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[b [i [center [+red [ "Heed my warning, for he who looks for power and destruction...Shall be led into darkness..."
-Tom Grandal]]]]]

[b [I [center Johnathan Robinson is an NYPD officer who is also an assassin for a group known as Saiapentes Gladius.

He is given one final mission from the boss; Kill his right hand man and he will be free from his contract.

Little does he know, one press of the trigger from his rifle, Johnathan just got himself involved in a conspiracy that he was never meant to be a part of...]]]

[h3 [b [i [center [+red Characters]]]]]

[b Johnathan Robinson] - [i Victim of the betrayal at Kravics mansion, also a target by the police and Vlagan]

[b Vlagan Kriser] - [i The boss of Saiapentes Gladius. A very wealthy man who is in his 60's. His organization is a front for a Christian cult.]

[b Kravic Choles] - [i The man who owns it all; whores, booze, drugs, cars, and even manions! This tall stocky bald man will get what he wants his way whenever he wants.]

[b Saturn Vermil] - [i One of Kravics 'whores' who despises him very much. Some say she even called the hit on Kravic. Some say she even set Johnathan up.]

[b Greg Richards] - [i An ace detective on duty. He witnessed the "murder" happen. He is one of Johnathans good friends.]

[b Daley Parker] - [i One of the cops on duty at night. She became a cop to be closer to her best friend Greg as well as stop crime-doers]

[b Bridget Linderson] - The computer geek at the police HQ. She is the one leading the hacking part of the case; tracking Johnathans phone, hacking into his computer, finding files on him.

[b Rose McCoy] - A friend of Johnathans, also an assassin.

[b Micheal Edwards "Chief Mike"] - [i The chief of the NYPD 11 Precinct He is said to have a tie with Saipentes Gladius. None of this was confirmed though.]

[b Langley Madison] - [i Johnathans assigned partner in the NYPD. She is the main detective leading the case. She is dedicated to her cause and sees to complete her goals.]

[b Samuel Eldersoul Reynolds] - The son of Winston Eldersoul and Elsa Reynolds. He decided to get in a life of crime and murder. Once he made a name for himself he became a mobster hitman who kills who he's told to kill.

[b Jimmy "Techno" Mason] - [i Jimmy Techno is a hacker who was once an SG member. He is a recluse who is hiding from SG and other men who want him dead.]

[b Gilesh Harris] - [i A hitman assigned to take Ace back in custody to the government, also took a job from SG to kill Johnathan]

[b Charles Mayweather] - [i An undercover FBI agent who is pretending to be in good terms with SG when in reality he is working to get them shut down.]

[b Ashely Linder] - [i Charles partner, they were partners ever since they worked for the NYPD and soon joined the FBI]

[b Liam Hawthorne] - [i He is the current president of the USA. He lives in a mansion rather than the white house and doesn't really rely on secret service all the time. He is running a secret government operation that involves breeding supersoldiers]

[b Ryan Carson] - [i Gregs partner and good friend from college. Ryan usually goes with Greg on stakeouts and car chases but sometimes stays at the station to take calls and make sure interrogations go as planned.]

[b Carlyle Evans] - [i Carlyle is the main squad leader in Liams circle of personal hand-picked FBI agents He is tasked with finding Ace Kavunder and to bring him back alive at all costs]

[b Intel] - [i Intel is the name given to a mysterious man in black who has secret motives involving a violent drug that turns people into flesh eating zombies. His real name remains a mystery and there are no records whatsoever of him. It's like he doesn't exist literally and metaphorically.]

[b Agent X] - [i Simply known as Agent X, this individual is tasked with keeping an eye on Saiapentes Gladius. He only reports to a mysterious individual only known as The Voice.]

[h3 [b [i [center Unofficial Soundtrack]]]]

Credits go to Avery Alexander & Blanck Mass

[b [ The Day Will Come Theme]]

[b [ The Day Will Come Credits]]

[b [ Crisis ]]

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[h3 [b [i [center [+red Season 1 - Betrayed]]]]]

[b [i Episode 1 - Betrayed

Episode 2 - You scratch my back, I scratch yours

Episode 3 - Of Blood and Money

Episode 4 - Decorated Coffin

Episode 5 - Clues

Episode 6 - Lurking Shadows

Episode 7 - Ambush

Episode 8 - Conspiracies

Episode 9 - Manhunt

Episode 10 - Welcome to The Party

Episode 11 - It's Not a Party Without a Fight

Episode 12 - The Party's About to End]]

[h3 [b [I [center Season 2 - Secrets N' Lies]]]]

[b [I [center "It's what this city runs on..."]]]

Episode 1 - Quarantine

Episode 2 - Secrets

Episode 3 - Skyrofym

Episode 4 - Corruption

Episode 5 - The New Member

Episode 6 - The Vaccination

Episode 7 - Two Faced

Episode 8 - The Wilted Rose

Episode 9 - The Buried Piece

Episode 10 - The Break Out/A Titan of A Murder Case

Episode 11 - The Intel

Episode 12 - The Hunt For Ace & Gilesh

Episode 13 -

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[h3 [b [i [center Episode 12 - The Hunt for Ace & Gilesh]]]]

Carlyle along with some FBI agents began to comb the back alleys in hopes of finding Gilesh and Ace.

Liam was in an unmarked van across from the alley Carlyle was in. He was watching a live feed through a hidden camera in Carlyles jacket. "I don't think he's there." Liam said through Carlyles earpiece.

Carlyle sighed. "We checked every alley on this borough. Where do you think he could be?" He asked back.

Liam sat back in his chair and put out a cigarette in a red ceramic ashtray that was on the desk next to the monitors. "He's known for sleazy clubs. There's a very well known club for lowlifes and crooks in Brooklyn. It's called Club Ascension. I wouldn't go in dressed like the feds though, they probably won't let you in...Or out for that matter. Look the part, then look for Gilesh. If he's there apprehend him."

Carlyle nodded. He gave his men the instructions and they all left back to their vehicles and drove off home to get dressed.

[h3 [b [i [center NYPD 11th Precinct]]]]

"I see." Mike said sipping on some tea. "I wish you would have informed me of this but I understand you were all in a tight situation. To be that close to the target only for him to get away."

Greg had his arms crossed, he was sitting in a leather chair near the door to the office and across from Mikes desk. "I'm not gonna lie, I didn't sign up for all this when I joined the force back in the day...But I also will admit this is quite interesting and very weird at the same time."

Langley nodded. "What was the news with that resturant owner in Alyan?"

"Stanley Weiss? Turns out he was kidnapping children and keeping them locked away in a cellar in his backyard." Mike told her.

"What the fuck..." Jonathan said.

"It's indeed sickening, he's dead now though. He was killed by the very thing he used to get rid of the bodies...His furnace." Mike replied.

"You think that's what Alistair meant? That he was a quote unquote demon?"Langley asked Johnathan.

"I don't know but this just keeps getting more and more bizzare." Johnathan told her.

"And what's this I hear about TITAN?" Mike asked.

"As Johnathan stated, bizzare. Scientist dies by his own masterpiece, the murder was orchastrated by the CEOs son Elias Ashwell. We had an altercation and I was forced to shoot him. He died in his mothers arms and I know she still blames me for it, I understand that...Seeing your own son get killed in front of you." Langley told him.

Daley patted her shoulder. "Don't beat yourself up. You had to act fast and you acted accordingly."

Langley patted Daleys hand. "Thanks Daley."

"Now that we're all up to speed I have a new case for all of you. It's about our missing police officer that never showed up for work this past week. We were finally able to locate him and it turns out he went rogue on us and plans to sell vital information to the Deluca family. We cannot let that happen." Mike told them.

"You're very well aquainted with the Delucas aren't you Johnathan?" Greg asked.

"That was personal." Johnathan retorted.

"I'm just teasing. Let's go catch us a boy in blue then." Greg stood up and opened the door to the lobby.

"Wait, before you all leave...You two have proven yourselves...I know it wasn't in your jurisdiction but I trust Gregs intuition. Ryan and Daley you are no longer just cops, you are soley part of The Cube Division." Mike told them.

"Is that even a thing?" Greg asked him laughing.

"It is now. Being a part of this division makes you detectives. You both are parterned with Greg. Good job and good luck." Mike said.

Ryan nodded. "Well look at that. No more will I be working boring desk jobs or the streets. I get to join the epic hunt."

Greg patted his shoulder and smiled.

"Thank you for this oppurtinity Chief Edwards." Daley said.

"Please, call me Mike...Or Chief Mike." He said smiling.

They all left to do their case.

[h3 [b [i [center Club Ascension]]]]

Carlyle entered the club, it had a completely red interior with fancy burgandy leather booths and chairs. The bar was filled up with patrons and there was a strip show going on to the West of the bar. An asian woman was topless as money was being thrown at her. Techno music blared loudly throughout the club. VIP members were upstairs on the second floor where the casino was as well as a second bar and private shows.

"Hey baby you look like you need some fun. How about you follow me?" A slender long brunette black woman asked Carlyle. She was only in her bra and underwear. She had a piercing through her nose like a bullring.

"No thank you ma'm. I'm married." Carlyle showed her his ring he wears. He isn't truly married, but he wears a ring when he goes to clubs to avoid strippers and prostitutes."

"So are half of my clients. Don't worry sugar, your girl won't know. Hell, maybe she might be into that. I can fuck you both if you like babe."

Carlyle shook his head. "I'm sorry ma'm."

"Don't be sugar. You know where to find me if you change your mind." She winked at him and walked off to find her next customer.

Carlyle looked around but he couldn't see Gilesh or Ace anywhere. "Damn it." He said. His other men were already in the club looking around but not trying to be too suspicious about it.

Carlyle walked up to the stairs that lead to the VIP floor.

"Sorry buddy, VIP only. You got a card?" The bouncer asked.

"No, how much is one?" Carlyle asked.

"Oh yeah you don't buy one. You earn one."

"Aaaand how do I earn one?" Carlyle asked slightly annoyed.

"I'm just messing with you. It's about 5 grand. You get to drink for free, eat for free, private shows are even free. So how about it?"

"Looks like I can't afford it." Carlyle chuckled.

"Ah don't worry. One day you can.".

"Hey is there by chance a man named Gilesh or Ace up there?" Carlyle asked.

The bouncer sighed. "I'm sorry, I am not at liberty to give out clients information. Unless you pay me."

"5 grand right?"

"Haha! No. 500 bucks will do."

"That, I can afford." He paid the man 500 bucks.

"Let's see." The man checked the money to see if it was real and smiled. He nodded at Carlyle. "Gilesh or Ace you say? Nope. No one by that name."

"Was anyone wearing a red business outfit? Blond hair? Maybe he had a person with him?" Carlyle asked.

"Now that you mention it yeah, but he didn't go by Gilesh. He went by Franklin."

"Are they still up there?"

"Now slow your roll there s
Speedy-Gonzales! Why do you want to know about these men so bad?"

"They are both dangerous individuals. Espcially Gilesh...I mean, Franklin."

"Listen, I don't know or want to know what your intentions are but I'm just gonna tell you, they left two hours ago. That's all I'm gonna say. Now enjoy your day Sir."

Carlyle sighed and walked away. They were here but he was too late. Or was he? Even a club as sleazy as this they still had to have surveillance cams to make sure nothing gets stolen or broken into. He walked up to the bartender. "Hey, do you know where the owner of the club is?" He asked the female bartender.

The bartender just chuckled. "That would be Mr. Nikolaus. He's on the VIP floor though. Sorry babe, unless you're a member you won't be able to see him."

A Caucasian man about 6'1 with slicked back black hair that reeked of hair spray and a pencil mustache walked up to the two. He wore a black suit and white tie. "Hello Madaline." The man said in a light Russian accent.

"And speaking of him...This is Mr. Nikolaus himself. Lucky you." The bartender said.

Carlyle shook Nikolaus' hand. "Nice to meet you Mr. Nikolaus. I was actually wanting to speak with you."

Nikolaus returned the favor and firmly shook his hand. "Of course! My office is on the top floor through my private elevator just over here. Please follow."

Carlyle followed Nikolaus to a lone gold painted elevator on the opposite side of the club.

Nikolaus slid in a key-card and it opened and they both went inside to the top floor to his office. Once it arrived they both got out and entered his office where he quickly sat at his desk and crossed his fingers together. "So, what did you need to see me about?" He asked.

Carlyle took a seat across from his desk. "I need access to your surveillance footage. I'm looking for a couple of individuals that entered your club."

Nikolaus chuckled. "I think I've seen your face before. FBI? You don't fool me. I read the newspaper. The FBI agent who saved all those teenagers from that old creep in Alyan."

Carlyle tensed up a bit. He was about to get up and leave when Nikolaus stopped him.

"Don't worry about it, I respect what you did. I have a daughter, 14 years old. I have nothing against the feds but sometimes they do like to cause problems for me, my men, and my business. It's annoying you know? You though? I like you. You respect your boundries and I appreciate that. I heard from my bouncer that you were looking for a man in a red suit and some other guy with him. So I'll cut you some slack and show you the footage since I like you so much." Nikolaus turned on his computer and sifted through the footage for today. He stopped around the time Gilesh and Ace left. "These them?"

Carlyle reviewed the footage and nodded. "Yeah that's them. Looks like they headed towards Tetra Square. This wasn't that long ago either. Thanks Mr. Nikolaus."

"Anytime. I do wish you the best on your hunt. For I myself enjoy a grand hunt." Nikolaus said.

Carlyle nodded and left the club. He got in his car where his other men waited. They all drove off towards Tetra Square.

[h3 [b [i [center Streets of New York]]]]

A tall caucasian man in a dark blue suit approached a parked blue sedan and entered it. The driver also wore the same suit as the passenger and drove off.

"So, how are things going for your mission?" The passenger asked.

The driver stared ahead. He had meidum length black hair and was asian. "Not too shabby Agent X." He looked at him for a brief second and then back at the road.

"Good to hear Agent Y." Agent X said. "I hear that Saiapentes Gladius has some men in the FBI. That's not good. Should we warn the director?"

"No, we musn't interfere with their problems. It could cause our own problems. Instead we should focus on the small group of people going after The Cube."

"You mean Johnathan and his friends? Don't worry, I already sent some other Agents to bug their places. We should hear what they say from now on." Agent X said. He pulled out a tablet from his bag and turned it on. There he opened up an app where he can see through the hidden cameras. "No one's home yet."

"Of course. It's still daylight. Still at work. Contact me if you hear anything about The Cube from them." Agent Y stopped the car to let Agent X out.

Agent X nodded and put his tablet back in his bad opened the passenger door to leave. He stepped out and waved goodbye before walking off.

Agent Y drove off into the distance.

[h3 [b [i [center Saiapentes Gladius HQ]]]]

"It's a damn shame we were fooled. They still have the pieces." Vlagan stopped and turned his attention towards Kravic. They were both in the kitchen of the building.

Kravic nodded and sighed. "Well these assholes are pretty good, especially Jonathan...Any info about Skyrofym?" He asked Vlagan.

Vlagan finished making the meal, a delicious potato soup for the HQ. "Intel seems to be pretty damn elusive. Police nearly got him at a safehouse in Alyan but they died in an explosion. We need some way to contact him. He could be useful."

Kravic made a bowl of the soup. "Yeah, understood. I'll do it. His last victim was Mayor Gary. He still owes us his debt. I don't trust that asshole and bet he had some deal with Intel. Intel doesn't usually spare his victims." He said.

Vlagan sighed. He walked away and so did Kravic.

"This is pretty good by the way." Kravic said.

"Thank you, family recipe." Vlagan replied.

[h3 [b [i [center TITAN TECHNOLOGIES - CEO Office, Top Floor]]]]

Maria, who was sitting rather comfortably in her burgandy Italian leather office chair, turned on her computer and started to work on it. "David, is it done yet?" Maria asked.

David, the scientist from Marlowes investigation nodded. "Yes ma'am but there's an issue with the program." He sighed and showed Maria the statistics on a tablet. He moved his finger across the screen to show more data. "We tried everything to get rid of the bug in the program...I don't think we're ready for this yet Maria."

Maria glared at David for a brief moment.

"Uh...I mean ma'am." David finished.

"And why do you think that?" Maria asked.

"Well, turning your son into an AI sounds like a bad idea. Personal opinion. I'm sorry but he's gone. He tried to kill an officer, shit he tried to kill you. Yeah he loved you and didn't mean to try to hurt you but he went crazy." David told Maria.

Maria nodded slowly. "I hear you. I just want to try." She replies back.

"Okay...What if he tries to take over? He killed Marlowe..."

Maria looked up at David. "Not this time. If he does attack anybody or tries to I'll have a killswitch on hand. We all will. No, that's too dangerous...You and I will have a killswitch. In case of anything we can use it to disable him."

David nodded. "Alright. We'll try some more."

"You say it was a bug? Try this. An employee made this. It's a flashdrive that apparently once plugged in activates a program which if you specify the bug and error in the program it will erase them and fix them."

David rolled his eyes. "Or I'm gonna either get this dudes mix tape." He laughed a bit.

Maria did not laugh. In fact Maria just gave David a glare.

David nodded and went straight back to his duties and left Maria alone.

Maria sighed and put het elbows on her desk as well as intertwining her fingers together. She stared at her computer screen for a bit and stretched her arms before typing away.

[h3 [b [i [center Central Park - South End]]]]

The gang arrived at Central Park. They walked down to the south end where the officer was. He was sitting on a bench out of uniform but Greg still knew that he matched the description. "Jack?" Greg asked walking up to him.

Jack, the officer looked over at Greg and smiled. "Oh shit. Not gonna lie, you are not the person I was hoping to meet.

"Selling info to a mob boss? Mike is pissed Jack...He never told me it was you though. Maybe he didn't want me pissed either. Get up!" Greg grabbed Jack by the arm.

Jack didn't resist. He just sighed sadly. "I heard the pay was good...If I got info on Johnathan. We all know what he did. Frankie Deluca knows what he did. So doed Alonzo Rivderchi. They know what you did Johnathan."

"I know what I did Jack. I'm paying my dues." Johnathan said angrily.

"You may be paying your dues with the cops but Frankie and Alonzo won't see it that way. You killed their flesh and blood man! How do you know your wife and daughter were killed by their men?"

Johnatnan lunged at Jack but Ryan and Langley stopped him. "[b BECAUSE I WAS TOLD BY THE FUCKING NYPD AND SAW THE GODDAMN NEWS!]" People around the park looked at him.
"Sorry I get worked up about the news." He told them and the people went about their day.

Greg just patted Johnathans back. "You were giving out info of one of our own? Especially him? He fucked up yes but you will ingite a whole fucking war with the NYPD and mafia! We do not need that dammit Jack! Especially two damn mafia families!" Greg handcuffed him and the gang walked back to the SUV and put him in very back . They all got in and rode off back to the station.

A man in a green polo shirt and khakis put a finger to his ear and spoke quietly. "The informant has been taken into custody."

A long black haired caucasian man with a clean shaven face nodded. He sat in a limo, a bottle of Scotch to the left of him in the limos cabinet.
"Good work, I'll be sure to let Alonzo know. I want you to clean up this mess. Don't kill anybody else in that SUV except Jack. I want to deal with Johnathan myself. Me and Alonzo do."

"What about the others?"

"Like I said...Only Jack. Do not fail me."

"Yes Sir, Mr. Deluca." The green polo man clicked off and got on a motorcycle and sped off towards the SUV

End of Episode 12

[b [i [center Next Episode - The Battle at The Precinct]]]

When an unknown assailant attacks the SUV and kills Jack the gang speeds off back to the precinct to get away

The precinct becomes overrrun by both the Deluca and Rivderchi families and a massive firefight commences

Saiapentes Gladius soldiers break into Mayor Garys home where Kravic interrogates him with questions about Intel

Intel is contacted by Vlagan and given a very enticing offer.

Carlyle locates Ace and Gilesh but both are badly injured and nearly dead in an alley

[i Until next time on...] [bThe Day Will Come]
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[h3 [b [i [center Episode 11 - The Voice]]]]

It had been a whole day after the incident in Egypt and the case Langley and Daley were working on. The pilot landed the plane back at the SG airfield and turned off the plane. Vlagan was awake at this point tied up. "This is ridiculous." He said.

Greg called Daley. "Alright we're home...But it's been bothering me, the lying has." he said to her looking at Vlagan who looked annoyed. "We never did have a job with Interpol, we ended up being roped into a plan with Vlagan to steal a piece of the cube from a pyramid in Egypt."

"What?! You guys are with Vlagan?! Why didn't you tell us the truth from the star Greg?" Daley asked.

Langley was with her, she stayed at Daleys place for the night. "Vlagan? What's going on Daley?"

Back on the plane Vlagan nodded. "Look. I'm sorry I betrayed you guys at the end. Let me go and this'll all be over." He said.

"Is that him?" Langley asked who had the phone now.

Greg closed his eyes in annoyance. He didn't want to deal with Langley of all people. "Yeah it is Langley. We have him tied up. He tried to ditch us back at the airport in Memphis."

"You do realize this is an advantage right? I know you only guys only did this to get a piece of the cube, but now you also have one of the worlds most dangerous terrorists." Langley said.

"Langley we can't have him arrested just yet. He's the only one who has any whereabouts of the pieces." Greg told her.

"Ahem." Johnathan showed Greg the flash drive.

"We need them both arrested...Kravic and Vlagan, if Kravic gets wind of this he'll start a damn war across the city and with the FBI and NYPD." Greg said.

"I'm willing to take that chance Greg. It'll bring him out in the open. Don't move. I finished tracing the call and sent the address to the FBI. Please understand this man is a monster who needs to be locked away." Langley said.

"What if you can't lock this monster away?" Johnathan asked. He held his gun in his right hand.

"If you're talking about killing him Johnathan...I won't blame you, he has put you through so much and I can sense that anger within you but please understand that if you do this, once the FBI gets there you'll be arrested as well." Langley said over the phone.

"I wouldn't blame you either." Vlagan said. "Yes I did horrible things that I'm not proud of...But it got me to where I am now."

"Stuck on a plane with the three stooges?" Langley replied.

Johnathan chuckled but his tone changed. "Hey wait a minute!"

"That too...But I'm talking about owning my own empire. The American Dream is real but it requirew sacrifices to be made. Sometimes those sacrifices being very bad. The bombing of times square was one of those sacrifices and don't think I lay in bed and not think about all those people I killed that night because I do. I'm human just like everyone else and I am hitting my limit. I am in my late 60's and I'm not getting any younger. I first heard of The Cube when I was 24 years old. I heard what it could do..." Vlagan said.

Langley was still on the phone. "And then?..." She asked.

"A couple years ago I met Johnathan at Central Park...I could tell he was sad about something. He tells me his wife was and daughter were killed and he was joining the NYPD to find the criminals responsible, so I gave him something better; Killing them. I already had their files and everything and he did...In return he does a full list of jobs for me. Turns out he was a great assassin. He worked together with another elite of ours, Rose McCoy god rest her soul. I never did tell him his jobs after his vengance were linked to The Cube. I regret betraying him but this wasn't his fight. I knew where to shoot him...I knew you guys would take care of the situation. Turns out I created a monster." He said looking at Johnathan. "Either you'll be my downfall or it will."

"It? What it?" Langley and Johnathan asked.

"When I went to my personal doctor after suffering a heart attack recently he did some tests...I came back positive with pancreatic cancer. The Cube is my only hope." Vlagan said chuckling grimly.

Langley was silent. She finally spoke after a minute. "I'll see you guys when you get back. The FBI should be there soon." She hung up and looked at Daley. "Am I doing the right thing? Arresting a man with cancer?"

Daley just looked at her. "I don't know..."

Back on the plane Ryan looked out his window and saw flashes of red and blue. A whole convoy of red and blue flashes. "They're close."

Vlagan just sat back like as if he accepted his fate. His hands were still tied up to the back of the chair.

The pilot shook his head. "I have a son. All I am is a damn pilot."

"Let him go free. It's true. He hasn't killed anyone in his life." Vlagan said.

Soon the flashes of red and blue got closer and emerged from the front. They all stopped in a semi circle around the jet as men in black all stepped out with their guns out. They ran to the door of the plane and opened it. "FBI! Let's see those hands!" The agents aimed them at everyone in the jet and the gang raised their hands except Vlagan. "Area is secure. Bring him in."

Soon Kravic stepped inside the jet and smirked. He looked around him.

"Wait what the fuck?" Greg asked.

"Yeah...I should have mentioned we have some FBI agents in our good graces." Vlagan said.

"I'm not going to kill you guys. Just get in one of the SUVs and an agent will escort you home." Kravic said untying Vlagan.

Johnathan was about to pull out the flash drive but Vlagan grabbed Johnathans arm and stopped him and looked at him and nodded. He let him go.

Greg and Ryan followed Johnathan and they all left with an FBI agent towards Daleys house.

Kravic looked at Vlagan. "You been busy huh? Why wasn't I invited?"

Vlagan stood up. "Because I needed you here keeping things in order." He said showing Kravic the pouch.

Kravic chuckled. "So that's why you grabbed Johnathan. So what, we have another piece?"

"We have another piece...I'll tell you the whole story and it involves demon dogs dogs." Vlagan told Kravic.

They were walking out of the jet together. "Demon dogs?! Must be some story." Kravic said.

They both chuckled and left in Vlagans car he parked here before.

The pilot stepped out of the jet once the rest of the agents left and sighed. He put his finger to his ear. "The FBI has been compromised. There are some moles inside the FBI working for Saiapentes Gladius."

An unknown voice on the other end crackled through. It was the same voice that tipped Johnathan off about the missing evidence at Times Square. "Thank you Agent X. Did you get any footage of the situation?"

Agent X nodded. He put his right index finger to the right outside part of his right eye and gently pushed it to the left. It began to show a string of data only he could see. This was the same type of technology TITAN used for the scientists but sold and modified for FBI, NSA, and CIA agents. The data was then sent to the voice on the phone.

"Thank you very much Agent X. We'll keep in touch." The voice clicked off.

Agent X nodded and left the airfield in his own car.

[h3 [b [i [center Intels Safehouse, Deep in Alyan National Forest, Pocono Mountains]]]]

Intel removed a black cloth bag over a mans head. This man was Gary Francis, the current mayor of New York City.

"Where am I?" Gary asked. His scared eyes darted around the living room of the remote cabin.

"Inside a cabin. That's all I'm telling you. Don't worry I'm not going to kill you Gary." Intel reassured him. "No, I am going to do something better." He said pulling a bottle of bourbon off a bookshelf that had nothing but various bottles of alcohol. He twisted the cap off the bottle and poured two glasses. "Thirsty?"

"My hands are tied up." Gary mentioned to Intel.

"Ah yes. If I untie you will you promise not to run?" Intel asked.

Gary nodded. "I rather not take my chances."

Intel nodded as well and smiled. He untied the mayor and handed him a glass.

Gary sipped on it and set it down. "Why did you kidnap me of all people?"

"Well Gary, I heard you are a very powerful man in New York City and the whole state...I am about to call in the FBI and ask for a ransom of 20 million dollars. If you comply I'll give you 10 million of that."

Gary just stared at Intel. "Usually kidnappers don't pay their captives."

"I didn't just kidnap you for the money Gary. I wanted to ask you for your help. You may have noticed I have been working with a drug known as Skyrofym." Intel said.

"Yes I noticed your spectacle at the convention center. Why would I help you start a damn zombie apocalypse?"

Intel chuckled. "I never wanted to start an apocalypse. I wanted to test it out and I succeeded in mind control. A zombie willing to do anything you ask it to. I want to sell it to the highest bidder. Imagine Gary...You can be president with that kind of power. Work for me and I can make that happen."

Gary thought for a while. He looked back at Intel and sighed. "What's your plan?"

Intel smirked. "A company called CELL Corporations operating from a mountain town in California want the drug. They want to test it out on the town...But only when I give the go ahead. Once the town becomes infected and gets quarantined I'll contact you. Let the panic do the talking, let the news do the talking, and let you do the talking. Give a big speech about how you're going to fund the town and help the survivors in safe zones of the town and start a charity. This'll get others to donate to that charity...When it reality all the money is going into an off shore account. It'll have to be yours though because I don't exist."

Gary gulped a bit and looked down. "And what will the money be used for?"

Intel leaned in and whispered in his ear.

Gary looked at Intel surprised. He was about to put the glass he had in his hand kn the kitchen sink.

Intel showed him the blueprints. "First we'll need to build a private facility. Then hire some scientists...And then build this..." Intel said pointing at the machine on the blueprint. "Are you in? Also don't go in the kitchen. For your own safety."

Gary nodded and looked at the blueprint. "Where did you get these?"

"Are you in?" Intel asked again avoiding the question.

Gary nodded. "Fine...I'm in. If you can pull this off then I am definitely in."

Intel smiled. "You are making a wise choice Mr. Mayor. Use that 10 million to buy a piece of land in Alaska. I'll use my 10 million to mass produce the drug." They both shook hands. Soon Intel called the FBI on an old rotary phone and notified them about the kidnapping and demanded 20 million dollars. "If you do not comply with this request I will personally level New York City with a dirty bomb. You thought the Times Square Incident was bad? I'm worse."

The head of the FBI division in New York State was on the other end. "Where do you want us to make the drop?" She asked.

"Leave it under the lone Cherry Blossom tree in Central Park. My associate will then pick it up and make the delivery. No ambushes either. I have eyes all over." Intel said.

"And you'll guarantee the mayors safety?" She asked.

"I always keep my word." He hung up the phone and ripped it out of the wall.

Soon a man arrived at the safehouse holding a metallic black briefcase. "I wasn't followed. Looks like they kept their word."

Intel nodded taking the briefcase. He then pulled out a giant wad of cash from his pocket. "You did good. Lay low until you are needed again."

The man nodded leaving the area.

Intel gave the mayor half of the money and patted his back. "Remember. Dispose of that money as quick as possible into some decent land in Alaska. Don't want the FBI asking questions on why or how you have 10 million all of a sudden.

The mayor nodded and was given a map that lead out of the forest. He left back to New York City.

Intel fixed his black tie on his black and white suit. Wiped his aviators and put them back on and left.

A few hours later FBI arrived at the cabin. They were accompinied by SWAT members. They all stormed the cabin and looked around for Intel. Suddenly a wire snapped loose when an FBI member entered the kitchen. Before anyone knew it the cabin exploded and went up in flames. Intel was far enough from the cabin to be seen but he could still hear the explosion. He smirked and walked off.

[h3 [b [i [center Daleys House - New York City]]]]

Greg, Johnathan, and Ryan were let inside by Daley. She hugged Greg and nodded to the other two.

"Well dummy here lost the pouch with the pieces to The Cube." Greg said.

"What?!" Langley asked standing up.

Johnathan put his hands on his hips and stood there. "Vlagan must have pickpocketed me. I have a flash drive with the known whereabouts of the pieces. We gotta get that pouch back though."

"We done broke into their base too many times. Our 3 strikes are up." Greg said.

Ryan just stood there until he did the most amazing thing he could have done. "I know I could have shown this on the way home but uh..." He pulled out the same pouch.

"Wait...No way." Greg said. Ryan handed him the pouch and Greg looked through it.

"The pouch Vlagan has is actually bits of broken gold colored glass. While Johnathan and I switched shifts on keeping an eye on Vlagan I picked through Johnathans pockets and switched the pouches while he slept. I knew Vlagan would do something like this so before we left to Egypt I made the decoy." Ryan said.

"I could kiss you right now." Johnathan said.

"Yeah...Don't do that." Ryan said. "So...Your guy's turn." He said to Langley and Daley.

"Yeah. The Robotic Arm story!" Johnathan said excited.

"Well ever heard of TITAN?" Langley asked.

Johnathan nodded. "Of course. My wife worked there before her murder."

"Woah hold up! Your wife was an employee at TITAN?" Greg asked Johnathan.

"Yeah. She was a scientist there. Couldn't tell me much about her job but all that mattered was we were good on money." Johnathan said.

"Interesting...Well back on subject, Daley and I were given this case by the FBI and we go there and meet up with the CEO...Maria Ashwell. The security is super tight there and when we were finally let in we go through this giant office all the way to a lone elevator that lead to the fun part; The Tech Sector. There we see a scientist by the name of Marlowe Brays imapled on a giant robotic arm which he created."

"I know Marlowe...Well at least my wife does. We had him over for dinner a couple times. It's a shame he was turned into a murder case." Johnathan said.

"Huh. Small world I guess...Anywho it wasn't anyone who worked there. Turns out it was Marias son. He had access to the entire building and killed Marlowe because he was thinking about leaving the company and taking his patent with him." Daley said.

"Elias did this? Is he in custody right now?" Johnathan asked.

"Well...I kind of shot and killed him. He was about to kill his mom and then aimed it at me when I intervened." Langley said.

"Well shit. How did Maria take it?" Johnathan asked.

Everyone just looked at Johnathan like he was a dumbass.

"What?" Johnathan asked.

"That's her son, I'm pretty sure she was heartbroken. She says she doesn't blame me but I know deep down she does. Which reminds me I gotta call the coroner and have him give me a report about Elias." Langley said pulling out her cellphone.

Greg put his right hand on Langleys shoulder. "Listen, it's never gets easier in the line of duty. You acted accordingly and stopped the situation from getting worse. You did good."

Langley smiled. "Thanks Greg. You've always been a good friend."

"What about me?" Johnathan asked.

Langley just chuckled and smiled at Johnathan as well. "You too." She called the coroner and talked to him for a while.

Johnathan sat on Daleys couch and Ryan sat by him.

"Daley mind if I raid your fridge for anything to eat? I am hungry." Greg asked.

"Of course! Mi casa es su casa." Daley said. "Oh! Langley and I bought some chinese yesterday. You and the boys can have that."

"Not my orange chicken though." Langley said. She was still on the phone.

Greg nodded and pulled out a container of General Tsos chicken and made himself a small plate. He sat at the dining room table and ate the chicken cold.

"Cold?" Johnathan asked.

"I'm hungry." Greg replied.

Langley got off the phone and gave an annoyed sigh. "Well turns out when the coroner arrived at the cafe, Maria took Elias herself and no one has seen her since yesterday."

"Wait really?!" Daley asked. "Oh my god..." She plopped down on her couch next to Ryan.

"Also I just now realized...What did you mean by Vlagan having the pouch? I thought the FBI arrested him." Langley asked.

"Here's the funny thing. FBI agents paid off by SG were sent instead. Kravic was with them. So yeah..." Greg said.

"God dammit!" Langley said.

"Don't worry. We'll get them soon." Johnathan said.

"I hope...But for now it's time to report all of this back to Mike. He's been on my ass about you three." Langley said.

"Alright let's go." Johnathan said.

They all got ready and left the house and went back to the 11th precinct.

A plumbing company van was parked across the street from Daleys. A couple of plumbers emerged from the van and walked to Daleys house and picked the lock. They went inside and set their toolbox down and procured what seemed to be a bag of wiretaps A.K.A bugs. They scoured the house and installed the bugs in blind spots and finished within 10 minutes before leaving the house and driving off to do the same to Langleys, Gregs, and Johnathans house.

End of Episode 11

[b [i [center Next Episode - The Hunt for Ace & Gilesh]]]

Liam and his personal FBI roster hunt down Gilesh in order to save Ace

The gang brings Chief Mike up to speed about their adventures and is assigned a new case; hunting down a rogue police officer who has classified information about the NYPD.

Agent X meets up with another member of his organization; Agent Y. They discuss information about The Cube

[i Until next time on...] [b The Day Will Come]
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 101d 22h 18m 9s
[h3 [b [i [center Episode 10 - The Break Out/A Titan of a Murder Case]]]]

Hayod entered the giant square room where Vlagan sat on a char in the middle. He stared at Hayod and his guards as they walked towards him. "Good whatever the hell it is out there. You'll never know." Hayod paced around the room chuckling. He stopped on his right foot and turned it towards Vlagan as his body turned towards him as well. "Finally decide to tell me where the other pieces to this cube are?...Or am I going to have to get physical?"

Vlagan spat on the ground near Hayods feet. "Fuck off buddy, The Cube is mine. I've been searching for it all my damn life and I'm not going to let some crazy prison guard take that away from me."

Hayod laughed and grabbed Vlagan by the throat before pushing him down onto the ground. He untied the the bindings on Vlagan and pulled him up from the fallen chair. "Get him out of here. Bring Greg in here."

Hayods men nodded and escorted Vlagan back to his cell which was shared with Johnathan. They shut the cell doors and went to Gregs cell and grabbed him before leading him to Hayods interrogation room.

"So uh...How'd it go?" Johnathan asked.

Vlagan sighed. "I didn't tell him."

"You do realize when they interrogated me they took the flash-drive right?" Johnathan asked..

Vlagan closed his eyes and slumped to the floor. "I forgot about that..."

"We need to get out of here." Ryan said, his cell was across from theirs.

"Yeah and how do we do that?" Vlagan asked him.

"I thought you guys were some master assassins or some shit." Ryan replied.

"That doesn't mean we know how to break out of an impenetrable prison." Johnathan said. "Wait...Maybe if we cause a ruckus, like you and I have a disagreement and it gets out of hand and the guards run here to stop it. We kill them or knock them out, whatever happens in that moment...And we steal the keys, and their weapons. We pull a straight up revolution."

Ryan nodded. "That could hopefully work."

Greg was led back to his cell which was shared with Ryan.

"I guess we'll have to see what's on the flash-drive then. Once we do do that we'll release you three." Hayod said.

"At least we get to be free right guys?" Ryan asked.

"Oh I'm sorry, I never said free. You will be released from here, dead. Have a good day gentlemen" Hayod smiled.

"Man fuck that guy." Greg said. He was wiping blood from his busted lip.

Once the guards were gone Johnathan explained the plan to Greg and Greg nodded.

"I hope you realize we are going to have to kill our way out of here." Greg told him.

"Yeah I know...That doesn't bother you does it?" Johnathan asked.

"To be honest, no, no it doesn't. These guards are corrupt and need to be put down. It's self defence technically."

"Alright lets start. Uh...What do I say?" Vlagan asked.

"I don't know, say something bad about my hair?" Johnathan asked.

"I'm bad at this...You go." Vlagan replied.

"If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have gotten in this mess! Pulling open that sarcophagus caused this whole scenario!" Johnathan told Vlagan.

"Oh yeah? Well I'm not the one who handed the damn guards the pouch like it was the key to the fucking city!" Vlagan retorted.

Some guards in a break room at the end of the corridor overheard the conversation. "What's going on?"

The other guards shrugged and continued to listen.

"You know your ego about this fucking cube has got you so obsessed we might die here because of it!" Johnathan continued.

"Yeah? Well tough shit Johnny Boy! Because I'm the boss man!" Vlagan continued.

Johnathan punched Vlagan in the face and cringed. "That wasn't meant to happen. I'm sorry I just get triggered when people call me Johnny Boy."

"It's okay. It's okay." Vlagan said rubbing his face. He knocked some stuff down in the cell and the two began to yell and pretend to hit eachother and make loud noise.

The guards from the break room ran down to the cells and yelled at them. "Stop this at once!" One unlocked the cell door and the rest ran inside.

Johnathan and Vlagan immediately stopped "fighting" and attacked the guards knocking them out. They each grabbed an AK-47 and unlocked the cell holding Greg and Ryan before handing them AK-47s.

"Lets do this." Ryan said.

Hayod looked over at the camera and yelled. "Damn it! We have an escape in progress! Commence the lockdown!" He pulled a big red lever near the monitors and an alarm began to blare loudly.

A group of guards confronted the three and aimed their weapons.

Johnathan and Greg took cover and shot at the guards while Vlagan and Ryan shot from the open cells.

The guards died and the three were able to continue on.

"We have to get the flash drive!" Vlagan said.

They ran through another corridor and confronted more guards before putting them down and continuing on. Other prisoners were cheering them on.

Hayod was looking through the files as quickly as possible. He unplugged the flash-drive from the computer and made a run for it towards the exit.

"Stop!" Johnathan said shooting at Hayod.

Hayod luckily dodged the bullet and arrived at the exit. He typed in a code and the armored door open. "See you in another life!" He laughed as he turned around to a few gun barrels pointed at him. It was the Egyptian Presidents private army.

"Hayod. We have received from an anonymous tip that you have kidnapped 3 Americans." A soldier said.

Johnathan and the rest ran out of the opening and had their hands up after laying the weapons down.

"They destroyed the great pyramid of Hidjak!" Hayod retorted.

"No they didn't, a trap did. You should have been doing your job better at watching the pyramid. Maybe it would still be standing. President Amir is grateful it is destroyed as he said he always felt a great evil from it."

Johnathan quickly snatched the flash drive from Hayods hands and the guards noticed.

"What is that in your hand American?"

"These are my precious memories, of my family, my childhood, my friends, and this monster wanted to take away the only thing I had left of them." Johnathan pretended to act sad.

"Come with us Americans. We will take you to the airport where you will be transferred back to the United States of America, as for you Hayod...The bathrooms in the Presidents Palace could sure use a good deep cleaning."

The three of them were lead to the airport where the guards waved at them. "Come visit us anytime. I promise, no prison time next time." He chuckled walking off with the other guards.

Vlagan waved at his pilot who waved back. "Ahhh he's such a loyal member."

The three of them were about to step on but Johnathan realized something. "The pouch! Shit!"

"Don't worry Johnathan." Vlagan said holding the pouch. "I snatched it off of him during interrogation."

"Oh thank god." Johnathan said about to grab the pouch. Vlagan backed away and stepped on the stairs of the plane. "Hey what the fuck?"

"I'm sorry Johnathan...But this is where our teamwork ends. I'm sure you have the money to get a commercial flight back to America." Vlagan smirked and stepped onto the plane as he also waved the flash-drive around too. The doors slowly closed and the plane started.

Johnathan had to think quick. He ran in front of the plane and stalled the pilot.

"Sir, Johnathan is standing in front of the plane...Do you want me to run him over and continue?"

"What? No! He's highly valuable." Vlagan sighed and opened the doors. "Loo-"

Greg slammed his head against the metal doors and knocked him out before the two of them boarded the plane. Greg grabbed Vlagans gun and entered the cockpit before sitting down aiming it at the pilots head. "Fly bitch."

"W-what?" The pilot asked.

"I don't think you heard me." Greg said cocking the gun. "I said [b FLY BITCH]" He said annoyed.

The pilot started to move the plane across the runway. Once he gained enough speed he took off towards America.

[h3 [b [i [center New York - TITAN Technologies]]]]

Langley and Daley arrived at the massive building in Manhattan. It was a fancy looking building that looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. They were let in by a security guard outside and walked over to the receptionist. "Hello, NYPD." Langley said showing her badge.

"I thought the FBI was being sent, not some cops." The man said.

"Unfortunately the FBI is handling their own case so they have teamed up with the NYPD and granted temporary rights...Also I'm not just some cop, I'm a detective." Langley said.

"Okay...Hold on one moment please." The receptionist picked up the desk phone and pressed a button. "Ma'm. They're here." He hung up and smiled. "Mrs. Ashwell will be with you shortly."

Soon a fit ebony lady in her 50's with short black hair stepped out of the lobby elevator and walked towarsds the officers. She extended her left arm towards the two and smiled. How do you ladies do? My name is Maria Ashwell. The CEO of TITAN."

Langley shook her hand. "Hello Mrs. Ashwell, I heard you have a very dire situation on your hands?"

"Yes we do. I don't mean no offense but I was hoping the FBI was taking the case, not the NYPD." Maria said.

"We are working together with the FBI on a separate case and they gave us temporary rights. They sent us the case file and told us everything." Daley said.

"Well that fixes that issue. Follow me please. " Maria said.

They followed her to a big frosted glass double door at the end of the lobby. She put her eye to the scanner and the scanner opened up revealing a second scanner. She put her hand on it and it slid open once again this time revealing a code entry system. She typed in the code which opened the last scanner open. A keycard scanner. Maria pulled out a card and put it against the scanner which opened the door. It also reset the code.  Finally the door slid open and Maria gestured them to follow her.

"Holy shit." Langley mouthed to Daley. Surprised at the security measures it takes just to enter the work area. They both followed her inside.

"This is the office area. The technology sector is just ahead through the elevator across from here." Maria said as they trekked along through the enormous work area. They arrived and she put the same keycard over the scanner and it opened the elevator. They all went inside and it went down. It arrived moments later on the bottom floor and opened revealing a grey room with bright white walls and all sorts of technology in various rooms on both sides of the sector. In the middle was a giant robotic arm with an employee impaled through it.

"What the hell..." Langley said.

"This is a robotic arm, the real product is smaller than this, this is our finished prototype and we decided to keep it in the center as a reminder of our great achievments. The arm can do multiple things including surgery. Perfect surgery. We had it tested on a death row inmate who needed open heart surgery." Maria said.

"You...You test on death row inmates?" Langley asked.

Maria just stared at Langley with a blank expression. "They're going to die anyway, so why not die in the name of science?" She gave that same smile she did earlier and walked off to one of the rooms.

Langley and Daley looked at eachother. "Let's get some pictures taken." Daley said. They both snapped pictures of the victim and a scientist quickly rushed by.

"Woah woah! No pictures, sorry but this is classified information and nothing leaves this building." The scientist said.

"Fine." Langley said deleting the pictures. "Can we get someone to bring the poor man down? We need to investigate his body."

The scientist nodded and walked over to a control panel in a glass room on the left of the arm. He pulled a bright red lever down. The big arm lowered itself just enough for the employee to be taken down. He was laid on the ground as he had a gaping hole through the middle of his chest.

"Oh jesus..." Langley said. She looked at the man and pulled out his wallet from his left white coat pocket. "Marlowe Brays. 43 years old, Robotic Arm Engineer...So he works on this? This is his job?"

The scientist nodded. "Yeah, sort of. He actually built it."

"Wait he built this? The same thing that killed him?" Langley asked.

"How very Frankensteins Monster this case has become." Daley said.

"It couldn't have been anyone from outside. That damn security system seems state of the art and required multiple different scans." Langley said.

"Uhh Langley...Look at Marlowes right eye, something is flashing on it." Daley pointed at Marlowe.

Langley bent down and grabbed a pair of tweezers from her purse and gently pulled the flashing thing from Marlowes eye. It took a good pull since it was on there tight. It was a special type of contact lens. "What is this?"

"That's a biometric contact lens. Every scientist who works in this building has one. They are not meant to be taken out but that is what Mrs. Ashwell used for the first scanner. The second one requires a handprint...So we have to get a special chip put in our hands for it to work. The third is the code entry system which is obvious, but that only opens up the card reader. If anyone was able to get past the first three scanners and use the card with their own hand instead of an employees which most do use their own hand without thinking...It just doesnt scan the card. It scans your hand again. Any unauthorised person using it will then set off the alarm and the code will reset." The scientist said.

"So there is definitely no way anybody from outside could have done this...This was an inside job." Langley said.

"Maybe the arm malfunctioned?" Daley asked.

Maria walked by and stopped in front of them. "It never malfunctioned like this during it's final stages and never once malfunctioned after being finished."

"How about hacking?" Langley asked.

"Inpossible. The arm is controlled by a control panel connected to a seperate system down here. So that means..." The scisntist looked at the control panel.

"That means..." Maria also said.

Langley sighed and pursed her lips. "That means someone controlled the arm and used it to kill Marlowe."

Maria looked at Langley is disbelief. "You're not saying one of my employees did this are you?"

The scientist looked at Maria. "They have a point Mrs. Ashwell. No one could possibly have access to this sector except for the employees on this floor. Unless he was killed and then placed on the arm...No, security is too tight for that...And still that requires entry to here..."

"Not exactly." Langley said. "What if a scientist didn't murder him? The door with all the security measures only leads to the office workspace, not the technology sector...Which only requires a keycard."

"I just realized the scanner to the elevator doesn't have the secret biometric scanner added to the keycard scanner." The scientist said.

"So somebody from the office could have stolen one of the keycards and used it to enter this area." Maria chimed in. She looked annoyed.

"When me and Daley went over Marlowes body we couldn't find a keycard."

"Yeah he came and told me about that...So I let him in when he needed to be inside until we got a replacement." The scientist mentioned.

"The office is too massive to go and search for a damn keycard and an employee that has it." Maria suddenly perked up after what she said and looked surprised. "The biometric lens." She said.

"What?" Langley asked.

"The biometric lens the company provides also records everything the user sees. It's then added to a secure private folder for each user." Maria said.

"I heard you can't really take these out so does it record everything?" Langley asked.

Maria shook her head. "Once you leave the building the thing stops working until you return again."

"The lens is broken though. It's all glitching out..." Daley said.

"As I said, the lens sends video files to a secure folder for each user. The account is only accessible to me. This way I know the employees are working and not dozing off around dangerous technology or stealing secrets. I have yet to see Marlowes though." Maria said.

The four of them went to an office Maria had on the sector. She pulled up a laptop and quickly went to checking around her room and panicking "Someones been in here."

"What's the issue?" The scientist asked.

Maria turned her computer around. Every video file was gone.

"Oh shit." The scientist said.

"I thought the folders were secure?" Langley asked.

"Unless you knew the master password. There's only one person who knows that." Maria said beginning to tear up.

"Who?" Daley asked.

"My damn son." Maria said starting to cry.

"Does your son have access to this sector Maria?" Langley asked.

Maria nodded. "I planned on giving him the business after I retired, so I gave him all the credentials in order to prepare him. I don't know why he would kill Marlowe though! Marlowe and him seemed to be good friends."

"Where can we find your son Maria?" Langley asked.

"We're supposed to be meeting eachother at a cafe a few blocks from here. I'll send you the address. Please let me talk to him first. I want his confession myself." Maria said wiping away her tears.

Langley nodded. "Understood Maria. What do you want us to do with the body?"

"We have employees of this sector sign a form when they do become an employee of this sector, a bit of a questionnaire...There's one part where you mark yes or no if you want your body donated to science. Marlowe marked yes. He has a rare type of disease in the brain which he wants to be tested on." Maria said.

Langley nodded. Once Marlowe was bagged he was carried to a room across the sector which looked and acted like a morgue but was meant for bodies donated for the name of science.

Maria left the sector and then the building, along with Langley and Daley.

[h3 [b [i [center Raymonds Café]]]]

Langley and Daley arrived at the Cafe and watched as Maria went and took a window booth. It wasn't long until another person pulled up and stepped out. He looked to be in his late 20's. He walked in the cafe and sat across from Maria. "Must be her son."

Daley nodded. She kept a close eye on the two.

[h3 [b [i [center Inside Raymonds Café]]]]

"Hey mom, how you doing?" Marias son asked.

"I'm okay Elias." Maria told him.

"You don't look okay, anything bad happen today?" Elias asked.

"Yeah, Marlowe was found dead this morning. Killed by his own creation."

Elias looked surprised. "I'm sorry to hear that mom, did y'all catch the murderer? Marlowe was a good man."

"No we still ain't caught him yet. We were about to but somebody broke into my computer and deleted all the video files on all my employees." Maria started to sound annoyed.

"I thought you said your stuff was secure." Elias replied. He was about to order something to drink and eat but Maria put her hand up to tell the waitress no food or drinks today.

"They was...Only the master password can access them in case I'm not around. Something you wanna tell me Elias?"

"You don't think I killed Marlowe do you mom?..." He stopped and stared at her. "Oh my god you do. You actually think I killed him!" Elias was about to stand up.

"Sit down boy." Maria said.

Elias sat back down and stared at her angrily. "I didn't kill him."

"You the only other one who knows that password."

"Maybe your shit ain't as secure as you thought it was!"

"I also found this." Maria pulled out a lapel pin with angel wings and a heart in the middle with the initials EA on it. "I had this engraved with your initials because you were always my little angel."

Elias sat back and sighed. "Marlowe had it coming. He was gonna leave the company and he planned on taking the robotic arm patent with him. I couldn't let him get away with out company secrets so I had to act fast. I invite him to the technology sector and planned on throwing him a private goodbye party just between the two of us. He was obsessed with that fucking machine of his...So I had an advantage. Why not have the thing that he cherished the most be his downfall? While he was preoccupied with doing calibrations he had me go to the control board to check if everything was working. Let's just say it was. I had the arm grab him and use the drill function. It's really poetic really. Is that what you wanted to hear mom?"

"Oh my god..." Maria said.

"Wait knowing you and the company someone would be investigating this." Elias said. He looked over at noticed Langleys car. "That cars been parked over there quite a while now. Did you set me up?!"

A few patrons looked over at the two

"I told them I wanted to confront you first." Maria said.

"I cannot believe this! I am not going to prison for saving your damn company you stupid bitch! I did this for you! [b FOR YOU!]" He stood up and pulled out a pistol and aimed it at his mother.

"Shit! It's go time!" Langley and Daley quickly got out of the car and rushed into the cafe with their guns drawn. "Drop the weapon Elias! It's over!"

Elias quickly aimed his gun at Langley and was about to pull the trigger but everything happened too fast. Elias was shot by Langleys gun. It hit him square in the heart knocking him over onto the cafe floor.

"Elias!" Maria said scrambling over to his bleeding body. She pushed the gun out of harms way

"I just wanted to save your company mom...Even if that means killing someone."

"I know Elias...I know..." Maria said tearing up as she held her bleeding son.

"I love you mom...Forever and ever..." was Elias' last words before he closed his eyes one last time.

Maria started to cry. "As do I....Why did you gotta go and be a dumbass?! [b WHY?! I DON'T CARE ABOUT MY FUCKING COMPANY! I WOULD BURN IT TO THE DAMNN GROUND IF IT MEANT THAT THESE EVENTS NEVER HAPPENED!]"

"I'm really sorry Maria..." Langley said.

"Just go." Maria said coldly.

"He was going to shoot you! He was given a warning before he turned it on me. I had no choice." Langley replied.

"I don't blame you. You were just doing your job...But please...Just go."

Langley nodded and went outside. She phoned the coroner and left with Daley.

Daleys phone buzzed and she answered it while they were in the car.

"Hey there! On our way back home." Greg said

"About time! The gang missed you three." Daley replied.

"And we missed the gang." Greg replied back. He still had the gun pointed at the pilot with his free hand. Johnathan keeping an eye on the pilot while Ryan was with Vlagan.

"We had a helluva day too with a murder case" Daley said.

"Oh yeah? Do tell?" Greg replied.

"Let's just say it involves a robotic arm and it's creator." Daley said.

"You ain't gonna tell me the whole story? Now I'm interested. Even Johnathan is over here acting like a damn child because he heard the word 'Robotic Arm'" Greg said.

"It's a long story. We'll tell you guys when you get back." Daley said.

"It's a deal then." Greg hung up. He continued onwards to New York.

[h3 [b [i [center TITAN Technologies]]]]

Maria arrived at the building and walked through the lobby with Elias in her arms. The building was closed and the security don't ask her questions. She set him down and did the scans and went through the empty office before putting her card over the elevator scanner and going down. She went to the room across the technology sector and put Elias in one of the freezer storage lockers. "You are going to do great things Elias. Amazing things. I promise." Maria said with a blank expression. She closed the freezer storage locker before everything went to black.

[b [center END OF EPISODE 10]]

[b [center Next Episode - The Intel]]

[center When Intel resurfaces he kidnaps the mayor of New York City and holds him for ransom]

[center Greg and the gang returns safely and tell Langley and Daley the truth, which the FBI gets wind of and closes in to arrest Vlagan from the jet]

[center The coroner that Langley contacted informs her that witnesses claim that Maria took Elias' body from the scene]

[center [i Until next time on...]]
[center [b The Day Will Come]]
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 1y 155d 16h 11m 50s
[h3 [b [I [center Episode 9 - The Buried Piece]]]]

[h3 [b [I [center RECAP]]]]

Greg confronts Eli about his involvement with Roses mysterious murder

Johnathan and Langley calmly defused a dangerous situation at a convenience store

Liam and his men arrived to take Ace back home but Gilesh showed and had other plans and ends up taking Ace with him

A strange phenomenon occurred inside the evidence room at the 11th precinct police station


Greg walked through the doors holding a travel mug in his hand. He rubbed his tired eyes with his free hand and yawned. "Okay...So what did I need to badly see at 1 in the morning  Ryan?"

Ryan and his graveyard shift team pointed at the evidence room.

Greg turned towards it as he was sipping on his coffee. He slowly moved the mug away from his mouth and stared at the evidence room door as a golden light emitted from the cracks. "What the fuck?..."

"Should we go inside?" Paris, an African American female cop asked.

"No. Ryan, come here real quick," Greg told Ryan.

Ryan walked over to Greg. "What is it?"

"Did Johnathan ever come by here and go inside the evidence room?" Greg asked.

Ryan nodded. "Yeah, he dropped something off in a pouch why?"

Greg and company quickly turned towards the evidence room as the golden light turned to a bright red. A sharp shriek emitted from the light as everyone covered their ears and got on their knees as the sound intensified before the red light became brighter and brighter before disappearing.

Greg and the rest of the group stood up and looked at each other confused. "What the hell just happened?!"

Ryan shook his head. "I don't know."

Greg ran into the surveillance room and noticed the guard was asleep. "Even slept through this shit?" He asked himself before clapping his hands real loud.

The guard jumped up. "Oh crap sorry Greg. Didn't get much sleep."

"Yeah? Well neither did I Davis. Check the video footage from the evidence room please. I need footage from the recent hour and from when Johnathan entered it." Greg said.

Davis skimmed through the footage and watched as Johnathan entered the evidence room and sat down a big pouch on the third shelf to the left before locking the locker door to the shelf. He left the room.

"Now the recent hour." Greg said.

Davis nodded and skimmed all the way to the recent hour. He nearly jumped back when a bright light covered the entire evidence room. It seemed to emit from the pouch.

"Don't fucking tell me..." Greg said as he left the surveillance room and used his master key to unlock the door to the evidence room. He went inside and everything seemed normal. He grabbed the pouch and opened it as a few pieces to the cube lay inside it. "Fucking Johnathan..." He locked up everything and left the evidence room.

"So what was it?" Ryan asked.

"It was nothing." Greg said as he started to walk towards the front entrance.

Ryan stopped him. "Bullshit Greg. What's with the pouch?"

Greg sighed and turned towards him. "It's a long story...I'll tell you over lunch tomorrow." He said before leaving.

Ryan just stood there and pursed his lips. "Okay then." He went back to work.

[h3 [b [center [I The Next Day - SG HQ]]]]

Vlagan entered the building and smiled. Kravic followed behind him. "Oh it is good to be back! So what'd I miss?"

Kravic looked down at the ground and looked up. "Well, and you are gonna laugh at this one...You remember the pieces we had?"

Vlagan nodded. "Yeah?...Wait what do you mean by 'had'?"

"Well turns out Johnathan somehow got in and stole them!" Kravic said.

"You said I was gonna laugh at this but [b I'M NOT FUCKING LAUGHING!]" Vlagan yelled out.

Kravic just stared at him. "Calm down Vlagan! You just got out of the hospital! Look it isn't no big deal, we will get them back."

"I have to get to Egypt soon anyway. Please change the codes while I'm gone."

Kravic nodded. Vlagan took the elevator to the top floor where his office resided.

[h3 [b [I [center Johnathans House]]]]

Johnathan was on his laptop in the living room. He looked up from his computer when he heard the doorbell. He sat the laptop down on the couch and opened the door. "Why the hell do I always have officers at my door?" He asked Greg and Ryan before chuckling.

Greg just glared at him before pulling out the pouch from his left jacket breast pocket. He and Ryan stepped inside.

"Hey that's-"

Greg stopped Johnathan. "The pieces to what could or couldn't be the cause of the end of the world?"

"I was gonna say the pieces to the cube but yeah...Why do you have it?" Johnathan asked.

Greg got closer to Johnathan until there was barely any space between them. "This damn thing just did some crazy mythical shit in our evidence room! This shit lighted up the whole room! Half of the graveyard shift has to get checked for hearing problems because of you!"

"Me? What did I do?" Johnathan asked.

"You put it in the evidence room! Here's a swell idea, Like how about um, I don't know...The fucking chest beneath Saturns home?! Where they are supposed to go?!" Greg asked.

"Look it's evidence right?" Johnathan asked.

"This isn't just evidence! How did you get these in the first place?!"

"I snuck into SG and had some help stealing them." Johnathan said.

"Wait, you snuck into SG and stole these from under their nose?" Greg asked.

"Well no, I had help from a guy named Ace."

"Ace Kavunder? The guy the FBI is searching for? Oh my god Johnathan..." Greg turned from him and put his hand on his forehead.

"Listen, just because the FBI are after him doesn't mean he's a bad guy!" Johnathan told Greg.

"Wait if you snuck in there before then you can do it again! I have the master codes. I bet after your little stunt they upgraded their security system. How did you get in?" Greg asked.

"A card jammer. It broke after we used it though."

Greg sighed. "Lucky you the master code I have should work. Sneak in there again because Vlagan is back."

Johnathan smirked. "Oh is he now?"

"Don't kill him Johnathan, we need him alive." Greg said.

Johnathan nodded.

"I even have the disguise. Was gonna use it for myself but I'm not skilled enough to fight trained assassins." Greg said walking out to his car with Johnathan. He opened the trunk and pulled out a full SG suit. "Courtesy of one Neil Bakerson."

"Neily! Oh I love that guy. About time he leaves that crazy organization." Johnathan said.

"Yeah he's gone. I helped pay for his escape, put him in witness protection, and now he's long gone. In exchange I ask he gives us his suit as a disguise and an entire layout of the building." Greg handed Johnathan the suit. "Use the master code, walk in, find Vlagans office, and apprehend him."

Tetra Square

"Why do I have to wear a wire?" Johnathan asked.

Greg and Ryan were in a delivery van near a small store in Tetra Square. "Because dummy, we need to hear everything this prick says. If he makes even one comment about his involvement with the Times Square bombing then the entire public will know." Greg said.

Johnathan sighed and walked to the back of the SG building. He opened up the security console and pressed the manual code entry button and typed the master code before the back once again. He went inside.

[h3 [b [I [center SG HQ]]]]

Johnathan walked through the lobby as he nervously waved at some of the members. Kravic tapped his shoulder making him jump. He turned around to face Kravic.

"Neil! How have you been? Haven't seen you since the party!" Kravic said.

"Uh...Yeah, I just needed a break after what went down you know?"

Kravic nodded. "Yeah I see what you mean, and also are you okay Neil? Your voice seems different...Ah I guess you finally hit puberty!" He said patting Johnathans shoulder and walking off laughing.

Johnathan breathed a sigh of relief. He saw the elevator that lead to Vlagans office open up as Saturn walked out of it. "Saturn?" He asked himself. He quickly snuck onto the elevator before it closed and locked.

"Hey how about dinner, just the two of us?" Kravic asked Saturn.

Saturn turned towards Kravic. "Sorry, I don't have dinner with other people who torment me." She said before leaving.

Kravic pursed his lips and stared at the ground before putting his hands in his pockets.

[h3 [b [I [center SG HQ - Penthouse]]]]

Johnathan exited the elevator and entered the office. He made sure it was empty before heading over to Vlagans computer. "Okay. Where is your expedition files?" He asked himself. He located them and found the locations for the currently known pieces.

The bookcase to the left of Johnathan opened up as Vlagan stepped out. He saw Johnathan. "Are you fucking kidding me right now?"

Johnathan jumped up and pulled out his pistol.

Vlagan quickly vaulted over his desk and smoothly disarmed Johnathan before holstering the gun. "Twice. My men have let you sneak by twice! If you are so hellbent on killing me then do it Johnathan! I'll just be replaced and the search for the cube will still happen!"

Johnathan sighed. "Look, you gotta stop this. This shit is going to drive you mad Vlagan! It already drove two people mad and caused their deaths!"

"You really want to find the pieces before us? Fine, go ahead and copy yourself a copy of the expedition folder. On one condition though," he said before leaning in close to Johnathans chest. "Whoever is listening is a part of this too."

Greg sighed. "That was useless."

Vlagan pulled out a device and put it next to the wire device. He clicked a button as both Greg's and Ryan's phone began to ring.

Greg answered it. "Hello?"

"Ah hello! Sorry, I hate having people listen in. I want everybody to be honest here." Vlagan said.

"Yeah yeah...What do you want?" Greg asked.

"Oh come now. Don't be a negative nancy...I want you and whoever you have with you, along with Johnathan to accompany me to Egypt...In search for a piece."

Johnathan looked at Vlagan. "You really trust us to come with you...What if we steal it?"

"Then by all means...I love a good challenge!" Vlagan said. "What do you say?"

"Look I have a dinner date tonight and well...That'd be rude of me t-"

Vlagan cut Greg off. "Figure it out." Vlagan clicked off. "Go through the bookcase. It has a secret passage that leads outside. I may be kind to let you go but I highly doubt Kravic is."

Johnathan downloaded the files. "Is this the same bunch of files I took from Mueller?"

Vlagan nodded. "Indeed it is. Convince your friends to join us during this trip...As insurance." Vlagan told him. He went to the bookcase and pulled out a specific book and the bookcase opened up. "We leave tonight. Bring the pieces you stole as well."

Johnathan nodded and left the building.

[h3 [b [I [center Johnathans House]]]]

Johnathan, Greg, and Ryan sat in the living room and pondered. Greg was calling Daley.

Daley answered on the other line. "Hello?"

"Hey Daley...I got some bad news...I won't be able to make the date, Interpol called me and want me and Johnathan, along with Ryan to come investigate some suspicious SG activity in Egypt." Greg said.

"Oh that's good news because I won't be able to make it either. I'm working with Langley." Daley said.

Greg nodded. "Alright, I'll make it up to you when I get back." Greg said.

"You better." Daley chuckled and they hung up.

"Okay now that is settled we can go. I got the pieces here as well." Greg said showing Johnathan the pouch. "I think it's a bad idea bringing them with us...Especially with someone like Vlagan."

"It should be fine. We should be fine." Johnathan said. They all got ready to leave.

[h3 [b [I [center Private SG Airfield]]]]

"Good to see you boys made it! The jet is all gassed up, snacks and drinks on board as well meals! Do you have them?" Vlagan asked.

Greg showed Vlagan the pouch and showed him the pieces inside.

"Good good! Alright well let's get going." Vlagan said as the four of them boarded his private jet.

The pilot started the jet up and took off.

[h3 [b [I [center Vlagans Private Jet]]]]

"Okay so where we're going is a pyramid...Not any pyramid mind you, Hidjaks pyramid." Vlagan told them.

"Woah hold on...I really don't feel comfortable going in some dead persons grave...Especially a pyramid." Ryan said.

"Yeah that just screams 'curse waiting to happen!'" Greg chimed in.

"That's where the 6th piece is...It'll be quick! Go in, find the tomb...Grab the piece, and boom! We exit, come back to New York!" Vlagan said.

"Oh boy..." Johnathan said.

[h3 [b [I [center The Next Day - Giza, Egypt]]]]

The group were riding on camels towards the looming pyramid of Hidjak. It was sweltering in the desert. They had on loose fitting clothes.

"Hot as hell!" Johnathan said.

Vlagan rolled his eyes. "Yes, the desert is hot..."

They finally arrived at the pyramid and got off their camels. The key that Greg kept around his neck began to resonate the same high pitch that they heard at the police station.

"Your key is making noises." Vlagan said.

Greg nodded. "Let's go."

The four of them sneakily entered the pyramid while avoiding the security.

The area was lit up and tours didn't begin for another few hours. The corridors led all around the pyramid. They just followed the guided lights towards the tomb.

Once they arrived at the tomb the key got louder and Greg looked at the sarcophagus that lay in the center. "It's in there."

Vlagan laughed. "Haha yes! At last!" He ran to the grave and prepared to open it.

"Uh...Shouldn't we look for traps?" Johnathan asked.

"Who cares? Just help me dammit!" Vlagan said. The 4 of them pulled the top part of the sarcophagus off and laid it down. A mummified Hidjak lay in the sarcophagus along with the 6th piece. Vlagan grabbed it and stared at the golden fragment.

"Uh...Are these SG members?" Johnathan asked pointing at all the mutilated dead bodies.

"No wonder I didn't get any contact back..." Vlagan said.

The pyramid made a loud hum noise as the place started to shake. Shrieks and growls could be heard from deeper in the pyramid.

"We gotta get outta here [b FAST!]" Greg said.

The group began to run back towards the entrance but it got blocked off by debris.

"Shit!" Vlagan said. He looked towards the center of the grave and noticed shadowy grotesque figures emerging from the depths. "What the?!"

"What'd I say?! Curse waiting to happen!" Greg said. He pulled out his gun and shot at the creatures. They just dodged his bullets and ran towards them.

The group stood their ground but were saved by falling debris from the top. It came crashing down on the creatures and Hidjaks grave thus destroying the center as it all fell in the abyss.

A new route to the exit was made by more falling debris. They all ran towards it and then ran through it towards the exit. Once they finally made it out the guards aimed their guns at them. "tjmyd! 'irfe yudik ealya!" One of them said.

"What'd they say?" Ryan asked.

Vlagan put his hands up. "They said to put your hands up."

The group did so.

"'aradna faqat ruyat alharam!" [b ] Vlagan said. "Let me do the talking."

"yjb 'an tantazir aljawlata! ma kan eamalik fi haram Hidjak?!" [b ] The guards asked. They noticed the swaying pyramid and immediately went into action. "alharam aleazim min Hidjak! 'anaha ealaa washk tanhar! yarkd!" [b ] The guards, along with Johnathan and company all ran to a safe distance from the pyramid.

The pyramid came crumbling down as a giant cloud of limestone and sand formed from the damage.

The guards aimed their guns at the group. "What did you just do?!" One of them asked in English. "That pyramid has been there ever since the common era! You just destroyed thousands of years of history!"

"We didn't know it would crumble! Wanna know the truth?" Johnathan asked. "We were in search for this in Hidjaks tomb!" Johnathan said grabbing out a piece from the pouch. "Then we were ambushed by demon dogs or some shit! Then the pyramid started to shake!"

The lead guard took the piece and the pouch and examined them.

"Why did you do that?" Vlagan asked him.

Johnathan looked at Vlagan. "Maybe they'll let us go."

The lead guard pocketed the pouch. "This is interesting...If I am not mistaken these are pieces to a very powerful device. I am sure you didn't mean to destroy Hidjaks tomb but this will make everything better. I hope you'll like your new home!" He said as other guards behind them put their guns against the groups heads. "You four will never see the light of day again. Not where you're going."

"Maybe they'll let us go." Greg said in a sarcastic mocking voice.

The guards knocked the group out with the butts of their rifles and put the bodies in their vehicles before driving off towards their high security prison.

[h3 [b [I [center Ruins of Hidjaks Tomb]]]]

A grotesque shadowy arm popped up from the rubble as a shriek wailed out from underneath.

A figure in a black suit walked towards it and grabbed the arm before making the creatures energy get sucked into the figure making the creature fade away.

[b [center END OF EPISODE 9]]

[b [center Next Episode - The Break Out]]

Johnathan, Greg, Vlagan, and Ryan devise a way to break out of Jugal Prison

The lead guard, Hayod questions Vlagan and the team on the whereabouts of the other pieces

Langley and Daley investigate a  murder of a well respected employee from a company famous for state of the art innovative technology

Charles and Ashley continue their mission to stop Intel

[center [i Until next time on...]]
[b [center The Day Will Come]]
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 1y 155d 16h 6m 8s
[h3 [b [i [center Episode 8 - The Wilted Rose]]]]

Greg arrived back at the lab and went inside. He slammed the syringe down in front of Eli. "Explain yourself."

"Explain myself? What'd I do Greg?" Eli asked him.

"Timmy says you called him in the lab and had him examine the syringe. Did you offer him latex gloves to avoid tampering with evidence?" Greg asked.

Eli sighed. "I did but he declined them...Told me he 'knows what he's doing'" Eli said as he did air quotes at the last part.

"You also lied to me! You never told me Timmy came to your lab to hold the syringe so you can take a photo. Why the lie Eli?"

Eli began to get uncomfortable. "I-"

Greg's phone buzzed and he answered it. "Hello?"

"Hey there Officer Greg, this is Mack from the Morgue. We decided to do another sweep on the body of Rose McCoy and we found traces of some weird substance...Like uh, well actually I don't know..." The cororner said.

Greg sighed and looked over at Eli. "I have a suspect in mind...I'll call you back Mack."

"Gotcha." Mack clicked off.

"Okay here's a photo of a witness took of the incident Rose was poisoned." Greg showed Eli the photo of the hooded figure and Rose. "The figure walks past Rose and discreetly poisons her. She doesn't even notice it. Stand by that wall Eli."

Eli chuckled. "Why?"

"Because I'm about to measure your height." Greg told him.

Eli sighed and pressed his back against the wall behind him. "Happy?"

"Not yet." Greg said as he began to measure Elis height. "5'8...What the hell!" He asked. "Okay you're good. Still don't know why you lied about Timmy."

"I didn't want him to get in trouble for coming here behind your back." Eli said.

Greg chuckled. "Yeah a heads up would have been nice. I'm also out of leads. If Saturn didn't do it, Timmy didn't do it, and you didn't do it...Who the hell did?" He put his left hand to his forehead and rubbed it. "I'm out of leads here Eli..."

Eli put his hand on Greg's shoulder. "Don't beat yourself up man."

Greg sighed. "Well I'm gonna try to keep the case open as long as I can...But for right now I need to go and get Saturn out of holding."

"Saturn...As in Saturn Vermil?" Eli asked.

Greg turned around to face Eli as he put on his jacket. "Yeah, why?"

"She isn't so innocent as she seems." Eli mentioned.

"Believe me Eli, I know...She works for Saiapentes Gladius...But she is an important ally." Greg replied.

"Understood Greg. Good luck on your mission..."

Greg nodded and left the lab. He got in his car and pulled out his phone and sifted through his new text messages.

[b Daley:] Hey Greg! Listen, I have a gift card for 2 over at Marcuzzios Pizzeria. I was wondering if you wanted to join me?

Greg chuckled at the message and talked to himself. "I swear that
place is the where everyone dines." he typed up his reply.

[b Greg:] Sure. It'd be nice to have some relax for a change.

[b [i SEND]]

He drove off towards her house to pick her up.

[h3 [b [i [center The Goodie Stop]]]]

"We have a 10-31 over at The Goodie Stop off of Violet Street. All units please respond." Dispatch said.

Johnathan grabbed the radio was about to respond but Langley took it from him. She clicked the button. "10-4, Officer Madison and Officer Robinson enroute to the location." She slipped the CB radio back in it's holster. "I answer dispatch."

"Pfft, I could have totally done that way better." Johnathan replied.

"Your fourth day on the job you literally gave a 10-1 instead of a 10-4..."

"Fine, you are the queen of the CB police radio. All hail Queen Langley of Police Dispatch." Johnathan said as he bowed down to her.
Langley just laughed and started the car driving off towards the crime.

Johnathan and Langley pulled up in the parking lot of the store and stepped out. She kept the siren off. "Damn I could go for a Peak Fizz right now." Johnathan said.

Langley nodded. "Not until we solve this problem." She and Johnathan entered the building unarmed. "This isn't a bank, it's a small store...You won't accomplish nothing here."

The perp chuckled. "Yeah yeah yeah, I heard it all. Listen...I ain't here to kill nobody! These people are just insurance. I want my daughter to stop dating this sad fuck!"

"Wait, you did all this just so the clerk can stop dating your daughter?"
Johnathan asked. He slowly grabbed for a Peak Fizz and slid it on the counter.

"My daughter won't listen to me and I sure as hell ain't gonna hold her up at gunpoint. This burnout however...This jackass beat my daughter up last night!"

The clerk who looked to be about in his late 20's shook his head. "I didn't do shit Mr. Leeroy, I would never lay a hand on your daughter."

"Hey so can these people...Uh go? I mean come on, all they wanted was to buy something and get out." Langley asked.

Johnathan slowly stepped closer towards the perp while he was talking to Langley.

The perp looked around him and then looked at Johnathan. "The fuck are you doing?"

"Waiting for you to finish with your ridiculous scene so I can buy my fucking soda." Johnathan said.

The perp sighed and looked back at the customers. "Go, all I need is this fucker right here." He pointed at the clerk. "Grab what you want, it's on the house!"

The clerk contested but Langley just glared at him. "Get over it. Your life is more important."

"You gave my daughter a black eye. She told me herself! You and her had a fight last night about something stupid and you just struck her!"
The perp said.

The clerk sighed. "Look, I love your daughter Mr. Leeroy, I do!...At least I think I did until last night! I would never hurt her. She did that to herself, said no one would believe me."

"What, you expect me to believe my princess would hit herself in her eye just to get you into trouble?" Leeroy asked.

"It happens." Johnathan said.

Leeroy struck a sharp glare at Johnathan. "No one asked you."

Johnathan put his hands up. "Sorry...Listen, lower the gun and let's all sort this out with our words...The most powerful weapon of all!"

"Oh dear God help me..." Langley said in a annoyed tone as she rubbed her palm against her forehead.

"Actually, I think a gun is more powerful. One shot one kill, boom no more you. Try that with words." Leeroy mentioned.

"Oh come on you know what I mean! Put the gun down or I will use force." Johnathan said.

"Hey let's not get hasty here...Damn thing isn't even loaded." Leeroy said setting the gun down and sliding over towards the two officers. "Now, let's see how powerful those 'words' are officers...Keith, you have a drinking problem. I know how you get when you can't handle your booze...Hell I was the same with my wife years ago. It was horrible. I drank and drank and abused her...Until I got into AA and got better. Haven't touched the sauce in 17 years Keith, never laid a hand on Maria either. I suggest you do the same, do what I did."

Keith the clerk sighed. He shook his head. "I don't need help Mr. Leeroy, because like I said...I never hurt your daughter!"

Leeroy grunted in anger and turned to the cops. "Okay, I'm done." He turned towards Keith. "If I see you near my family again I'll personally kill you myself."

"Hey ease up on the threats..." Langley said.

"Bite me!" Leeroy replied as he stormed out of the store.

"Shouldn't we arrest him?" Johnathan asked.

Langley shook her head. "Just a disgruntled man, we also have the weapon and now his plates. We'll send a squad car to his house to make sure this doesn't happen again."

Johnathan nodded. He finally slid his soda to the register.

"It's on the house..." Keith said upset.

"Thank you, if you have anymore issues please do not hesitate to contact us." Johnathan said. He and Langley both left.

[h3 [b [i [center Paradiso Di Leonardo]]]]

"Yes, I am still at the same spot as before...Yes, I am doing this so this stupid chase can stop and to avoid endangering anymore lives of innocents." Ace said on the phone.

Carlyle was on the other end. "This is for the best Ace...Stay where you are and this will be swift." he clicked off.

Ace sighed and Winston shook his head. "That was a foolish thing to do..." Winston said.

Ace looked over towards Winston who was cleaning the bar. "It's for the best Winston...Maybe they'll have some sympathy and give me an actual job with them.

"Ace, just remember...No one owns anyone." Winston put his hand on Aces shoulder.

Soon a knock came upon the front door of the restaurant and Ace opened it. It was Liam and Carlyle.

"Mr. President?! At my place of business?! Would you like anything Sir?" Winston asked Liam.

Liam nodded. "A nice soda would be nice with a salad. Mr. Eldersoul do you realize it is against the law to harbor a fugitive?"

Winston chuckled. "Now you didn't legally take him either now did you?" he asked as he worked on the order.

"He would have died if it wasn't for us, this was the only way..." Liam replied.

"Breeding super soldiers?" Winston asked.

"An opportunity anyone would take. I wasn't going to use Ace like some inanimate weapon. He has a soul, we all do. No...He was going to be working among many others who met the same fate as he. A new line of military Mr. Eldersoul."

"A special task force?" Winston stared at him.

"Precisely. Now Ace, please come back with us...Your system isn't properly calibrated yet and you could malfunction at any given moment..." Liam said.

Ace nodded and stood up. Liam grabbed his drink to go and his salad. "Let's go." Ace said. They walked off towards the exit before gunshots penetrated through the wall.

[b "GET DOWN!"] Liam yelled out as he and his men along with Ace and Winston dropped to the floor as the gunfire continued.
It slowly stopped and footsteps could be heard crunching on the broken glass outside. The figure walked inside the building as they held a modified AR-15 rifle.

"Gilesh..." Ace said.

"Gilesh?! What the hell are you doing?!" Liam quickly stood up.

Gilesh chuckled. "Here to collect my bounty of course!"

"Ace is no good to us dead you idiot!" Carlyle said.

"I wasn't going to kill anyone...I just wanted to scare ya'll!"

"Well it fucking worked!" Liam replied. "Also you didn't get to him first, we did! The bounty is voided."

Gilesh snarled. "Really?! After all this you tell me my bounty is void? I
have worked for you for so fucking long as a bounty hunter and this was supposed to be my big catch! I cannot honestly believe this. You know what, how about a major FUCK YOU!" Gilesh threw a beeping canister on the ground as it exploded into a thick cloud of smoke. Once it dissipated Ace and Gilesh were nowhere to be found.

"Son of a bitch!" Liam said. "I think Gilesh just went rogue on us."

"I can activate the tracker we implanted in him when he joined the task force Sir." Carlyle said.

"That's it! Yes, do it!"

Carlyle pulled out his cellphone and opened up the tracking app on his phone. "Uh...It says Gilesh is in the FBI Van." the group ran outside towards the FBI van and Carlyle opened the back. There it was, a lone tiny chip sitting on top of the left longseat of the van along with a note. He picked up the note and read it out loud. "Better luck next time." He threw the note down and sighed. "Yeah they're gone."

Liam groaned. "Oh for fuck sake this is pissing me off. Now we have two rogues on the run! Sorry for the commotion Mr. Eldersoul, I'll see to it that your wall is fixed."

"It's okay, this place seems to be cursed or something." Winston said.

Liam chuckled. "I best be getting back to my presidential duties...Men, keep you eyes and ears open. Only let the public know about
Ace...Keep Gilesh a secret."

Carlyle and his men nodded. "Yes Sir!" They all got in the van and left.

Winston went back inside the building.

[h3 [b [i [center NYPD Police Station, 11th Precinct]]]]

It was very late at night around 12 in the morning. Only a select few of police officers were working at the station today.
A strange light bright golden light emerged from the cracks of the door leading to the evidence room. It got brighter and brighter until it instantly disappeared.

Ryan was one of the officers working the night shift at the station tonight. He witnessed the strange phenomenon and looked very perplexed. He pulled out his phone and called Greg. "Hey I know it's late and all but something very weird just happened in the evidence room..."

[b [center END OF EPISODE 8]]

[b [center Next Episode - The Buried Piece]]

[center Vlagan is able to return back to SG and continue his search for the pieces of The Cube]

[center Kravic notifies Vlagan about what happened with the pieces they had in custody]

[center Johnathan re-infiltrates the SG HQ once he learns about Vlagans return.]

[center Vlagan get's ready to leave for Egypt to retrieve the hidden piece from the great pyramid of Hidjak]

[center Until next time on...][b [center The Day Will Come...]]
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 2y 144d 2h 22m 47s
[h3 [b [i [center Episode 7 - Two Faced]]]]

"Hey there Greg." Eli said.

Greg just sat the syringe down in front of Eli at his lab desk. "You missed a fucking fingerprint on the bottom of the plunger."

"No I didn't, I assumed it was one of your men because the finger print belongs to an officer named Timothy Williams...He is one of your own right? So I just assumed he picked it up without gloves when examining the evidence." Eli replied.

Greg went pale. "Timmy never grabbed the thing when we were at the mansion! Examine this some more while I go have a talk with him."

"You really don't think he killed Rose did you?" Eli asked.
Greg turned to look back at him. "I don't know what to think anymore" He said before leaving.

[h3 [b [i [center Timmys' House]]]]

Greg arrived at Timmy house and got out of his car and knocked on the front door.

A lady in her late 40s opened the door and looked at Greg in confusion. "How can I help you Officer Greg?"

"Hello Mrs. Littleton, is your son Timmy home? I would like to speak with him." Greg replied.

The lady, Margaret Littleton looked at Greg in shock. "My Timothy didn't do anything bad now did he?"

"That's why I'm here ma'am. Can I please speak with him?"
Margaret hesitantly nodded. She let Greg inside. "He's in his room."

Greg nodded and walked up the stairs and towards Timmys room. He knocked on the open door.

Timmy was on his bed playing video games. He turned his attention towards the open door and waved at Greg.

Greg walked in and sat down on the bed. "Remember when we were at Saturn's mansion?"

Timmy nodded. "Yeah, we found that syringe or whatever right?"

Greg nodded as well. "Yeah...Well Eli said he found your finger print on the plunger of the syringe, mind telling me why?"

"Listen, I know what you're thinking but I didn't kill Rose. Eli called me in a few hours after you left and wanted to visit. He asked if I could hold the syringe. I was about to grab it but he wanted me to hold it a specific way...By the plunger." Timmy said.

"He never offered latex gloves? By law you're supposed to wear gloves so situations like...This can be avoided." Greg said.

"No he didn't." Timmy replied.

"Know why he wanted you to hold it anyway?"

"He said he needed a picture of it at a certain angle and when he tried he always fidgeted." Timmy pulled out his cellphone and opened up an app. "I downloaded this app that records phone calls my phone. The most recent was Elis." He pressed the recorded call and it played.

[b Timmy:] Hello?
[b Eli:] Hey Timmy.
[bTimmy:] Hey Eli. What do you need?
[b Eli:] I was wondering if you can come down to the lab. It's lonely down here and I need your help with something.
[b Timmy:] Alright you got it. I'll be down there in a few.

The recording stopped.

"Alright. Thanks Timmy. Listen, if Eli calls again just ignore it." Greg stood up and stretched. "I'm going to have a chat with Eli." He said leaving the house. He waved to Margaret and smiled. "All good here Mrs. Littleton." He got in his car and drove off.

[h3 [b [i [center Paradiso Di Leonardo]]]]

Johnathan walked inside the restaurant and was instantly greeted by Winston and Ace.

"Hey there." Ace said. He was eating some Chicken Alfredo pasta.

"Good day." Winston said, who was wiping drinking glasses at the bar.

"Hey." Johnathan said sitting right by Ace. "Had some crazy guy from SG break into my house and attack me today. I assume he was looking for the cube pieces."

"Good thing they are safely hidden right?" Winston asked.

Johnathan nodded. "Yeah...I guess. Listen, just be careful. SG will
probably be a lot more ruthless now that we have their leverage."

"Thanks for the warning Johnathan." Winston said pouring a patron a drink before handing it to him. "Perhaps we should discuss this somewhere quieter."

"That's all I had to say. Just be careful." Johnathan stood up and walked out of the restaurant.

[h3 [b [i [center Javits Convention Center]]]]

Charles, Ashley, and Liam all returned fire back towards Intel and his men as other FBI agents shot at the zombies.

"Damn it! Intel and his men are too strong!" Ashley said.

"We need to retreat!" Liam said.

"Yes! Retreat! That's all you government assholes do! Never face a problem head on!" Intel said.

"What the hell is the point of zombies in real life!? Are you insane!?" Charles asked.

Intel sighed and pressed the button again, stopping the zombie outbreak. The zombified victims fell dead. "What a pity. At least it works. I have to go now...No following, understand?"

Liam pulled out his pistol and aimed it at Intel.

An FBI Agent stepped in to stop Liam. "Sir, I don't think that's wise."

"Drop the controller." Liam said.

"Oh come on now, you want to vandalize my personal property now? Oh well. I can make another." Intel said dropping the zombie controller.

Liam lowered the gun and grabbed the controller. "This belongs in FBI evidence now."

"Don't even bother with finger prints. I burned all mine away in acid."

Intel said.

"D...Did it hurt?" Liam asked.

"Very." Intel replied. He smiled and walked away with his men.

"At least we're alive...We also have a good amount of survivors and minor casualties." Ashley said.

Charles nodded.

Liam examined the controller and flipped it around. "Now how the hell

did he pull this off?" He asked himself.

"Maybe skyrofym laced nanobites in the vaccines?" An agent asked.

"That's a good idea. Well in that case we better dispose of this. It's too dangerous." Liam said.

It wasn't long until the hazmat team showed up and began to quarantine the convention center. They carried in bulky rectangular objects with a barrel in the middle a hose and
button on the side. Liam handed the commander the controller.
"That's what controlled those zombies. I'd dispose of it so can you please burn that along with the bodies?" Liam asked.
"Will do Mr. President." The hazmat commander said. After the entire area was evacuated he and his men piled the bodies in the middle and then went to the bulky machines and flipped the machines on as they whirred to life as loud as a generator. They circled them around the bodies.
They pressed the buttons as fire erupted from the barrels and burned the bodies, including the zombie controller.

[h3 [b [i [center The Next Day, Alyan - The Cow Factory]]]]

Carlyle was sitting at his usual table. It was about 9:30 in the morning and he woke up about an hour ago, craving coffee.

"Here you go. Sorry for the delay...I'm still shaken up about my friend." Stanley said handing Carlyle his coffee and breakfast.

"Oh don't sweat it. He's in jail where he belongs." Carlyle said sipping his coffee.

"I just can't believe he would do something like that. Child molesters are the worst." Stanley said. He walked off back to the kitchen.

Carlyle sipped more of his coffee and something seemed off from what Stanley said.

Sherriff Stan called Carlyle and he answered his cellphone. "Hello Sheriff." Carlyle said.

"Hey Carlyle, we wanted to update you on Mrs. Vicks case. There are two houses by her house with tall fences. The bullet hole is at an angle so I assume the killer was above high ground. Check both of the houses and see if we can get to the bottom of this." Stan clicked off.

Carlyle nodded and finished up his breakfast. He stood up and left the restaurant.

Stanley watched him leave as he was cooking more food.

[h3 [b [i [center The House Behind Mrs. Vicks House]]]]

Carlyle arrived at the empty house and felt uneasy. He entered the house and looked around. The living room was fully furnished but nothing was out of the ordinary. He heard a vehicle pass by as he looked out the window.

A red truck passed on by to the next house. It parked in the driveway as Stanley stepped out of the truck.

"Stanley?" Carlyle asked. He waited for Stanley to go inside before he left. Once he left the house he snuck to the next one and hugged the wall to the right. He heard the back door slam shut as footsteps could be heard crunching through the backyard until a creaking sound of a basement door could be heard. Carlyle went to the front door and opened it. He walked through the house and towards the backyard and opened the door to make sure Stanley was gone.
Once the coast was clear Carlyle walked up the stairs and arrived in a small room with a sniper rifle against the wall and a perfect view of
Mrs. Vicks home. He heard the back door slam shut as he scrambled to hide.

[h3 [b [i [center Downstairs]]]]

"Now where did I put those board games?" Stanley asked himself.

[h3 [b [i [center Upstairs]]]]

Carlyle slowly opened the window and climbed out and ended up back on the ground. He darted for the basement and stood still for a bit until he could hear faint human noises from beneath. Carlyle quickly opened the doors and descended down the stairs.

[h3 [b [i [center The Basement]]]]

Carlyle stood still in shock. He saw a group of kids all chained to the walls and floor. Some dead from starvation. The survivors looked at Carlyle with pleading eyes. He ran to them and broke the locks on their restraints. "Are you Natalie?" He asked the girl in front of him.

The girl nodded.

"I'm an FBI Agent and your parents Mary and Taggart are worried about you."

"They should be" a voice behind Carlyle said as a cocking sound echoed through the basement. The cold steel pressed firmly against the back of the agents head. Carlyle slowly rose his hands.

"I knew something was with you Stanley. When you called your friend a child molester back at the restaurant...He told me he never molested kids and his records proved that."

"Neither have I. I just wanted friends...And sometimes you have to be assertive! No one wants to be friends with creepy ol' Stanley."

"You don't need to kidnap kids to have friends! You holding them down here isn't very friendly! You starved a lot of them! If this is how you treat your friends then no wonder nobody wants to be your friend!"
Carlyle said.

Stanley pushed the gun more firmly against Carlyles head. "Choose your next words very carefully agent or they will be your last. Walk towards the furnace room. [b NOW!]"

With his hands still raised Carlyle advanced towards the big room west of him that held a big furnace. He stopped in front of it. The kids left except Natalie who was hiding.

"I am surprised that you got this far...But your journey ends here Agent Carlyle." Stanley said. He put his finger on the trigger as Carlyle closed his eyes.

Natalie quickly appeared from her hiding spot and ran towards behind
Stanley and pulled him back as he shot the gun in the air.

Stanley fell backwards as he quickly stood up and hit Natalie with the gun. She winced and fell down. "Fucking bitch!" He said pointing the gun at her.

Carlyle grabbed Stanley's arm and slammed it against the wall making him drop the gun.
Stanley grabbed Carlyle face with his free arm and kicked him.
Both of them stumbled towards the furnace as Carlyle let go of his arm and punched him.

Stanley took the hit and stumbled backwards. His face was bloody and his old eyes filled with malice. He started to scream and he lunged towards Carlyle.

Carlyle felt the hot furnace behind him and he quickly strafed to the left as Stanley hit the furnance and growled in pain as the hot metal burned him.

Stanley turned towards Carlyle and pulled out a knife from his pocket. He was about to lunge at Carlyle but Natalie stood up and lunged at Stanley causing him to drop the knife. He hit the furnace again.
Natalie took advantage of the situation and pushed Stanley deeper into the giant furnace.

Stanley screamed in pain as he was slowly pushed into the furnace. He reached for Natalie but soon he completely slipped into the furnace and he screamed some more. Soon his arm fell limp as his body was burnt to a crisp.

Natalie just looked at the furnace in shock. "I killed him."

"You did the right thing...You saved my life, twice. He wasn't going to give up..." Carlyle said. He hugged Natalie. "You're safe now." He and Natalie exited the basement and he called Sheriff Stan. "I found out who killed Mrs. Vicks...And who kidnapped those kids."

"Who was it? And do you have them in custody?" Stan asked.

"Well, it was Stanley Weiss...And no, he put up a hell of a fight in his basement and he ended up falling in his furnace. I only have one kid with me and the the ones alive escaped." Carlyle said.

"Holy shit...Well then. Good riddance I guess. Thank you agent. Finish your job and call it a break. You did good." Stan clicked off.

[h3 [b [i [center Rein Street]]]]

Carlyle knocked on Taggarts door and he opened it.

"Natalie!" Taggart said, his eyes watery. "Thank you so much agent. You have done us a great favor."

Carlyle nodded. He looked at Natalie and just smiled. He walked away from the house and got back in his car and drove off towards New York to work on his main case.

The Alyan police force raided Stanley's house and basement. They cleared the area of the dead children and looked for more survivors. One officer opened the furance and noticed Stanleys slowly cremating body.

"Leave him. Saves us money for a fucking burial for the likes of him." Stan said.

"Yes, Sir." The officer replied and closed the furnace.

Once they were done they cordoned off the area and left.

The furnace crackled as bits of bone could be seen in the furnace.
A lone name tag lies on the ground near the furnace that read [b "STANLEY WEISS"]

[b [center END OF EPISODE 7]]

[b [center NEXT EPISODE - The Wilted Rose]]

[center Greg confronts Eli with his involvement with Roses death]

[center Johnathan and Langley are tasked with stopping a hostage situation at a convenience store]

[center Ace turns himself in to avoid any trouble involving innocents]

[center Until next time on...][b [center The Day Will Come]]
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 2y 144d 2h 36m 56s
[h3 [b [i [center Episode 6 - The Vaccination]]]]

[h3 [b [i [center RECAP]]]]

Greg and Ryan along with rookie Timmy investigate the front yard of Watts Mansion and find a syringe.

A man named Benson "The Wolf of Death" joined Saiapentes  Gladius
Johnathan meets with Ace and Winston and forms a team.

Ace and Johnathan break into SG and end up stealing the pieces of The Cube that SG currently has.

Saturn gets arrested at her mansion after Greg and Ryan track the syringe that killed Rose back to her

"Now...Now..." A masked man said. He stood in a cellar with a group of
teenagers who were chained to a wall across from the entrance. "Who's hungry?" The man asked.

They all nodded and the man pulled out a few bags of fast food and just dropped them to the ground as the teenage boys and girls all scrambled to grab the bags. The masked man just chuckled. He picked one bag up and poured the contents out; A burger, fries, and some chicken nuggets. He made sure they mixed well with the contents on the floor. "Enjoy." He said walking off. He climbed up the stairs and left the cellar.

[h3 [b [i [center The Cow Factory, Alyan, Pocono - 6PM]]]]

Carlyle was sipping on a small coffee and had a plate with half eaten eggs and hash browns. He was on a mission here to investigate a slew of missing children cases that ceased a few years back until earlier a family's 13 year old daughter went missing around 2PM after school. His team back in New York were still looking Ace Kavunder.

"More coffee Sir?"

Carlyle snapped out of his trance and turned his head to the left and noticed a skinny redhead waitress who looked to be about in her early 30's. "Sure,  thank you, Mam."

She nodded and poured some coffee from the carafe into his cup. She walked off and Carlyle poured some cream and sugar into his coffee and
discreetly pulled out a small shot bottle of  Jack and poured it into the coffee and stirred it.

Weiss wasn't at work today which wasn't odd because 3 days out of the week takes the day off. These days were in a row: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The person in charge was a fellow friend of Weiss and was also his business partner.
Carlyle sighed and finished off his coffee and stood up. He paid Weiss' friend and tipped the waitress.

"You enjoy your stay in Alyan." the friend said.

Carlyle nodded. "Thank you." he walked out of the place. He saw a couple walk in towards the restaurant.

"Oh look! It's open." The husband said.

Carlyle chimed in. "Why are you so surprised?" He asked.

"It was closed around 2PM earlier, usually it isn't." The wife replied.

"Huh." was all Carlyle could say. He got in his black 2014 BMW and drove off towards the client.

[h3 [b [i [center Rein Street - Alyan, Pocono]]]]

Carlyle stopped in front of 1400 Rein Street, his clients house. He turned off the ignition in the car and stepped out of the BWM and locked the doors. He walked to the door and knocked on it.

A man in his 50's opened the door and looked grave, "Thank you for coming Mr. Lawrence, please...Come in."

Carlyle nodded. He stepped inside the house and the man closed the door.

"Have a seat in the living room, my wife made some tea and sandwiches if you're interested."

Carlyle nodded and sat down on a chair in the living room where the wife already was.   "Thank you, Mr..."

"Just call me Taggart, and that there is Mary." Taggart said sitting down next to his wife.

Mary began to speak. "We have a 13-year-old daughter, who was supposed to have come from school one afternoon. She never arrived, we tried calling her cell, called her teachers and the school itself...Nothing. This was just yesterday."

"Don't worry ma'am. I did some investigating earlier at the school where your daughter was last seen and found a half eaten candy bar...It's still sort of fresh...Kind of... I mean it's from earlier. I'm taking this down to the lab to have it tested for any saliva traces." Carlyle said.

Mary nodded. "Thank you, Sir. You have no idea how much this means to us."

Carlyle smiled, shook their hands and left towards the crime lab in Alyan.

[h3 [b [i [center Alyan Crime Lab Division 1 - Alyan, Pocono]]]]

"Yeah I can take a look at that, agent." Lett said. He took the candy bar from Carlyle. "Come back in a few hours...Around 8PM."

"Gotcha, I'm going to go talk to a witness. They claim to have seen a black unmarked van leave the area around 2 PM. This lady lives across the school, she may be the key witness." Carlyle said. He walked out of the crime lab and got in his car and drove off.

[h3 [b [i [center Across Alyan Phoenix Middle School - Alyan, Pocono]]]]

Carlyle once again stepped out of his car. He had a clear view of the school as well and the crime scene itself. "Why the fuck would these idiots be dumb enough to kidnap a kid while there's a house in plain site?" he asked himself. He noticed a dead cat farther down the road from him. He sighed and walked up to the house and went to knock on the door. A faint sweet rotting smell permeated the area and nearly knocked hm off his feet. The door was slightly ajar. "Mrs. Vicks?" Carlyle called out loud. He pulled out his gun and slowly opened the door. The smell was stronger now. Carlyle stepped out of the foyer and into the living room. He noticed Mrs. Vicks sitting on the couch. The TV was on. The smell was coming from Mrs. Vicks. "Oh shit." he said. He noticed Mrs. Vicks had a bullet hole through the side of her head. The window close to the left of her had a bullet hole as well. "Dammit!"
Carlyle said.

He called 911. "I need the coroner and police. This is FBI Agent Carlyle and I have discovered a dead body. Her name is Mrs. Vicks, she was shot through the side of her head by what looks like a snipers doing. The address is 2770 Parkway. It's across the Alyan Middle School. Thank you." he hung up and examined the bullet hole in Mrs. Vicks head. He took out his evidence bag and grabbed a pair of forceps and grabbed out the bullet. He put it an evidence bag and waited for the coroner and police to arrive before leaving.

[h3 [b [i [center Johnathans House - New York City, New York]]]]

Johnathan was sitting on his couch watching some TV. He was taking a break from the NYPD and the search for The Cube as well. He heard someone at his door and then all of a sudden it was kicked in. "Who the fuck?!" he asked.

Benson walked in and smirked. "I was sent here to kill you Mr. Robinson, say hello to Saiapentes Gladius' new top assassin!" he said quickly pulling out a pistol. "Any last words?"

Johnathan stood up and grabbed his gun as well. "Not really."

"Bad choice of last words." Benson said shooting at Johnathan,
Johnathan took cover behind the couch as Benson ran towards the behind of the couch where Johnathan was.

Johnathan shot him in the foot and stood up. He ran into the kitchen to grab a frying pan.

Benson grunted in pain and snarled. He limped towards the kitchen where he was met with the bottom of a cast iron frying pan.

[h3 [b [i [center Johnathans House - 2 Hours Later...]]]]

Benson woke up tied to a chair in Johnathans dining room. "Oh fuck."

"Oh fuck indeed, you see...I'm the top assassin here bitch and don't you forget it." Johnathan said. "Now, which one sent you? Vlagan or Kravic?"

Benson chuckled. "Why does it matter? Both are very important men, All they want is their artifact back."

"The pieces to The Cube? I don't have them." Johnathan replied.

"Then who does?!" Benson asked angrily.

"That's for you to figure out for yourself. Now I'm going to let you go...Don't try anything stupid." Johnathan untied Benson and then aimed his gun at him. "You tell baldy and grandpa that I'm coming for them sooner or later. They better be prepared because they aren't going to jail, they're leaving this world in two body bags."

Benson nodded. "I would like to see how these events play out." he chuckled and left the house.

[h3 [b [i [center NYPD Police Station - Manhattan, New York City]]]]

Greg was sitting at his desk sipping on some cappuccino. He was going over the evidence of Roses death a few times including the evidence of the syringe. "Hmm..." he hummed. He noticed a fingerprint smudge on the bottom of the syringe. "What in the world? Dammit Eli." he stood up and examined it closely. "I gotta get this to the lab." Greg put on his coat and left the station with the evidence after signing out with it.

[h3 [b [i [center NYPD Crime Lab - Manhattan]]]]

Greg arrived back at the crime lab and went inside the building.

Eli stood up and waved at him. "I assume this isn't a social visit?"

"Unfortunately not, I need you to dust this syringe again for prints. You missed a spot on the bottom...Where the plunger is." Greg said.

Eli took the syringe and sighed. "I'll get this back to you in a couple of hours."

"Take your time." Greg told him and left.

[h3 [b [i [center The Ebola Vaccination - Javits Center, New York City, New York]]]]

Charles and Ashley sat down on one of the chairs at the vaccination and scanned the area.

Intel walked up and waved at everyone who took the vaccination. "I am so glad you all did this, Ebola is a very dangerous disease..." he said.

"Dammit, I didn't realize a lot of them already took it. We can't let anymore take this thing. Get out your gun and be ready Charles." Ashley said.

Charles nodded. He pulled out his gun and his palms were sweaty.

Intel pulled out a device that had a trigger on it. He pressed it and the people who took the vaccination stopped and turned towards Intel himself.
The civilians started to shake violently and started to scream. "Help me! It burns!" one man screamed out as he lunged towards another man and bit his face off. In a couple seconds most of the area in the convention center where the vaccination was being held was infected and started to eat each other.

"Now!" Ashley said shooting at the zombies.

Charles shot at them as well but Intel and his men opened fire on the agents.

[h3 [b [i [center Alyan Crime Lab Division 1 - Alyan, Pocono]]]]

Carlyle arrived back at the lab and went inside.

"Welcome back agent, here's the results you wanted by the way...The candy bar belongs to a Mr. Gavin. A Jethro Gavin. Name sound familiar?" the man asked.

"That's the guy who is running the Cow Factory right now. Time to go ask some questions. Thank you." Carlyle said.

"You're welcome." the man said.

Carlyle left the area and headed towards the Cow Factory.

[h3 [b [i [center The Cow Factory - Alyan, Poconos]]]]

"What do you mean where as I around 2PM? I was chilling in my house watching some TV! That's when Stanley called me and asked if I could fill in for him." Jethro said.
Carlyle sighed. "I found a candy bar that was a few hours old..Still kind of fresh but melted. It was at the scene of the crime and it had your DNA all over it...Why you hanging around the schools Jethro? Especially a middle school, you got a kid there?...Also do you usually open later than 2PM?"

Jethros' breathing changed to a more nervous tone. "No, I just wanted to stop and eat my candy bar...And give me a break, I'm only human! So what, I forgot to open up the damn restaurant around 2PM. Big deal!"

"But you didn't even finish it, it seems as though you took a couple bites and was in a hurry to leave. Those brands of candy bars are good too...It's rare someone just throws away expensive chocolate like that after a couple bites...And 2PM was the time of the kidnapping, weird huh?"

"I didn't like it." Jethro replied avoiding the second question.

Carlyle stared at Jethros trash and had an idea. "Mind if I search through your trash?..."

Jethro chuckled. "Ain't that a bit weird?"

"You got nothing to hide right Mr. Gavin? I do have a search warrant."

Carlyle said picking up the small trash can, he put on some latex gloves and sifted through the trash until he found a wrapper of the same candy bar with a tiny piece of the candy bar left which looked fresh. "For a person who hates this candy bar, you sure like to finish it."

Jethro was silent for a little bit before speaking. "The man had a mask, he said the pay was good and that all I had to do was scout out the area and grab the kid in the description and chloroform her. He then drove up in a black unmarked van and grabbed the kid, paid me, and left...Listen, I don't fuck kids, I would never touch a child."

"But that makes you a better person? You kidnap kids but don't molest them...Two wrongs don't make a right, you'll get an easier sentence for telling the truth but will be labeled a sex offender. Please turn around and put your hands behind your back." Carlyle said.

Jethro started to sob as he turned around and put his hands behind his back as Carlyle cuffed him. He called the local PD and led him outside and waited for the police.

"Anything will help Jethro,  anything." Carlyle said.

"Well, the man said my first name which only my friends and family know...I just started my first day here so the customers are out of the question."

"Thank you, Mr. Gavin." Carlyle told him. Soon the police arrived and took Jethro away to jail.

[h3 [b [i [center Two Houses Behind Mrs. Vicks House  - Alyan, Poconos ]]]]

A 16 year old girl was running in the backyard. She looked dirty and beat up. "Help!" she screamed but the entire area was empty around her besides Mrs. Vicks house and an empty house next to them.  The fences in the backyard were tall as well. "Help!" She screamed again and tripped.

A man in a gas mask popped up from the cellar with a machete. He had a tight grip on it as he chased after the girl.

"HELP!" She kept on screaming as she spotted the gate and ran towards it.

The masked man just stood there and threw the machete at the girl which hit her in the back of the head.

The girl fell to the ground with a loud thump as she lied there motionless.

The masked man walked over to her and picked her up. He brought her body up to the top floor in his house and noticed a lady who lived in the house across the school peeking out her window. She heard the call for help but couldn't see the victim. She went back to her usual business but left the curtains open. "Dammit! Thought that place was empty." The man said as he grabbed a sniper rifle right next to the window and aimed it at her window.

[h3 [b [i [center Mrs. Vicks House - Alyan, Poconos]]]]

Mrs. Vicks slightly opened her front door and let her cat out. She left it ajar for him and went to the living room and turned on the TV and changed it to the news. She dialed the FBI and alerted them of what she saw at the school and the noise she heard but she couldn't pinpoint it. After she hung up she got situated and then flinched as a bullet whizzed through her window and through the side of her head as fast as light. Mrs. Vicks slumped over and clenched the remote as blood pooled out of the side of her head.

[h3 [b [i [center Masked Mans House - Alyan, Poconos]]]]

The masked man sighed and set his sniper rifle back down. He grabbed the girls body and dragged her down back into the cellar where the teens screamed at him through their mouth gags. He drug the dead body farther down the basement hall into a big boiler room with a furnace. He opened the furnace doors and threw the body in there closing the doors and watching as the body was cremated. "I ain't no monster...I would never molest a kid..."

His voice changed as he looked to his left. "What's the use of kidnapping them then? You're a disgusting freak and you know it!"

He looked straight back at the furnace and his voice went back to normal. "NO! I just wanted some friends, but no one ever wants to be my friend! I hate these boring adults, they're so lifeless and boring!"
His voice changed and he looked to his left again "Bullshit, you like them young. Don't lie. You can't deny what you are!"

He looked straight ahead again and once again his voice changed back to normal. "I am not a bad person...I would never hurt these kids."
His tone changed again. "Then what do you call what happened back in the backyard?"
His tone changed back to normal. "I couldn't take the chances, she was going to tell on me. She was going to put be in with the bad people. I don't belong with the bad people..." He ripped off his mask and the camera panned over to a frontal shot of his face to reveal that it was indeed Stanley Weiss; The Cow Factory owner. "They won't show me mercy."

[b [i [center TO BE CONTINUED]]]

[b [i [center Next Episode - The Vaccination Part 2]]]

Greg is on the verge of finding who actually killed Rose

Carlyle is getting closer to finding the serial child kidnapper

Johnathan informs Winston and Ace of Bensons break in

Charles and Ashley are pinned down at the Javits Convention Center with an all out battle between Intel, his men, and zombified civilians under Intel's control.

[i Until next time on...] [b The Day Will Come...]
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[h3 [b [i [center Episode 5 - The New Member]]]]

[h3 [b [i [center RECAP]]]]

Langley and Johnathan end up investigating a murder of a psychic boys family.

Charles and Ashley meet up with President Liam at his mansion and find out some helpful news of skyrofym and Intels next move.

Kravic ends up taking Vlagan to the hospital after Vlagan suffered a heart attack from smoking too much cigars.

While Saturn was away from town a few police cars were at her mansion, including Greg and Timmy. "So boss, what're we lookin for huh?" Timmy asked.

"For the millionth time Timmy. I ain't your boss, your boss is Mike Edwards. The Chief of Police, also we are looking for a needle...Apparently Rose McCoy was poisoned and we found a pinhole on her lower arm. She was a heroin user but someone found traces of arsenic in her bloodstream. Guessing she was injected by a trained professional because locals at the restaurant say that she ate with Saturn, once Saturn left and Rose stayed to get a drink someone in a black hoodie who always kept their face covered walked past Rose and she jumped after they left towards the bathroom behind her. They did it quick. So now-"

"Greg! Come check this out!" Ryan said.

Greg and Timmy ran over towards where Ryan was and they stopped in behind him.

Ryan stood up and turned to look at them and was holding a baggie
with a syringe. "We should take this to the lab and have the experts look it over."

Greg nodded. "Timmy stop playing with the womans doorbell and let's go."

Timmy nodded and followed after Greg and them. They all left the mansion.

[h3 [b [i [center NYPD Crime Lab - Manhattan]]]]

"Good day officers. So what toys do you got for us today?" Eli, a crime lab examiner asked.

"A syringe. Handle it delicately. Also search for traces of arsenic and finger prints. There's a 50 dollar gift card for Marcuzzios if you get it done today." Greg told them.

Eli chuckled. "You came to the right place."

"I always do." Greg told them.

The three of them left and got in Greg's car. "Okay so I kinda wanna try pot. Don't tell Mike or Langley this." Ryan said.

Greg just stared at Ryan who was in the passenger seat. "Oh my god. You wanna smoke pot? Oh no! It's so bad for you! Look what it did to Timmy! It's gonna make you go and murder a family of 5 and then you eat their corpses! Holy shit! Or you know, you just smoke a bit, get the munchies, watch NoobEeeDie on YouTube as he frantically screams in every video as a monster tries to kill him in a video game."

"So..." Ryan said.

Greg sighed. "Okay well I am officially off duty for today, we'll take ya' home Timmy so you can say hi to your momma for me."

Timmy nodded.

They drove off to Timmys house and dropped him off.

Greg and Ryan drove off to Ryans house. "Okay, hit this man." Greg said handing Ryan a joint.

Ryan looked at the joint flabbergasted. "Uhh...Why do you have a joint?" He asked.

"Man, I'm in my 30's, I nearly got killed by a crazy British man, A bald man and an old geezer, and now this shit. I deserve a damn fatty. Now hit that shit!"

Ryan sighed and took Greg's lighter and lit the joint. He puffed on it a few times and started to cough intensely hard.

Greg took joint back. Hit it once and put it out before putting it up. He blew out the smoke and chuckled. "Besides, Langley knows...But really don't give a shit because she ain't blind like some of the sheep out there."

Ryan nodded and sat back.

"She was my partner once. A rookie comin' in through the doors of the precinct looking for a job. Her and I got in a lot of tight situations with serial killers ranging to mafia gangs. It was quite the adventure." Greg told him.

[h3 [b [i [center Saiapentes Gladius HQ]]]]

Kravic was sweeping the lobby floor when some members brought a knocked out man inside the lobby. "Ooh a new recruit." He said. He called in a group of the members in here and they all joined up. "Wake up!"

The man woke up and stood up. He had short brown hair and a goatee. "Oh shit is this the place?"

"This is the place." Kravic said.

"Nice interior design." The man told him.

"Yup. So what's your name?" Kravic asked.

"Benson. Just Benson...Or 'The Wolf of Death'" Benson said.

"Well Benson... Take this pistol." Kravic told him and handed Benson a M1911.

Benson took it and nodded.

"Now shoot every member in this room besides me." Kravic told him.

Benson quickly shot every member in the head with swift and perfect precision.

Kravic smirked. "I see that you'll do just fine here." He said.

[h3 [b [i [center Outside of Ryans House - Inside Gregs Car]]]]

[b [i [center A few hours later...]]]

"So uh...We definitely found traces of arsenic...And uh, prints." Eli told Greg over the phone.

"Who's prints?" Greg asked. He put Eli on speakerphone

"A girl by the name of Saturn Vermil."

Ryan nearly choked on the joint. "Oh shit." He said.

"Oh shit indeed officer." Greg said. "Thank you Eli. Enjoy your delicious time at Marcuzzios."

"Thank you Sir." Eli said.

"No, thank you." Greg hung up and got on the radio. "Saturn Vermil is the killer of Rose McCoy, I need some units to watch her house until she gets back. That way we can intercept her."

"Good work Greg." Chief Mike said.

[h3 [b [i [center Paradiso Di Leonardo]]]]

Johnathan arrived at the restaurant and walked inside. He greeted Ace and Winston and sat down.

"Sup." Ace said. He was drinking on a beer.

"Nothing much. What about you?" Johnathan asked.

"Just watching the game." He said.

"And I'm having some of my new chefs prepare tonight's menu."
Winston told Johnathan.

"Hey Ace, do you know how to get into SG? I can't really get in anymore...They erased my biometric data from the records and took my keycards." Johnathan asked.

"I could punch a hole for you. That would attract attention though." Ace said.

"I could help...I've done a bit of infiltration myself back in my good ol' army days!" Winston said. He unlocked and opened up his personal cabinet behind the bar and pulled out a black briefcase. "Inside here is a jammer. It can jam card readers and make them malfunction, thus opening up the hidden door. You both use the card jammer, your door opens, Ace goes invisible and you follow him Johnathan. You act as the distraction while Ace sneaks through the building and finds those pieces to this cube I've been hearing about."

"The cube is only known to SG, some NYPD officers and two federal agents and myself and a civilian! How the hell do you know about the cube?" Johnathan asked.

Winston just smiled at him and banded him the briefcase. "Word of mouth my friend." He said.

Ace stood up and looked at Johnathan. "Let's go." He said.

Johnathan nodded and stood up as well. Him and Ace left the restaurant.

[h3 [b [i [center Saiapentes Gladius HQ]]]]

Ace and Johnathan arrived at the building and quickly ran towards the back where they security pad was. "Okay, if we just flip this switch here...' Ace flipped a chrome switch on the left side of the bulky black jammer and it turned on and went to work once Ace placed the jammer screen-first onto the pad. The wall opened up revealing a corridor towards the lobby. He turned invisible and Johnathan followed him inside.

"Are you fuckin-Who let Robinson in here?!" Kravic asked. He chuckled and stood in the middle of the blue lobby. "You got some guts breaking into here."

"I came back for my stuff Choles. Y'know, my guns and my knives and-"

Kravic chuckled some more and smiled. "Those are property of SG. They were never yours to begin with...Now say what you wanted to say, take some fucking food home from the buffet, and get the fuck out of my face before I beat it into the marble floor."

"Where's your boss?" Johnathan asked.

"None of your goddamn business. Now are you going to ask a real question? Because I have a meeting with some of the members to fully remove Rose from the list. Once you're done I'll have our newest member Benson kindly escort you out of the building." Kravic told him.

"Who's Benson? Your new fuck boy?" Johnathan asked.

Kravic smirked and chuckled again, this time socking Johnathan in the face knocking him down. He stood over him and pulled out a pistol. "You're lucky I take orders from a higher up...Because if I ran
this place...Well...BANG!" He pulled the trigger and made Johnathan flinch. "You will never stop us Johnathan. I promise you th-" He helped Johnathan up and pressed the call button on his black earpiece. "Yes?" He suddenly got a glowering look on his face. "The pieces are missing?!
What the fuck do you mean they're missing?! You leave the room for a minute and you fuck up!" He turned to look at Johnathan who was already running towards the back entrance and he felt a minor temperature change from cold to hot as it passed by. "So this is how you wanna fuck with us? You know what?...I'll let you run, you can run as much as you want! Sooner or later you will have to face the pit bull!"

[h3 [b [i [center Paradiso Di Leonardo]]]]

Ace and Johnathan arrived at the building and went inside. Winston greeted them.

"I see the mission was a success, because knowing SG there would be no survivors." Winston said as he was making a mixed drink.

"We got the pieces. They only have 5 pieces so far..." Johnathan said dumping out the pieces from a black pouch.
Winston stared at the pieces for a minute before breaking from his trance. "Good work! You know you could keep them here for safe keeping."

Johnathan shook his head. "Can't really do that. This is technically evidence and has to be locked up."

Winston sighed and nodded. "It's my pleasure to help you on this epic investigation of yours Mr. Robinson."

Johnathan nodded as well. He looked at Ace. "What about you?"

"I seemed to have noticed those men in that building wore the same outfits as the terrorists who attacked the restaurant I worked at and took most of my body from me...I am in." Ace said.

Johnathan nodded and shook both their hands. "It's good to have you guys as part of the team."

[h3 [b [i [center Watts Manor]]]]

Saturn arrived at her mansion and noticed a few police cars at her house. She was confused as she stepped closer. "Officer Greg? She asked.

Greg stepped out of his car and grabbed her hand. "Saturn Vermil, you are hereby under arrest for the murder of Rose McCoy. We will never know your motive but we found the syringe with your prints."

Saturn started to cry. "I found it and grabbed it! I then dropped it because I really hate needles! I really do! I also hated Rose but that doesn't mean I would murder her!"

"I am so sorry." was all Greg said. He put her in handcuffs and put her in the back of his police car.

"I really didn't do it..." Saturn told him as tears streamed down her face.

Greg stared at her through the front mirror. He then turned on the ignition and drove off towards the jail.

[b [i [center END OF EPISODE 5]]]

[b [i [center NEXT EPISODE - The Vaccination]]]

Charles and Ashley attend the vaccination event held by Intel and his men.

Saturn spends the night in jail while Greg and Ryan investigate more into Roses murder

Benson breaks into Johnathans house and attacks him.

Carlisle gets contacted by Liam and is told to drop the hunt on Ace for now and investigate a missing child case in Alyan.

[i Until next time on...] [b The Day Will Come]
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[h3 [b [i [center Episode 4 - Corruption]]]]

[h3 [b [i [center RECAP]]]]

Langley and Ashely find out that Peter Lewis was murdered and his skin was chopped off by a butcher.

Ashely ends up chasing after a man in a black suit after he injected a person with a deadly virus

The Old Man successfully breaks into The Pentagon and steals the staffs Skyrofym for his research

"Hey! Hey Derek! There's a kid here!" A man with long blonde hair and hiking gear said. His name was Harold.

The kid was hiding in a cave in the Alyan Forest. "The monsters are real." He whispered.

"Monsters?" Harold asked.

"They killed my mom and dad." The kid said.

Harold noticed the kid was shaking. He pulled out his phone and called the police. "Hello?...Yes, I would like to report a missing child."

[h3 [b [i [center NYPD 11th Precinct, New York]]]]

"Keep this temporary FBI badge. That way you have jurisdiction cross country. Also, we leave this kid in your hands...Please investigate what happened to his parents and catch the criminal. Police officers in Alyan also found two bodies in his house." Ashely said to Langley and Johnathan. They both nodded and walked to the kid. Ashely left.

Langley handed the kid some hot tea and sat down with him while Johnathan was talking with Harold and Derek. "What's your name?" She asked.

The kid looked at her. "Alistair."

"That's a pretty unique name." She told him.

Johnathan walked up to Langley and sat with her and the kid. "The blond guy says that the kid was talking about monsters... And that they killed his mom and dad..."

A man in a butlers suit walked in. He had brown hair and a stern look on his face. "Alistair! What are you doing all the way in New York?" He asked.

Langley got up and greeted the Butler. "You must be his caretaker when the parents are away." She said to him. "My name is Langley."

"Nice to meet you Langley, my name is Caster. I see the little boy has been troubling you guys?" He asked.

"Sir, I don't know if you're informed but this kids parents were murdered. We had local police in Alyan search his house and they found two dead bodies." Johnathan said.
"That's preposterous! Come with me this instant!" He touched the boys hand and the boy started to roll his eyes back and his nose started to bleed. "A-Alistair?!" Caster asked. He backed away.

Langley ran up to Alistair and calmed him down. "What is it Alistair?" She asked.

"Don't go back Caster! Stay here!" Alistair said crying.

"Alistair, I need to go talk to the Alyan Police...I need to make my statement." Caster said. "I will be right back don't you worry."

Alistair started screaming to the top of his lungs. "YOU WON'T! YOU WON'T! DON'T GO BACK!"

"Alistair! Alistair calm down! Ryan, please help!" Langley said to one of the officers.

Ryan ran up to them and have him some liquid melatonin to drink. "Calm down little man...Nothing to be afraid of."

"Did you just give this kid drugs?!" Langley asked.

"It's harmless! It'll ease his nerves...Look, he's already calming down."
Ryan said.

Alistair began to get drowsy. He closed his eyes and drifted off into sleep.

Langley removed her phone from her coat and removed the coat and laid it over Alistair as a blanket. "Ryan, keep an eye on him please? And no more drugs!" She stood up and walked out with Johnathan.

"Johnathan, could these killers have been SG?" She asked.
Johnathan shook his head. "They have no reason to mindlessly kill a random family. What they did at Times Square was an act of terrorism. I don't know who it could have been."

Langley sighed and put her hand on her Jean pockets."

"So where would we start?" He asked.

"We go to the crime scene. Tomorrow though. I told a few cops to be stationed at the house to make sure no one tampers with the scene." She told him.

He nodded and Langley went back inside to take Alistair back home with her.

[h3 [b [i [center Highway 89 - Leading to Pocono]]]]

Alistair was driving down the highway. He was listening to classical rock on his radio in his car. He dropped his cigarette the front seat. "Shit!" He said bending down to grab it. He looked back up and noticed another car coming his way. He swerved to the left but ended up driving off the mountain.
The other car stopped and a man got out. "Oh shit! Oh fuck me!" He put his hands on his head and just got back in driving off really fast.

[h3 [b [i [center Langleys House - The Next Day]]]]

"You can't be serious..." Langley put her free hand on her mouth. She was on the phone with Sheriff Stanley.

"No ma'm, campers found the butlers body at the bottom of the mountain. These roads do get pretty twisty." He said.

Langley nodded and hung up. "Your Butler...He's dead..." She told Alistair.

"I know...I told him not to go but no one ever listens to me." Alistair told her.

Langley walked up to him. He was sitting at the dining room table playing with jenga blocks. "How did you know this?"

"I have a gift...Or that's what Gertrude says." He said.

"Can you use this gift to hell us find the killers that killed your mom and dad?" She asked.

He nodded somewhat. "It just hurts when I think of the monsters...It's hard to see what they look like...All I know is one of them talked about Prying...Or something...I remember one of the men having a missing pinky...And a pentagram tattoo on his left hand...And one of them kept on saying 'Sylar...Skylar...Let's go...Kyler?...I can't remember..." He said.

She put her hand on his shoulder. "Take your time. Will you be okay with coming with us to your home? We need to collect some evidence over there and we could really use your help."

Alistair nodded. He stood up and hugged her.

Johnathan knocked on her door and she opened it. "Ready to go?" He asked.

"Yeah...Let's go." The three of them got in Langleys car and drove off towards Alyan.

[h3 [b [i [center Saiapentes Gladius HQ]]]]

Vlagan was sipping on some red wine as usual. He took a long drag from his cigar and set the glass down. He was a heavy smoker who only really smoked cigars. He stood up and paced around the room and started to sweat. He was stressing out over the whole skyrofym incident and the party. Soon his chest started to hurt. He clutched at it and coughed some more. "Kr-" He fell to the ground and his breathing started to become shallow. "Kravic!" He was finally able to yell out Kravics name.

Kravic ran into the room.

"I...I think I'm having a heart attack." Vlagan said.

Kravic sighed and called their personal doctor, Dr. Irving. He told him the details and hung up. He put Vlagan in his wheelchair and wheeled him to the elevator and rode it down to the lobby. He pressed a button on the front entrance and the wall opened up and they went outside.
Paramedics arrived and Kravic gave them 300,000 each to keep the whole ordeal discreet. They put Vlagan in the ambulance and they all left towards the hospital and rushed him into a guarded room on the top floor. Dr. Irving laid him down in a bed and left the room for a bit.
"How many drinks did you have today Vlagan?" Kravic asked.

"Three." Vlagan said.

"Three glasses?" Kravic asked.

"Three bottles." Vlagan told him.

Kravic got wide eyed. "Three bottles?! You're gonna kill yourself dammit!" He sighed

"I know I know...It was my smoking that caused it...And the stress
from the party incident and the skyrofym being stolen." Vlagan said.

Kravic shook his head and stood up and put his hands in his black dress
jacket pocket. "I can run the organization while you're in here."
"I know you can...That's why I chose you and Samuel." Vlagan replied.

Kravic chuckled. "Samuel...Nothing but a wannabe gangster." He told Vlagan. He picked up a bottle of hand sanitizer and put some on his hands and rubbed them together.

"You two used to be friends when you were teenagers. What happened?" Vlagan asked.

Kravic looked at him. "Nothing...I'm gonna go back to the HQ and inform everyone."

Vlagan nodded.

Kravic left the room and then left the building.

[h3 [b [i [center Abandoned House - Alyan, Pocono]]]]

"I can't believe you did that man!" A long black haired white man said. His palms were sweating.

"Those kids parents were gonna rat me out to the FBI. Listen Pry. You wanna go back to prison? You think Gervais is bad? Paxon is worse. Now do you have my word you ain't gonna say shit?" An African American man with short black hair and a goatee asked.


The African American man pulled out a pistol and aimed it at Pry. "YOU GONNA SAY SHIT?!"

Pry began to tear up. "No Tyler. I promise." His hands were shaking.
Tyler put his pistol away and nodded. "Good. Glad we on the same page nigga. You know what that word means? It means friend, or homie! You my homie Pry! And homies stick together. They even die together. But there is a fine line between a 'homie' and a 'rat' and what stands between all that is ol'...BANG!"

Pry flinched and nearly fell out of his chair.

"Ha-ha! Keeping you on your toes boy! Fear is what keeps us surviving! Come on. Let's go find us something to eat down at the ol' Cow Factory." Tyler said. They both left.

[h3 [b [i [center Alyan, Pocono]]]]

Langley, Alastair, and Johnathan arrived in Alyan. "You hungry Alistair?" Langley asked.

Alistair nodded. "The Cow Factory sounds nice." He said.

Johnathan was in the front seat. He repeatedly poked Langleys shoulder. "Can I get the New York Strip? Can I? Please? Huh? Huh? Please? Can I? Can I? Hey, hey, hey, hey. Langley. Langley. Langley. Officer. Officer. Hey officer. Please? Please? Plea-"

Langley grabbed his hand. "Keep poking me like that you will go back to New York and eat pizza from Marcuzzios while Alistair and I eat New York Strips."

Alistair chuckled.

"So is that a Yes?" Jonathan asked.

Langley rolled her eyes and continued towards The Cow Factory.

[h3 [b [i [center The Cow Factory - Alyan, Pocono]]]]

They arrived at the restaurant and all got out and went inside.
"Well I see that this place is back to normal after yesterday." Langley said. They were seated by a new waiter.

"Yay, I love window seats." Langley told Johnathan.

Mr. Weiss walked over to them and smiled. He patted Alistair on the shoulder and Alistair stared at him.

"Why did you hurt her?" Alistair asked him.

"Alistair!" Langley said. She glared at him.

"No, no Mrs. Madison. It's quite alright. The boy is still recovering from his parents deaths...So he isn't in the right state of mind. So...What will it be?" Mr. Weiss asked.

"Three New York Strips...And water for the three of us as well. You like those right Alistair?" She asked.

He nodded.

"Right away." Weiss walked off to give the chefs the order.

"Okay...What did you mean by that question Alistair?" Langley asked. "Is Mr. Weiss a monster too?"

Alistair shook his head. "He's worse than a monster...He's a demon."

Langleys skin tingled with goosebumps from the last words from his mouth. "W-what do you mean by that?" She asked.

"I only see a little bit here and there. But I can feel his evil. Be wary of him." Alistair said.

Langley and Johnathan nodded.

Pry and Tyler walked in and they both noticed the officers and quickly stepped back out unnoticed. "They got that damn kid with them. We can't eat here man." Pry said.

"Who cares bout' some fucking little brat? If he saw our face before he would have told the officers! Now let's go eat." Tyler said. They both walked back in and sat down at a table far from the three.

"Three NY Strips and three waters. Anything else?" Weiss asked.

"No thank you." Langley said.

He nodded and walked off to take Pry and Tylers order.

[h3 [b [i [center Gervais Prison - New York]]]]

"Oh lookey lookey! It's Officer butt-fucker and butt-pirate! The infamous duo!" Samuel said. He was eating lunch alone.

"Hello to you too Samuel. Where's your buddy Ashter?" Greg asked.

"Oh he was shanked to death in his cell last night." He said taking a bite from his bread.

"Say...what? You seem very calm about your friend getting stabbed to death." Timmy said.

"Saved me the trouble from doing it. Little fucker was annoying as shit! Always humming and jerkin off in bed! I was gettin' tired of it so he was moved to a cell across of mine. Someone got tired of his shit and killed him." Samuel said.

Greg nodded. "Besides that...How's life?"

"It's a fuckin' prison mate. We have a toilet, a sink, and a cot. We go to sleep at exactly 10:00 PM sharp. We wake up around 5 in the morning. Do a strip check. Take our showers. Eat breakfast. Go to work. Which I work in the laundry room. Then we clean the bathrooms for extra work. And then when it becomes 12 we eat lunch. Pretty fuckin' peachy you dumb asshole. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU THINK IT IS?!"

Two guards walked up and grabbed him by his arms and lifted him up from his seat. "Do you need time in solitary confinement?" One of them asked.

"No officer." He sighed.

They set him back down and walked back to the cafeteria entrance.

"We found your step sisters killer. Vlagan Kriser. He got away from us a couple days ago but we will get him I promise." Greg told Samuel.

"Vlagan. Of course he did it. Thank you Greggy boy. Now let me eat my fucking lunch in peace."

Greg stood up from the seat and Timmy did the same. They both left the cafeteria and soon left the building.

[h3 [b [i [center Washington D.C. - Liam's Residence]]]]

Charles and Ashely stepped out of their black FBI Sedan and shut the doors. "After you." He said to Ashely.

She sighed and walked up to the mansion and knocked on the door. An elderly man who looked to be a butler opened it.

"Hello there...Are you here to see Mr. Hawthorne? If so please let me inform him." The Butler said. He pulled out a walkie-talkie and pressed the button. "Sir, two FBI agents are here to see you."

"What are their names and purpose of being here?" Liam's voice came through the walkie-talkie.

"Names?" The Butler asked them. He held the button.

"Charles Mayweather and Ashely Linder. We are investigating an attack that happened at The Cow Factory in Alyan, the assailant was drugged and pretty much turned into a flesh eating zombie." Charles said.

The butler let go of the button and waited for Liam.

"Let them in Fry." Liam said.

The butler nodded. "If you'll just follow me." He said. The two agents followed Fry up the stairs and towards a red hallway on the left side of the stairs. He walked down it and arrived at a giant blue double door. He knocked on it.

"Come in." Liam said.

Fry opened the door and let the agents go in first. He shut the doors behind him and left to go prepare dinner; Chicken Tetrazzini with a bit of lemon juice and cheesy broccoli soup on the side.

"Have a seat." Liam told them. He had a short receding hairline. He still had short hair, but his forehead was definitely showing. He ran his right hand through his greying hair and sighed.

The agents sat down and Charles picked an apple jolly rancher from the candy bowl that was set in the middle of Liam's mahogany desk.

Liam grabbed a bottle of brandy from a minibar under his desk and sat down and poured himself a glass. "Brandy?" He asked.

They both declined. "No thank you."

Liam nodded. "So you know about Skyrofym hm?" He asked.

"Is that what it's called?" Ashely asked.

"Yes. It is a prototype meant for immortality, everything went haywire though. Back in 1967 we discovered a rare type of beetle that was thought to be extinct back before the legendary knights Remus' time. It was just going through the Mojave Desert and went through our mobile camp. We captured it and researched it. The green liquid is its blood...But the beetle also had a parasite. When the beetle died the parasite found a new host. One of our top scientists... Dr. Ramsford. He turned into a zombie and infected the entire science team. Me and my men were able to eradicate the threat with our guns... And we were able to capture the parasite. Everything was okay until around 2012. We kept the Skyrofym in powder form but someone stole some of it and kept it for themselves."

"Saiapentes Gladius..." Charles said.

"You're right.. Now they have to pay the price and so do we...My man Peter Lewis was killed and the virus was stolen just a couple of days ago and now he is perfecting it. He is mixing it with dangerous chemicals. He doesn't even need the parasite. The beetles blood is just enough, he turned it from powdered form back to its liquid form and is now using it for his own gain. We do not know this mans name but he goes by the code name 'Intel'. I was hoping to keep this under wraps...At least for now..." Liam said.

Ashely nodded. "Thank you Sir. You being honest and open has really helped us. Do you know his next move?"

"Oh dear God! The Ebola vaccination! That's tomorrow and I was able to get this." Liam said. He opened the top left drawer on his desk and pulled out a list. "He is a clever man but not that clever." He pointed to the name JAMES RAMSFORD.

"Using a dead mans name who just happened to disappear off the face of the planet? He is clever...But there is always justice waiting for people like him." Ashely said.

Liam nodded. "Here are these." He handed them two I.D. passes. "You are Mr. And Mrs Garson. Two married scientists who also died at the site where Ramsford was. Luckily no one really knows what they look like so I did some good Photoshop and all that nice jazz! You are to apprehend Intel and seize all of the 'vaccinations'"

They both nodded and stood up. They shook Liam's hand. Took the passes, and the list and walked out of the room and left the mansion.

[h3 [b [i [center The Cow Factory - Alyan, Pocono]]]]

The three finished their food and stood up. "What is it Langley? Johnathan asked.

"Nothing..." She said.

"Good food ain't it Pry?" Tyler asked.
"Prying..." She mumbled under her breath. She stared at the two men who were eating their food.

Tyler looked back at Langley and waved at her with his left hand.

"Missing pinky...Pentagram tattoo..." She said.

"Langley you okay?" Johnathan asked.

She nodded.

"Tyler, you ready to go?" Pry asked. Tyler nodded.

"Sylar...Kyler...Tyler...?..." She asked herself. She tensed up and had all of the evidence in front of her. "FBI! Put your hands up!" She pulled out her gun and aimed it at Tyler and Johnathan aimed his at Pry.

They both flipped their table and his behind it and started to shoot at Langley and them. She got behind cover and grabbed Johnathan and Alistair. "Found the monsters...Get Aliststair out of here Johnathan!"

Johnathan nodded and escorted Alistair outside to safety as the gunfight ensued.

People were being evacuated by police as soon as they showed up and ran into the restaurant. They noticed the dead bodies of Tyler and Pry as they lay side by side with multiple bullet holes. Langley was shot as well but she was luckily wearing a police issue bullet proof vest. They escorted her out and congratulated her and Johnathan on solving the murder and bringing the killers to justice.

"Thank you once again officers. This is twice you saved this town. At the same restaurant. How ironic." Sheriff Stanley chuckled. He shook their hand and paramedics carried the bodies out and they all drove off. Including Alistair and his companions.

"Does Alyan Orphanage sound good for you Alistair?" She asked.

"I heard the people are super nice there...And the kids are really nice too." Alistair said.

"Y'know...I used to be an orphan there. I loved it! They have a nice big backyard with a swimming pool. I think you'll love it too. Especially if Mr. and Mrs. Harrison are there. Then you'll definitely love it." She said.

Alistair smiled for once in a 48 hour time span. He knew he got justice and his family could finally rest in peace. He was also thankful for the two officers who was able to give him that justice. "Thank you officers..." He said.

"It's what we do...It's our job to protect and serve." Johnathan said. They arrived at the orphanage and Mrs. Harrison gladly took Alistair in. He already made a new friend in the few minutes he was there.

Alistair touched Johnathans hand and stared at him. "Protect her with your life...Or she will be forever lost in the flames of despair." He walked off with the Harrisons and his new friend.
Johnathan turned to look at Langley who was standing right by the car. "I will little dude... Oh I will..." He was a bit creeped out by the message but shook it off and walked to the car and got in the passenger seat and Langley got in the drivers seat. They both drove off back towards New York.

[b [i [center End of Episode 4]]]

[b [i [center Next Episode - The New Member]]]

Kravic recruits a top level assassin who goes by the handle "The Wolf of Death"

Incriminating evidence of Roses death turns up in the crime lab which
points towards Saturn

Johnathan meets up with Ace at Winstons restaurant and discuss a way to break into SG

[i Until next time on... ] [b The Day Will Come]
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 3y 51d 20h 4m 12s
[h3 [b [i [center Episode 3 - Skyrofym]]]]

[h3 [b [i [center RECAP]]]]

Johnathan and Charles gain access to Times Square and meet up with Captain Donnelly who informs them of two FBI agents deaths and the possible killer.

Two more pieces to The Cube were found by Vlagans men in Antarctica.

Ernest' son Rick ends up stumbling upon human bones deep in Alyan Forest

The Old Man was able to activate the serum he mixed back at Sector X.

Langley and Ashley arrived in Alyan. It was quite a small town with a big forest. They drove down the road and a man stopped them. "Great. What I need..." Ashely said and stopped the car. She opened the door and stepped out. "Do you need any assistance sir?"
The man chuckled. He walked off.

Ashely scoffed and got back in the car driving off towards the location in the forest.

[h3 [b [i [center Alyan National Forest, Pocono]]]]

A few local police officers were already at the scene. "You must be the feds." Sheriff Stanley said. He had a brown moustache and he was bald.

Ashely nodded. "My partner is an NYPD officer. She's a pretty good detective."

Stanley nodded. "This way." He led them to the bones. "We were able to I.D. the victim, his name was Peter Lewis. He worked as a hazmat. Weird thing is he was just alive about 12 hours ago working on the quarantine in Times Square. Now I'm no expert but the body should still be fresh! Not bones!"

Ashely nodded. "Do you have any idea why?"

A forensic scientist walked up to the three and fixed his glasses. "Hello, I'm James. I have an idea why...See these scratches on the left humerus bone?" He asked.

Langley nodded. "Yeah, any idea what they came from?"

James nodded. "We found out he was shot in the head. At the center of the forehead. We also found this." He pulled out a plastic bag that held a butcher knife. "This still has it blood on it. It's dried though. So I am guessing he was killed, then had all his skin removed via this blade. Hence the scratch marks everywhere on the bones."

"Did you run the blade for prints?" Langley asked.

"We will do that once we get back to the precinct mam."

Ashely tensed up and nodded. "Thank you Mr. James..."

"You're welcome. We got if from here but we will notify you girls if we find anything else." James said.

"While you're here, you should try the steak down at The Cow Factory." Stanley said.

"The Cow Factory?" Langley asked.

Stanley chuckled. "I told Mr. Weiss to change the name because it's kind of fucked up in my opinion...But we all know Weiss is fucked in the head anyways. Don't let the name change your mind though. The steaks and burgers there are to die for. No pun intended."

Ashely chuckled and nodded. "I am a bit hungry. What about you Langley?"

"Well you did kidnap me during my lunch." Langley replied.

"A salad is hardly a lunch." Ashely said. They both got in the car and drove off towards the restaurant in Alyan itself.

[h3 [b [i [center The Cow Factory]]]]

They arrived at the restaurant and got out. "Hey look, a happy cow eating a burger." Ashley said pointing to the restaurants sign.

"Stanley wasn't lying when he said the owner was a bit fucked in the head." Langley said.

They walked into the restaurant and Mr. Weiss himself greeted them. "Hello! Welcome to The Cow Factory! We got the best steaks in Alyan! If not you get your money back!" They were seated near a window and they received their menus.

"For amazing steak it sure is cheap." Ashely said.

A waitress came up to them

"Hello, what would you like to drink before we get your order?"

"I'll have a coffee please." Ashely said.

"For me...I'll have a coffee too." Langley said.

The waitress nodded and jotted down their drink orders and left to make them.

"There's that man again...The one that stopped us earlier." Ashely told Langley.

"He looked like he needed our help for a minute there but just chuckled and smiled at us and just left." Langley said.

Ashely nodded and the waitress came back with their coffees. "Okay now what would you like to order?"

"Just a New York Strip..." Langley said.

Ashley ordered the same.

The waitress nodded and jotted the orders down and went to go give them to the cooks.

"Ugh! Gah!" The man from earlier started to choke.
Ashely quickly got up and ran to the man to help him.

"Agh! I can feel everything!" The man said.

Ashely found a syringe stuck in the man's hip and noticed a plate across from him. She then noticed a man in a black suit run out of the restaurant with a black briefcase. "FBI! Freeze!" She yelled out running out of the restaurant. She started to chase the man down the road. He quickly turned left into an alley and so did Ashely.

He pulled out his phone and spoke in numbers. "2-3-6-7! 8-9-8-0!" He broke the phone in half and jumped the chain-link fence in front of him.

Ashely climbed the fence and jumped off the other side. She pulled out her gun and continued her chase.

The man finally stopped in another alley across the one he just left. He turned to Ashley. "Our work is far from finished. I will never give my self up!" He quickly pulled out a pistol and Ashely shot him four times in the chest. He stumbled backwards and hit a button on his briefcase. He fell on his back and died dropping the briefcase.

Ashely ran to it and opened it up. Everything inside it was burned to a crisp. "Dammit!" She stood up and reported the body before leaving the scene to go check on Langley. There was a group of paramedics at the restaurant. She went inside and noticed the dead man that had the syringe in him. He had a bullet hole in his head.

"He became rabid and started to attack the waitress...She's over there." Langley pointed to the dead waitress who also had a bullet hole in her head.

"Why has she been shot as well?" Ashely asked.

"Once the man bit her the waitress started to change and act like the man. Kind of like a zombie." Langley told her.

"I killed the culprit. He burned everything in the briefcase he was carrying. He yelled out random numbers while I was chasing him earlier. He yelled them out on a phone call to someone. I do not know what is going on here Langley but I have a very strong feeling this is connected to Peter Lewis. I say we should head back to New York and meet up with Johnathan and Charles."

Langley nodded. "They can probably help us."

They left the restaurant once they got the details from forensics and got in the car and drove back to New York.

[h3 [b [center [i Kravics New Mansion, New York, 3 East Street]]]]

Kravic entered his mansion and went inside the living room and sat down. He looked at a picture of his brother. He sighed and set the picture down. "Where oh where have the days gone?" He asked himself. He stood up and walked to his mini bar and opened it pulling out a bottle of Jim Beam. He opened it and took a nice swig of it and walked back to his couch.

"Why so glum old friend?" Gilesh asked. He stood in the foyer entrance and lit himself a cigarette.

Kravic put the bottle down and quickly pulled out his gun.
Gilesh smirked. "Calm down old friend, I came to tell you that you are needed by Vlagan."

Kravic chuckled. "Of course I am." He stood up and put the lid back on his whiskey bottle and put it back in the minibar. "Any idea why?"
Gilesh shook his head. "I am just a messenger Kravic. Until next time..." He opened the front door and left. So did Kravic.

[h3 [b [i [center Sector E - Langley, Virginia]]]]

"Thanks for coming on down here detective." The Chief of the LPD said. His name was Porter.

Greg nodded. He looked at his partner and nodded to him. They went under the crime tape and Greg walked over to the two charred bodies. He bent down and examined them. He stood up and sighed. "So explain to me, what happened again?"

"We heard an explosion and came down here as quickly as we could. One of my officers said I oughta' bring you down here." Porter said.

"And why is that?" Greg asked.

"One of the victims in the fire was from Gervais Prison down in New York. His name was Hayden Adder." Porter said showing the barely legible orange jumpsuit. The only thing that was legible was the nametag. "Now how in the hell he got out of a maximum security prison, got all the way here, and got access to a government building is a mystery to me." Porter told Greg.

"Well, the government is famous for testing various stuff on prisoners before releasing their product." Greg said.

"And how do you know he was being tested on?" Porter asked.

"This." Greg dug through the rubble and pulled out a metal leg restraint that broke off the chair. "Restraints. Also why else would a prisoner from our prison be all the way in a government building in Langley?"

Porter nodded. "Good point. I'm going to leave this case open and hand it over to your men. I believe we may have a homicide on our hands here and the killer went to great lengths to keep his secret hidden."

"Even secrets can be unlocked with a skeleton key." Greg said. He nodded to Timmy who followed him behind. They got in Gregs Lexus
and drove off back towards New York.

[h3 [b [i [center The Pentagon - Arlington County, Virginia]]]]

The Old Man used a key card and got into the closed building. He noticed the night security was here. He tiptoed through the building and looked at the cameras. He pressed a button and all the cameras went offline.

"The fuck?" The surveillance guard asked as he turned around to see all the cameras offline. He put his sandwich and coffee down and worked to get the cameras back online.

The Old Man slowly inched his way toward the elevator and pressed the button for the top floor. Once the elevator arrived he got in and the doors closed.

He arrived at the top floor and noticed the room he wanted to get inside was guarded by two men. Each one had an assault rifle. He pulled out a tranq gun and aimed it at them and shot them. He knocked them out and slipped his keycard onto the card reader and the door unlocked. He went inside the room and he saw a big clear box full of Skyrofym. He smirked and walked up to it and opened it and pulled out a industrial trash bag from his bag and he filled it halfway before the alarm went off. "This is enough for now." He said to himself. He planted some C4 on an empty space on the wall in the room and ran to the other side. He blew a hole in the wall as a big Vertibird ship flew towards his direction.

The Old Man grabbed onto the ladder that was suspended from the ship and he struggled climbing the ladder with the heavy powder. He handed the bag to one of his men on the ship and he climbed afterwards and they left off into the distance.

Guards ran into the room and noticed the big hole in the wall and also noticed the box of Skyrofym was half full. "Liam Sir, this is Paul. There seems to have been a break in here at The Pentagon. They seemed to have stole some of our Skyrofym sir." Paul said.

Liam just chuckled on the other line. "No need to fret. I know this man, and I wouldn't even pursue him. This man has a history of espionage and terrorism. Let me handle it."

Paul nodded and hung up. He stared out the hole and sighed.

[h3 [b [i [center Johnathans House]]]]

Langley and Ashely arrived at Johnathans house and Langley knocked on his door.

Johnathan opened the door and smiled. "Hey officers. Yes I am a drug lord who has 80 pounds of meth, coke, weed, and heroin. I also have a vast array of homemade bombs in my house."

"This would be the part where I push you down on the ground and handcuff you but I know when a joke is a joke." Ashely said. She and Langley entered the house and waved to Charles.

"Look. It's bad cop and bad cop." Charles said but Ashely took the sandwich right out of his hand and threw it in the trash. "Jokes on you! I have the stuff to make my own sandwiches at my house!"

"So what were you guys doing all day? Watching mystery movies?" Langley asked.

Johnathan shook his head. "I decided to call Charles to help investigate the missing evidence. Turns out two FBI agents were killed earlier at the quarantine while only one man was with them. A guy called Peter Lewis."

"Um...Well, we kind have found Peter Lewis' skeletal remains in the Alyan Forest." Ashely said.

"Explains why he wasn't hom-Wait did you say skeletal remains?! Now that is absurd! It hasn't even been an entire day yet!" Charles said."

"Turns out he was murdered by a bullet to the head and then his skin was chopped of by someone with a butcher knife." Langley told Charles.

"Ah okay...Anything else?" Charles asked.

"Then we decided to go eat at The Cow Factory in the town of Alyan." Ashely said.

"Ah, love that place. Fucked up name, but good food." Johnathan said.

"Well a customer there was acting very funny. We ran into him when he entered the town itself. He looked like he needed help. He kind have looked like he was running from somebody. Well, fast forward 30 minutes later we seen him in the restaurant and he starts to choke and have a seizure. I notice a syringe is sticking in him and a guy bolts out the front door." Ashely told them. She took a breath. "I chased him down before he started to call someone on a cellphone and yell out a string of numbers. I chased him down some more after that and he was going to shoot me so I killed him. He was clever because as he was dying he pressed a button on the briefcase he was carrying which ignited the contents inside and burnt them to nothing."

"While she's gone the man I'm attending to pushes me away and runs towards a waitress and starts to eat her flesh." Langley said.

"Like a cannibal?" Charles asked.

"I wish...Because when he killed the waitress she got up and had the same unemotional look as the man. She ran towards me with intent of biting me so I put both of them down." Langley replied.

"A fucking zombie Langley? Did forensics find anything from the syringe? Or the blood?" Johnathan asked.

"Well here's the part where it gets interesting." Ashely said. "Turns out this is the same stuff that was used in the homemade bomb that affected Times Square. The forensics team found some of the residue on the bottom of the inside of the syringe."

"Well Johnathan...There's our missing evidence." Charles told him.

"This day is just getting more and more interesting..." Johnathan said.

[h3 [b [i [center SG HQ]]]]

Kravic walked into Vlagans office.
Sit down Kravic." Vlagan said staring out the window behind his desk.
Kravic nodded and did so. "What did you need Sir?" He asked.

"It seems there is a rogue government agent going around with the powder from our bomb. He reconstituted it into a virus. One that can pretty much turn the user into a zombie with minutes or seconds." Vlagan said.

"Oh boy...That's not good." Kravic said standing up.

"No...No it's not. Be on the look out Kravic." Vlagan told him.

"For what?" He asked.

"For this man. I don't have a name but one of our men got a face as he was entering The Pentagon."

Kravic studied the picture closely. "Understood Sir." He left the room.

[b [i [center END OF EPISODE]]]

END CREDITS - White Rabbit

[b [i [center NEXT EPISODE - CORRUPTION]]]

Johnathan and Langley are assigned to a homicide case that involves a psychic 10 year old

Greg and Timmy have a meeting with Samuel Reynolds to see how he's doing

Vlagan is sent to the hospital after suffering a heart attack

Charles and Ashely investigate deeper into the Skyrofym incident.
[i Until next time on]...[b The Day Will Come]
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[h3 [b [I [center Episode 2 - Secrets]]]]

[h3 [b [i [center RECAP]]]]
Johnathan calls Charles to get permission to investigate the quarantined Times Square. Charles reluctantly agrees.

A man in a hazmat suit stole a piece of evidence from the quarantined area and killed two FBI agents who were witnesses.

An elderly cigar smoking man met with the hazmat man at Sector X and killed him and stole the evidence himself.
Johnathan and Charles arrived at the quarantine entrance and two soldiers stopped him. "Sir, this area is now under the control of the U.S. Military, I.D. please." Mitchell, one of the two soldiers said.

Charles nodded. "Charles, FBI." He showed them his badge.

"Sorry, only military personnel is allowed in and out of Times Square." Mitchell replied.

Charles sighed. "We got a tip that some evidence has gone missing, and it's our job as Federal agents to investigate."

Mitchell looked around and signed. "Okay, let me check in with my captain." He pulled out a military radio and pressed a button. "Captain Donnelly this is Corporal Mitchell, a Federal agent is here with a police officer. They say some evidence went missing."

A voice came through the radio. "Affirmative Corporal. Let them through."

Mitchell nodded and gave a thumbs up to Charles and
Johnathan. "Captain says you're good to go." He and the other soldier Private Richard opened the gate and let Charles and Johnathan through.

"Holy shit...This place reeks!" Johnathan said.

"It's a graveyard pretty much." Charles replied. He and Johnathan got out of the car and Captain Donnelly greeted them.

"Nice to meet you fellas. So you say there's some missing evidence hm?" Donnelly asked.

Johnathan nodded. "Yes Sir. I got an anonymous tip."

Donnelly chuckled. "Well now you ain't one of those people who just believes everything are ya?"

Johnathan chuckled. "No Sir, always better safe than sorry though am I right?"

Donnelly nodded. "We found charred remains over near where your car is. This was luckily left unburned. Thankfully it wasn't on the vic." He handed Charles the FBI badge of the man that the hazmat man killed.

"Agent Jack...Good man, he was sent here with his partner Agent Rachel. Now I know why they never returned." Charles said.

"The bodies are burnt but those two are probably your missing FBI agents. Funny thing is I never ordered a burning of any bodies. Only person here with the two agents was this man." Donnelly showed
Charles a picture of the hazmat man. "His name is Peter Lewis. He probably killed the two agents, stole the evidence they found, and ran like hell."

Charles studied the picture closely and sighed. "Well Johnathan. Shall we go see if Mr. Lewis is home?"

Johnathan nodded. "Sure."

"Good luck men." Donnelly said.

Johnathan saluted him. "You too Sir." They got in the car and Charles pulled got out an FBI laptop and began to look up Peter Lewis' address. "106 Farrow Avenue." He said and closed the laptop and drove off towards the address.

[h3 [b [i [center Saiapentes Gladius HQ]]]]

Kravic was sitting on a chair in Vlagans office. He was pressing his lips on his thumb as he was thinking.

"Why are you so glum?" Vlagan asked.

Kravic slowly turned his head towards Vlagan and chuckled in a pissed way. "I killed a fucking kid!" He said.

Vlagan sighed. "Just casualties Choles. Nothing more." He poured himself a glass of red wine and put the bottle down.

"We had rules Vlagan. One of them was no kids and no pets."

"I consider a 17 year old an adult Kravic. Do you remember what I told Johnathan when he first joined?"

"Kill or be killed." Kravic replied.

"That's right. And you chose to kill, rather than be killed. That's how life works. We fight to live another day. Because on any given day you can die. Just remember that Kravic." Vlagan said. His phone rang and he answered it. "Hello?" He asked.

"Sir, it's Dimitri. We found two pieces of The Cube in Antarctica."

Vlagan smirked evilly. "Good! That makes it 13 pieces now!" He hung up and put his phone back in his pocket.

[h3 [b [i [center Residence of Peter Lewis - 106 Farrow Avenue]]]]

Charles and Johnathan arrived at the address and got out. Charles walked up to the door and knocked on it. "Peter Lewis? FBI!" He waited for a few seconds before knocking again. "Mr. Lewis! FBI! Open up!"

"Doesn't look like he's here." Johnathan said. "Should we get a warrant?"

Charles sighed. "No. It'll be a waste of time. Come on, let's go." He and Johnathan got back in his car and drove off.

[h3 [b [i [center Deep in Alyan National Forest, Pocono Mountains]]]]

"Okay campers! Who likes marshmallows?" A man asked. He was taking his son and friends camping.

"I do Mr. Ernest!" A little boy said. After that all the kids said yes.

Ernest chuckled. "Well because I got two big jumbo bags of hotdogs and marshmallows!"

The kids cheered in excitement.

"Now before we eat this who wants to explore deeper into the forest?" Ernest asked.

"Ooooh. I heard there are ghosts and monsters that live in the deeper part of the forest." One kid, Rick said.

"Well, there are no such things as monsters or ghosts. Maybe bears and coyotes. But nothing superstitious." Ernest said.

"The only monster there is the bone eating monster! Roar!" Ernest' friend Dave said.

The children screamed and got up and ran around in circles.

"This is why I don't let you babysit my son Dave." Ernest said. He calmed the children down and stood up. "Follow me! If anyone needs to use the bathroom you tell Dave. No one is to stray from the pack. The forest is as dangerous as the outside world kids."

The kids nodded and followed behind Dave and Ernest deeper in the forest.

[b [i [center 20 Minutes Later...]]]

"Dave...I gotta go to the bathroom." Rick said.

Dave nodded. He signaled for the kids to stop and Ernest stopped as well. "If anybody needs to go use the bathroom, you go where we can see you. Not too close but not too far."

The kids nodded and all ran to bushes.

Rick got done doing his business when he saw what looked like a white rock buried in the sand. Rick loves collecting all sorts of rocks. He ran to it.

"Hey Rick! What did we say?!" Ernest said. He ran to his son and all the other kids followed behind and so did Dave.

Rick unearthed the "rock" and began to scream as he finally realized what he had dig up. It wasn't a rock but in fact a human skull. He backed away and bumped into his father and Dave looked mortified.

"Holy shit." Dave said.

"Dave..." Ricks friend, Caleb said.

"Sorry Caleb..." Dave said.

Ernest began to dig up the rest of the bones and pulled them out. "This is a human...Dave, call the FBI."

Dave nodded and pulled out his cellphone and dialed 911. "Hello, I would like to report a body. I need the FBI."

"Okay Sir, we are tracking your location now. We will send over a Federal agent to investigate right away. Please do not leave the scene."
Dave nodded and hung up once they tracked his location.

[h3 [b [i [center NYPD 11th Precinct]]]]

Ashely put a coffee down on Langleys desk. "I have no other partner and I was able to pull some strings for you. Would you be okay accompanying me to Alyan? A group of campers found human remains in the forest."

Langley nodded. "Let me check with my Chie-"

"Already checked in with him. He gave the go ahead." Ashely said.
Langley nodded and grabbed her coffee. "When do we go?"


She nodded again and followed Asheley behind towards her car and got in. They drove off towards Pocono.

[h3 [b [i [center Sector E, Langley, Virginia]]]]

The Old Man stared at the liquid and sighed. He added a bit of bath salts to the mixture and slowly stirred it. "Hmm..." He said. He added some blood from a container that said "Unknown Beatle" and stirred some more. He then took a syringe and dipped the needle in the mixture and pulled the plunger, allowing the syringe to suck up the liquid. He pulled it out and flicked the needle. He pressed a button on the wall next to him. "Bring Subject A in."

A guard dragged an inmate from Gervais prison into the room. His name was Lionel.

"Hello Lionel. Are you ready to change the world?" The Old Man asked.

Lionel began to scream. "Don't you dare put that fucking thing in me!"

The guard held him down and forced him into a chair with arm and leg straps. He strapped Lionel to the chair.

The Old Man got up and walked over to Lionel and pushed his head to the right and injected Lionel's left part of his neck with the serum.

Lionel tried to fight it but he was powerless.

The Old Man pulled the syringe out and sat back down. He stared at Lionel who was motionless.

"How do you feel Lionel?..." The guard asked.
Lionel started to shake and twitch. Once he stopped he slowly turned his head towards the guard and licked his lips.

"Lionel?" The guard asked.

Lionel broke away from his straps with superhuman strength and tackled the guard. He bit into his neck and savored the sweet blood. He began to eat the guard like a zombie would.

The Old Man shot Lionel in the head and stared at the guard. "Are you okay?..." He asked emotionless.

The guards eyes began to turned a reddish yellow. He began to convulse.

"Nothing personal dear friend. It is too late for you." The Old Man said and shot the guard in the head as well. He walked out of the room and left the building with his work. He dialed a number and the building of Sector E blew up behind him. He walked off into the distance as sirens could be heard.

END CREDITS - Bjork - Army of Me

[b [i [center END OF EPISODE 2]]]

[b [i [center NEXT EPISODE - SKYROFYM]]]

Johnathan and Charles get a call from Ashely to tell them that Peter Lewis was found dead in Alyan Forest.

Kravic takes some time off from SG to recuperate from the incident at the party.

The Old Man continues his search for more of the green powder known as Skyrofym.

Greg and a new police officer Timmy investigate the building explosion in Langley.

[i Until next time on]...[b The Day Will Come]
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 3y 52d 3h 34m 16s
[h3 [b [i [center Episode 1 - Quarantine]]]]

"Delta this is Bravo. We successfully quarantined Times Square." A man in a yellow hazmat suit said.

A voice came through the walkie talkie. "Good man. No one can know that this was our own chemical."

The man nodded. He pressed the button and began to speak. "Yes Sir." He walked over to a couple of FBI agents examining a teenagers body.

"This unknown substance...It's a green powder...And oddly smells of vinegar." One of the agents said. He bagged a bit of the powder and stood up. "This bomb was definitely man-made...But we won't know about the chemical in it until we send it in and the body in to the M.E."

The hazmat man nodded. He looked around and noticed he and the FBI agents were alone. "Can I see this powder?"

The FBI agent nodded. He handed the hazmat man the baggie and he inspected it.

"Thank you." The hazmat man quickly pulled out his gun and shot both the agents in the head. "No witnesses." He looked at the body they were examining and poured gasoline on it. He burnt the three bodies and left the quarantined area with the evidence.

[h3 [b [i [center Johnathan Robinson's House]]]]

Johnathan was sitting in his recliner watching TV. He sighed and changed the channel to the news. It was about the bombing on New Years. His phone rang and he picked it up. "Hello?" He asked.

"Mr. Robinson, you don't know me but I know you. There are bad happenings in Times Square. Military vehicles coming and going out of that part of New York. My men got a report from a tipper that evidence went missing at the crime scene. Now you can look into this or not, but mind you this could very well lead you to Saiapentes Gladius." The voice hung up.

Johnathan hung up the phone as well. He looked back at the TV and sighed. He stood up and called Langley. "Hey Langley...You know the quarantined area that Kravics bomb hit? Well looks like some evidence went missing and some random person wants me to investigate...Yeah I know, this is an FBI matt-I got an idea...Okay bye." He hung up and
called Charles.

"Charles speaking." He said.

"Charles, it's Johnathan...Listen we need to get access to Times Square."

Charles chuckled. "Why the hell would I do that? That's not in your jurisdiction!"

Johnathan sighed. "I know, some random person called me and said evidence went missing there...And that there are military vehicles coming in and out of Times Square."

"Mr. Robinson...The military were only there to quarantine the place. They left it in our hands now." Charles said.

"This bomb was linked to SG. So it links it back to me because this is my case." Johnathan said.

"Fuck! You got me there...Okay I'll be by your house in a bit. Be ready!" Charles said and hung up.

Johnathan hung up as well and got his coat on.

[b [i [center 30 Minutes Later...]]]

Charles arrived at Johnathans house and Johnathan stepped outside and got in Charles' car and they drove off towards Times Square.

[h3 [b [i [center Sector X - Langley, Virginia]]]]

The Hazmat Man walked through the building and towards a hall that had 4 keycard locks and a retina scanner. He put his keycard in the first lock and advanced onto the next 3 doors until he scanned his eye and the final door opened up revealing a big room with evidence that was deemed 'missing'

The Hazmat Man took the baggie that held the green powder and put in an empty box labeled 'SKYROFYM' He walked out of the room and the doors closed behind him.

"Good work son..." A man with grey hair and grey aviators said. He took a puff from his cigar and exhaled out the thick smoke from his wrinkled mouth. "But...Loose ends and all. Thank you for your work." The man took a gun and shot the hazmat man in the head. He walked over to the body. "Thank you once again for your work." He motioned for his men to come in and take care of the body. The old man walked towards the locked doors and got through them all. He walked into the big room and grabbed the baggie.

The old man took it to a table that had a lot of bottled liquids. He found some water and poured the powder in the beaker. He began to stir it up and poured it a spray bottle. He carried it over to the disposed body in his mens van. He sprayed the body in the face with the mist. Nothing. "Hmm...We are still missing one key component." He said.

[b [i [center NEXT EPISODE - SECRETS]]]

Johnathan and Charles investigate Times Square hoping for some answers to the missing evidence

The Old Man continues to work on the unknown substance

Langley investigates the hazmat man's murder after someone found his bones deep in the Alyan National Forest in Pocono

[i Until next time on...] [b The Day Will Come]
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[h3 [b [I [center Season 2 - Secrets N' Lies]]]]

[b [I [center "It's what this city runs on..."]]]
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 3y 52d 5h 44m 12s
[h3 [b [i [center Episode 13 - The Cube]]]]

Saturn nearly screamed. She pulled out her knife and stood there.

[b [i [+blue "No need for that ma'am. I mean you no harm. Those two pieces must be kept away from any life form at all cost. I know 5 pieces have been comprimised but if they cant find these two...Then they can't complete The Cube."]]] Thomas said.

Saturn nodded and closed the chest. "Why do I feel like I've just stumbled onto a super conspiracy that I may never be able to get out of?"

[b [i [+blue "Because you did..."]]]

[b [i [center [h3 Kravics Mansion]]]]

Vlagan sat down with his food and drink. He took a bite of his pasta and smiled. "So...This job as a nurse...Does it pay well?" He asked.

Langley nodded. "Yeah..." She took a drink of her martini and a bite of her steak.

"Hmm...So is there something interesting outside?...Maybe a special someone?" Vlagan asked her.

Langley shook her head. "No...I just need fresh air every now and then."

"Ah, don't we all? Hey Sheldon, we like fresh air right?" Vlagan asked one of his guards.

Sheldon smiled. "That's right boss!" He served Ashely and Charles some ice-cream.

"Thank you dear." Ashely said as her and Charles walked to Johnathans table and sat down.

"Other empty tables." Johnathan said as he was playing on his phone.

"Yes, but we are in the middle of a mission." Charles said.

Johnathan nodded. "Sure, just let me finish this level in Candy Crush."

Ashely took his phone and turned it off handing it back to him.

"Damn, fine...Uh...What do we do?" Johnathan asked.

"We apprehend the suspects." Charles said.

"You're fucking joking right? These are highly trained assassins we are talking about." Johnathan said. He looked towards Vlagan and Kravic.

"I know Johnathan, but we have all the proof right here." Ashely said showing him the diagram. "We saw it. A girl named Saturn lives in a mansion that used to belong to an explorer called Samson Watts...He used The Cube before and it brought maddness and chaos. We need to prevent that."

Johnathan nodded. He got up and started to walk towards the two bosses of SG. He stopped and was about to speak but someone stopped him.

"Hello sir! Would you like some shrimp and crab cakes?" The person asked.

Johnathan nodded and took some and ate some.

"Are you ready folks? It's time for the drop!" Vlagan said.

[h3 [b [i [center Times Square - New Years Event]]]]

People began to count down.

[b [i












Everyone screamed in terror as the ball exploded into a deadly gas that affected the area of Times Square. People tried to run away but everyone who was at the event began to start to bleed out of every oriface of their body until the fell dead.

[h3 [b [i [center Kravics Mansion]]]]

The feed was cut from live TV. Vlagan smiled and so did Kravic. His men were behind Langley, Greg, and Johnathan. The men unmasked them all. "Well...Well...Well...I should really hate myself for not noticing sooner. You three were so preoccupied with my expedition that you failed to see the real threat! Some cops you are. Oh well, Kravic...Kill everyody that isn't part of my organization." Vlagan said.

Kravic nodded. He grabbed the teens father that argued with him about his son drinking. Kravic broke the das neck and the teen ran towards Kravic but only ended up with a bullet through his head.

"He was a kid!" Ashely said as she pulled out her gun and so did Charles. They pointed them at Kravic, while Greg and Langley had their guns pointed at the guards. Johnathan pointed his gun at Vlagan.

"I always like a good showdown." Vlagan said smirking.

Johnathan swung his right arm at Vlagan but Vlagan grabbed it and did a leg sweep on Johnathan.

"Johnathan!" Langley said. She was about to run to him but Kravic stopped her.

"Look at you! I know you! NYPD detective of the month! Just another cocky bastard." Kravic said. He grabbed her and threw her.

Langley crashed through one of the buffet tables. She stood up and Ashely aimed her two pistols at two of the guards directions.

Johnathan stood up and karate chopped Vlagan in the throat. He kicked hin in the nuts and shoved him back.

"Hey no fair! Nards are off limits!" Vlagan said trying to stand up.

"Who gives a rats ass!" Johnathan said punching him over the bar and into the bottles of liqour.

Greg and the SG guard that was with him took out some of the guards and held some of the ones that were alive in custody.

Charles and Kravic turned towards each other and got in a battle ready stance. He ran towards Kravic with his fists raised.

Kravic smirked and grabbed Charles and stared at him. "You think fists are going to break a big guy like me?" He asked smirking some more.

Charles shook his head. "No not really...But this will!" He pulled out a stun gun and shot Kravic.

Kravic grunted in pain as his muscles tensed. Once the shock was done he sighed and backed away. "Men, come on. We have a excavation to do. Our day will come when we need these pests eliminated." He woke Vlagan up from his concussion. "Come on Sir. Let's go." 

Vlagan nodded and glared at Johnathan. "You want in on the game Johnathan? You really do? You are getting into some deep shit my friend." He turned to Langley. "Until next time." He walked away with Kravic.

Johnathan ran towards them but Langley stopped him.

"There's always next time...It's not worth dying over." Langley said to Johnathan.

Johnathan nodded. "I guess so. What do we do now?" He asked.

Charles butted in. He was holding a donut in one hand and a cup of whiskey in the other. "We go visit this Saturn girl, I wanna show you guys something pretty crazy."

Once the police arrived on the scene they began evacuating people that were alive and also carrying out the bodies.

[h3 [b [i [center Victorian Mansion]]]]

The gang arrived at the mansion and knocked on the door.

Saturn opened it and smiled. "Hey...Come on in." She said.

They came in and Charles walked over to the bookcase and pulled the book that opened the secret passage. "This way."

Langley looked at Johnathan. "And what's down there?" She asked.

"Just come on!" Ashely said.

They walked through the secret passage all the way to the big room with the replic of The Cube.

"That's The Cube! From the diagram I found in Kravics room!" Johnathan said. He walked up to it and admired it. "So it's pretty much gold on the all the sides...With a light blueish glass body. What the hell are these inscriptions on the glass?..."

Charles stepped towards the replica and examined it. "Not any language I've seen before."

"He who looks for power and destruction shall be led into darkness." Saturn chimed in.

Johnathan turned towards her. "How the hell do you know that?"

"I am not in the mood for questions today...It has been one fucking hell of a day." She said. She touched the replica and a staircase revealed itself under the floor. "Two pieces of The Cube are hidden under there. They must not be taken at all!" Saturn said.

They nodded and walked down the stairs to where the treasure chest is.

"Why did I join the force? My dad wanted me to be a cook! But no, I went and became a fucking cop while I could be making dinner for famous chefs!" Langley said. She saw the wall behind the chest. "That wall looks different from the rest of the walls in this room...It's a bit more dark blue."

Johnathan walked up to it and put his hand on the wall. He gasped and fell to the floor gasping.

Greg ran to Johnathan. "Are you okay?!" He asked.

Johnathan began to laugh. "Oh I got you guys!" He noticed they were all glaring at him. "Oh come on, we all need a bit of humor if we are to take this journey. Which is probably going to be a long ass journey." He said touching the wall again and it pushed back and then opened up revealing another big room.

"I could start a hotel business if I wanted!" Saturn said. They all followed Johnathan into the big room.

Charles explored around the room and pondered.

"What's this?" Greg asked. He pulled a book off of a pedstal in the center of the room and opened it. He began to read the words out loud. "'[b [i Cold and icy... A cave sits under the snow,
find this place and a piece shall show'

Hot and barren...A
pyramid shaped structure sits atop the sand, find this area and soon a
piece shall be in your hand'

'Vines and  Swamps, 
There lies an ancient Shrine...Find
this place and a piece shall shine']]" He closed the book. "This is vague." He said. A shiny platinum key fell out of the book and Greg picked it up. "What the hell does this go to?" He asked. It resonated a high pitch and vibrated when Greg walked closer to the chest which held the two Cube pieces.

"Well there we go, whenever that key does that we know we're in the right place." Johnathan said. He noticed there was a journal collection on a bookcase. "Samson Watts?...The explorer? Was this his mansion?" He asked.

Saturn nodded. "It is a very old place but this hidden section is advanced!" She looked behind her and saw Thomas. She moved to his side.

"I see you've brought friends." He said.

Langley, Charles, and Ashely all turned around and aimed their guns at Thomas. "Oh! You're alive?! You're the damned man that warned us to never use this device!" Charles said.

Thomas nodded. "I am immortal from all sorts of death. Find those pieces mentioned in the book and bring them back to this room and put them in the chest. Darkness is coming and I do not know how long we will have once it arrives. That guild that resides on New York known as Saiapentes Gladius are the harbingers of that darkness...They may be human beings but they are advocating an evil power by stealing those pieces! I knoe this is all too much to take in but trust me. You do not want them to complete and use The Cube..." Thomas said. "Are you all ready to save the world?"

[b "The day will come..."] Johnathan said.

[b [center END OF SEASON ONE]]
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[h3 [b [i [center Episode 12 - The Party's About to End]]]]

[h3 [b [i [center Kravics Mansion - 9:20PM]]]]

Greg was sitting at one of the tables for people who wanted to eat. He had a plate of chicken alfredo pasta along with some grilled chicken as a side and a glass of sparkling cider. He took a small sip of the cider and after that he twirled his fork around his pasta until he was able to get a nice pasta coil around his fork, he took ate the pasta coil from his fork and chewed slowly.

A disgruntled SG member walked up to the table Greg was sitting at and sat down. He put his bowl of tomato soup down and sighed.

"You okay there buddy?" Greg asked wiping his own face. He put the napkin down and took another sip of his cider.

The SG member shook his head. "Yeah, I'm okay alright. I'm definitely okay with 'kill this, kill that, bribe this, bribe that, blackmail this, blackmail that,' It get's old y'know?"

Greg nodded. "But I thought SG had it's benefits...Right?"

The man just chuckled. "Sure...Benefits." He just chuckled again and ate some of his soup.

"But what about the big expedition?" Greg asked, he took another bite of his pasta.

"Oh gee whiz, the 'big expedition' I sure wish I could be doing the expedition instead of being stuck in New York." The man said sighing. "I'm sorry...I just hate my job. Sure, it's unique and sure it pays a fuckton...But, if we really want to get techichal...Isn't it all just blood money?"

Greg nodded. "Indeed it is...Why don't you quit?" He asked.

"Working for SG is like working for the Mafia...Once you're in the family, there aint no going back." He said. "Only way to leave SG is to fight the organization...Or by death."

"Jeez...Well then why the fuck did you sign up?" Greg asked taking a bite from his chicken.

The man ate some more of his soup. "Money can make you do incredible things...It's like money has a secret evil power inside it that hypnotizes you...Makes you make rash decisions once you see all that green paper be presented in front of your face."

"You got a point there...What's your name?" Greg asked.

"Neil Bakerson. I used to be an engineer for the government but they let me go due to unknown reasons...I was working on a project but of course...They made me forget it." The man said.

"Hmm, alright Neil...I'll see what I can do." Greg said.

"You really mean it?" Neil asked.

"I really do." Greg said.

Johnathan was sitting at another table, he was eating with Langley. His phone vibrated and he pulled it out of his pocket. "I gotta take this real quick." He told Langley. He walked outside to where nobody could hear him. He answered the phone. "Hello?" He asked.

"Is this the phone of Mr. Robinson?" The voice replied back.

"Yes it is...Why?" Johnathan asked.

"Well, my name is Charles Mayworth. I work for the F.B.I. and I happen to know you used to work for Saiapentes Gladius...Am I correct?" Charles asked.

Johnathan froze. He knew the NYPD knew about his affiliation with SG...But the F.B.I.? This is some serious shit. "Um...Yes, Sir...I used to work for them...Not anymore though." He said.

Charles hummed a 'hmm' "Well, we-"

"Wait a minute...I know that voice, you were the nosy fat fuck who came into Kravics room! Along with your female friend." Johnathan said. "How can I know you're not an SG member?"

"My oh my..." Charles replied. "I was in that room for the same reason you were...Did you perhaps find what we were looking for Mr. Robinson?"

Johnathan nodded. "Does it have to do with a diagram of a cube?"

Charles nodded as well. "Indeed it does...We don't know what SG are planning but we do know that The Cube is an ancient mythological device. It said said to grant the user immortality...Can you believe that? Just another sad rumor."

"What if it's an alien device?" Johnathan replied back.

Charles let out a hearty laugh. "An alien device?!...Oh Mr. Robinson...Might as well be wearing a tin-foil hat too!" He laughed some more.

Johnathan sighed. "Look, if you think it's a rumor then why look into it?"

Charles replied "Well Johnathan...Like I said...Just a 'rumor'...It could be real for all we know, and if it is...SG just got the upper hand and we're all fucked."

Johnathan nodded. "Indeed, so why call me??" He asked.

Charles sighed and coughed a bit. "You, my female friend, and I...We are the only people outside of SG who knows about the existance of The Cube."

Johnathan shook his head. "I ran into a hitman...Gilesh, he's not an SG member but he knows about it as well."

"Hmm...Well then, I guess that makes 4 of us." Charles replied. "Well Johnathan, come meet us down at Paradise Island, we have much to discuss..." Charles said and hung up.

Johnathan made up an excuse to leave the party early. He said he was coming back but he had to run some last minute errands. Once he left he got in his car and drove off towards Paradise Island.

[h3 [b [i [center Paradise Island -Bar & Grill- - 10:00PM]]]]

Once he arrived he parked his car in one of the parking lots and got out. He entered the bar and noticed two people sitting in a booth far away from the other patrons. He walked over to the booth and sat down.

"Hello, Mr. Robinson, my name is Ashely Winters and of course...You already met Charles Mayworth. Now, I know you have many questions but let's just stick to the important one...SG and The Cube." Ashely said.

Charles chimed in. "Now it's essential we get The Cube before SG does, only problem is that the damn thing is in pieces all over the globe."

Ashely nodded. "Charles is right, that's why they're doing the expedition...It's been going on for quite a while, like Charles told you over the phone, we don't know what they are planning but knowing SG...It can't be good. That's where you come in, a top assassin from SG who was betrayed by his own...Could be very useful to us."

Johnathan chuckled. "Look, I'm already in trouble with the NYPD...I don't want to be in deeper shit with the feds." He said getting up but Charles stopped him.

"If this device is real Johnathan...It could mean the end of the world...Do you really want that?" Charles asked.

Johnathan sighed and sat back down.

"Good, now I want you to go back to the party and sneak back into Kravics room and take a picture of the diagram." Ashely said.

Johnathan glared at her. "Are you fucking serious?...Last time I was in there I nearly got killed by a hitman."

"Yes...But he's not there anymore now is he?" Charles asked.

"What about Vlagan? Or Kravic?" Johnathan asked them.

"You leave that to us." Ashely said showing Johnathan a valuble item. "We'll return to the party dressed back in our costumes and try to auction this off to Kravic, it'll hopefully distract him long enough."

Johnathan sighed and nodded. He got up and looked at Charles. "Aliens can be real too you fat bastard." Johnathan said leaving.

Charles just chuckled and shook his head.

"Aliens?...Really Charles? You had an argument with that man about aliens?" Ashely asked.

Charles just sighed. "He had a wild theory about The Cube being an alien device. I mean come on." He said.

Ashely shook her head too. "Better than it being a magical device from the gods. Seems more legit."

Charles nodded and they both got up and left as well.

[h3 [b [i [center Kravics Mansion - 10:20PM]]]]

Johnathan arrived back at the mansion after he put his costume back on. He went inside it and greeted everybody. They waved back at him and he sat down sighing. He saw Charles and Ashely come inside too.

"Sorry Mr. Choles and Mr. Kriser! We forgot, we were supposed to sell this to you." Charles said showing them the expensive item.

Kravic looked at it. "Hmm, nice...Let me inspect it first." Kravic said pulling out his stuff to inspect it.

Johnathan snuck back into the hallway and went inside Kravics room. He opened the chest and opened the secret compartment. He took a picture of the diagram and closed the chest and left back to the party room. He saw that Kravic was done inspecting the item.

"No thanks, it's pretty good looking, but...There seems to be a scratch on the side here." Kravic pointed it out.

Charles sighed. "Oh damn...Well sorry for wasting your time Mr. Choles."

Kravic shook his head. "No worries! If you get that scratch covered up you can still sell it, just not to me...Maybe Vlagan...Or maybe someone else here."

Charles nodded. "Well, thank you Mr. Choles. I'll keep that in mind. Me and Ashely are going now." He said leaving.

Kravic waved at them and went back to his food and drink.

Johnathan snuck outside and met up with them. He exchanged the picture after he made a copy to his phone.

Charles looked at it and nodded. "Good work Mr. Robinson. We'll be in touch." He said leaving with Ashely.

Johnathan sighed and went back inside the mansion. He sat down with Langley.

"What's gotten into you?" She asked.

"You don't wanna know." Johnathan said. He sat back and sighed again.

[h3 [b [i [center Rich Neighborhood]]]]

Daley was driving around in her squad car. She sighed and and ate some candy. "Wish I was at some fancy party." She said stopping the car. She saw a couple of teens throwing toilet paper all over a persons house. She sighed once more and turned on her sirens.

"Oh shit! Kyle come on! It's the popo!" The other teen, Wade said.

Kyle sighed and dropped his roll of TP. So did Wade. They stood there as Daley got out.

"Alright...Hands up, I need to call your parents." Daley said, she sniffed a bit and stared at them. "Do I smell reefer?" She asked.

Wade looked at Kyle. "Nah, you see...We have some oregano that we were bringing over to our grandmas...She was making some pasta." Wade said.

"Oregano doesn't smell like pot." Daley said.

"We dropped the oregano on our way to our grandmas and out of nowhere a skunk shows up and sprays it! Skunks are dicks man." Kyle said.

Daley just pursed her lips and blinked. She then proceeded to search them until she found a couple of grams of weed on both of them. "Huh...Didn't know oregano had little orange hairs. Alright, you two are under NYPD custody until I can get a hold of your parents, but first clean this mess up." She said.

The teens did so and were handcuffed and put in the back of the car. Daley got in the drivers seat and drove off back to the precinct where Mike was waiting.

[h3 [b [i [center NYPD Police Station]]]]

Daley got them out of the car and into the building. She put them in an area where they couldn't leave until their parents were called. She finally got the parents numbers and called them. "Hello, is this Mrs. Hedgeway? I have one of your sons in custody...Wade Hedgeway. He was caught throwing toilet paper on a persons house and him and a buddy of his had marijuana on him. He's in custody until you come pick him up." Daley said.

"Oh my goodness! Thank you! That boy is in so much trouble when we get home!" Mrs. Hedgeway said hanging up.

It was a bit before Wades mother and Kyles father arrived at the police station. They signed the paperwork and showed the legal documents of them being the parents. They both looked unhappy as they grabbed their sons and pulled them outside and into their cars and drove off.

"Good work Daley." Chief Mike said sipping on some coffee. "Why don't you go home? It's not too late to celebrate."

Daley nodded. "Thank you, Sir." She said grabbing her stuff. She left the building and got in her personal car that she left at the station. She drove off towards her house.

[h3 [b [i [center Daleys House]]]]

Daley arrived at her house at around 10:46 PM. She yawned and unlocked her front door and went inside. She got undressed and put on her lounging clothes and sat down on her couch and turned on the TV

"In recent news...The F.B.I. had another confrontation with Ace Kavunder at the Paradiso Di Leonardo, and once again Ace leaves the battle victorious. Is God on his side or is this man just amazing? Now here's Jack, who's at Times Square where the New Years Ball is!"

"Thank you Jane, it's simply amazing just how many people are here! This has got to be our biggest New Years gathering...Like, ever! I mean, WOW!" Jack said chuckling. He turned to one of the people who was at the event in Times Square. "Are you excited as I am when that clock strikes 12?" Jack asked the person.

She responded "Yeah! I am reaaaaaly excited for it! I just wanna say that I love my mom, my dad, and my pet cat Mr. Paws, thank you for letting me attend this event!" She said laughing.

Jack laughed too. "I'm glad to hear that! What's your name?"

"Annabelle!" She said.

"Annabelle huh? Such a lovely name, well Annabelle I hope you a wonderful New Years!" Jack said. He walked to other people and started to interview them.

Daley yawned and changed the channel. It was a commercial.

[b [i [+red "ARE YOU TIRED OF BLAND TASTLESS FOOD?!"]]] A deep gruffy voice asked.

"Aren't we all?" Daley asked.


Daley yawned and changed the channel again. It was a sitcom. She got up and went inside the kitchen and opened the fridge; Leftover christmas dinner, Soup, Sandwich stuff, and homemade pasta. She pulled out some of the chirstmas dinner and made herself a plate and went back inside the living room and sat down. She took a bite of ham and chewed.

[b [i [+blue "What do you mean you ate the last cookie? That was for Santa Clause!"]]] A girl said, she put her arms on her hips and stared at the boy. The laugh track ensued.

[b [i [+red "Oops...I thought those were for me."]]] The boy said as he made a silly oops face and looked at the screen. The laughing started again.

Daley laughed and ate some more of her food. Her phone rang and she answered it. It was Chief Mike.

"Just wanting to check up on you...How are you doing?" He asked.

"I'm doing good, just watching a sitcom and eating leftover christmas dinner." Daley said.

Mike chuckled. "Ah, the christmas sitcom marathon. That's the way to do it. Alright, I'll let you get back to your show." He said.

"Alright, see you tomorrow Mike." She said as they both hung up. She took another bite and went back to watching the show.

[h3 [b [i [center Victorian Mansion]]]]

"Do you know how to even crack this diagram?" Saturn asked Charles.

"Not really...All I know is that I keep seeing a name pop up in the computer...Samson Watts." He said.

"Samson Watts?" Ashely asked. "That's an explorer from the early 1700's! You're not suggesting that he was also hunting for The Cube were you?"

Charles nodded. "I am, he disappeared during the big search. Never to be seen again. He was actually the first person to hear about the cubes existence...Or that's what the internet says anyway...And, well, you know the internet."

Ashely nodded. She looked back at the diagram and sighed.

"Wait a darn minute! He lived in a mansion, he lived at [b [i this mansion!]]" Charles said.

Saturn just stared at him. "You're joking right?" She asked.

"Nope, when he disappeared he left the deed to a Tom Grandal, he called Tom an 'adventurer' so I'm assuming Tom took his place and went to look for The Cube as well." Charles said.

"Perhaps we can find more in this mansion!" Ashely said.

Saturn sighed. "Look, I know every nook, every cranny, and everything about this place, it may have been furnished when I moved in but it's not like I can pull a book out like this an-" Saturn pulled a book out and the bookcase opened up. "Well then..." She finished.

Charles and Ashely stared at the secret passage. "Luck seems to be on our side today. Well then...Let's venture deeper into the mansion then shall we?" He asked.

The three of them went through the secret passage to see what mysterious secrets lie beneath the victorian mansion.

The three crossed deeper into the secret passageway. Cryptic inscriptions were engraved into the wall. Saturn stopped to look at one of them and noticed they gave a slight bluiesh glow to them. "To think I had this in my mansion." She said.

Charles nodded. "Indeed, it's very incredible. This is amazing..." He said as they crossed deeper into the passageway until it led up to a giant room with a golden cube that had blue markings on it. "I...IS THAT?!" Charles heart nearly stopped.

Ashely looked at it and shook her head. "No, it seems to be a replica. This is what The Cube is supposed to look like after it's been complete is my guess."

Saturn nodded. She accidently brushed up against the replica and the entire room lit up in gold and blue. "What in the world?" She asked.

A projection appeared right before them. It was Tom Grandal himself. [b [i [+blue "I have found it...The Cube, it has intense power...I am using this power to create this message for those in the very distant future...This device, it is also a curse. Being immortal has it's benefits but it also has it's downsides...This cube, it is way more advanced than anything I have ever seen...I'm going to destroy The Cube once more, I know there will be people who will want to find it. These people are greedy for power. Heed my warning, do not succumb to The Cube...It drove one man mad...Samson Watts. Now, it's driving me mad. Forgive me Samson...But it must be done..." Tom said as he threw the cube in the air and shot it with his flintlock pistol. It exploded and the pieces disappeared. "Once destroyed...The pieces all return back to their rightful burial grounds. I only have a little bit of power left to make this projection...Now for me...I don't know if this will work...But I have to try.]]] He said putting the flintlock in his mouth and pulling the trigger. The projection ended.

"What in blazes did I just watch?!" Charles asked.

"You just watched you're proof...We need to stop SG. Before something like this happens!" Ashely said.

Saturn just stared at the replica and sighed. "Can we really stop it though?...Once Saiapentes Gladius is focused on something...They tend to see it get done."

Charles sighed as well. "We have no choice, we have to kill them both. Vlagan and Kravic." Charles said.

"Listen to yourself!" Ashely said.

"Oh sorry, excuse me for wanting to put down two men who could possibly destroy the entire fucking planet!" Charles snapped at Ashely.

Ashely backed away a bit. "We need to get to the party and confront them."

Charles nodded. "Let's go then. Thank you for your time Saturn." He said as the three of them left the secret room, and back at the mansion itself. "Oh shit." Charles said. There were a convoy of black cars and a 5 SG members came out of them.

Saturn pulled out her knife and breathed quietly.

Ashely pulled out her gun and stood on the other side of the wall facing the entrance.

Charles pulled out his gun as well and hid behind a table.

The members walked in as they scanned the area. "All clear." The squad leader said. They split up and Saturn snuck behind one of them and slit his throat. She was somewhat of an assassin.

Ashely put her silencer on and so did Charles. The two of them got two other members.

The squad leader looked around. "Men?" He asked. He looked at the last remaining member on his team. "I don't like this. We should get out of h-" He fell dead with a throwing knife stuck in the back of his head.

The last member ran but he wasn't fast enough as Saturn threw another one as it penetrated his skull. He fell dead as well. "Knock first before you enter my fucking house." She said as she yanked the knives from their heads and disposed of the bodies.

Charles and Ashely searched the cars and found nothing. They pushed them to the river and sank them. After that they both left the mansion.

Saturn watched them leave. She clutched the knife in her hands and smirked. [b [i [+red "I'm back..."]]]

[h3 [b [i [center Paradiso Di Leonardo]]]]

Ace and Winston were sitting at a table eating some food. Ace wiped his face and drank some water.

"So, Ace...How did you become what you are?" Winston asked.

Ace looked at him. "It was an attack. I was cooking some food at a cafe I used to work at and a group of terrorists attacked the place and ended up fucking me up...I was on the verge of death but then the G-Men came and took me away from the hospital and to their secret base...They tested on me and stuff. After that they 'rebuilt' me and I was going to be a WMD for them...Little did they know that I still had my mind, so I escaped from the base but now these men are out looking for me."

Winston nodded. "They are persistant aren't they? It's simply wrong to kidnap someone and make them into their own weapon."

Ace nodded as well. "I never asked for this" He took a bite and chewed slowly. "I want to use these powers for good...Not for personal gain."

"Maybe we can get you a job with the NYPD? I don't know though since they are good friends with the FBI...Maybe if you explain your situation?" Winston asked.

Ace shook his head. "I don't know, I'll look into it...I just wish this wild goose chase would stop."

"Don't we all?" Winston asked.

[h3 [b [i [center Kravics Mansion - 11:10 PM]]]]

Charles and Ashely arrived once more and was let back in the mansion. They greeted Vlagan and Kravic again and sat down.

"Welcome once again." Kravic said smiling. He sipped on his drink and sat back in his chair.

Langley went outside and called Chief Mike. He answered.

"Hello?" Chief Mike asked.

"Hey, it's Langley...We're doing good here, Johnathan found some info in Kravics room...It was about some cube. He won't tell me about it though...I don't know why." She said.

Mike hummed a 'hmm' "Well, maybe he has his reasons. Maybe he's trying to protect you from a certain danger?"

"Maybe, anyway this cube has something to do with a Saiapentes Gladius expedition, Vlagan is recruiting again and they're having a club meeting tomorrow...Greg says he's going to try to get in. He thinks Vlagans the murderer of Bridget and Dr. Gabriel." She said.

"He could very well be the murderer...I did some snooping around myself, I found the thing that poisoned Rose Mcoy, the lab is testing it for prints and stuff...We should get it back in a couple of days." Mike said.

"Thank you, Sir. After we're done here...We'll celebrate...SG is going down tonight." Langley said.

"Keep up the good work Mrs. Madison." Mike said hanging up.

Langley went back inside the mansion and sat back down.

Vlagan stared at her ominously. He got up to go get some food and a drink.

[h3 [b [i [center Victorian Mansion]]]]

Saturn stood in front of the replica and just stared at it. She touched it and the room became gold and blue again...But this time the floor opened up, revealing a set of stairs. She walked down them and ended up in a bigger room than before. This time with a giant gold chest in the middle. She slowly opened it and inside were a couple of pieces to The Cube. She was about to grab them out but a voice stopped her.

[b [i [+blue "I wouldn't do that if I were you..."]]]

[b [i [center [+red It was Tom Grandal]]]]

[b [i [center END OF EPISODE 12]]]

[h3 [b [i [center Next Episode - The Cube]]]]

Saturn is startled by the sight of Tom Grandal, who was thought to be dead

Johnathan, Charles, Ashely, and Langley all get ready to stop SG once and for all

The New Years Ball is being dropped, what surprise does Kravic have in place for us?

[b [i [center Will the day finally come?]]]

[b [i [center Or will it have to wait until another day?]]]

[b [i [center Until next time on...]]]
[b [i [center [+red The Day Will Come]]]]
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