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[size10 not wonho .. anyone but wonho ... bro i'm so sad rn]
  ˗ ˎˋ ☾ ˊˏ ˗ / angels / 119d 22h 3m 57s
[center [size10 this precious boy doesn't deserve this shit. But alas here we are. He's leaving and what's done is done and he's pulling some cliche pisces bullshit if you ask me. Leaving cause he doesnt wanna cause trouble for anyone else. Oof. Right in my heart boy please stop right now. You're not alone in this just know, I'll fight anyone for you even you, don't you doubt it.]]
  ☀️ / Carat / 120d 1h 13m 48s
Happu spoopy
You know you can’t hide from me, right?
[left [pic]]
[center [size10 clarifying for the sake of clarifying, I got pissy cause legit don't like feeling like my identity is under a microscope randomly. My own mother made me question mine and was why I went by gender fluid for a period of time. She made me feel ashamed to be trans and be myself and that I couldn't be a boy because the second I even remotely looked like a boy she'd flip shit. I had zero control with my identity when it came to her. I still have very little control, I'm not out so I don't actually have the luxuries some trans people have irl. Everyone irl uses my birth pronouns and my birth name save for a few. I don't get the transparency I get here irl. I gotta defend what little bit I do get. Sorry but it just be like that. I got control issues among other things that I lowkey gotta deal with and not let make me their bitch.]]
[center [size10 but honestly I just felt the need to explain my reaction just for my own piece of mind and no one else's. If I didn't I wouldn't have felt right. So yeet me into space. Feelings are weird and I'm still lowkey an emotional mess but lowkey feel less like dying most times]]
  Carat / 127d 2h 6m 15s
Clarifying with zero hostility intended:

Never has Neon ever said he was comfortable in the body he was born in.

Neon has gender dysphoria.

I knew Mun was obviously smashing on them peeps who flip and flop on being trans. Discovery of yourself? Different. But I don’t stand by people who identify as trans flaunting it but go around and say they are a-okay with and are comfortable being in their non trans bodies.

Not everyone is obligated to come out. But others “come out” because they just want some sort of affection from it. Which demeans actual people coming out.

As someone who doesn’t give a flying fuck what anyone would call me; because at the end of the day I’m just another bitch trying to live her life, I don’t like when people use coming out as a way to seek specialty treatment. Which is what these folk are doing.

But if anyone has any problems with me, you know where to find me.
[left [pic]]
[center [size10 shocking turn of events. I was minding my own business and someone decided to bring me into something that didnt pretain to me. Shocking that I might have put something on my profile I identify as and that they have no problem with because it's one my life and two they know me well enough to know it true. I've identified as trans and Male for so long not many people on here really question it. Most people assume I'm Male to begin with with out knowing my pronouns. So wild theory but I don't fall into this wild rant of Mun's simply because I didn't fall into the band wagon category. Yes I've went to neutral pronouns or female pronouns in the past but those didnt stick simply because those weren't me. So news flash, not everyone falls into that category, just the ones that obviously do. Also yeah being trans is not easy thanks for pointing it out. Shocking breaking news all around. Spooky. Scary. Skeletons inside each and everyone of us waiting to burst out to freedom. Okay back to waiting for my hair to dry and my movie. This has been horrible. Don't ever change.]]
[center [size10 also everytime my therapist says gender dysphoria I cringe and my gender dysphoria cringes cause I exist. So yeet i guess. Fuck this shit man. Ain't got time for it. Got damn]]
  Carat / 127d 8h 2m 22s
Saying you are trans is fine. Being a soft pink loving boy is fine. Being a soft pink loving trans boy is fine. But realize that thousands of people have died and suffered from being outed or exposed as trans and that you are extremely privileged to be able to announce your trans status.

And the phrasing is important. Saying “I’m a trans male” is different then “im a trannie cutie boy uwu shower me with pink fluffy boye things!! UWU” cause it seems fetishy and like the trans identity is not being respected. It leads to the misrepresentation of what being trans is and makes people who arent trans think they are and even spend money for transitioning only to realize they had the wrong idea about what being trans was because noadays people push the issue of everyone must be trans or nonbinary. Thats the danger in it.

Edit: and lets be real its a lot easier for a trans guy to be a soft cutie boy and be fine than a trans woman to be even SLIGHTLY “masculine” or anything other than shaving your whole body and doing your hair and makeup every day and never wearing pants and only wearing pink. Trans people are fetishized enough as it is. So we need to be careful with fetishistic language regarding trans people and status
  / Rami / 127d 8h 7m 33s
[Center [size10 I've never given Ace shit because he goes through the struggle and even if he uses trans male it's hardened BY his struggle. He's never made a big deal about it like this new wave of people are. So I have no need to go after him. I'm annoyed not by people like them who are a person who happens to be trans. I'm annoyed by people who define themself by that and make sure to boast to others that they are trans. It's insulting to all of the people who have gone through the struggle and self hatred. Just kids wanting to fit in a cool group. A group that has indeed faced countless struggles because of simply wanting to be who they are.

My point is that if they felt any of the base struggles of trans people, they wouldn't treat the label trans like a cool little badge on their vest that's so fun and awesome to be a part of. Theres a reason alot of trans people are starting to hate the trans community as a whole and it's because of people like that just treating it like "anyone can be trans even if theyre comfortable being their assigned gender". There's a struggle and there's a whole ass fucking feeling that goes with it that people like that just don't fucking feel. A spiritual disconnect and disgust for the body you are forced to live in until youre able to take the steps to correct what you feel mentally and spiritually. THAT is a trans person. Not a boy who likes makeup but likes being a boy. Thats just a boy who likes feminine things. And not a girl who likes to dress and have hair like a boy but is comfortable in a girls body. Thats a fucking tomboy. Period. But go off I guess.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 127d 8h 16m 23s
If someone says they’re trans, it should be respected. Trans people should not be erased, because being trans is not easy. Coming out as trans is not easy. Trans women are still murdered for not having bottom surgery. Trans people are still shamed for not passing for the gender they’re identified as. And fuck, people should be allowed to explore their gender, especially now. A lot of people weren’t able to explore gender and sexuality. And not even trans person is out. At least admitting that you’re trans can inspire other people to come out, I mean, trans visibility day exists for a reason.

We most certainly shouldn’t spread the message to the younger gens that they should only identify as male or female, and not trans. Gender and sexuality are complex, don’t try and oversimplify it, because it’s not simple and it may never be simple. We still don’t live in a world where it is 1000% ok to say “hey I’m a boy” when they’re afab. If people want to announce that they’re trans, just let them be. If they don’t, that’s ok too. If they change their mind later and remove trans, that’s cool too.

btw, Neon/Ace lists himself as a transmale on his Yukhei profile but I don’t see either of you two giving him shit in the past for saying so.

Honestly, not surprised by Mun. More surprised by Indefinite agreeing when her own son has called himself trans in the past.
  Geisha / 127d 8h 56m 40s
tfw you want to add on to what mun said but he covered all of it
[Size10 [center I'm bout to stir the pot again cause I'm tired of seeing all these new "owo I'm a trans boy. Im so soft and sweet what a good trans boi I am" people on here. Like bitch I guess I just haven't been on tumblr and missed out on this group of people or something. But why is it just a fucking status symbol to be trans. The point of being trans ESPECIALLY online where no one can validate your gender is to be the gender you feel you are. So FtMs can say "I'm a boy" and people should respect that. And MtFs can say "I'm a girl" and people respect that. But everyone now just HAS to make sure that it's known they're trans. Why is it always "trans boy"? Just say fucking boy. I get being proud of yourself but that isn't really the proper time to "be proud and show the world what you are." The feelings that a transperson has about their gender usually leads to wanting to keep only their prefered gender in the limelight. You bring attention to the fact they're a "trans this" or "trans that" and it also brings attention to a part of them that they probably fucking hate. Try calling a fully transitioned and fully passing male exclusively "trans boy" and see how they fucking like it. I bet they wouldn't. And I get that each person is different but still, there's fundamentally a way trans people's feelings work and at the base of it, it's to get away from what you were before. So bringing to light for everyone to see that you ARE trans on your profile. Mmm that don't do it for me chief. I don't believe it's for anything but attention. People like that think cause they don't like wearing makeup or have short hair they should be a boy instead of feeling ACTUALLY dysphoric about their gender and body. And that leads to people like Trisha Tits Out Paytas saying she's fucking trans. Please. You contradict yourself and said you feel comfortable as a woman. Then you aren't fucking trans. Yeah I'm not one of these people who think it's fucking fun to be trans and that you don't have to have dysphoria to be trans. You don't go through chemical and physical altercations to your body, personality and hormones cause you're "comfortable" in the body you already have. That's fucking rediculous. Aight I'm out. Just wanted to make my peace before this site is nothing but "owo trans bois".]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 127d 12h 28s
Been loving my new job.
Making money is nice but I love it's not too stressful tbh.

I really enjoy playing MHW with you though ^~^
It's nice to just get on and play and talk and stuff it makes me happy.

Things have been so peaceful for a long time

It sucks that when life goes bleh I've got paragraphs to write but when life is going well and I feel relaxed? I barely write anything? Like what is with that logic? XD
Awe well it's been nice though <3

PS: If anyone wants to play on PS4/MHW with me feel free to PM me ^^
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 129d 5h 44m 15s
Tomorrow is our 20 week anatomy scan for the lil Bambino. Part of me is so excited to see them. I can feel them. I can hear their heartbeat. I just want to match it to their perfect, beautiful face. Another part of me is so, so, so incredibly worried. This pregnancy has been smooth, easy and well, healthy. Yet, my mind can't help but wonder if everything will be okay. Will they have all four Chambers of their heart? All ten fingers and ten toes? I don't know till tomorrow at 9am. I just want my first baby to be okay. I want them to be healthy, happy. Lord, please let my lil poppyseed be okay.
  MilkBunny / 130d 4h 21m 17s
[center [youtube]]
  / Tohru / 133d 23h 53m 53s

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