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You guys. I feel amazeballs right now, I'm famous! ╰(◡‿◡✿╰)
Sapherno11 put me on his wall of shame and I am just SOOOO flattered.
I guess if you get depressed, sick, and/or busy, or have had more than one account, you, too, can make the legendary wall of shame! <3

I'm playin', I'm a salty cunt and I live for some shit like this. We didn't have a problem till you crawled into my friend's private messages like an offended 3rd grader telling them not to accept me into a private group [b exclusively for my circle of friends], which YOU are not apart of. I started getting messages about you on Discord and now we're here! ◕‿◕

Boy oh boy, in a matter of mere hours, you have become a [i meme]. Nobody gives a shit if you're mad, sweetpea. Welcome to the internet.

Y'all good folks like some melodrama? THIS GUY.

[center [pic]]
  Naofumi / 101d 22h 2m 23s
I don’t even know my I’m surprised.

I buy the lies , like the gullible idiot I am and all the while you’re just off doing it all.

I’m still keen though, but that won’t last forever.

Thank you for making me feel like less of a friend to you than others.

  Ariana Jenkins / Nullification / 102d 7h 47m 13s
[coming+soon [center [size15 [#859ecc [b Am a proud momma. Also they don’t know this but all my traits come from neon LOLOLOL we spend too much time together. Faith was all “you know she gets separation anxiety away from you” and I was thinking to myself, “no I don’t” and then when I’m away all I can do is think about how much i wanna be with my boi. 8^|

Today gonna be rough, I’m working with two McIdiots and no Neon so my day is pbflt. My son went to bed an hour ‘fore I woke up and hella sad fayce. I’ve been having so much fun in fact that I keep forgetting to take my meds. Oops. No wonder I’ve been off my rocker. My fiancé said “you know if you think like that it makes it a placebo.” You know I’ve lived my whole life trying to fucking placebo myself to being happy and it ain’t work anyway so fuck off. I love the thude. But thude makes it hard. Water signs. Also I’ve been hardcore studying my tarot because faith hella burnt out. I think got the gist of what I was studying but then I started falling asleep. Brain!!!! We tryna do a learn!!!! Stop!!

Speaking of I need to finish my animal psychology course. Which is just like.... sitting. And waiting for me.... I’m a terrible student lmao. I’m probably a social learner ngl. Need someone with me and someone to guide me. I can’t stand my own company when learning. My AMV collaboration parts are coming along. They’re honestly so beautiful and it enlightened me to know I can make these things again.

I’ve been feeling under appreciated but The boi just doesn’t understand my language of love and appreciation. It’s different. But he’s also not so very creative or thoughtful. I say that like he doesn’t love me or appreciate me but he do. I just don’t feel it because his language of love is dog love and mine is doing activities and relaxing and being in each other’s company.

I’m just never happy lmao. Strange. Any hoot I will be accepting prayers because no Faith no Keefer no Neon. I’m fed. Just Kelsey and Stephanie. And the idiots. Fucccc. Also James but he’s there for like 0.2 seconds and he poofin. Know anybody in Michigan who does drive by’s? Hook a sista up.
  ᴋʀᴜʟ ᴛᴇᴘᴇs / Indefinite / 103d 5h 17m 50s
[center [size10 when one of your "managers" doesn't come into work and his options to replace him are shit so they ask if you wanna fill in for him and your assistant manager actually tells you he's actually glad it's me and not the manager or his to back up plans and also you wind up with a 12 hour shift and while you're exhausted and refuse to move from your chair now that you're home you are also extremely proud of all the different things you managed to force yourself to do with out anyone telling you and also with the fact you survived that long of a shift and that you were appreciated. Thankfully I have tomorrow off so I can recover before closing on friday. Then after that it'll just be 3 days before my next day off. We got this. We don't suck at our job that much even Keefer admitted that he can tell when someone genuinely messes up and when they don't even try which I think is his way of saying that hey I'm allowed to mess up every now and then because it's gonna happen but at least I fucking try unlike some people. And let me tell you how many times I fucked my back up tonight and kept going and how I imagined a certain someone in the same situation and complaining about it. Like I only bitched at my body cause it's fucking rude and while yes I deserve it cause I ain't treated it right like half of my life I sure as hell don't deserve it when I'm tryna work and get money to try and take care of it better. Keefer also said I terrified a certain someone by saying certain stuff and like good. I hope you're scared cause it might become reality. Sucks to suck.]]
[center [size10 also they kept telling me how it was like suga never left and like duh guys she's my eomma like I take after her obviously. What did you expect?]]
  ooc / ATINY / 103d 10h 58m 0s
When the people you game with online basically require you to use a translator
But it's okay because five minutes after figuring out what they say, EVERY TIME, I end up laughing anyways.
Other than that there is literally no spot for me to lie down because all the cats and dogs wanna toss themselves around like puzzle pieces and leave me with what I can find.

What happens when I finally get a spot to sleep?! THEY CONVEERRRGGGGE
I'm too nice to push these poor babies in another spot while you have Tally making them Sonic the Hedgehog off the blankets from stealing them back. xD
  тσя¡ / AfterNue_Delight / 104d 8h 55m 22s
[Center [size10 Holy shit bois this is it! Don't anyone expect me to do a single god damn thing for a few days after the 12th cause FINALLY fucking Zandalari trolls and Kul Tiran humans are released! I've had them unlocked for fuckin ages and now they're finally around the corner. Can't wait to add 2 more druids to my list of too many druids. Fuck yes.]]
  -ɢᴜɪᴅᴏ- / Mista / 106d 19h 51m 18s
[coming+soon [center [size15 [#859ecc [b I should get a doctor's note because they said if it doesnt get better I should see em again. But its Sunday and my head is killing and I'm freezing. My nose is still a nuisance and I feel nauseous all the time.

Also I decided to watch domestic girlfriend for the memes and it is a semi legitimately good anime. Like I was driving in thinking "it's just hentai with really good quality animation" nope. Dat storyline good. Dem characters? Good. Granted there are still stupid hentai cliches like occasional panty shots and the fact the mc just kind of goes along with his hormones instead of using his head. But he doesnt sleep with all the girls and genuinely treats them all like human beings. He just occasionally is misguided and due to his mixed emotions on his one sided love he acts impulsively when a girl is like "I wanna do this". But in itself the girls all have very beautiful human flaws and depict the crazy hormone humping urges that reside in teenagers. It brings real problems such as affairs and how hard it is when falling in lovewith someone. Would suggest it. 10/10. Came for memes and only got feels.

I wish I could just quit my job already but my boi said none of that until he feels comfortable to support us both. It's fucking draining me to fuck and back. Emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I tried to do a reading on mom but my knowledge is so fuck all that it made zero sense to me. My cards are sitting there like: "bitch how else can we fucking spell it out for you" like I'm a dumb fuck universe okay I'll get to studying I'm just preoccupied with work and winding down lmao.

Ned came out yesterday and I offered her food but apparently little miss princess too good for the expensive and very well thought out and made food I got for her. She just dug into the dirt and noped the fuck out. I MISS YOU BABY COME BACCCC. I GOT YOU NEW SHELLS. When I become a stay at home pet mom she gonna get a huge tank and finally get a hamster wheel because apparently they LOVEEEE wheels. Although study shows wild critters of any sort love wheels. Wild mice, rabbits, squirrels, it's just something they fucking love.

Pray 4 me today because my body and my heart isnt into working today so I called out. I'm just tired of being everyone's cane. Not neon's Tho. He my son I'm never tired of that. I just can't keep putting in 100 and knowing that everyone else just gives me 1%. Like wow okay I'll just go fuck myself. The fiance has been terrible at that lately. I've been feeling very underappreciated and I voiced this but I know that he's an idiot and can't do anything if the fucking instructions were written into his brain. But I've conveyed my love for him in a million ways. He doesn't know how to convey it other than being an annoying talkative punk. I don't want to be tickled or told I'm loved. I want to be shown.

Fucking water signs.
  Indefinite / 107d 3h 14m 20s
Life is just a giant shit show. You say you're going to stay positive? That positivity wall just shattered this morning, didn't it? Loss loss loss loss. Never a gain, always a loss. I'm cursed. Damned to be unhappy and always praying to be struck down because by God, I mean my mental health issues and my efforts to stay positive are literally killing me.
  Himiko / LiterallyPluto / 107d 3h 24m 3s
[center [size10 hi hello I'm neon and I can do lowkey tarot readings that tell me not to trust people and talk to ghosts and copy kpop idols styles to the degree I stoop to a mullet and give advice I prolly shouldn't on situations I shouldn't involve myself in but unfortunately I get myself into this on my own and gotta and also think certain people should be punched but for some reason I can't make slime. I can restore it. Just can't make the shit????]][center [size10 also I'mma fucking die at work one of these days. I'mma just like collapse to the floor and die and everyone will be like "ohno" and I'll finally be at peace except I'll prolly die on one of his shifts and just he'd prolly step right on my dead body and then suga would have to come make it two dead bodies it wouldn't be a fun shift for abyone.]][center [size10 this post is code for "neon should sleep"]]
  ooc / ATINY / 108d 18h 20m 4s
A memory is always more beautiful than a living, breathing, working present human being. You are like a blooming flower immortalised in resin - you represent hope and opportunity and how things could have been.

That is why I always think fondly of you. We will always be on the cusp of romance, the initial sweet drop of nectar on tongues - that honeyed period. Never to discover unlikeable things about each other, never to grow frustrated or bored with one another, never to wear down our souls to dead stubs.

Immortal beauty.

-Dedicated to my past crushes, here is exactly why I keep dreaming of you. Because you aren't real.
  Inspired By This Feeling / SnowJin / 109d 17h 26m 12s
I got the side job. Now to focus on the main one.

I'm getting closer and closer to my goal. Only positive and good things have been happening for the past few days. I firmly believe my Nanna is guiding me in the right direction. Bill's are almost caught up here. It's the funeral costs and paying that off that's causing a bit of a struggle, but we're trying our best to get by.

Poor Papa though... He's trying so hard to make a new normal for the family...
  Himiko / LiterallyPluto / 109d 23h 16m 31s
[center [size10 Serve the papers, bitch. Idk how I'd even win but fuckin do it hoe, I ain't scared. I'll take you to court and sue you for- shitIgotnothin. I'll find something. Sue your ass for being too supportive. Yeah. I'm sure that'll go over well.

In other news, I hate everything. Everything fucking sucks. It's so hard to find JoJo shirts that aren't paying out the ass on redbubble for a t-shirt and I finally find a site that had so many shirts I want- 6 to be exact. And they have 1 day left before the campaign for those designs are gone. UGH. FUCK. I mean- buying clothes is important right? You gotta have clothes... God damn I might really do this shit huh? Fuck me.]]
  -ɢᴜɪᴅᴏ- / Mista / 109d 23h 47m 47s
[coming+soon [center [size15 [#859ecc [b I'm annoyingly posting a lot. Oops. Sorrynotsorry. YesIAmIHaveAnxiety. But here I am.. out here supporting my child whom I've had with Mun... and I get Z E R O child support. Rude. How did I end up the dead beat parent just because I hit the local strip club to tell everyone the news? Divorced parenthood is rough, my guys. Mun iut there finding the love of his life while I'm out here struggling to make ends meet for our child. The audacity.

In all cereal-ousness I am so happy to have wonderful friends. And to live a life of knowing people who can do and say what ever they want without having any.... like.. blame put on me? Or them? They can be friends with my haters idgaf. I love em. They can do what ever. They respect me and they tell me what they think and I appreciate.

They know who I love... who I adore... and they don't high key talk smack behind my back.

Honestly if someone told 13 year old me she was gonna fucking live in the same state and hang out WITH NEON she would have not believed you. At all. I'm just happy dappy now. Just because I've been pushing aside all my bad thoughts by being too preoccupied lmaoooo. Bad habits die hard.

I'm not ready to start work tho. Dont make me, momma.
[center [size11 It's surprising how much one can use the simple term "Bad Vibes Forever." and get grown to it. After a whole day and night of worrying about getting arrested, I'm not getting arrested woo! Lately, been in my moods and it sucks from what I see inside of me. But all I ever do is search my soul for you but nothing seems to come out right.

I can't just sit around and watch us both die anymore.
  AngelStrike- / 110d 3h 11m 22s
[coming+soon [center [size15 [#859ecc [b
I literally just went to bed an hour ago and my fucking throat was just like.... "lawl no"
This fucking cold is pissing me off. I hate that my immune system is sensitive to literally ANYTHING. Like holy fuck.

Me: if I gargle alcohol will my throat feel better???
Faith: no.
Graham: you should use peroxide instead.
Me: okay, peroxide.

I hope today will turn out better.
Neon and I got fucked.
Also I was not impressed with his bank. 8^I Literally was gonna scream at the people for making me wait mother fucking over an hour.
Yall dumb fucks shouldn've had this sorted out.

Anyhow. Back to sleep. I need it.

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