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[size10 It's a new year.]
[size10 Time to watch everyone make the same new years resolution as the year before and fail.]
[size10 Being honest with myself. Time to make a new goal.]

[size10 Get married & start school.]

[size10 Sounds better than the same bullshit I've put on repeat.]
  Sweet / 43d 7h 8m 23s
[center [size9 There is no excuse for being toxic and putting people down.
Well, in my case I wasn't being toxic man.
It was fucking you that was.
Thanks, I finally see the truth after lying for so long.
Because I've got everything I needed,
Attention and love,
Something I didn't get in my childhood.

[pic ]
  Wings- / 43d 21h 45m 39s
[center [size10 When your expectations and standards for other people in life are sky high, and you know you've torn the wings from their backs with your very hands.. don't be surprised when they aren't able to reach. Or rather, don't collect people that you expect to be birds in the first place. Because then you're just a glutton for pain and disappointment with no one but your own bad habits to blame.]]
  -ɴᴇʀᴏ- / Mista / 44d 1h 43m 5s
[center[i I'm here for you to use, broken and bruised]][youtube]
  achaeus / RedComet / 44d 3h 47m 8s
[Center GoT is back in April, hamies.

Also my AMV hobby gonna come back anytime now yall be prepared.

  / ArthurMorgan / 44d 7h 32m 25s
[center [size11 Some people are like clouds you know?
It's so much brighter when they go.
You fucking rained of my heart for too long.
Couldn't see the thunder from the storm.
Because I cut my teeth and bit my tongue.
'Til my mouth was dripping blood.

You need a taste of your own medicine.
'Cause I'm sick to death from swallowing it.
Watch me take the wheel like you,
Not feel like you,
Act like nothing's real like you.

[pic ]
  Wings- / 45d 3h 30m 54s
I have a set walking schedule and cardio schedule. Need to stay in shape. Especially for this convention in May and hopefully next year's Momocon or AWA.

My local volleyball club that I was a part of, they disbanded... So, now I have to find a new one or just join the YMCA's, which I don't stan at all...
  Himiko / LiterallyPluto / 45d 13h 42m 37s
[Center [size10 Well, Pippy got fixed and the vet said she's an absolute sweetheart. Supposed to be in a cone for a few weeks till it heals but since between me and Desmond, we never leave her alone by herself to bother the stitches, we won't use it. No reason for her to be in pain and have a big uncomfortable cone on her head if we're able to keep an eye on her. Not surprisingly she had alot more energy after coming home than Misha did. The vet said when she called that she was wanting to run around and play right after she woke up and Misha just wanted to sleep for hours after. Go figure.

And in the mean time, Desmond wants me bed ridden for a few days since I likely broke or fractured or did something to my toe. It's more than just a scrape but even if I went to the doctor and it was for sure a break, they can't really do anything for it except maybe splint it with the toe beside it which I can do at home. It touching anything makes it pulse in pain for a few minutes. Walking on it obviously isnt good but even just trying to hold my foot up and walk on my heel hurts cause of the muscles used in the foot to hold your foot up. Goes all the way down to the toe so that hurts too. I'm not one for sitting idle so I'll likely sneak my way into doing things for the next few days. Hell, the second it happened I still ran into the kitchen to put something away before I'd let myself stop and actually reflect on "fuck my toe hurts". We'll see tho.]]
  -ɢᴜɪᴅᴏ- / Mista / 45d 16h 55m 34s
[center [pic]]
[center [size11 i still think of & worry about you. i want to approach like i used to but i doubt you care about me anymore, let alone want to hear from me.]]
[center [size11 i just hope you're doing all right & are making good progress in your lives. i'm with you in spirit. i'm rooting for you.]]
[center [size11 maybe one day i'll find the courage to say hello. i just got you'll accept my apology when that time comes. ]]
  berryprince / 46d 2h 2m 57s
[center [size10 4 days into 2019 and I'm already dealing with bullshit. How does someone lose $250? Especially when they know it's part of the rent money? And now I get to try and make up that money because there's only one other person in this apartment that has any form of income even if it's not a real "job" but at least he has a means to actually try and contribute. I don't have the money to replace $250 from one paycheck let alone $500 and at this rate I would be having to prolly pay the full rent of $750. I already have a bum fucking foot/ankle and I'm trying my fucking best to get hours and still need a second job just to afford the shit I need on top of rent. It's exhausting to be the responsible one in this apartment when I'm the youngest. It's exhausting when I technically should only be pushing myself so much especially when I can't even refill my medication right now because shocker shocker I can't even afford that because I have to worry about what I can/need to give you to try and appease the landlord but honestly I don't believe that $100 compared to what is owed will do much. You said you thought I would have more money than that because I worked so many hours but remember I have shit I have to pay too. I have to eat. I need to get to and from work. Not to mention I actually owe the cook $20 now because I paid him the other $20 for what he sold me. So yeah I'm down to $120 because I legitimately don't make enough money that it lasts at all. I only make $11 an hour right now and now if they hire anyone new they'll get $12 and I'll get left at $11. All I can say is maybe that if I managed to get that job at dairy Queen I would maybe make $12 on top of my $11 an hour but I don't even know how many hours I would be able to get over there with my schedule already at KFC. All I can say is I'm tired of this. I'm tired of having to worry about being homeless I came up here to escape that and yet here we are still dealing with the same shit. Might get evicted and can't even afford my fucking therapy or medications. Half wish I wind up in Acadia again cause hey ya know makes disability slightly easier to get if you got your mental instability documented. Though that would meaning doing that shit all over again and idk if I can put anyone through that again.]]
  ooc / Kihyun / 47d 17h 33m 12s
Started 219 with a bit of a bang.

Craig dropped to one knee just before the bells, I said yes.

Champagne and setting out to find an engagement party venue.

It’s gunna be a long engagement with him being deployed most of the year again.

Worth it.

  Nullification / 48d 14h 52m 46s
[center [size9 It's like holding on when my grip is lost.
I still feed my insecurity even when I know the cost.

And will clarity become the cure for my disease~? ]

[pic ]
  Wings- / 49d 16h 58m 24s
On my way to ring in the new year. Dying my hair pink and peach. I'll do the hidden rainbow with the blue I wanted it with some other time. New year, new me? No. New year to find myself again. I lost sight of myself and I hurt people. Lots of people...
  Himiko / LiterallyPluto / 51d 17h 35m 21s
[ Ain't no elevator to success, I had to take the stairs. How you think I made it here? Climbin', climbin, How you think you make it here? Grindin', grindin.]
  Ghostface / Infection / 52d 1h 57m 33s
fucc iss all i cann say

fucc me and my friendship
  Wings- / 52d 4h 12m 47s

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