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My hearing fades in and out and it's making my head hurt. I'm calling tomorrow to see if they can either place me with another doctor or let me come in sooner than October 5th. Everything gust sounds too muffled and like I'm under water.
  002 / LiterallyPluto / 36d 2h 42m 17s
Do you even like me as much as you say anymore?

I feel like you're holding back.

But is it my insecurities that keep telling me that?

I'm scared. I'm scared because you're exactly what I need, and I'm scared that you'll leave just like everyone else.

Please don't. Please don't let me get attached and then leave.
  EmeraldValkyrie / 36d 3h 14m 26s
[size10 [center I fucking hate you so much. I think I'm over the obsession and just hearing the start of that stupid song has me catching feels. I hate how much I love the way I can't breathe when I think of you. The pain in my chest that feels like a ton of bricks weighing me down. You suffocate me even now. But at least I can tell the difference. It doesn't hurt cause I need you anymore. This beautiful pain is me realizing that now that I don't need you so desperately, all that shit is in the past and I likely wont let myself go back to it. All the pain that felt so gad damn amazing. After a while it'll go away. And the pain you made me feel so fucking often.. Yeah, that I'm gunna miss. You're a beautiful freak, even now. Unfortunately, it seems my instincts have finally won me over. You'll be okay though. Heh, always did just fine without my ass anyway, yeah? Whatta bitch. Fuckin love it.]]

[center [size10 Listening to a good bop always helps distract. Enjoy. Baow.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 36d 3h 57m 37s
First off. "WillowBear"

I don't know who the fuck you think you are, a year old account, and you expect us just to just listen to your fucking opinion?

Oh mighty 20 year old, impart me with your infinite wisdom.

1. Shut the fuck up. You came into a dear diary thread, talking that shit like you know something.

2. Mind your own fucking business. If it doesn't concern you. Please refer to the "Shut the fuck up, section above. Please read article 17 as well, to find the best way to go fuck yourself.

3. Your profile is just as amateur as you are. Therefore, shit.


Love you Mun. Fuck that wannabe hoe.
  EmeraldValkyrie / 36d 13h 6m 28s
[center [size10 [+hotpink You’re gonna hate me for the picture I post at the end here.

But I can’t help myself really.
I’m in love with you.
You’ve really been there for me.
Thank you for that.
I love you so much.
I can’t believe that I’ve known you for over 4 years now.
It seems like forever.
At least feels like it anyway.

I can’t believe we’re finally there.
Finally dating.
Finally together.
Finally happier.
I’m happy being your girl.
So happy.
Like extremely happy.
I just can’t believe it.
It feels like a dream.
I love it.
I don’t wanna wake up.
I wanna stay in this dream forever.

You’ve been sooo understanding too.
Like super understanding.
It feels amazing.
You’re amazing.
You’re perfect.
I love the heck out of you and your face.
You mean so much to me.
Like a lot.
You’re the best.
I just can’t believe I finally get to call you my boy.
It’s so surreal.
It astounds me.
I don’t deserve you.
I really don’t.
But I have you and you have me.]]]

[center [pic]]
  FallynAngel / 36d 17h 9m 50s
[center now that I'm "fully rested" I just wanna throw my two pennies into the ring and say how you gonna put people on full blast while also telling someone else NOT to do that? Seems a bit hypocritical my friend. I know I'm late but I'm gonna be 30 in a couple years and I've been on that grind these past couple of days trying to make overtime so I can actually make something of myself. Ya know being a responsible adult and shit. But guess what mature adults can start shit and talk shit that's the wonderful thing about being a adult the freedom to pick a choose what you say and do. People are welcome to do whatever and say whatever but once you start looking like a hypocrite you just lose all creditibility tbh]
[center seriously tho I'm a dick on here but trust me irl I am the opposite unless we know each other well enough to give each other shit. Don't take people on es at face value. You only see one side of people and its usually the side they allow you to see. Plus ya know I'm sure there's some fake ass people on this site who aren't who they say they are.]
  ooc / Taekwoon / 36d 23h 31m 54s
lol @ the people that think their "advice" or opinion matters.
You're dumb.

got me wondering though, if you're the same Jess that went after her best friend's boyfriend, all those years ago.
I'd laugh if you were.

enough bs though.

rip Mac Miller. Shit's sad.

I wish drugs weren't so tied into being a musician but idk.
too many good musicians died to drugs.
  |boujee| / Geisha / 37d 12h 35m 56s
[center [+red Mun is my god of weighty journal post and strong opinions.]]

[center [+red I'm going to put my opinion here in the pot too. I've never really cared to go against the crowd I usually fucking do here lmao. Though I'm going to be straight. It's not up to Mun... To fix the goddamn site xD]]

[center [+red ES Going down hill for one hasn't really bothered him and he really doesn't owe this place any favors. I get by that long novel you were trying to "Help this place"]]

[center [+red Different approaches than preaching to people you gotta no that's not gonna really have any affect.]]

[center [+red Mun is right to say just treat him like another person online. You got to be a certain level of detached on the internet you can't take everything to heart you'll drive yourself fucking crazy. Also I'm too skeptical of what most people claim here honestly even more so when it's a fad.]]

[center [+red I just don't always come on here and express that but it's the internet we are allowed to feel skeptical if we want to. If they are Witches? Than Mun shouldn't shake their faith and they can move on. Yeah I don't think everyone that says they are is tbh.]]

[center [+red Rant over.]]
  Kirishima / Knight- / 37d 12h 59m 9s
[left [pic]][center [size10 Nah fuck that I got a better journal entry for you than that lame shit]][center [size10 Matt is leaving me in a few weeks for a dairy farm, it's not that I don't enjoy my other coworkers and managers and shit it's just tbh like the banter and shit between us is easier and shit.]][center [size10 I will miss him and I've only known the dumb ass a week and only worked a few shifts with him, but god damn man I would hang with him outside of work any fucking day of the week. He's abandoning me for some cows, guys, can you believe this fuckery???]][center [s [size10 I still swear the man has to be a fucking aries]]][center [size10 Also idr what he said or did but I almost smacked him in the face]][center [size10 Also he told me to go back to china. boi i wish I could]][center [size10 Also Tim, buddy, pal, buckaroo one of these mother fucking nights my short bitch ass is gonna throw your long ass out the fucking drive thru window. Watch your fucking step son or you gonna get fucking rekt tf up]]
  read me / Taekwoon / 37d 13h 13m 23s
The amount of memes and inside jokes crammed into that cursed fucking journal post gave me whiplash
  / Rami / 37d 13h 50m 42s
[center [size10 Attention everyone: I'm apparently quick to anger and slow to cool so don't fuck with me cause I have the power of god and anime on my side. *slaps my ass* This Mun can fit so much anger in him. Somebody better gimme they fuckin footwraps before I lose it cause I'm the god of weighty journal posts and strong opinions and I just shipped my bed.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 37d 13h 53m 36s
Dude. You need to do me next. You're so awesome at reading people, I'd love to find out why I'm really like I am.
  [-Administrator-] / Strategist / 37d 13h 56m 55s
[Center [size10 Attention whore confirmed. Askin me aren't I curious why they made such a random post and said all the things they said. Asking if Im not curious about what angle they might be working.. um nah. Your angles are sloppy you might as well be working circles tbh. So I guess it's confirmed whatever her fucked angle she had it all leads to whatever attention she wanted. So congrats? You got it I guess. Yaaay you won and now people know not to listen to what you say anymore. Awesome. What a waste of good potential for entertainment. Sad face. Oh well back to my regularly sceduled activities.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 37d 15h 3m 47s
Woaaah some people are really upset. I hope you find peace haha.

Today was a day. But tomorrow is gonna be exciting. Lots o drinking my dudes. And not letting what ever vibes ES got bother me. Haha. Anyhoot.

Spoody boi came out and my boi is super excited about it. Can be so cute sometimes. My friend got me a vape and lent me some of her CBD oil since... mine was na-sty.

I kinda want spaghetti.
  Pouring / Yuuka / 37d 15h 27m 23s
Look, that jumbled mess of a wannabe novel literally had zero effort put into it. To rudely disregard someone's gender, it's really gross and then to bring up mental illness with little to no reason, just, no...

Also, the whole trying to see through to someone's personality is ridiculous. "Oh, I read what they say online, so I know them." No, that's not how that works.

It is really not helping your case of "this site could made into something better".

Nah, this site will get worse because of crappy rps, washed and overused storylines, basic literary skills, and this journal thread. Not to mention this place constantly attracts new people who will harrass other users, trying oh so desperately to get them to roleplay with them.

Now, there are still some really amazing writers on this sites and there a few good roleplays, but that's about it. Though, a lot of these writers have moved on to the next step in their creative process and moved to writing sites.

ES, is and always will be a cesspool of toxicity and that will never change.
  002 / LiterallyPluto / 37d 15h 24m 8s

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