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Okay my bad its gone now, but no need to say it like that. Bye people *leaves the so called class?*
  MythicMallow / 75d 18h 30m 44s
[center [size10 I just went on a wild roller coaster of a ride. Some stories don't have to be shared with the class. Especially since Indefinite I'm sure, did NOT post to have someone reply to it. Yikes.

In other news since I've been super angsty lately, things are good again and I'm chill. Had some shit going on that was pissing me off/ giving me the big sad mood but it's all worked out now and my being a grade A douche can commence as scheduled.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 75d 19h 1m 32s
You ever just sit there and look at your SO and just be thankful that you get to love them and they love you back??? I’ve never felt so loved in my entire ass life. I get called cute x274791 and covered in kisses. I get to be spoilt rotten. He supports me and makes me feel better when I don’t want to. We both love the same things. It’s so bizarre.

We sat in bed and talked about how we love the fact that if you watch Doctor Who you get to slowly watch the video quality improve and that shit is fire. I love getting to mess with him and tease him. He’s so easy to tease.

And when I just wanna veg out we snuggle on the couch and watch a movie.

We laugh at things I have never laughed at before with other people.

He listens to me ramble about my ship girls and tries to understand the game even if he doesn’t play..

How’d I get so lucky? I’ve never been a great person but I got the fucking jackpot with this guy. My brain keeps wondering, “when is it gonna go wrong?” But when I remember how much love he shows for me I just bury myself into him. Flood out the bad thoughts with his love.

I love his babbles, his commentary in everything, the way he dances in the hallway to music, when he says “look” for the 20th time to ensure I caught the thing he liked, the fact he wants to share every moment with me.... lucky fucking lucky.
  ʟɪᴇʙᴇ / Indefinite / 76d 17h 10m 8s
[center [size10 [+hotpink One more work week and then vacation.
Time to ring in the new year.
Time for Christmas.
I'm not sure if I'm excited or not.

Side note: I'm obsessed with No Game No Life Zero.
Look at this edit!

[size7 Side Side Note: I'm still in love with my ex.]]]
  || ⊘ || / FallynAngel / 76d 23h 36m 20s
how dare baby get me addicted to this terrible ship game qwq
all i can do is think about my beautiful ship girls
  ʟɪᴇʙᴇ / Indefinite / 78d 34m 11s
[Size10 [center Hoh my god. So I ended up getting 2 shiny Sizzlipedes before I hit 300 eggs. Then I start breeding Zigzagoons and get a shiny male that's a nature I wanted before hitting 250 eggs. So I set to getting some of the other members of the team I want. Got a Toxel that's a nature I liked so it'll evolve into the amped form. Then got me a Noibat. So I'll have Noivern, Toxtricity, shiny Centiscorch, shiny Obstagoon and eventually I'll get a Dreepy so I can have a Dragapult. Then the sixth pokemon I'll probably change out depending on what I need cause I can't decide between alot of other good bois.

But here's the cool part. I thought I got JUST a shiny Zigzagoon. But no! Little did I know.. he's much better. I had him in my party leveling up while I fought stuff.. but when I finally pulled him out into battle for the first time.. squares! Fucking squares! He's an ultra shiny! Chances of getting an ultra shiny as a wild encounter are 1 in 65,000 as opposed to a normal shiny thats 1 in 4,000 something. Which yes, breeding using the masuda method brings normal shiny chances to 1 in 687 but still only 1 in every 16 shinies is an ultra shiny. Meaning those odds are still super high. Holy fuuuuck I take back [s [size10 almost]] everything bad I said about Sword and Shield. I love my sparkly boi.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 79d 7h 9m 23s
[center [size10 Holy hell, what a wack two days. So with the Masuda method in pokemon, you get preferably a shiny ditto from a different country than what your copy of the game is from and breed it with the pokemon you want a shiny of. Normally the chances are like 1 in 687 or something which is MUCH better than finding a wild shiny. Also, if you have the shiny charm it makes it go from 687 to 500 something. But again, I want my shiny Sizzlipede and Zigzagoon to be on my team throughout the game so we going hardcore on breeding. I prefer to keep my team full of pokemon so all the eggs go into the pc, then when i get anywhere from 30 to 90 eggs saved up, I take 5 at a time along with a pokemon with the flame body ability and start hatching them, might be faster to just hatch them as you get them but I like this method better cause then once the first one hatches, the other 4 are immediately after so it just feels more satisfying.

Anywho, explanations on breeding methods aside.. I had already hatched 210 Sizzlipedes and went ahead and got 90 more eggs ready so that'd be atleast close to half way there. I start hatching.. get to the last like... 40? Fffffucking shiny Sizzlipede! I was a bit bummed cause I was hoping for a male with a certain few natures, but as I still had eggs left, I kept going and [b literally..] two. Eggs. Later. Another. Shiny. Fucking male with the nature I wanted. WTF???? TWO almost in a row?? GD. Now I just need to get a shiny Zigzagoon so I can eventually have my big bright nasty blue and pink Obstagoon.

In other news, many months ago, I found a song that someone I follow on insta posted in one of their stories, and started listening to it ALOT. I fucking love the song but I never paid much attention to the lyrics. Which is odd for me cause usually I pick up on the lyrics right away. The other night I had the sudden urge to just [i know] what the lyrics were.. and when I tell you it took my fucking breath away, jesus fucking christ. This song right now is so god damn relevant it blew my mind. For me to have listened to this song and only really known what a couple lines were until just last night. Then having the random urge to know the words after months of not caring and it hitting THIS hard. Fucking fate mayhaps? Shit. So I'll join the bandwagon of posting songs now and for anyone who can't pick up on lyrics easily, [ [size10 Here they are.]] Enjoy~

  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 82d 18h 20m 5s
[Center [size10 Well, I spent a few hours between the other night and today using the Masuda method to try to breed a shiny Sizzlipede cause despite my qualms with Pokemon I caved and got Shield anyway. My love for a couple of the new pokemon and also Noivern made me cave and let me tell you. I haven't even gotten to the second gym yet but I've played this game for MANY hours. Trying to build up battles for a shiny Rookidee before realizing I was almost to the first daycare.. yikes. And especially now, I don't wanna fuckin beat the damn game and complete the pokedex to get a shiny charm to get a shiny easier. Nah man. I wanna beat my game WITH my shiny Centiscorch on my team. So catch me sitting here like a dumb ass with 110 Sizzlipedes hatched so far and continuing on till I'm falling asleep like last night till I hopefully get my sweetie baby. That is all.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 83d 20h 18m 29s
  。 ☢ / angels / 84d 21h 35m 31s
This is so dumb xD
Yet I couldn't help but laugh at it.
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 85d 19m 50s
[coming+soon [center [size15 [#859ecc [b Years have past and I thought by now I'd be mended. I'm a fuckin broken record when it comes to you and I won't even be specific as to who you are. I don't care if you even bother to keep up with my bullshit. I just miss the person you gave me. I miss the person you paraded as. I always thought you were genuine when it came to me.

After all, [u I] was different. Like the others, though, I was naive with you. I adored you; worshipped you; made all of my time for you... I broke my heart over you. But your story paints me differently.

Every time I think of you, I wonder if I should try to reach out to you. Because I will always love the time you gave me. I treasure it. I feel the void since we parted ways. You know this though. I'm sure you're onto other fucked up things.

I never understood how people could consciously choose to do bad things. Granted, I stayed with someone clearly bad for me for too long. But I never understood anyone else's vices. It's not for me to understand, no, I am sympathetic to almost all. Even to people who have wronged me. Sure I talk and say spiteful things, but there will always be that shred of me that hopes everyone is okay. Don't mistake me as a kind person-I am most certainly cruel.

I was selfish for doing it. Know why? Because I was dying watching you do this to yourself. I couldn't stand it. I was your biggest supporter. I..

I hate every day more and more knowing I keep trying to find something so satisfyingly platonic. I keep searching for another you. Karmic soul mate, I wish we never met. I don't know what wrote such a tragic ending for us, but ignorance of the love I had for you must have been a lesson. I'm starting to doubt it was for me.

If you're going to spiral, can't you have taken every reminisce of us with you?

I want to say I miss you. But that's just not you. I feel incomplete. Since the absence, I've been feeling invisible to anyone I love. The way you loved me was so perfect for me.

it's all just static now.
Well, I got one of my dream cars. It's pink too. I can't drive it right now because of my arm and that's kinda depressing... Also, physical therapy is going great. I just wished the burns on my face would stop flaring up, they're itchy and the urge to scratch them is driving me mad, not insane mad, angry mad. I may have to go back for and MRI because my back is messed up.

Man, I really wanna kick this man that spun me off of the interstate...
  LiterallyPluto / 91d 10h 31s
[center [size10 [+hotpink Happy Thanksgiving y’all!!!
I’m thankful for family and friends.
I may not have many friends, but they are loyal.
What are you thankful for??]]]
  || NⓖⓃ / FallynAngel / 92d 1h 18m 44s
[size10 can i have one day where i don't have to worry until i'm dizzy and sick? this is unmanageable. there's nothing i can do and that makes me feel so horrible. i hate this.]
  。 ☢ / angels / 98d 6h 28m 22s
Physical therapy, I don't know how I feel about it. My goal is to get well enough to work. I've almost completely lost use of my right arm and training my left arm to do the things I need to in order to actually stay alive, like eat, drink, shower, and brush my teeth are really hard, but not impossible. I putting makeup on for the first time with my left hand and it actually looked good. Other than that, the burns on my arms and face have been acting up with eczema and it's very irritating and painful to deal with.
  LiterallyPluto / 99d 14h 31m 35s

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