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[center [i On another note I enjoyed this a lot]]
  OOC / Isamu / 15d 3h 7m 10s
Wish we had more Luna screentime doe.

So gonna try out Athena today in Smite woot! David may even get Overwatch I'm pretty happy bout that.
  OOC / Isamu / 15d 3h 26m 56s
[size10 I've been having nice dreams lately. It's kinda nice, I dreamt of Noctis and Luna last night LOL. I ship them so hard. I was dreaming of bae beforehand which is nice too. If I'm dreaming of bae and my otps then it's harder to wake up.

Ah well.
Off to a possible pop quiz I go.
  NIKE / Sakura / 15d 3h 39m 16s
I wonder what the age limit is for getting tired of senseless bullshit?

Mine must be 23 because I feel like an old man trying to keep up with the high speed talk all these youngsters are going on about back and forth for no real reason with no real objective in mind..

I'd post a soldier 76 meme but instead imma just say fuck 'smart' phones because they won't give me the proper link and thus make myself feel EVEN MORE OLD!

*shakes his fist in the air* damn punks
  Madness / Sonicspeedx13 / 15d 4h 27m 43s
I wasn't sure what to expect. Given the opportunity to speak and only to have my hope erased but utterly confused by my inbox. Why the fuck are you even messaging me?

I'm in a God awful mood.

Only took a quality twenty minutes to read through almost twenty days of entries, not a lot changes.

I wish I'd not made the effort to say hello to someone. Happy Birthday to me~ Peace.
  >>Ich bin da<< / Mercy_ / 15d 6h 29m 8s
[Center [size10 Es people upset about others in their journal when literally like 90% of ESians are stalkers as well. The people I don't like are the ones that get upset when you stalk but deny that they stalk others or even you as well. It's funnier tho when you've seen their name in your threads and they still deny it.]]

[Size10 [center Like hoe, even when I didn't like Neon, I didn't say shit about seeing him in my journal cause oops guess the fuck what? I've looked in his shit before too. Guess some people just like being the pot that calls the kettle black.]]

[Size10 [center Kek I'm like rolling thi this shit is funny. These ppl ofc being the same type to not only be a hypocrite but to also contradict themselves to hell and back. "Imma block you cause i dont have time for you people who love drama, im not into drama, im better thn yu cus dnt liek drama~". Yo man hate to break it to you but when you make the post saying that, I immediately discredit you cause you made the damn post at all. Tired of people claiming to wanna be drama free but they KEEP RESPONDING. Even one post that you make in reply is you seeking drama just to be seen and heard atleast once. To have your say. So if you gunna fuckin post and then block someone, just fucking go ahead and admit you wanna have a say so to get your attention fix like everyone knows is the case. But if you really wanna "not be involved in drama" then fuckin. Block. And dont. Respond.]]

[Size10 [center Aint nobody believing yo ass sweetie so sit down and start clickin that block button if you don't like what people have to say. Yknow like you're prolly gunna do to me now. :)]]
  -sᴍɪʟᴇ- / Sangwoo / 15d 13h 13m 53s
[Center [pic]]

Its a Thy Art kind of day. Fuck.
  Retribution / 15d 17h 55m 22s
[left [pic]][center I'm sorry I'm so salty I didn't mean to dehydrate you bby.][center You gotta forgive me. Lemme go get you a nice tall glass of water.]
  admin / fkuropinion / 15d 17h 48m 27s
[center [pic]]
  光ノ風吹ク丘 / Chrysalis / 15d 18h 1m 49s
[left [pic]][center I literally lurk in so many people's journal threads tho so like i mean are you really that special??? Nah.][center Real incriminating evidence of something I do literally all day everyday to literally so many people on here and yet you the first to seem to have some issue with it and some vague ass post I made. Have fun with that nice incriminating screenshot.]
  admin / fkuropinion / 15d 18h 7m 40s
[center [pic]]
[center [size10 "If the shoe fits" but makes it obvious they are throwing shade by searching for my response in my own personal thread where I should've posted all along because you and that girl decided to feed off it??? for what? idk.

I wasn't going to say anything. I won't say anything further. Leave me alone, that's about it. Nobody's feelings are hurt, stop assuming. I'm going to be the mature one here and just block you cause I got math homework to do. I don't thrive off negativity and drama. So, bye.
  Sakura / 15d 18h 13m 43s
[center [pic]][center [size11 If the shoe fits it ain't no one's fault but your [u own.]]]
  admin / fkuropinion / 15d 18h 25m 46s
[center [size10 People will seriously try to grasp at straws and overanalyze every little thing you say and then completely blow it up into something that wasn't even anything.

And for what, trying to make someone feel small?
Clearly it didn't work, lol.]]
  ꜱɴᴏᴡ / Lucis / 15d 18h 31m 11s
[center [pic]]
  Sakura / 15d 18h 35m 48s
[center [pic]]
[center [pic]]
  admin / fkuropinion / 15d 18h 42m 3s

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