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[size10 [center My issue is simply why is everyone always so god damn worried about what other people say about them?? If they say something racist just- turn around and walk away. Don't talk to them. Whatever. Racism was spawned from people worrying way too much about other people rather than themselves instead of realizing that we're all fucking human and it shouldn't matter. And it's people like you and Tally with your own racism and the people that feed into feeling bad for being discriminated against that MAKE the racism continue.

Just get over it. Everyone. Get over it. Get over everything. Worry about your own self. And stop worrying about primitive ways of thinking. Please. Good god.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 6d 10h 49m 59s
[center [size10 Let's be honest with ourselves here, we're not having a discussion, we're having a "you speak and wont listen cause you've got your feet concreted in." The idea is that white's could be any other race. You want to say white people can be Irish and such too and you're right. But how do YOU know what white people are or aren't? Can you look at a white person sometimes and say for sure that they are American or Irish or any other race? Unless you knew for sure, you'd just look and say they're white. But it isn't about color huh? Just race? [i Not] color? [i Just] race? Then why say that poc that are American can be shown racism? Oh right. Because you know just like I do that most people that show racism don't focus on race, they focus on color.

That blonde haired blue eyed pale skinned person you assume must be racist -because you seem like you'd also be of that mind- could have indigenous parents. You don't know. America is a melting pot. You're the one going on color not race.

And what white people were in America? People that came from other white countries. European. English French Irish. So while it has come to trickle down to "we're American if we were born in America". You saying white people can't be shown racism could also be seen as you going back TO those Irish people and those European heritages and saying they always had it made cause they were white.

I wouldn't have said shit towards you if it weren't for the high and mighty attitude and your actually proving there can be white racism but by you showing some obvious discrimination towards them already in just your two posts. So congrats, you played yourself.

My main upset with all this was mostly that cracker crying over a fucking word. To which words are words and I don't see why anyone should be offended over them. Getting offended over being called a word is giving that word the power they don't want it to have.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 6d 10h 55m 2s
Casual reminder white isn't a race.

Another reminder.
Italians and the Irish have experienced racism.
And they're typically light skinned.
So yes. Any skin color can theoretically experience racism.
But it's mostly people of color.

and here's the definition of racism,
"prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior."
so , y'know ... like nearly all light skinned people? lol.

granted. there was a weird religion that some black people practiced where they believed blacks to be superior and that god was gonna kill at the white people in the end.
but that's still some closeted shit.

The legal system is 99% against people of color. White people hold all the power.

but I'm bad with words, so I'll kindly provide another link. :') assuming anyone will bother to read it lmao.
[ here it is]

providing a whole book this time.
though. chapter 1 and 2 is probs the most important.

that's all I got for now.
thanks for the discussion.

edit: glitchy af PMs are open, for further discussion if wanted lul.
  |boujee| / Geisha / 6d 11h 12m 20s
[center [size10 I mean I'm on no side. But racism isn't exclusive to certain races. So sorry, any race can have people be racist towards them. That's- kinda in the whole definition of racism. It's like what people like to preach for religion. If you're gay you're going to hell. God didn't say to love everyone except the gays. Racism by definition is not "discrimination towards a race except whites."

Like come on. Yeah white people have had it easier but to just act like there's no way someone could be discriminated against just cause they're white? That's ignorant.

As for who that post was towards. Her personally. Grow the fuck up and stop whining about being called a white bitch. You personally, I don't care what you've been through, being called racial slurs are literally nothing. Were the slurs racist? sure, maybe but like fuck if you're that hurt over it then you're just showering in victim mentality because you have had it easier than alot of POC.

Like okay. You got called cracker. So like- laugh about it? You can take things two ways. Laugh about it or fucking whine about it and be offended. And for some of the shit you've done to people on es, I'm shocked you have the balls to come on here in public where people can see it, acting all boo hoo cause you got called a cracker.

Bitch please. If that's all POC had ever had to worry about, they'd have it fucking made. Shut the fuck up and go smoke your weed. Laugh it off or if it bothers you that fucking much, maybe stop being friends with POC. You the white bitch of the group, that's fact. You white. And you a bitch. Get over it and sit your ass down.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 6d 11h 31m 4s
wow ok. we gettin into this shit.

If you think people can be racist against white people, you don't understand a thing about racism. Racism isn't just name calling and racial slurs. It's an entire society being against you. It's living in colored neighborhoods, and watching all your white neighbors, because the property values are going down in that neighborhood just because you live there. Just because you're not white. It's knowing you'll be poor most of your life, because the white men that run this society don't want you to have money. It's knowing that the only colored politicians are even in office because the white men decided they could be. It's the situation in Flint, Michigan. Racism is the fact that most of the homeless population I saw in Detroit is colored. It's knowing that there will never be accurate representation of you in media.

You'll always be the poor, fucked up villain. While the white people get to have money, live comfortably, and be the heroes.
You didn't grow up with the only representation of your race/ethnicity being bad. You didn't grow up hating yourself because of your skin color. You didn't grow up shunning your own culture, because you were ashamed that you weren't white.

You don't know a thing about racism, and because you're white, you'll never experience it. Don't act like you have.
Any colored person would laugh in your face if you tried to tell them you've experienced racism.

As for the Holocaust? That was done by whites. Germans. Because Hitler believed whites to be better than all other races, especially the Jewish. The Jewish? Not really white. The Jewish are Middle Eastern. The belief that whites are racially superior has lead to the KKK and Nazis. Colored people were lynched for being colored. There's plenty of pictures you can find of it. Whites have killed so many colored people just because of their skin color.

I could go on about this for hours. You're ignorant, and clearly uneducated. So here. Educate yourself.

[ here's this.]
[ and this.]

Next time you feel insulted, don't claim it's because people are being racist against you.
Accept the fact that you don't like being called a bitch.
You have the privilege of being white. You don't know anything about racism, systemic or individual.
So just stop, before you make yourself look even more silly.
  |boujee| / Geisha / 6d 11h 49m 21s
[center [size10 you're beautiful. You aren't the negative things you let yourself be portrayed as. You aren't an asshole you are the complete opposite. You have a heart and I hope one day you can sleep properly and it hurts less because you deserve that. I hope you know I at least appreciate you.]]
[center [size10 wheres my "go to bed" at don't leave me hanging like this I enjoy you watching over me. Though I did tell you I was going to try and sleep and well I didn't lie but I just can't get comfortable enough. Gonna smack him with the pumpkin goods tomorrow when I see him and he's prolly gonna give me shit. Oh well I didn't die I didn't break any rules. I even left that doggo to boof into the night.]]
[center [size10 also fun fact I did a no call no show and the tried to contact him first to figure out where I was instead of my roommate. Then Sarah closed lobby in my place and did HORRIBLE at least when he closes lobby in my place he does amazing of not better than me. How dare I be replaced by someone so subpar. Never again tbh. Like tbh I feel like if they gonna have anyone ever fill in for me at least have it be Collin or Matt and not Sarah please and thanks]]
  / Taekwoon / 6d 11h 58m 59s
I love how my grandmother is such a fucking glutton. Like, here is an example: My mother spends 200$ A WEEK on groceries for the house, this is while my grandmother lives here. When my grandmother is NOT here, we go shopping for groceries maybe every two weeks, sometimes three, while spending the same amount. This lady fucking chain smokes so intensely, that she buys a carton of cigs and it lasts her maybe one week, usually less. If it isn't cigarettes, it's chain smoking weed. This lady, is SO FUCKING LARGE that she can't fit in doorways, walking to the kitchen from the living room is like a marathon for her, she is literally huffing and puffing by the time she gets there.

She is CONSTANTLY eating, and when my mother makes a meal for the house, and I'm sleeping, she eats my share of food too. It's disgusting. She has such an intense gambling issue that most of the time she doesn't even pay rent. She would rather throw a fit about something than fix it herself. She is like a literal child, SHE THROWS FUCKING TANTRUMS. She sits in the chair that's molding to her ass, and stuffs her fucking face, chewing with her mouth open, and if you look at her she gets all pouty and is SO FUCKING PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE. I needed to rant, because it's not like I can call her out without my entire family fucking jumping me.
  ⧼Ooc⧽ / Vilkacis / 6d 16h 1s
Why did I even audition or even get a part here if I'm going to miss so many days for one bullshit reason and one funeral I have to go to. I'm fucking stressed out. I'm severely depressed. I don't need this. I need the job though, but not the bullshit they're putting all their scare actors through. I'm just so over this whole thing.
  002 / LiterallyPluto / 10d 20h 46m 2s
[center [size10 Okay so I'll be honest, getting a random brand pair of high top LED shoes for the Kuroo cosplay was taking a shot in the dark. I've been anxiously waiting for them to come in [i because] of how unsure I was if they'd work or not and oh my fucking god.

They're glorious. It's such a fitting memey thing for Kuroo to have and if I'm honest, I'd say that at some point in life, everyone should have a pair of these things. No joke. If me Setka and Shiro were able to go to the con I was going to do the cat Kuroo at the rave. But I think with how high quality the tail and ears are gunna be, I don't want them getting fucked up and after walking all day in platform boots, I'm just gunna put on some flashy rainbow LED accessories to go with the shoes and just go as a less cat moreso just punk Kuroo. Which is basically gunna be what I am anyway just without the cat shit. This shit is gunna be great.

I just hope Shiro will be able to get their grandpa to drive them here so I can drive us all there together. It's more fun that way. And I hope we can figure out the whole hotel thing since the con hotels are already booked up. I don't mind driving a bit to get to the con every day since we'll have our car but I just wanna find a hotel that we aren't having to spend 320 a piece to cover.

Also considering just asking for that expensive but holy shit its fucking amazing Kuroo wig on etsy for christmas. We'll see.]]
  ᴋᴜʀᴏᴏ / Mun / 11d 21h 42m 22s
[center [+pink All these builds in Monster hunter either defense or support or straight damage. Mixed with of course lots of hybrids when I get wifi and next event I'm fighting the extreme behemoth haven't tried him alone though. I can beat base behemoth alone but I heard extreme is such a different ball park.]]

[center [+pink These "tank" builds suck they give up a lot of tankiness for damage and can't really even face tank much. I have a Gunlance build that I can play so relaxed with. Not to mention screenshots of me killing tempered elders in 8 minutes video too if ya want it. Hell might stream it and keep in mind this build? A DEFENSE one hell it even randomly has friendship LV 4 so when I heal my friends get a chunk of healing too. Though cause of my shit wifi I play mostly alone and with a relaxed easy fight can take on tempered elders. Hell even kill the archtempered fairly easy.]]

[center [+pink 510defense tons of fire res and divine blessing LV 3. With shield gem to block ANY attack with LV 3 guard. Not to mention recoverable HP restores twice as fast. I forget all the gems and shit because I just presumed the community was doing better than me. Surprisingly people seem to call a lot of content "hard" I managed to blow through. I may have lucked out and by pure chance created this great hybrid of damage and tanking I mean I do have Artillery LV 3 charm too. My max stamina being 200 as well and my attacks CANNOT get deflected. So DPS is actually being shoved out and my tools come back 10% faster. I'm using temporal mantle and rocksteady mantle for nonstop DPS. If I play well enough I kill some of the tempered elders in about six minutes. That's only if I focus hit EVERY wyverns fire and play well. No matter what though even playing poorly or kinda lazy it's like 8 and half minutes.]]

[center [+pink I do respect that skill can change the killing time of a monster DRASTICALLY. It's not about that sweet build ;3 ]]

[center [+pink I'm not calling this game easy and if your struggling with it I'm not saying fuck you. You suck when I first fought Behemoth it destroyed me and my party it wasn't till a certain point endgame that my gems and equipment felt so overpowered. I learned how to cook properly to further increase my DPS and I have so many meal vouchers. If I add that extra DPS I finish even a little bit faster. ]]

[center [+pink No the game can be challenging and honestly I respect you squishies. I will play as a squishy hard hitting fuck cause if I hold R2? I can't fucking die. Not even holding it I live pretty long though. So imagine having to dodge everything yikes. I may make a squisher but more brusier greatsword build ]]

[center [+pink So yeah anyone struggling don't feel bad the game was meant to kick ass a bit. Those of you who are somehow pulling 2-3 minute speedrun feel free to laugh at my playing it safe as fuck build. It's how I like to play games as a beefy frontline fighter. "He protecc"]]

[center [+pink Well there goes my random rant bye and wish me luck on my roadtrip ^w^]]
  Emma Faith (Scarf) / Knight- / 11d 22h 25m 8s
[left [pic]][center [size10 Every single time I work with him this happens. Every single time we work the same closing shift I wind up helping him close. And no one stops me. Both of my shift managers just tell me to go ahead. And tonight was the worst because it went from "help him until we close and then go do your lobby" to "oh your lobby is done just help him finish up his stuff" i don't know how I got here and I don't know why this is being allowed but at this rate if he's closing cook tim will never get my help with line ever again because I legit ask shift manager and it becomes my sole job to help matt with dishes and floors.]]
[center [size10 At this point I still don't know wtf is going on with any of this and I really don't care. I guess we'll just see where it all goes because I'm not going to be cutting this idiot out of my life anytime soon and going to wind up surrounding myself with him even more as time goes on. I hate him and I adore him at this same time and I hope he knows I appreciate the fuck out of his existence.]]
  read me / Taekwoon / 12d 11h 7m 37s
[size10 [center Today's just been a complete 180 from last night. Woke up with fucking great vibes and a mighty thirst to make Caleb mine even more than he already is.

But things take such interesting turns sometimes. Y'know, I was going to make a post earlier laughing about how keeping an eye out on one particular profile is like a sport now cause every time I see it, something new to laugh about is there. Yet I decided not to.

And what happens? The universe aligns to just make them flat out PM me. Haha how convenient. Watch me end up blocked by them just like their "Transgender friendo" did. Kek. That's so funny. Again just showing when you have no defining traits other than being trans to the point your friends can only label you "my trans friend." How cute.

Oh. Oh my lord. Someone help them, they obviously haven't been around journals before. They think I'm a potential "friend". Should you tell them or should I?? Pffff.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 13d 23h 11m 29s
[center [size14 [font "Courier New" [#696969 •☆•]]]] [i [size8 [font "Courier New" [#696969
"I do not hate you. It's just that I may never be able to forgive you."

"Your words don't even poke through how bad person of you were. I know that you're trying to be a better person, but my trust in you can never be restored by a mere apology. It's like you can't see the damage that you have done to all the people that you cared for.. Your apologies don't mean much when you don't know what you're apologizing for. The words seem.. empty. It's like they were written from a cold, logical brain that only wants what it desires.. And not from the heart. I can't say whether or not that is true but that is how your words make me feel."

"At the end of the day, there's apart of me that still cares about you. I would never wish for harm or misfortune to fall upon you. But I don't feel like you care about me back. There was a time that I loved you and looked up to you with such adoration, but it was crushed by the person you became when you came home.. Before this entire fiasko started."

"When I left you.. You told me to kill myself. You told me that you hated me for leaving you, yet when you left to live with your other family, I was never upset with you like you were with me. Albeit, I may have been a bit jealous, but I had every right to... I felt replaced.. Both of those times. I couldn't stand to live with myself after what you said. I wanted to die that day.. But I didn't go through with your commands. And to this day, you have never truly seen how bad you infected me with your venomous words. I will always feel like I was some damaged doll that no opinion in your care. All of your actions have caused me pain, nightmares, flashbacks, panic attacks, and worse."

"I'm not saying this to discourage you from bettering yourself. I want you to. I want you to be better for yourself and not for others. I want you to fine happiness in the future. I want to provide you the knowledge of your mistakes, because how could you ever learn from them if you don't know what you did wrong?" The thing that hurts me the most is all of these bittersweet memories... You wouldn't think they would hurt as much as they do. I keep thinking back to the time when there was this sweet person who would stay up with me on most nights and chat the night away. Maybe you were just lonely, back then. I'll never be sure because it didn't matter how much that we talked. I did not see through your facade and you didn't see through mine. We both resorted to giving into the pain. You gave into yours for attention or lust or whatever the reason.. I gave into mine because I was numb and wanted the pain to stop."

[Center ☆]
"On another news, I have a crush? I don't know, I really feel red when I hang around him. He snuggles me when we sit next together, and he randomly holds my hand? He says he likes me, I don't know why, I'm me? And I don't like me but I like him.. He kinda makes me feel loved? That's crazy huh? I feel like blushing and crying at the same time.. I don't know if don't like being relationships they make me worried to much.."

"People are full of pretty words with empty meaning and I'm scared of death for having a love interest."

[Center [youtube]]
  Adorabloodthirsty / 14d 22h 52m 57s
[Center I actually got sleep today wow who would've thunk??
Also just casually gonna flirt with my son via receipt surveys for his job. #wincest jk that's disgusting.

Also I forgot how sensitive my WEAK ASS STOMACH IS this stomach bout to catch hands oml
  Lady Maria / EileenTheCrow / 15d 4h 16m 32s
[center [size8 you ever see your name and forget that other people can also have your name momentarily, ye]]

[center [size10 I've got this itch to start writing again, but with school and college its been so hard to find time. But before, if I were here, I'd make time? Probably because I know that its not just my time I'm wasting. Not to say I didn't waste anyone else's time anyway, I'm a flake.]]

[center [size10 But still. Its tempting to start again.]][center [size10 Maybe some small things, help distract me, help me get back into the swing of writing and not feeling completely terrible about the fact that your major banks on writing.]]

[center [size10 we'll see]]
  / Apt / 17d 22h 54m 42s

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