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Least you're right back where you belong and no one gives a crap. Have fun with that mess

And gr...whhhhy am I thinking stupid thoughts lately. It was around this time last year I ran off and did stupid crap just because...nngh...whatever it doesn't matter. Just funny how we're all falling back into the places we were in..before that mistake, and maybe we're falling back into the way things should have always been. Gah..don't...go thinking anything stupid! I-It's just an observation or whatever. Didn't say I care or nothin

Things are a little different though...guess I'm surprised by somethings. Jeez you're an idiot
  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 13d 14h 22m 11s
[size10 lowkey a bit annoyed by the new Mercy changes but whatever
we'll see if it ends up being a good thing or a bad thing soon enough lmao

I petition that we start a "Get Neon tf outta Florida with the cat babies" fund. Even if no one else wanna do it, I'm gonna. Gonna get a jar for it , along with a jar for my Star Guardian fund. Mochi's fund is more important to me though.

I just really wish I could do something. Pull some strings. Find Mochi and the babies a place to live with no worries. Get Mochi up and working again if he wanted to. Idk.

I just ... Want nice things for my friends. And I wish I could do more to help out.
  ᴠᴀʟᴋʏʀɪᴇ / Chrysalis / 13d 17h 24m 3s
[Center [size10 When you look on amazon for a portable chargable phone battery thing wanting to get one for Neon so he can keep his phone charged if the power goes out but you realize that everybody is fleeing Fl and Amazon prob won't do shit to send a tiny package down there now. >:C]]

[Center [size10 Fuck you Irma]]
  -sᴍɪʟᴇ- / Sangwoo / 13d 20h 52m 56s
[center [pic]]

It's been a few months now and I reckon I'm doing better than I expected to. You and I had tried this a bunch of times and as good as it is, there's too much shit to fight through to make it worth it. You've known this for a while, but I think I finally get it.

That said, I don't know what to do or where to go from here. I poured so much of myself into the idea of you that I kind of feel aimless. Not empty, but just...I don't know. Wrong. It's harder to connect with friends and family right now, like there's some kind of intangible wall between us. Just feeling lonely, and that scares me.

I haven't felt lonely in a long while.
  Retribution / 14d 13h 25m 8s
Lol edgy 101 school
Sorry couldn't help it ik I'm an asshole xD
  OOC / Isamu / 14d 13h 24m 56s
These reruns are boring.

I'm telling you the writer really needs to think up new materal because honestly I don't think the prime viewrship is going to last long watching this. So full of plot holes and repeats in the plot.

Just after awhile it feels so pathetic, amateurish and so void of real proper life.

It's becoming a bit of a pathetic show that no one wishes to watch
  Madness / Sonicspeedx13 / 14d 13h 41m 28s
Man we would all be a lot happier if we recognized that hoes will be hoes and thots will be thots. Stop acting surprised at their behavior people
  Ebisu / NakedWinter / 14d 15h 20m 11s
When bae was saying you were lucky to have a cookie >>
  OOC / Isamu / 14d 20h 57m 54s
Bae: You are lucky
Me: To have you as my boyfriend?.....nO.
  Adriana / PastelNeko / 14d 21h 2m 31s
[b don't come around me boy, acting like my man. You just a fan,you hold no rank]
Playing Pokémon Sun again like:

[center [pic]]
  Quit eeet / pinkra01 / 14d 21h 15m 11s
I need to calm down and not get angry so quickly. The stress isn't good for me or those around me.
I just gotta not be so argumentative over moral choices with people. "What's right or wrong" granted I stayed nice I got so huffy. I think I need to be quicker about saying it's okay to agree to disagree and we both do our own thing ^^
  OOC / Isamu / 14d 22h 58m 23s
Thanks guy from subway for wrapping my sub like a dick. Everything fell out. RIP.
  Fuck me up / PastelNeko / 15d 59m 4s
[google-font] [Gochi+Hand [#ef81ea [center [size16 [b Ah.. I'm actually kinda feeling pretty happy, I managed to make a whole group of friends that I've fit in with so well, we're all just a big group of fun loving pirates.. And now that I'm not as mean as I used to be I've had so many good and interesting conversations with them all..

Changing has been nice.. I really can't wait to see how it goes with everyone, King and Lilith have ended up becoming some of the greatest friends I've had and I've really enjoyed being around for the past month or so.

Hm.. Well anyways, hope everyone here will be doing just as well in their own lives, I wish you all luck.
  Bahr / MissingNo / 15d 2h 4m 31s
Ugh, I always hate it when he leaves
Tomorrow he doesn't have to work though and i get to be with him all day, it'll be nice
I'm glad we're so alike cause I never have to feel self conscious or feel like I'm being an idiot, I'm able to completely open up which is something that feels great after not being able to for so long
I love him and his family so much
  (*⁰▿⁰*) / Audio / 15d 3h 3m 40s

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