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The first one to answer will receive a special prize.

Who are the " CREEPY DANCERS" of this thread?

CLUES: The first one is obvious. The second one is the obvious one's boyfriend. The third one is the obvious one's best friend. The fourth one is the best friend of the two. The last one is the daughter of the obvious one.



GRANDMA VLAN; -Oh yeah, I know she's annoying at times but I love her. She's caring and over-protective always. I do understand her even though sometimes she really does upset me. She'll never change and I accept that fact. I am already used of her character, and I do love her dearly.

I know my grandma loves me too. <3


You don't have permission to post in this thread.

Roleplay Responses

I don't blame Life for whatever decision she might have made. I will always love her and think of her as a sister. She was my best friends, even if she says that she started this with being fake. I know deep down there was a real person. It was easy to see. I miss her and hope her well.
  ℳỼ / lilbluejay / 5y 315d 16h 35m 57s
It has been yet another long time, things aren't the same anymore. Of course, I've already accepted that fact. I was so childish back then, really. I was seventeen/eighteen by the time I've pretended that I have died. It was really horrible, even more than that. I had no friends back then, I was curious about this roleplay thing. I wasn't really planning to be real, I've decided that I'll act as someone else at the very beginning. I didn't like nor love who I was before. That's why I thought "Oh, at least I could be someone better in here, someone who's beautiful, kind and intelligent." I was wrong. By the time I've started to meet you guys, it was already too late to reveal myself. I was too ashamed as to why, I even lied when you could have loved me for who I really was. It was too late for that, I was young, so scared and immature. I love you guys so much, so much that I couldn't even think of hurting you, but then again, I was wrong. I pretended to die to stop all these. I didn't want to lie further. I thought it was the best option. I'm stupid.I've hurted and pained you more because of what I did, you've changed because of this. Even up until now, I'm still very sorry. There was never a day that I wasn't thinking about you guys, never. All the bad things that's happening to me right now, even before. It's my fault. I'm sorry. Never in my life I've changed my love for you. Maybe it did for you, but the love will still remain in my heart, and I'll wait for the day that you'll finally say that you forgive me.Goodbye, thank you. I'll apply the lesson and the things that I've learned from each and everyone of you, thank you that somehow, you loved me. That's enough for me. Thank you.
  Achluophobia / 5y 316d 8h 28m 6s
What the ...

  : : Blue : : / lilbluejay / 6y 255d 19h 30m 6s
I won your challenge.
  God / AdminSWAGistrator / Catatonia / 6y 259d 16h 5m 29s
  Champion Green / Menoetius / 6y 259d 16h 10m 39s
-Bites down on Paul's neck.-
  God / AdminSWAGistrator / Catatonia / 6y 259d 16h 38m 45s
-Raises a brow-
  Champion Green / Menoetius / 6y 259d 17h 1m 17s
-Clings to Paul-
That's what you think.
  God / AdminSWAGistrator / Catatonia / 6y 259d 17h 4m 39s
  Champion Green / Menoetius / 6y 259d 17h 5m 33s
Oh? And why not?
  God / AdminSWAGistrator / Catatonia / 6y 259d 17h 14m 19s
Bah. We aren't counting those.
  Champion Green / Menoetius / 6y 259d 17h 18m 40s
That's not much of a challenge. I have bit you multiple times in the past after all.
  God / AdminSWAGistrator / Catatonia / 6y 259d 17h 31m 3s
  Champion Green / Menoetius / 6y 259d 17h 33m 34s
Is that an invitation?
  God / AdminSWAGistrator / Catatonia / 6y 259d 17h 34m 53s
Bite me.
  Champion Green / Menoetius / 6y 259d 17h 35m 38s

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