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A lone wolf called nageta yura, is alone in this sad wolrd for a wolf, she can change to a human in the day and wolf at night, she was always alone after her parents died, she was always sad and lonley, one day another human catches her in a cage, whats going to happen will she become free again?



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He smiled "well it's better than my old home" he walked around looking at the scenery
  Skyvon (wedding) / Tichondrias / 9y 341d 3h 36m 25s
she nodded her head, as the other wolfs lead the way back to there own home village, they soon came across a water fall and walked stragith through, nageta went ahead and put her cristal neckless in place and the rock in front of them moved, she then smiled and put neckless back no and went insdie, everyone welcoming her back home again.

"heh welcome to the wolf village, most of us are part human part ware wolf so we're like you kinda" she said with a smile.
  Nageta yura / darkstartalker / 9y 341d 3h 37m 44s
He stands up "I would love to stay for awhile" he says as his white hair drapes down and his cape sways in the wind.
  Skyvon (wedding) / Tichondrias / 9y 341d 3h 44m 37s
"same to you, i think its time i went home, your welcome to stay with the us wolfs if you want" she said looking at him, her robe going around her as her hair fell past her eyes, and her hood appeard on her head.
  Nageta yura / darkstartalker / 9y 341d 3h 47m 38s
You are still maturing my wolf friend. I've lived for 16 human years since I'm part human. But it's a pleasure to meet you"
  Skyvon (wedding) / Tichondrias / 9y 341d 3h 50m 56s
she nods her head, as the moon light hit her again maken her change to her human form "i have royal blood in me only the rolay wolfs can change....i live for a long time, i'm 15 in wolf years" she said looking at the boy.
  Nageta yura / darkstartalker / 9y 341d 3h 54m 15s
he sits "your mother taught you well"
  Skyvon (wedding) / Tichondrias / 9y 341d 3h 56m 52s
she smiled as she stoped "thank you my mother taught to me a long time ago, when i was a very young wolf cub" she said remebring all her memories as a kid.
  Nageta yura / darkstartalker / 9y 341d 3h 59m 47s
He smiled "that tune is very nice my lady" he says as he sits down yo listen
  Skyvon (wedding) / Tichondrias / 9y 341d 4h 4m 18s
she smiled, and spoke to him in his mind with her singing still 'i've been alive for so long....i learn most things....see sad things of little wolf cubs being killed by there parents....alot of things ' she said ot him in his mind as other wolfs appeard and sat in front of them, listening to there princess sing to them. "princess its good to have you home again,we knew it was you from the song " they said feeling all relaxed and clam.

thaats the post from last time when you had to go xD
  Nageta yura / darkstartalker / 9y 341d 4h 5m 47s
Lol ok let's begin
  Skyvon (wedding) / Tichondrias / 9y 341d 4h 12m 55s
  Nageta yura / darkstartalker / 9y 341d 4h 13m 32s
I'm on
  Skyvon (wedding) / Tichondrias / 9y 341d 4h 14m 36s
you on?
  Nageta yura / darkstartalker / 9y 341d 5h 57m 13s
  Wolf (Neko form) / Tichondrias / 9y 342d 5h 33m 26s

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