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Alot of people love to vent and talk about themselves. They could go on and on for hours about how good or bad their day had been. Well, most people don't care to listen to you.

Thats why you have this place.

Journal Entries is a place where emotion and personlaity meet hand in hand and come through. Where you can release stress and heartbreak or excitement and brilliance without a care in the world.

And, no one's here to judge--because really...were all pathetic in our own little way.


Are their rules in your journal?

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[center [size10 this bitch making long term plans for the future. Will I ever get to do testosterone? Maybe, maybe not, but bitch imma keep my options open. Imma get my shit in place, gonna evolve. Slowly but surely I can get shit to fall into place. Part of the first hurtle is combatting my gender dysphoria, as well as my health cause if I wanna do testosterone I gotta be my best and not over here chain smoking on the daily lol]]
[center [size10 okay fun update I got medical coverage so that's actually really cool tbh]]
  ᴅᴏɴɢʜᴜɴ / Cactus / 13h 46m 17s
Hella sad over the KyoAni arson. Why do people have to be so shitty. I'll never understand it.

Not much else to say. I'm just sad.
  ;___;)♥ / Edelgard / 22h 14m 41s
Aye Whaddap. It’s ya girl: I-didn’t-fucking-break-into-a-house-that-has-a-deadlock-and-I-know-it-was-because-the-cop-told-me-and-you-called-my-friend-with-details-who-then-told-me.

To make it more obvious I want nothing to do with your goddamn family so why would I take any of your shiiiiit

Secondly idgaf if you’re buying a house bitch if I did we’d still be together but we aren’t are we

Did I mention that making it seem like you’re doing great doesn’t equal you feeling great??? You don’t have to front, my guy, I’ve fucked you for two years. I know bettteeeerrr.

Seriously tho hope they catch that asshole because that shit ain’t right.

I also forgot to say that I’ve been busy working, sleeping, and DYING FROM NOT SEEING MY BF so how would I have the time or the car to steal your shit??? Let alone the strength to break into a house???? And from what your sister said, WITH A CROWBAR??? yes I have a crowbar just lying around smh. Not.

yOu tOoK HiS cAr oNcE
And he gaslighted and straight out manipulated and controlled me. But okay I’m a terrible person, [b got it]. Not that I’d expose him like that to his family smh. They’d just think I’m straight out making this shit up because they’re all so perfect LOL. I suppose you could say I exposed him for saying he did those things but I refuse to go into detail for a reason. That shit isn’t something you hold against someone when you’re not with them anymore. Or to slander their name.

Never mind the fact I literally never argued with them because I was terrified of them, but yeah, def gonna go break into their house to spite them.

I understand they’re upset. They have every right to be. But maybe... I dunno. Consider it isn’t your profession or mature to be accusing me and questioning me about whether or not I broke into your house? And they called me immature, what a laugh.
[Size10 [center Desmond is here and fuck I can't explain how fucking good it is to have them here waking up next to him every morning. Everyone fucking loves him and we've both spent more time with the family. Aleks' mom is crazy about them and we 3 are always hanging out. Games with the family is wild and awesome and less stressful because now when I spend time with them I'm not having to choose spending time with them vs spending time with Desmond over skype. Gunna go get him a new license since he switched states, then go add him to my new bank account, and maybe go to the mall if we have time before the dogs go to the vet. Once they're back on heartworm preventatives we are gunna start taking them on walks in the mornings. And just in general be more healthy. Mornings we can't walk outside or are a little late, we gunna go walk at the mall. And drink more w-water. Gag. Hopefully today we can actually make poppy seed chicken without the poppy seeds cause thats what Desmond wanted when he came here. Got all the stuff ready. Just gotta make that shit. Life is good. Life is good. I don't feel the incessant need to check es or be too involved here anymore. It's nice to now have more worthwhile shit to do now. I haven't even had the time or as much of the need to play WoW and that's when you know I'm damn content kek. Thanks for your existance Des. You the best.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 2d 17h 16m 51s
Neon: we did it. But at what cost?
Thanos: everything
  / Indefinite / 3d 18h 40m 23s
[center [size10 I feel like I got hit by a fucking truck, oh but what a shame that I actually didn't. This is just what it feels like to have gotten ass fucked for like 12 hours my dude. We fucking did it, but at what fucking cost?]]
[center [size10 also ankle, my dude, if you try and give out one more got damn time we're gonna need to have a got damn talk. Yeet.]]
  ᴅᴏɴɢʜᴜɴ / Cactus / 3d 18h 46m 36s
hey, body.... listen... we went to bed like... four hours ago... let’s not fucking wake up rn... thanks.
  / Indefinite / 3d 20h 40m 53s
  Kirishima / ShieldHero- / 6d 10h 36m 3s
So um... Idk if I should buy store ice cream anymore... Idc if anyone thinks I'm "overreacting" I don't want to buy ice cream bell mostly and have some nasty ass bitch lick it. That's just gross and childish that people are doing this shit. Idgaf who started this nasty shit, all I know is when I get the chance Ima just be making my own damn ice cream. >.<
  Sigh... / Luna_Tash / 7d 4h 43m 55s
[center [size10 Today was unexpectedly great. Fuck. Finally got BfA flying unlocked AND the crimson fucking tidestallion was up today hallelujah! Now I can zip around Nazjatar on a pretty gay seahorse. And god damn.. Two more days. I can act like I'm not excited but that's a fat lie. Two more days to get through and then they'll be on their way here. Starting our life together after how many fucking years of just waiting for this? Six to seven years. Fuck yeah, we got alot of lost time to make up for. Prepare for too many movies and eating out and going to the dog park with our babies. We're both gunna get so tired so fast. And how far we've come from our family not being down for being with you guys cause y'know. Gay shiet. And now everyone's been fucking texting you with daily countdowns cause they're all so damn excited. Phew. We deserve this, both of us. For getting through all this bs. Can't wait to accomplish all the things we wanted to do and to just exist near eachother again, knowing we don't have a time limit this time. This is it guys. Fuck your family, fuck Columbus. You're coming [i home] now. Better get used to the idea now.. cause this time Saturday morning, I'm sure neither of us will be able to sleep, counting down the hours till you get here. Fuck me for being so damn sentimental. [s [size10 Rare moment of seeing Mun genuinely overjoyed right here, don't get used to it.]]]]

[center [size10 Also here's the mount cause he's a good gay seahorse.]]
[center [pic]]

[center [size10 Side note cause I forgot, we also somehow got Aleks' mom permission to get RATS RATS RATS??? Wtf. Two things they said we'd never have. Snakes and rats. >_> Meanwhile I have 5 snakes and may get 3 rats a while after they get here. The mice must have gotten his mom okay with their larger cousins. Not to mention the mice are getting pretty close to their life expectancy so I'm not saying it will be soon, I'm just saying if they did pass soon, I won't be extremely surprised. I can't wait for Pippy to meet real rat rat rats. Let's hope Misha and Pippy can be gentle enough to actually be able to play with them nicely and not have to forever be banned from the room when the rats are out. Be nice gorls.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 7d 21h 56m 33s
[center [size10 also to the managers still pissed at me for Sunday, y'all realize this the bullshit that made me not show up to that shift right? Y'all realize there might be more to it than just basic stress and being all "they were mean to me" right? Cause let me tell you, I don't appreciate the thoughts I've been having and I don't appreciate the thought of seizures again. And y'all getting pissed cause I didnt come in Sunday really shows me that y'all dont realize how shit be for others sometimes. Like we all stressed but some of us have never learned how to properly cope with it. And I'm not one to show that shit that fucking easily. Also james, you beautiful man, you're the stepdad I never had and I appreciate you. 10/10]]
[center [size10 long story short I'm getting extremely burnt out again and I know how this shit can end and I wanna try and combat it as best as I can but some people make it super hard and I try not to be super salty with them because that's not how I am but they just wanna assume I'm mad at them when I just can't handle the stress their attitudes give me. Like I'm sorry you're stressed but dont take it out on me. I'm sorry your overworked but so are the rest of us. I'm sorry I'm weak and have to bail so much, but I'm trying my best even if it doesnt look like it.]]
  ᴅᴏɴɢʜᴜɴ / Cactus / 9d 22h 51m 33s
[center [youtube]]
  Kirishima / ShieldHero- / 9d 23h 36m 16s
[center [size10 dont be coming through my drive thru 25 minutes after we closed all "cant I at least get a chocolate frosty" after I done told you we were closed for the night. At that point our machines already cleaned and all you gonna get is melted frosty juice. Also you ain't allowed to catch a fucking attitude when I again tell you we been closed. Shoulda got here sooner my dude. I dont think yall realize some of this shit when y'all come through last minute. Also just cause you been in line for the drive thru before we closed dont mean we gotta take your order. If my manager says shut down the drive thru and stop taking orders, bitch imma listen to her not your shitty attitude. Yeet tf outta my drive thru. Also to the dude who looked me dead in the eye and got a large meal with a large strawberry lemonade when I know damn well he ordered a small, fuck you, I only did it cause I ain't got the energy to argue and you obviously weren't gonna take the small even though it's what you fucking paid for.]]
  ᴅᴏɴɢʜᴜɴ / Cactus / 9d 22h 55m 58s
  / Indefinite / 12d 12h 56m 32s
My younger sister has been diagnosed with skitso and phycosis

she speaks to the devil more like ten voices in her head.

she smiles randomly snaps her fingers, that injection she had , beginning to ware off, i am petrified that she might grab my hair , if i disagree with her.

these possibilities are confusing ~

i just wanna stay in bed.

she says random things i can't comprehend..
  Ghoul|Fairy..x / HealingMaiden / 13d 9h 6m 44s

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