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  Graves / 2d 17h 30m 33s
It's...always one or the other side. And then the other gets shoved down. it so hard to find an idiot that'll accept both instead of being greedy for one. I..I hate it. How do you expect me to ever be myself that way dummy. Quit asking for something you don't really want. I'm not going wasting my time
  Nyahh / pinkra01 / 3d 15h 20m 58s
[center [size10 Winter is here.]]
  / Queen / 3d 16h 11m 44s
[center [size10 Winter is coming.
I'm so pumped for this.]]
  ꜱɴᴏᴡ / Lucis / 3d 22h 41m 16s
[center [size10 i maay or may not be like. into them. they're uh. super fucking awesome and gr8. gr8 gr8 gr8. hoo boy. time to be patient to make sure those are my real feelings tho.]]
  / lovesick / 4d 7h 55m 42s
Cant sleep because this damn bug keeps flying around my room and it landed on me and now im freaking out. I need to fix my screen. Frick.

Update: It had a friend but i killed them both and am now playing music to ensure that i dont hear any more
  Liam / MysticalMermaid / 4d 10h 55m 24s
[google-font] [handlee [#859ecc [center [size16 [b
I missed you, Daiquiri.

I'm so hype for season two of Life is Strange. Imma get it for my birthday.
[Gochi+Hand [center [#ef81ea [size16 [center [b Elric, you're a bitch.
[size7 And I love you.
  Bahr / MissingNo / 4d 18h 6m 28s
[google-font][Josefin+Slab [size18 [#424242 You made your choice. Go have fun with it A W A Y from my life. Far away. Enjoy your fantasy built from lies and deceit. I no longer feel bad for you. ]]]
  / Arcane / 5d 13h 36m 6s
[center [size9 I was gonna write a whole long thing but let me just say this simply and move onto part two shall I???]][center [size9 Tell me why tf y'all decent fucking human beings on here are so fucking willing to throw her under a fucking bus for some stupid fucking petty grudge shit and one of the biggest pieces of shits on this site is over here lending her their fucking ear when it should be y'all??? I fucking bailed on her, she shouldn't trust me but she doesn't have any of y'all anymore. After all that friendship shit y'all wanna talk y'all wanna be like this??? Okay. Have fun I guess. I'll take your places, if I have to for however long she needs.]][center [size9 now to part two. I have had so many people ask me why I don't have a girlfriend recently, and I've just said the whole "Haven't found the right person" line, but that's a lie. Jfc is that a huge fucking lie, I've known I identify as gay for a while now, but like I had a huge realization about it recently from being asked that shit so much lately. I'm attracted to females, yes, but it's not the same as my attraction to males. For females it's purely platonic where as it's a hell of a lot more intense with males and I get hella fucking attached.]][center [size9 Oh well I've said some shit I felt like sharing. Remember if the shoe fits please don't get mad at me lolbye]]
  ꜰᴀɴxʏᴄʜɪʟᴅ / Crush9244 / 5d 13h 33m 59s
[center [size10 literally what the fuck is happening. lol.]]
  / lovesick / 5d 13h 38m 29s
[Gochi+Hand [center [#ef81ea [size16 [center [b Oh be careful little mouths what you say..
Oh be careful little mouths what you say..
There's a Wolf in the glade.. And He's woken up today..
So be careful little mouths.. What you say..

Oh you poor.. Misguided children, I do so love getting to watch people who call themselves friends completely destroy the meaning of that word, you people didn't even bother to even ask anyone else things, you all just wanna run around listening to the words of a now marked target, so very few people have come to us, that actually knew who Tally was.. And they.. Pause for effect..

What a notion that is, the rest of you squalors decided to just up and post so much crap about a very sweet person..

Well I've got news.. Delivered from the maw that is the quintessence of anger and hate..

[Handlee [center [#71042b [size16 [center [b I don't really care about much these days anymore, I flit about and just kinda laugh about the things you people have to say..
But.. Someone decided to mess with someone that I had decided awhile back was someone I could truthfully call a friend, and that shit hasn't been settling with me at all, I brought Tally into a safe home where we could both get some things done that needed dping, after being betrayed by some asshole child, Tally was so worried, for days, about these people because they ran off, if they wanted to live elsewhere then they simply had to say so, Tally just wanted to make sure they were all safe and in good places, but now, you've pissed me off, you've messed with my friend when none of these theatrics were needed, but don't worry, that's okay, because I have the most amazing plan for you, we're gonna be back real soon, you may have told a bunch of lies to her family and friends, a lot of which really decided to believe you instead of just speaking with Tally first..

Which is what an I N T E L L I G E N T person would do..

I'm gonna set things straight real quick, real soon, there's a Wolf running through the woods now..

And I am gonna show you just how badly you messed with the wrong person..

  Bahr / MissingNo / 5d 14h 11m 18s
[center When you turn around to see what the kittens are up to on the cat tree and realize they're doing a Lion King re-enactment. Joffrey was Mufasa and Jack was Scar. I don't think they can one up that shit but I know they gonna fucking try tbh.]
[center In other news, who will get tired of this song first, me or my neighbors? My money is on my neighbors tbh][center [s edit: my mom is prolly on the neighbor's too tbh lolololol]]
  ꜰᴀɴxʏᴄʜɪʟᴅ / Penomeco / 5d 16h 20m 52s
Before you start playing a game you know nothing about you should see of its a fraking hentai game. Now ive got this game on my computer because of you and im curious. damn you.
  Fuck me up / PurpleFlower / 5d 18h 33m 3s
[i When I look in the mirror
Baby I see it clearer
Why you wanna be nearer

I'm not surprised
I sympathize, ah
I can't deny
Your appetite, ah

You got a fetish for my love ♫]
  amor / Inori / 6d 15h 13m 36s

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