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[paprika [center [#a47f82 All I feel is hate for anyone I encounter. And it's because of you.

I always think it's super cute when people block me when all I've done to them is exist. :-* stay salty, dumb ass. It's cute when they think they're any better than the shit they trash talk about.
[center Rewatching an anime and it makes no sense what do ever. Fucking trash.]
  к.∂σт / khaleesi / 10d 13h 22m 50s
[center [size10 When the BIGGEST fakes accuse [i others] of being fake. Shut the fuck up, you're a walking fraud, little boy. It's not that deep, shut up because you never make [i any] sense.]]
[center [size10 About to put that block feature to good use.]]
  / Sakura / 10d 13h 35m 8s
[center [size11 when ya so desperate for attention u try to start shit w anyone]]
[center [size11 cry lil bitch cry lil bitch cry]]

  тrαcer / angels / 10d 13h 47m 21s
You know I've been racking my brain trying to figure out what kind of made me lose respect of you being a legit person. You got your flaws and did things your own way and hey you spoke up for yourself like me. Just a shame we clash but that's human nature.

Honestly watching those few moments before you were ultimately pushed out of both our lives was entertaining to watch.

Seeing you, someone who would stick up for someone not wanting to be defined by a gender end up using such a term and treating him like a kid made me clue into the kind of person you are.

It was glorious, at that fleeting moment I saw what laid behind your mask, when I saw that I knew truly who you were. Thinking you're hot shit letting your pride show too much as you feel victorious, as you put your foot on the back of another for trying to be the diplomatic one

You see I was rather unfazed how you treated me how you wanted to push me down and say how much I didn't care, how much of an asshole I was, but you had to go so far as to direct that to another person who just wanted things to be better. A childish wish for sure but still sometimes you need that.

You treated him like some bully in a school, pushing him and telling him to 'grow a pair' at that point it was good you block me because for some fucking reason that has stuck in my mind remembering how much you berated him before, how much you wanted to stick up for someone else who seems the sort to not be stuck to gender terms and while I got my own opinion on it I at least STICK to them, while you will do what you wish when you feel you got the upper hand and THAT sickens me when the façade drops and we all see what you are.

At that moment there was no question what was going to happen next, there was no doubt in my mind you would be pushed down that mountain of pride you built yourself on.

We realized at that moment who you were... and we were done with it.

My only regret is it seemed more then one person got caught in that, though I wonder if she also knows why you got pushed away or if you painted yourself the victim and I the uncaring numb unsympathic monster.

its okay that you do. I hope you do, its all most people see at first glance when they don't take the meaning of my words and only look to the surface of things.

So good to get those thoughts straighten up, surprisingly been building up too much in the back of my head.

In other news...Persona is good, work sucks, and I certainly need to start writing again. So much has happen lately giving me some thoughts on life and how we interact with each other, and how we perceive others, and how sometimes we don't see everything that's being plainly shown...

perception is such an interesting thing.

  Persona/Mask / Sonicspeedx13 / 10d 14h 21m 12s
[center [size10 I'm going to be very blunt, ya'll a bunch of crazy bitches.]]
  ᴹ ᴱ ᴿ ᶜ ʸ / Sakura / 10d 15h 8m 51s
[center [size10 I don't speak out very often, but for the love of some gods, stop treating that person the way you do. you're not helping in the slightest. i'm surprised they haven't fully withdrawn from everyone, with the way you treat them. I'm not friends with them, but god seeing the way so many people treat them just irks the fuck outta me ...]]
  ᴡɪᴅᴏᴡᴍᴀᴋᴇʀ / Moonfall / 10d 15h 56m 8s
[center [#DEA5A4 Haha, my mom just agreed that once I turn 18 I'm gone. Leaving home forever, not coming back. Yep, sounds good to me. I will miss most people, but it's for the best.]]
[center [#AEC6CF Cat went to lay with my plant bbys and it's s'cute
Can't wait to purchase a succulent book]]
  MochiBuns / 10d 16h 58m 59s
I hate this place, the falseness of it all. It reeks with hypocrisy and sycophants. Why must I surround myself with such belligerent fools. I do it for you, because you require it of me, by request. On request I speak for you. If you asked it I'd fall on my sword for you, though I know you'd never do it. The two of us can do this, you and I are a team. We're strongest together than apart.

But I cannot leave the royal military college, for both our sakes. You would never forgive me if I ran away for it for you, even if it was out of love. You're too stubborn.

You ought to come home. To sit and just talk, even listen. We've dreams to share, to fulfil. Lest you forget the garden we're going to make together, my love.
  >Mine< / Mercy_ / 10d 21h 39m 15s
[center [size11 come on you two... you love each other more than this. you can get through anything together - just yesterday you were joking about silicone dildos. please, let's talk this out ok ? i'll try to help if i can, but ultimately you two have to make the decisions here. i just really don't want you both to do something you'll end up regretting.]]
  [ 天使 ] / angels / 10d 23h 3m 34s
Why do i stay up tilll two in the morning watching cartoons? What makes me think that is a good idea?
  TimeBomb / 11d 3h 39m 49s
[center it's simple really, you just fallen obsessively in love with me but just don't know it yet. Go ahead. Take your time]
  khaleesi / khaleesi / 11d 5h 4m 44s
Apparently I should be getting high or feel something off this pain shit, not the case. Whatever I guess..... I just wish my face wasn't as fucked as it is.... God damn I feel like hell....
  The Game / Psyk / 11d 5h 28m 14s
i don't know why i even try anymore

peoole hate me. i should just accept that and move on
  ĸαѕнιмα / angels / 11d 5h 35m 26s
That moment of silence when you're not sure if you did an extremely good thing or a huge stupid thing.

... in my case might be booth
  Persona/Mask / Sonicspeedx13 / 11d 5h 37m 1s

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