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[size10 truth be told, i could use some support right now. it's been really hard, and i'm spending every day just working and doing nothing else]
[size10 that can't be healthy for me .. and tonight was way too overwhelming and now i have to have a talk with my boss that i genuinely didn't want to have
and yet.
idk why every little part of life has to be complicated in this way. from the wifi to my friendships and everything in between, there's always some sort of complication.]
[size10 can life get a little .. simpler? for just a little while, is all i ask.]
[size10 i don't want to spend every night wanting to cry anymore.]
  ˚༄♡、 / chiyuki / 6d 22h 52m 41s
[size10 admittedly, today kinda sucked. and i'm not sure if tomorrow will be any better, albeit i'm hoping it is]
[size10 living alone is rough stuff, man. i'm lonely as hell but too tired to talk to anyone, really]
[size10 hopefully i'll find some healthy balance of work and play here soon. at least this weekend i'll be with my best friend and family.]
[size10 maybe that'll make me feel better.]
  。 ☢ / chiyuki / 7d 22h 54m 39s
It’s all fun and games to get a hedgehog until they piss and shit on you.

I was watching him sleep and he ripped a fat one on me.

Ask me if I think you should get a hedgehog. Go on. Ask me.
LMAO JOKES ASIDE if you have the patience to constantly clean their poop of their feet and handle them daily to tame them, feed them a proper diet, and expect for your hands to get fucked up then you’re ready TAT

My little Shit Lord makes my life so wonderful, shits and all qwq
I just really love him and I always get excited when it’s bonding time. Because he’s so adorable. Waking up to hear him run “tap tap tap tap” brings a smile to my face. Even hearing him crunching his kibble is so pure. My love for my Jammers expands day by day. Even if he kiCKS PELLETS INTO HIS WATER BOWL AND POOPS IN HIS FOOD BOWL

I just really want everyone to know that I’m so thankful that I can take care of such a cutie. It’s work-thankless work nonetheless xD but I’m so happy knowing when he gets back in he can monch and run to his hearts content.

He’s no rat that can do tricks and he’s not much of a “poop in one corner” kinda guy but that doesn’t lessen my love for him. I just love him good god sorry bye
  ᴋʀᴜʟ ᴛᴇᴘᴇs / Indefinite / 7d 23h 21m 48s
[size10 anybody care to explain to me why it is that normani is that hot and talented]
[size10 this just ain't fair]
  ☇❅。 / chiyuki / 9d 9h 22m 24s
This right here brings me so much happiness xD
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 10d 5h 32m 30s
[size10 i'm going to spend my days making [i me] proud.]

  ☇❅。 / chiyuki / 10d 12h 43m 56s
I don't know what to do anymore.
i love you so much it hurts and you say the same.
that's why i don't understand.
i don't understand why i'm here once again crying over you.
you're always acusing me of something i didn't do.
when i point out that i didn't do it you ignore me, hurt me, make me feel unwanted.
if i do the oposite and just agree with you
you yell at me saying not say shit about myself.
there's no winning with you but i'm nothing without you.
but i don't want this toxicity but if i try and leave you won't let me. And it doesn't matter because i know i'll find myself unable to stay away.
  DarkMythic / 10d 16h 19m 35s
I know I’ve always portrayed myself as one to not give a shit.
Truth is I care so deeply.

I care about what you’ve done.
Therefore if you’ve done something I don’t agree with, I passionately am indifferent to you.

You see the thing about not being liked is that you can’t let it bother you. Or you shouldn’t. The thing about being disliked about people who set themselves up for failure is that their opinion means nothing.

So no. I don’t care that you got offended by my mumblings.

Die mad.

I told you not to look and made how I feel about you very clear. But that’s okay. I know what it’s like to be an unoriginal pathetically dim witted girl. Jk no I don’t.

I’m dim but not to the point I’d consciously go and repeat the same mistake over and over and gloat.

People can say what they want about me. Where are they, by the way? All the others who said I was a dumb bitch for defending someone I cared for? I don’t know. I do know they’re not happy with themselves. Am I happy with myself? Sometimes I lie awake at night because I’m not. But when the sun shines and I’m in the embrace of my sweet, I’m proud. Because I know that no matter what anyone says about me, I know who I am.

Anyway I’m sorry you can’t find something that makes you feel proud. It’s a great thing. He’s my rock, my teacher, my friend, and companion from now and I would hope for many years to come. He’s brought so much balance to my life. With all my negativity he drowns with his love, it’s hard to notice all the people who can’t receive love themselves.

What I’m trying to say is I’m a cunt, I’m loved, and if my foul language and essentially irrelevant thoughts upsets you maybe find your source of happiness somewhere else. Because it clearly isn’t there.

I reflect when I’m unhappy. That helps me. Hope it helps you too. :)))
  ᴋʀᴜʟ ᴛᴇᴘᴇs / Indefinite / 10d 16h 45m 28s
[center [size10 [+hotpink Haha life has been so busy lately. With work and going out with my cousin every weekend.

Working on new cosplays as well.

Finding out I'm demisexual.

Working on myself.

Everything is ugh...

Been talking to my ex and just haha, doing things we probably shouldn't be doing. But I'm a single girl, soooo I don't really care. I'm still hecka attracted to him and he's obviously hecka attracted to me sooooo yeah. There's that. Too bad he lives all the way in Kentucky... buuuuut that's a whole other story, but if you know then you know.

Been trying new makeup things.

That's about it really. Nothing really new in my life.

Bye for now loves!]]]
  || ⊘ || / FallynAngel / 11d 4h 16m 15s
v couldn't agree more.

fucking too many minors of this website nowadays. they don't know how to write. they don't know how to take criticism and they sure as fuck have absolutely no maturity to them at all. i get it, they are minors but holy fuck. i had a lot more respect, maturity and knowledge than these kids these days.

i mean, seriously? "if you're my friend, you'll know my age."

alright, then i'll assume you're fucking twelve if you're going to act like a child.

glad someone said something about it. enemies list? lmfao. how pathetic.

you'll get absolutely no where in life if you can't handle criticism. you sure as hell won't get '70s' in school.

fucking twits, man.
  kalopsia / 14d 3h 38m 41s
[center [ [i [font "times new roman" Alfa279escaped]]]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" So I don't normally do this kinda thing, but this fucking [b [u child]] is really pissing me off. I also need to get a lot of this off my chest as well. This [b [u child]] has pissed me off since day one pretty much. I've tried helping him out with things, and for what? Just to have him get all butt hurt about something. This [b [u child]] is fifteen years old, and he's been known to cyber on this site. Every once in a while he would have come to me asking me to help him out. Being the good person I am, I did try helping him out a couple of times {before I found out he was a fucking minor}. When I sent him a simple skeleton to fill out, he was making it into an interview. Like no. It was short, sweet, and to the point basically.]]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" When he first messaged me, we were planning on writing out a thread together, and he was like [b I can go dark if you want me too.] So I asked him to send me a sample of it, and no. I cringed so hard reading his so called [b [u dark posting]]. It wasn't dark at all. It was pretty boring to be honest. You couldn't tell who was talking, or what. Everything ran together. I told him that too. He got all upset about it, and pretty much told me he was going to tear me down from my high horse. Sweetheart good luck with that, because it's not gonna work. You want a dark and disturbing plot? Then I can give you that. I go all fucking out for that type of thing.]]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" Sometimes with my own stories I disturb myself. Then he stopped asking me to help him, and I was okay with that, because he wasn't following direction at all. He didn't know how to follow a simple skeleton outline. I can understand if you wanna make your character the way you want too. But when it's just something simple, and to the point where you just need to get it done, instead of making someone wait, then do the [b [u simple thing that is asked of you]]. It's not really that hard to do at all. He doesn't like being called out on his bullshit, and honestly he needs to be. You wanna put me on your so called [b [u Enemies list]]? Go right ahead.]]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" I've also looked at your searching thread, and I can understand why you aren't getting other's to write with you. You Godmod hard core. You can't do that. Unless you get the person's permission to do so. You can't keep getting butt hurt when someone tells you that your writing is horrible. Honey I was one of the worst writers on this site. I read back on my old shit and I cringe hard core. With the right people they pushed me to become the writer I am right now. You, you won't ever become better unless you learn how not to take what people tell you personally. Yes you are a [b [u terrible]] writer, and I [b [u refuse]] writing with you again, because you are a damn minor.]]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" I don't care if you act older. You are [b [u fifteen years old]], and you shouldn't be on this type of site trying to write with people who are a shit ton older than you are. You wanna be a fucking child, then so be it. I will call you out on your shit every fucking time. I'm done messing around, and being the nice guy and biting my tongue. If you wanna talk about something, message me. I don't care, just make sure I'm not blocked so you can hear what I have to say as well.]]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" Alright I'm done being a bitch. Alfa just stop being a fucking child, man up and take what people tell you in stride instead of being a total asshole about it.]]]
  вlιѕѕ / Blissful- / 14d 8h 10m 19s
[size10 again and again, i'm hurt by you. i'm left wondering what i could have done differently, and what i was missing. what was wrong with me? what could i have done better?]

[size10 i thought i gave you my all. my trust, my love, my support, my time, my worries, my consideration, my devotion. but it was never enough for you. nothing ever was.]
[size10 and what's worse is you couldn't even be bothered to give me closure, or a single, direct, or heartfelt apology.]

[size10 and i'm left angry, at myself, at you, and all the time i wasted. it had nothing to do with protecting, it had everything to do with how much i truly cared and wanted the best for you.]
[size10 and still, it wasn't enough.]

[size10 the second i slipped up i was dropped. and it wasn't even purposeful, and i explained myself. but maybe you were looking for a reason to shrug me off and forget.]
[size10 i learned my lesson this time. i know where i went wrong, now.]

[size10 i was too desperate for your attention. i wanted to be by your side always, in any way you'd allow. and when i'd come up short, i'd be miserable.]
[size10 but you never wanted that from me. it wasn't mutual. i see that now.]

[size10 at the moment, i don't know how to stop myself from caring. i just wish you would have been direct, and handled this more truthfully than you had. everything seems like an excuse. everything adds up.]
[size10 and because i had faith in you, i blinded myself.]

[size10 and right now, i think the world is telling me to pay more attention. and i have been. i've been able to see a lot clearer these days.]
[size10 i've stopped ignoring my intuition to give the benefit of the doubt.]
[size10 i'm more direct. i'm not afraid.]
[size10 and even if i was afraid, i'd still man up. i'm stronger than i've ever been. i'm no longer that coward standing in your shadow and praying to be noticed.]

[size10 because i have been. effortlessly, on my part. by many.]
[size10 they sought me out and reminded me of who i am.]
[size10 i don't need you. i thought for a time that i did, but now i know i never have.]

[size10 so goodbye. for good, this time. i'll be busy growing without you.]
[size10 good luck and enjoy your lives. from now on i'm going to enjoy mine.]
  2B / chiyuki / 17d 5h 50m 5s
[center You will never be [ satisfied].
Shit, I knew you almost better than my own mind.

But y'know what?
I will never be satisfied.

Maybe that's why I decided to let it go.
  Indefinite / 17d 8h 40m 21s

Leaving this here again for any socialites.
  Milli Black / Nullification / 18d 2h 42m 30s
[center [pic]]
[center [size10 there's no better feeling than an old person complimenting your music taste. what a sweet old man!! he really got down to some of my songs, haha.]][center [size10 being able to see my family on my own time makes it a whole lot more satisfying. we watched the masked singer and played video games and ate our weight in chilli dogs. it was a good day off!]]
[center [size10 back to the grind again tomorrow morning, though. i'm excited to see all the puppers and play with them.]]
[center [size10 anyway, this song goes out to you, old man!]]
  chiyuki / 18d 21h 45m 49s

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