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[Center . •°☆°• .

Something about today seems so beautiful.

Something about everything seems to be alright.

Something about the people seems to bring me to peace.

Makes me think maybe this world aint half bad.

I've never felt so peaceful wirhout you, the love of my life.

°• .☆. •°

  Ain't Mad / Vitriolic / 42d 8h 30m 53s
[center [YouTube]]
[#Ffffff xxxx]
  Money Cat / Anonnagon / 42d 9h 8m 42s
I heard so many stories about myself and I, also I'm sorry about this, and I just couldn't help but laugh so much, I've heard so many made up stories about myself now that I'm trying to figure out if I'm actually just a ghost thinking he's alive.

Also my cat is a bad ass, been here only two nights and he found a mouse to tear into, hyper little shit is fantastic~
  SconeTablet / 42d 11h 42m 50s
So, my grandfather is seriously thinking about putting my bloodhound down... I don’t blame him. She’s in pain. It’s easy to see that.. She can hardly walk, she’s blind, and she having trouble breathing. She hardly eats and some days, she refuses to drink her water. I love her so much. She’s been a huge part of my life since I started middle school. I just don’t want her to suffer...
  Sai / Lapis_ / 42d 21h 38m 20s
If you share this money cats picture good fortune will come to you
  Kiba / Anonnagon / 43d 6h 5m 15s
So that's why they say that exes ain't shit.
We broke up in highschool and yet you still pick the most childish friends. It has been FOUR years since I left you because you were a jerk. You were unbearably clingy. And I wouldn't have minded if you just let me breathe or even cared about who I was as a person. You wanted me to be somebody else. And sure, I did at that time too. But I found that's not who I am. I can't be passive and nice. I'm loud and I'm blunt. If you've got a problem I'll confront you about it.

You and your damn friends are so childish.
You didn't even genuinely enjoy my company. Just wanted something to entertain you when you had nothing else to. Love? For god's sake, we were young. Once you fucked it out with me you were done with my existence entirely. I'd have done anything for you thinking it was some sort of proof of love. I used to think you were the better person. Obviously not. You were just as much as a child as I was. As I am. Yeah I did you wrong too. I can fucking admit it. I learned from it. Grown from it. Stay out of my life.
  Ain't Mad / Vitriolic / 43d 8h 3m 35s
My only crimes
Irrationality and fear
I'm sorry I don't listen well
I never really have
My heart isn't aching like it was
Instead of agony or anger I just feel.. Numb.
And a sprinkle of happiness around you.

I ... Needed that. Just for someone to know how much it hurt.
To hear me crying out.
And to tell me there is a chance for it all to be okay one day
Even if that day is far away.
My malice has faded for now and I hope it stays that way.
I hate this hate in my heart.
  Kiba / Anonnagon / 43d 11h 47m 35s
Literally just wanna curl up and not do anything at this point. I wanna cry. That’s all I feel like doing. However, it hurts to lay down. I can’t do so without a sharp pain going up my sides. I just want these things to disappear.
  Sai / Lapis_ / 43d 11h 54m 55s
I have an issue with it, of course I fucking do. I half raised you, you were like blood to me. I was there when you wanted to kill yourself, I was there when your parents abandoned you to go off and party, get high, do whatever the fuck else they wanted. I was there when you would [i LITERALLY] rip your fucking hair out. I wanted the best for you, I wanted to be your sibling until we got old and died. I transferred schools because you begged me to, and yet when I did you left me. You left me somewhere I didn't know, I didn't know a single person, I didn't even know the area. You became popular, and left me behind. Suddenly I was the nerd who no longer mattered.

I guess you could say I'm mad about that.

But I'm more upset about the fact you picked weed over being my friend. When we were kids we made promises, promises to never leave each other no matter what. Promises to not be like our parents.

It's been what, four years now? Maybe five if I think about it. We never message each other, never try to hang out. Yet for some reason seeing a video of you rolling a blunt and bragging about doing so [i really] pissed me off.
  ⧼Noir⧽ / Vilkacis / 43d 14h 35m 39s

When you keep trying to tell people things are gonna be fine and that you have an idea for everything but they still aren't convinced.

I told you, didn't I~?
Just two more problems to take care of, the easiest ones for last.
I am freaking brilliant~!!
  SconeTablet / 43d 16h 45m 47s
All I've ever wanted is someone to talk to.

But I don't think I even deserve something as nice as that
  Kyu Tsükino / NakedWinter / 43d 19h 1m 2s
God the feeling is getting so bad lately. I think its the hair. I mean the hair is right so maybe its the way people say "Awe how cute" And I know this isn't rude but I feel so icky. I didn't want cute. I wasn't going for cute. Just. Bleh.
  OOC / TimeBomb / 44d 1h 58m 55s
[center Wait... I have $15. I can buy two packs of cigarettes and some other stuff from circle K or... I could buy one pack of cigarettes and the fucking patch. Like i wanna buy two packs of cigarettes but that fucking patch is screaming at me. I don't have a hat to put it on yet but one day I will obtain one. decisions decisions.]
[center can't buy my patch cause the person who makes it is on hiatus. Oh well one day. One of these fucking dayssssssss]
  SPEEDY / Arsenal / 44d 2h 14m 12s
[Size10 [center I just have. We had not been sitting back just agreeing with everything done regardless of being on their side. Some things we agree with but to be someones friend does not mean agreeing and turning a blind eye to everything they've done.]

[Size10 [center Neither side is free from blame. We are all humans on both sides. Mistakes will be made. But the public fight or any contact at all is not going to help either side in getting to a productive future.]]

[Size10 [center They're trying to move on as best they can woth all this stress but it's a two way street Tally. I'm not saying all of this is on you. But draw back just a bit. Ignore them, make your own pics and edits again. Focus on things that make you happy things that are your own. And if something happens and something that's yours is taken, brush it off. Make more things and think of how to better what you're doing for you. Thats all anybody ever wants right? What's going to be good for themselves and their future.]]

[Size10 [center So I emplore you.. try doing that for a while and see how it goes. Brush things off even if its hard. Let things go even if you don't want to. The more it happens from both sides, the smoother it will be. The easier and less stressed both of your lives will be. Bad shit happens all the time. But your life is too important to waste with all this bs and stress that you're putting it through. Same with theirs. So if all this is just bad for you, please.. please just try to look away from them and anything they do or say and fight instead for your own health and well being. Okay?]]
  .:ᴠɪᴀɴ:. / Apathetic / 44d 2h 46m 42s
All I literally wanted was for someone to say it's not okay to do that to me.
That's. It.
  Digital Snake / GravelyMistaken / 44d 2h 57m 30s

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