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Brb just gonna kms
[center [size10 moving here is prolly the best thing I've done for myself. Dyed my hair a color I never thought I could do unless it was professionally done and it just took some bleach and suga's help to slather it on. Not to mention I have a game console I thought I'd never own unless someone else bought it for me or second handed it to me. And now? Got a piercing I've wanted for a while as well. It's nice having money for myself. To treat myself to nice things. It's beautiful honestly, wouldn't be here if it weren't for suga tho so mad props to her. Bless her. Gotta get her something for mother's day even if I wind up buying it after she gets back. She deserve something nice just saying okay. Fight me if you wanna talk shit about her like ever. She puts up with my chaos more than any one person should have to.]]
  ooc / Barton / 66d 8h 54m 47s
[center [youtube]]
  Depression / 66d 11h 7m 50s
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 69d 1h 46m 40s
I still can’t seem to fathom how rude people can be, then hide behind an excuse.
It’s odd to me, and also hurtful considering they kept around other people.

But it’s not the first time. So I don’t think I care as much as I did first time around.

  Tasia / Nullification / 69d 14h 1m 29s
@ Geminis

Success won’t help you know who you are

Have fun with that information
[size10 I s2g if I have to mop the same spot more than fucking once at work again. lol. I'm gonna flip my shit. Just barely bit my tongue. Stayed till 12 fucking 30. When I have to open tomorrow. All because the owner is in town this week.

I'm still salty as fuck. Tired as fuck too. I don't wanna get up tomorrow, and I haven't gone to bed yet lmao. got a game I'm planning on buying tho, so I'm excited for that.

Cheap as heck but still excited. Not gonna be in english either but that's cool. I can flub my way through foreign language games.

Finished Ash vs. Evil Dead season 3. Onto the newest Supernatural season. Then onto Code Geass and probs working on getting caught up on GoT. Until Evangelion is out. Then I'ma watch that over and over again.

well. goodnight.]
  .。✿。. / Serene / 70d 3h 9m 3s
[center [size10 guess what this angsty fuck got to see today? Guess who cried during 99.9% of it. Guess who is still horribly in love with Hawkeye and fucking loved what they did with him. 10/10 so worth him not being in infinity war. Tbh it was a great end and while I'm just heart broken about some things it really cemented everything for me and I can't honestly complain. I am gonna plaster my bedroom wall with Hawkeye tho fucking watch me. That fucking mohawk and just everything. The literal best thing ever.]]
  ooc / Barton / 70d 6h 3m 11s
[coming+soon [center [size15 [#859ecc [b I can feel it again, oh well. I can feel myself spacing out. I guess it's just something I have to ride out.

I dunno, it feels empty.

All of it.
[center [size10 oof I got my 3 days off next schedule like I wanted and the way it's set up I'll just have to work today, have tomorrow off, work Sunday, then I'm off Monday Tuesday then just gotta work until Saturday so this bitch gonna try and adult and play vidya games during those days off. Beautiful honestly.]]
[center [size10 also my cellphone company gave me extra data for free this month and I barely use the 2 GB I pay for how tf am I supposed to use the 2 free gb they gave me before next bill??? Rude but okay I guess. Free data that's gonna go to waste r.i.p]]
  Admin / Ragnarsson / 74d 18h 38m 22s
[center [pic]]
[center [size10 Some may say I work too fast. I just say I'm efficient with my time. Four days we've been talking and now I've claimed her. Figuratively anyway, maybe more one day. Completely accepting of what I am, who I am. Completely into how I am and has such similar interests as me. And shares my terrible reading 500 doujins a day habit.

I was concerned about how she'd handle knowing she was on my radar as my obsession, but fuck if she isn't so god damn amazing that she blew my worries out of the water. She knows just how to get a rise out of me in the best of ways and just how to stroke my ego.

Mmf this girl got it good and I got it bad for her. Babe, you can't go building my ego that way, I'm already way too full of myself. And when I say you can't build my ego, I really mean for the love of god, please build it more.

Despite me wanting to monopolize and possess, and that typically being seen as a bad thing by most people, she's all for it. Careful feeding the beast, babe. It's a dangerous game but oh, how I'd love to keep playing it with you.~]]
  Mun / 75d 2h 55m 50s
But who wears the cat ears in the relationship? [#ffffff bb]
  ⧼Ooc⧽ / Vilkacis / 76d 4h 24m 15s
[center [size10 Being non monogamous is hard work when you're trying to balance mostly people who aren't one time flings. Things would be so much easier that way. But on the other hand, I don't gotta go through trying to reel em in sooo. Grass is greener I guess. But at least I'm suffering through the manic need to listen to Old Town Road on fucking repeat for hours.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 76d 4h 46m 25s
[center [h3 Add On]]

[center [+red Just wanna say for anyone that does read these on JE. If you do like Overlord I'm not shitting on your taste xD. It is made by one of my favorite Studio's. but it's your taste and because it is different from my own. Doesn't make it bad or that I think one is stupid for liking Overlord. Just wanted to throw that out there for any die hard fans of the show. Also I haven't exactly given up on it yet. So maybe my opinion may change soon enough? Just wanted to throw that out there.]]
  Kirishima / ShieldHero- / 76d 17h 3m 59s
[center [pic]]

[center [+red Isekai Quartet has been hilarious so far. Watched Konosuba all the way. Than Saga of the Evil Tanya or whatever. Now in Overlord... Even rewatched Rezero since it's getting a season 2.]]

[center [+red Overlord has got 3 seasons I'm only what... Episode 5? So I don't really like it yet. I'm sure it'll grow on me. Tanya was... Interesting I hated her view and disagreed with all her values but goddamn! Was she interesting to watch goes to show you don't gotta relate with a character. To enjoy watching a character.]]

[center [+red Kazuma I don't relate with but I love him and he's just.. Fucking hilarious. Him and his team Konosuba has got to be one of my favorite comedy Anime of all time. As overrated as that is I just wow I was dying.]]

[center [+red Re:Zero still takes the cake for me it really does. Tanya was very overtly dark and intriguing while Konosuba was light hearted and entertaining. RE:Zero? A beast of it's own it takes both these parts so well and it feels so.. Visceral to me. Kazuma and Subaru would probably get along can't wait to see them interact in Isekai Quartet.]]

[center [+red For anyone reading and is bored and wants to watch something? Isekai Quartet is a Chibi crossover of 4 popular Isekai's. Overlord,Rezero,Konosuba,Tanya of the evil saga ]]

[center [+red I've been asked by people catching up who'd win Kazuma or Subaru? I'm like I love Subaru he's best boy easily but.. Kazuma would wipe the floor with him. Subaru is much more compelling as a character to me though. Take that neet persona take a guy with a big heart a sense of humor. Than crush him and have all of his flaws just pour out of his soul. Running away from life from an education. That show ends up being so negative about his persona before. In his words even "My life is a result of this a man with no character" it was like. MMMM it makes you wanna find a way to motivate yourself so you don't end up that way. It's hard to explain its sobering and sad but all the while? Inspirational how he deals with it all.]]

[center [+red Not by gaining a super cool power or becoming the hero that single handedly wrecks the white whale. Or beats anything by himself honestly in terms of his ability's he's like support character level. It's what makes seeing him overcome trials so intriguing.]]

[center [+red Kazuma is written off as a joke but his abilities aren't so bad. Dude took out what? Three demon generals by the end of season 2 and the OVA? His party is played for laughs and they are... Strange but god are they kinda powerful in their own way. While being useless in every other but still. Aqua rapes the undead and her godblow later on took out Hans so she got pretty useful I mean she straight can bring Kazuma back from the dead and has.. Multiple times. ]]

[center [+red Darkness? Her resistance and tankiness? She survives Megumin explosion and getting possessed and taking uber damage. Her adamant armor destroyed. and she gets out and is back on her feet like next quest. Bitch is like almost immortal her tanky feats are fucking stupid crazy. Her STR is high but she can't hit jack shit and that's how she's played off as worthless but really? She's a brick wall. and Megumeme? Well what else to say? EXPLOSION. Sure one shot and she's useless but that spell saves the day like so many fucking times. It's power is just stupid fucking crazy. Like it keeps getting stronger later on too it's fucking nuts.]]

[center [+red Kazuma himself? A goddamn utility god whether he realizes it or not and I'm sure the sneak fucking knows it. He takes out the OP Kirito-esque gag character he's fast. Learns really good archery later on. His luck stat? INSANE and as silly as that sounds clutches him out for mega plot armors several times. Steal? Lurk? Can't be seen? Stealing items with ease? Oh and freaking enemy foresight. Sensing things super far away? Has stopped them from getting eaten from trap mimics and all kinds of shit. Subaru? Yeah what Subaru got in comparison?]]

[center [+red Darkness magic which is normally a super cool "Edgy OP destroy my fucking enemies" kinda power? He legit "You mean it's just like debuffs in video games? How lame" seriously it causes short blindness. What else? Lack of hearing and touch? Gotta keep in mind his mana is pathetic. It's one spell and only works on things that lack resistance to it. Most things it won't work against if they are too smart or have the magic to resist. He's a super in shape neet. Not super human persay but fairly strong his grip strength is even stated I forget but... Well tough. In real life sure he'd hold his own but he's worthless here. His skill with a blade as shown? Pitiful pretty much pitiful. He gets one kick on that serial killer chick (Elsa) before she murders him. Kick doesn't even knock her down but does send her back. He wins one fight.. One. Those three bandits and only after dying a few times.]]

[center [+red Now if it was Subaru and Kazuma before they got sent there? It's stated Kazuma was a very out of shape neet while Subaru worked out a lot. Subaru would knock him out. That's the only scenario still this picture was hilarious. I wanna finish Overlord before watching.]]

[center [+red So far Ainz just wreck everything solo except maybe Aqua cause he's undead and she has strong affect on undead. Than again I'm on episode FIVE. I'm sure by the end of season 3 he be like. "I'm god level lmao suck my boney dick the world gonna be mine and Ima laugh while I barely even try" XD I know Isekai's commonly have an OP main character but god I don't know. Compared to Tanya,Kazuma,Subaru? Ainz is just... And people will hate me for this they will. He bores the heck out of me and I don't really care for his design either. As for the two girls fighting to be his head wife in his harem? Yuck just... Yuck I don't know just... Maybe it gets better? That being said by episode ONE of the other three I was hooked I'm not gonna lie so maybe I'm spoiled?]]
  Kirishima / ShieldHero- / 76d 17h 34m 30s

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