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John knew he wasn't normal from the start he didn't look at morals and rules as very necessary or important and was a guy that made his own rules. John didn't believe in god or religion or anything. He was twenty eight years old working as a professor of anthropology and psychology those courses along taught him...he would never reduce himself to a mere pawn of society and he didn't.

John meets _______ he/she moves in next door John talks to ______ almost most of the time and finds himself slipping into that god forsaken emotion love. However when _______'s ex husband comes to town on a rampage to killer.

John changes completely and _________ is suddenly more interested.

2. THIS will be rated r there will be swearing and gore.
3. This is a romance but not right away.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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  Minelie Rosado / BlueRosesClan / 9y 178d 18h 32m 32s
Minelie heard a male's voice. A little unfocused, she looked up at him and tought he was rather nervous. (b "Not a girl talker.." She sighed a little and smiled. "Um..yeah, new here...Thanks.."Minelie said as he helped her. Where ha he come from? She was sure there was no one outside... or she didn't see anyone.

"Don't worry about it, all is fine!" Minelie didn't liked much a male compny lately, mostly because of the messed up miniac behind least she can start all over...he had no clue where she was..that's what she told herself. Once all was in the box, she stood up and wiped the dirt off her palm with her jean before stretching her hand to him. "Minelie, Minelie Rosado. And you are?"

Minelie wasn't tall, nor average woman in height, not that she cared about stuff like that. Soman were annoying. well her eyes. They worried so much about looks, it made her want to barf at many times.

"Okay, so greet, kick out..problably.. and get to work.." Minelie tought as she smiled at the stranger, the unseen man..nothing personal, she was just in a little hurry, she had the day to organize and unpack, so..she had to get things moving.
  Minelie Rosado / BlueRosesClan / 9y 193d 23h 55m 15s
John was shocked to see anyone move into this ratty old house, he heard from others it was haunted or worse he took a drag from his cigarette and was turning to go back into his own house when he heard a clatter and bang and turned to the door to see the new girl 'she's beautiful' he thought in his head before racing up to help her.

"Hey are you alright?" he asked as he began helping her to get a bunch of her art and what else. "Oh those are really nice, are you new here, I just moved in like a year ago, what's your name?" he asked rapidly as his nerves seemed to start to build up.
  Johnny Blood / pinkbabygirl / 9y 194d 11m 13s
no sorry i'm having a hard time post in a minute
  Johnny Blood / pinkbabygirl / 9y 206d 3h 13m 4s
"Thanks for the help!", she called out to the moving truck man as he parted off. She sighed as she rested her hands on her hips. "Rally..gentleman are extinct.." She looked over at her new and humble small house, and back at her stuff.

Minelie was a young 25 year old single. She had been married young and her husband had turned out to be a obsessive abusive man, so she divorced him. Problem was that in the time she left him, he grew crazy and was searching for her like a mad man. So, she decided to move far off.

"Well.. let's get to work.." , Minelie told herself as she dragged the cloth filled cases into the house. Then back out to pick up some small boxes. Her dark brown hair brushed her face as she picked her things up and moved up the small set of stairs. She wore a pair of washed out and broken jeans along with a white thanktop top...casual for moving things around and get the moving going.

She glanced around the neighberhood as she went up the stair and in a distraction of the neighbor's home next to hers, she slipped and fell. "Crap!" She whined as she bit her soft bottom lip and took a deep breath. She had pinched her hand with the box and all her books fell on the damp ground. They were all of art and sketch books.

Minelie quickly got to picking them up. "So clumsy..", she muttered as she saw some drawing totally ruined forever. She sighed again as she picked them up and half throwed them into the box they used to be in. She didn't had much time, and she had a world to catch up on. At least she had cleaned the house in the day before at night, she closed her eyes for a moment and started up the house once all was picked up, except one paper she didn't see, it was a self picture, she had taken a pic and drew it while looking at it. she passed her hand torugh her hair in the drawing and was smiling.
  Minelie Rosado / BlueRosesClan / 9y 206d 3h 26m 34s
ok cool!
  Johnny Blood / pinkbabygirl / 9y 208d 23h 15m 23s
um you start by moving in
  Johnny Blood / pinkbabygirl / 9y 208d 23h 24m 5s
I like A
  Johnny Blood / pinkbabygirl / 9y 208d 23h 28m 35s
no anime or one liners
  Johnny Blood / pinkbabygirl / 9y 210d 18h 24m 38s
  Johnny Blood / pinkbabygirl / 9y 210d 18h 48m 40s

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