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I'm still the prettiest princess. Just gonna put out my reminder for this.
  Artanis D. Grimoire / Artanis / 22d 8h 31m 39s
I really oughta finish my art projects.

I need references so people actually want business with me.

Maybe if some BITCH would send back my iPad back things will get real.
  大嫌い / Vitriolic / 22d 8h 38m 21s
I’m so sorry mom... That shouldn’t have happened to you...
  Sai / Lapis_ / 22d 20h 25m 51s
I’m so ready to get the fuck out of this state... I can distance myself from my sister and get away from her piss poor, negative attitude. Telling I’m nothing but a useless bitch all the time. I can’t take it anymore... I’m tired, I’m tired all the time and I don’t know why, I try being nice so we don’t end like our mom and our aunts, who are no longer speaking to each other, and what do I get from her... “Shut the fuck up and stop being so useless to everyone.” I’m done trying... I’m just so done with it all...
  Sai / Lapis_ / 23d 8h 44m 40s
Next time you people get bent out of shape over a picture without knowing the context and only get 'triggered' because it was posted at the wrong time FOR YOU in a PUBLIC place.

Maybe you should not get ready to go on a witch hunt? Good thing it didn't get that bad, I mean I might have lost a friend and upset another, BUT HEY AT LEAST YOU GUYS DIDNT NEED TO DO ANYTHING DRASTIC because then you'd be on the same exact level as the person who made you become that fearful!

Every day is becoming more and more of a pain for me.
  Codename Hunter-six / Sonicspeedx13 / 23d 22h 38m 24s
[center [size10 told a person I have know for 5 to 7 years to beat it. no regrets. when you hang around the wrong people that's who you truly are. tsk. disappointed.]]
  вαиgтαиg / khaleesi / 24d 1h 18m 38s
[center [size10 When some ass hat texts your bestie saying some shit about how she should text some person cause they supposedly changed but it's like the 50th time this shit has been said. Then the change to "you shouldn't pick your boyfriend over you friends and family, there are more people than you just your fiance" and it's fucking hilarious because she's literally picked no one over anyone else, it's just all her "friends" were shit and decided to just ditch her instead of being there for her. She didn't burn any of these bridges they did. So honestly coming back tryna get her to take you back as a friend is fucking sad. If it's some of the "new year new me" bullshit you can get tf outta her messages and go move tf on with your life.]][center [size10 Sad thing is if they had stayed friends and not turned into dicks they'd know she isn't picking him over anyone, because otherwise I wouldn't be here living with her, now would I? But they don't know that info, they just wanna assume how shit is.]]
  ooc / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 25d 8h 46m 52s
Type, delete, type, delete... Same old song and dance... I’m scared to talk to talk to her... The sister that had her friend stop me at lunch and tell me that my older sister wanted nothing to do with me. Why add me on facebook so suddenly? Why now? If her mom put her up to this because she holds a grudge against my dad, then she can go. I don’t need people like that trying to ruin something that I’ve never felt before... My dad changed. He’s trying. How can you sit there and say he wants nothing to do you when you push him away?
  Sai / Lapis_ / 25d 14h 1m 44s
[center [Raleway [b [size11 I've been having a lot of fun with Cerberus lately, which is quite surprising. The guardian life has never suited me well. But today, I had the greatest time, and even managed to do well. It was the first time in a while I played with the full group. They're typically a little too try-hardy for my tastes, but they promised tonight would be really chill, and it actually was! I'm glad to have them as friends. I kept fighting Dan for top damage, but considering he was playing Zeus, I lost the second we started xD. Still, I managed to top the rest of the team usually.

Monster Hunter World has been so addictive and fun.
There's a lot of irony in the fact that I, the loner who hates anything multiplayer 99.9% of the time, ends up desperately wanting to do multiplayer with friends on a game.... only for none of them to have it >_>....
Can't wait for the pc release! Totally buying it. Would have held off buying it on the Xbox but... Autumn 2018.... [i nah]]]]
  Sorceress / 25d 19h 12m 29s
Quivering for something. A release. A climax. Yes. That's exactly what it yearns for. It eggs me on to try it. I may have had some outside influence too. Clearlythe world wants me to. All of the signs hit me, and the voice chants on.

I caved.

And the way people describe this, doesn't feel quite like they say.

The shaking stops.
And I watch it weep.
Nobody has said a thing about none of it. It's a secret between you and me.
  Pouty / Yuuka / 25d 21h 32m 33s
[center the fact that we have to put our names on literally everything we buy so they don't use it or eat it is fucking ridiculous. Over half of my Apple cider vinegar is gone I don't even know if I'd have enough for what I bought it for now. Not to mention they've used like 90% of our potatoes so even if I wanted to make it I couldn't now. We have to clutter our room with our groceries so they don't go and eat all our shit during one of their munchies attacks. It's not like they don't get more food stamps than me and Clair put together. Oh and lets not forget that apparently I so buying pizza rolls for ourselves and not their 3 year old is apparently "copying" them. Like nah mate we just really fucking like pizza rolls so fuck off. Also drop the shit about the HDMI cord we "stole" it was ours and it was only lent to you until you could buy a new one note to keep and let your 3 year old break it. Can't wait for yall to be fucking gone.]
  rikola / Arsenal / 26d 22m 11s
And this is what happens when you let a misunderstanding spiral out of control.

Arent you happy?
  Codename Hunter-six / Sonicspeedx13 / 26d 1h 21m 37s
[size10 [i [font "Courier New" [#696969 "This shit is pissing me off on a daily basis."
[center [i [font "Courier New" [#696969 "I hate school kids who think having Depression and Anxiety is a cool thing to have, that it is a fucking trend. Well it's fucking not. Coming from someone who has been struggling with it for eight years, and people who have been struggling with it longer than me should slap the ever living fuck out of all of you."

"The reason I say this, is the fact two people in my life, are always complaining about how their depressed and they know exactly what I'm going through. Um... No? For one, just because you're sad life isn't going you're way you can't claim to be depressed. Example: My mom grounded me from my phone so I know how it feels to lose your whole family."

"Hmm, now that shit doesn't add up. Another example: A close buddy of mine just stopped being friends with me, and I was just a little down about it and this dude comes up to me and is all like "Oh? You depressed? I know that feeling, I'm always depressed, like right now!" He said it so chipper and it kinda pissed me off."

"And the Depression and Anxiety jokes are getting old, Abuse exists and no one makes jokes out of that. Why should Depression and Anxiety be any different? That goes for any mental problem. OR ANYTHING. I'm just sick and tired of hearing about people laughing about it. The same thing about the LGBTQ community. Stop making fun of things that shouldn't be picked at. It makes matters worse."

"So just fucking stop kids of 2018, just fucking stop. It's not funny."

Guess I gotta appreciate when you respect my feminine side. No one else in my life does. They see me and have certain expectations. But you always treated that side of me like a girl. No hesitation. When everyone else ignored it or acted like it didn’t exist. That’s why I never let that crap out. The only idiots that respect it are online but then again it’s not like it’s hard to portray yourself a certain way online, not that I even let it out anymore. People either are drawn to one side or the other, and that crap just messes with me more. And it’s only gettin worse in this conservative garbage town.
  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 26d 2h 36m 41s
[center [size10 So I finished her, I shall name her [b Eyasia!]. Credit by Khaleesi. She belongs to the community. . My interpretation of the website, she's a pompous stuck up b@x!ch :D. fun project <3]]

[center [pic]]
  khaleesi / 26d 4h 43m 24s

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