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Life in the big city is make it or break it world. You can have big dreams and a great desire to accomplish your dreams, but you also have to have the strength to do so... and patience and time. It's a dog eat dog world in the city, and Aaliyah knows it well. She's an aspiring actress trying to make it in a big world, and with a dream so large, who really has time to think of anything else?
Until... she meets a girl who reminds her that she needs to focus on other things too, and you don't have to be famous to be happy and loved. Falling in love was something she never anticipated when she came to the city, but now she's fallen deep in it.

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Aaliyah was too busy running through her monologue to notice anyone coming through. She closed her eyes and went through it over and over while listening out for when her name was called.
The auditions had started, and people were starting to be called in one by one. She opened her eyes and watched each person enter, her nerves gathering again. She closed her eyes again and started taking deep breath to calm herself down. She managed to slow her heart rate and push away the fluttering feeling in her stomach. She slowly opened her eyes again and watched each auditioner go then leave.
After a good forty-five minutes had passed, she heard Margaret's name. She looked over at the blonde haired girl saunter into the theatre for her audition. Aaliyah gathered her knees up to her chest and hugged them, watching the door intently. She still wondered if Margaret was any good or not. After a few minutes, Margaret walked out again. A couple people nearby asked how she did and she answered, "Oh, they loved me. I know they did." She smiled at them, as if she had already gotten the part and added in a sinisterly sweet tone, "Good luck." As she was walking out, she caught sight of Aaliyah and stopped with a shocked look that only lasted a few seconds. She smiled and put a hand on her hip before walking over to Aaliyah.
"Are you stalking me?" she asked.
"Really? Are you serious?" asked Aaliyah with a raised eyebrow. "I'm here to audition."
Margaret laughed. "Well, good luck, little Lynn! I'm sure I've already snagged the main part, but I'm sure they need a lot of chorus people." She turned and walked away from Aaliyah.
The girl stared after her with narrowed eyes. She just couldn't stand how stuck up Margaret was sometimes. But... Margaret's words were causing Aaliyah to worry again. 'Great... I knew she'd get to me if she saw me...' thought Aalitah, resting her head on her knees.
A lot more time passed by, close to two hours, before Aaliyah's name was called. By this time, she was sitting with her legs stretched out in front of her and staring at the ceiling. She got up quickly, pulling her head shot out of her bag and walking into the theatre.
She smiled at the people before her eyes stopped on a familiar face. She was surprised to see the girl from this morning here. She really wondered what she was doing there, but it was not the time to ask.
She noticed that she had stopped walking towards where the people sat and was staring at the girl. She gathered her wits and, with an embarrassed blush, continued. She handed them her head shot then proceeded to take her place on stage, smiling at them. "Hello, I'm Aaliyah Rose." She waited to hear a "go ahead" before starting into her monologue.
  Aaliyah Lynn / AidoChild / 9y 140d 18h 20m 56s
The cab pulled up outside the theater at around 6:55. Derek paid the driver and got out of the cab to open Tessa's door. Tessa smiled, "Thank you," she said and grabbed her bag before getting out of the cab. She followed Derek and they entered the lobby of the theater where the actors were waiting for their turn to audition. They walked quickly through the lobby towards the doors of the theater. Tessa hardly had time to size up any of the actors.

When they got inside the theater, Derek introduced her to a couple of people and they were handed all the information of the actors auditioning. Tessa and Derek quickly took they're seats behind the director and other people who were juding the auditions. Tessa pulled out her notebook and pen from her bag and waited for the auditions to begin.
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After Aaliyah got off she went right home to go over her monologue as many times as possible before the auditions and to get ready. Her hair was down, the curly locks hanging around her shoulders and she pulled on a shirt that was nicer than her previous one. She double, even triple, checked her bag for everything she needed.
Right before she was heading out the door, with back slung over her shoulder and monologue memorized to the punctuation mark in her head, the infamous nerves hit her.
She was a good actress, but the nerves always seem to make audition even more stressed than they should have been. Butterflies swarmed in her stomach, making her glad that she hadn't eaten anytime soon. She stepped out of her apartment room and closed and locked the door behind her. She stopped there though, placing a hand over her chest and feeling her quickening heartbeat.
"Alright, Aaliyah, Calm down. You can do this, you know. Even if they don't cast you, you have to go out knowing you did the best you could. Don't let anything stand in the way of doing your best."
A resident on her floor who was coming up the stairs to go back to his room heard her little pep talk and chuckled.
"Another one today, Aaliyah?"
"Yeah, I'm heading out now. I'm just getting nervous, you know."
"I'm sure you'll do fine. It's your passion after all, right? Good luck."
He slipped back into his room and Aaliyah continued on her way to the subway.
During the trip down to the theatre where the auditions were being held, Aaliyah had gotten her nerves under control. They came back with a vengence the minute she walked inside and saw the large groups of auditioners waiting and practicing monologues.
"Damn..." she murmured before walking over to the table where they had to put their names down on a list and fill out some information. When she finished that, she went to find an unoccupied spot in the lobby where they were having everyone wait. She looked around at all of the people that were coming to audition; It was hard to believe that only around fifteen to twenty of them would actually make cast. She got sight of Margaret and looked away, hoping the girl hadn't seen her. Luckily, the bird faced blonde was too busy applying lipstick and trying to look her best to notice Aaliyah. Aaliyah sat herself on the ground and started going over her monologue in a low voice while she waited with everyone else.
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At 6:12pm, Tessa found herself hopping around in her bedroom in a black belted pencil skirt and nude bra trying to tuck in a simple teal blue top. She had pinned her hair up in a slightly messy knot and had loose curls around her face. Her black open toed pumps and black trench coat were waiting by the door for when the cab arrived. Tessa also had her larger work bag with notebooks and pens sitting laying on the bed all packed for the auditions.

A car horn beeped at 6:30 sharp, signaling Derek and the cab were there to pick her up. Tess quickly slipped on her shoes slung her jacket on and picked up her bag and hurried out the door to meet the cab. She opened the cab door and climbed in, placing her bag in her lap.

Derek looked at her and said, "Why aren't you dressed up." Tessa smiled and replied, "I always dress up for the theater." Derek was wearing the exact same thing he wore at work that day. He chuckled at her comment and gave the address to the cab driver.

"We are supposed to be discovering new talent tonight," Derek started as the cab began to move. "We are the researchers for a piece on an up-and-coming star to be published in the magazine. So we will be given copies of all the auditioning actors resumes and if we see anyone who has that spark we are looking for we can contact them." He looked at Tessa, "There are going to be a lot of people out there tonight thinking they have that spark, we just have to figure out who really has something that our readers would want to read about."

Tessa nodded as he spoke and thought about all the many productions she has seen over the years and the many famous actors and actresses who have come from the stage. Tonight she could be finding the next big star.
  Tessa Faith / double_rainbow_omg / 9y 143d 51m 11s
Work went by like usual: pretty damn slow. A couple people would trickle in at a time throughout the morning, and slip out as soon as possible. At eight was when a little more people would show up and a time, and some would sit in the cozy little chairs and type away at something. By ten, those people were gone and the shop was mostly empty besides the occasional drifter.
All the while, Aaliyah was buzzing through her monologue she was using as her audition piece for the play. She always worked hard on these, even if more than often she wasn't called back. She came to New York knowing that they were a tough crowd, and accepted that. She was still going to try her best to succeed, no matter how beat up she was going to get or how many rejections they buried her in.
When one came around, the two employees started to anticipate closing time at 2. That was when Margaret started blabbering away.
"I can't wait to clock out and get out of here. I don't even know how I can stand to be coop up in her with people like you, Lynn."
"Is that so?" said Aaliyah, not really listening to her. She was making a little tower with some coffee cups because there was not a single customer in the place anymore.
"Soon I won't even have to walk by ths place anymore. I'm going to be a star."
"Uh huh."
"I'm going to an audition tonight."
"Are y- what?" Aaliyah looked up and over at Margaret.
"I'm auditioning for a romantic comedy tonight and they would be stupid not to give me the lead."
Aaliyah stared at her like she was insane. "Wait... you act?"
"What did you think, that I was talentless like you? Please, I'm probably the best actress in New York City."
Aaliyah pulled herself out of shock enough to say, "Then why are you still working here?"
Margaret scrunched up her nose at her. "Oh, any other opportunities weren't worth it."
Aaliyah translated that as, "I didn't make it to call backs either".
Aaliyah sighed though and looked away. If Margaret was there, that would mean more competition for her. Although, she had never seen Margaret act, she was just a little worried that the girl really was good. On top of that, if Margaret saw her at audition, the girl would probably find a way to make her feel like crap right before her turn.
'Wow, this is going to great' thought Aaliyah just as her tower fell. She tried to keep all the cups on the counter, but some fell to the floor. She sighed again after giving Margaret another reason to belittle her... and Margaret took full advantage of that too.
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Tessa arrived at work around 6:04. "You're late," Carly noted from across the room as Tessa sat down in her desk. And you're annoying Tessa thought to herself. She quickly put on her headset and clicked on her computer, ready for the phones to start ringing as usual. She wiggled the mouse back and forth to wake the computer up faster as she took a sip of her coffee.

"Ladies," a deep voice said from behind her. Tessa smiled and spun around in her spinning chair to see her and Carly's boss, Derek. Derek was 24 and a "prime specimen of the male species" as Carly put it. He had longer, curly brown hair and a scruffy face. Derek liked to work out occasionally but not too much. Carly liked to say it's "just enough muscle to to feel when you making love." His nice arms always made his suits look nice. Tessa liked that he had a nice body, but she loved that he was passionate about theater. She'd never really seen him as a potential boyfriend, probably because of how Carly talked so dirty about him when he wasn't in the room, but she loved working for the guy.

"Ladies," Derek continued, "I am going to auditions for a romantic comedy called The Forbidden Kiss and I need one of you lovely ladies to accompany me and take some notes." Carly's hand immediately shot into the air and Tessa rolled her eyes.
"You don't even know when it is yet." Tessa pointed out, knowing Carly always had a busy schedule. Carly looked at Tessa then back to Derek with eager eyes hungry for more information.
Derek smiled at the enthusiasm, "I know this is last minute but it's tonight at 7pm. This play is supposed to be the next Wicked and we need to hit it while its hot!"

Carly dropped her shoulders forward and lost her smile when she heard that. "I'm busy tonight." she said sadly. Derek turned to look at Tessa hopefully. "Tessa?" he asked.

Tessa glanced down at her schedule, mentally crossing her fingers that she wasn't doing anything tonight. When she saw that it was blank she looked up and smiled. "I'm always up for a play," she replied triumphantly. Derek gave her the thumbs up and strode from the room back towards his office. Carly pouted and turned towards her computer screen while Tessa took another sip of her vanilla latte.
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Aaliyah couldn't help but inwardly laugh when the girl completely ignored Margaret and kept talking to her. Margaret stared after her with a shocked look as if Tessa had just slapped her or something.
"See you!" called Aaliyah with a large smile.
"Geez, what a bitch." huffed Margaret.
"Hey, I like her," said a smiling Aaliyah.
Margaret turned on her. "I'm working register, and you're working the coffee now, got it?"
Aaliyah rolled her eyes and walked over to the machines. It wasn't worth it getting into it with Margaret; not in the morning, or ever.
Margaret continued to huff and puff about Tessa for a good twenty minutes, and Aaliyah just ignored her like always. She really would like to see Tessa again. After all, she did make Margaret's jaw drop. As she worked, she started to go over her monologue for her audition.
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Tessa felt her checks getting warm at the girl's compliment. She listened as the girl introduced herself and smiled. She had never had service this friendly at Starbucks. They were usually trying to get her out the door as quickly as possible.

Tessa glanced over to the blonde as she spoke to Aaliyah. She had a high pitched voice and reminded her a lot of a girl she worked with, Carly. Carly liked to give her shit about how Tessa only got her job because her dad is an editor.

Raising an eyebrow curiously as she listened as the blonde continued to put Aaliyah down. Total bitch she thought to herself. Tessa was shaken from her thoughts when the snotty blonde spoke to her. She smirked and turned to face Aaliyah, "Thanks so much for your help Aaliyah," she glanced back at the blonde before turning and noting, "I know who to ask for now when I come back."

Tessa smiled and turned on her heel and walked to the door. She giggled to herself a little before pulling the door open walking out onto the busy New York City sidewalk. Taking a sip of her delicious coffee she hussled along towards the building where she worked mornings during college and now most of the day during the summer. Tessa checked her watch one more time: 5:55. Yup she was probably going to be late today.
  Tessa Faith / double_rainbow_omg / 9y 143d 22h 27m 42s
"Wow," breathed Aaliyah. "They're really pretty. I'm actually kind of jealous." She laughed a little and started to play subconsciously with a loose strand of her hair. It was a little habit of hers to start twirling her curls around her finger, and she never really thought about it until it was pointed out to her.
"Surprise that it's so good, huh? What we lack in appearance, we seem to make up for in taste. It's good to hear that we're starting to get the upper hand on Starbucks too. I'm Aaliyah Lynn, by the way. Stop by any time. Most likely, I'll be working whenever you come around."
Magaret stepped forward, done fighting with the machine and ready to get on Aaliyah about anything.
"Are you bugging the customer, little Lynn?"
Aaliyah dropped her hand from her curl. "Just chatting. It's not wrong, is it?" She looked around the almost empty shop; there were no customers that needed to be taken care of right now either.
"I'm sure you're keeping her. You're so thoughtless, aren't you?"
Aaliyah turned a little red in the face from a small irritation from being picked on by the blonde, bird faced girl.
Margaret smiled, glad to be getting at Aaliyah even if a little. She turned to Tessa and smiled sweetly. "Have a nice day."
  Aaliyah Lynn / AidoChild / 9y 144d 9h 6m 4s
Tessa took her change and slipped into her wallet. She stuffed her wallet quickly into her Coach purse before slinging it back onto her shoulder again. Tessa picked up the paper bag her muffin was in off the counter and watched as her coffee exchanged hands. She quickly slipped the muffin in her purse to devour for when she got to work and reached to gingerly take the coffee from the girl's hands.

Tessa was about to thank the girl and turn and leave when she was stopped with the girl's question. She smiled and tucked some hair behind her ear with her free hand. People always commented on her eyes. They were an amber color and reminded people of something the vampires' eyes from Twilight would look like.

"Yup! No contacts." she replied. Tessa shifted from her weight from one foot to the other and took a sip from her cup absent mindedly. She was suprised at how good the taste was. "Wow, this is pretty good" she noted to the girl, "Better than Starbucks at least."
  Tessa Faith / double_rainbow_omg / 9y 144d 17h 7m 25s
Aaliyah took the ten dollar and punched it in. The cash register sprung open and she placed the bill inside before picking out the change.
"Here you go," Aaliyah said, handing the girl the change. Margaret stepped forward and handed Aaliyah the coffee for her to hand to the customer.
"Enjoy your coffee and muffin," she said before studying the girl's face some more. "I hope you don't mind me asking, but... Are those your real eyes?"
  Aaliyah Lynn / AidoChild / 9y 144d 17h 35m 24s
Tessa watched anxiously as the girl chose the blueberry muffin out of the glass case. She could feel her mouth watering already. Tessa quickly glanced at her watch 5:47 before stepping over to where the cash register was located. She quickly popped open her wallet and waited as the girl rung her up. As the girl read out the total, Tessa pulled out a ten dollar bill and held it out, "Here you go."
  Tessa Faith / double_rainbow_omg / 9y 144d 23h 35m 11s
Aaliyah was pleased to get a smile and smiled back; smiles were rare at this time in the morning.
"Well, I'll pick my personal favorite then. It seems like a simple blueberry muffin, but words can't even describe how good it is." She pulled a small paper bag out of the container that held them and turned it a little inside out so she could grab a large blueberry muffin without touching the muffin. She pulled the bag right side out again, keeping the muffin neatly inside. She took a step back to the cash register and laid the muffin on the counter.
Margaret was making the coffee, murmuring about how glad she was that there was more than one machine.
Aaliyah ignored her murmurs and rung the items up for the girl. "Alright, that'll be $7.89."
  Aaliyah Lynn / AidoChild / 9y 145d 26m 57s
Wallet in hand, Tessa leaned in towards the girl to hear her whisper her advice about the muffins. As they got closer, she couldn't help but notice the girls pretty grey-blue eyes. Tessa smiled and looked down at the muffins in the glass counter as the girl finished. She bit her rose hued lips as she pondered the decision before her. Which kind of muffin to choose? Tessa finally looked up at the grey-blue eyes and smiled, "You pick then. You know them better than me."
  Tessa Faith / double_rainbow_omg / 9y 144d 17h 6m 59s
"Okay." She turned to Margaret to relay the order "A medium vanilla latte, please." The please was a little stressed, because she was anticipating Marge turning to bitch at her for no reason. Margaret was too pissed at the machine to say anything this time so Aaliyah was a little relieved. Margaret went to make the coffee and Aaliyah stepped over to the get behind the goodie section of the counter.
"What kind of muffin would you like?" she asked before whispering to the girl, "I don't recommend the one with nuts, unless you want a walnut taste in your mouth for a while. And the lemon one I would avoid. Normally, they want me to say they all are amazing, but I'm going to be honest."
  Aaliyah Lynn / AidoChild / 9y 145d 51m 9s

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