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I'm not ready for Easter... It's not gonna be the same without her.
  Haikyuu / LiterallyPluto / 88d 12h 30m 54s
[size10 [center Heavy is the crown
Only for the weak.

Heavy is the crown
[b Never] for a [i queen].

  Queen / 88d 23h 42m 44s
[center [size10 Y'know it's always nice to have a big ego. I think it's easier to get through life when you love yourself and feel chill about yourself. Sure maybe a balance is good but like- who needs that? I sure as hell don't. Nah, I'll take a nice, tall, cold glass of Caleb raising my ego more and more every day.

Also it baffles and cracks me up to realize that there really was peoples out there that had a chance with him and either let him get away or just walked away. But fuck if I'm not glad he's all mine now. God damn, you's some dumb asses.

And it's great that I remember so clearly him saying to me when we first started going out that he wouldn't ever be able to get into some of the shit I'm into especially since I'm usually the one to do that shit to people. Now we have DnD characters together in which he plays a guy that's gunna be pretty fucking kinky for his snake bf. Oh sure. That "never" didn't last as long as you thought it would, did it, babe?

It's okay though, one day we'll graduate from roleplays to real life and maybe I'll coax you into putting your hands around my throat for real, hm?]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 90d 48s
[google-font] [croissant+one [center [#79a07c Asparently I scared quite a few people so here’s a public update for those who care or want to indulge in someone else’s life for ten minutes..

I had recently realized I really don’t want to be in a relationship. Honestly, I never really did. Commitment it just bleh. The only thing I can commit to is putting animals before myself. I guess I just always had this dumb want to be loved and cherished. Stupid fucking social human needs shit. But I’m done with that. I thought I could ply this part because it wasn’t terrible but I wasn’t exactly drunk dancing to this tune. I was just like white girl head bobbing and shit. I’m a fire sign, if I don’t feel it... it ain’t happening.

Anyway so I’m fine I’m living with neon for now I guess. Idk. Kind of too out of it to really think of what to do with myself. Two year relationship, was engaged, the boy helped me grow... it was fucking great. But. All things expire I guess. More specifically for me. I’m never quite surprised when it does.

So I’m out having band aids and shit and it’s nice and I’m not feeling the pain too crazy much because why do that when I’ve been grieving the death of our relationship when he just didn’t seem into it. I don’t hate him. I wish to remain friends. But I know him. He probably won’t be able to handle that. And I don’t want anyone else to hate him. I love that boy. We just weren’t really a good match. Because I don’t want to settle down with anyone.

Also if anyone cares I’ve been talking to a Leo dude and he’s fantastic and pretty cool. Says stupid ass dad jokes and puns makes me wanna beat his ass. I told him I wanna be friends so if he ends up liking me not my problem LOL. I’m unsympathetic for anyone except myself and I won’t apologize for it anymore. I’ve always put people I loved before me and I can’t fucking kill myself to not even be fucking appreciated.

I cut people off I loved before. I’m strong enough to do it again. I’m not afraid.

I guess that’s it, dudezoes. Uhhh good vibes only enjoy the Jupiter retrograde. Do your artsy stuff indulge in your hobbies, now is the time.
  FU / Lagertha / 91d 18h 5m 56s
[center [size10 Hello, I'm just here to brag about my DnD character and his beautiful wood elf boyfriend that is played by the DM and my actual boyfriend. So nobody cares, that's fine I'm gunna brag anyway. So I play a Yuan-Ti abomination Ranger named Nekssa who's the next in line to the throne of a smaller Yuan-Ti tribe that broke off from a larger one. He was seen as crazy so he fucking yeeted out of there with his companion, a large cobra named Zini that was gifted to him when he was just a smol lad.

Anyway, after meeting up with a group and agreeing to help with the promise of a gold reward, they ended up meeting a leather worker. They were only there because the half orc of the party happened to buy a dog companion and Nekssa wanted to get a collar for the dog as a gift for the half orc.

Caleb made the town with a generator and out of over a hundred shops and such, the leather shop happened to be generated with a wood elf leather worker who dreamed to explore the world and see exotic creatures, meaning he gave Nekssa the collar for free because Nekssa let him pet Zini. All because of this generator just happening to give this particular shop keep the backstory it did, we now have said leatherworker in our party seeing as how we didn't have a healer and he just so happened to be a Cleric a while back.

He's super head over heals for Nekssa since he's a big snake man and I'm living for these two. Nekssa is mostly unfeeling as his people aren't very emotional beings so he's all over the place and so confused any time the elf is all over him. They make me so happy what the fuck??? I love how confused Nekssa is and how obsessed Limaias is. It's literally reverse me and Caleb. Woof.

Here's my bois.

Nekssa snake boi and Limaias wood elf boi.

  Mun / 92d 3h 7s
What up bitches freshly single and ready to make y’all jingle
And by jingle I mean cry
Cry a lot
Fuck my life lmaaooooo
  FU / Lagertha / 92d 7h 29m 57s
[left [pic]][center [size10 day off equals cleaning. It means instead of sleeping all day I wake up to get shit done. It means getting shit done that I haven't been able to do while I've been working or the day I babysat on my day off on Saturday. No days off with suga this week but that's okay I'm not made. I'm still getting hours despite Easter being sunday. Make that bank, cause I got bills and rent to payyyyy.]]
[center [size10 also I'm tired af physically and mentally and energy wise but I think that's literally everyone anymore. Life is just literally exhausting. Why is it like this? Rude I dare say.]]
[center [size10 also one of the minors at work is a capricorn and vibing with him yesterday just made me miss flary. The way it used to be was nice, but unfortunately life happens and she's where she is and I'm where I'm at. One day I'll go visit her and spend time with her again. I miss you bby don't ever forget. We both been distracted by our lives but like hell am I gonna let us drift apart.]]
  admin / Dawon / 92d 14h 26m 31s
[center [size10 About ready to burn bridges that should have been burned quite some time ago. Though I suppose it's best to run what I want to say by Setka first. I don't mind the blaze it might cause, but Setka may not have much the desire to get burned by it all. Hm. If he says it's a go, I guess I'll be back a bit later to lay it all out on the table. We'll see.]]

[center [size10 Edit: Nope, not worth the energy. I'm not going to put any more energy into them than I have already. Going against my desire to walk away when I'm done with someone time and time again has left me with not even the desire to make a call out post about it. Just walk away silently and smile when I have to, play a nice facade when I gotta and just not consider that a part of my day to day life from here on. It's cool. Give what's given and what not.]]

[center [size10 Sorry to anyone that was looking forward to one of Mun's famous [i Weighty Journal Posts and Strong Opinions].]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 93d 7h 18m 56s
I go in for scheduling on Monday. Then I'm going to look into this school my neighbor told me about. Her friend teaches there, so I was able to find out prices and such.
  Haikyuu / LiterallyPluto / 93d 13h 35m 33s
Hello. I'm not here to talk about random shit and cause drama, I'm here for one thing. I want to gather as much information on [+red LordTyranus] and [b Panthro] as possible. Whatever intel you can gather on them would be [b Greatly appreciated.]
  The Smile Dog / MordorTenebris / 94d 17h 26m 24s
When you're not even on ES for more than ten minutes at a time with random two days to a week interval and people still try to make shit up. xD
  |oɹə|əı / AfterNue_Delight / 95d 14h 3m 15s
[size10 [+silver Sigh. I didn't get to see you today... Perhaps that would of made things better... Today sucked, work just took things over the edge! It was just the small things... The small things really do matter. -_-' Whatever right? I hope tonight will be better. I hope this depressing phase will pass...It seem like my happiness just like the slips away in heart beat.... Maybe it's just because I have been feel hollow inside lately... I hope I will one day feel whole again but it seem like that is far off in the distance...

[right [ [size10 [+silver I feel like I am living in this song...]]]

[right -Monster]
  -Monster / -Kat / 95d 17h 39m 5s
[google-font] [croissant+one [center [#79a07c Me before meeting neon: dont fucking shit talk my boy, not even jokingly.
Me after meeting him: do You want to be stabbed because this is how you get stabbed
  FU / Lagertha / 96d 20h 15m 46s
[i eh i wrote a whole post in the wrong section. that’s what i get for trying to vent while i’m still sleepy... forget it then.]
  B B / BeyondBirthday / 96d 20h 18m 20s
[center [size10 Oh look, the girl who cried abuse only to take it back in true abusee fashion is now returning to saying said same abuser does indeed abuse and that she is tired of it. Seems like it is, has and was an actual thing. I see alot of talk about you saying other people lie but- you seem to do a good bit of it yourself as well. Don't be so quick to call kettle black, pot.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 97d 4h 36m 14s

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