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Simple and easy request, goin' wide:

Can we stop trying to self-moderate, in here? The thread owner long-since lost this account, and people are gonna scream worse than goats anyways, so why waste the energy joining them?

...oh, wait, right, people have fewer and fewer productive things to do.

[size29 Egh.]

Carry on, then.
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 16d 20h 13m 18s
[Center [size10 Oh I get that, I just have too much fun especially knowing they don't wanna pm. I like the back and forth bickering cause it's cute when they don't get a rise out of me. Cause like you probably see, esians are some random people we'll never see in person most likely. So it's not really possible for anything anyone says on here to get to me. But most of the people that wanna come at me I know do let things get to them. Talk a big game but letting shit keep em up at night. So I like being like "aye man I'll be civil in pms but I'm not gunna do anything but speak my mind if you wanna make it public" and then watching them just dig their graves deeper. Its entertaining as fuck. I don't really mind being a dick tho tbh. I'm just enjoying a hobby like anyone else would. Just funny watching people not give in but get upset about it while I dont give in but it doesn't effect me.]]
  ʙᴀɴɢ / Bakugo / 16d 20h 14m 1s
I'm not personally attacking you.

I was stating in general.

Although, I did aim shit at you in the last one.

People are too much of pussies to come at anyone in PM's.

They'd rather have witnesses, so they can cry and whine and make whoever out to be a dick.

For the most part. I learned to ignore them. Pisses them off more while you continue to vent at how utterly retarded they are.
  Ghost:L.A. / LANOIRE / 16d 20h 19m 55s
[Size10 [center Okay but that's everyone on es cause see this is a website, we're all behind screens. I apologize if you take my being a dick for a play rather than truth cause I'm not gunna be one to act nice to peoples faces and talk shit behind their backs. So when I don't like someone I say it to their face and yeah that usually gets me labeled as a dick so I run with it. But see I'm not acting all powerful, I'm just being open with my opinions and don't water shit down. All I was trying to tell you was that this shit is nothing new. When I do make a journal post about how I think about shit, people come at me IN journal instead of pms. So if they wanna make a scene about it then I'll have fun with it. Otherwise like I've said in here before many times, if people pm me about it, I don't continue shit in journals often. But they don't like to make things private. Again, that's how journal has been for the past few months or longer honestly. Though you bickering with me doesn't make you any better either though cause you responding to me was exactly the same thing I was doing earlier. Oops. Journal drama is just a fun little passtime of mine but I can see you enjoy it too since you were so eager to partake.]]

[Center [size10 I honestly have no problem with you, but as stated, if people bring shit up in journal instead of pms then I'm not just gunna sit back and twiddle my thumbs about it so]]
  ʙᴀɴɢ / Bakugo / 16d 20h 22m 39s
Oh, a guy who pretends to be a dick.

All I have to say, is that if you're over 18, grow up.

Thinking you're all powerful hiding behind a screen.

I don't expect you to know who I am.

Undergone at least 3 accounts, that I'm having a hard time trying to locate the usernames.

Been lurking here for 8 years.
  Ghost:L.A. / LANOIRE / 16d 20h 31m 10s
[Center [size10 Lol who are you and where have you been? These few posts are nothing compared to about a month or so ago. You would have had a heart attack. But see I was disinterested with her at this point and then you had to put in your 2 cent that really wasn't needed either and now I'm back. But if this is bothering you too you might as well just stay out of it cause this is es, its a shit show in journals. Don't expect esians to play nice.]]

[Center [size10 I post what I think about shit and if people wanna respond or try to defend themselves in journal rather than pming me about it then that's what happens. But I'm always open to pming people. They'd just always prefer to do it in public.]]
  ʙᴀɴɢ / Bakugo / 16d 20h 31m 57s
A place to write your journal, is not a place to childishly bicker.

Come on guys, are twelve year old's still joining this site?
  Ghost:L.A. / LANOIRE / 16d 20h 50m 39s
[Size10 [center Yeah it does suck. Maybe its from all the free shit you get from your dealer friend? You'd think after having to resort to buying someones piss just to try to pass the fucking drug test for a job interview, you would've laid back. But nah it's cool. Free shit. Hooray.]]
  ʙᴀɴɢ / Bakugo / 16d 21h 23m 34s
I guess I understand. My comprehensive skills are lacking. I'm not going to lie. They're shit.
I didn't.. Haha.. Mean to make it personal like that. Or I guess I did. I don't know.
I'm not good at this.. Sorry.
I just.. Didn't know how to take it because it.. Wasn't what it looked like?eh?.. I dunno.
My bad. Pls have a gucci day.
  Soul / Usurper / 16d 21h 27m 50s
[Center [size10 I wasn't really "lashing out" perse. I mostly just had a little laugh at how I perceived your journal to sound. Cause it did sound fucking rediculous. But the constant "Anytime Mun makes a post he's angry or bitter" really is just the most boring response now. Like it was cute at first that everyone thinks I'm some ball of rage like Aleks used to be where I'm just fuming and shaking as I type on my phone. When in reality, I read shit, I make my comments on here, maybe have a good laugh about it with the people that message me like "oof what happened this time" and then its over. And I move on from it unless I saw someone responded. And thats about all the energy or emotion I put into shit like this, positive enjoyment for being a dick. Sorry that most people on here aren't enough to make me actually mad. But as for your post, there was nothing making it sound as put together of a reason as your post below so I had no reason to take it as anything but face value. And I honestly didn't care to have an explanation either. As I said, it was just a funny post that I wanted to comment about cause it's been a while since anything has been worth posting about esians wise.]]

[Center [size10 Edit: my account may be Bakugo, but I'm not really super like him on the outside at all. He'd be more like me if it was AU me where I expressed my hatred for people in anger instead of enjoyment in fucking with them. But as for me here and now. Nope. Not an angry guy. Just hateful and a dick.]]
  ʙᴀɴɢ / Bakugo / 16d 21h 43m 27s
1. I'm sorry you are angry and bitter at me still. I try not to be and fail too. The song all men are pigs I only like because of the twist of it being a guy singing it the whole time and it gives me a confident boost because of my male egos / muses who want to be better than all the males I've experienced due to my own dumb obvious mistakes I do regret and am aware I cannot take back. So I relate the song to my male muse Ebon and sing it to help me cope.
2. I did indeed rant and it did indeed sound like that but it is not the case. I meant money as in... I don't want to date a guy because I want a future one day and stability and every time I chase a man i get distracted on my goals and neglect myself and responsibilities and fuck shit up waitin for "Romeo to save me" and I have been working on my GED classes and I wasnt going to just up and drop that for some random ass guy again unless it was profitable to me in my goals. If you want to shame me for wanting to live a happy life with a dude one day and have a house and kids and family life then that's fine. I get it. I'm saying if someone wanted to come swoop me up.. Im not going to go save them or run away for them anymore and give up what I love for them anymore.

I'm trying to deal and cope with how I have ended up here and I'm sorry you want to try and slut shame me. But that's not what I meant. I'm a Demisexual. I don't get sexual unless there is a bond. No iffs ands or butts.
I've only had sex with 2 guys both of which had told me they liked me and all that. Yes everyone warned me and i ignored them and hurt my friends and lashed violently.
Yes I am sorry. Yes it happened. But I am not the me you knew before because everyone continously changes multiple times in their lives whether it be for good or bad. I cannot take away the things I've done or said but I hope one day you find enough peace with me to not lash and me the same. Because I don't want a war with you anymore. I just want change. Even if it means admiting what I did wrong and submiting and I still get lashed at. I'll deal.

I am not actually sexist but I have been acting like it being salty and I am sorry for anyone who has been offended. I'm just trying to adapt. I realize that was an obvious error.
I'm dealing with my own confusion and self exploration... I'm learning to hold myself together pathetically holding onto my muses even though we're consistently always alone in our head rethinking our mistakes and errors and wishing we had treated people better. The only thing we can do now is just keep trying to be better than before.. We're.. Sorry..
  Soul / Usurper / 16d 21h 57m 40s
[center [size10 sometimes I wish I could be a prostitute but then I remember the STDs and that the men into that are an actual threat to your lives and don't actually value for nothing more than something to got off with and then I realize i might be a piece of shit but I'm still worth more than that and got a whole hell of a lot more going for me if I just like ho it up responsibly. Remember kids of all you are to someone is a fuck piece it's not really worth it. Unless that's your kink then far be it from me to kink shame you. Personally I just stick to my daddy kink and choking myself.]]
[center [size10 also got a call back for an interview and thus I should be asleep but lol here I am. Also YouTube is a fucking curse my dudes I keep finding more shit to watch. At least I don't have to be up until 5 am. Gonna hike to the interview hope I don't die. I mean no one will shank me I live in a hella nicer area but like bears and shit man. Bears.]]
[center [size10 also men can be downright disgusting but so can women like hot damn there some crazy ass bitches out there and I can think of a few off the top of my head. I'll protect their identities tho. Cause im a rad dude.]]
  ooc / Taekwoon / 16d 21h 47m 14s
Well, I guess this is as good as any place to put it cause it’s a big concern to me. There’s this thing people are vaping around town lately. My mates on it and he said it’s like weed, but what you feel off it, isn’t stoned. I mean, I tried it a little, and every time I went a little green, and felt shitty. Don’t wanna sugar coat it but my friends been using it a while and he’s turning into a mess. He’s not him anymore. He’s always in the house and he’s always smoking that shit spending £30 a day on the shit.
  Sonny / DayDreaminKaii / 16d 22h 12m 41s
[Center [size10 Now I'll just wait for the obligatory "Omg you're such a bully, I thought we were friends but you're just a monster." Post in response to me speaking my mind. It's that special snowflake mentality that I've dealt with before on here. Like you're told to watch out for me and even if we talk or seem close don't expect me to always be 100% on your side, then people wanna get upset cause I had a nice conversation with em once before so SURELY we're bffs at this point right? When literally none of my other peeps on es have ever thought I'd be like that once. And maybe that's why I'm chill with em yknow? They know me and how far I keep the line in the sand to myself and its cool with them. Yet some people, even when told flat out, think they something special in this world that they're gunna be some kind of exception to that. I decide who is and isn't and I can tell you right now expecting it is gunna put you out of my circle of peeps, period. Oh well, nice little rant or two after just lurking and keeping from posting for so long.]]
  ʙᴀɴɢ / Bakugo / 16d 22h 14m 34s
[size10 Maybe if you didn't only date and run away with guys that people warned you about for YEARS, your dating life wouldn't be so bad. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Ye obv some guys suck but you have the whole "I'll fix them" complex that makes you only want "poor damaged souls" that you can heal to feel like you are doing them a favor. Why not just date people cause they are nice and treat you well and you are attracted to? Like that guy that you dumped because some more damaged boy that you could "help" came along.

Idk fam. I have little sympathy for people who literally walk into situations that they KNOW are bad and then.. Cry about it saying no one warned them, and hating a whole gender for it. But whatevs, not my business.]
  / Masochist / 16d 22h 23m 46s

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