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You were in my dreams last night. My heart can't accept who you actually are. It clings to the person it thought was the sun. Tell me, how could a friend break my goddamn heart?
  GingerAle / 15d 7h 3m 2s
[center [pic]
[size10 real Queens fix each other’s crowns .]]
  Serene / 15d 12h 32m 16s
My words seem empty.

Sincerity is no longer within me.

Or so they say.

We all feel these things that no one else can. We all are blessed with a curse

Im sorry for what i did and i know i fucked up bad. I got my past out, it wasn't my parents that made me who i am today, horrid and disgusting. It's my own fault, from mot knowing i had a speech impediment to that our family is plaqued with mentally illnesses and addiction. In my family, if you have two kids, one will be fucked up and the other won't be.

I'm an only child but i think im already the fucked up one.

Won't be long sunshine.
  [ᴇ] / Loquacious- / 15d 19h 10m 50s
[Center [size10 Misha's no shock bark collar came in and she's got it on now. Did the pretest for the collar and everything was working correctly so here's hoping it'll actually do the beepy vibraty thing when she barks.

Also got Christmas shopping done once my package tomorrow comes in. And once I order Caleb's present. Feels nice having all of it done ahead of time instead of having 57 packages still needing to be delivered in the middle of the most busy time of the year for postal services. Thank the lord it's finally almost over

Edit: Bark collar does work when she barks. Now we'll just wait and see how long it takes her to put 2 and 2 together to figure out that the barking is what makes the collar beep and vibrate on her. She seemed to not like it so hopefully that means it'll get her to stop at some point]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 16d 23h 57m 1s

There was an intervention and it was bad.
  [ᴇʟ+ᴊ] / Loquacious- / 17d 9m 58s

I'm... so happy..

I'm gonna rewatch every one of those fucking movies now..
Fuck it.. I just.. have to.

Getting my pumpkin spice latte, pink pajamas, fluffy blanket and doggos for this..
  Sakura / 17d 35m 59s
Fuck off. Literally just fuck off. I didn't ask you to come home. I asked you for a ride to a job interview. But no, you're too busy ignoring your own family for this new little family you seem to have abandoned us for. This isn't the first time either....
  Himiko / LiterallyPluto / 17d 2h 22m 7s
[Kodchasan [Center So today, Cole slapped D in the face because D was all up in his face about being Link in the Hair Spray musical and honestly it makes me pissed. Why in the world does D hate Cole for doing some petty little shit last year in Junior year?

Every single theatre student, told on D to the theatre teacher and she said she was going to deal with it. She even took me seriously which is hard to do because A) I'm not even in her class, I'm just helping transcribe the music and teaching them the notes, B) I'm silly as shit.

I just hope something happens and we see this through, if not.

[b There. Will. Be. An. Intervention. ]
  [ᴠ] / Sonorous- / 18d 4h 1m 32s
Oh shit

So Cole is the main role of the school's Hair Spray play and D is the director but D doesn't know how to fucking direct.

He directs by getting up on people and shoving them around. He hates Cole even though Cole did jack shit to deserve it

- Jay

Finding out moar
  [ᴇʟ+ᴊ] / Sonorous- / 18d 15h 38m 9s
x2 posting
But who ever PMed me and broke my internet browser, your mom's a hoe.
  GingerAle / 18d 16h 53m 21s
Life is the epitome of itself.

Learn the ways, surf the waves.

I can say Cole don't like D but D is all up in Cole's face.

Theatre Drama.
  [ᴇʟ+ᴊ] / Sonorous- / 18d 17h 16m 52s
[Size10 [center Of course after I already buy the snakes mice for the month I decide I want to try to see if I can get Zafir and Bakari to make the switch to rats. I don't know how much rats are or if they have small frozen rats there. I want to say I only remember them having large rats but here's hoping I can find a small one since they're on large mice now. Carpet pythons are pretty known for not usually making the switch well. But If I can get them on those, I can start ordering in bulk and save alot of money. To be fair 24 a month to feed all the snakes isn't bad but they could be taking slightly larger rats. Faster growing and better for them too. Please don't give me problems if I do start doing rats, guys. Be nice to dad.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 18d 17h 24m 13s
How many goodbyes will it take for your shadow to finally stop haunting me?
  GingerAle / 18d 17h 37m 27s
Being with a soldier is no mean feat.

  Lucrezia C Gardens / Nullification / 20d 10h 15m 49s
[Center [size12 9/27/18 ]
[Size11 Mantra ]

[size11 Before the truth will set you free,
It'll piss you off. ]

[size11 Before you find a place to be,
You're gonna loose the plot. ]

[size11 Too late to tell you now,
One ear and right out the other one. ]

[size11 Cause all you ever do is chant the same, old. ]

[b M-A-N-T-R-A ]
  [ᴇʟ+ᴊ] / Catharsis- / 21d 11h 37m 14s

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