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[size10 if you're not my shitty, abusive ex, then I don't hate you , just sayin'

did bomb af on my spanish exam, I'm hella proud of myself
I've been doing well all semester and it just feels so damn good
my hard work is paying off ;o
I'm just so proud at this point , haha .
I'm working hard at school and work and it's just going so well.
People at my work are assholes , but I can handle it.
Money keeps me motivated.

also , rito pls
wat did you do to the runes and masteries
it's so confusing
y'all keep changing shit and I'm annoyed
but at least I get a refund for all the old runes lmao
also why'd ya have to change ip to blue essence ?? it's confusing as hell to me lmao
but hey at least you removed the level cap
I'll have fun level grinding again ;D

that's all for tonight ~ gonna play league with my babe ♡
and maybe bother Koneko cuz I miss her
  / Titania / 16d 4h 37m 11s
[left [pic]]

[center Oh boy oh boy oh boy][center [size10 I sincerely wish people would stop assuming shit. Like whoa you got one of them hit like a fucking bullseye but the other? Nah, not even close.]][center [s [size7 didn't mama ever teach you not to feed the troll???]]]

[center [size10 Also i gotta be over here doing a fucking yard sale this weekend but hopefully i'll get to celebrate bro's birthday with him this weekend so that's good yooo gonna eat all the cupcakes. or not cause lbh i don't need all that sugar now. Do need to prolly run to the store next week for some colaaaaa]]
  admin / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 16d 5h 4m 6s
People reaaallly need to learn how to keep out of m business. Geez you act like ill believe a total stranger when they tell me someone I care about is doing something to hurt me.
[center [pic]]
  Katsu C / RockyRoader / 16d 5h 25m 56s
[center You would think you would treat someone who knows all of your secrets with more respect, right? But no, you kind of like shit on me. You're being a shit best friend and an even shittier boyfriend. If I wanted to, I could easily hurt everything you love right now. In a split second. Black mail? I'm on my meds and I still want to scream it to the world that you're nothing but a liar. Yes, I realize that I created this mess. Yes, I know all of your secrets. Guess what? I'm gonna expose them soon enough if you don't stop this shit. I swear to freaking gosh, I will. I have half a brain saying not to, but then again, what has being good ever got me? A shafted relationship from you. Yeah, I don't want that. Seriously, if I have to hurt, then so do you. Cause the way you are treating me and everyone else just is not fair at all. I'm so done with this. I thought you loved me back, I guess you were just keeping me happy so I wouldn't spread your business, but I guess that is about to change since you got so behind in keeping me happy.]
  Katto / 16d 18h 49m 37s
[center omg i am so excited for tomorrow, another step towards my mission. and omg, so I picked up alot of new art skills and tecniques for drawing and editing and this little one came out. It's a quirky style I wanted to get her nothing serious but drawing and editing this took me all day but I had a damn good time doing it. I'm really proud of her. If anyone would like a custom oc from their favorite anime character just hit me up I will rarely say no and it passes the time till I can get into the hobby I really want to do. anyway. later!]
  ᏦhᏒᎥs / khaleesi / 17d 2h 54m 34s
[Center [pic]

《 I am in love. So in love.》
  EileenTheCrow / 17d 4h 3m 6s
[center [size10 Looking forward to December, I'm already feeling festive af. You can't tell right? lmao. November is basically December to me. Looking forward to ending this semester and camping too!! I need that adrenaline rush I haven't had in what seems like a long time now.

It's so beautiful there at night too. Going up competition hill and then looking at the whole view, all the pretty lights.. then going back to practically being scared but it's so much fun. I miss riding in the dunes so bad. That's living to me. All the hard work will pay off soon. Just a little longer.
[center [size15 [font "didot" •[u D E P R E S S I O N] •]]][center [size8 [font "didot" [i /listening to "Karma" /[center [pic]]

[center [youtube]]
  ʷᵉᵃᵏ / Depression / 18d 7h 54m 20s
[center [Saira+Extra+Condensed [size14 [b I really don't have much in the way of words. Though you were never much a part of my life, you meant the world to my older sister. I loved to see your drawings, the few times you came with us to eat sushi. I still have the picture of Neith you made for me, and I really have to remember to get it framed. I had not seen you in months... only to wake to the news you'd been shot in the head, left in a sort of vegetative state.
This past week in a half or so has been weird for me. I'm in a slump. Can't seem to bring myself to do much socializing. The wedding especially took it out of me. Have to send all the pictures to my aunt, before I forget.
Maybe the mental exhaustion is why I've been crying on and off over you. Have to be strong for everyone else, though. I'm sure mum and Chlo are hurting far worse. I have to be there, to make sure they're okay.]]]
  admin / Impurity / 18d 9h 46m 34s
I'm doing 1500 word paper over evolution and creationism and asking why they can't get along, my brain already hurts and I'm just doing the outline.
  B o j a c k / Balance / 18d 12h 59m 29s
[left [pic]][center [size10 White Cis male: *shoots and kills 26 people*]][center [size10 Trump: This isn't a gun issue it's a mental illness issue]][center [size10 Me, someone with mental illnesses: wtf????]]
[center [size10 Says the man who made it easier for mentally ill people to get guns and harder for them to get treatment for their mental illnesses. It seems like the problem could be easily solved by you actually doing shit right and stop trying to use mental illness as a fucking scapegoat because I'm fucking sick of it. As much as it would be nice to see your dumb ass impeached I know the line behind you wouldn't be an improvement and let's be honest nobody wants to take the time to just keep impeaching guys.]]
[center [size10 It's fucking whatever tho, not like shit's going to change that fucking easily anyways. I just wanted Uncle Bernie.]][center [size10 Wow so apparently he legally purchased guns even tho he shouldn't have been able to with his dishonorable discharge these gun control laws we have are so fucking great guys it's a shame I haven't got shot by someone yet. Fucking end my existence in this shit world someone, anyone.]]
  admin / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 18d 14h 15m 58s
[center [size10 You know I could see judging my relationships in general. They've all been kind of iffy but honestly they've all taught me different things. The best relationship I've prolly had is mine with out xephy. Still 100% convinced they're my soul mate and even if we remain platonic it's okay. The part of my relationships that you've judged that bugs me the most are the poly ones I've been apart of. I think the worst part of the judgement is that you actually gave me praise about it to my face then turned around and told others it was disgusting or gross or weird or whatever. I dont care if you thought it was weird the part that prolly upsets me the most is that you lied to my face. Also making someone date me was pretty low too. Not that I regret it but it could have saved time and trouble if you had been honest and upfront. But what fun would that be.]][center [size10 This shouldn't bug me but honestly it does prolly cause I'm starting to realize that I can't fight the fact that I'm poly anymore and it makes it fucking irritating cause I don't want to be attached to anyone. I would just rather up a die right now.]][center [size10 remember kids depression doesn't need a reason to be a dick it just is and it will beat the Fuck out of you. I would know it's beat me up for my lunch money numerous times.]]
  ___ / Indra / 18d 22h 41m 40s
[center [size15 [font "didot" •[u D E P R E S S I O N] •]]][center [size8 [font "didot" [i /listening to "Don't you know" /[center [pic]]

[center [youtube]]
  ʷᵉᵃᵏ / Depression / 19d 12h 57m 43s
Double post, but eh.

So, next Thursday or Friday I’m going to see my great aunt. She’s not doing so good and was recently discharged from the hospital for heart problems. She’s old, in her eighties, and it’s harder for her to get around and do the things she loves. She always helped people. It didn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, she’d becthere for you in your time of need. She’s a strong woman and I miss our family get together switch her...
  Flower / Lapis_ / 19d 14h 6m 6s
So, I was yelled by a customer last night. For what? Holding down my eyelid and rolling my eyes because my left eye started bothering me again. Like, woman, you held up the drive-thru because your stupid self ordered a dozen marble glazed donuts and then got mad because you ordered the wrong thing? That’s not how that works. Number one, we even offreed the dozen of marble glaze to you for free! You were still mad and started fake crying because you couldn’t get a refund, then proceed call my coworker out because she told that you didn’t need to cry and we were trying our best to make sure you were happy. Number two, don’t accuse me of staring at you when I was staring at the monitors and seeing how many cars were behind you. You don’t know me and you don’t what the heck happened to my eye. You were rude, caused a scene, and bitch d your way into getting your refund. We all broke several rules just for you. Lawd, I was blessed with being able to just walk away and go to the back to cool off. I didn’t waste my breathe on you. I didn’t need to.
  Witch / Lapis_ / 19d 15h 5m 17s

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