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This house is driving me insane... I’ve been stuck inside for over a week because my sinuses are messing me up. I need to go outside. I need to get away from this house and go the Japanese Botanical Gardens and sit by the creek... Being cooped up all day for a long period of time like this isn’t healthy.
  Sai / Lapis_ / 10d 21h 26m 54s

fucking european whore wont take my goddamn money


Thats my scrambled ramble for the day because life is a fucking joke real problems fuck you up hardcore m8 dont do irl shit stick to your petty shit guys i promise it makes more sense then this FUCKING FEDERAL STATE FILING BULLSHIIITT

  あたしの / Vitriolic / 11d 22h 17m 28s
Wow, its like everything I said about a certain little shit was right from the start when I tried to give warning.

Its a shame no one listened to me until he hurt you . Good wishes to those who did cut that toxic pedo manipulative psychopathic manchild out of your life.

Still have my money he'll kill a hooker jerking off over her dead body because she looked like some past lover he continued to cut deep.

he just has that vibe about him, what with how he always used different account just to spam people in pms with petty attacks, attack people through others, and manipulate people to do horrible disgusting things. Always stalking and checking shit being a creepy guy. SOMEHOW getting numbers and contact information without the consent of the who's contact information it is. oh and my perosnaly favorite shall always be peer pressuring teenagers to give out nudes ot him, even using his own friends to help in pressuring and tormenting the person.

Oh well, fun times this site has been, always good reflect, watch, and to see change spin around.
  Codename Hunter-six / Sonicspeedx13 / 12d 1h 17m 35s
[center [youtube]]
  Adorabloodthirsty / 12d 18h 24m 2s
[google-font] [permanent+marker first off- before anyone reads this. i am not trying to start shit over this. i simply wanna state some facts, so that no one is confused.


are [u not] my accounts.
they are someone else, and if you really wanna know who, then message me and ask. but please. nobody associate me with these usernames, because they are not me. i[size11 ']m posting this in here and in my own journal, for my friends, for everyone that knows me, or has heard of me.

thank you for your time.
  mιασu~ / Graves / 12d 23h 8m 11s
Just my luck. Oh well, it was time to get a new one anyways. Toshibas are usually estimated to last five years anyways. Mine was a little over eight years old. It was pretty beat up too. Jerks in high school kept knocking it off of my desk and then my cousin made me drop it recently when she pushed me to the floor... Over what? Because, she thought I was mumbling shit about her and I wasn’t. I was talking to tech support about my sister’s tablet...

On a side note, I’ve been cleaning houses in my mom’s stead. Her arm is looking better, but she still has to go to physical therapy and she’s scared...
  Sai / Lapis_ / 13d 6h 1m 41s
Weirdly nervous excited, my flight is in four hours, but only because my body said "Hey, wake up an hour earlier than you wanted to." Don't think it helps my body is also still getting over a fever, got that leaky nose and cough still booiiii. I'm gonna miss my doggo, he's never been without me for more than a day so I dunno how he's gonna react. He came into my room though, and refused to sleep next to me then forced his way into my lap.
  ⧼Smol⧽ / Vilkacis / 13d 7h 46m 52s
[center I have genuinely more important things to devote my time to.

[b like another 100 hours in Monster Hunter]
[i I promise I don't have a problem]


Nergigante is literally the worst thing ever for me and he pisses me off so much like.

"Ay bro, you like getting one shotted? You - you like getting stunned for forever and then getting one shotted? Yeah? I got you covered don't worry about it you can thank me later after you die a million times"

Yeah thanks Nergigante :/

Can't wait for PC release so I can play with my friends. Then we can be frustrated together.
  Sorceress / 13d 8h 44m 46s
[Center [size10 Yeah I'm a little annoyed to keep seeing Alex's name thrown around in each of your posts which tells me one thing. That you're both still children who are trying to one up eachother instead of literally dropping it and blocking eachother and calling it a day. But what good could someone from "Neon's group" have to say really? Obviously we're just a bunch of malicious people who go after everyone at the drop of a hat. Obviously not a single one of us came after you two that last time for the sake of our friend that you both were dragging. Nope it was just cause we hated you. Yep. Malicious more suits me personally than the group as a whole. But you both will keep spinning this web of shit back and forth so it'll be interesting to see.]]

[Center [size10 Speaking of interesting, just so everyone knows cause I was gunna leave it alone but then I see theyre still posting and not actually "ghosting". Everyone keep in mind that Ghosty is NakedWinter. Wasn't gunna say anything but if they're gunna be posting in JE even as small quips after what happened and them deleting all their posts, I want my group to be informed.]]
  Dad / Sadist / 13d 10h 8m 8s
Hey, hey,
Maybe instead of throwing someone's name in the argument who can't even put their word in because she's got actual other things to do, just do what you were gonna.

G o
  大嫌い / Vitriolic / 13d 11h 33m 47s
[center [pic]]
  Moonfall / 13d 18h 16m 51s
a) proxies are a thing that allow people to be mostly anonymous.

b) people make mistakes and they grow from it.

you all seem to forget that other people are human and you tear them down for being just that.

just because someone hurt you doesn't mean you have to do the same.
you can ignore them and walk the fuck away.
  ⋅ 。 ☾ ◦ / Moonfall / 13d 18h 18m 0s
Y’know, from an outside view perspective, why the hell would you have sex for, “just the push I needed”? You could have saved yourself, you could have said you, “didn’t want to do this anymore.”

What was it? Was it because he started to spend more time with others? That, oh, maybe he didn’t have to be a dog on a leash and spend all hours of the day with you? Does it torment you how he’s actually feeling better enough to disclose he was actually wrong to people he has a dislike to most?

Six days.
It only took six days for his best friend and I to patch up the misery you have caused. Have you noticed how secluded he has gotten after associating with you?

Oh! Or how about the fact your account “yeetthisbitchempty” is still linked up to your stuff? Wouldn’t it be connected to his? Chrissu... isn’t that smart tbh.

I love how he’s able to play video games and have fun without a wailing girl leaching onto him and trying to pull him away from his fun, don’t you?

I do.


Just an outside perspective who has been watching the toxicity pile up more and more.

He honestly tried to reason with her in gripes, yknow. I was there. Tried to be calm and reasonable.

And I’m not just saying that because he’s my friend and I have bias towards him. It was ridiculous tbh.


Is needed in a relationship, something which I noted she refused to do. Ripperoni. Maybe things would have been better if she hadn’t lashed again.

That is all c: <3
  |Simulacrum| / Concubine / 13d 18h 41m 26s
[center [pic]]
  sᴡᴇᴀᴛᴇʀ / Adorabloodthirsty / 13d 18h 47m 57s
[center [youtube]]
  σσc. / Graves / 13d 18h 52m 26s

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