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this is a school for all sorts of creatures, wolfs,vampires,witchs,wizards, anything you can think of.

There not much to the school, apart from going to class till the bell rings for you all to have a break, and you can do what you like, then go back to class when the bell rings.

room number:
crush on:
creature you are:
no cybering
don't join and then leave >:(
no love at first sight xD
swearing is a yes :)
romance is a yes to :)

other than that go nuts :)
name:Scarlet Swann
age: 18
sex: Straight
room number: 124
crush on: None
bio: Richest girl in the school but also one of the most mysterious. The last of her family, and the only one left that can use Bluefire.
creature you are: BlueFire/Vampire
sex:Male and Straight
room number:117
crush on:None
bio:[I don't want one.]
creature you are:Invoker[Some sort of Magician.]
Name: Shayou
Age: 500
Sex: Bi
Room Number: 365
Crush on: none
Bio: Nothing is known about this seemingly young man. He's switched schools every two years because of his almost contstant features which has seemed to have frozen since the age of 21. Can use dragon magic, and is a master the element of fire though he has small control over the other basic elements
Creature you are: Drakenion (a dragon with a human-like(form)
name: dawn hill
age: 17
sex: female, straight
room number: 127
crush on: no one yet
bio: she comes from a big family and is the youngest and the only one with powers out of the eight children so she got sent away to school.
creature you are: witch/ wizard/ magician
Name: Ichimaru Gin
Age: 1700
Room: 7
Crush on: No one.
Bio: There is a lot to be learned about this guy, he is mysterious, cunning, and seemingly deceitful. Become friends and know this guy, but be warned, he can be as a snake.
Creature you are: Shinigami
Crush: none for now
Bio: I'm farely easy going just dont piss me off. I will injure when angry wich is not that often. I like any one that is not preppy. Can be kinda spastic. But I mange. verry good at my art.
My creature: Vampire w/ visions
name: Trey Mazuka
age: 16
sex: Straight, Male
room number: 134
crush on: None (yett)
bio: Trey is an easy guy to get along with. He doesn't fight much and his cool headed. He likes to relax and play guitar in his free time. He also like to work on his car. Trey tried to make friends eaily and loves to have the best time possible.
creature you are: Alchemist
name: Mary-Ann Skullington
age: 10
sex: female
room number: 689
crush on: no one
bio: Mary-Ann lived alone in a graveyard with her pet cat Spider for as long as she could remember, but when she heard some vampire talking about the AS she decided she should try something new. She wears mechanical wings as a sort of fashion statement, a pretty weird and straight forward girl (she

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Wow, I think I'm the only one who still had this on my activity X3 And after all this time too~
  Mary-Ann / MaxxKane / 8y 239d 5h 11m 45s
  .:❤Chibi Maka❤ :. / Maka / 8y 239d 19h 51m 53s
i wonder where the creater went
  Mary-Ann / maxxkane / 9y 216d 18h 5m 41s
Well new posts are like cpr for a rp.
  Keichi / nekoscythe / 9y 222d 5h 18m 14s
it died]
  Lance Rinko / Narutogeek / 9y 222d 5h 31m 1s
I do draw a lot, but since my scanner won't work, this isn't one of mine. I fax all my manga in.
  Keichi / nekoscythe / 9y 222d 5h 32m 24s

  Mary-Ann / maxxkane / 9y 225d 2h 27m 46s
<*randomly freezing stuff to stay amused*>
  Keichi / nekoscythe / 9y 258d 13h 58m 0s
its all lonely like lol
  Mary-Ann / maxxkane / 9y 277d 6h 25m 50s
  Keichi / nekoscythe / 9y 279d 10h 14m 16s

  Mary-Ann / maxxkane / 9y 282d 5h 29m 0s
name:Keichi Shihoin
room number:112
crush on:someone...
bio:A ninja from five hundred years ago, was frozen in time by a curse after she killed the second in command of her dimension's underworld. Two hundred years later, the story of her quest was lost, and she was banished because she never aged. For the next three hundred years, she wandered Earth, fighting in countless wars. Over the years, her heart froze over, and now she has barely any emotion at all.
creature you are:A ninja(extradimensional) who subconciously commands ice and water.
  Keichi / nekoscythe / 9y 298d 6h 13m 37s
YAy ok its your post!
  Trey / Treykun / 9y 298d 6h 15m 1s
Why not?
  Asaya / Yuuka / 9y 298d 6h 15m 44s
Wanna join?
  Trey / Treykun / 9y 298d 6h 17m 48s

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