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[center [size10 [i making a representation of es into a portrait XD bawahaha on the other hand. monster hunter is my life right now <3 unf. my character looks bangin and too bad i only got such a limit time before i go off to my job. ugh. well enjoy it for the most part <3]]]
  вαиgтαиg / khaleesi / 26d 16h 15m 2s
You calmed me how...I guess. Just goin to block out the people that want to annoy me about stupid crap. Tryin to hash up old garbage that has nothin to do with them and gettin me annoyed to the point of lashin out. I’m hothead, but also protective as hell over those people and always will be. You were bringing up crap that activated more of that side of me. There ain’t any sense in wasting my time with idiots that don’t get when somethin effects me or irritates me and instead keeps prying. Now I’m goin back to that rpin life so shove off
  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 26d 16h 31m 32s

I just want to thank everyone who messaged me even though they didn't have to because I was upset.

I'm much better now.

And I'm so hyped about Monster Hunter-My character is so frekkin cute. And my palico? Even cuter. It's name is Moxxie.
  //float / Vitriolic / 26d 21h 2m 3s
Don't ever believe you do not matter
Friendly reminder from someone who should mind their own business
You're still one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen both inside and out
  Woof / Anonnagon / 27d 18h 18m 3s

I'm so heart broken.
I can't really explain why but these tears will not stop.

I've been having nightmares lately and of course my insecurities have just been driving me up the wall. And your actions only make them worse.... what a surprise.

It's really starting to feel like...
[Size9 People... would be better off without me.]

And every one I've ever bonded with. Idk. My head says it doesn't matter. My head says I don't matter.

And best part of it all is..
None of this matters.
  모든 문이 벽이 돼서 / Vitriolic / 27d 19h 26m 58s
[size10 [center [+lightpink ❤❤❤]]
I made up my mind. I mean, it was hard not to.
When your message was loud and clear.
I get it. It's a little hard not to be somewhat mad and hurt, but I understand.
It's my fault anyways, for holding my breath. For getting my hopes up.
I know better, so I'm not sure why I let myself fall for that stupid thing called hope again.

I'll spend my time on other things. School. Games. Books.
I've got plenty of things to do.

I'm not sure if I should just quit my job or tough it out until I find another job. I have bills to pay, but is it worth the stress and pain of staying at my job. After having chest pains for 10 hours, due to anxiety caused by my job. I'm not sure if I should stay.

It'll be something to think about.
  / Himemiya / 28d 20m 8s
148 days, 7 hours and 55 minutes until my ever fast approaching wedding day. I am so unbelievably excited. All the time I am getting to put into this, the meaning it's gonna have for both of us. A real wedding and not some JP ceremony, or anything plain. I mean sure, people get married everyday. Me though, to a genuine person... I never could've dreamed...

Even though things are strapped and people are all kinds of ass hurt, we're going to finally be happy. The house we bought is nearly paid off already. Thank goodness. I am beyond ready....

148 days, 7 hours and 54 minutes to go!
  Over and Over / _Elena_White_ / 28d 33m 6s
My arm hurts so much ah. These burns are killing me. Like seriously you'd think I would learn yesterday when I accidently touched the pizza oven but nope I did it again today but it's way worse and hurts way more. Someone come take care of me cuz I am too clumsy. Halp.
  Cutie Patootie / TimeBomb / 28d 2h 30m 39s
[center [youtube]]
  ᵘ ˢ ᵉ ˡ ᵉ ˢ ˢ / Depression / 28d 4h 26m 45s
For a friend:

I played against ftk on a smurf sucks i had shit ping. I woulda try harded crushed him xD
We coulda won instead of draw but this is awesome! I'm the diamond qued with my gold friend. My mains gm though xD holy fuck.
  |Simulacrum| / Nogitsune / 28d 7h 8m 35s
I'm accepting applications for a bff who will text me everyday.

I miss being adored and adoring someone else. It's like it was in another life that it all happened. Fuck. These memories are curses.
  모든 문이 벽이 돼서 / Vitriolic / 28d 9h 53m 43s
Been a while since I've been here, but I guess I'll say what I came to say.

Hummus is really good.
  Xochimilco / 28d 15h 50m 27s
[size10 [center [+lightpink ❤❤❤]]
Work is the absolute worst. I had chest pains from the stress of it all day. It just finally went away. Took nearly 12 hours, for it to finally stop. I don't want to just up and quit, but I might have to. If it keeps affecting my physical health. I know it's going to begin to affect my mental health.

Then ... There's [+lighting you]. I think about you a lot. More than I probably should. I'm attached , and I wish I wasn't. It's scary. Growing close to someone is scary.

That's ... All I can say.
I'm sorry.]
  / Himemiya / 28d 15h 59m 11s
I'm a pretty easy-going person, and so it's hard for games to make me angry. Even in overwatch I still find it a fun game when I'm losing, although sometimes I do have a quick outburst of yelling because of stupidity. So when I finally get you to play Overwatch with me, and the entire time you're just getting pissed off because it's "stupid and full of people who mod", it sucks. I start to feel bummed out, it's no longer fun to play anymore. I'm tired of you getting pissed off with every game I want to play with you, you take everything so seriously.
  ⧼Smol⧽ / Vilkacis / 29d 1h 16m 55s
I talk about you a lot.

  모든 문이 벽이 돼서 / Vitriolic / 29d 1h 41m 30s

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