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I will never ask you to tell me your password and I have not approved any mods. If anyone threatens you or threatens action against your account contact me, my email is at the bottom. You must be 13 or older to join this site.

Update: Dirty Images

Nudity is not allowed on this site. The ad provider goes even further to limit things like: Strategically covered nudity, Sheer or see-through clothing, Lewd or provocative poses, Close-ups of breasts, buttocks, or crotches. Drawn or real.

#1 - No Cyber INCLUDING IN PMs.

 Freedom of speech is great and all but not when younger people get raped and murdered. This site has to compromise, as do schools on what type of content is allowed. Sites that allow cyber when there's a concentration of young people tend to attract perverts. Romantic writing is ok but anyone caught with a bunch of short post cybers either in an RP or in PMs will have all accounts banned and will be banned by IP; Making alternate accounts to cyber will still get your main banned. Posting certain things will make your PM or RP reply become flagged for review through the same mechanisms that detect spam. Take that to instant messenger like yahoo, email or call each other on by phone or skype, WHICH IS BETTER SUITED FOR IT ANYWAY. You will be banned if you solicit users to go offsite and cyber, "mature rps", etc. You can be banned for soliciting personal information. You will be banned if you post anyone's personal information. If you already have a bunch of cybers and I hadn't banned you yet, clear the bad RPs or private messages and you'll be fine provided your RP partner does the same. Use the delete all PMs feature at the bottom of the PMs page.

 Please add "Romance" in the categories when making the thread eg "RP - Romance". Romantic writing ok, but no we-are-F'ing and phone-sex-style kinda crap. Any bad grammar, texting style or vulgar "romance" is automatically cybering, no excuses. If at any time it feels like you're narrating a hardcore pron scene, you went too far. There's nude art and then there's dirty pictures. If you cross the line you might get banned. If you're concerned you may be edging on that line then you crossed the line.

#2 No Bigotry / Politics / Religion

Anyone spreading bigotry, discrimination, or prejudice for any reason, including political or religious ideology, gets banned. Any flame wars introduced in the style of X political/religious/institutional ideology is better than yours may be banned. Abortion crap gets banned on either side of the issue because it's just asking for a flame war. Politics threads may get deleted, especially in election season. If your vote mattered they wouldn't let you vote. Your real voting power is in how you use every dollar you earn.

#3 - No Harassment

  • Do not reply emotionally or in a sensitive way, it's feeding the trolls. Don't even reply.
  • Do not attempt to make right a wrong by retaliating or defending yourself aggressively. This site is here for your enjoyment, do not put yourself in an altered state because some anonymous internet user said something hurtful.
  • Younger users seem to be in constant need of validation because they're trying to find their own identity and see how they fit in among other certain groups. Be confident and be yourself. Do not fear the judgement of others nor let it define you. It's ok to make mistakes and it's healthy to argue and fight so long as you approach things with an open mind and do not take things personally. Ever.
  • Stop using this site as a chat. Write! Roleplay! I take things much more seriously if people are disrupting what this site is for. Chats on the other hand will always end up having disputes and flames.
If you message me be sure to include as much evidence/details as you can, OR IT WILL BE IGNORED. I'm not going to bother babysitting dramas that have gone on for months just because X person wants Y person banned. I don't care if you heard someone said XYZ to your best friend. I cannot play private investigator, acknowledge second hand sources or only listen to one side. If someone is rude or has a difference of opinion you just can't seem to change, welcome to the internet. I'm not a teacher at your school or a supportive parent. If you are being bullied tell some parental figure that cares about you first and stop using the site. This applies to all sites on the internet. If however, you're repeatedly followed and attacked even after you ignore them, and there wasn't some kind of flame war between you first where provocations were made, you can email my gmail username JimmyRuska with as much link evidence as you can. There's no guarantee of immediate help or that I will decide to help at all unless rule #5 applies or someone starts posting personal information.

#4 No dirty Pictures

That includes hentai and any other type of cartoon or cgi pron. Nude-art mentality from Rule 1 applies. *chan members flooding shock pics will be redirected to last measure or similar and ip banned. I hate the furry threads too but throwing pron at the kids is illegal.

#5 No Personal info, flooding, exploits

Do not post telephone numbers, addresses or other personally identifying information of yourself or other people. You will be banned. Skype and other social network links are ok. If you find a bug in the system report it to my gmail username JimmyRuska. Any flooding of the database or general malicious activity that causes it to slow down or get full of garbage entries, even in the most minimalist of degrees, will result in an immediate ban. No consideration of age of account and amount of work done here will apply. Even if you're flooding someone to get back at them or the other person started it, it doesn't make a difference to me because you're hurting the site itself as an intermediary to what you want to do. Anyone and everyone filling the site with junk, wasting resources or making it slower because of stupid fights will get banned.

#6 Cyber Dating, Relationships and Friends

Do not take anybody's word about who they are or that the person in the picture is really them. Get them to take a picture of themselves with their shoe on their head and a custom message you ask them to write first. Never physically meet anyone you met online alone, without an adult or in non-public areas, ever. If someone is asking you to: meet, exchange instant messenger information or asking for your phone number, it should be taken with extreme suspicion and caution. If they press for the topic to go sexual, contact me and report the incident to your parental guardian. Do not give out any personal information, ever.

Enforcement of Rules / DMCA

Email my gmail account JimmyRuska.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

Custom Pic URL: Text formatting is now all ESV3.

Roleplay Responses

Hi. I have loads of videos for release add me on k.ik @ ihelppeopleforlife must have cash.app I'm 20 f
  Sugabitss / 269d 23h 11m 6s
Thank you so much for taking the time to lay out the rules, clean and clear:
whoever wrote this is such a dear
  RachelWatson / 298d 7h 59m 54s
test hk hkj kjhkj hkjh hk
sage you ask them to write first. Never physically meet anyone you met online alone, without an adult or in non-public areas, ever. If someone is asking you to: meet, exchange instant messenger information or asking for your phone number, it should be taken with extreme suspicion and caution. If they press for the topic to go sexual, contact me and report the incide
  Hurr / Webmaster / 4y 276d 10h 5m 7s
Please elaborate. What do the rules there say, verbatim?
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 220d 2h 34m 56s
Hi I was wondering is there an official advertisement thread here on ES? Not for RP's here but like for other rp sites as well? I was just wondering because I'm apart of another site that is doing a competition of sorts that requires an advertisement thread on another rping site.
  B-Rabbit / 5y 220d 12h 16m 45s
Same way the user wolfprincenick was banned and a group and me were trying to find out why?
  Zeroed / WordsForTheHeart2332 / 6y 58d 14h 8m 39s
Cthulu D= And thats a good idea for inernet trust actually.
  Aaigas / tensei / 6y 63d 2h 32m 37s
Hello I have a friend named rinkokoro and I was trying to figure out why this user got banned.
  diwasaki2 / 6y 64d 3h 27m 28s
*quietly sits in a corner with sleeves over palms of hands watching everyone else* .....
  psychotickitten / 6y 72d 10h 46m 24s
I just read these Q.Q
  Foxy / DeathFoxx / 6y 114d 35m 16s
Where have they been doing so?
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 6y 162d 14h 42m 6s
How may I report someone who is constantly harassing myself and a fellow friend? This person has not left me alone even after polite attempts to get them to stop. I do not wish to name them in public here but I will if I must.
  Zebra / 6y 162d 15h 9m 53s
"Hacking" accounts isn't a real thing unless Jimmy actually sees someone steal passwords from the server - and Jimmy will know if such a thing went on. So, that's between whoever and whoever else.

As to avoiding, stick around the 'Role Play Help Thread' and use that as a means to find fellow RP-ers. The ones willing to ask for help are the best ones to RP with, if you ask me.
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 6y 198d 2h 19m 30s
Its fine now -shakes head- Hes gone for right now. I can only hope he stays away. Im still going to PM you a link to the page though. Apparently he hacked my friends computer/account. Im getting sick of this guy and his crap.
  Me~Alex~ / DemonBlooded / 6y 198d 10h 16m 56s
Point me to where they're godmodding. I have a team or two of people that will likely set things more than simply even, if I can't do it solo.

However, if the user's still trying to RP, I can't do bans; all you can do is avoid the user in the future.

If the person that's godmodding is actually breaking other rules [particularly cybering/nudity], then some... ...firmer means of administration can be applied.

Either way:
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 6y 199d 14h 16m 53s

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