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Woot! One Course down and one more to go! I'm so happy I'm almost done and I get to finish on an easy af class, health. Like I got a 65 on the pretest so and so far three 100s and an 83 so I'm doing awesome. I'll be happy if my GPA is over 3.0 but if not I mean 3.0 is cool but I wanna aim higher than that but not too high like say expecting a 4.0 GPA isn't probably gonna happen because I made too many B's and in order to get a "perfect" 4.0 you have to make 90s or greater. I'm perfectly good with getting a 3.0 or higher. I'm not trying to get into Yale or Harvard lol

Also on a more negative note that has nothing to do with anything I typed up above but... This asshat threatened to slap my mom for no reason all because she got mad at him for waking her up. Um hello? Most people including myself get pissed off when they're trying to sleep dumbass. When my mom tried to talk to him about he tried to say that it happened the other day and he was just trying to give her eggrolls So I me and my fiance had to step in and let him know that he did all this shit YESTERDAY. He didn't shut up til 4 in the morning and that was because my fiance and I were in the living room with my mom while she slept just so he wouldn't fuck with her. My brother and fiance both heard him say he wanted to slap my mom. I didn't hear him cuz I had my headphones on but I took them off and heard him screaming "Fuck everyone in this house! I'm tired of supporting your ass I'm leaving!!!" Which I yelled back "bye" and he stfu lol pussy. Only a coward torments women like he does. He never does that shit to the same gender as him lol fucking coward!

To end this post on a positive note:
I and my fiance have decided to take a bus to New York because we wanna see the sights and shit as we're on the bus. Plus we're both tired of the headaches flying causes. I also looked up the price to fly vs bus and the price was pretty much the same so it doesn't matter anyhow.
  scentist / Namjoon / 30d 3h 13m 23s
It's frustrating at this point coming home with a heavy heart, and having to keep giving at all waking hours. No one wants to give back. They just keep taking pieces. Everyone keeps writing their story about me-everyone keeps telling me where to go and what to do. I guess I'll always be living someone else's life. But at least I've still got this feeling. Nobody has to know. but me.

  Yuuka / 30d 4h 18m 52s
[center [size10 dedicated to someone that's most likely forgotten about me.]

  Serene / 30d 14h 48m 9s
[size10 new fucking animal crossing, hell yeah.
already hyped, and I don't even have a switch.
I know what I'm saving up for, after I buy my glasses.
ty to one of my fave peeps for telling me. ♡


ended up splurging on league.
damn jinx skin came out earlier than I thought it was going to.
also bought my babe the kayn skin.
I ship it so hard now lmao, thx riot for that.

anyway. tired. work was long. time to take a doggo out then chill. got the day off tomorrow, and a short day on Saturday.
  ╰☆╮ / Moogle / 31d 12h 45m 58s
I feel it, boo. I know y'all keep tabs on me you fake asses. :-*
  Yuuka / 32d 4h 52m 49s
[center [size14 [font "Courier New" [#696969 •☆•]]]] [i [size8 [font "Courier New" [#696969 "Considering that my self conscience is telling me not to say anything, I have to make the action of rebelling on that."

"I'm not trying to victimize myself in anyway shape or form, that's why I don't give two fucks if your praying for me, or of I get a message from people that they feel sorry for me. I don't want that, I'm not damaged. My problems are a very easy fix, that I'm buying the parts for. I'm not gonna loan off of people for the parts. Now this isn't me not appreciating the worry, it's more along the lines that some people shouldn't be worried. I've made it this far, and yeah it's still hard to cope but I'm trying for better in this shit of a life. And I know I might sound aggressive, but I will reassure you that I'm far from it. I'm just trying to get my point across. Don't worry about me."

"It makes me feel hella guilty, you should think about it that I'm a [u "normal"] person, treat me like I'm trying to have fun.. That I'm not trying to hold back from crying because I hate socializing, if I don't learn I'll never get better. And that the crippling reality, I've learned that I have opinions, and this time no one is going to shut me up anymore. I ain't got no strings."

"Worry more about yourselves, and get your lives together, that's all I care about. I don't care if you'll be there for me when I'm in the dump, I want you to pull yourself out first. That's literally all I give a shit about. I just don't feel like no one should worry about me. I got this, I haven't died yet. So that's a start."

[Center [youtube]]
  ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ / Adorabloodthirsty / 32d 14h 5m 3s
[center [size10 Honestly got a man crush on Pitbull. Just casually playing through his music. I want a tattoo of his face on my ass so I can be in the Booty Booty video too. Also just like- who wouldn't want Pitbulls face on their ass tbh?]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 33d 15h 41m 51s
[size10 so glad to finally have you on discord, now the levels of obligation to stick around are next to none. I can come and go of my own free will and not feel bad over disappearing for a long time.

sharkpup is being as sweet as ever to me. I broke down last night and he really did his best to calm me down. I'm really proud of him for being such a good kid.

The mental exhaustion from last night is almost too much. Just really tired even after a full night's rest. Maybe I'll nap? Probably not a good idea. Oh well.
  :3 / Rin- / 33d 21h 2m 49s
That was fun while it lasted. Time to invest a little bit of my time into that sweet bottle of Cran-Apple wine and just relax. Babysitting is taking its toll on my knees and and I have to do it all over again tomorrow. Yay.
  002 / LiterallyPluto / 34d 11h 52m 22s
[center [size10 "Are you leaving at 11 or do you want to help close?"]][center [size10 "I'll help close."]][center [size10 [b about an hour later when store closes]]][center [size10 "So whatcha need me to do now?"]][center [size10 "Well honestly I thought it would take you longer to close lobby but uh go ask tim"]]
[center [size10 Honestly idk what mike was expecting, he's seen me close lobby before, the only time it took me past closing to finish up lobby was when we got slammed one night right at 10 and so I wasn't able to mop the lobby at 10:30 like I usually do.]][center [size10 The fact that they've had people take forever to close lobby is kind of... sad??? Like it's not that hard??? You just keep it clean and keep everything stocked up like??? I've legit asked mike what most closers do and apparently, they just wait to do everything that last minute. It's not that hard to keep up on all that shit even on a busy night, I've done it, trust me. I keep wondering why they keep giving me so many hours and then I'm slapped with the cruel reality that apparently my ocd helps me do a job most people hate and I love it, even if it kills my feet and my knees hate me. Just 3 more shifts and then I can get drunk and rest and recover before going back on the grind.]][center [size10 Also I shoulda grabbed two mashed potatoes before i threw them out fml i'm so hungry and they taste so good even tho i know exactly what they are.]][center [size10 Also r.i.p to the people who pay $2 for small mashed potatoes and gravy cause they so small i would cry. Even the larges ain't worth $4 imo. But they taste so good when they free]]
  ooc / Taekwoon / 34d 12h 33m 56s
I feel like he's ignoring me.

I wouldn't be surprised.

Everyone eventually leaves.
  EmeraldValkyrie / 34d 13h 8m 1s
[size10 upset as heck because this damn game won't let me have my wind-up kefka. I just want the cutie. I'll farm this damn raid until I get it.
I mean, I have to farm anyways for equipment so I can do the rathalos extreme fight, for the mount. but still. upset ;o just let me have my kefka, dammit.]
  ゚・。* / Moogle / 34d 15h 56m 43s
[size12 It's truly something unique when that one person, the sort you're normally there for, finally announces they don't have any fate in you. That you're incapable of achieving your goals. Hearing that just blew away all my energy.]
  la douleur exquise / Pucelle / 35d 11h 14m 15s
[size10 After losing my ferret to an illness that [i the fucking bitch queen] brought over from her domain of disease, I was pretty sure I was going to need a lot of time before getting another animal and that Sir Nimbus Ratto, old as he is, would be the last pet I'd be getting for quite some time.

So my heartbroken ass decided to 'accidentally' slip and fall into Petfinder and so basically I'm 65$ and a 1 hour car ride from having a cat because I saw his face and immediately checked my bank account. I called them and they read me his file and the hyperactive tween on the other end of the call made me want him like 10x more. Y'all, ya girl ain't even have a car. [i But he shall be fucking mine. I [b will] have him.]

Just gotta get a ride.

Y'know, cause even though #BitchPudding will zoom-zoom 3 hours out to suck dick for cash, she can't take me to adopt a cat even after I offered her gas money. Won't let me drive the car, neither. S'okay, boo, I'll remember that shit when you ask me to babysit your, what do you have now, 140+ animals and 3 small children? For FREE I did that shit. Not again, though, you ain't even worry bout that. Finna give birth to me just to make me your house slave for 20 years, gtfoh. You got 3 white kids you give 'em everything and then some but me, you couldn't stand me. I cooked for myself, got myself to school, did my own laundry; Starting around 10 or 11. And cause you the same bitch you was from 10 years ago, Xmas last year you sent me an swab kit and called me to say 'I was just wondering what KIND of black you were."
Nasty. Nasty, nasty. Tf kind of present is that, you greasy whole-wheat cunt?

Ferret just passed away like 2 weeks ago, first thing out your mouth was "You get animals they die, it happens."

[i I don't know what killed her first, the salmonella you didn't tell me your birds had, the fleas you brought into my apartment, or the flu germs your nasty self practically gift-wrapped and left in my fridge.] I am still paying vet bills and cremation fees. She couldn't fight everything at once, and she died convulsing in my hands in excruciating pain. Lover and me, while in mourning and having ALSO contracted the god-tier flu you left us had to pay to treat everything for fleas and scrub everything with bleach and throw out the food and replace it for fear it was ALL contaminated. I don't know what awful Tim Burton ass shit I'd have done to you if had given Nimbus fleas, bitch, I really don't. Let's try not to find out. Treat your dogs for fleas, you cow.

So let me tell you how it's gon be from hereon out; You could come to my door with gunshot wounds and I would let you bleed out in the hall. You could be homeless and I wouldn't let you sleep on my couch. You could be on fire and I'd turn all the faucets on and watch you burn with the water running. Everything bad that happens to you, you painted yourself a target. You are disgusting and I will never be able to love you again. You lucky I don't take you to court, make you pay the rest of these bills. If you ain't had kids I'd be at your door ready to blackhand you into next century, but I won't do that. You been waiting for me to do some violent shit like that since I got taller than you, I know what you say to people. I am determined to continue disproving what you tell them about me, even though I shouldn't have to.]
  Killmonger / 36d 1h 11m 33s
[center [size14 [font "Courier New" [#696969 •☆•]]]] [i [size8 [font "Courier New" [#696969
"I guess I'm jumping on the band wagon, that won't be this whole entire post but some what of a small mention."

"I've been on EliteSkills for almost seven years, and I remember the simpler times. R.i.p Flash chat, but you know we got to let go of the past and move onto the the future. I might of not came on here to write with my buddies and role play, but I did come on here to improve my writing skills and I still fucking suck but that's besides the point. The point is that this place has always been this way, if you think Mun is rude or heartless, I'm met people on here WAY before him who would make you wish you were never born."

"The truth is, and Mun might deny this but he is an amazing guy, who I've always fell like he has been there to be my shoulder to cry on. Hell, his pockets are filled with advice that I'm proud that I even get a small piece of. It's really, and I mean REALLY stupid that your trying to blame all of EliteSkills toxicity and why it's gone down hill on him for having an opinion. The truth is, this place hasn't been on top. No it hasn't, even when I first joined, that's when shit was really bad. "

"So stop the whole protest of making "EliteSkills better" shit, it's always been this way, just with different people."

"Now, to the real problem in my life to feed y'all, for your attention. Not really, but that's just how I feel when I complain. You know I wish I didn't listen to her when she said it would cure all of my problems, I can't look at my body the same way anymore. And people at work don't make it any better, people get triggered of my arms and I'm like "so what?" I have a past, my scars are like tattoos. They tell a story of when I felt lonely in a house full of people, how I felt like everything was my fault. I'm the reason why she left and it's almost October, Alex's birthday is coming up and the anniversary of my late grandmother's death is coming up aswell.. I still blame myself sometimes, if you could see me now. You would of never allowed me to do this to my face, maybe my nose ring but not my dimples piercings."

"I shouldn't dwell, but I do.

I'm sorry.. But that doesn't always fix the problem, and neither does fighting or something like that.. So I'm not going to fight, instead I'm going to keep quiet and listen to music until I drown in it.."

[Center [youtube]]
  Adorabloodthirsty / 36d 1h 27m 47s

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