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[center [size10 and to think I get teased by my idiot for being mentally 10 years old. At least I only faux whine and pout at him for teasing me and laughing at me. ]]
[center [size10 also "species dysphoria" Is a fun hip new way to say you're a furry. How hipster of you.]][center [size10 I'm wheezing]]
  / Taekwoon / 6d 10h 53m 15s
[size10 [center Bitch please, the only thing said to you was grow up and stop getting offended by shit. EVERYONE needs to stop being fucking offended by shit. Race, sex, fucking EVERYTHING is not exempt. Get a grip and realize shit is just words. It isn't that fucking deep. So maybe learn to grow up and not see anything as making you a victim and maybe you'll learn to move on in life.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 6d 10h 58m 16s
[size10 [center It's always comforting to know that stupid cunts can be found throughout any race, color, sex and sexuality. And we are all lucky to have found one here today. This is my favorite one so far. Nice job team!]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 6d 11h 2m 7s
It's. Rude. Why must my feelings be ignored.
If I were a different ethnicity it would be different.
I do not. Want to. Be called. Cracker. And I do not. Like older. African american men in the 40s. Saying "look at that white bitch" and cat calling me
I also do not what my poc friends to call others cracker infront of me or their friends to call me cracker
I'm sorry if you don't see this as upsetting

But all the pressure from history and all the pointing out of "white privledge"
When I try to say I want color neutrality is hurtful. They wouldn't throw that there if I wasn't white. I don't go around acting privledged

And it's double standard for them to sit there and call me white bitch or cracker but if I say the n word I'm racist and it's a taboo but they can say it all they want

Again this isnt about who has it worse
This isn't about that. We already know who gets it worse

I can't believe you are the same people who fought about gender labels and sexuality labels
Saying let people be what they want, I grew up with you guys
If you can respect Gender neutral people and use their pronouns because it's then why am I not allowed to be respected in the same way when I state It makes me unhappy?
I don't even want to be american. Don't want to be white. Don't want to even be human.
So. I am ashamed of mt skin color because of the shit they showed us in history. You guys can accept body disphoria for your friends but if I say I want to be treated color blindly I am whining?
What if I am struggling with a race disphoria? Or a species disphoria?

I can't even tell if you guys are trying to help me learn or attack me because I'm dumb so forgive me but I just don't want to be called cracker or white bitch it hurts and depresses me.

I was never mean to anyone just for their race. I don't say "hey black bitch" it's rude to me and I'm sorry I am so different than you guys but it really is personal and yes I came here to rant because I just wanted someone to tell me "yes you treat other people how you want to be treated"

Why must people attack me instead of correct me.
And why must I continously be ignored and told to suck things up that hurt me while at the same time being lashed at if I dare share a different veiw point or look a little oppressive.

Any one can be discriminated against.
I am not saying whites suffer. I literally just want someone to agree with me that it's rude. I never said that the other races never suffered.
I am getting sick of being told to suck it up when called cracker.

Why is this socially acceptable? You can never truly eradicate discrimination on how one is born which they cannot even control if we keep letting it be acceptable.
Why can't both sides be respectful
Thats literally all I want
  / Gwenpool / 6d 11h 2m 17s
" and here's the definition of racism,
"prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior." "

The Definition. [b HAS. NOT. CHANGED.] even if you [b WANT] it to have changed. Even if [b SOME] people think it means certain races are exempt.
[b It doesn't.] Racism is racism. Against ANY race.
[b BASED ON THE DEFINITION [u YOU YOURSELF] ALSO PASTED IN HERE] which is the ONLY real definition. It hasn't changed.

like jfc come on guys
  / Rami / 6d 11h 5m 9s
[center [size10 SO wait now that I think about it. Are you not racist cause you're a POC or cause you have white friends?]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 6d 11h 9m 19s
[center [size10 Okay that is. The MOST. Stereotypical cop out excuse of not being a racist when you are one.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 6d 11h 10m 50s
[size10 [center Which btw honey. Did you take those classes the same place you took your "how to edit like a 3 year old" classes. Cause if you're who me and my dudes are thinking you are then you're just a whole ass mess of thinking you're better than everyone about things that you're really not good at at all.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 6d 11h 11m 33s
ok but
I can't be racist
I'm friends with white people
  |boujee| / Geisha / 6d 11h 12m 5s
[size10 [center I mean you just effectively said by your own logic that Italians and Irish people can't be victims of racism because they're white. Makes you sound kind of racist, boo. So that's a big oof on that one.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 6d 11h 16m 14s
Tally, lass. Here. You need this more than [b this] Irishman.

  [-Administrator-] / Strategist / 6d 11h 17m 5s
Casual reminder that people of color can't be racist
And I'm a person of color
So you can just not

[ btw here's this]
  |boujee| / Geisha / 6d 11h 16m 18s
Go ahead and attack me but all I wanted was for people to stop calling me white bitch or white girl in public and to use my name because it makes me uncomfortable
And if making me uncomfortable is offensive to you... I'm sorry?
Calling me white bitch shouldn't be appropriate just like othet slurs.

It is not nice to use any racial slur on anyone. Even if it is just a word it is disrespectful. Whether they are colored or white or whatever
It's. Rude.
  / Gwenpool / 6d 11h 18m 41s
[center [size10 See that's the kind of person you are isn't it? If it weren't so disgusting it'd be cute. I never insinuated that I was speaking about strictly black people yet you've mentioned them specifically quite a few times. I've said POC every time I've said- get this one. POC. I never once said black people of color.

But that's okay, keep playing a victim to prove your point. If you say POC and whites are collective then you are effectively saying that European people also can't be discriminated against because as you said "whites cant be victims of racism". So you're now, going by your logic, saying that those white Irish and Italian people that have dealt with racism can't be victims of that racism. Oops.

Sources or no, when you're stepping over your own logic, you look stupid.

Plenty of POC make a lot of themselves without even seeing racism as something that held them back because they DIDNT let it hold them back, even if they experienced it. Just like some women have made more of themselves than men without having ever felt held back by sexism? And you know what, maybe the not letting themselves feel held back by racism or sexism is what helped them get so far cause they weren't feeling so damn sorry for themselves.

You do you too fam.
Do that gross nasty ass thing you do.
And that's not based on color or race, that's based on you've got a personality worse than the shit's I take.
Have a good one, babe.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 6d 11h 18m 20s
You do you fam.
People of color is a collective term, just like white people.
Because not all people of color are black. :')

I've had the privilege of talking about this in great lengths in college classes.
With both white people and people of color.
And I've had the privilege of access to academic sources to prove my points.

If it wasn't a discussion, I wouldn't have bothered with sources.

But I should've known better.
Not like people on es ever cared about polite discussions.

I made my point.
  |boujee| / Geisha / 6d 11h 28m 3s

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