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Hearing a voice speak to her, Tessa glanced up from where the food had been enticing her. "No thanks," she said politely turning down the suggestion, "Can I have a medium vanilla latte, to go, please."

She turned back to the different assortment of muffins she had been looking at earlier and smiled, "And I think I'll try a muffin as well. I'm feeling adventurous today."

Tessa finally stood up straight and looked at the girl taking her order. She seemed maybe her age, she thought as she took removed her Coach purse off her shoulder to retrieve her wallet. As she looked down to dig around inside her purse to find her wallet, her loose hair fell into her face. She quickly tucked the redish brown hair behind her ear and pulled out her wallet.
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The subway arrived, and Aaliyah and the New Yorkers boarded as a unit. When she reached her destination, her and those that didn't get off at other stops filtered out as a unit. Aaliyah couldn't deny that the city had its own rhythm that made her really like living around here. The city had its own beats and music, unlike Charlotte, North Carolina. That city seemed... monotonous and boring, when there wasn't some band rolling through.
She reached the shop with time to spare and went through the back to pull on her apron, work shirt and hat. She glanced in the mirror of her work locker quickly and straightened the collar of the pastel green polo before going to the front of the shop to work.

There weren't so many customers, but this was a small shop and it was still very early in the morning. Plus, it wasn't unusual for people here to skip breakfast for work and wait on lunch.
Besides the lingering bakers, her and Margaret were the only ones there at the moment working with the customers. Margaret was losing a battle with a coffee machine that was going to call it quits. Aaliyah sighed heavily, knowing the last thing this place, and her salary, needed was another broken machine.
Aaliyah saw a girl approach the counter and stepped into her position as a cashier, putting on a big friendly smile and trying to look happy.
"Welcome! How can I help you this morning?" she said in a cheery voice. It wasn't high pitched and bubbly though; she had a medium vocal range which made her voice sound low but still like a girl's, and she could never pull of those high pitched bubbly blonde welcomes that Margaret was so good at.
She looked at the girl as she waited for her to speak, and finally caught a look at her eyes. They were really pretty, way more than Aaliyah's greyish blue. Aaliyah became a little distracted, thinking about how their eyes were in comparison; one pair fiery, one pair cool...
"Mention the new item, Lynn!" Margaret half whispered, half hissed in Aaliyah's direction.
"Yes, thank you, Marge..." muttered Aaliyah under her breath before adding to the customer, "May I suggest our new mocha white chocolate cappuccino? It goes excellent with an almond biscotti."
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Tessa quickly glanced at her watch again as she hustled through the crowded New York sidewalks. 5:32, she thought to herself, barely enough time for coffee.

Of all her six years living in New York City, Tessa always made time for coffee. Her father got her addicted when she moved here to live with him at the ripe age of 14. "You can never start off the morning without a hot cup of joe!" was something she used to hear when he was home more often, before he got promoted to co-editor of Playbill magazine. Because of her dad's job at Playbill, ever since she was little Tessa has always been seeing musicals and plays on Broadway and Off-Broadway. She has come to have a love for it too and now finds herself working at the magazine alongside her father, even if it is just a secretarial position for the time-being.

Tessa's heels clicked on the pavement as she walked briskly across the street at the cross walk with a large group of New Yorkers. Her amber eyes focused on the small coffee shop on the corner. She glanced at her watch again, 5:39, Starbucks will be way to crowded at this hour, this will have to do. A small smile played upon her lips as she reached the glass door with bright red painting reading "Brew For You." She quickly pushed open the door and heard a mechanical bell ring throughout the cafe.

Tessa glanced around at the bright red and black interior of the coffee shop. There was a counter with tons of goodies displayed on the left side of the store. On the right side of the shop there was tons of comfy looking couches and chairs for sitting. There was even a book shelf located at the back wall. Very...quaint.

Tessa walked slowly over to the counter inhaling deeply as she went. The smell of coffee always reminded her of how she and her father always used to get a cup after plays and critique them together. They would even reenact some of the scenes, quoting their favorite lines and singing parts of the songs. Tessa smiled to herself as the memory came to her mind.

When she reached the counter she looked down at all the goodies displayed. There were muffins of all different assortments, different types of cakes, pastries, even yummy looking cookies. Should I risk the calories?

Tessa glanced down at her grey pinstripe pants that fit just right so her butt looked awesome, at least so the guys at her job said. She studied her pointed toe black pumps that give add some more inches to her already 5'6" height. And she slowly ran her hand over her silk baby pink button up blouse that defined her maybe more than Bs breasts. Tessa was hott in every guys defintion, but then has every relationship she had been in seem to feel so wrong to her?

Tessa sighed and stared longingly at the muffins again, maybe it wouldn't hurt to try something new.
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Aaliyah was on a stage, blinding spotlights pointed at her. She was wearing enough stage makeup for those in the balcony to see her facial expressions well... if she was making any at all. Her face was very blank and staring. Uneasy coughs flitted here and there in the house, accompanied by audience members' uncomfortable stirring in their seats. Yet, she couldn't make a face or even move or speak. Some people even got up and left. She wanted to yell out to tell them "No, wait!" but she couldn't say a word. She was frozen to the spot, face emotionless... her audience drifting away... then the curtain fell slowly to block her from their view.
A loud, sudden buzzing startled her from her nightmare. She shot up into a sitting position and pulled the covers around her, looking around panicked before realizing that her alarm was going off.
She calmed down with a sigh and gently pressed the top button of the alarm clock to silence the buzzing. She looked groggily at the bright red figures on the clock that read 4:00 in the morning. She slid out of bed, not even paying attention to the slight chill that nipped at her bare legs and arms in her large T-shirt and underwear. She walked sleepily into her bathroom to go through her morning routines.
Aaliyah worked at a small coffee shop in the city. She wasn't one of the bakers, so she didn't have to be there at three in the morning. She didn't open so 4:00 was wake up time, not work time. Work started at 5:30 for her.
When she was dressed and ready, she grabbed her shoulder bag with her money, script for her audition, chap stick, and other random things. She left the apartment room and locked it up, adding her apartment keys to the collection in her bag. Her path led her to the subway, where she stood and waited for the underground train with a whole crowd of other New Yorkers.
Well... she wasn't original a New Yorker, but this was the lifestyle she had become used to for about two and half years now. She worked in New York, she had been mugged in New York, she owned living space there... she was a New Yorker in her book. She had left North Carolina behind.
She pulled a ponytail holder off of her wrist and started to tie her hair up into a ponytail as she waited.
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