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[Youtube] a feeling..
Makes m think back a few months back...
It is nice to rip the mask off to see what lies beneath the mask is maggots and rot.

Seems this much more fitting.
  Persona/Mask / Sonicspeedx13 / 16d 13h 35m 4s
I feel like this summarizes this site pretty well.

There is more than that one and im ded

double edit
I cant find the first one but i really want to because im dying.
  Fuck me up / TimeBomb / 16d 15h 10m 51s
[center [pic]][center I'm totally avoiding home, the only reason I go back is to sleep and take care of my bbys .
Speaking of which, new addition to the family
I went out and bought a few indoor plants and named my new bbys Stephannie and Karen. Although, I really want to go visit a nursery but they're just so expensive TnT



When I die, someone, pls take care of my succulent babes]
  K / MochiBuns / 17d 1h 21m 5s
[center [size11 when ya enemies tryna get back in contact with you for some reason? lmfao]]

  [ 天使 ] / angels / 17d 1h 32m 59s
... I get vals in 2 in the morning over the weirdest shit.
  Persona/Mask / Sonicspeedx13 / 17d 2h 46m 29s
Guess it was my time to get hurt this time lmao

After so many years of riding I guess it was only a matter of time lol
I got lucky that my leg didn't break after the tire basically pulled it in and tore it apart. The pain was too real-- I didn't cry though cause mama didn't raise no bitch!!!

I had my fun though.. back to stressing about college.
  ᵂ ⁱ ᵗ ᶜ ʰ / Sakura / 17d 4h 49m 34s
Sorry not sorry but if the chance is given... this prince/princess IS all mine.
My loyalty pledged
My sword in hand
My shield raised
My life for theirs
My love knows no limit
My determination is endless
You are not unworthy. You are far from. And I swear I will make you believe me one day...
  Knighted / 17d 7h 14m 29s
[center [font "times new roman" There is nothing in this world, I hate more than proving people right. I'm completely over this vicious circle, not sure why I attempt to be a decent human being. I lean on someone just to be told "You just pick assholes!" Dude, everyone knows you're in love with me. It's not mutual, not like I go around and think "wow I bet this person will walk in my life and make me feel like a piece of shit". Put your feelings aside and be a friend, or fucking leave. [s [font "times new roman" fucking twat.]] ] ]

[center [font "times new roman" [i okay done bitching. ]]]

[center [font "times new roman" I finally got my BLS card, which is pretty exciting. My instructor was super nice she didn't even charge me for the class because neither of us had change for a twenty. Just need a TB skin test, and I can probably have a decent second job in hand. Thinking of the upsides here. but ya fuck everything else, atm.]]
  vicious / AdaptOrPerish / 17d 7h 6m 58s
[center [pic]]

[center [size11 i'm panicking i'm so scared i'm so scared i'm so scared i'm so scared i'm so sorry i hate myse lf]]
  angels / 18d 1h 35m 15s
[center [size10 I'm pretty stressed still but I'm exhausted, I've done what I can. If it wasn't for that other crap, I wouldn't be stressed.. but oh well. I'll pull through.. somehow. Sigh. I'm just going to enjoy myself tomorrow, ya know? I would say do some work after but I know I'll be waaaay too exhausted after tomorrow too.]]
[center [size10 I hate math, I really do.]]
[center ✿]
  ʜᴀʀᴜɴᴏ / Sakura / 18d 4h 22m 6s
[size11 Abandoned. Alone. With all these thoughts.
No one to tell you that you're wrong.
No one to comfort you.
No one to help you.
No one to listen to you.
No one.
Just me, my thoughts, and a bottle of pills.
  -Torrent / -Blacklight / 18d 7h 23m 48s
[center [size10 slot of people ask:do you not have home issues, you must have a great life because of your wealthy grandparents. no...I just know when to speak up and when my parents tell me no,they get :the fuq you mean?]]
  khaleesi / khaleesi / 18d 7h 51m 32s
[center [size10 I might be a great grand pappy. I'm kind of excited I just hope if it's true her babies make it because feeding little furballs gives me life. Hopefully one is a boy so I can name him FP because I have zero shame about my obsession lol]]
  ooc / Believe / 18d 8h 22m 35s
[center [size11 no one asks to enter this universe. no one's soul whispers in your ear to let them exist. no child you brought into the world yourself should ever be viewed as a mistake or an accident. do you know how much damage you do with your actions? [b do you care]?]][center [size11 you don't. if you did, you wouldn't have done the things you did. you both were [i selfish.] [i hateful.] [i cruel.] and you expected me to give you all the love you never gave.]]
[center [size11 but my love was never valuable enough. it was worthless to you - my young self was nothing but a [i burden] on your shoulders.]] [center [size11 you couldn't had cared less about my health.]]
[center [size11 after all, you were the people who [b threatened my life] if i ever steered away from the "norm." i had to be christian, i had to be pure till marriage, i had to be straight, i had to be feminine, i had to be perfect, i had to be perfect, i had to be perfect, i had to be perfect, i had to be [b perfect]]][center [size11 [i i'm sorry i wasn't the [b angel] you wanted.]]]
[center [size11 all i wanted was to make you both proud. all i wanted was you two to love and accept me as the person i was.]] [center [size11 [b [i but that never happened.]]]]
[center [size11 instead of faith, i got betrayal. instead of courage, i got fear. instead of acceptance, i got anger. instead of love, i got hatred.]]
[center [size11 i could never do right by you.]]
[center [size11 the scars you've left behind on me are ones that will never fully go away. people will see them, be afraid of them, be afraid of [i me] because of what [b you've done].]] [center [size11 ironic, isn't it?]]
[center [size11 your words from the past were repeated and implanted into my mind so much that now it's my inner monologue. do you know how many people have heard a 3rd of my life story and told me they would've committed suicide if they were in my shoes? impressive, [i [b huh]?]]]
[center [size11 your actions put me in situations a human being should never have to live through. especially not a child.]] [center [size11 attempted murder of each other before my eyes, attempted rape of each other, physical, emotional, mental abuse to everyone under your roof, surrounding me in dangerous, pedophillac druggies, making me live in the same house as the man who repeatedly tried to murder me when we were alone, who also eventually sexually assaulted me, making me watch you both lose your minds as you did more and more drugs and become more and more murderous toward each other and myself, among other things... hah.]]
[center [size11 [b you're the reason i'm like this.] i won't accept the blame for it [b anymore]. i'm tired of this guilt complex you've trained me to have, this thought process of things that don't even have anything to do with me being somehow my fault -]][center [size11 [b no.]]]
[center [size11 you made me this way. you ruined me. you are the reason i have these illnesses, these trust issues, these self destructive tendencies -]]
[center [size11 and you come crawling back. crying. begging me to come back for more.]]
[center [size11 your guilting won't work on me anymore. i refuse to have anything to do with you toxic excuses for human beings ever again. you'd be lucky to get a hello from me.]]
[center [size11 you only ever love me when i'm gone. so let's keep it that way.]]
  ĸαѕнιмα / angels / 18d 9h 17m 13s
  [ 天使 ] / angels / 19d 3h 19m 45s

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