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[coming+soon [center [size15 [#859ecc [b It’s weird. This thing we’ve done.
We have our love and we had our fun.
And even after all this time it’s left unspoken.
We’re not shoes, meant to be worn until we’re broke in.
I relay these thoughts, I sing all your songs.
But no matter how many days go,
I still choke, when it comes to you. You..

Where do you go when you close your eyes?
Because, maybe, I go to you. I hastily resist the truth.
I’ll keep fighting to keep this standstill.
Because it’s better than hearing it from you.
  ᴋʀᴜʟ ᴛᴇᴘᴇs / Indefinite / 71d 17h 41m 38s
Well, that went from zero to a hundred real quick.
  Himiko / LiterallyPluto / 72d 5h 17m 37s
[center [youtube]

[size09 to you. though I'm sure I never cross your mind anymore.]]
  ✿・ . ☆・゚ / Serene / 72d 8h 9m 27s
@Sapherno11 and everyone else:
[ HERE FOLKS. Here's some screenshots if you're curious.] This here is a 30 year old man who can't stop trying to tattle on a girl 10 years his junior because I left a roleplay. Aren't I AWFUL?! Send him your thoughts and prayers!

He messaged my friend to tell her to ban me from a thread, and now he's threatening to get me banned and telling my friends to 'rein me in'. I don't care what you say or think of me, my guy, but stop messaging my friends. They're not going to stop writing with me or being my friends because some fucking idiot messaged them and told them to.[center [pic]

Hey, douche nuts! [b Colorful_insanity] is [i actually good friends with me on facebook]. If he needs to talk to me or would like to ask me about my DLO thread or wants to chat about ANYTHING AT ALL, he has the means to do so.
[b Stop. Involving. Other. People. Stoooop.]

You must not realize I have a steady flow of screenshots from like 6 different people who think you're [i hilariously ludicrous].

I told you to stop messaging my friends about trying to get me kicked from threads; What do you do? You do it again. AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. MF, honey, sweetpea, DARLING, I don't even care that I'm not on your good side, I don't care about your feelings. I didn't create 7 accounts, 2 of them are new. TWO. I lost the password to the last one (Melmetal) because I never attached it to an email. All the people you say I 'bailed' on, [b I am currently speaking to on Discord and Facebook [i THEYRE MY FRIENDS]].

The rest of my accounts are old. SOOOOO OOOOLD. Ive known you what, a month? I messaged you from 2 accounts well over 3-4 years old each, because you blocked me on this account LIKE A TOOL. We didn't have beef before you started trying to get me kicked out of threads, dude, even when you threw me up on your lil 'wall of shame'. Seriously. It's not a good look for you.[center [pic]]
  / ode to Sapherno11 / / Monticello / 73d 3h 32m 42s
The questions I get asked... >~>

  тσя¡ / AfterNue_Delight / 73d 18h 22m 20s

Me: I'm ready to dye my hair two pastel colors.
  Himiko / LiterallyPluto / 73d 23h 16m 40s
[center [size10 someone has a bucket out by the dumpster at work so when they go out for a cigarette they can sit. Asked one of the managers if I could take it home cause it only says not to throw it away and not anything about not stealing it. She told me no. My dreams have been crushed. In other work related news me and suga won't get a day together for a while cause my next day off isn't until Friday. I didn't bother to see if it's cauae certain other people got cut back but all I can say is pray for my at least Tomorrow cause i just got home and I'mma have time for at most a nap before I have to go back in at 7 am. Suga isn't even going to be there either. I knew I should told my body fuck off and went in yesterday but also i still prolly woulda wound up coming in tomorrow/today anyways and honestly i wouldn't have hated that when it came time for my paycheck which i mean at the rate I'm going should be pretty decent considering thanks to Brandon I got 6 extra hours so for this week alone that's gonna put me at 37 total. Also my dumbass forgot to clock in when I came in at four and I didn't realize until 8 when I got put on front oops]][center [size10 also got two coworkers who are having me do their natal charts for them. Had another one who tried to ask me if I was looking for a boyfriend which obviously showd how little she knows about me cause uh no I'm not thanks. Also another super special co-worker left me a hella cute note that I randomly found while doing my job and it made my day. And one of the people whose natal chart I'm doing told me they think my mullet actually fits me so I mean all in all i didn't die today but it was weird with out suga and I'mma cry not having Tuesday off.]]
  ooc / Dawon / 74d 7h 22m 53s
[coming+soon [center [size15 [#859ecc [b Yo this song fucking attacking me get it the fuck away

Also I saw my son today for five seconds and I didn’t wanna leave because I need to be by him all hours of the day lmaaaooo is clingy af

Watching the magicians, playing sims, or breath of the wild.... hard decision. Fuck I need to edit to magicians.

  ᴋʀᴜʟ ᴛᴇᴘᴇs / Indefinite / 74d 15h 23m 54s
[center [size11 People are so fucking keen on bullshitting with other people's lives like damn.

And knowing my mate could have a seizure at any time is also very worrying because what if one day, she forgets to take her medicine for it and she fucking [b falls ] down six flights of stairs? And then I gotta fucking deal with the sorrow? I mean, it's still worth it cos I love her to death and she's my soul mate.

Love is worth every cent even if it's been an ass to me.
Like holy shit, how many can there be?

Leo lied to me.
Alex just fucked off somewhere and left me alone.
Pixiel fucked someone other than me.
Ansley fucking lied to my friends about me.

Oh god, those 4 have paid the price of going through Hell and back thanks to yours truly. And maybe you're right, this is all I can be.

But what if it was you and it wasn't me?

[pic ]
  SlainWings- / 74d 15h 57m 23s
You guys. I feel amazeballs right now, I'm famous! ╰(◡‿◡✿╰)
Sapherno11 put me on his wall of shame and I am just SOOOO flattered.
I guess if you get depressed, sick, and/or busy, or have had more than one account, you, too, can make the legendary wall of shame! <3

I'm playin', I'm a salty cunt and I live for some shit like this. We didn't have a problem till you crawled into my friend's private messages like an offended 3rd grader telling them not to accept me into a private group [b exclusively for my circle of friends], which YOU are not apart of. I started getting messages about you on Discord and now we're here! ◕‿◕

Boy oh boy, in a matter of mere hours, you have become a [i meme]. Nobody gives a shit if you're mad, sweetpea. Welcome to the internet.

Y'all good folks like some melodrama? THIS GUY.

[center [pic]]
  Naofumi / 74d 17h 51m 31s
I don’t even know my I’m surprised.

I buy the lies , like the gullible idiot I am and all the while you’re just off doing it all.

I’m still keen though, but that won’t last forever.

Thank you for making me feel like less of a friend to you than others.

  Ariana Jenkins / Nullification / 75d 3h 36m 21s
[coming+soon [center [size15 [#859ecc [b Am a proud momma. Also they don’t know this but all my traits come from neon LOLOLOL we spend too much time together. Faith was all “you know she gets separation anxiety away from you” and I was thinking to myself, “no I don’t” and then when I’m away all I can do is think about how much i wanna be with my boi. 8^|

Today gonna be rough, I’m working with two McIdiots and no Neon so my day is pbflt. My son went to bed an hour ‘fore I woke up and hella sad fayce. I’ve been having so much fun in fact that I keep forgetting to take my meds. Oops. No wonder I’ve been off my rocker. My fiancé said “you know if you think like that it makes it a placebo.” You know I’ve lived my whole life trying to fucking placebo myself to being happy and it ain’t work anyway so fuck off. I love the thude. But thude makes it hard. Water signs. Also I’ve been hardcore studying my tarot because faith hella burnt out. I think got the gist of what I was studying but then I started falling asleep. Brain!!!! We tryna do a learn!!!! Stop!!

Speaking of I need to finish my animal psychology course. Which is just like.... sitting. And waiting for me.... I’m a terrible student lmao. I’m probably a social learner ngl. Need someone with me and someone to guide me. I can’t stand my own company when learning. My AMV collaboration parts are coming along. They’re honestly so beautiful and it enlightened me to know I can make these things again.

I’ve been feeling under appreciated but The boi just doesn’t understand my language of love and appreciation. It’s different. But he’s also not so very creative or thoughtful. I say that like he doesn’t love me or appreciate me but he do. I just don’t feel it because his language of love is dog love and mine is doing activities and relaxing and being in each other’s company.

I’m just never happy lmao. Strange. Any hoot I will be accepting prayers because no Faith no Keefer no Neon. I’m fed. Just Kelsey and Stephanie. And the idiots. Fucccc. Also James but he’s there for like 0.2 seconds and he poofin. Know anybody in Michigan who does drive by’s? Hook a sista up.
  ᴋʀᴜʟ ᴛᴇᴘᴇs / Indefinite / 76d 1h 6m 58s
[center [size10 when one of your "managers" doesn't come into work and his options to replace him are shit so they ask if you wanna fill in for him and your assistant manager actually tells you he's actually glad it's me and not the manager or his to back up plans and also you wind up with a 12 hour shift and while you're exhausted and refuse to move from your chair now that you're home you are also extremely proud of all the different things you managed to force yourself to do with out anyone telling you and also with the fact you survived that long of a shift and that you were appreciated. Thankfully I have tomorrow off so I can recover before closing on friday. Then after that it'll just be 3 days before my next day off. We got this. We don't suck at our job that much even Keefer admitted that he can tell when someone genuinely messes up and when they don't even try which I think is his way of saying that hey I'm allowed to mess up every now and then because it's gonna happen but at least I fucking try unlike some people. And let me tell you how many times I fucked my back up tonight and kept going and how I imagined a certain someone in the same situation and complaining about it. Like I only bitched at my body cause it's fucking rude and while yes I deserve it cause I ain't treated it right like half of my life I sure as hell don't deserve it when I'm tryna work and get money to try and take care of it better. Keefer also said I terrified a certain someone by saying certain stuff and like good. I hope you're scared cause it might become reality. Sucks to suck.]]
[center [size10 also they kept telling me how it was like suga never left and like duh guys she's my eomma like I take after her obviously. What did you expect?]]
  ooc / ATINY / 76d 6h 47m 8s
When the people you game with online basically require you to use a translator
But it's okay because five minutes after figuring out what they say, EVERY TIME, I end up laughing anyways.
Other than that there is literally no spot for me to lie down because all the cats and dogs wanna toss themselves around like puzzle pieces and leave me with what I can find.

What happens when I finally get a spot to sleep?! THEY CONVEERRRGGGGE
I'm too nice to push these poor babies in another spot while you have Tally making them Sonic the Hedgehog off the blankets from stealing them back. xD
  тσя¡ / AfterNue_Delight / 77d 4h 44m 30s
[Center [size10 Holy shit bois this is it! Don't anyone expect me to do a single god damn thing for a few days after the 12th cause FINALLY fucking Zandalari trolls and Kul Tiran humans are released! I've had them unlocked for fuckin ages and now they're finally around the corner. Can't wait to add 2 more druids to my list of too many druids. Fuck yes.]]
  -ɢᴜɪᴅᴏ- / Mista / 79d 15h 40m 26s

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