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[size10 pardon my lameness.

Just finished nge. that fucking ending.
what the actual fuck ??
two episodes ago we were fighting angels ...
then all of a sudden it's a fucking acid trip.

I swear the creators or something got lazy as hell, or all of a sudden they only had two episodes left and basically not enough time to make an actual ending. because the ending the anime got barely made any sense lmao.

at least they made an "alternate ending" in the form of two movies.
still not over the ending they gave the anime though.
  / Asuuka / 35d 16h 57m 34s
[center Nct 127 is back and I want to love em and enjoy the song but I just can't get past the 3 words total they gave winwin in the whole song. Or the fact that I barely notice Yuta so idk if they gave him any lines. Like i know people have used the "winwin's Korean may not be good enough" argument but that's why you give him lines so he can get better??? Like why my boy even there at this point in fire truck he was basically just the hype man like stop doing him so fucking wrong. Give my boy lines God damn it!]
  / Keunakeun / 36d 3h 28m 25s
When your own mother looks at your Skype picture and says you look like your Prince side. Tch, that's the first half decent thing that came out of her almost ever.

The hell is going on today
  Prince / pinkra01 / 36d 5h 18m 19s
[center When you've been hiding kittens in the house and you didn't tell your mom and she just randomly shows up. I legit just laid there in bed not moving an inch and trying not to make a single noise at first in hopes she'd leave. But then I decided to pop my head out and it was decently chill. There was no "why is the house like this?" or anything like that. Hell I don't even think she saw them or of she did she didn't say anything and Tbh that's cool. Keep letting me do what I want, keep just coming and going with zero complaints, I love it. Honestly if you are some alien taking over my mom's form, thank you so much, I'm stressed as is on a daily basis due to nothing at all and her visits used to be the fucking worst cause of her ocd but now it's just like a stranger is visiting and then going home after. Don't get me wrong tho I'd still fucking run away in a fucking heartbeat I hate it here and it's not because of how life is per say it's honestly the memories that I hate being reminded of lol.]
[center I think tonight I'm going to get wawa to celebrate this chill visit and also since I never got it last night and Suga was nice enough to send me funds.]
  / Keunakeun / 37d 2h 8m 46s
[coming+soon [center [size15 [#859ecc [b

There are no words I can find to explain how fucking lucky I am to have you.
I'm so glad the things we fight about are our actual insecurities instead of why I'm being cheated on. I don't know what I did to truly deserve you. I love you and I will spoil you to no end... god.
there's apart of me that realizes why I'm being like this suddenly.

and it pisses me off more then getting that false scare. This anxiety, this frustration. Its me knowing, this feeling of being replaceable. It never ends, it never stops. It seems being reaffirmed. I know I'll get that message tomorrow I know I will, its either that or something worse. Both will just break whats left of me.

Then again maybe if it doesn that'll be a good thing. I'll stop having to feel this way, I can just brush it all away. I can just be on my own and not have to bother with any kind of relationship.

Just trapped by myself.
  No Saint No Sinners / Sonicspeedx13 / 38d 12h 4m 24s
[center [size10 God, i hope one day you'll tell me why i suffered for this long. i hope that i'll be able to understand it.]]
[center [size10 why do i have to hurt every day? why do i always feel like my heart is breaking, over and over and over again?]]
[center [size10 and why do i put myself down on top of everything else?]]
[center [size10 i really hope someday i'll find the answer.]]
[center [size10 i'm very tired, you know.]]
[center [size10 some days, i really... just want to be carefree and... have a break from it. but it's never that simple. it'll never be that simple.]]
[center [size10 lately, my sides have been hurting. it's like how it was in high school]]
[center [size10 i hope it isn't ulcers.]]
[center [size10 i try really hard to be positive. i just... i need a little more support... and comfort..]]
[center [size10 i'm just afraid of being repetitive and a burden.]]
[center [size10 this angel needs some extra love.]]

[center [b [#F291CF ♡]]]
  ᴊᴏɴᴀʜ / lovesick / 38d 12h 22m 7s
The last two months and especially the past two weeks has been strenuous to say the very least. I've pushed myself mentally, physically and emotionally. Questioning the decisions I had made and whether I truly belonged where I now was. Of all the change I was amidst, there was a constant that I looked to. Like a star I absolutely adored you and despite how cruel you could be and how hurtful, how lonely you could make me feel I continued to love you. I had told you unconditional. Unconditional. It's why it get so very much. Whether it was real or not, your cruelty knew no bounds and it was the people around me that cared for me. Not the person that claimed this absence of affection or communication meant that 'I care'.

I am not weak, I'm not a door mat to be used and then forgotten about the following day. I'm a person. I feel, bleed, cry. Then suddenly I snapped. It occurred to me that you are a liar. Manipulative. Abusive.

I adored you and it's why it hurts so much.

The last three days these words in a song 'Where the light is" is all that's been getting me through each day. A song but a prayer my very heart is screaming out. Lead me where the light is.

[i On the edge of hopeless I called you from the darkness]

[i God, come quickly
Only you can save me
Will you lead me where the light is
God be with me
Don't know where I'm going
Will you lead me where the light is
I've been living in the dark
I've been looking for daylight, you're my daylight
So God, come quickly
Only you can save me
And lead me where the light is
  >Mine< / Mercy_ / 38d 15h 52m 55s
[google-font][Josefin+Slab [size18 [#424242 People like, really weird me out.
You do realize you don't need to genderbend existing couples to get a decent male x male couple, right?
Like, Yaoi is pretty popular. Wouldn't be that hard to find characters to base your relationship off of.
Speaking of basing relationships off things, can I just address that people who "want" a Joker x Harley relationship probably don't know anything outside of fan fiction they figured to be canon.
It was an [b abusive] and [b manipulative] relationship.
So like, if you wanting someone to be your Joker, your saying you want to be constantly degraded, made to feel you have no worth and get both physically and verbally abused.
And well if you want to be someones Joker, you want to be an abuser.
So unless you're ready to admit you want a toxic af relationship then you should probably pick something better.
Fucks sake.
This is probably just me nitpicking something irrelevant and I should just let people have their fun but like

Whaaaateveeeeerrrrr maybe I should be more focused on the ninja bug that keeps chewing me up like I killed its family and it's exacting revenge. ]]]
  / Arcane / 39d 5h 14m 39s
Why do I always check when there is never anything there anymore. You say it's okay and that she's changed but it's just so hard to believe you. She angers me and scares me so much and it's making me unhealthy mentally. I need to stop worrying. You say it's okay so it's okay. And you are mine aren't you? You'll never leave, not even if you wanted to. You are the knight type so you've gotta save this little damsel don't you? I suppose it doesn't bother me much, except that you could become unhappy and you'd stay because you are so wonderful. I don't blame any of the girls who like you for doing so. You are an amazing man babe. I'm honestly so lucky to have you. I know I'm like always difficult but I am working on it and I will make you the happiest man in the world. I just need to get over this irrational fear of a girl who hasn't done anything to me personally in a while. Maybe, just maybe, could we be friends if only she would get over you and I stop fearing her taking my man. I just don't ever want to lose you. It's the scariest thought to me. I've already lost two of my sister figures, I can't lose you. She is a sensitive subject and I don't know if it will ever not make me sad, but I know at some point I have to stop being so scared of her, and events I write this I'm realizing how little of a threat she is, even if you hated me. Your personality keeps you with me and away from her because you only made her miserable, but you make me so happy. I consider myself to be the luckiest girl on this planet. You won't hurt someone-
that's why Christmas happened. You were destined to walk this path you've been on and it might not be over, but I am a dead end. You will never leave because you could never hurt me. I'm your last stop Andi hope it is your favorite.
  Disney World / Sekushi / 39d 13h 41m 9s
[center [size10 my love isn't like anybody else's.]]
[center [size10 but it ain't easy.♡ pfft.]]

[center [b [#F291CF ♡]]]
  ᵃᶰᵍᵉˡ / lovesick / 39d 14h 46m 33s
[coming+soon [center [size15 [#859ecc [b
I get so overjoyed when I hear that my son is being treated nicely by other people. I wish I had money or some way to thank them for making him at least somewhat happy. He deserves it and not many people get along with him.

Emily Carroll has such beautiful art, and has a beautiful way of telling stories. Stories that are dark and eerie.
I don't read much and it took a lot of energy for me to read it-probably because my anxiety and depression has been kicking, but I enjoyed it. I think I always will.

I am in a daze.
Not sure if I should take this TEMPORARY job or stay with my miserable one. I dunno. Anything that pays me. The thought of it all is just... tiring. Exhausting. I'm tired of the same food. I'm tired of worrying about paying things I can't afford. I'm tired of being told I'm not allowed to be stressed or depressed. Or that I shouldn't be. Well I am, asshole. You lot had it better than me. Your parents paid your tuition. Your parents stayed in one house your entire life. Your parents are supportive of you. You've got such an advantage than me and that's not the half of it. These seem irrelevant but because you've lived this way you can't possibly understand why I'm always so... lethargic. Your parents let you be you. Mine forced me to college. Practically said I wasnt allowed to decide what I want with my life if I chose not to go to college. So yeah. Im depressed. I'm not sorry or ashamed of it. Just tired of people telling me what I am and what I'm not. I never asked.And god I don't want to be out today. But here I am. Out.

These stupid tears.
All I do is cry. I feel the slightest bit of emotion and I bawl.
I fucking hate it.
I hate letting people see because I don't want to cry-I don't even know why I cry. I'm just so... frustrated. Guess my stupid tiny body can't handle emotion well.

All I do is run.
Because it's easier than trying to plant myself in a lifestyle I know I can't emotionally and mentally live. I can barely live this one. And yeah, I acknowledge all the good things handed to me. So, honestly, what am I supposed to do?
[center [size10 i'm absolutely in love with this new oc. i'm so happy opal discussed her with me, i was terrified i wouldn't get to develop her much... but she's so fleshed out and just so perfect now.]]
[center [size10 i might make a playlist or something for her sometime tomorrow. i also need to practice drawing her - but first i need mechanical pencils.]] [center [size10 =___=]] [center [size10 i can't believe i lost both of my really good ones... ugh. i need to save some money to buy some more..]]
[center [size10 opal also made me the most perfect and thoughtful gaia profile in the entire universe! i swear, my heart swelled when i saw it... so sweet..]]
[center [size10 i love my friends so much...]]

[center [size10 overall today has been really good. i even had taco bell, which is [i always] fucking great. gave me the shits though LMAO]]
[center [size10 now to just chill and listen to music and go on mobile tumblr till i can sleep.]]

[center [b [#F291CF ♡]]]
  ⚠⚠⚠ / lovesick / 40d 10h 4m 50s
[center [size10 I've been fucking cursed]][center [size10 "Donald Dick"]][center [size10 "Donald Fuck"]][center [size10 "Donald Dunk]][center [size10 "Donald Sunk"]][center [size10 Whoever tf you are I will fucking find you and I will fucking fight you. Can't even say his fucking name right irl either fml and Fuck Donald duck]]
  ooc / IKONic / 40d 16h 2m 28s
[center [size10 why am i so obsessed with him, he pisses me off so damn much. corny too...but I'M WEAK. oh well..been watching this show and it's crazy ....]]
  Wysteria / 40d 16h 13m 41s

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