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[Center [size10 Hates men cause they're all pigs. Still too thirsty for cock to live without. Men better pay me if they expect to get in my pants. Good to know she's blaming men for her bad taste in them and instead just wants to actually become a prostitute. Sad too cause there are some pretty cool dudes out there that are great partners and would make a well responsive and emotionally open mate for girls yet, those are "nice guys" or maybe "not attractive enough" so they aren't good enough. Instead since someone has shite taste for the douchebags even when people warn them about what they're getting into even tho now they see people were right about those men, it's just ALL men's fault. Not her gross asses. But that's how the game works right? Women like her always wanting to point the blame anywhere but her own direction and letting those shit men walk all over her before pointing the finger at the WHOLE other gender. But what are you gunna do right? I'm just a filthy pig. But atleast I'm not Coty and atleast I'm not a whore considering prostitution despite my generalized hurt feelings cause a few bad apples made me set the whole damn orchard on fire. :)]]
  ʙᴀɴɢ / Bakugo / 16d 22h 32m 59s
[right [size9 You cannot hurt me anymore because I won't let you. I can and I will be free again.]]
  Usurper / 17d 58m 59s
[center [+white you know who you are i'mma cry tell me i'm pretty]][center [size10 when you just want validation but a mother fucker won't give you that validation and you can't threaten because one those would be empty threats and two they would enjoy those threats so it's damned if you do damned if you don't and you just want that god damn validation GIVE ME THAT VALIDATION GOD DAMN IT I WILL FIGHT YOU LIKE A SMALL FAT CAT FIGHTS A VERY ANNOYING CHILD]]
[center [size10 me: let's just spread self love and self respect]][center [size10 me hours later: give me my validation or i'll fuck you up]]
  ooc / Taekwoon / 17d 21h 31m 33s
I posted in the wrong place. 8^I betchwtf.

The phocking blood moon has been ass phucking my vibes, brohem. So totes ma goats ready for all this to settle for better or for worse.

Also the friend boy keeps pestering me with obnoxious instrument videos. I geet it. They can play mayonnaise.

If anyone wants to cam ASL with me, such appreciate. Am learning. Would love tips and a study buddy.

Well guess das it toot a doot a doo.
  Smol death aka smoug / Gummy / 17d 23h 58m 11s
[center [pic]][center [size10 Neon just wants to spread self love and respect now. neon is one with mother earth and the stars. neon is a fucking witch and will bless all y'all mother fucker and purify this fucking place once he fucking learns how to do that shit. for now he'll just respect mother earth collect rocks and blow kisses to the stars every night before bed and y'all will fucking enjoy this neon or his mama will yell at you for him.]]
[center [size10 Neon is a balled up paper of cliches now and he doesn't give two fucks because he loves himself and refuses to hate anything about him because even the flaws make him who he is and he's going to work on every part of him to better himself for his own benefit and he hopes y'all enjoy this nice little trip he's taking down self discovery lane because y'all gonna get a play by play because bitch he gonna make it big even if it take like the rest of his lifetime to do it.]]
[center [size10 i'm not gonna be like an actor or anything tho like chill i'm not that talented and can't keep a straight enough face i'mma be artsy fartsy and make nice eye blessing stuff y'all should support me because y'all love me and i love me so idk man]]
[center [size10 Did i mention I've apparently learned over 200 words in chinese but still prolly couldn't hold a fucking conversation with anyone in the language??? it's cool man it's cool one day I'll be able to and hopefully it'll be around the time i can go visit china and be at peace even more so]][center [size10 I don't know wtf is going on with me y'all, I'mma just blame the fucking eclipse.]]
  read me / Taekwoon / 18d 12m 54s
[center [size10 past week has been enlightening, that's for sure.
for a variety of reasons.
I think I'm learning a lot about myself as of late.

wish I had money, lol. local comic shop probably has some goodies. ;o too scared to go in, because I don't want to blow all of the money for my phone, haha.

probs gonna leave this site.
[s [size10 and hopefully not fail.]]

guess if you want contact info , pm me ? if not then. /shrug/
hope things go well for everyone .

there's a couple of other choices I need to make , but I'm not sure yet . Big decisions, but I'm scared , as usual. but - I want to get closer to people. I don't have much to lose, only stuff to gain. So ... Not sure what's holding me back.]]
  ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭ / Aosora / 18d 26m 35s
[center [pic]]
[center "No OnE tAlKs ThAt MuCh!11one1!!"]
  Egoraptor / 19d 59m 32s
Life is weird.

Not bad.

Just weird.

I think I like it.

In other words, Neon is still a lil bitch. <3

  Danny Sexbang / Egoraptor / 20d 5h 50m 41s
Life sure has gotten a little odd since I last wrote a journal entry.
I've moved here and there,seen new things and have the chance to spend time with the love of my life, plus more. I even get to spend time among old friends like there had been no time to part us.

Now, I wake up to a new reality, where I may have cancer. I honestly never thought of myself to be someone to have this reality, and coming to terms wasn't easy. All I can do is wait until I know for sure, and even then, try to keep the normal life I spent so much time creating in the first place.
  슈퍼주니어Superman / LettuceWedge / 20d 20h 42m 26s
[#8d94c4 Out of everything that's happening right now... I suppose I'm doing alright. Now that I'm trying to put it into words, I haven't really been paying attention. We turned down the offer, talking about other options and what not. These mornings have been nice. I came home yesterday and got my thingy. It came with a cute banana plush. So adorable omg. Work has been mediocre. The people? Amazing. This cut I randomly got on my finger? Not so much. It's funny coming in to some new ass fuckery lol. I've been watching The Ranch and am almost done.

Perhaps I'm doing okay for once.
  Smitten / 21d 11h 48m 43s
[size10 some times i type out whole journal entries and just think about trivial my shit is.]

[size10 - Nin.]
  Ninja / ImprobusNinja / 22d 1h 27m 55s
[size10 I know I need to put more effort in and show that I care. I'm sorry that I haven't. I know I said I was ok the other day , but I'm not. I just .. Can't really bring myself to talk about it. It wasn't awful but. It still stresses me out.

I'm sorry.]
  ﹙❀。﹚ / Moogle / 22d 2h 47m 32s
[Center [size10 Welp, this weekend we have a package coming in on the 26th, 27th and 28th for the mice and whenever Rami's side visits we are gunna go get a 40 gallon tank for the mice instead of a 20 gallon. They deserve the extra leg room. Wish the bedding was coming in on thursday and not saturday cause thats the most important part for the tank but we can make do with material until then.

In the meantime, our two characters we wanted to level up in the next few days are both 108. And there's one more Legion assault today so they for sure will finally hit 110 today. Then from now until the 14th of August hopefully I can level up the Monk and Warlock to 110 as well. Thats be great. Either way, things are going pretty smoothly now. For me anyway, the other guys can work out their shit without me. I ain't a part of that mess they made.]]
  ʙᴀɴɢ / Bakugo / 22d 5h 4m 8s
I'm getting my life together piece by piece. I'm starting to become the person I want and need to be. Not some little internet ho. I want to be kind, selfless, and forgiving. I want to be open to other views and cultures. I want to discover more of my own cultures as well.

I need to be a person that puts others first, but steps back to take care of myself too. I want to educate myself about the people around me... Treat them kind and help them through hard times...
  Anise / LiterallyPluto / 22d 18h 27m 53s
[center [size10 one of these days/nights/mornings me and binx gonna fight and he's gonna love every second of it tbvh]]
[center [size10 But also met someone rad today. coulda legit talked to em for hours. not that xephy isn't great company or anything it's just always cool and fun getting to know new people and shit. also found out what real hills were today. my body was not pleased whatsoever. it betrayed me so hardcore it's not even funny. could use a good sleep sleep but will i do that right now? lol of course not cause priorities my dudes. i gotta do tumblr shit. then i gotta do my chinese. then i gotta watch some shit on youtube. then i gotta like idk make another excuse as to why i can't sleep.]][center [size10 also fun fact the other day was my birthday and my hip decided to remind me i'm 3 years away from 30 by being a dick the whole time]][center [size10 also xephy made some rad ass brownies with cream cheese icing y'all can suck it.]]
  ooc / Taekwoon / 22d 21h 37m 56s

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