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Little late but happy new year world.
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 56d 21h 3m 33s

Just dropping this here once more.
  Tasia / Nullification / 59d 12h 26m 36s
[center [#808080 Has this site always been this lonely?]]
[center [#808080 I mean, I know I've pandered it off and on for the last near decade but.. it used to feel different.]][center [#808080 Group chats galore, intense friend groups, squads, all those cringy edited anime pictures that you still kind of adore.]]
[center [#808080 Where did it go? Maybe we all just grew up, got depressed, and no longer feel the need to bond in such ways. Or maybe we do, just not here.]]
[center [#808080 [size10 saw an old anime group photo, felt nostalgic]]]
  apt; / Apt / 59d 22h 19m 24s
it's ok to be white is trending on twitter lmao. white people are a fucking laugh sometimes. probs just boomers again, tryin' to use the pity card that they have no right to use . honestly, y'all think you got it so tough. that you're the minority. ok boomer

so laughable, i really just can't lmao

why kpop is cringe be trending, idfk
actually jk
some stans bein disgusting, AGAIN
[ here u go]
not abt to post huge ass images because I'm not that mean
these bitches are probs nothing but trolls but honestly, some kpop stans really suck
why nasty people gotta be dragging down a whole genre of music
  Geisha / 60d 1h 1m 13s
So I've been officially single for a whole month now. Yes I'm sad, but it's better than being in a toxic ass relationship. I'm adjusting to being single again, 4 years with someone can do that I guess.

I loved him with all my heart and he couldn't even treat me right. I was with him for so long because we had some great moments together. I can't stay for the good times because the bad out weighed the good. I would get into all the things he did and said to me but it's triggering and I just don't feel like typing it all. Just know that I am safe back in Florida away from an abusive jerk.
  scentist / Luna_Tash / 60d 1h 12m 43s
[left [pic]]

[center [size10 if anyone had told me a year ago that me and you would ever get to this point ever again I would have laughed at them. I also almost died twice about a year ago so what tf did I know then? I've never loved you more than I love you right now and that is including all those other times I've prolly proclaimed the same thing. I've grown and matured and learned patience. Things are different, WE'RE different. Idfk what we were before but we were a hot mess but bby we got this. We just gotta get this one last thing out of the way and then boom you'll be here. I'll be here. All will be right with the world. We'll make shit work we got this. I got you and you got me. We'll be home.]]
[center [size10 you might be a jerk but I wouldn't change you for the world at this point. We gonna scrap but we gonna scrap good. We gonna grow even more together and imma heal even more with you here just you watch me boi. I'll grow big and strong.]]
  Carat / 60d 19h 8m 31s
[center We finished Akame Ga Kill and I shut the tv off and said "my heart is broken" then he replies with, "ah, you too?"

love this boy smfh

boys and girls this boy is mine
  ᴋʀᴜʟ ᴛᴇᴘᴇs / Indefinite / 61d 1h 22m 20s
[center [#ffffff [size10xxx]]]
[center [#ffffff [size10xxx]]]
[center [#ffffff [size10xxx]]]
[center [#aa0000 [size10 Every time I think it would be fun to begin practicing writing via this site executive dysfunction kicks in and I never really stick with it.]]][center [#aa0000 [size10 And its hard, I know, to make commitments with writing partners because life hits and things are hard and being an adult sucks.]]]
[center [#aa0000 [size10 Here goes nothing, though.]]]
  / Apt / 62d 22m 16s
Steven: This is gonna be harder than I though
Lapis: We just gotta force them to stop. We gotta FIGHT they just aren't nice like me.
Steven: Uhh...

That killed me
Even with Lapis redeemed she's pretty brutal.
The crystal gems are so soft now
But Lapis still just omg

Steven Universe future is interesting.

It feels the main conflict was handled so this almost feels like an after story to me xD
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 64d 10h 59m 13s
[#ffb3b3 [size10 [i I don't give two shits about the holidays, but for everyone else, I can wish them a happy holiday and I hope you guys enjoy your's more then I did mine. But hell, as long as I get to spend it with the family I made, I don't really mind. Happy holidays you filthy animals."
  青い⋆ / StarSailor / 65d 5h 10m 59s
[center [size10 [+red Just wanna give a special shout out to a special someone: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! )



Safe travels for anyone traveling today and happy holidays to all. I hope it is a wonderful day for everyone.]]]
  || ⊘ || / FallynAngel / 65d 20h 24m 8s
Hey, so the Holiday season isn't always a great time for everyone. So for those struggling to find yourself enjoying yourself in this period when it seems like everyone else isn't: It's okay to not be okay. But know that so many strangers are thinking of you, so many people waiting to meet you.. And that it sucks right now, but remember that there are always people looking for you and looking to help you.

You just have to give it time. Cry out your feelings and remember that in this battle for your life, you will always be victorious. :) I believe in you.
  ʟɪᴇʙᴇ / Indefinite / 67d 12h 8m 41s
[center [youtube]]

[center [+green This game looks anime and edgy as hell. Yet somehow I fucking love it xD. The dark souls gameplay mixed in with some cooldowns combat it blends together well. At first combat felt like a clunky mess. Sure Bloodborne was kinda challenging but tbh I FLEW into that combat destroying a path through. Here? I was clunky the first hour or so. Recently just annihilating another soulslike game (Nioh.) I was surprised I guess. It's not that Code Vein is harder. Actually one could argue its easier. You get an AI party member that actually does well. Almost too well early on making it hard to give you a chance to learn to fight.]]

[center [+green Combat feels awkward a bit at first but it really starts to click at a certain point. I like how classes or Blood Codes have distinct playstyles. Like mine for example (Atlas) has the lowest Mana/Inchor in the game and that shit is needed for skills and buffs. So I gotta buff before the fight than I gotta score juicy hits to restore that Inchor and do two handed skills in mid combo to extend said combo. When the enemies staggered I can dodge/block/parry the next guy if my timing is quick enough. Because of the party member this game isn't afraid to through MASSIVE hordes. I felt Nioh tried not to keep you TOO outnumbered. In Bloodborned hitting multiple guys wasn't too hard and the Hordes were never too overwhelming to me. Keep in mind I did all the seven new game pluses. Stayed at LV 120 for them too sure I had a sturdy build but that hardly matters late game. I had end game gems and variation of my weapon too and did all the chalice dungeons. In Nioh I'll be honest I only got to my second playthrough and got bored. GAME WAS FUN don't get me wrong. Haven't played Nioh's DLC but I enjoyed the combat. The story was meh but was glad it had one.]]

[center [+green I go to work in a few hours though and I just been really enjoying this game. I feel blessed to have the people I do in my life. I'm glad to be making money. Lot of expenses came up in the family but I felt I was able to handle it all. The raises for this job are already set 50 cent raise every six months. Except the second six months is an entire dollar raise. ]]

[center [+green Back to Code Vein though wow fucking love this game. The story isn't like god tier or anything but it's enough to get me invested to a degree. For most I recommend Japanese as to many the English can feel overacted. That being said my ass likes the English just fine. Yakumo/Mia I really adore in English. It's so hard to choose between having those two around. Mia isn't as good as Yakumo tbh at least most of the time but I just love her voice and her style and having her by side idk. Yakumo? He's my favorite male personality wise. Plus I use his class xD he's a fucking beast gameplay and cutscene wise. I really enjoy him. I'll cut my rant short tbh just to get some game time before I go to work.]]

[center [+green One last thing I'm switching positions at my job because my current one is killing my back. The new one pays the same with the same raises and is much easier physically. Just requires more socializing and I like people so that's all right. They should have me moved in about a week or two I can't wait!]]
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 69d 11h 10m 41s
[center [size10 It's so damn hard knowing my baby has a hurt foot and I'm making the decision not to take him to the vet. I see Murray's swollen little foot and all my instincts tell me "that's got to be seen". But I'm believing in the fantastic rat community, his breeder and my own instincts as one of the two people that knows his personality better than anyone else. I was also scared of home nursing Eggo and Hopper when they started having slight respiratory issues, but thanks to the amazingly detailed post from hundreds of the rat community, we very early on found out that with the proper medicine and care paired with how resilient rats are in general, most rat issues can easily and safely be cared for at home.

Just a week or so of giving them amoxicillin in a bit of yogurt cleared up their respiratory issues like magic. It really boosted my confidence in what all a responsible owner can do to help their rats at home without having to go to a vet. There's so many resources when it comes to meds that are safe for rats and charts of [i exactly] what mgs of different meds you have to use for different sized rats.

With Murray's foot swollen and mostly being unused by him, i.e. keeping the foot relaxed and toes held together instead of pressed flat against the floor when he's on all fours, there's many variables that could have persuaded me to take him to the vet either way.

For one, rat's are super fucking durable. There's a rat on insta that someone found in the cold outside who's tail and all feet were frost bitten. The extend of the vet's hand in the issue were pain meds while they simply waited for the appendages to rot and fall off. Which amazingly, thanks to rats being so resilient, they did perfectly fine and he's not a fat, happy nubbin boy. He has a perfectly normal rat life, just one without any feet and that's perfectly fine. No need for surgery as any time something so small is put under, there's always a good chance their small bodies can't cope and they won't make it through.

Which is one of the driving forces to me not taking him. One of the only things a vet could do that I can't is put him to sleep to take an xray to evaluate the situation, which would be a risk. Even if it was broken, it's a rat. Any splint or cast put on his foot would be easily chewed through and removed. But most importantly to me of all is that Murray is the shiest of all our rats. He's grown so much more confidant since being with us, yet even so he really doesn't care for being held. Loves coming to us and getting his head scritched or to receive good treats, yet holds are a no no.

I know that being in a new place with weird smells and having someone especially that he doesn't know, forcing him to be held, and likely pressing and feeling his sore foot is bound to scare the shit out of him and even chance him struggling and hurting his foot more. I can't chance decking the vet in the face if Murray starts screaming from being poked and prodded roughly. Worse yet if he flips out and jumps, getting loose in the vets office.

So for all these reasons, we - along with the opinions of the breeder we got him from - decided to treat him however we can at home. About the only thing you could do for a rat with an injured foot is pain meds, then hoping it heals on it's own. Thankfully, in these rat groups, a rat with a much much worse looking foot than Murray's was pretty much back to 90% within a week or two of home care. Thankfully the rat community is also very aware and understanding of home care for many things that while looks serious, usually ends up looking way worse than it actually is. That's just how rats are. Feet injuries are unfortunately common for rats as they're very rough players with eachother and like to pull eachother off of ledges or the bars of the cage, sometimes even Mufasa and Scar style, pushing eachother from one floor to the one below.

So, we got some berry children's motrin and found the exact amount to give him, and have given him a few doses now. The ibuprofen helps with pain and swelling and it's already looking better from when we first noticed it. The best and most hopeful part, also one of the main reasons everyone is hopeful that home care will be enough without seeing the vet.. While he normally keeps his foot at rest when he's standing still, he does put pressure on it when walking and even lifts onto just his back feet, occasionally doing the rat thing of perching on the edge of the food bowl on just his two back feet. So it's not so painful that he can't stand using it at all. He can't grip well, so instead of just climbing the bars to get from floor to floor, he'll full on vault up and down the levels despite me giving him a ramp to use. And better still, he scratches his itches with it, which would bend his foot at an angle to where if it was too bad, that would be extremely hard to do. I'll always see him scritching an itch and it makes me so happy when I notice its his injured foot cause that's a really good sign. He's not having to baby it way too much which means it may be something small.

I over worry about my babies, they're all so special and important to me, so it's a fucking hard thing to not take him to the vet when I see him this way. I worry my decision is the wrong one.. but I have to trust in my rat breeder, the plethora of rat owners and rat breeders that have done this for years, myself and my ability to care and do the RIGHT research for the job, but most importantly, I have to believe in Murray. He know's what's best to heal his foot right now. He's caring for it and keeping off it when he needs to. He's got his instincts for a reason and they're helping him out wonderfully.

Hopefully I can look back at this post to help remind me when I'm doubtful that me, Desmond and the breeder have sound reasoning for this. It's not just being unwilling to take him to the vet. With the dogs, I'm quick to take them to the vet when something happens.. Rats, I'm learning, are a whole ass different ball game. Such little troopers.

Good luck little baby, keep healing and papa will help you the best I can. Everyone believes in you.
And we believe in your conspiracies. <3

Edit: Just because I previously said that most rat issues can be cared for at home does not mean they are an easy pet to care for correctly. While Murray's injury has been mostly decided a minor one, does not mean you can get a rat and anything that happens, sickness or injury can and should be treated at home. There's ALOT that goes into owning rats. A few to name being that they're best in numbers, one is not enough, 3 or even 4 is best, ideally the more room the better so large cages and spaces to safely play outside the cage is needed, and they really require alot of daily care, love and attention. They aren't a snake you can feed and water once a week and they're fine. They are extremely intelligent animals and get bored very easily, even in groups, it's up to the owner to provide plenty of activities both in and out of their cage to keep them engaged and entertained, whether in human interaction or in toys and activities for when they are alone. There's tons of great resources online for anyone looking to own rats, just please do alot of research as most petstores don't give the proper care information nor nutritional needs for rats. Just giving rats a small cage, a bottle of water and a generic seed mix food does NOT cut it.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 70d 22h 7m 35s
Everyone who doesn’t pronounce “gif” as “jiff” I have a question for you. A question that has haunted me for awhile.

What the hell is ur problem

Because [b generally] when someone invents a word they tell you how to pronounce it, you don’t tell them how it’s pronounced. But I’m no [b genius], so don’t hafta listen to me.

[i Jokes] aside, I love when Facebook [b gestures] I should work out and go to the [b gym] because I look at my squish tum and [b gently] grab it. Telling it “boi u big, but you r [b magical] nonetheless.”

Anyway fite me irl
  ʟɪᴇʙᴇ / Indefinite / 73d 5h 22m 40s

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