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Bro it's hot asf
  |oɹə|əı / AfterNue_Delight / 176d 16h 38m 44s
[center [size10 Name is mentioned to use as an example of people who carry on my banter despite "not caring" or "having too much to do" or "not wanting a fight". Posts just to prove my point. Okay?? Thanks I guess? Coolio.]]

[center [size10 If that website was a scam btw, I'm gunna be pissed. Can't wait to see what their reply to my email will be when I told em I'm two seconds away from filing a case on paypal. Cunts.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 176d 16h 42m 50s
Bench excuse me I've been drawing and working on my dog psychology classes GET OUTTA MAH ASS PLS IM TRYING TO BE A NICE PERSOn I'm even applying for FAFSA
Why you do this
boo have a nice day
Haha, 102.3 fever. Fu

Maybe it's just the heat from Mun's posts that traveled to my state and caused this sinus problem. Jk jk jk.

Anyways, this person is pulling an old me. Where I'd block and unblock people to see what they were saying in JE and other chats we were in. It's draining and if you wanna block someone. Keep. Them. Blocked. "Being nice", it's a piss poor excuse for being insecure and nosey about what's being said.
  Haikyuu / LiterallyPluto / 176d 20h 47m 24s
[center [size10 I saw Ace said something and went to check it, having a good chuckle then I see a " I don't really care" in a post partly towards me so- Why should I believe there's no care?

Someone that doesn't care won't respond. Now, I know you'll either unblock me just to see what I said when you notice I replied again, or get a friend to show or tell what I said, but here's your problem.

[i You care WAY too much.]

Really that's where most of your issue lies. It isn't that you don't care. It's that you care too much. You care too much about your gender, too much about your age, too much about what I say and think, and too much about what other people think.

Like just fuckin relax and stop caring so much and maybe there'd be less to get so worked up over?? Stop caring if people see you as a kid when- fyi you still are one. Stop caring about how people see your gender, stop fucking swapping every other day and just be you. Stop caring if I get entertainment out of you and just don't post?? If I've said it once I'll say it 1000 times.

I don't have anything much to respond to if you don't respond to me. Simple enough. But in all your "not caring" you still reply then want to act like blocking me again is a big deal??

If you'd ignored my post, I would have made my first post and been done. You do realize half the time when I call out people like you or [s Tally] it's cause I know I'll get a rise out of you and then you'll initiate a back and forth with me, which I only do cause it's entertaining watching you dig your own grave that you "don't want" cause you "don't care."

Lol just admit to being a human that wants attention. That's why you reply. I'm man enough to admit it. And before it's said "well for someone who doesn't care as well, you always seem to-"
No, cause see I don't care what happens to you but I don't just not care completely. In fact I will always openly admit to caring about my own entertainment. So if I can write a couple of paragraphs on the internet and you're foolish enough to take the bait, then yes, I will care because you're right. It is funny. But make no mistake in [i you] being the funny one here.

When I stop caring. I stop replying. Maybe you should do the same. If I posted and you didn't reply, I'd stop caring and stop replying. But let's be real, at this point even if you did stop after my reply, you're still gunna care, if even a little bit. I already got you to reply twice now. That's alot of caring for someone who supposedly don't.

And sweetie, I don't get upset over you, like I've always stated, you're cringy to me. You blocking me just gives me a nice little chuckle.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 176d 21h 6m 13s
[center [size11 Oh lord, the taunts! You guys are honestly so fucking funny, I don't really care. I meant what I meant, [i well, only a little bit was geared towards Mun because why the fuck you getting so upset you gotta vent about it when I just blocked you and when it seemed like nothing was gonna happen, I unblocked you just so I can be nice. Enjoy the block again. ]

Anyways, not going to respond to any more bullshit so whatever, it's just whatever. Anyways, gotta visit, my real parents, one last time before they are dead to me, whoop whoop! If I had FUCKING remembered to write down when I was going, I would've made myself more emotionally secure before suddenly being taken away to see them for a few hours.

I'm not usually one to really actually start shit with my parents but knowing them, they'll taunt me just like some fucker from England with a bitch ass attitude. Like [i bitch, you're the one behind the bulletproof glass, not me. ]
  ScorpionTears- / 176d 21h 20m 6s
[center [size10 mun stronk independent boi who don't need no one to fight his battles cause bitch he grown and tbh I love it. He got some strong ass opinions but bitch that okay that's just what makes him him and if he didn't have him he would be a bland boi. He a spicy spicy boi. You gonna need a fuck ton of milk just to recover from all that spice holy fuuuck.]]
  ooc / Dawon / 176d 21h 30m 34s
  Indefinite / 176d 21h 52m 42s
Double post, meh!

Catra had to be spayed today. She was so scared to ride to the vet and it made me sad. I love that little brat of a cat and I just want the best for her. It's just when she was meowing and not letting go of my shirt, I wanted to cry and stay with her. It was just so sad!!
  Haikyuu / LiterallyPluto / 176d 23h 1m 1s
[center [size10 "None of this is geared towards Mun, I don't want no shit like" Sure sure. Totally not kek.

Maybe if some people have to lie about their age so people take them seriously, that SHOWS why people don't take them seriously. Just food for thought. If you lie about your age to make you seem better, or thinking people will always go by age on how to gauge a person, then you're probably being taken just how you should.

People usually base taking you seriously or not by how you ACT and what you show others. We've known 13 year olds that were taken more seriously than you because of how they acted. They didn't have to ever lie about their age to be taken seriously. If no one takes you seriously at 16, then get serious. Don't lie. Look at yourself, not other people.]]

[size10 [center P.S. Oh no, Mun's constructive bullying!!! Gasp! The fiend.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 176d 23h 33m 57s
I'm scared. My stress is making my hair fall out and all these appointments, doctors and dentists, I'm trying keep up on which day is which. My family is shit. The recent drama going on between my aunts and my mom is literally driving me crazy, especially after being blamed for something so stupid and disgusting... Fuck you. I tried being nice and forgiving you for the shit you put through, but I'm done. I'm done. I'm so done.

The only positive thing going on in my life right now, is this job interview this Thursday. My boyfriend being there for me. My friends. That's it.
  Himiko / LiterallyPluto / 176d 23h 45m 28s
[center [size11 Genders am I right? Like why can't one person be one thing if they feel like it? Why do people even fucking care? It's not like it affects them anymore, like damn just GET THE FUCK ON WITH YOUR LIFE. People are so fucking idiotic and don't want to give anything a second thought of [b why ] they are like that. They instantly go to thinking the worse like fucking parents these days.

Parents be like, [i "Oh, you're not getting that, it has a satanist symbol on it." ] LIKE SERIOUSLY, YOU GONNA TALK ABOUT TWENTY-ONE PILOTS LIKE THAT YOU DUMB FUCK. Oh and meeting people online who share the same passion as you do? Do you honestly think everybody online is a serial rapist or murderer you dumb fuck? No wonder my generation is so screwed.

And my mate, my boyfriend. Like he finally got the haircut he wanted and I'm so proud of him [i despite me not liking it right now, I'd enjoy it later on in life. ] And lately, he's been my rock and I love him to death, that Ritz Cracker. And again, with ages too like what do you care that he's a year younger than me and that I tell people I'm older than 16 because [i more than likely, they won't take me fucking seriously because I'm still a goddamn "kid". ]

Like just let me be me goddamnit, it's worse when all these people trying to fucking push them into their "rightful" gender and sexuality.

[i None of this is geared towards Mun, I don't want no shit like "Oh, why you attacking him/it?". I'm honestly not asking for a decking, I swear.
  ScorpionTears- / 176d 23h 45m 44s
[center [size10 I was going to make a post about something and happened to click on a link that took me to a certain profile. Apparently I was blocked for some reason? Even though I stopped talking to them?? And now they've unblocked me? Okay. Well I'll probably be blocked again for writing this, but doesn't effect me any.

Just amusing. Also they're going by male again. Which is also amusing. I'm 13. I'm 17. No I'm 16. I'm a trans male, nope that was disrespectful, I'm a girl. Nah, sike, I'm a boy. Tumblr teens running rampant again. Sad days indeed.

Anywho, the main reason for my post. I'd been too busy/stressed by the upcoming move to be able to be in a roleplay mood, but realized that perhaps the nice feeling of roleplaying would be just what I needed.

So now I'm getting back into that with Bri. She's an absolute legend. We both got super fucking excited to do our rps together again and it's just all around good moods. One out of 3 are restarted and the other two are both in- smutty scenes on skype chat so I need to go post for those. Idk why but posting off of es is slightly less motivating when you don't get to see your character pic and font. But, either way I'm excited for the story so I know it won't be too long before I do post. I miss Abel and Colin way too much not to continue.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 177d 10m 45s
[center [size10 Nice, Mun. Completely forget to post in rp replies and lose your whole ass post. Cool. I blame M completely.

To sum up what I was going to say, Mun the skeptic is now having a hard time disproving the existence of Rami's two spirit companions and over the course of like 2 days, I've become somewhat attached to one of them.

I've tried to logic my way out of believing in him but all the questions we ask having very consistent answering patterns that are very plainly not random answers and weird shit happening, I kinda can't deny that I'm now left with more proof than not. Oops.

M is comforting to have around though seeing as how he and I are very similar. If I had to peg him as an alignment I'd say chaotic evil or neutral. It's like since I can't completely be myself anymore, having such a violent presence like him near me all the time now brings that sense of familiarity with myself and how I used to be back into my every day life without me having to really do anything.

Well, I still have to talk to him cause he gets pissy when he wants attention and we ignore him. Or when I'm trying to use dice to speak to him and he fucking cocks the dice or keep giving me "idk if i wanna tell you that rn" answers to tick me off. Fuckin lil cunt. He knows he is though.

Rami apparently asked him when I left the room if he wanted to be my spirit companion now too and he said yes. So I guess the disbeliever now has a very violent and mischievous spirit companion now. His signature to tell it's him is a spiking sharp pain in the right temple. He did that to me and Rami at the same time on the way home in the car tonight when we were talking to him. Again, shit like that does nothing to persuade me against belief in him.

Maybe if he wasn't so LOUD AND ANNOYING. But I like him. And him disliking Desmond and liking me more than Sage makes me happy.

So what do I do? I go straight into dangerous territory and get Rami to change the rules for M being around since he's the summoner and now M has clearance to fuck me up. He's allowed to hurt me and cause me whatever pain he wants so long as he doesn't do anything too harsh while I'm driving, doesn't do anything permanent or give me crippling headaches cause fuck knows I have enough migraines enough on my own.

But anything else is free game for him. Go for it M. Stick them fingies in my temple and fuck me up fam. I'm not scared of you, but I absolutely welcome you to challenge the absolute fuck out of that~ Let's have some fun, clown boy. ]]

[center [size10 P.S. cause this was funny as shit. We hooked up the phone to the car when we went out today and shuffled my spotify and Rami's side asked what he thought about me and I swear to fucking god we both fucking lost our shit when the first song to play was U Got That. Thank you M. Pure comical genius.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 179d 10h 44m 56s
Oof when you get hit by a truck and was actually Archibald Thorburn painting Thorburn’s Mammals. And you made friends on es showing them your paintings but really you are a ghost from the 1930s trying to tell everyone your paintings are awesome
  Victoria / Vitriolic / 179d 14h 48m 33s

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