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Should of just worked an extra fucking hour if I was just going to be left in the fucking dust again.
  Persona/Mask / Sonicspeedx13 / 2d 9h 7m 33s
[center [ [size11 Today was a good day]] - [size11 Ice Cube]

[center ♕]
  / Queen / 2d 11h 10m 8s
[center [size11 look, i'm sick]]
[center [size11 i'm not thinking clearly and i can only focus on one thought at a time]]
[center [size11 i still cleaned last night for everyone, so what if the beans went sour]] [center [size11 i don't always think to check the stupid microwave for your food]]
[center [size11 why are you so cranky this morning. i hate it when you nag me like that]]
  / ouji / 2d 17h 16m 12s
[center [size10 been working the race track all weekend, all I can say for this day is:I HATE COLD WEATHER. damn it southern weather blows]]
  khaleesi / khaleesi / 2d 20h 19m 11s
[center [size11 i'm happy you two are talking again, tbh]] [center [size11 i'm also so glad we're calling, even if i'm kinda quiet]]
[center [size11 only reason is because i'm sick]] [center [size11 i'm so glad you're my best friend. i want to show you off to everyone all the time tbh, i only have good things to say about you and j ever]]
[center [size11 thank you so much for always being by my side ❤]]
  / ouji / 3d 2h 45m 0s
[center [size10 Today has been boring but I had the cutest passenger I could possibly have, Bentley. I spoiled him today, bought him his own 10 piece nuggets for himself, gave him a taste of a cake pop from starbucks. I know these things aren't the healthiest lmao but he was so happy and how could I resist that adorable face?? I should take Bentley around with me more often. Yes, this entry is about my son (dog). I love him.. people make me mad but he always betters my mood and my day altogether.]]
[center [size10 Especially when Teme isn't there to cheer me up, our son is the cutest.]]
  Daenerys / Queen / 3d 4h 15m 56s
[center [size10 I'm so fucking angry.. why do I play this game?]]
  ᶜ. ˢᵃᵏᵘʳᵃ / Sakura / 3d 4h 39m 39s
[center [YouTube]]
Rip phone service
  Duality / 3d 14h 59m 32s
[paprika [center [#a47f82 I like when in staring at you in utter adoration and then I go and live my life and then you give me shit for it expecting me to still want to spend time with you :)
  ᵍʳᵒʷᶫ / Indefinite / 3d 17h 30m 3s
me: [i -cries out in pain while two people are in the same room as me-]

the two other people: [i -ignore it even though i'm holding my chest-]

[center lol ok]
  [ 天使 ] / ouji / 4d 5h 57m 29s
Welcome back.
Surprised this place is still somewhat active.
  Wings of Freedom / meraki / 4d 8h 40m 12s
Headache, feeling week. Am I getting sick? Bah... Such a pain. Days like this are such a pain.

You know I like to say I don't go on facebook because there isn't much for me there to do well that's half true. Its seeing certain people, what they post, kind of just annoys me. Then again what doesn't annoy me in this age.
Seeing what people post and say, the bullshit, the copy pasted bullshit, the complex thoughts manufactured into a simple fucking image from people you know can do so much more then that.
Doesn't help that some talk about 'not having people talk to them' and I try my damnest to do so... Such a pain.
Thoughts of the past are the worst. The feeling of it all crushing down on you, realizing all the mistakes you've made in your life . Realizing what you could of done even if you were not the center of that mistake. I shift the blame in my need to understand. I know full well what caused me to be where I am today from the choices all those years ago. Why I got such an issue being alone.

Such a pain, all of it, me most of all.

But there certainly is a ray of hope. I'm slowly climbing up thanks to those around me, thanks to my desire to find something better, I don't like it here where I am. NO one in their right mind does. After so long one gets sick of it or just gets used to it but I can not just get used to it and sink deeper.

Not much of hope, but enough to keep me going with a smile through this pain I carry with me.
  Persona/Mask / Sonicspeedx13 / 4d 10h 37m 48s
[paprika [center [#a47f82 Please don't try so hard to say goodbye.
  ᵍʳᵒʷᶫ / Indefinite / 4d 11h 35m 59s
[center [size11 it's honestly remarkable the lengths you two went to try to make me look like a piece of shit, lmao. using her triggers against her, my triggers against me,]]
[center [size11 stalking all of my social media]]
[center [size11 let me ask everyone a quick question. does this sound like a sane person to you: your likes on tumblr are inaccessible by normal use, so the stalker, oh i mean, person, types in very specific domains in order to look through your likes, only to call other friends and shittalk the things that were in it to them ? oh, and after they're blocked on tumblr [i for months,] they have to [i log out of their account] so they can continue to look through your blog.]]
[center [size11 happens so much that my roommate and i have a track on their domain to check [i how often they stalk us,] and let me tell you, they sure are obsessed, lmao.]]
[center [size11 you two are the creepiest people i have ever met in my [b entire life], and that's really saying something.]]
[center [size11 "she doesn't lie and manipulate :)" you lying cunt, lmao, what would you come to me to complain about every other day about then?? was all of that suddenly vanished from existence ?]]
[center [size11 that bitch was an ACTUAL psychopath. she was brainwashing you.]] [center [size11 i tried not to butt in, but no matter what she did, she was never wrong. i change her tag name to shit on my blog that she's blocked on and that she would have to log out of her account to stalk and see, she saw, [i cried ?????] and then suddenly i'm took a grade a step back spiritually and am petty lmfao]]
[center [size11 well, to be petty, i changed yours to shit 2 since you're both such a pair ❤]]
[center [size11 she tried to actually sabotage me. she tried to ruin EVERY ONE of my relationships, potential or not, get ridiculously possessive and jealous over shit that had nothing to do with her, and sucked your ass so hard that she won your favor. have fun looking through your rose tinted glasses while he no lip ass kisses yours.]] [center [size11 if i keep seeing your asses stalking me i'mma report you. lmao.]]
[center [size11 fucking creepy pieces of steaming shit.]]
  / ouji / 4d 13h 45m 28s
[size13 [center today my mother actually told me something funny for once. she said with all i am to inherit, i work like a struggling artist. two part time jobs and a full time job. it's fine. i'm young and i rather be a struggling artist rather than a low life nothing.]]
  khaleesi / khaleesi / 4d 18h 14m 12s

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