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Lol, he thinks he knows who I am but doesn't.

I wonder if I can do a curse on him to make his dick fall off.

I'm Acid_Tears dummy. Not "Clara." God, how many girls did you propose to?

You knew how old I was, didn't stop you from trying to covert me.


  LANOIRE / 43d 1h 25m 6s
Considering your profile isn't really like Mercy's? Nor are your characters?
Yeah he's pretty off what's funny is he got you mixed up because he asked a different girl to be one of his many wives.
Can't keep track of the girls he "proposes" too
  Kirishima / Knight- / 43d 1h 41m 22s
[Center [size10 Honestly Im curious what he said since I blocked him. I was hoping to have interesting pms with him but really was just boring as balls. Doing the typical "oh what a sad comeback" as his own comeback. As if saying that someone had a bad comeback as your comeback isnt the definition of bad comeback. I was highly disappointed in his ability to keep me entertained and i rated him a block out of 5 since he told me "im done talking to an idiot" then after i sent what was going to be my last message to him, he came back to ride my dick some more, sending me 2 more messages. Told him i was sorry he went after girls to run from hus gay thoughts since he apparently wanted me to keep railing him but that Id block him for his sake so he didn't have to face the music of his true desires yet.

So I'll have to agree with the "uses big words to seem smart" and add a "is so stupid he takes any logic you give him and throws it in the trash just so he could seem to have a witty comeback." Maybe. Even then he struggles. Cant come up with anything decent without tearing apart your sound logic and turning the conversation into whats seemingly an adult and a 5 year old trying to play an adult. Anywho, Im done with him now and am honestly more interested in Panthro. DrWeird has played out his value to me after seeing how truly numbminded he is. No fun dealing with stupid for more than a very few pms before its honestly just sad.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 43d 2h 2m 6s
[center [pic]]
[center [size10 After that first trailer, I was so excited, and the most recent trailer got me even more hyped... but that 48 minute gameplay? I freakin' NEED this game, ugh. At this point my excitement for Cyberpunk 2077 goes way beyond my excitement for the confirmation of an eventual Elder Scrolls series addition. Fuck it, I need to go watch that trailer again for the millionth time.]]
  Rin- / 43d 3h 22m 10s
I'll be honest I legit can't understand what Dr weird is trying to say or prove to Vil. I'm the same boat of wtf confused.

Honestly I've seen a lot of proof Kurama is Dr Weird but I've only seen screenshots I don't really talk to either one.

Yes make ES great again.
Vote potassium for ES guys.
  Kirishima / Knight- / 43d 4h 58m 10s
Question: do you have anything better to do with yourself? Because oh goddd it crosses my mind oh too many a time how could someone spare so much energy and meaningless stupid drama you continuously bring. I'm just trying to live my best life. Play my part in the system. Quite frankly I'm satisfied with the work I put into my life. I've come here and there to check up on friends, but other than that I've gotten quite tired of the... what ever you may wish to call it. I really hope the universe has something in mind for you, hopefully she hasn't forgotten you. Good luck with ya midlife crisis, dude.


Oof DoctorWeird is not Kurama. Kurama doesn't have such vocabulary. Probably someone else who nobody could care for. Who.. runs around spouting "dickless" and tries to make themselves look victim when pointing fingers and screeching. You ok, buddso? Anyhow, don't bash on people and/or "expose" them like you're some savior of ES. None of us really care to indulge in that anymore. At least, I would hope. And from the looks of it, you've lost everyone to play with so you're just posting anything and everything to get you attention. Or "friends" who will "side" with you. Nothing here but farts. Sorry. Try avoiding calling Vilkacis names though, because being trigger happy doesn't make you any friends. Maybe after having multiple accounts after time after time you would learn trying to be a manipulative creep dragging girls and putting out their business would make you a LOT less approachable. No? Just me? Anyway I didn't want to get caught in drama but it just really irked me that some nobody wanted to insult Vilkacis over nothing.
  Pouring / Yuuka / 43d 5h 11m 57s
[center [size10 when you all the way in Maine and your best friend is in Florida and she still down to play matchmaker for you. Also if I don't get Monday off I might legit just scream and throw myself in the dumpsters where I belong. Tho tbh my managers are all rad people and I'm not entirely hating this job. 10/10 I keep getting praise from everyone and I want to fucking hide until they chill. Y'all gonna be hella disappointed if like next week I start fucking up man. But also I seriously need to start giving myself more credit. I was terrified of fast food and closing and drive thru and front register and I've pushed through it. I've been in pain and discomfort during my shifts but again I've pushed through. I finished my closing procedures faster than any of their other closers and only on my 3rd night and with it being my first official night closing. This isn't bullshit but I also can't slack I gotta make that money and I gotta get that life I want.]]
[center [size10 also Matt is a fucking blessing rolling me cigarettes. When I get paid I will fucking offer to pay him if he's down to continue cause those are prolly better for me than any of the ones I could buy around here lol]]
  ooc / Taekwoon / 43d 7h 46m 31s
[#ff00ff [i [google-font,700] [div OUR GREAT LORD AND SAVIOR THE MIGHTY [size26 POTASSIUM!]
Make ES gr8 again <3
  / Gwenpool / 43d 8h 37m 25s
Don't worry guys, K is here to save you all. I have come to make ES great again.
  The Master / K / 43d 9h 51m 31s
Bruh, you literally wrote " Or is dickless here being the attention whore? Maybe he thinks he can score with the ladies if he speaks out against little, old me, cause suddenly I've become a hated figure for all females on ES. What a desperate little prick??" Calling me a male what? Three times? You can call a female dickless, it doesn't matter, that's not really putting a gender on someone, but you literally used the word "he" three times when referring to me. I haven't been active on this site in a few days, so no, I wasn't there when people were "harassing you". The fact that you just assume shit about people and pretending you're higher than others is honestly sad. You use words to come off as intelligent, but someone who is truly intelligent doesn't waste it on a site to [i attack] people. There is a reason that so many users on here detest you and post PSAs about your existence, however you decide to become scum and "expose" people when more than likely they don't want that shit brought up.

People do stupid shit when they're young, they're vulnerable, and they don't know where they belong. The internet is a vast place where so much can happen. However, you decided it would be wise to abuse that curiosity. Do you ever think that maybe, just maybe, that they [i regret] the shit they did? That they actually made an effort to better themselves and apologize to those they have hurt? Unlike you.

You don't know me, so if you try to attack me it really doesn't bother me. Like I said, you're a pest. You have nothing better to do in your life other than to "hurt" people on the internet. It's sad, it really is. I'm not gonna respond if you decide to, because it's not worth dragging out your toxicity. I really don't give a shit who you are, you're just the most recent virus on this site.
  Vilkacis / 43d 10h 7m 23s
Of all the things in my post, was the only thing that registered in your mind, the word "dickless"? What an astoundingly intelligent being. I secede this argument to you, oh enlightened one. The extremely well thought out and amazingly intellectual response that you've made has made my mind go numb. Tell me, are you a genius? You're one of the wonders of the world indeed. Such intelligence and eloquence, and argumentation skills that would put the best lawyers in the world to shame. Please, you should educate me on the art of debating. I do not think anyone besides someone who has misplaced their brains could come up with something like that. Do try harder though.
  DoctorWeird / 43d 10h 17m 18s

Yo, am I legit being called dickless? Also it's being assumed I'm a male??? You don't even know me first of all, secondly I have never interacted with you before??? Get your facts straight before you try to have a witty comeback, because legit you just confused the shit out of me.
Also you're not ranting, you're just full on attacking someone.
  Vilkacis / 43d 10h 24m 37s
Aw This is a thread for ranting, so I'll ignore what I just read. You have every right to post your frustrations, the same as me, right dickless?

Now, where was our self-righteous dickless when others were posting nonsense about me here? Or is dickless here being the attention whore? Maybe he thinks he can score with the ladies if he speaks out against little, old me, cause suddenly I've become a hated figure for all females on ES. What a desperate little prick?? ← Just my internal ponderings!!!

And where was dickless, when people made threads to attack me? Where was the dickless wonder, the defender of the subdued? Maybe superheroes are hypocrites as well???
  DoctorWeird / 43d 10h 28m 24s
Can people seriously stop with the fucking drama, do you honestly have nothing better to do than to "bring up the past" and fuck with people? Why the fuck do you have to be such an attention seeking dickhole? Legit, stop trying to "expose" people. No one gives a shit, you're being an annoying pest.
  Vilkacis / 43d 10h 37m 8s
And I was no pedophile, unless at that time you lied to me about your age.
  DoctorWeird / 43d 10h 59m 33s

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