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No need to freak out about weird fuckos on the site, just come check out my twitch instead. Guaranteed to be 10% less depressing or your money back.
  Retribution / 2d 4h 9m 12s
One: you make all Virgos look bad.
Two: you are not being cyber bullied, you are being called out for your romantization of sexual abuse. Stop playing the victim.
Three: I am unsure if you are even mentally well enough to see how wrong you are. Seek professional help, as most of us see you as an open and out pedo. I don't know if that's how you want people to think of you, so maybe some self reflection should be involved.
  zoei / morbidity / 2d 4h 29m 56s

Lighter note

Friendly neighbourhood Nulli
  Tasia / Nullification / 2d 4h 43m 10s
[center [pic]]
  ᴏʙʟᴀᴛɪᴏɴs / -Cosmos- / 2d 5h 11m 42s
[Center [size10 People, let's also not forget that the police can get involved and if they are roleplaying sexual content as children and use pictures of real children, that is a pedophilic offense that can put them in jail. Using children's pictures for sexual purposes whether for sexual gratification or not. If I were you all, I'd screenshot their shit before they take anything down and notify a local police station. If they get taken in I'm sure this person will have plenty of evidence on their computer or phone to be taken in and charged, possibly permanently marked as what they are, a pedophile. Good luck getting housing or a job then.]]

[Center [size10 update: Oh nevermind. The totally "innocent" person who wasn't being a pedofile and wasn't doing anything wrong took down all their stuff. I know I often delete all my stuff and cave to peoples acusations when I'm innocent. Unless.. gasp. She knew she fucked up. Also I love that she's so uncaring of the sexually objectifying position she's been putting children in and what that kind of shit could do to young minds who see, that she's now saying she's been bullied. What about the kids you sexually objectify? Sorry sweety but your lack of consideration for innocent children makes no one care about how you're doing. And it's not bullying. It's intense criticism cause you're... again... sexually objectifying and trying to justify the rape and impregnation of 3 and 12 year olds. What that is, is a group of people online freely sharing their [s right] opinions just like you share your [s wrong] opinions.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 2d 5h 8m 27s
I agree and virgo has done many things to annoy me and some on purpose. But i would like to talk about something fun right now, no offense to all of you, keep voicing your opinions.

So i just went to watch my hero academia: heroes rising at the cinema. It's only being shown today and now the last chance to see it is tomorrow it was amazing, i loved it! So anyone in the uk go see it before it's too late. PLUS ULTRA!!!
  Myth- / 2d 5h 50m 10s
Webmaster did not abandon anyone, I suggest you get your facts straight.
He has been contacted and pedophilia is not permitted on this site and is illegal, I don’t care how you frame it.

People moved on from here, nothing wrong with that. For those of us who stayed, we abide by the rules.

We expect the same from you.

Irregardless, your roleplays are filth, they are degenerate and you need to seek professional help. And I hope you do for your sake.

Jimmy has been informed and I’m sure by more than one person.
You are using real life images of children and then writing about them being raped, molested and impregnated. You also put your twitch profile in your profile, which is interesting and this whole adventure will be passed to twitch.
  Tasia / Nullification / 2d 5h 52m 6s
440,000+ Children in fostercare and growing
#1 reason for Foster Care ABUSE
Current Teen Pregnancy Statistics

This book Exists

Shoujo, Loli, Shota, Shonen, Magical GIRLS, anime in general EXISTS most about 'underage children' as you call them

Yes I like roleplaying as children/teens, Yes I like Pregnancy, No I don't hurt/abuse kids, I give bad backgrounds because that's my Mary Sue it helps me build them as a character.

I joined this site when I was 15 and it's been a second home to me so yes you can hate me, cancel me all you want but guess what WEBMASTER JIMMY ABANDONED US so there is nobody to stop me from making 2000 new accounts though at this point if this is how we're going to treat each other I'd rather this place just get shut down. I'm not 'normal' obviously but normal is overrated you aren't a Mod -Solaris- nobody is so bitch and whine all you want I'm not going anywhere {at least until my new site is up and I can drag all my friends there} so please do us all a favor and block me instead of becoming a stalker and ending up in prison it's what's best for everyone. This is the only post I'm going to make here and if it gets deleted by the thread maker who hasn't been on in over 2 years so be it, but please stop being a bigot and let me roleplay how I see fit.

Love, V1rg081tch {or for those who don't read leet speak Virgo Bitch}

P.S. If anyone out there has an open mind come roleplay with me I do roleplay adults IF we can come to a decent plot thanks. <3 <3
  WHAT'S MY NAME!? / V1rg081tch / 2d 5h 52m 24s
Ooh, [i girl]. [b Gat-dayum].

I sincerely hope that user doesn't delete [i anything], not one fucking page. I want Jimmy to read every SINGLE word.

Sexual content isn't allowed on the site because it's an open forum that children often use; Many of us were only children ourselves when we found ES. It would also be going against agreements with the ad revenue setup. This site would get clotheslined if the wrong person saw that user's profile and pulled revenue. The server this site is on is also apart of Jimmy's own finances.

How nice of Virgobitch to keep shitting all over the site and call it writing. ^v^

"Breed me"? .-. Really? THIRSTYYYY. This is not the community for that, regardless of the ages of the characters you're using are. Secondly, good luck finding a writing community that allows [i preschool characters] to fuck grown people on their public forums.

I've also messaged them in the past to ask them why they roleplay sexual content as children and their response was, "Because I can."

No, you ACTUALLY can't, [i [b you revolting fucking pedophile]].

I don't care if the actual sex posts aren't on the site, all the skeletons ARE. They're telling enough. Children between 3 and 15 getting repeatedly molested and referred to as 'baby machines', that's... Those are babies, you're getting babies pregnant. This user is a college-age woman, I have seen her profile info change repeatedly and that's the gist of what I remember. This is what textbook pedophilia is, it starts with shit like this and rapidly escalates when a child becomes part of their immediate lives. This person is sick.
  Killmonger / 2d 6h 6m 39s
If people have an issue I suggest they email Jimmy, or attempt to get ahold of him in regards to issues on the site.
The likelihood is he doesn’t know about it because no ones told him or he’s been Hella busy.
His email and contact details are on his profile.

In the mean time I [i strongly] suggest that any roleplays including minors and the sort of deplorable acts surrounding them be deleted. There are probably sites designed for that sort of thing and it would be greatly appreciated by everyone if you took it off here.
Also there are legal implications to you using [i real] children’s photographs for this sort of thing.
Thank ye.

Friendly neighbourhood Nulli.
  Tasia / Nullification / 2d 6h 37m 18s
[center Me again.

How can you look at [ this] and say that it's okay to rp with? These are children for fuck sake. These are literal adults rping as children. How can the people who took part in ANY of virgobitch's rps look at her characters and think "y'know, I don't mind that" or "hey, there's nothing wrong with any of this".

People can make the case that it's fantasy, and it isn't real. People can make the case that everyone at some point in their life rps young characters like 15-17, and that's true. I've done that before too, but never have I ever sexualized any of my young characters. When I became an adult, I wanted to write adult characters if I wanted to write adult themes. I cannot fathom how someone can look at this and not bat an eye at it. People actually RP with her still!

I swear it's like no one gives a shit about what goes on on this website anymore. It's revolting.]
  -Solaris- / 2d 7h 3m 29s
I’m normally not one to reply to a post but some people are fucking disgusting, it’s that who’s on this site now? As a mom seeing this makes me really mad because who would ever think that’s okay to “roleplay” as a child with those themes, and 3 years old really? You were online 5 hours ago and this was posted 1 hour ago, I hope you see the callout and reevaluate who you are as a person because that’s so disgusting and I pray that no children are ever around you or left in your care and that you seek serious metal help
  (*⁰▿⁰*) / Audio / 2d 22h 18m 30s

I know I'm not the best writer ever, and I certainly don't claim to be, but it really bothers me when people rp as and sexualize/fetishize children as well as sexual assault. I've been on this website since before we moved to the new server, and I was here when our funding got revoked because someone wanted to be a vindictive jerk.

However, people like [ virgobitch] really irritate me. ALL of her characters are children from the ages of 12-15. Nearly all of them have suffered some terrible trauma that no one- especially not children- should ever have to endure. Sexual assault/rape is not something that should be romanticized or fetishized, and I cannot fathom why anyone would WANT to rp that. It hurts me to see and read shit like this. Sure, people like different things, but EVERYTHING that she writes toes a line that shouldn't be toed. You're a fucking adult! Why can't you act like one? Why is every rp character she writes no older than 15? To me, it's this uncanny valley level of near pedophilia.

Also, why is she OBSESSED with pregnant children? I don't understand it either. Most of her characters are pregnant or end up that way somehow. Again, THESE ARE CHILDREN. She uses these shitty pictures in her threads like she's somehow proud of the garbage fanfiction that she writes.

Made this cause I'm salty. Oh well.

  -Solaris- / 2d 23h 48m 47s
[size10 in spite of my current hardships, there's a movement inside my heart. in spite of my worries, my anxiety, my loss, i'm replenishing my strength and getting even stronger than i've ever been.]
[size10 the way i handled today i have every reason to feel proud of me. i did my best, and even if it didn't turn out the way i'd hoped, i still know that i was doing all i can.]
[size10 and i will rest easy knowing that.]

[size10 in the past, i'd resent those who caused me to feel fear or anxiety. now i just worry for them. i can't find it in my heart to hate anymore.]
[size10 oh, you hurt me? what hurt you to make you act this way?]
[size10 something along that level.]
[size10 and letting go has become much easier for me. my attachments, my grief, it's mellowing out at a speed i hadn't expected.]
[size10 i remember the months and months i'd go, wallowing in pain over loss or mistreatment. fixate on it, obsess, let it drive me crazy and throw myself in a seemingly endless pit of despair.]

[size10 but it isn't like that now. not to say i don't have a reaction. i'm human, and i have emotions just like anyone else.]
[size10 the difference is i accept them and let go.]
[size10 i'll keep pressing on. i hope i can make you all and myself proud.]

[size10 my special message of the day is hold on to your strength. and you'll be ok.]
  ˚༄♡、 / chiyuki / 3d 23h 47m 16s
[hr ]
[center [b Everyone]: sEreNa jOy sUcKs aSs
[b What I think]: It's okay I know that simpletons can't appreciate characters who aren't perfect and have actual depth to them :)))
[b What I say]: if y'all don't shut the fuck up here real fast I'mma sit you down and give you a 40 minute lecture about how fuckin dumb you are and how good writing flew over your simple fuckin raisin brain-

s/o to my new woman of obsession, Serena Joy.

No, I don't have an obvious pattern of adoring and falling in love with blondes who would kick my ass in a heartbeat. No, I don't have mommy issues. No, I'm not denying all of this because it's true. >___>

[hr ]

So anyway I was minding my business when intrusive existential thoughts were like: "hey, homie. what's up?" and then i cried because that's what i do during an existential crisis. but having had so much emotional ups and downs as of late instead of crying like i said i did i just numbly was sad all day because lol what do you do when it all comes piling up on you? because I aint doing shit, honey, i'm tired all the time can't you tell by the fact i stopped punctuating by now lmaaoo.

so if yall got some of that mutha fuckinnn uh dopamine send me your cashapp or venmo

  ᴋʀᴜʟ ᴛᴇᴘᴇs / Indefinite / 5d 3h 59m 55s

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