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The Twisted Rose is a night club for the most unusual of people. The club is well hidden from most humans, but any non-human who stumbles on it is more than welcome.

Normal ES rules apply.
Violence and Romance allowed but do not go over board. Don't get ridiculously innapropriate either.
Semi-literate to literate, but please don't make a post so long that it takes up an entire first page; no one wants to really wants to read that much. I don't have a problem with posts that are of a good length: enough detail to make good posts in return, but not too lengthy.

please stay consistent to your character and do not do something that is ridiculously random and out there. When you ask to join, please sent me a skelly and a nice preview post of how you write .

real pics

Character Skeleton:
new or old customer:
employee position:
you can be up to two characters if you'd like. Please make separate skeletons for each character.
Real or anime pictures; I don't really mind either and I have this awesome real pic and I just can't find a good anime pic to replace it. So I'm fine with both.


Username: AidoChild
Name: Rueger
Age: unknown
Race: Flame Demon
sexuality: bisexual
personality: easily angered but flirtatious. He's has no problems with speaking his mind and he has no problem in kicking the snot out of anyone that bugs him.
bio: A lot about Rueger is unknown, but he agreed to help start this club out of sheer boredom. Now, he's come to really adore his little creation and enjoys the night life of a club owner.
employee position: a bartender and one of the club owners

Username: AidoChild
Name: Ferro
Age: unknown
Race: Water demon
sexuality: bisexual
personality: calm and gentle, yet can be flirtatious and charming. He's more cool headed than his counterpart.
bio: Ferro founded the Twisted Rose with Rueger. He never really liked Rueger's attitude, but there was something about him that he found irresistible, so he had no problems in sticking around. He has a love-hate friendship with Rueger, and vice versa.
employee position: owner of club

Username: double_rainbow_omg
Name: Tessa Faith
Age: unknown
Race: Fire Demon
sexuality: bisexual
personality: Flirtatious. Quick-Tempered. Blunt. Somewhat Sarcastic.
bio: Tessa is another aquaintance of Rueger and Ferro from way back when. She is the only person that Rueger has ever had an actual attraction to. However, back in 1666, Rueger and Tessa had their differences. After some playful bantering back and forth, Rueger took it too far. He challenged her by saying that "No other demon would want you." Taking his challenge, she went to none other than Ferro and seduced him. Rueger, furious, set fire to the city they were in: London. She works at the Twisted Rose with them, a new bartender, but there are tensions still between all three of them.
employee: bartender

Username: The_Dying_Immortal
Name: Melody
Age: 17
Race: Human
sexuality: Bisexual
personality: Very flirty and bubbly. A partygirl.
bio:..Kinda too lazy to do this. xD
new or old customer: New!

Username: Kia Tenshin
Name: Roui
Age: somewhere in the 300s or 400s
Race: angel/human
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Although skeptical of everyone she meets, she can be rather friendly and talkative. She is very spontaneous and can't really keep her mind on one track for very long and ends up confusing others, and often herself. When it comes to discussing herself or her past she's very hesitant due to her torture as a child. However, she is working on becoming more confident about who and what she is and is slowly beginning to get comfortable with the people she's around with the faith that someone would help her if she found herself in trouble. On any normal day she goes through a million emotions and isn't very shy about hiding them, resulting in a very expressive face and voice.
Bio: Roui has always had difficulty being accepted, being the offspring of a fallen angel and a human, both humans and non-humans sneer at her daily. As a child she was frequently beat and tortured by her peers as well as older beings for what she is. Her mother had been a guardian angel in the form of a slender, scale-covered creature humans call dragons. Her father was the human. After her birth, her mother was expelled from her position and later both her mother and father were killed by anti-human extremists. A few kindhearted folks hid her from the extremists for years, and Roui learned how to blend in with the non-humans. Somehow, throughout her entire life she has never felt resentment or much of a need to act any other way than just herself. She finds comfort in the thought that her parents had been truly happy together for the short time they were, and hopes one day she could experience it too.
Employee position: waitress

Character: Alexander

Age: 172 years

Race: One quarter devil, one quarter angel, half human.

Sexuality: Straight...-ish

Personality: He is well mannered, courteous, and polite. But also calculating and more than capable of being cold hearted, and will seek revenge unto those who have misdone him until another objective takes priority. He feels strongly about the family unit, especially since he has lost the only one he ever had...his parents. He never truly gets angry at anything, only gets even and leaves it at that. When it comes to socializing he's out going and friendly and once someone is on his bad side they stay there. There are times when he likes to fool around with the women for fun, although he always respects them.
All in all, he carries traits relatable to both angels and demons...and humans alike.

Bio: Alexs parents, devil angel mother a d human father, raised him as best they could with what little time they had. He is well mannered, curtious, and polite but also calculating, more than capable of being cold hearted, and will seek revenge until anther objective takes priority.

When Alex turned seventeen his parents were running short on money so they went back for one final job. Hunting down illegal aeons, be them angelic or demonic. A bad informant lead to their death though as they both walked into a trap. Now Alex makes his living by traveling from bar to bar singing and playing his gitaur. The thing that makes his buisness a little difficult is the small devil horns and the glowing light blue eyes. Both the last thing he got from his parents.


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Smiling at the bartender Alex leans on the bar and pulls out a little money. "Hi, do you mind if i get a little to drink?" setting down a twenty he looks around spotting the fire haired bartender again. A bad vibe flows towards him again. Looking over to the waitress beside him trying to juggle the drinks on a tray. Quickly checking her out he smiles realizing that she may have seen.

Clearing his throat he tries to talk," Hi, my name is Alex, and yours?" offering his hand he grins showing his split lip from where his sharp teeth cut into him when he talks. the taste of iron, being constantly in his mouth, has become a normal part of his daily life. A quick eye flits across the paper that has all the drinks on them," Well you seem occupied." Standing back up and carrying the drink off with him he goes back to the stage.
  Alexander / Heroi / 8y 315d 59m 56s
Roui had glanced over at the musician for only a moment and unfortunately he had made eye contact in the middle of his song. She quickly looked away and made a point to ignore him. Just as she had written down her last drink order before making a round trip to the bar she noticed from the corner of her eye he was making his way to her. She walked in the opposite direction, towards the bar. She looked down at her long list of drinks, this was going to be a massive load to carry, but at least it would get done in one trip. Over the time she's worked here she's learned a few tricks to help her carry many drinks at one time without getting too overwhelmed.

She slid the slip of paper to Tessa over the surface of the bar, "Hey Tessa, massive order coming in." Leaning nonchalant on the counter, Roui looked over her shoulder - the musician was practically behind her at this point. She pretended not to see him and kept facing Tessa to watch her make the assortment of drinks.
  Roui / KiaTenshin / 9y 19d 6h 50m 27s
Ferro smiled at Roui before listening to the musician play. "He's got angel and demon mixed in him," murmured Ferro, more to himself. Rueger heard it though.
"I know. Makes me a little sick... but he's talented. Now he just needs to get a haircut." commented Rueger.
Ferro chuckled a little and replied, "You and I used to have long hair."
"Yeah, back in the 1600 and 1700's," snorted Rueger before going over to make a drink for a tipsy elf.
Ferro looked over the guy as he played. He could only play piano and violin, instruments that had no place in a club like this. He could probably pick up playing guitar easily, if he really wanted to. He was more of a classical instrument kind of guy though.
Curiousity came to him a little when the musician finished the song and walked over to Roui. He didn't know that Rueger was watching too, until he heard the fire demon remark, "What's the hippie up to?"
Ferro ignored him and kept watching curiously.
Rueger was a little peeved at being ignored, but kept his comments to himself and instead started thinking about ways to bug Tessa throughout the night.
  Ferro / AidoChild / 9y 20d 7h 6m 11s
"I appreciate the help. I'll grab a drink and start getting ready," looking for a stage he just orders a quick shot of Jager. Tossing down a few bucks and grabbing his guitar he starts over to to corner of the room where the sound equipment was kept. Looking over the equipment he examines the semi-dusty sound board and starts to power everything up. Pulling out a jack for his guitar he opens his case and checks to make sure that the fittings work and all the wires are properly seated. Finally picking up the guitar he takes off his hat and tosses it onto his case.

Looking out over the expectant crowd he takes a breath and strikes a high "C" cord and watches all the heads turn to him. Starting off slow and heavy he plays somewhat dreary music almost to the point of ruining the mood of the bar before the song bursts into a overpoweringly quick paced song. After the pace has been established he begins to sing along, sweet words flow out into the crowd as he sings of a girl who once loved but had gotten lost in the dark and needed some one to guide her out.

Halfway through the song he sees a woman waiting the tables. Even from where he was standing he could see the beautiful blue in her eyes and the amazing curvature of her body emphasized by the sexy dress she was wearing. Watching her till he gets even a small glace he smiles a wicked grin that was more of an attempt at being nice than scary.

Realizing that his fangs and horns probably don't help with making friends he just grins while hiding his teeth. After finishing the song he speaks over the micro phone," Five minuet break, got to go sate my thirst for a second guys."

Setting down all the stuff he walks to go up and see the mysterious girl.
  Alexander / heroi / 9y 20d 7h 11m 45s
Walking up to the bar, Roui noticed the musician walking in the door seeming a bit lost. He carried a guitar slung over his shoulder to a bar stool, earning a few strange stares on the way for his devil-like horn. It wasn't so much of an oddity in a place like this, but it stood out on someone who was quite obviously not a regular. He was kind of cute looking otherwise. A nice face, pretty long hair, and his body didn't look too bad either. Maybe by the end of the night, she could at least say hi. Finally, something to look forward to while on the clock.

Her attention was redirected quickly. When she ran into Rueger, Roui couldn't help but grin when she got the...sort-of...compliment, even though she was a little insulted too. She threw back her shoulders and just as she opened her mouth for a snappy reply Ferro intercepted, which was unexpectedly sweet of him. He apologized for his business partner and turned to take care of the young musician who apparently had been scheduled to play here tonight. Roui wondered why she hadn't heard anything about it. As much as she wanted to stand there behind Ferro and eavesdrop on the conversation there was no time for it. Customers were impatiently waiting for their drinks to be ordered and tossing some annoyed looks in her direction. She muttered a genuine "Thank you" to Ferro before attending to the closest customer, getting an order written, and continuing to the next one.
  Roui / KiaTenshin / 9y 20d 20h 40m 49s
Ferro walked over to the bar and took a seat at the end, out of everyone's way. Rueger moved over to the guy when he was waved down, only because Ferro was giving him a look.
"Yeah, what do you want?" he answered in a bored tone before getting a good look at the guy. Now, Rueger normally wasn't attracted to guys with long hair, but he still had a cute face. He perked up a little, listening to the guy's question.
He gave the guy a flirtatious smile and answered, "This is the Twisted Rose. You must be the guy the other owner was jabbering on about." He looked the guy up and down, checking him out. "I can see why. You can talk to that guy over there about the gig, but if you need anything else you can come talk to me."
He pointed to Ferro then winked before walking over to Ferro.
"Your act for tonight is here," he said to Ferro. "He could do with a hair cut, but all in all good job. I could still bang that."
Ferro rolled his eyes in disgust at Rueger before looking over at the guy. "You don't even know if he's into that... besides, you're going to leave this one alone. I hate it when you mess with people."
"Want me to mess with you?"
Rueger got a disgusted look from Ferro again.
Rueger snickered before noticing Roui walking back to the bar.
"Roui, took you long enough to get- damn, baby! That looks hot!" He was especially interested in the cleavage it revealed; definitely one of Tessa's dresses. No sooner had his eyes found their target on Roui's... gifts, Ferro stood between him and Roui to block Rueger's gaze. Rueger looked up with a scowl.
"What? Your eyes only?" asked Rueger and Ferro hissed, "Knock it off, Rueger."
Ferro glanced over to Roui. "I'm sorry about him," he said softly before directing his attention at the musician again.
"You have questions about your gig tonight, right? I'm the right person to talk to."
  Rueger / AidoChild / 9y 21d 23h 1m 59s
Stepping through the door of the aged exterior of the bar, Alexander looks around the lively room spotting the drink bar and drifting slowly towards it in between the excited dancers. Many odd looks go his way as a single black horn sticks out from under his black silk hat. In the dark, the red cracks spider webbing across his horn glow devilishly on his head while the blue glow of his eyes glace slowly from person to person. Readjusting his jacket on his shoulders he hikes his guitar strap back up so as not to slip off.

After wading through a small group of nymphs and smiling awkwardly at one that sneaked in a bottom pinch he finally sets down his guitar and takes a stool. Looking left and right he waves down a bar tender and smiles warmly showing one really sharp canine.

"This is the ahhh..."checking the paper in his pocket he looks back up reassured," Twisted rose right? I have a gig starting here in an hour, mind directing me to some one who can help?"
  Alexander / Heroi / 9y 23d 4h 43m 32s
"Yea, yea, yea. Like I asked for it," Roui waved her hand in the air. She followed Tessa out and quickly headed to the back to look for Tessa's bag. She picked up a wad of black fabric and found a little private niche in the wall to change rapidly without being seen. She looked down at the dress. Of course being Tessa's, it showed cleavage, the sleeves came a little off her shoulders, three buttons decorated the front below the neckline, and the bottom clung to her legs. 'Nothing fancy...but still sexy. Of course that's Tessa for you' Roui thought laughing slightly. She held her head up, pulled her shoulders back, and walked back to the front of the club to get back to work. Tessa had gone back to her position standing behind the bar and handing out drinks. The crowd had grown a little in the few minutes, Roui groaned a bit.
  Roui / KiaTenshin / 9y 28d 8h 8m 49s
Tessa smiled at Roui. "My extra dress is in the back in my bag." she said gesturing over her shoulder toward the door. "It's nothing fancy, but that's why it's my backup I guess." Tessa turned to leave the bathroom. "Try to keep away from the rowdy man folk will you?"
  Tessa Faith / double_rainbow_omg / 9y 31d 20h 5m 21s
  Roui / KiaTenshin / 9y 32d 48m 39s
  Rueger / AidoChild / 9y 32d 9h 6m 41s
Roui palmed for forehead, "Oh yea that's right. One of these days you're going to have to remind me how in the world you convinced me to do degrade myself this way." She chuckled, "No, besides nights like this I actually really enjoy it. Working with you and the guys in a club with music and dancing, hot's been pretty awesome." She sighed and looked down at her dress, "Anyways...about that change of's sexy, right?" She puckered her lips playfully, "I got dressed feeling like being sexy and I'd still like to be. You never know, might come in handy."
  Roui / KiaTenshin / 9y 37d 23h 47m 38s
Tessa smiled, "Of course! It's no problem." As Roui wringed out the rest of her dress as she could, Tessa nodded in agreement. At Roui's final question, Tessa tilted her head and leaned against the counter and smiled. "So you could work with me, duh!" She laughed a little and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "Do you want to come and get the dress from my bag in the back?"
  Tessa Faith / double_rainbow_omg / 9y 37d 23h 57m 40s
Rueger came back into the club after a while, tugging his sleeves down from a rolled up position.
"All taken care of, Ferro," commented Rueger with a proud grin.
"No blood on the ground, I hope? No deaths?" asked Ferro in a voice low enough to ensure that most of the people around did not hear.
"Yeah, yeah. None of that, unfortunately," huffed Rueger as he walked behind the bar again to bartend.
Ferro sighed in relief. "Good."
  Rueger / AidoChild / 9y 38d 20h 53m 16s
Roui shrugged and waved her hand passively. "Oh yea, I'm fine, just cold. We have to get one every now and then or else there's never be any excitement around here. Would you not mind, though? I mean...I think I can find something if I had to." She grabbed some paper towel and vigorously twisted the fabric with them hoping they would absorb the liquid. She muttered more curses. "What a pig. I hope the guys give him what's what!" After each paper towel was no longer usable, she threw them aside with a jerk of her hand. "Why did I agree to be a waitress again?"
  Roui / KiaTenshin / 9y 39d 47m 37s

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