Oh god not you two again! (NEED a boy and a girl)

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Scorpion and Grace are brother and sister when they are forced to leave their home after their parents die and live with complete strangers they both deal with it in different ways. Grace has sex with complete strangers, does drugs and gambles to feed her addictions, while Scorpion drinks, starts fights, shoots guns and works out to drive up his adrenaline.

Things change when.... _____ and ____ the daughter and son of their foster parents start to feel the desire to change them for good and when also _______ develops a crush on Scorpion and ________doesn't want his sister to feel anything but pity for him.

Grace starts finding _____ extremely attractive and it becomes a struggle of power and emotions when Scorpion and Grace start to try and change _____ and _____ to make them funner while ______ and ______ want to clean up Grace and Scorpion's attitude and bad behavior.

Who will win and who will fall in love its all up in the air for now!

NO text talk or one liners
Need main guy and girl


Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Join please :D
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