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I want to be good. I want to do right. I want to be calm. I want to be understood.
  Rodrick / Sonicspeedx13 / 6d 12h 18m 38s
I love my job and all, just not the drama. I didn’t know there’d be this one bitch that get under my skin so much. She nosy as heck and thinks she is the hottest shit out there. Like, no. No one even likes you and we’re all waiting for you to get fired...
  Flower / Lapis_ / 6d 13h 7m 43s
[Saira+Extra+Condensed [size16 [b Found what looks to be a tarantula in the house. That's a cool discovery when you're half awake at 1 in the morning. I decided to catch it rather than squish it. Spent fucking 15 minutes rummaging the kitchen and cursing these people for not having a single lid that fits their lil bins. Gotta hand it to the spooder, he was pretty chill. Now I'm just waiting for my food to cook, sipping soda and watching him do nothing.
Kinda starting to despise the rain for bringing in bugs like this. It's like PTSD flashbacks to when I was in Hawaii, where every nightly trip to the bathroom was like going through a minefield of cockroaches, centipedes, and scorpions - only to arrive to the toilet filled with giant spazzing cockroaches. God it was beautiful living there but that was a nightmare. I don't ever want to wake up covered in red ants again.
Pointless rant away]]]
  admin / Impurity / 6d 22h 12m 16s
[center [youtube]][+white ]
  9S / 7d 1h 54m 26s
[center [youtube]]
  [❤] / Depression / 7d 2h 23m 53s
[center [youtube]]
  Moonfall / 7d 2h 29m 38s
[center [youtube]]
[+white ]
  9S / 7d 3h 14m 24s
[center [youtube]]
  Moonfall / 7d 3h 18m 25s
[center [youtube]]
  [❤] / Depression / 7d 3h 27m 35s
[size10 Playing Comrades with the babe and it's not bad. It's ... a bit odd lmao. Just saw an Arachne be upside down in the cut scene only to derp and end up on her feet. Funny af. also just glitched through a truck so it looked like I was getting ran over lmao
Also was stuck to said truck for a minute
Also just the Oracle's sigil and fuck yeah ima put that on me lmao
I like the multiplayer, but it isn't as cool as XIV. That's just me tho
It's a bit more free roam than this is seeming to be so far. I'm a bit bummed it doesn't seem to be free roam so far, but that could change. For all I know.
I'm enjoying the character customization though. Character looks cute af !
oh tho, speaking of derps , I was level one for a few quests even tho I had -20 exp til the next level lmao
I didn't expect it to be perfect , the glitches are funny to me lol

Anyways, gonna enjoy playing it with the babe for the time that I can
then I'll probably do homework and play Ultra Moon ♡
Babe really spoiled me for our anniversary. He bought me the Season Pass for XV, which means I can get all the dlc, and the holiday pass +
I'm just really happy ♡ we had a good dinner last night, it was really yummy and I dunno
I've enjoyed my time with him, a hell of a lot ... He's so precious to me ♡
Hopefully we'll be together for many more years
  Ψ / Fleuret / 7d 6h 7m 46s
[center [size10 Why're you even here??? You don't post anywhere, you don't talk to anyone, you just lurk in shit you ain't got no part of. Like I could understand if you had friends but at this point I think you just tryna stalk cause that's how little of a life you obviously has but sweetie what you gonna find is just gonna depress you cause we got people who actually would cry if something happened to us where as if something happened to you would anyone here even notice? Nah mate. Just move on with you life, sometimes things meant to be, but in this case you and the population of ES not meant to be.]][center [size10 Honestly until recently I forgot you were even a person, you were just someone who even remotely mattered and now you just kind of pathetically exist.]][center [size10 smh at some of y'all sometimes]][center [size7 btw if you think this about you then so be it but they should know who tf they is]]
[center [size10 Unrelated to the first part of this post-]][center [size10 You accidentally look in someone's thread for like exactly 5 seconds and they block you, what is this world coming to. All the people I have issues with and not a single one of them is blocked but some of y'all take the time to block some people's MULTIPLE accounts and then claim they don't bother you. Okay surrrrrrre.]]
  ᵒᵒᶜ / 9S / 7d 6h 26m 6s
good god, aquaman is so OP in injustice 2, Jesus Christ the man is a savage to play as.
  B o j a c k / Balance / 7d 6h 44m 34s
[size10 Playing ffxv comrades with my love, it's pretty cool, it's way better than the beta but it's really buggy and sometimes laggy but it is a new game so, it's to be expected I guess.

This is probably the worst time for me to get hooked on a game, tbh.
Just today though then back to that study grind. I need this!!!
  ᴠ.xᴠ.xɪɪɪ / Lunafreya / 7d 6h 46m 17s
I noticed you said you ain't got time for them haters....

I ALSO noticed that since you're doing this, you apparently do. Lol. Must be nice to have the time to hate people.


Also yes, sweetums, it's still me. Your neighborhood asshole who ain't afraid to call your bullshit. Don't forget to block me. Stay bothered ♡♡
[Size7 coz guess what I'm not bothered I got people to love and feelings to feel and life is wonderful ah god.]
  一人ぼっち / No2 / 7d 6h 49m 47s
[center [youtube]]
  [❤] / Depression / 7d 6h 57m 21s

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