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Alot of people love to vent and talk about themselves. They could go on and on for hours about how good or bad their day had been. Well, most people don't care to listen to you.

Thats why you have this place.

Journal Entries is a place where emotion and personlaity meet hand in hand and come through. Where you can release stress and heartbreak or excitement and brilliance without a care in the world.

And, no one's here to judge--because really...were all pathetic in our own little way.


Are their rules in your journal?

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[size10 it feels nice when you talk about me the way you do. calling me partner, telling me to show off because you think i'm your equal. you stay up late with me and we do nothing but talk and write together for hours on end.]

[size10 you and i are an unstoppable force. really, you make me want to be better than i am, just so i can be gloated about even more. it feels good. it feels really good to be the one you'd do this for.]
[size10 at lengths.]

[size10 maybe that's narcissistic of me, but ... i don't care. i want to be bragged about. someone other's are proud to know and can't get enough of.]
[size10 it's refreshing to be on the other side of that.]

[size10 i'll keep making you proud. i promise.]
  ➳〃 / khalid / 2d 46m 6s
[Center [size10 This is honestly so sad. I wanted things to work, I really did. I was happy to see you back and then just.. again. Gone. I can't do it anymore. I really can't. I keep hoping that just maybe you'll get help. Maybe you'll see there's an issue that you can fix. You've got a job again, a car to drive, a family that doesn't have to know shit about you getting help now. Or that one day maybe it'll hit you one day that you don't wanna lose what we had. But it just isn't enough for that. Eggshells are all we have between us and yeah I had a blowup but when I calmed down literally like 10 minutes later, you dipped. Yeah I was pissed but you didn't have to fucking leave. I guess I'm just not gunna post here anylore cause you'll just get more bothered by me. I don't even know if I should hang out with Mark and Tim anymore. They were your friends first and I can do plenty without them I guess. But this whole cycle just isn't good for me. I just sit here waiting, hoping things will get better like a fool. Thinking what we had was worth it. I tried to change so much for you. I've hurt so much for you. I had such great dreams for my future with you. But it's all so insignificant now isn't it. There's no more energy I can spend waiting. No more chances I can give. I'm a husk of myself. Something I never wanted. But it's something I let happen because I loved you. Glad I got something good out of it in the end. Just a heartless monsters ironic heartbreak I suppose. So much for the "bully of es". Everyone come laugh at the fool who let himself get broken by fucking love. Good on you, Mun. Good on you.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 3d 9h 17m 7s
Sooooo I guess I play ESO now
I guess I’m a furry now

Speaking of shitlords

Jamjam took a shit immediately after I said “he’s all pooped out”
Thanks buddy ya embarrassed me
I love you Jamjam

I’m content with life.
It’s a good feeling. Nothing is holding me back anymore.
  ᴀɪ ♥ / Indefinite / 4d 19h 42m 1s
[center [size10 I know my place, trust me. So I have made poor choices and still do. I still self medicate in hopes of numbing myself. I have latched onto someone who is of poor taste just to feel something. I still don't feel anything properly because I feel it all at once and fail to process it. I miss you but at the same time I don't. I want you to be proud of me again but at the same time i could give a shit less. I'm angry. I'm heartbroken. I want our bond back but at the same time good riddance.]]
[center [size10 I went numb over this for so long that now that I'm feeling things again I really just want to tell you to never bother caring about me because I'm obviously not worth it. My self worth is fucking plummeting again and this is fucking horrible.]]
[center [size10 I hate myself because someone else judged something I did. I feel like trash because of one person and I can't even fully let myself be angry. All I can feel is I fucking had it coming because I always fucking do.]]
[center [size10 I will always hate myself more than i could ever hate anyone else and if that isn't heartbreaking idk what is. I'll just carry on like I have been. At least I managed to feel somewhat okay up until now.]]
  sᴡᴇᴇᴛ ᴘᴇᴀ / ATINY / 6d 2h 15m 37s
[center No Closure

[size10 The things you say don't match the things you [i do]
I feel that weigh[i ing] on me,
Took a drink just to chew this through

But it ain't food that I'm talking 'bout
Yeah I know you've heard just 'bout enough
And it's true that I've been worried 'bout [i you]

I've been chokin on this whole thing 'coz I know that you ain't looking
at what's in front of you screaming that // 'ya // better run
Out of all this shit we survived and the people who pass by
didn't notice all the lies they were saying to live their life
But now I see it's been clear // as day // all along

They tell me I need to stop lurkin'
[i 'coz this is tough]
They tell me all these things that ain't working
[i You can call my bad bitch bluff]
Just tell me why I can't just stop searching
For a // answer // for this [i ]

I keep tryna guess what I'm trying to say
[i My words fail me as always]
That not all things last at the end of the day
I always held your back
go and check that fact

I've been chokin on this whole thing 'coz I know that you ain't looking
at what's in front of you screaming that // 'ya // better off
Out of all that you survived and the people who came by
didn't notice all the lies they were saying about your life
But now I see it's been clear // as day // all along

He tells me I need to stop hurtin'
[i 'coz this is tough]
She tells me all these things that ain't working
[i You knew of my bad bitch bluff]
Just tell me why I can't just stop searching
For a // answer // for this

[i When it comes to who I love I ain't got luck]
  ᶜʰᵃʳˡᵉˢ / Indefinite / 6d 7h 31m 40s
[center [size10 "Dinosaur Chat" not "Destiny Chat". But okay, thanks. So much for being super excited to play today.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 6d 10h 7m 25s
April 10th
The promised day is coming
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 6d 11h 39m 14s
Life right now is pretty good. Considering the world is ending to a virus. However, my life is literal quarantine anyways-I do nothing outside so I really don't have to change anything.

It is odd how many people haven't washed their hands on a day-to-day basis. Revolting. Please, have better hygiene-for the rest of us don't want to have to deal with the consequences of your poor life choices.

I am with someone who makes life worth living again, engaged as of last year, and we're moved in-living together. I cannot say I visit this site very much anymore. Its kind of fell on the back-burner for a long time after the original crew left. Life moves on. This website, the people I met and all that have come and go through the literary, creative process of RPing, will always have a great big piece of my heart.

ES, thank you for the memories. In case anyone out there is suffering from the virus, or is afraid of catching it, please use caution, be safe and start taking this pandemic seriously. It could just save your life.
  Writer / Osiris / 7d 14m 0s
[center [size9 [i Who cares? Who cares? Who cares?]

My heart clenches every time I think of you. Heartbreak is everywhere I look. It's never been about me, though.
I can't believe I said it would happen, but it did. "Oh, well" right? I almost didn't believe myself for a second. I didn't believe my own gut. That was silly of me.
This is why I've kept to myself, I guess.
I see any sign of anyone caring and I just leave 'em on read. Diving into anything else to distance myself! Haha. I feel like I'm spiraling right now.
I really love my share of shittery. It sickens me.

Going out hasn't appealed to me, but it's not because of covid. The idea of having to use energy to go outside and even the thought of the public just exhausts me. Hanging by a thread, but I'm still in the air-haha.

I care. That's my fucking problem.

I've adored you for years.

Once again, I should've listened to everyone. I wonder what everyone else said about me. [s LOL I would have to be relevant tho for anyone to know me.] That oughta put me into some fuckin perspective. Maybe even help me get my shit together.
  ᶜʰᵃʳˡᵉˢ / Indefinite / 8d 3h 9m 23s
[Size10 [center I woke up disappointed that I didn't dream of us again. Trust me when I say that being without you is not what I want. I just don't know how to keep doing this. It's hard to put so much into something yet continuously being brought down but such minor issues. We should be stronger than that. I should be. But with everything else going on in life right now, I'm afraid that's all I'll get again if I come back. If we are always walking on such eggshells with eachother then is it even something worth going back to? I'd like to think it is. My heart hurts knowing we'll likely always just be an internet thing. And maybe that's slso why I'm staying distant. We already went through a 5 year internet relationship with someone else and the wait was hell.. I don't know if I could do that for an entire lifetime with you. It just seems like.. being in person was never an actual goal for you. Even after all the time we've been together. I just don't know if that's what I want. I don't want to just be some online fling that you're embarrased to tell people about forever. So if that's all it's been to you and all it has the potential to be.. then maybe it really isn't able to be saved.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 8d 17h 30m 10s
[size10 don't you worry. if we're a million miles apart, i'll still be by your side. in heart, in spirit, in mind.]

[size10 my love is pure. i want to hold you when you're sad. i want to be the sun reflecting in your eyes. the person to brighten your smile, the person who makes you laugh so much you forget your struggles.]

[size10 i don't need a romance to feel this way. my friends are my everything.]

[size10 don't forget i'm here. never forget that i will always, always be here.]

[size10 even those who resent me, or fear me, or think i'm cheesy. i'm here. i'm not ashamed of my heart, and never will be again.]
[size10 caring and loving is in my nature, and i'll nurture that part of myself.]

[size10 be brave and reach out. things will get better.]
  ˋ ♔ˏ / riegan / 9d 1h 55m 39s
[center [size10 "she thinks we're trying to hook up"]][center [size10 yeah no. I'm good. Already hooking up with one person and that's already caused enough trouble. Plus let me just state that he's younger than me so he's safe at this point just due to that. Legit he is just someone I create chaos with at work. So sorry that me taking his side suddenly makes you think I have ulterior motives but I really don't.]]
[center [size10 can't even share my opinion anymore man]]
  sᴡᴇᴇᴛ ᴘᴇᴀ / ATINY / 9d 13h 28s
[Center [size10 I had a dream last night where I worried you weren't going to join a call cause I was in it. I was just about to leave and you popped in. I was just going to act civilized and normal and expected you not to.. but to my surprise.. you did too. It's a shame I have to shy away, leave one group and seek refuge in another in fear of us ruining everyone elses time together. It's a shame that distance isn't making my heart grow fonder. And it's a shame my expectations are too overwhelming to return. My dream will stay a dream for now. Because I'm just so fucking tired. Too tired to wake up and try again, only to fail again. So I'll just stay asleep and enjoying the dream where me and you actually worked again. Cause it seems that's the only way it'll happen.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 9d 16h 12m 13s
[Center [size10 I wasn't too sure about doing a second session or not especially when Des decided to try DMing cause I wanted to play with him, but this is actually turning out pretty well so far. And omfg Tim wanted to join? What? Excuse me? He's gunna be a fucking Kenku and it fits him so well since Tim's introverted and all he'd have to do is repeat people. This is exciting and I can't wait for my big beef crocodile to meet everyone.

Update: omfggg this was the best idea ever. This kenku is gunna be the bread and butter of the campaign. We are CRACKING up. Soup or salad. Teach me make shiny. Hewwo. Am good guy. All lines I can't wait to fucking hear him say in this campaign.]]
  Mun / 10d 2h 48m 4s
This is it boys and girls

Tonight is the release of man kind’a duality

Animal crossing and doom eternal

I didn’t get this cute ass switch for nothing
  ʟᴏᴠᴇ / Indefinite / 10d 7h 20m 39s

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