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There is a girl, and a lamp. A girl and a boy. A boy who is in love with a girl, who does not return his feelings. He makes a wish, and that wish is granted. His wish is granted, with a few strings attached of course.

{BOY} has always been more of the loner type, he doesn't really have any friends, he lives with his alcoholic father, and he has a bad temper most of the time. He hasn't had an easy life, and all he wants is to be with this girl, although there is a problem, she is the most popular girl in school. She finds him amusing, and uses him time and time again while other popular guys line up to please her. He makes a wish one night on a shooting star, not that he expects anything, but the next morning there is a lamp sitting on his dresser.

She is a genie, well more of a cursed princess. Her family put their lives in the hands of a powerful, but jealous sorceress, her father denied this sorceress' demands and made them all pay for it. The sorceress banished her parents to another land to the end of their days and condemned Clarissa to be a genie until someone would allow her freedom, and that would be the day they would meet again. She now waits around for the prince that she believes in to set her free, but she is now doubting it as time goes on.

Now Clarissa is {BOY}'s slave and she must grant him three wishes and hope that this is the time she will be set free, but just how selfish is this guy? Could he actually be the prince that she has been waiting for?

Note: He does have issues, nothing is perfect about him, this happening is a bit of an escape but he does need to get mad every now and then.


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Username: dibs
Name: Jackson "Monroe" Houston
Age: 18
Short Bio: Monroe has been distrustful of people ever since the death of his mother. He doesn't like nor does he want to be around people much. He has troubles opening up to others. His personality is altogether a bit rough.


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Clarissa gave him a look when he said that she was a guarded princess and what she needed to do was sneak out in peasant clothes and she gave him a bit of a laugh. "According to your folklore? My palace was guarded by different creatures, to protect the castle and temple from being harmed. These creatures could be werewolves, vampires...it just really depended." She said with a shrug, "I don't know how me sneaking out in peasant clothes would go over with my parents and if I were caught by the people or guards, who knows." She said as she tried to picture even the slightest bit of that. "No, I was the good princess, wanting to live up to the way my mother wanted me to be." She said as she looked at him.

Clarissa gave him another look when he was telling her that it may have been more like a fairy tale to her if she had been found by a guy more charming then him. "You make me laugh, literally, out of all the handsome, charming, rich men that I have come across, they are all pigs." She said as she looked at him. "So far you are the only one who hasn't tried taking advantage of me....I can really say the worst you have done is binding me to you-uh-which is not bad, however...I forgot to mention, if I survive I have to return to rule, and you not having a pure heart may be an issue....BUT we will have to see." She said, realizing she may have offended him several times in that one sentence. "Apologies." She said as she looked away from him.

When he told her to not use her powers like producing money and stopping a fight she gave him a look. "Why have it if I cannot use it? Do you understand, you scared me back there...and that was not him saying those things, he was being told to say that, something in that store wanted you mad...it was feeding off your negativity, that is why I intervened, who knows what would have happened if I didn't." She said as she looked at the sky, avoiding him. "I know you don't think that I know what evil is or cruelty but I do...being a prisoner of a lamp and having to serve man after man and even some women....that was cruel, but that witch isolating my parents, leaving them to die, I not even having a chance to save them or say goodbye, that is evil." She said as she looked at him and then away as she let out a sigh.

She ignored him when he told her to stop, she was happy to know that he would follow her into the cemetery, not that she would have given up, something wanted her in there and at the moment, it didn't seem bad. "Let me down, I need to concentrate, and that isn't exactly what I can do when I am in your arms." She said as she looked at him. "I promise if I feel faint I will let you know immediately." She said and after a few minutes, she was let down. She closed her eyes in concentration and felt which way this strange aura wanted her to go. She opened her eyes and grabbed his hand and led him the way, into the more darker part of the cemetery and she looked around as the aura grew stronger and stronger and then suddenly stopped.

She dropped his hand as she frowned and looked around confused as to what she was looking for until she turned around and realized why it had stopped. She knelt down in front of a tombstone and brushed the vines that had been growing on it and looked at the name. "Artimis...." She mumbled as she stared at the date and the name.
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"Ahh," Monroe murmured, "The life of a guarded princess..." He gave a grin thinking of the movie Aladdin, "You see, what you're supposed to do in a situation like that is sneak past the palace walls, disguised as a peasant and meet a petty theif and fall for him, that is, according to folklore here," he chuckled, knowing she wouldn't have seen or known about Aladdin. "You know, this might be a fairy tale, had your lamp found a more charming man," he teased her. He looked back to her when she told him that, yes, she was his slave. "Well, call it what you will, I refuse to look at it like that," he simply said.

He became still for a moment, "Then don't use it any more, alright?" he murmured, "Only unless you absolutely have to. You don't need it to make money and you don't need it to keep a fight from breaking out. Promise me," he said. Sure, her using her magic would make things easier, but he couldn't have her in a weakened state. He didn't want her exerting herself for things that didn't matter.

"Stop struggling, you'll only tire yourself more," he quietly said. His arms keeping a firm hold on her despite her movement that threatened to make her fall from his arms. But suddenly she went still. Monroe raised his brows at her words, "Uhm, alright, if you must..." He wasn't too keen on cemeteries but if she felt the need to go then... He carried her towards and into the cemetery, "Where to, then?" he asked lightly.
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She gave him a look as he said nevermind and she sighed, she didn’t know how else to tell him how she saw things and it was probably a waste of her time to try and show him something that he would not understand, just like she could not understand how through the years how people had lost their manners. She had grown up with discipline if she didn't use the right words or if she did something that she wasn't supposed to do. Her parents would not allow her to leave the castle, they believed it was import for her to learn and become a proper queen like her mother was, that was her mothers dream anyways, to be just like her, but that didn't happen, she never dreamed of Clarissa being trapped as a genie and having to serve people for the next several hundred years or until she was set free just to face the witch that made her that way in the first place whether she was ready or not.

She looked at him when he said that he didn't want to make her feel like him, and she looked down. "I know what it is like...I knew before I became a genie...I may have said that my life was great and all, but it wasn't. I was always doing lessons, my mother was fearful of me venturing out of the castle, so I could not leave the palace walls or the grounds unless I went with my mother or father. I was excited when I was told that they had found a husband for me, and yet I didn't know him. We met on two different occasions and that was it." She said as she looked down and bit her lip. "I realized that he was just happy that he had been chosen to be king, and who knows what he would have been like after that but....life goes on." She said as she shrugged her shoulders. When he suddenly told her that she wasn't a slave, she gave him a look. "I am, I am a slave to the lamp and your have the lamp right now which makes me your slave." She said as she looked at him.

One minute she was looking up at the sky and the next minute she was looking at him. He asked her if she was alright and she started to tell him yes but before she could get it out he was already examining her for injuries. She let out a sigh and let him do so otherwise he would probably just complain about not doing so and that she was probably really hurt but that wouldn't happen, she could easily heal herself if that were the case. He then said to her that she didn't look so good and she gave him a look. He then tripped over his own words by saying that she didn't look bad, she just looked worn and she could see as he said this that his face was turning red from the embarrassment she supposed. "I am, I told you that I do not have a lot of magic supply and I used too much, in which case it causes me to lose my energy a lot faster. I probably should not have used it to pull you away and to convince that boy to argue with your girlfriend." She said as she put her hand on her forehead.

She closed her eyes and then she felt herself suddenly lifted and she gasped as her eyes shot open and she looked around and then to him. "What are you doing?! Put me down, I'm okay!" She said as she looked at him, not used to this at all. He told her not to get used to this and she struggled to get down without falling flat on her butt. She then suddenly felt a wave of something and she let out a gasp as she looked around. She realized that they were near a cemetery and that something was pushing her to go towards it. Wait..." She said as she looked at him. "Something is telling me to go into the cemetery...I don't know what it is but I would like to find out if you don't mind." She said as she stared at him, forgetting that she was in his arms.
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"Alright, just never mind," he muttered, when she spoke of seeing the good and bad and how she was raised... He found it extremely difficult to talk to her and to express whatever it was he was trying to tell her but he had always had trouble with communicating to others. It wasn't exactly his weakest point. Even now, as she argued that the property belonged to some body and this and that about trespassing. Monroe gave a light sigh, not bothering to waste his breath on trying to explain. Perhaps he could simply apologize for the bad communication, but then that might come out as some thing entirely different to her, so he shut up.

His brows raised when she gave a light laugh. A smile almost formed on his lips before she asked why he would want to try and make her feel at home. His brows furrowed, not in anger but in concentration, trying to find the right words. "Because... I wouldn't want any body else have to feel the way I do." He nervously rubbed at his shoulder, furrowing his brows even more, his jaw line hardening when she called herself his slave. "You're not a slave, Clarissa," he said to her, "And I'm sorry if I've made you feel like one. That's definitely not my intention."

Monroe quickly knelt by her side, "Are you alright?" he breathed, eyes upon her with concern, his hands moving to gently cup her head in them to assess if any damage had been taken to her skull. He sighed with relief when he found she wasn't seriously injured. "You don't look so good," he murmured, eyes sweeping over her face, "I mean, not that you look bad, you just look very... worn." He touched his fingertips to her cheek before moving them to her forehead to feel if she was warm.

He could almost be compared to a mother hen the way he fretted over her, trying to make sure she was alright. After he had decided she wasn't seriously injured or ill, he easily scooped her up in his arms and began to make his way home, "Now you won't get this treatment all the time, princess," he lightly teased her.
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Clarissa shook her head when he tripped over his words about her not becoming like him but trying to make her understand that nobody was like her and she got that, however he didn't understand that she always looked for the good in people. "Just....stop, I can see what you are saying, but I don't think that will happen. I cannot only look at the bad side of things, I have to look at the good as well, it was how I was raised, how my mother raised me to be." She said as she looked up at the sky, it was dark now and she looked at how the stars shined and remembered how they shined back in Aleasia, they were bigger then, they also seemed to be more at peace, unlike these ones.

He suddenly went off on her, telling her to get herself clothes and she sighed, "Fine." She said, not making an argument out of it, she was already dizzy as it was and she didn't want him being the one to drain what energy she had left.n I never said anyone owned it," She said as she commented off of what he was saying, "I was just saying that you are trespassing on someone else's property. Just because no one owns this world does not mean no one has their own house. You have your own place, this belongs to someone else." She said as she looked at him. She had no idea what was triggering him to be like this but she didn't feel like asking him, he would probably just get mad with her again.

She looked around at the garden, and it wasn't as big as hers back home, but it was better then what she had seen in the last several years. She heard him speak and she looked at him, "I wouldn't quite say that much, the garden consisted of flowers from all over the world, that's what made it beautiful, it was like everyone was coming together in a way..." She said with a small laugh. She heard him trying to explain why he was doing this and she looked at him oddly, "Why would you want to try and make me feel at home? I am your genie, your slave, remember? I must follow what you say until my use for you is done." She said as she looked away.

He was explaining that he knew what it was like to feel homesick and then he was telling her about his mother and she gave him a look. He told her that she had always tried to plant a flower but never actually succeeded in doing so. She gave a little laugh and then felt a serious pain in her head and stood up straight, just to lose her balance and fall over and rolled a bit towards the flowers. She groaned as she looked up at the sky, only on this planet would this happen to her. She sighed as she would have to be more careful with the amount of magic she used.
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"I don't mean..." he sighed, frustrated, "I don't mean for you to become... this," he said gesturing to himself, "I just mean get used to this," he again gestured at himself. "I don't expect you to act like me, honest. I'm not trying to change you or corrupt you... But know I'm not going to change, either. Nor the rest of the world for that matter." He became quiet and shrank back from her hard gaze.

"Fine, then get yourself clothes," he muttered. He grit his teeth at her next statement at trespassing. "The world isn't any body's to own," he quietly said, tone stubborn, "So as far as I'm concerned, this is just as much mine as it is any body else's." When they did reach the garden, the look she gave him this time was much different than the other looks she had been giving him. He felt her small frame press against him. A strange sense of nervousness washed over him and he but the inside of his cheek.

After a moment had passed he broke the silence, "I'm sure it's nothing compared to what you've seen," he said, brows furrowed and a blush tinting his features, the way it did when he was nervous or slightly embarrassed, "But, since I do a terrible job at trying to make you feel better or... at home, I thought, you know... Maybe this would..." he trailed off, then swallowed hard, finding his words again, "I know what it's like to feel homesick because it's not really a place that you miss but the people that filled those places. I know a garden's not much, especially one that's not even a quarter of a fraction as lovely as the ones you must know but... Even these must bring back memories and I think that's better than nothing," he tried.

"My mother," he quietly began, "She loved gardens, but Gods was she a terrible gardener. Couldn't keep a plant alive if her life depended on it. But she never gave up. No matter what bad hand of luck would strike her, she never lost hope," he gave a weak smile. He stopped there, though. Despite his thoughts turning solemn, he didn't want to ruin any fond memories she might recall, so he kept silent.
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Clarissa let out a sigh as she followed him, she didn't feel it was necessary to look at him, it would probably only make him mad again. She did not understand him, all she had been trying to do was help him, which she would have done for any of her friends or loyal followers in the past. She had tuned him out for the most part but then she heard him speaking about sulking and she shook her head, she wasn't sulking, she was trying to respect him and leave him be, it was actually a shame that he didn't have the lamp with him, she would have disappeared into there so she would not have to deal with all the criticism or harsh words from him.

When he spoke to her about getting used to the way things were and that since they were so different, she stopped and looked up at him. "I will not get use to it, you speak of me not understanding you, but you hardly understand me. I have had my manners built in me for years, I have had to take orders from countless people...my manners and ways cannot just go away like that, if I begin acting like you, I cannot return home, it would be forbidden....I would disappoint everyone that is counting on me and that is not something I am willing to risk. I am not just doing this for myself, I am doing this for everyone of my people and even yours, unless you want to be ruled by the witch, which in that case, have a nice life it won't be much of one." She said as she gave him a hard look.

She crossed her arms as she continued walking, which she didn't even want to do now. She followed him out of the store, paying no mind to really anything. When he started speaking about scolding him and what not, she was confused at first until she saw what he was talking about. She gave him another look as he explained that if she scolded him it wouldn't do any good. "If you expect me to wear any of those, it will not happen, I told you what I think about that, it is a pity that I help you out and yet you still steal. I do not understand you at all." She said frustrated as she suddenly felt lightheaded.

He brought her to a gate and she frowned as he reassured her that he was not stealing anything. She gave him a look as she leaned against the wall for support, not feeling well. She watched as he opened the guard house lock and then watched the gates open. She frowned as she looked at him and followed, not really having a choice due to her being his genie and their bond. "So trespassing is better then stealing?" She asked him as she tried to push the wave of dizziness. She followed him around the house and behind a shed to the site of a beautiful garden. She looked at him surprised and then back to the garden. She leaned against him for support, not really meaning to, but she couldn't help it.
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Monroe couldn't help but crack a small genuine smile now. She had been offended at what was only a light teasing. And now she seemed to be sulking. It was incredible how oblivious she seemed to be of how childish she could seem to him. "Gods, we're never going to be able to have a proper conversation," he muttered, "But despite mistranslation, I've calmed. So... uhh... Thanks."

"Oh," he soon noted, "Oh but you're... You're not sulking are you?" he asked, making his way into another store. They walked through as he continued to speak her, distracting her from his hands to her own feelings and his words. "You know, I feel like you're very naive. That's a dangerous thing to be, by the way. It's charming, honest, but you know, it interferes a bit with our communication. I say one thing and you take it a completely different way. You know, I'm not targeting you or any thing. But I'm trying to help you understand that things are very different here in this world and since it is this world we are in, you should get used to it. For now." Before she would really notice, they were walking back out of the store. It wouldn't be until after they had parted some distance from the store front that she would catch on to what he had done. He had stolen quite a good deal of clothes and had cleverly concealed them despite not showing a single hint of doing so.

"You can scold me now if you'd like, but I'll tell you now, it won't do you any good, just waste your breath is all," he told her. He continued to lead her onwards, until they had made their way to a gate. He looked back at her, giving her a grin before climbing over top of the gate, hopping down to the other side. He gripped at the bars that stood between Clarissa and him to look at her, "Just a moment, princess," he grinned. He moved away from the gate and towards the small guardhouse, managed to pick the lock and after another moment the gate began to open. "Promise, I'm not thieving any thing this time," he swore as the gate closed behind her.

They walked up the long drive way which led to a mansion, but Monroe led her round the house, and further back, until it was apparent where he was taking her. Behind the mansion was a kept an enormous garden with various plants and flowers. The place looked almost surreal, at least for his world. It wasn't at all like the city they'd just been in, or his small backyard at home. This looked as though nature had taken over in the most beautiful of ways. The garden was dotted with fountains and small koi ponds and a path wound through an arbour created by tree limbs and vines.
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She gave him a look as she pursed her lips. It wasn't that she hadn't thought of that before but she was trying to stay positive, but knowing what she did, anything could have happened to Artimis after she left Aleasia. She let out a sigh and before she knew it, he was on her case about being in his time period and his land. She gave him a look, not wanting to go any further then it already had because she knew that he would only continue and she did not have the patience for it at the moment, her mind was already preoccupied with other matters and this was just a moot point to continue argue. "Fine, I will, however that was not my point, I was only referring to myself, but who am I to tell you anything?" She asked him as she looked away.

She stayed silent, that's what a good slave would do anyways, it was how she had to treat all of her other masters, they would not have tolerated her stepping out of line. She let her mind wander to her sister, keeping that hope that she was still around, not only did she want her help, but she would also like to patch somethings up with her, maybe even start over, after all, Artimis was really her only family left now. She heard Jack speaking and she looked at him. He told her not to take anything he said to heart, but how could she not? She was now connected to him and he still didn't get anything that she was saying...she thought this would be easy, however it wasn't. It didn't help that she was from a different time period and she was still adjusting to his world, since the last time she was awoken was back in the 1600's.

She gave him a look when he started laughing at her. He asked her why it was so beautiful and now she gave him a confused look, why would he want to know if he was just going to insult her? She let out a sigh. "The flowers were always in bloom, they didn't die. Here, they do, I never get to fully enjoy any of them here because I am being ordered around. The last time I actually enjoyed a garden was before my homeland was invaded by that witch." She explained, looking away from him and doing her best not to look at him, she would not speak out of turn, she had thought that he was different but he seemed to have the same characteristics as the others.
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"Well, hopefully she's still alive," he muttered, rubbing at the back of his neck. Monroe stopped shortly after she did, listening to her as she spoke, finally turning to face her, "Well maybe it would do you some good to remember that I'm from a different land and period than you. Here in my land there is no such thing as a pure heart. Here, we're born into corruption, we're raised by it and it's all we really know. So forgive me if I wasn't born into the right kingdom to understand this "pure heart" concept, but it's some thing I really had no control over. Being corrupt is only natural for my people. You should know that first hand."

He moved closer to her, "And don't take the shit I say personally," he said, "I don't dislike you, though you can be rather annoying some times... But, I think you're really a very... lovely girl. But things are different here than where you're from. So just look at it as... a mistranslation between us. Alright?" his tone had become more gentle than it previously was. He really didn't dislike her, it was just... Situation and culture clashes. Had he met her under other circumstances, things would have been less stressful and there would have been less tension. Maybe they could have even of been good friends, but again, in the circumstances were different.

When she began to describe the garden Monroe gave a light chuckle, breaking the tension that lingered now, "Well, you're certainly not doing it any justice describing it now," he said, a smile playing on his lips. Letting himself be distracted was the best way to prevent any unwanted rage. "What was so beautiful about it any way?"
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When he asked her about her mothers other daughter, she looked at him and nodded. "I suppose you could call her that, I never actually met her though...so I don't actually consider her a sister, my mother told me that she was jealous because she wanted to be the next queen since she was the first born, but my mother told her that she was not the chosen one, I was. She left the land of Aleasia when I was just a baby. She still has power, however I hope time has healed her wounds...but I suppose I should not get my hopes up, I remember my mother telling me that Artimis is quite stubborn like her father." She said with a small laugh as she looked at him. He asked her if she had any idea where her sister could be and she shook her head. "Like I said, she left when I was only a baby, I have never met her before but I am sure that I would know if her and I ever crossed paths." She said as she looked down to her hands.

Clarissa stopped when he told her that he didn't mind her pretending to care, he just wasn't fond of people lying. Her hands clenched her clothing automatically as she looked down, she could not believe that he would think that she was lying to him. "Do you really think that low of me? I may be a princess and I may act like one but I would never lie to anyone or pretend to care for them." She said as she looked up to him. "You are the only one out of all of my masters that has treated me with some kind of respect and I thank you for that. But...you forget...I am from a different land and time period, if I lied to you about anything, I myself would not be allowed to return to my home, only pure hearts can enter the land of Aleasia." She said as looked away, hurt that she had yet to prove that she was nothing like that girl that he wanted so badly.

Clarissa followed Jack down the street and stopped when he did. She was about to ask him something when he suddenly smashed his fist into a brick wall twice, both times making her jump. When he pulled away she saw his bloodied hand and looked up to him. She was about to ask him if he was okay when he asked her what her favorite thing to do as a child was. She blinked for a moment and sighed as she leaned against the wall, hands behind her back. She could see what he was doing and if he didn't want to talk and didn't want her getting involved, then she wouldn't. "Going to the garden...it was a beautiful garden and it was always peaceful there, I was allowed to think and concentrate without any distractions." She said as she looked at the sky.
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Monroe licked his lips, "Other daughter? So... your sister? Where would she be? Or do you not have any idea?" he asked, ignoring the look she had given him. He was getting used to those. "No," Monroe gave an incredulous half-laugh, "No, I wouldn't be offended to you caring about me. I suppose I'm just not that fond of people pretending like they care." His eyes shot up when she asked if it was because she treated him like a person, he gave an almost bitter laugh, "No, you see, people who treat other people as such don't look at them as if they're incompetent. If you treat me like a person, then it would be as a child. I am well aware that Naomi doesn't care but I suppose, at least she's not trying to fool me into believe she does care. So, I don't know, cut the bullshit."

He pulled his arm away from Clarissa after she had pulled him back, he couldn't even catch Clarissa's words, his ears practically ringing. As they walked away, Monroe kept dead silent, jaw clenched and eyes still harsh. Once they had made their way far enough down the street, Monroe threw his fist into a brick wall and then once more again, all in a bout of pure rage. When he pulled his hand back, knuckles and fingers were bloody and raw, but he hadn't made a noise.

He rest his head against the wall for a moment, eyes closed. Finally after a moment had passed, he pulled away, "What was your favourite thing to do as a child?" he softly asked, tone a stark contrast to the bloodied and bruised knuckles, voice almost weak. His eyes looked slightly lost, when he glanced at her. She would talk, he knew she would have some thing to say about him having acted so rash, but he couldn't have her talking like that. If she was going to talk it was going to be about some thing pleasant and he his anger and fury wouldn't be able to overwhelm him and he wouldn't hurt her.
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Monroe licked his lips, "Other daughter? So... your sister? Where would she be? Or do you not have any idea?" he asked, ignoring the look she had given him. He was getting used to those. "No," Monroe gave an incredulous half-laugh, "No, I wouldn't be offended to you caring about me. I suppose I'm just not that fond of people pretending like they care." His eyes shot up when she asked if it was because she treated him like a person, he gave an almost bitter laugh, "No, you see, people who treat other people as such don't look at them as if they're incompetent. If you treat me like a person, then it would be as a child. I am well aware that Naomi doesn't care but I suppose, at least she's not trying to fool me into believe she does care. So, I don't know, cut the bullshit."

He pulled his arm away from Clarissa after she had pulled him back, he couldn't even catch Clarissa's words, his ears practically ringing. As they walked away, Monroe kept dead silent, jaw clenched and eyes still harsh. Once they had made their way far enough down the street, Monroe threw his fist into a brick wall and then once more again, all in a bout of pure rage. When he pulled his hand back, knuckles and fingers were bloody and raw, but he hadn't made a noise.

He rest his head against the wall for a moment, eyes closed. Finally after a moment had passed, he pulled away, "What was your favourite thing to do as a child?" he softly asked, tone a stark contrast to the bloodied and bruised knuckles, voice almost weak. His eyes looked slightly lost, when he glanced at her. She would talk, he knew she would have some thing to say about him having acted so rash, but he couldn't have her talking like that. If she was going to talk it was going to be about some thing pleasant and he his anger and fury wouldn't be able to overwhelm him and he wouldn't hurt her.
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Clarissa looked at him and gave him a look. She shook her head as he told her that he had handicapped her. "Stay alive and listen to me during the battle. You haven't exactly handicapped me nor are you responsible for killing this planet since everything is still in balance. She will not pass me without killing me first and I believe in my power....there is only one other thing that I ask of you...I need your help locating someone. She was my mothers other daughter, she disappeared during the war and I will need her power for the battle, it would give me the advantage...or my only other option is going to Aleasia and actually ask for the power from the sacred temple." She said as she thought it out through and her last option would probably be the best because she could not risk killing him.

She raised her eyebrows as he asked why he would lie and told her that that girl wasn't her business and he never asked her what she thought about her. "Is me caring about you actually offending you?" She asked him with a curious look on her face. "Is this because I actually treat you like a person, unlike her? Don't deny it either, I saw her mind and I saw yours, she is only using you, I didn't tell you before, afraid of hurting you, which is not my mission to do. I apologize that I treated you like a person, in exchange for you not treating me like a slave." She said as she threw the napkin that had been sitting on her lap onto the table.

He told her that he didn't need the money when he opened his wallet and shrugged, getting up from the booth and leaving the table. She could not be in public with him like this any longer, she was too annoyed and she was not about to create a scene with him, one, it would be embarrassing and two, she would be very out of place. She gave him a look as she walked into the store, not really wanting to go to the store anymore but she didn't want to freak him out by using her magic or using too much magic herself. She looked at him as she crossed her arms as she gave him a look for saying that he didn't want to be out in public and before she could ask why, she heard a voice and him turning towards it.

She looked to see a group of people and the girl that had been in Jack's room earlier that day. She gave the girl a look and then looked to the boy that had called out to Jack. She watched as the boy's gaze looked up and down at her and she cleared her throat. "My face is up here, not down there." She said as she gave him a look. He then asked her why she was hanging out with Jack and that if she wasn't careful he would bang her up, and with that she could not hold in her laughter. "Not if he values his life, and I am more then certain, unlike you, he would never do that. Back off if you value your ego." She said as she gave him a look that told him that she was serious.

Clarissa looked at Jack as he started leading her away from the group and heard the boy tell her that he would probably her like he did to his mother. She stopped and before she could stop Jack, he was already hitting and knocking him to the ground. She grabbed his arm and pulled him away. "Enough." She hissed at him and shockingly he complied. She walked over to the boy with her arms crossed. "You idiots never learn, do you? How about you ask your little girlfriend what she does after school and in between classes when she is not with you, oh that's right, leading Jack on and what not. Keep away from him or I will ensure you do, got it?" She asked as she gave him a look. She straightened up and walked away with Jack.
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Monroe furrowed his brows, having nothing to say to her words, not quite knowing how to take them. Her sigh was heavy, so she was frustrated with him. Well, he was used to that at least. The bottle was surely a curse to both, right? With her came the weight of the world's fate, with him came... well... him. "It'd be my fault because I've handicapped you," he muttered, "It was stupid of me. And now every body will pay for that mistake."

He shrugged when she asked if he thought she was mad. "I don't know, why would I lie about a girl randomly appearing by my side when- You know what? Just never mind, doesn't matter. And I never asked what you thought of her any way. And why should you care any how?" He rolled his eyes when he opened his wallet to find more money in there than should be, "I told you, I've money for this," he said.

"You heard me right," he said, continuing to walk on. He held open the door to a store for her, following in after her. "Can we try and make this quick?" he asked, "I hate being out in public." As soon as the words left his lips he heard the familiar giggle of Naomi. He half froze, wishing he could just become invisible. Never worked despite several attempts. He knew that with her would be a small army of her posse.

"Junior, is that you?" a boy's voice cooed, "Finally found the way out of your cave?" Monroe clenched his teeth, turning to face the guy. This was the guy that Naomi actually fucked. The one that was completely unaware of how Monroe's lips pressed against Naomi's so hungrily. Monroe didn't answer him, his eyes holding Naomi's for a minute, though she kept up the impersonal act. "And who is this?" the same guy asked, his eyes looking over Clarissa, "And why are you hanging around a mental case like Jack Jr.? You know he's crazy, right? He could always snap and bash your ribcage in if you're not careful," the boy grinned.

"Yeah, thanks," Monroe mumbled, "Thanks for the advice." With that, he began to lead Clarissa away from the group, until he heard that dumb prick call out to him, "Or he could just murder you like he did his whore mother." A chorus of laughter seemed to ring out in response to those words. Monroe stopped dead in his tracks, jaw clenched, fists held tight, shoulders tensed, gaze harsh. He full on decked the other boy with force that set him on his ass. The girls gave a shriek and the other two boys backed away from Monroe as he leaned in towards the guy he had hit, "If I hear another word about my mother slip past your lips, I will beat your goddamn skull in, got it?"

It took every thing in him to leave it at that. That one blow was self control for Monroe. Naomi's eyes seemed to set upon Monroe lustfully after his bout of rage. But he did not notice it, too angry and oblivious to every thing, save the need to get out of the store and quickly. He led Clarissa into another store, not even addressing what had happened in the other.
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