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[center I woke up at noon. Haven't been home since. Currently I am sitting outside of big lots and a lady was trying to carry a 24 pack of water and dropped it. Decided to help her because like wtf am I just gonna do watch her and she tries to pick that shit up? Helped her carry into the store and she turned around and gave me $5 and like $5 isnt much but holy fuck. The universe isn't shitty. People aren't all thankless. Sometimes the little things you do build up. I know I have plenty of people who look out for me but at the same time it's nice When I see it irl. Two people I personally know have offered me rides. I can do this. I know I can. I got this. Life has it's moments. Maybe I shouldn't have hugged her but when all you've wanted was legit $5 all day so you can eat it's almost like you've been given the greatest gift in the world.]
[center I would also like to state I almost fucking cried.]
  ooc / fkuropinion / 10d 1h 21m 8s
[Center [size10 Some people are so conditional with their friendship kek. I'm rolling.]]
  -sᴍɪʟᴇ- / Sangwoo / 10d 2h 40m 8s
[center [size10 I know I'm ahead of the game, but I found the perfect Halloween costume. I can't wait to buy it.]]
  кɐt / -Megami- / 10d 16h 59m 12s
[center when you walk all the way to subway to charge your phone only to get there and realize your chargin cord is destroyed and won't charge so now not only will your phone die so will your flash light. R.I.P I guess. See y'all when I get a new charging cord or power whichever comes first. Apparently could take 2-3 days to get back power, of I'm lucky it'll be back over night or tomorrow.]
  ooc / fkuropinion / 10d 20h 32m 51s
Ugh, on one hand I'm glad the storm switched sides cause that means my brother is safe, but on the other I'm so impatient about picking up my kitten
I get him saturday and im so excited, he will be 8 weeks exactly. I'm surprised he was still available cause grey cats are beautiful, plus he has white socks!

Everything has been so great lately, i have a solid xbox family now and its great that we're all so close. I know for a fact that these guys are gonna stick around, we all live so close to each other
I just cant wait for Ammys baby shower, all of us are gonna be there and its gonna be so fun
  Audio / 10d 20h 52m 32s
[center Update for anyone who is curious. The track means I will be getting part of The eyewall tonight. My anxiety is having the fits but I have Xanax. 11 pm will most likely be the peak of the storm for me. My power is officially out but I have free wifi from my cable company. So here's hoping there isn't extreme damage over night here even tho I will most likely wind up being up all night at this point. My phone will die at some point so If the power isn't up by the time curfew is lifted I will most likely see of any of the store nearby are open and willing to let me power some of their outlets to charge my phone. Here's hoping I don't die of a heart attack y'all]
  ooc / fkuropinion / 11d 19h 29m 59s
Open letter to people in the path of these hurricanes and earthquakes and tsunamis:

Please be safe.
  Xochimilco / 11d 19h 41m 21s
I was watching Kobayashi and they're all so darn cute what the heckie man
  MochiBuns / 11d 19h 55m 27s
[center going to go buy my costume for October now lol before prices shoot up. though I want to do a overwatch costume, I don't have the body to suit most the characters, wide hips and average chest. D.VA, Mei, Widow hard to choose. I wouldnt have to assemble much with D.VA, all you need is the suit, the heels, her headphones and her gun, buy still piece by piece it'll be pricey af.]
  ɪɢᴏᴛɪssᴜᴇs / Wysteria / 12d 4h 3m 58s
[Center [size10 Kek. Don't worry Neon I'm using my magic to pull Irmas eye to GA. Atleadt from what I saw last of the weather. Parently the eye is staying in the water and going along the west coast of Fl which means it'll be stronger here when it hits but hopefully getting that intense eye wall stuff away from Fl will help. We gatchu fam. ( ̄ε ̄〃)b]]
  -sᴍɪʟᴇ- / Sangwoo / 12d 7h 11m 46s
[center that [b IT] movie was amazing and scary. Bravo.I cried and clutched the next occupant next to me the entire time]
  ωιℓ∂тнσυgнтѕ / Wysteria / 12d 16h 23m 13s
[size10 can you just fucking not ???
literally, since you've been back
you've been being all passive aggressive
"oh well this place really needs cleaned -- we should've been doing that instead of playing video games"
ex-fucking-scuse you. I work, go to classes, and do homework more than I play games at this fucking point.
I pass out majority of the time when I get home.
I don't have TIME to work. Meanwhile you hadn't been working for the past three weeks so. y'know ... you could've been doing more than I can.
But y'know . It's all my fault.
PS. Love how you try and turn everything I say back on me. No matter what I'm talking about at this point.
I'm just ... Fed up at this point.]
  [隻眼の梟] / Chrysalis / 12d 17h 41m 24s
So glad I've got a cold. Its just a blessing isn't it? Jeez if only I had someone to take care of me.
  Alexander / PastelNeko / 12d 19h 10m 15s
[center [size10 Double post but worth it guys I swear it]][center [size10 "Wow my anxiety is really tryna fuck with me what should I do with my time to distract myself???"]][center [size10 *Makes a meme*]][center [pic]]
  admin / fkuropinion / 12d 23h 41m 52s
[left [pic]][center [size10 I say this with all the love in my heart but I'mma fight y'all. I don't expect this shit, but it's appreciated, even just the thought. Even if you can't do anything I appreciate you at least wanted to help or wanted the best for me. I just hate having to depend on others. I want to do shit to get myself tf out of here but it's unfortunately gonna take small steps for me. It's unrealistic for me to sit here and think I could just pick up and leave in the current situation but fuuuuuck it would be nice.]][center [size10 Also I have plenty of Xanax right now so if it comes down to it and I lose power during the storm I can just take something to help combat the anxiety I get hit with and maybe nap it off. Then once the storm's officially passed I can just go up to the shopping center and steal power if they have it and wifi to update y'all. I'm really hoping we don't lose power but it's expected that my county still may. [s [size10 and if it does apparently could take anywhere from 7-10 days to return]][center [size10 Speaking of naps, I know I legit just woke up but I'mma go pass tf back out and see how shit looks whenever I return to the land of the living. [s [size10 Hopefully Sardine will finally appear and I can get her into the fucking house so I can stop worrying about shit. Ain't about to get yelled at for my mother's cat going m.i.a during a storm]]]][center [size10 idk why I'm in charge of all this shit if she's so fucking worried more worried about my sister and neice tho]]
  admin / fkuropinion / 13d 9h 4m 35s

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