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Elven princess ______ lives in a large castle on top of a nice hill, with many large flower beds and beautiful trees in the castle. From the castle she was able to watch the large sea from the east and the large mountains with snow to the west. Everything seemed so beautiful in her life, she had people who worked for her and her Father and Mother that where the King and Queen gave her everything she wanted. But bad times came upon the kingdom and there slowly started a war with the neightbouring elven kingdom.

The parrents of the princess want her to get married to a prince from another neightbouing kingdom to make allies with them trough that. They didn't mind it that she didn't loved the prince, they only wanted to win the war trough it. Normally her parrents almost never spoke to her but now they wanted her to get married they where pushing her to accept it.

There where many soldiers in the castle and the regions around the castle. In time the Princess met a soldier that worked from then on in the palace, he had to protect the royal family. But was he getting to close to her and maybe even falling for her while he was needed for the Kingdom?

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As Jari walked trough the garden he heard a loud scream. He looked up and it was comming from Levistah. He ran back into the castle and ran up the stairs as he had to protect her from now on. "Levistah! What is wrong?" He yelled as he was running trough the hallway and knocked on the door. He was scared that someone was in her room and trying to hurt her. She might have had a bad attitude towards him yesterday but he still cared for her for some reason.

Jari's hand was close at the shaft of his sword so he could take it out fast and easily. If Jari was orderd to do something he always did it with much honor, even though he was orded to do the worst job you could imagine he would still do it without a moment of thinking and trying the best way to finish it.

Jari's soldiers where slowly starting to wake up and putting their armor back on. They all spread out over the castle when they had eaten a quick but nice breakfast. They where the elites that are the last protection if the nation was close to fall. Some had their bows and others had their swords. They did what they where good at.
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Sleeping wasn't as hard as she had thought it would be. She sighed mentally as she felt her mind relax. Marrige stress tommarrow...sleep now. Her mind was chanting slowly as she drifted off to a un disturbed sleep.

As she slept her mind took over. She began to dream of her hours with controlling the owl. The cities so busy beneath her home. The children so happy running around the fields with their home made kites, little puppies running at their feet trying to play too. The birth of a new family member and the ceremony that is always taken afterward. She saw so many beautiful things...then the image of the army gathering and the land shaking and trembling underneath their feet. And of her mothers eyes glinting as she told her daughter she was the king in chess that had just heard the words "check mate" .

As she slept things made no sense to her. Maybe her dreams were trying to tell her all she would save by the marriage planned. It was so confusing and she didn't know what to make of it. What was she going to say when the strange man showed up out of nowhere?

Sleeping she saw them. Green moss eyes that glowed in the black background. They were watching her and she instantly felt afraid. Screaming in her dream she backed away slowly and she saw the eyes smile. A small mouth underneath of the eyes grinning at her. Then the fangs appeared. Screaming for real as she abruptly sat up in her bed exposing the barely covered body.
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Early in the morning even before the sun rises up he wakes up. He had slept great in this bed, it has been so long ago since he had slept in a comfortable bed. He sat straight up and stroked trough his hair as he was completely waking up. Jari walked to the window and looked at the dark sky, it seemed so calm and peacefully but there was war ahead. It would probably destroy this nice vieuw if the armies at the border would fail.

He took his clothes and putted them back on, the armor was a bit damaged by the rain and the weather. Jari grabbed a special brusher and started to polish his armor so it was shining again to give his full status of a general. He puts the armor on and leaves the room as he holds his sword in his hand.

Jari thought back about Levistah, she was a nice girl but because of her mother she had a rather bad attitute. But he had to protect her, and he was willing to protect her with his life. He was born for the army and he would rather die for the army. Jari walked trough the huge hallway that was coverd in paintings of the previous lords. Then Jari stopped in front of a painting, it was a painting with Levistah on it, she seemed so happy when she was young. She was such a happy girl, but her mother had changed her in a bad way. He went on towards a door that lead into a large garden and he walked trough the garden, it felt so peacefully and the sun was rising up very soon. Why does she has to be married with someone she doesn't loves or even doesn't knows from a neightbouring country.
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Watching him leave she growled. "What an incompetent man!" she hissed out with her breath of air. It was amazing how much the soldiers knew and yet they knew nothing. It wasn't what the queen had said it was how. He said it. Her mother was a beast. True to her name. And yet was levistah any better?

Going to her room she laid on the bed. She had kept her room as simple as she could. A closet with barely any clothes, a vanity made from the holy oak wood of her forest. And her bed. Other then that she had nothing special, no special attachments or any other objects. She kept her sword hidden and her bow and arrow plastered above her bed. It was a little odd for a woman but she didn't care.

Laying there she had thought about the profane things her mother had said. Marriage? Why her? Was that all she was good for? A breeding machine. A damn horse to be ridden when her master chose? No she would find a way to escape that fate. And to save the kingdom.
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Jari nodded as he heard that the queen was her real mother. These where the times that he liked that he never had a mother like Levistah. "I will go to my room so you can be alone and get to yourself again." He looked once more at her and then went into his room and closed the door behind him. She was really bitchy. He thought in himself as he walked towards his bed that was large and easily there could be two people sleeping on it.

The room was also used for Royal families from other nations, his men where sleeping in a special barracks inside the castle. A good general cared for his men and how they where treated. His men where the best of the entire nation.

The room was all coverd in expense gold, the walls where coverd in old decoration with lots of marble that was standing for the wealth this nation had. The curtains even had gold lines on the edges and the sight was just beautiful, you could look over the huge yard and into a large valley that was coverd in forrests.

Jari sat down on the bed and laid his sword next to his bed and pulled all his armor off and placed it on a special place designed to preserve armor. He laid down on his back and fell asleep almost emediately.
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Seeing him walk in was more of a flame to her already boiling anger. She was upset and pissed off. What was he going to protect? Her of all people. Why did the queen think she needed protection? She. As taught in magic and weapons. She wasn't an easy opponent.

He has asked one of the stupidest questions she had ever heard. You would think he'd pay attention when the queen gives birth. "Yes. She is my true mother." she ignored his bow and sneered. It was disappointing how her attitude was at the moment. She was proud of how she could control it, but it seemed that fate didn't want her to today.

"Either stay or go. Either way you are a nuisance to me! Come!" she wasn't ordering him on a higher scale way, but she was upset and frustrated. She didn't know how else to take it out on someone. Thinking about it she was never kind, was she? Walking down the corridor she didn't look back but sje did hear foot steps behind her.

Sorry for his question? If he was truly sorry he wouldn't have asked it in the first place. "Levistah. And quit calling me "princess" that's not my name you know." she growled softly at him. She was angry and He was taking it out on him.
  Levistah / Crimsei / 9y 149d 12h 57m 32s
All the men left to the chamber where they where all going to rest for the time that they would be here in the castle. They all laid down on their beds as they where exhausted of the very long trip.

Jari walked after her in a military way and stopped in front of her when she was standing still. He looked at the door and then to her and said in a whisper. "Is the queen your true mother?" Jari didn't liked it when he was treated in the way the queen did to him. He wanted to be treated with respect because he and his men where the people that had to defend this castle and the entire nation.

Now he was close to her he could have a good look at her. She was looking very beautiful in her large white dress and her beautiful necklace and other things to make her look very importand and of a high rank. "Sorry for my question, let me introduce myself." Jari bows down for her and said seriously. "My name is Jari, and I am the General of the entire army that is in this castle."

Jari's parents had died when he was at a very young age, and that is why he was put in the army at an early age. He learned much about fighting and leading an army, but this was the first time that he truely had to fight in a war. The princess was going to be married to someone she didn't knew from a neightbouring country to make them allies. I feel sorry for her that she can't choose who she is going to spend her life with. He thought in himself.
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Still standing the king looked over the army with a curious look. They had traveled far since they all looked exhausted to the bone. Then thinking for a moment he finally spoke up to the question amd statement. "Jari. Your men may rest- he motioned for the soldier guarding the gate to show them the barricade. -but Jari. Your chambers from now on until I say, is the room connected to Levistah's." he left his hand out towards her and she sighed and turned around.

"She shall take you to your room. Levistah." he looked to her and she glared at him. It was not hatred but acceptance. Her mother ran the directions in her life when it came to her. So she had no way out of it. She was engaged.

"Come soilder. Before you lose my trail and get lost." she snarled at her mother and father as the king dismissed the rest to rest. Tje king had announced everyone shall be attending thd feast being held for the castle in an effort of calming the people. The new General was to attend and so were his men.

Growling as she left the room, she reached the corridor with frustration pouring out of her. What was she going to do? She had never met this man she was to marry, how was she going to be married and survive? Pacing as she waited on Jari she kept trying to understand her mothers true motives. "Damn beast!" she almost yelled.
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Jari stood back on his feet as the queen started to speak. He looked her in the eyes with no emotion in his face as the army had learned him to do. The large sword was on his back with the place where you would grab a sword at his right shoulder. As he heard the voice of the queen he was rather shocked by her attitute. Wow, what is wrong with her? He thought in himself as he kept watching her. "Yes, my queen, ofcourse my queen." When the queen told her that the princess had to be married soon he was rather surprised that she said that to all these people out here.

His eyes then went to a girl standing alone at a special place in the hall. Jari watched her behaviour as he was well known with the behaviour of people. She was very annoyed and upset. She had to be of a high rank because she was talking in that manner to the queen, if he would ever do that to the queen he would have been decapitated.

"I will give my life to protect the princess, my queen." He said as he looked back at the queen. "My men will await your orders tomorow morning, they all need to rest." Jari said with much confidence, hoping that the Royal family wouldn't be angry about it. But he had to give his men rest. "Can you please lead us to way to the sleeping chambers, and to the room where I will have to be to protect the princess." All the soldiers where all the time in their formation and they seemed very happy that Jari wanted them to rest. All day they have been walking trough the lands.
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Sighing as she watched the grand chamber doors open. As the soldiers walked in she saw her mother twitch and then cover her mouth with her fan. It was a little sick how her mother took pleasure from tormenting young men.

When they stood still Levistah grinned. She wasn't bidden to which made the helpless grin grow wider she loved to irritate her parents. Some queen she would be in the future eh?

As they seized their marching the king stood to his feet. He he unlike levistah kept his face slack and un emotional. It was how that damn man was."You are now the Royal Guards. Jaro, you are the general of this army." jaros eyes looked fearful for a moment though sje couldn't really tell. This was the man she had seen through the owl, and by surprise he was very handsome.

Then her mother stood and went to confront Jari. She was a foot or two shorter then he which made her mothers height even more fun to behold then usual. In the past years even as a child, her mother was the neighboring kingdoms princess, and now a queen. But what no body in this kingdom knew was what her name meant. Maignie it was pitiful how they were so different yet so alike. Known in her country as the "Graceful Angel" her name meant the total opposite. For her name meant "Unwelcome Beast". The citizens had cursed the king and queen for their rudeness towards the last hope of their nation, so as the years went by her mother grew on the kingdom she lived in and was become the Graceful Angel. Aren't those pathetic lies. If only they knew how much of a beast she truly was. Levistah thought to herself with hatred.

"Jari...you are the General. And as the queen, you are to do as I bid you." Maignie went to him and removed her fan from her face to reveal her young beauty. She had never aged, not once over the past one hundred years since she was married off at the young age of seventeen. But then again, elves did not age with time, but with knowledge. "My daughter is to be married soon." that struck a nerve. What was this woman talking about? Levistah was never brought this knowledge. Or maybe...that's why she had to attend this ceremony.

Then anger took over. "What the hell are you saying Maignie? I was not informed of this particular idea of yours." Levistah crossed her arms over her chest and looked to her father, for once as a king he had his head down and hanging. "Levistah, we are in peril. You must do something to contribute." Levistah then couldn't hold back her anger anymore. "What is your issue with me Maignie you were the one who bore me! I am sick amd tired of being treated like a DEMON." she let her hands fall amd she was now facing away. "I am a being with feelings and emotions other than hatred, unlike you "Unwelcome Beast"!" and with that she didn't say any thing further.

Sighing Maignie turned towards Jari again. "It is in our nest wishes that you Jari will be Levistahs personal body guard. She is very curious." anx with that Maignie gave out a sweet soft laugh and turned back to her chair.
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Jari and the other soldiers walked trough the huge gate that was decorated with special marble, if you looked at it from a distance it was like the nations banner was painted on it. Many civilians where at the main grounds to look at all the soldiers that where walking trough the gate. Jari stood still and walked towards his general. "Can I take the elite soldiers with me towards the main castle where the royal family is." The general looked at him and nodded. Take them with you end rest up after that in the sleeping halls. Jari looked at all the elite soldiers and orderd them to follow him trough the city towards the main castle. Jari looked at the people that where watching trough the windows in their houses. Fear is within them. He thought and walked further in a steady walk.

The royal guards opend the big doors of the castle that leaded into the main area where the king and the queen where sitting on their large seats with special golden decoration. Jari walked in the hall first and stood still several meters in front of the royal family. "Halt!" Jari yelled and all the soldiers stood still at once as they where standing in formation in the main hall. "It is an honor to serve you both my highness." Jari said and kneeled down in front of the king and queen.
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She saw that the man didn't hear her and that ruined all of her fun. But she had heard the general that her father was so fond of talking to the solder. She then heard what the general had said. he is to protect us? What has father thought... she sighed and rewound the web from the owls soul. She let it go she had no more need of its services at the moment.

Shaking herself from the trance spelling had put her in she sighed and looked away from the window and look who it was, her damned mother. Sneering she laid her back on the windowsill and took a breath. "What is it Maignie?" she never called the woman mother to her face. She was never the one who wished it.

Her mother straightened out her gown and looked at her with her fierce blue eyes. "Didn't your teacher forbid spelling without him with you?" ignoreing the pun meant to start an argument Levistah kept quiet. Her mother grinned and stood from her bed. "Come. We are to meet thh royal guards the king has chosen. You will meet your personal guard as well, little Levistah."

She left and Levistah growled. She hated her name. Her mother had named her the elven name for "fair Demon" and it was exactly right. She was a demon. Personally anyway. Standing she followed her mother down the dark corridor and returned her composure to blank. It was best for now.

Her mother and father were sitting on their thrones as if they were gods themselves, and she stood. She was not allowed a seat for she was a princess not a prince. Waiting as the gates opened she stood there alone, and hoped that no problems occurred this time.
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Jari walked for several hours until the sun almost wend down. They looked over a large valley while they stopped for a moment on a hillside. The castle was on the other side of the valley build against the other mountain. There it is, it looks so beautiful now the sun goes under behind it. He thought in himself.

While he was looking to the castle a general came to him and laid his hand on Jari's shoulder. Jari turned around and looked towards him. You will have a very special task that waits for you in the castle. The general said while he looked at him with proud. You are going to protect the royal familie as their guards, and we all hope on you if the others have failed. Jari looked surprised, he had never expected anything like that. He was just an normal soldier he thought in himself. But he was planning to give his life for the royal familie if it was needed. Jari has never seen any of them before and he had no idea if they would like it to have him around all the time. Jari could only nod, he had no words that he could say. Lets get to the castle, we are going to walk faster now, it is dangerous to walk in the darknes!

Jari was the person that had to walk in front now, it was soon getting dark but in the distance he saw the end of long dirt road that the lights of the castle where burning. There it is, it looks so big. He thought in himself now he was standing in front of it. Everyone stopped when he stood still in front of the huge gate. "Open the gate for us, we are here to protect the castle." Jari said towards a guard that was standing high above them on the gate. The guard blew on a horn that could have been heard trough the entire castle and the gate went open slowly by the others guards that where pulling on it.
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Wandering she sent her owl out, amd saw her kingdoms troops begin to align. It was weirdly alluring to go and watch what was happening to the world outside her little cave of hell. So she guided her borrowed owl, and went to the trees that were surrounding the troops prescence.

In person levistah was in her room, tracing her webs in the air like a busy body black widow, or more like a brown recluse. So fair her hair, white and thin. But as she sat there with her eyes glazed over she never heard her mother walk into the room.

The men are leaving... she thought to herself. Was her fathers men really leaving the palace walls, over such a small and illegitimate reason? Her owl sighing for her she lifted it off of its roost and set it flying once again, looking over the regiment that was left to protect the palace. She then heard one soldier talking to himself "What would happen in the castle, with the entire nation at war?"

Landing in the tree in front of the man glowing at his sword she smiled to herself. She was very ominous at times but she also believed in truthful speaking and he had asked a question. Like her mother says never let a question, self or directed, unanswered. So she answered. "The castle would find a solution, no matter how painful." she echoed her voice through the owls beak. Looking at him she smiled.
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A general walked towards the soldiers and they all went silent at the same time while they formed lines in front of him. Jari is a in baracks number 4 and he went to the forth line of soldiers. The general looked proud at all the soldiers. "You are all great soldiers, now you should prove your loyalty towards your nation, be proud of it and willing to die for protection it." All the soldiers layed their hands on their chest and looked with proud. "We are willing to die for it." Jari is very proud of his nation and he loves to fight for what is good in his eyes, even if it means that it puts him in great danger.

After a moment of silice the general orderd that baracks one and two to go to the borders and hold their ground there. Three is going to the small villages and put up lines of defence there. And the smallest baracks number 4 was going to the castle to protect the King, Queen and their family. Jari followed the rest of the units that where going to the castle. There is a large forrest between them camp and the castle. It where all pine trees and there where very dark regions in it, Jari didn't felt very comford because they where very open on the roads that they followd. He looked at the sword that he was holding in his hand and got into deep thought. "What would happen in the castle, with the entire nation?" He said to himself while he felt sorry for his friends that where going to the highly dangerous borders.
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