it Maki T.T
  Nikko / Tyasuke / 9y 110d 2h 40m 35s
Yeah I mean don't we have all the important needed roles filled >.>? Just keep advertising and we'll start
  Nikko / Tyasuke / 9y 110d 2h 46m 41s
Its fine Maki :]
I don't mind for the cutback of characters :]
Do whatever works for you xD
  Kafei / HanyouMokushi / 9y 110d 4h 11m 23s
That's my point. >.< It's my fault it hasn't started yet. I created too many character slots. XD
I'll write up a post for it soon and post it up.
  MakiOnyx / 9y 110d 7h 7m 47s
er slow it hasn't even started owo
  Nikko / Tyasuke / 9y 110d 7h 9m 6s
That's fine, Dae. ^.^ I know its going so slow it seems dead right now and you have other role-plays to attend to, as well as life. ^.^
  MakiOnyx / 9y 110d 7h 10m 28s
Sorry but I am going to have to drop out of Hearts of Destiny.


  iiMrDarcy / 9y 111d 7h 38m 26s

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