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[center [size10 [+hotpink Soooo... been binge watching My Hero Academia season 3.
It’s so good.
I’m almost done.
Uraraka is bae.
She’s my new spirit hero.
I ship her with Deku sooooo hard!
Maybe Sailor Moon Crystal next.
Definitely have to finish Once Upon A Time.
I’m on the final season and I’m getting emotional about it.
The show has really changed me as a person.
Which is great.
Cause I feel like my old self.
My mom broke my laptop and refuses to admit it.
She vacuumed up my charger cord.
It ripped right out and broke my AC jack.
My dad is gonna get the part and fix it.
He’s a hobbiest for making/fixing computers, even coding.
So probably a week at most that I won’t have it.
So that’s how my weekend went.
Aside from that, I’m really in a good mood.
Like she broke it, but I ain’t even mad about it because it can be fixed.
I’m just feeling so much better than I was.]]]
  FallynAngel / 10d 58m 2s
[center remember kids don't work an 8 hour shift on an empty stomach and then get home and eat like 3 pieces of chicken. You will wind up throwing up part of it. Don't do what I do unless you tryna die.]
  ooc / Taekwoon / 10d 16h 51m 24s
[center [size10 Person: "They aren't muses." *Makes a list of spirit companions that includes the name of most used muse and character name A* *Makes a list of muses that also includes character name A*

Me: Hmm so spirit companion... or muuuse? Oh right, they aren't actual spirit companions cause that's not how spirits work anyway and any respectable witch or spirit worker would laugh at that portrayal of them. *Continues to laugh at how stupid people can actually be with my buds before we get bored and do something else.* Baow]]
  Mun / Bakugo / 10d 17h 9m 30s
[center [size10 working closing while understaffed is a slow descent into madness that makes you contemplate murder and mildly violent. It's also burning yourself all the time and random bruises and free food and busting your knuckle on something and not realizing it until you see blood. It's also waiting to burn down your place of employment because it is your legit 3rd day and you're doing shit to a degree you didn't think you could and you still feel bad because why tf do they expect them to be able to train me when we have to run around like chickens with our heads cut off just to get orders out? Like I said DON'T throw me into the fire and what have you done? Exactly that. But you know what fuck that. You're not taking me off of closing. I was a mess last night for some reason but I dealt with at least two rushes just fucking fine. If I have to kill myself with fucking nicotine, Tylenol, and caffeine to make it through my shifts I fucking will. I refuse to bail on these people just because I got overwhelmed one night. I've got this. I ain't that pathetic child she molded anymore. I'm a strong adult who is gonna get the shit he wants or work himself to death trying.]]
[center [size10 I gotta do some stuff but after that i'mma def pass tf out after moosic time. maybe go outside smoke one more cigarette. jfc so much pain for such a shit job it's not even funny but $10 /hr with me having at LEAST 7 hours a day and working at least 5 dayd is amazing. I gotta say the incentives are a little better up here than they were down there. I hope they just don't start trying to overwork me right away. I'm also perfectly okay if they call me in for like emergency shifts for closing if they need to on my day off so long as it's not for like a whole closing shift. Like if they need me and i got the money to get a cab and they need me cause suddenly they behind i would do it. I would die for some of these people on closing shift let me tell you. Plus like idk man overtime is nice af too??? like 3rd say in and i got extra hours. Tomorrow I'm getting extra hours. Extra hours everywhere. more money, everywhere, shower me in it. Actually don't cause i don't wanna seriously overwork myself THAT much. Tbh like john needs a hug tho. We bumped elbows in celebration of making it to lobby closing cause we couldn't high five cause he was wearing gloves. 10/10 he's a rad dude will fight you if you talk shit about him.]]
  ooc / Taekwoon / 10d 17h 40m 13s
I'm glad Squeak is okay Baku :)

Phil is amazing. He actually wants to be with me.

I told him if I didn't get the scholarship for school, and didn't find a job that paid enough money to be able to continue my classes, then I'd have to move.

They'll kick me out anyways. I was totally unprepared and thought they paid for all of it. Like they said.

If not, I better get the fucking certificates that I earned. Because that's bullshit if I don't. I spent all that fucking time in class, I'm going to get my shit.

He asked if I was still going to get my own place, which threw me off guard, and I got scared. I told him that I wasn't going to be able to afford my own place with $600 to my name.

He told me not to come if the only reason was because I had to. He wanted me to come because I wanted to.

But I wanted to. I was just scared of being a burden, and having the same thing happening that happened with my ex.

I just didn't want it to seem like I was pressuring him into dealing with me. But apparently I wasn't I was just being too paranoid.

I'm excited for what happens in the next few month. Either I'll continue school, or be kicked out. Whatever happens, I'll be with him. The most amazing guy I've ever met, and I'll still be happy.

Everything is going to be all right. No matter what happens.
  LANOIRE / 10d 23h 20m 47s
[Size10 [center Ahahaha!! Anus! You've got to be kidding me. His name is fucking anus. That's hilarious. Please tell me I'm not the first to instantly pfffft at his name and want to call him anus. Jesus that got me fucking good! Lord. What a laugh.]]
  Sage / Bakugo / 11d 13h 19m 17s
[Center [size10 So Sneak finally did it. She went from normal, "it's common and natural" bullying Squeak and Beak to- I had three timeouts from bullying so I'm gunna lash out and actually cause damage. Motherfucker bit Squeak on the ass enough to make her bleed and also nipper her and Beak's tail. Now Squeak? She my baby. So guess who lives the rest of her mousey life alone in an enclosure without the others? That lil ho Sneak that's who. Fuck that little bitch. I knew day one when she started picking on Squeak it wouldn't end well. Tried letting nature take its course since just non violent bullying is likely to happen. But oof she had to take it a step further. My only worry was that Squeak would already be too traumatized to like Tweak and Beak again even tho they all got along so well at first, but just a bit ago I found them all sleeping together, something she never did once Sneak started her bullying. Basically she had Squeak so scared that she'd never come out when any of the others were out, and if one of them got anywhere close to her, she'd squeak and hide for a long time before coming back out. Thought she might not get over that as even Beak or Tweak just sniffing her made her freak out. But lo and behold, tonight Tweak ran up next to her and not a peep. She was just fine. Whenever shes scared still tho, it's one soft squeak and running into a hide but then running right back out to play. It's good seeing her getting better after just one day without Sneak in there. And as for her wound, she's completely fine and it's already starting to heal. The others check on her to make sure she's okay too. Those three actually get along well. Again sneak just a bitch. Oh! Also apparently I'm part of their pack too. We've always figured Tweak was the alpha even despite Sneak bullying cause she's the only one Sneak has ever submitted to, and yesterday she was grooming (licking) at my hand like she would a mouse in her pack. I have finally been accepted. Take that Sneak. Wow I sound like an actual human being with a heart when I'm talking about animals. Oof. Just cause humans fucking suck tbh. Don't get used to it.]]
  ʙᴀɴɢ / Bakugo / 11d 20h 19m 17s
Leave his text on read, leave his balls on blue,
Put it on airplane mode, so none of those calls come through

A word to my ladies, don't you give these nigga none,
If they can make you rich, then they can make you cum

  LANOIRE / 12d 7h 31m 12s
[center inject me with the alcohols I'm ready for death]
  trigger / Taekwoon / 12d 13h 59m 44s
[center [youtube]

[size09 not directed at anyone. just an fyi.]]
  Titania / 12d 19h 44m 5s
[Center [youtube]]
[Center [size10 "I haven't been myself lately, I'm sorry, I'm pushing most every single sign of communication for some odd reason. And I didn't mean to shut anyone out, I tried to reach out a few times but no response or I just chickened out. So I just kept lurking, and I don't know what to do with myself right now. I'm sorry Ace, Nat, Alex, Mari, Aleks, Mun, Davey, Rami and the other of those guys.. I'm so, so sorry."
  ɴᴏᴛ sᴀᴅ / Adorabloodthirsty / 12d 20h 9m 50s
[pic] sorry not sorry
I got an interview with the place I've been wanting for the past few weeks aha.
Here goes nothing
  Usurper / 13d 8h 49m 10s
[Size10 [center 12 days till launch. Oof. Honestly I was in a bad place as far as wanting to level up the Warlock cause leveling in level 60-80 content was agonizing but I got to pandaria and honestly Im killing shit and getting through it quicker than I was with my feral druid. Which is saying something cause feral druids used to be badass. Now they're more like kittens trying to fight a war. Anyway, that's made me not as botheres by wanting to level him and my monk to 110 hopefully by launch. May be cause they fixed the leveling system from what I heard. Either way, excited for BFA and I gat 10 110s to do the content with even if i cant do the warlock and monk by then.

Also Rami can probably move here by the end of this month or beginning of next month so thats great. Fucking took long enough.]]
  ʙᴀɴɢ / Bakugo / 14d 2h 10m 52s
I had another dream about you. This time, I was skinnier. Just like you wanted, and of course, you tried to get back with me.

But you said something stupid, like I expected you would. You liked my body, more than you liked who I was. Still thought my face was meh.

I told you no. I told you I had someone that thought I was beautiful. inside and out. Told you that he treated me better, and liked me for me.

You didn't like that very much, but I didn't care. I felt free. I'm moving on from you in my dreams, and in real life.

I'm still a little self conscious, but that's to be expected when you called me fat for years. Me. Fat. I'm actually a healthy weight for my height, and I'm not overweight at all. Sometimes I struggle though. Sometimes I look in the mirror and hate myself, and think I'll never be enough.

But I am beautiful. I know that, and this new guy knows that, and tells me every day. While you never said that to me, ever.

I am beautiful. I am enough. It's you who had a ugly heart, and was never actually enough for me.

This is the last time I'll ever speak of you. You're not worth the time, or energy. I'm just glad I have the strength now, that I never had before.

I only hope, that one day you'll realize how much of a piece of shit you really are.
  LANOIRE / 14d 4h 46m 29s
After the rain, I thought this was the end of the heatwave. But i guess not.

That's all I wanted to post.
  chopstix / 14d 8h 28m 45s

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