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[coming+soon [center [size15 [#859ecc [b Minding my own muTHAFUCKIN BIDNESS, BITCH

Staying in my lane, strutting, fucking, crying from being so sore, crying from having to adult and not being babied... all that good shit.

Jk I was sleeping bitches gotta have they beauty sleep. I trapped you before, how’d you think I managed that? Tf. With beauty sleep. Sleeping beauty? More like: wake the fuck up, are you dead bitch?

Big oof, my throat is dying. It’s fine.

Also I made ouR SON DINNER LAST NIGHT WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHERES HIS MAMA? HIS MAMA IN THE BACKGROUND TIDYING THIS SHIT BACK UP FROM BEING GONE FOR A WEEK. Smh I don’t know how he survived this long without me. Love that boi tho. Even if he has no clue why the kitchen counter is completely soaked. Smh.

He made me watch offensive Asians and ofc they were super offensive. He made me watch some cringe 2008 performances and how people even got laid is beyond me. Glad I’m not a teenager in this confusing self destructive cycle!!!

Also his mom can’t stop talking shit. Love it.

Anyhow I’m passing the fuck out trying to say my piece so deuces, bitches. I don’t like majority of y’all and that won’t change any time soon. Give me a reason to dislike you, I’ll pin that bitch.
  / Indefinite / 36d 1m 21s
[center [size10 I leave for a few hours cause I gots a headache and my son out here shittin on peoples, wtf? Ace, you're grounded. Where's yo mama, boy?

Anywho, been meaning to post in here about some shit but lately, since I haven't posted to a particular roleplay, I felt like I shouldn't post anywhere but fuck it. I just wanna gush about how nice it is to be rping with someone who can not have a post for a month but we still talk almost every day and just fucking plot work a fuck ton of stuff for our roleplays.

Stress has been building from being a month away from Rami's side finally coming to live with this family. No more moving back and forth. No more dumbass Columbus, no more of their fucking shitty mom getting in our way of shit. Just us here, finally getting the [i permanent] start to our fucking lives together. No more temporary.

So with that stress comes me being flighty and unable to focus enough on one long rp post. But I refuse to make myself write anyway if I know it's going to end up a sub par post. Just talking rps and a new character we are going to add and playing lots of WoW. That's all I'm about right now.

Though getting to the main reason I'm posting this. Fucking Mephistopeles. What a babe. What a fucking Chad. She's honestly like the best ever. She's even gunna join a new DnD campaign with me Desmond and Caleb and fuck, I love all the bois. Her and my character are a thing, even if my character doesn't know it yet and I'm living for it.

But our rp Boss Battle. FUCK. I had a dumb idea for a new character and now everyone, even Desmond is falling the fuck in love with him. We've got so much planned for him already. Which is a relief that we can still be creative and try to build my inspiration despite me having a hard time sitting down to make a post. But this boy, Vadim. My god. White haired Russian werewolf in the mob wtf?? I love how I jokingly mentioned "oh what if we added an element of fantasy to the rp and Abel gets bit and turns into a vampire" and instead of being like "no that's weird" she was ALL for that shit. And now we adding fucking mafia werewolves???

Anywho, we all love Vadim and it's got me researching the Russian mafia and how it works/their tattoos and meanings/organization structure and tbh I'm not mad about it. It's fun as shit. Especially with the head to head that Vadim and Felix are gunna have. And especially since Vadim is gunna fuck Felix up. Literally and figuratively. So yeah, that's all I wanted to share for now, lots going on but also nothing going on at the same time, you know how it is. Now here, have a sweet faced mafia man.

  -ᴠᴏʟᴋ- / Mun / 36d 58m 29s
[center [+green It's funny I used to see Mun as a hardass but he's legit the only person who don't get upset that I vanished awhile and came back around xD.]]

[center [+green You cool Mun you cool. ]]
  ShieldHero- / 36d 1h 6m 41s
[center [+green I think you are one truly. You dealt with that customers shit better than most people would have. You also don't quit on things just cause stuff gets hard. Also you could just angrily write this off instead of discussing about it so that's mature too.]]

[center [+green It's hard to explain but if I had to say. Timing? It wasn't just me who thought that though. It doesn't matter though, Idk why you tell yourself to shut up about stuff though?]]

[center [+green Well here our my apologies. I won't presume anything is about me no matter how it may look. I also won't try to lowkey ever try to start a fight with well anyone on the internet really. It's just energy wasted for everybody.]]

[center [+green I guess that's pretty much it and I understand the PM's part now so thank you for explaining that. So I guess that's all settled? If not I apologize for missing anything else.]]
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 36d 2h 2m 47s
[center [size10 hahahahaha mature adult. Best joke I've heard in the past month. Oh boy. I said what I said. I said why I won't PM. I barely PM the people I like. Done. End. Over. Idk why you wanna repeat yourself but mkay buddy.]]
[center [size10 also idk where it seemed obvious cause I talked shit about myself In that kind of manner just yesterday saying I needed to shut tf but go off I guess???]]
  ᴅᴏɴɢʜᴜɴ / Cactus / 36d 2h 9m 41s
[center [+green I understand you are drunk and it wasn't too vague. Not to be rude but it was obvious to everyone what you meant? Still I'm not honestly offended I'm sorry that it bothered you however.]]

[center [+green I appreciate you talking to me like a mature adult. we can disagree without a drama or disrespecting each other. I'd actually prefer PM'ing with you about this now that you mention it but you only respond here?]]

[center [+green What was rude of me to say? Whatever it was it wasn't my intent. Also I don't want to start anything so whatever it was that came off as offensive I do apologize. I'm sorry your having a hard time at work and I'm not trying to add extra negativity in yours or anyone's life.]]

[center [+green I can disagree with certain things you say and still respect you as a human being. Again sorry if I made it seem I was eager to fight with you. Trust me if I wanted to start something petty I'd have been a lot more direct about it as we used to be in the past. I'm trying to move past all of that though. I don't wanna fight over small things anymore it's just not worth it.]]
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 36d 2h 18m 19s
[center [size10 protip, I'm drunk, nothing I say matters, but also not everything about you and it was vague af so I guess if the shoe fits the shoe fits. Also way to rope people into something that was legit nothing and they weren't involved with simply cause they know me. Yikes, wasn't gonna say shit but honestly that some rude shit for someone who ain't wanna start something. Also don't @ me PMS work like 25% of the time, the rest of the time they break es. So as the kids say these day miss me with that shit.]]
[center [size10 also like don't need you to tell me who gives a shit about me I know. I appreciate them tolerating my whack ass more than they should. Adore tf out of all of them. 10/10 the most beautiful people I know.]]
  ᴅᴏɴɢʜᴜɴ / Cactus / 36d 2h 23m 20s
[center [+green I'm sorry if I did something to offend you. I do wish you and everyone here the best. If it was directed at someone else than I hope it doesn't bother you long.]]

[center [+green Edit: If somehow you are still angry at me I apologize for the stress you are going through. I won't respond out of respect for Mun/Titania and I know they care about you. So I'll just let it be. I'll just do me and you do you. I don't see a reason to fight with you and sorry if you feel otherwise. This isn't me acting holier than thou it's just me not wanting to start drama on JE.]]
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 36d 2h 34m 53s
[center [size10 might be the vodka but oh boy I wish some people knew how they sounded and would just shut tf up sometimes. Like you obviously ain't know shit but you just gonna keep talking]]
[center [size10 wish we had more them spicy noods cause unf tasty and painful just how I like it]]
  ooc / Cactus / 36d 4h 34m 1s
[center [+green So I go home in a few days now. It's nice seeing more old friends get on recently. Like Titania I hope she's doing well. I know she's got a lot on her plate so she can't get on ES for long these days. I like talking to her about video games though.]]

[center [+green I may write when I'm less tired about it all. I'm just glad to have so many old friends back.]]

[center [+green Renee coming back actually made me really happy. It's nice texting and catching up. I was afraid it wouldn't be the same at first but we picked right back up where we left off just about. My stomach is upset from too much food so I guess it's all I'll write for now. I'm just in a really good mood.]]

[center [+green For all the people stressing out around here or life being hard I hope things get better.]]
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 36d 4h 58m 6s
[center [size10 I cant say this to anyone I worked with yesterday but looking back on it some shit was actually funny. The fact that a lady was saying how she knew the managers over the drive thru speaker and was upset cause she was told we can't replace the nuggets with fruit but we do it anyways just to appease her. And when you're explaining at the window that you can only do it this time cause were actually not allowed to and your coworker closes the window and you go to open it again only for said coworker to close it again and the women to get upset at your coworker. Also the fact I dropped a case of nuggets and a case of fries on the same exact foot is kind of funny too. Or the 50 million things i wound up accidentally full on hitting. But best part about who we'll call gluten lady is she came back in to I guess complain or what not and after bragging how she knew the managers proceeds to mistake one of the managers for another. Mind you one of them is a red head and the one she was calling her is not. So yeet. Yesterday was bullshit but gave me some comedic value and today started off shitty cause I spilled my coffee all over myself and I wanted to like go lay in the parking lot instead of deal with people but that's okay.]][center [size10 also fuck 50 cent frosties you won't be missed whatsoever. Fuck you, worst marketing ploy ever.]][center [size7 also suga coming home tonight time to smother her with kpop cause I have nothing else to offer at the moment and I'm sad and hyper fixating again oops]][center [size9 also don't @ me means don't @ me yeet]]
  ooc / Cactus / 36d 8h 24m 39s
[center [size10 must be fucking nice to be able to just lose a job or put in your two weeks notice. Ah the perks of being a minor in a workplace. Shit fucking sucks, but being an adult means responsibilities that mean I can't just do that anymore. God I wish I could, but my stubbornness also tells me to fucking stay cause we want that manager position that fucking bad, but at this rate it doesnt matter how hard I work we still gonna get fucked over in the end lol]]
[center [size10 oh well them minors leaving? Might as well pick up more hours right? What else I got to do with my free time that i do get? Gonna hate myself anyways lol]]
[center [size10 long story short i hate myself and I gotta prove myself to literally no one but myself so if that means i do that over working myself shit again to get what i want fuck it. Suga can yell at me about it later lolololol]]
  ooc / Cactus / 37d 8h 56m 48s
[center [ Link]]

[center [+green From this though Borderlands 3 will only have split screen on console which seems meh. This supports split screen on PC and console. It just seems like a dying feature to me and a lot of other people/reviewers. I see them less and less. Not that splits creen instantly makes a game good but ya know.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+green I'm curious how many people enjoyed the romcom Kaguya Sama Love Is War. It was so over the top but cute and hilarious too.]]
  Aelina Rosemond / ShieldHero- / 37d 22h 48m 37s
Me: omg birds are my fav tbh
Me at fucking 4am: B R U H

I’m headed back Monday, I’m really kind of fucking bummed but... reality is settling in again.

As much as I’d love to stay and be babied I have one thing I refuse to leave behind. I’ve brought him here this far, and I want to make sure he’s doing fucking fantastic before I even THINK about myself. His birthday is coming up! I need to start planning stuff. I’m super excited, honestly. I know he doesn’t care about his birthday but I’m so fucking glad he was born. He really changed my life and deserves so much more than life has given him. I work hard just to show him, tbh.

My eye is swollen - nothing a hot towel can’t solve LOL.

Last night we talked all about my exes and tbh it feels so good to have all that shit off my chest??? Everything that annoyed me about them, reflecting on what shaped me.... it also made me realize how much I don’t care about my past anymore. The things that made me stay or go, I forgot. The people who fucked me over showed me I needed to leave for myself.

Most importantly, I met you. Thank god - what ever it is out there, that I have you.

You’re so playful, you’re too sweet, you’re very affectionate.... I feel like my body is overflowing and yet I still want more water to be poured.

I love how you make me feel. And honestly I want the rest of the world to feel it, too. I wish I could show everyone else what you make me feel.

Thank you so much, for this past week...

  / Indefinite / 37d 23h 50m 47s
[size10 at least [i that person] had some use after all. wouldn't have found one of my fave artists without them.
other than that, this person is moot.

thinking about getting into dnd but I'm not sure yet. Have a few ideas rooting around, but nothing concrete.


splitscreen games are still pretty common. people just don't really realize it lol. borderlands, nearly all of the resident evils. all have splitscreen options. Last I knew, call of duty does as well, not that I've checked.

not much else to say. life is meh.

One last thing though.
Ace is a babe and deserves good things in life.

don't @ me.
  아니길 / Titania / 38d 4h 50m 33s

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