Legend of the MirrorMask

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I was inspired by this old movie called MIrrorMask. The story was lacking but the general idea was interesting so i decided to twink it a bit.

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I made a 1x1 on this but i heard it would be good to try with other ppl as well so plz join =D

Our World...

Besides the world we live in now, there are millions of parallel dimensions.

A group of teens all live in the same neighborhood and have been friends ever since elementary. They didn't know about the mask...and its power...

Rebecca was turning 17 and her friends wanted to get her a unique gift, since she was into stuff antiques they found an antique shop at the edge of the city. The owner handed them a beautiful mirror mask saying that they could take it for free, they thought this was the perfect gift.

When they gave it to and she tried it on she passed out.

When she woke up she was a totally different person and tried to kill them.

They stole the mask from her and ran taking cover, one by one they wore the mask and was sucked into Karneval.


They wake up into the colorful and magical world of Karneval. Everyone is dressed like performers with masks and facial marks. From above you can see people mono-cycling on their wires to make it down the street.

When they woke up they were also wearing colorful clothes with masks and facial marks. They see Rebecca up ahead and singing at an act and after the show they confront her and tell her what happened. At first she treats them as enemies as if they were never friends but then she realizes that they were her friends from the other world.

She explains that time moves differently in this world so a year has passed since she's seen the real them.
Her friends' parallel selves in Karneval weren't friends at all, they treated each other as enemies and always tried to kill each other.

She also explains what she found out about the mirrormask, once you wear it the mask will swap the souls of your parallel self in the other dimension. Its a myth in Karneval but others are hunting down the mask since it also grants a wish and anyone could wish for ultimate power...

Her friends desperately want to go home back to their world fearing what their parallel selves are doing in their real lives but Rebecca refuses to leave. She's fallen in love with the magic of this world and doesn't want to return to the plain boring world she came from saying that her parallel self had a much better life than she did. But she did agree to help them find the mirrormask which was not going to be easy.

The Karneval kingdom was corrupted and it was said the mirrormask was hidden with the king's advisor, Cefca.

Karneval isn't just a colorful playful world it also has its dark side...

Cefca is killing anyone who might start a rebellion so everyone's horrified of him and his guards.

The Laws of Karneval

  1. At all times, you should be wearing a mask or facial marks
  2. NO ONE is to speak of the MirrorMask
  3. Using offensive magic is prohibited
  4. Speaking against the king is forbidden
  5. When the siren goes on everyone must return home quickly and not look at what's happening outside.


Your magic can be anything but cannot be limitless. All magic has weaknesses.

Sola - based on fire and earth magic

Luna - based on water and wind magic

Stella - This is misc magic. It can be anything. This is usually battle magic and divine magic.

What magic beats what?

This is generally what your magic is stronger than.

Sola beats Luna

Luna beats Stella

Stella beats Sola

What type of sorcerer are you?

There are 5

ELEMENTAL - Can control up to two elements. They can't be contradicting elements like water and fire.

VANGUARD - Battle mage, enchants weapons with fire and strength.

ANIMATOR - Control objects like statues/ animals.

DIVINE - healer, manipulates light. If you're strong you can also see the future and can teleport

NECROMANCER - uses black magic (hex/curse) only if you're strong. And manipulates darkness.


Everyone has a medium to use magic, some have rings or amulets. If your medium is taken from you, you can't use magic. THe medium can be anything you wear.


  • Anime Pics: I'm a very picky person, so no disrespect if I ask you to change it because it's low quality. Another thing I dislike is commonly used pictures. Please don't used nude pictures unless they're ARTISTICALLY nude.
  • Literacy: A couple of paragraphs will do. I understand if you get a writer's block since I do get some a few times. I WILL NOT TOLERATE TEXT TALK DAMN IT <-- unless its OOC =) Another thing! I don't mind a few typos, no one's perfect. But if you CONSTANTLY type something wrong in a ridiculous manner, this isn't going to get very far xD
  • God-Moding: ABSOLUTELY NOT. I hate people who god-mode! You can get hurt you know since there will be fight scenes in the future.
  • Absences: If you're gonna be gone for more than a week, tell me. I hate when people leave me hanging around with out any notice.
  • Ditching: This pisses me off the most ^u^ DON'T JOIN if you can't COMMIT.
  • Cyber: Wanna get banned? Don't drag me down with you xD No cybering please
  • Cussing: Sure. UNDER ONE DAMN CONDITION. You can't curse every word ok =D
  • Violence: It is very much encouraged.





Real World Bio:

Real world Self:

Karneval Bio:

Karneval Self:

Type of Sorcerer:

Type of Magica: Stella/Luna/ Sola

Medium: This is usually an accessory: ring, necklace etc. be creative =)

Sample Post:

The Secret Lies Behind The Mask...


Name: Rebecca Lark

User: HYPERlink

Age: 16

Real World Bio:
Rebecca is your average girl. She had okay grades and okay friends. Her life was so balanced on okay that she couldn't take it. She's been thinking about it for a while and is planning on committing suicide after her friends leave from her birthday party.

Real world Self:

Karneval Bio:
Rebecca Lark in Karneval was sold to a place called the Heritage where they buy young girls and teach them to become entertainers and prostitutes to their customers. She hates her life and Cefca seeing that he corrupted their once beautiful world, Karneval into his own twisted mind game.

Karneval Self:

Type of Sorcerer: Necromancer - lightning

Type of Magica: Sola

Medium: her ruby anklet


Name: Tobie Olerts

User: SirrusLeeSayne

Age: 17 years

Real World Bio: In the real world, Tobie is just your typical goof off student that still gets among the best grades in the class. Along side school, he works as a soccer referee, a sport he also has been playing his whole high school career. Along with soccer, he is a runner of track performing in the hurdle races and high jump.

Real World Self:

Karneval Bio: In the world of Karneval, Tobie is a street performer using Animation magics and the style of Stella magic to create his shows. As he moves about, the sound of his Medium is what chimes to viewers and listener's ears: the sounds of the bells that adorn his outfit.

Karneval Self:

Typ of Sorcerer: Animator

Type of Magica: Stella

Medium: Bells


Name: Iridia

User: Mailynn

Age: 17

Real World Bio: Iridia never had an easy life, but it was a life she wouldn't trade for anything. Why? Everything that she went through helped make her who she is now. When she was young, only eleven years old her parents died, leaving her in foster care. She is kind and compassionate and always does the things she says she'll do-while maintaining her near perfect grades

Real World Self:

Karneval Bio: In Karneval Iridia uses Luna magic to entrance her customers. She is a Devine who can see the future, so uses this to do both fortune telling, and a water based show in the evenings when the lighting is just right

Karneval Self:

Type of Sorcerer: Divine - sees future & manipulates water

Type of Magica: Luna

Medium: Necklace


Name: Kai Atimir

User: Kieyate

Age: 17

Real World Bio: Kai is a more serious, school oriented kid. He was never great at what he did, trying his best was what he wanted in life. Kai looks out for his friends. Despite his appearance; he ends up in some heavy trouble and has been known to slack off.

Real world Self:

Karneval Bio: Kai since he was young has been looking for adventure in a world beyond his own. He became bored of how people flock to him to watch him Throw flames through himself and others. He had become bored bored of his owns bag of tricks and wanted a new audience as well. His illusions are caused by the sun necklace around his neck. His affliction for a new life causes insanity to ensue him as he waits for his day.

Karneval Self:

Type of Sorcerer: Element: Fire

Type of Magica: Sola

Medium: Necklace


Name: Alexandria "Alec"

User: Ochite_Yuki

Age: 17

Real World Bio: As a girl who hasn't got much going for her, Alec can be cold at times. Where most people have a loving family to return to, Alec lives on her own. He parents allowed to move out when she turned sixteeen, and she hasn't mch spoken to them since. A loner in school, she still keeps her grades up while holding a job as well. She considers herself self-sufficient, never asking for help, even when she knows that she needs it.

Real world Self:

Karneval Bio: Alec joind a street troupe shortly after arriving in Karneval. Her act consists of juggling, while one of the animals, a golem that she keeps constantly animated, flits around and dazzles the crowd. She doesn't talk much, only answering questions that she is asked directly. She talkes to the little golem, which she named Japheth, and acts as if it responds. It's almost always in a low hard to hear voice. Occasionally, however, she slips up.

Karneval Self:

Type of Sorcerer: Animator

Type of Magica: Luna

Medium: a chain with an amethyst crystal

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Iridia laughed and shook her head. Kai was having a moment. She shrugged "Well, I'm up for some party games." She thought about it for a moment "It's been so long since I've played any party games. I honestly can't think of any." She said with a slight frown. She laughed at herself, still trying to think of party games they could play.
  Iridia (Real) / Mailynn / 7y 13d 5h 28m 15s
"You know, its days like this that I hope we would never forget. We're all here and having a good time. I think this should be what life is all about." Kai said, becoming a little flustered. He never expected to have as great a day as he had today. The sun was shining brightly on him and he felt no real stress. No problems with his "Family" or school work or anything. Just some friends enjoying a day that they all needed.

"So, I know we aren't little kids anymore, but for the hell of it, how about some party games of some kinds?" He said with a contagious smile spreading on his face. "Even if its something super childish like Pin The Tail on the Donkey!"
  Kai (real world) / Kieyate / 7y 14d 4h 17m 47s
Alec held out the box as she walked in. She waited for Becca to take it, before heading over towards the food. "I don't know how long I can stay. I might have to run if I get a call from my job." Alec grabbed a small handfull of food.
  Alexandria / Ochite_Yuki / 7y 15d 16h 49m 9s
Iridia smiled and took out the food from the bags. She put the pop into the fridge and dug through the kitchen to find big bowls for the chips and other snack foods they had bought. She sat beside Kai, figuring he would give her food if she bugged him enough and shrugged "Well what do you think?" She asked Becca. "Now your parents can't kill us for taking all of the food out of your house. We'll just eat our own" She laughed and shrugged.
  Iridia (Real) / Mailynn / 7y 15d 19h 52m 28s
Kai looked at her and smiled intently. "I thin you will like this gift. And no, it's not my presence this time!" Kai said chuckling. He remembered the last time he was to cheap to get her something. He told Becca that his present was her presence. Her face seemed to brighten as she heard this.

Kai slunk back into his chair and sat there, waiting for all the conversations to start between Becca and her friends. Kai sat near the food so he could eat with out getting up. His philosophy on life was shown in this simple ill-etiquette action.
  Kai (real world) / Kieyate / 7y 17d 12h 27m 34s
"So what did you get guys get me?" she asked Kai when he entered. She crossed her arms over her chest and looked out the wooden door towards the street waiting for the others to come. Today was a long day so far.
  Becca / HYPERlink / 7y 18d 16h 41m 18s
Kai was already in the house by the time anyone could really say anything. He sat down on the couch and tried to find a station the played music on the T.V. Kinda fascinating to see what 'New-fangled' technology they could come up with, he would say to himself. He always did fancy a shiny new piece of the future.

He watched as the people began to arrive, one by one. Kai sidled in his seat. He looked around as the once dull room began flourish with color and excitement. yummy was all lined up at the table. The table itself began to disappear under the immense piles of groceries. "Today will be a day packed with exuberance, indeed." He said, chuckling to himself as he helped take the groceries out and place them somewhere.
  Kai (real world) / Kieyate / 7y 24d 1h 34m 18s
Iridia grabbed the bags from the store and followed started walking to Becca's, knowing she'd be the last one there. It didn't bother her at all, as long as they saved some food and didn't open the present until she got there.

Iridia noticed Alec at Becca's door when she got close to the house. She stood beside Alec and poked her face "Put the worried look away, nothing's going to happen.We're all here so Becca will be fine." She said, figuring that was why Alec looked so worried. Iridia was super sensative when it came to knowing other people's emotions and with that it didn't take long to figure out the reasons behind the feelings. "Come on, nothing will happen." She said with a small shrug and a smile.
  Iridia (Real) / Mailynn / 7y 49d 5h 25m 53s
Alec had turned to do something, when Tobie took off. She hadn't been paying attention, and so lost the others rather quickly. When she turned back around to say something, she noticed they were gone. With a good-natured scowl, Alec began towards Becca's house, but she took her time, thinking about Becca. She'd been acting strange, and more than once, Alec had found herself worrying about her. Becca had kind of distance herself from Tobie, Kai, Iridia, and her. She wasn't sure the others had noticed, but contemplating the recent flow of things, Becca had seemed out of it. Alec seriously hoped that nothing would come of it, but that hope was thin. Alec finally arrived at Becca's house and knocked, waiting for the door to opne andpraying that she didn't look worried when it did.
  Alexandria / Ochite_Yuki / 7y 50d 4h 14m 57s
[ Nah its fine ]

Becca opened the door seeing Kai. "Took you long enough" she chuckled crossing her arms. She saw tobie on her way and smiled. "Tobie! Hurry up!" she waved holding the door open from them. "You can go in already" she told Kai.

She looked around down the street from her door wondering if the others were on the way for once.
  Becca / HYPERlink / 7y 50d 6h 24m 17s
Tobie practically splattered his name under the girls' names. "I'll wright Kai's name, I guess, so he isn't stuck with the awkward moment of signing it before we give it to her." Tobie looked at the spot of signatures a moment before writing more carefully than his own Kai's name. "Let's get going." He carefully picked up the makeshift gift box. Alec is pretty good at this. He paused a moment to notice how effective the 'box' was. A simple nod of his head to the two girls started him towards Becca's house. He attempted haste though caution kept him from actually running.

<< Small post, sorry. >>
  Tobie Olerts / SirrusLeeSayne / 7y 51d 20h 4m 44s
Kai knew that the others had everything taken of, o he began to go to Becca's house. "I hope they rwemember to put my name on the gift! " Kai said in an un-pitying self conscience. He laughed at his own self pity before ever walking toward her house. "I Guess I'll be the that guest the planner never likes, the first one there!" He scolded himself loudly as he walked toward Becca's house.

He slowly reached her house then began to knock the door. As Becca came to answer, he exclaimed, "Surprise! your guest that everyone dislikes the most is finally here! " Kai knew he wasn't very funny, but he always gve himself a mental medal for trying to brighten a person's day at least once.
  Kai (real world) / Kieyate / 7y 52d 3h 58m 3s
Becca grinned proud of herself when she filled her room with typical party food. Chips, dip, drinks. Everything that would be needed. She opened her room door and her smile faded seeing that her family wasn't home on her birthday. "Work..." she smiled sadly. "Would you still think about work if your daughter took her own life because of you...?" she asked the silence in her house.
  Becca / HYPERlink / 7y 52d 5h 39m 11s
Iridia watched quietly as A;ec made a box out of the paper they had bought and she carefully handed the mask to Alec to put in it. She sighed, happy to see it safely wrapped and taken care of. Iridia handed a ribbon to Alec from one of the bags that Alec had and took the sharpie after Alec had written her name. Iridia's name was much neater than Alec's and it made her laugh "Maybe you should take your time. Becca's not going anywhere." She said, but was just as anxious to see her friend open her gift. Iridia turned to Tobie and offered the sharpie to him to sign his name "After everyone signs we can go take over Rebecca's house for the party." She said and smiled with a shrug.
  Iridia (Real) / Mailynn / 7y 54d 5h 19m 41s
"I agree."After they'd payed, Alec took the wrapping stuff from Tobie, then she walked outside. Only a few steps from the door, she set the stuff down and began to work. Carefully taking the mask from Iridia, she set it on the paper. Then she realized what they had really needed to grab. A box.

Alec stared at the paper for a bit, before ralizing that she could put her origami skills to use. Making the biggest square she could out of the paper. She made it's twin, then spent the next several minutes folding and creasing, until, eventually, she had a box. "There we go. Now to add the ribbon. No one picked up a tag did they? Regardless, I have a sharpie. We'll just each sign our names." With those words, she signed her name, quick and barely legible.
  Alexandria / Ochite_Yuki / 7y 54d 17h 41m 58s

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