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I apologize for my retort here I should have left alone but I'm tired of her doing, however, she has pleased whenever she was pleased.
Crying to me about Alexandra's hateful message way back when she started the fight?
Tried taking that all back to and throwing me under a bus behind my back?
To do it again?
Clears her account changes her name makes a farewell post then pretends it never happened.
I have screenshots of her saying I'm leaving ES.

Whatever I should honestly just let it be.
  Kyuti / Kudaketa / 13d 18h 54m 5s
Holy fucking shit
  Ghosty / 13d 18h 57m 44s
Taking things back again I see?
You broke up with me and then acted like it was all a bad dream before remember?
Alexandra does.
Now you get Sherry to get on this story you forgot you posted something?
Cause again you change you're mind wanna come back on ES?
You cybered countless people everytime we fought two wrongs don't make a right but you love to focus on my faults.

You told me "I'm leaving ES forever goodbye"
Posted here and then what? Take it all back?

You are crazy.
You are just a child and I'm the idiot who believed everything you told me.
Everything Alexandra warned me about you?
All my friends?

How you started shit with Neons group in the past and got me involved? Cried they were picking on you? When you bad mouthed Alexandra saying she banged me before? You are on repeat talking about her banging me and this.

You shift it to her or me anyone else.
And you got me involved I fought her and half of ES who was yelling in my ear
That kid is crazy Chris.
Heck Neon told me to tell you.
"That's a bit harsh"
Calmly I didn't listen cause you? Had me brainwashed but no longer and no more.
So as everyone has already said?

Bye bye~
  Kyuti / Kudaketa / 13d 19h 6m 12s
You know I don't think I write like that. Certainly didn't think I needed to tell the internet that I cheated. I don't think I remember posting that. Must have been dazed or something. Oh well. Spread those nasty nasty rumors all you want. Truth is I was just a kid when we started. I didn't know what I was doing. You manipulated me into thinking and doing things a certain way. Maybe that way works for other girls you know always being the wrong one. Always saying sorry for things they didn't actually do, but you know it doesn't work for me. And yeah I cheated and it was wrong but you know what you cheated too. You had Skype sex with Alex. You cybered a lot of people "because we were fighting so much and we were probably going to break up" so here's the deal. I was planning on leaving you anyway, that sex was just the push I needed to realize that you weren't right for me. And next time you wanna make me look bad on here don't forget I hated the way people treated you ,not the actual people, but TBH I get it now. You are fucking crazy. Posting from my account? Telling me how you are gonna kill yourself? Messaging my friends to get info on me? Having your little lost puppy stalk my instagram to see what I'm up to? I get why everyone here who knows the shit you do hates you. Fuck I don't blame them. Your a fucking asshole. And before anyone thinks I'm trying to clear my name or whatever I couldn't care less what any of you think of me. I'm trying to show Chris how fucking insane he is but I'm sure he's never gonna see it. I feel bad for the next girl he manipulates.
  TheHoe / 13d 19h 19m 48s
Dear Journal :( I’m so sad and emotionally drained.
I had this toxic friend I cut out of my life so at least I have that going for me. He does this thing where he likes to date really young girls and then suddenly goes ape shit when they wanna leave. Despite cheating as well, he loves to get people to gang up on them... cause woopity doooo lets be a victim and have people pity him, no? makes me sad. So if you’re 18 and younger, please be careful! Soooo pls be safe <3 he also likes to attack people if you show the slightest bit of critising him, and talks crap about everyone.
Aaaaaggaaainnn, I might be annoying and all right now but I just don’t care <3 bye bye bye Journal~ I’m glad I got rid of this toxic friend. I have stuck around for 3 years and my dumb ass finally realizes when it sees shit on repeat, ya know? Anyways. Bye bye bye ~ ciao.

Also, plot twist. My friend also likes to log into others accounts and post for them :( it’s sad
  Melting / 13d 18h 59m 27s
Looked in here first time after like forever

I'm sure people are gonna read Kudakuta and expect me to defend her.
Tbh you guys are right have been from the start.
I'll admit that I was an idiot for expecting someone that young to have self-control.
I'm not even going to be self-destructive about it.
I'm gonna try dating someone my own age

Seriously I was told by a large number of people.
Don't date someone that young.
Enemies and friends.

So you guys were right xD
I was wrong I'm gonna take that lesson and try to make better choices in my life. I should have realized something when she started a fight with Alex and got me into a huge drama outta nowhere. Again I was told so I don't feel bad about myself, in fact, her messing up gives me a chance to just do things better later on.

Be less emotionally burdened.

Have a good day everyone sorry for the ramble.
  Kyuti / Kudaketa / 14d 4h 47m 26s
I came back to make a funny since we gonna "leave es for our mental health" then log back on to edit my post to purposefully call people out for not doing anything
  Hyperion / 14d 8h 46m 7s
[center mmmmm yes the power I hold within my hands. Truly beautiful.][center anyways. Me and the roomies get to see black panther. Also got a cord for my desktop to hook it up to the tv so gaming can happen again. Oh and I got stuff to make roy Harper's hat. Now I just gotta wait for it all to get here. The cord will hopefully get Here first the patch will prolly be the last thing to get here cause it has until the 13th to ship regardless mad excited for everything.][center depriving myself of sleep for Netflix and grocery shopping later. Yolo]
[center also my mom better than your mom. Always looking out for me and got my best interest at heart. Wish I could get access to the ps4 at the right times to game with her.]
  Duality / Gardner / 14d 10h 9m 26s
Lol didnt even see abbys post til now but
honey summed it all up LMAO
Aint nobody got time for children who cant hold a relationship for more than an hour. Children can be so goofy. Especially when they play pretend and try to act like an adult. Can't say I'll miss ya. Or anyone worthwhile will.

SINCE IVE GOT like, real problems.

when this bitch gonna take my fucking money so i have the rights to draw this BITTCCCH

And when these w2s gonna get in... like. Been waiting two years for this disappointment bruh

Also if my overaies can not, that would be splendid.
  大嫌い / Vitriolic / 14d 10h 13m 48s
[center [pic]]
  Sorceress / 14d 11h 40m 28s
Leaving ES but like just wanted to make one last post here. Totally did something outside of myself and had my first sex experience. Cheated on my boyfriend. Like seriously outside of my norm cuz I just can't deal with life right now. That's why I'm leaving ES for awhile. Since I'm leaving anyway just wanted to like say fuck Neons group cuz you guys fucking suck. Might check it here and there but that's it. Going on this downward spiral and I need to like start getting better for myself yknow.
  thisbitchemptyyeet / 15d 20h 27m 40s
[Center Oh man, mun, spitting straight fire.

I was enjoying my day after a ramble about my boyfriend and I get shamed for it. uwu Damn. And sorry I wanted to rant about my manager's husband inappropriately calling employees to clean his house and not get the message that he's not wanted. Aint it funny how the world still goes on with or without you?

ANYWAYS on to more relephant things, I beat the An...anja... anjanath.. fuck you trex looking bitch. Fuckin.... got too angry your ass getting handed by someone smol'er than you that you can't even breathe fire any more goofy ass biiitch. Take my water element blade to the face BIIITCCHH. I couldn't have done it without Aaron tho lmao. Aaron was laying the critical hits while I tickled him and playing it like I ACTUALLY did something lol. God I miss playing with Aaron. He's such a great friend and gaming partner. He and Kiki brighten up my life so much, I will sneak to their wedding and give them forehead kisses because they're very beautiful people who deserve happiness.

Also dorki had to keep saving my butt today on Bloodborne he truly is da mvp uwu playing any game with ME is a challenge but my friends always pull it off somehow.

God, I meet such great people. Makes it almost seem worth dealing with the shitty ones who wedge themselves into things they ain't got nothing to do with.

Edit: In case yall thought "wow she went incogneet and failed" in actuality i was stealing some things from this old profile to make up my son's day. Imma hop off now before i ramble how great the people I know are again and i break es.

Edit 2: Damn must be rough that the "love" of your life is happy seeing im still alive rather than seeing your posts. Shit really does stink.
[Center [size10 [#F7BF20 It's sad when someone assumes a post is about them when no names were dropped and gets all pissy about it. But what's even more sad is when the shoe fit so well that they had no way of NOT thinking it was towards them. And instead of taking it as harsh but good criticism IF IT EVEN [b WAS] ABOUT THEM, they blow it off as if what was said holds no merit. No no if you're offended, suddenly a good point becomes invalid right? Because someone said something you needed to obviously hear. Or maybe what was said by one is what everyone thinks because we're all so god damn tired of daily updates of heartache and lack of moving on by the same person CONSTANTLY. Like who are you trying to make feel sorry for you cause it ain't working on most of us.]]]

[Center [size10 [#F7BF20 What gives them the right to give advice when no one asked for it? I can answer that one. Ahem. [B The same right that lets you whine about your shitty love life that literally no one cares about.] How about that? Funny how freedom of speech works isn't it?]]]
  ᴀᴅᴍɪɴ / Sadist / 15d 23h 15m 40s
[center Why are you so mean to me??? You hold so much aggression and it really hurts the way you make fun of me? Just because you admit to what you say doesn't make it hurt any less, and you don't ever plan to stop... it was a little funny when I told you I don't view any person as bad, truly, and you said I'd end up in an abusive relationship and die :') still, I'm sorry if I did something to piss you off?? You're always saying just looking at me infuriates you, is it my face? Did I say something stupid?? I feel like you won't tell me because you know I won't drop you from my life, I told you I value you as a friend.
Although, I did hope you wouldn't have told anyone...

I miss you!! I really do! I suppose I'm always just scared of bothering you, sorry!! <3]
  ٩(◕‿◕)۶ / MochiBuns / 16d 1h 51m 31s
[center PSA
even if you love someone, YOUR LOVE CAN BE OVERBEARING. You can suffocate someone with your love/affection/attention. Stop being a selfish prick and give the person you love some mother fucking space. They are an individual with wants and needs too. They have other things to do, they need s p a c e to breathe. I'm so sick of having to repeat myself, I love you, but got damn I just want to do activities with other people and enjoy myself. I can't even use the bathroom without you barging in and asking me what I'm doing. ALL I ASK IS A DAY TO MYSELF IS THAT SO MUCH???

Also if you don't know what "no" means, it means MOTHER FUCKING NO. Not gonna happen. Ain't gonna happen. Stop playing stupid games. Stop trying to persuade someone into liking you. That is in fact not how it works. Some people of this world need to learn to accept rejection and stop passively harassing the person they claim to fucking adore so much and let them be.
  大嫌い / Vitriolic / 16d 7h 47m 11s

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